Quantum Synchronicity: The Ballad of Terence “BLooDCalibuR” Sanchez

Sasha and Terence Responses

When I asked Sasha about the allegation of rape against them, this is what they had to say.

My name is Sasha S. and this is an unofficial statement related to the accusations of rape against me by Bianca C. a camgirl by the stage-name Lana R. I will not admit to these accusations nor will I deny them, yet I am not pleading no contest. I am going to put this up to the court of public opinion to decide upon me and my actions. I dated Bianca when she was age 15 and I was age 17 back in 2011. After high-school and after my probation for an MIP (now expunged at 18) I went to Montreal, Quebec Canada to visit the girl whom I began dating online. I did not initiate sexual contact physically, but I was the one who began a sexual relationship with her. She came downstairs several times where I refused any penetrative sex with her due to her mothers expressed wishes. The incident of my accusation was around 2012-2013. She had teased a fetish out of me I previously had wanted to keep to myself. That doesn’t matter, because after that I pressed on it. I begged her to do it for me, using coercive statements such as “you’ll do this if you love me” to pressure her into going through with it. On the date of the incident she told me “Ok I’ll do it for you but I want to get drunk first”. We both were inebriated at the time of the event. She already previously was willing to get inebriated upon her own behalf, but that should have raised a red flag. I allowed her to proceed not realizing my selfish actions were about to hurt her and how I pushed her into them. I did not physically force myself upon her and consent was given at the time of the incident. I personally feel I manufactured this consent though. A few months after we broke up due to unrelated differences, I realized what I had done. I felt so guilty I wanted to die if only it would make her feel better, anything to atone for my actions.

I am a rape victim myself, beginning at age 7 with molestation by my cousin Jonathan S., rape by my stepfather John K. at 11, molestation by my ex bf Jordan K. at age 23, and drugged rape by my ex girlfriend Lilith W. at age 24. I was so selfish, and currently realizing I am transgender and a woman at age 22 I realized I had acted in a masculine and toxic way out of fear of my true nature. I am deeply sorry to Bianca and for my actions, and I’ve seen both sides of abuse as a perpetrator and a survivor. I cannot stand for abuse of any kind and stand for the freedom of everyone. Which is why I am standing against Terence Sanchez, currently 29 and a power and control cult-leader whom has molested 2 women and coerced a 16 year old forcing her upon Bianca. If I need to lose my reputation or be outed or even taken to court though due to my local statutes of limitations it is unlikely I will ever see a day in court for it, so be it.

But I will willingly accept myself to be judged in the court of public opinion. I do not accept nor deny my crimes nor do I provide a plea of no contest to the public. I am willing to publically apologize and give my statement. This is unofficial and will be released by a source of mine if my actions should be brought to light and even if they shall not at a certain date in the year 2025. By this time I will have created a reputation for myself worth losing as a private investigator, writer, and sex worker. I stand against abuse and for the rights of any survivor to come forward and speak or take legal action. I accept, and do not run from these events despite not giving my plea of guilty, not guilty, or no contest to the supposed crime. I will accept any punishment both legal or non-legal which comes to me… I am sorry Bianca what I did was disgusting and wrong and I am so deeply personally apologetic for my actions, yet I do not accept outright that this was a crime. It was a mistake for sure, and I am in regret for it and anything it has done to you psychologically or emotionally. I am Sasha S. and this is my unofficial testimony and apology to Bianca C.

She is releasing this possibly because I am going after this abuser. Maybe after she see’s his own crimes and understands I am a different person investigating a rape and murder of an abuse survivor she will back down but if not. I am willing to go to court or to be exposed for my actions. If it should make her feel better I accept that.

– Sasha S.

P.S. If only her redemption matters, so be it. Supposedly we reconciled this when I lived with her back in Dec 2017. However if she wishes to release this now for any reason, be it for a cover for this abuser or out of true wish for compensation or a conclusion to her feelings upon this matter, I accept anything coming to me.”

I sent Terence a series of questions about this story. This was their response. They chose not to answer all the questions I presented, so what you see is what they chose to acknowledge.

Q: (Their Opening Statement)

A:I’ve left behind as much drama as I can and I believe in giving clarity to only the most important questions and claims so I will do just that. Although I do not know if you are even a good person or not or if your intentions are honest. First of all, your source who goes by the name of “Sasha” is a man who falsely claims to be trans. I know this because this person is the same guy who dated and raped Lana when she was in her mid-teens. This is actually going to be dove into in a documentary of her life that she’ll be releasing. Your source is literally someone who would say things to a girl, “if you don’t do [sexual favor] then you don’t love me” and “you’re suppose to do this because you’re a woman”. He has physically forced her to do things and our recent encounter with him has shown he hasn’t changed one bit. He’s also a meth addict and we all have reason to believe he has preyed on other helpless women as well. There are over 10 witness in real life to this, not some internet speculation shit either.”

Q: “Walk me through the nuances of this polyamorous relationship you’ve cultivated these past few years.”

A: “I’ve never been in one first of all. I had a tendency to say whatever to rile up or mess with the insecurities of people on message boards back then. It’s an obsolete behavioral tendency of mine that I carried over from the toxic days of playing online games when I was a kid. It kind of just flew from there. I’m a stern believer that polyamorous cannot work and does not exist in a genuine way, and this is an idea that all of my friends share and that we preach aggressively whenever someone ever tries to get into one.”

Q: “Did you share nude photos of an underaged Veronica? I have chatlogs establishing not only did you show nude photos of Veronica to Shane Hall and Sasha, but also chatlogs demonstrating that Lana was an accomplice of yours in trying to justify that to Veronica directly.”

A: “No I did not and that’s how I know your source is Nick. Back in January, Nick aka Sasha, emailed Lana after years of not speaking to each other, that he was sorry for all the things they’ve done. After much consultation from each other and our friends, we decided that since we were on the trajectory of helping people out and advocating forgiveness that we would do our usual which is to help that person out. Nick is heavily addicted to drugs, the dangerous kind, such as meth and black tar, basically dopamine-based substances and lived in the basement of his mother who was abusive. She offered to let him stay with her until he could get a job and I promised her I’d teach him whatever skills necessary to survive and grow up in life. Things like believing in one’s self and having the skillsets to make things happen for yourself. After a week of our entire circle of friends trying to help him out and some of my friends even offering to vouch for him at their work place or to help him with his resumes, Nick ended up being a freeloader and not even help around with anything at all. He would go out of his way to manipulate his way through everything. I had my suspicions from the beginning but I really, truly, wanted to give him a fair shot at turning over a new leaf. The last straw was when he begged the group to get him some drug called “hexen” and claimed it was safe and that he would be able to “function better and look for a job”. I tried to tell him from the first week that he was addicted to meth and now he was begging for a replacement for it. Once a friend and I looked it up and found out he purposely left out how dangerous the chemical was, it was decided that he was too toxic to keep around. He was fed and taken care of and we held many group sessions to talk about his mom’s abuse and everything else to try to help for weeks but it seemed futile. This is also the same guy who would ask every guy in our friend group if he “can watch them pee”, and share sudden nude photos of himself in the group chats without anybody asking him to despite everyone telling him no. We’ve caught him in dozens of lies on an nearly daily basis and it became apparently clear to the rest of us what exactly Lana was dealing with when she went out with him many years ago. What I showed Nick was not her pictures (and Shane aka Dreamer was never involved, I don’t know how that got added but you’re dealing with a pathological liar who abuses people). All I did was show my phone screen of a picture that was not her’s, it was not necessary for the purpose of my 6 month plan. I did it to jump start a series of events that involved the potential “fixing” of four people, of which Nick/Sasha is included in. As for Lana, she was not aware of any of this, and neither were my friends, because I needed them to act and behave as naturally as they do. That’s why Lana was just as shocked about it when it first came up as well, and none of this would have worked if I didn’t plan every little piece of timing as I did. The plan involved another friend of mine who would eventually be forced to take action in the middle of it, which at the time was something this person so badly needed to experience in order to start the first big changes towards being a better human being. That person was a liar and a manipulator. Today, that person is one of the most honest and caring person my friends and I know. The only failure in my plan there was Nick himself because he has no intention of ever changing. One of the small pieces of evidence I have in showing that all of this was premeditated is the fact that the very last thing I said to him on Telegram was, “You have a role to play in helping the world, but only if you’re ready to be an honest person”. Also, V and I have already spoken all about this at length and she’s in a better position in life than before. Currently she’s just trying to be an independent and working on herself, so bringing up this drama that has already been reconciled and understood by the parties involved, and positive things are moving forward, over guesse and speculation is going in a backwards direction for your personal satisfaction.”

Q: (I reveal to Terence that Veronica was speaking to me.)

A: “Ill be honest with you here, am I to believe shes just been long conning me the whole time/ WHich is messed up because I thought she really knew I had the best intentions fo rher. I thought she told me she reconciled everything and that she understood what I actually meant by everyhing. I am hurt. EIther way, conning me wasnt necessary, because she was already out of my life and I had given her my apologies prior to her coming back out of the blue and we hadnt spoken fo rmonths, she came out of the blue and acted like shes been re-understanding eerything and I was happy because I thought I had a friend back. but if thats what she said on Nov 30? then honestly man, I’ll admit it. I feel like shit right now. Whats fucked up is no ones being abused here. I may have convoluted bullshit plans I do. but no ones doing bad things around me, Ive helped friend quit cocaine and cigarette use, and I dont partake in negative behavior.”

Q: “As for the Miss Bee and Eevee Frost thing….”

A: “Miss Bee was one of those cam girls who was trying to bully Lana back when she was in her first year of camming so when the word got out that Miss Bee had cammed with a cam model while knowing full well she has herpes but did not tell her, and then her ex-husband gave me a video recording from his phone where she’s yelling and even hitting him for telling the other camgirl about it (even though it’s the right thing to do…). This is also something that has already been left in the past as her ex-husband has already asked me to take the stuff down because he said, “one thing she is though is a good mother, and I don’t want her to lose custody of her children to the new bf”, and since I’ve spoken to her about it myself as well. Eevee was someone that Lana decided to help because she wanted friends that she could relate with. This was when she was still new to camming. Her and her regulars tried to help Eevee with everything to get her whole thing growing, and I jumped in to help as well by helping her and her boyfriend at the time work through their relationship issues. I was also helping him get a job because he wasn’t making enough at his work place. They had a falling out because Eevee eventually started getting paranoid when she started not making as much (which is really dumb, because she went from making $30-50 a day to $300-500 a day with our help), and started poaching Lana’s tippers directly behind her back even though the whole reason she dodged being homeless at the time was the timing of our help. It’s not a mystery that cam girls CAN tend to be very cutthroat, even to people they consider “friends”, and this was something Lana tackled a lot back then, especially for someone who was growing so fast at the time. Once again though, Eevee and I have left this behind for a year now and I doubt she wants to be involved in any further drama. All I was doing was trying to protect Lana in a world and community that was very cutthroat to someone who many of us see as one of the most gentle person out there. To finish this off with a personal note: You are attacking the wrong person. I am not some asshole who goes around hurting people or messing with people’s lives. My friends and I are strong believers in going far to help people, and someone like Nick was a very big test in that regard due to what he did to Lana. But, I am also abraisive and aggressive when it comes to defending the people I care about, though I am also learning to be more socially understanding over the past couple years to optimize the effectiveness of my intentions. I feel very strongly about things such as my friends being hurt or being ganged up on unfairly and the cam world is very good at twisting things when things don’t go their way. Some of these people have no concept of dignity, so at times I felt aggression in my posts was a necessary evil. Judging from the psychology of your questions, you’re attacking someone who, outside of the group from the cam world that has been rubbed by me the wrong way over the INTERNET, has gone through and continues to go through great lengths to do good and help people.”

Q: “Well. You’re logged into [Lana’s] Twitter, WhatsApp and ManyVids accounts all the time.”

A: “I was only ever logged into her Twitter and I no longer hve access to that”

Q: “So that stopped after your June 8th fight?”

A: “It didnt stop over any fight, her regulars have access to her accounts too because everyone helps out, this is not something thats special to ME”

Q: “Closing Thoughts.”

A: “Anyone can write an article about somebody they’ve never met or know anything about, and I don’t mind looking bad on the internet, but I do mind that you’re listening to someone who raped my friend for over a year and has been one of the biggest if not the biggest causes of the problems she use to have in life which our support circle painstakingly helped her pull through. You are dealing with a very convoluted story that involves people who have had to be strong through more hardships in life than the average person in order to get to where they are. You’re also dealing with a story that literally no one would write negatively about if they were part of it, knew every detail, or were there to witness all the events and the people in it. Ask yourself why every single person who does seem to know our circle of friends well thinks positively of everyone and.”

“You may not be involved in any of this, so you dont know me nor do you know how things actually are with my life and my friends, and how theres actually nothing negative going on, especially now, (which makes the timing of this even more fucked up for everyone), but what I’m going to say is just my piece on this whole thing now that I know: A lot of things are going to be hard to understand, rightfully so, because the whole thing really is convoluted, so I won’t make excuses in that regard. What I will say though is that it is true that my intentions and my trajectory has always been that of good intentions, and I dont go around hurting people or any of that either. My biggest thing here in all of this, is that I genuinely, truly, care for, and still do even after all this, for Veronica and that it hurts me to no end that the past 2 months has just been her pretending to have re-understood everything and all that. I thought she was on a more positive trajectory in life and I can say I’ve made a lot of sacrifices for her sake and to give her the best chances possible of understanding me and the best chances possible of getting out of the negative situation she painted about her living conditions. But right now, I’m being made into a bad person over it.”

“You dont have any intentions of trying to understand my situation or the situation of those involved, including Veronica’s herself (despite her apparently supporting this), and you will go with whatever narrative you so please to believe and what satisfies you. I have an obligation to put more clarity to the convoluted situation as much as I could but with bits and pieces of information being taken out of context as well as the situation in Veronica’s life being very difficult to understand for me as well (and I’ve come to reconcile that even better now that I’ve spoken about all this to a mutual friend of ours who seems to have a better grasp of her personality because she can relate to it), I just have to assume that there must have been dimensions and layers to our communication that just weren’t understood the way I thought they were understood, or that they were being perceived inaccurately from her end. It was very hard communicating after all, being bound to just a text box and worrying and dancing around the situation she painted about the difficulties of her life.”

“The only thing I can say is what I’ve already kept saying up there, which is that my intentions and my purposes were always for the greater good and what I thought was beneficial. I was presented with extremes in the situation and I tried to do my usual bullshit of “winging it” and/or listening to my gut feelings about doing extreme plans just to dance around those variables and dilemmas, while also having my own secrets to hide of my own that, rightfully so, have nothing to do with any of those situations, which I can tell exacerbated and strained the line of communication and understanding further.”

“There’s a reason why people think differently of me IRL and why there’s such a big support group in our circle of friends, and I think its unfair to judge someone based off of bits and pieces of data, no matter how straightforward it may seem because of screens taken out of context and the convoluted persona I hold online. Right now all I care about is the careers of Lana and everyone else involved and those who tether themselves to me publicly. I don’t care about how I look. Just know you are making a big mistake if you think you’re doing something thats positive. This helps no one, especially when everything is going so positive now in mine and everyone else’s lives after so much painstaking difficulties.”

“If there is a reason why Veronica has gone in this direction despite the way shes been speaking to me the past couple months then its either 1) She has long conned me just to get back at me because she feels I never fully explained everything and feels wronged, despite me offering my side of the story as well as offering to answer any and all questions AND coming very clean with a lot of things with my personal life as a token of me going forward with showing how transparent I was trying to be finally 2) That there’s a side to her that I probably just don’t understand. If you speak to her (because I’m assuming this means she won’t ever again to me, which I’m still confused about because I thought we talked about everything already…) then I hope you can at least tell her again that I am sorry. Regardless of all of this, regardless of the backstab, I still hope she gets out of the terrible situation in her life. You can tell her that I am hurt and that I don’t plan on speaking to her ever again as I can’t trust what I’m even reading anymore or what she’s even perceiving. Also I had already spoken to her about the poly thing when she asked. I don’t know why she doesn’t believe my explanation considering I went as far as going into very personal details about my past just to prove that I was being very transparent from there going forward.”

“I had to explain one of my most private memories just to prove that Lana and I stopped being together since around January 2016. She’s being very manipulative about how she’s explaining her story, either that or she was never honest to me about how she actually felt or thought of it, because I was under the impression that they were appreciative of my help when they were going through issues in their relationship. The biggest reason why I even chimed in at some point onward was because I know Lana’s tendencies that make it hard for her to do well with a new relationship, and I wanted those two to have the best chance possible. Something happened between Lana and I that made me feel like I didn’t want to be with her anymore, and when Veronica came into our lives and I got to know her myself I felt strongly for the first time that I could actually trust someone else with the person I cared so much about. Just cuz I broke up with her doesn’t mean she wasn’t gonna be the most important person to me so I really didn’t want their shit to fail. How can she even think this when I was on a path at that time of wanting to leave Lana’s life for good because I knew it was going to hurt me and because I had other ambitions I wanted to do in life. I’m basically being punished here for doing what I thought was right at the time. And it’s being done to me by someone I made big sacrifices for and tried to go so far out of my way to help them out of their situation so this is really REALLY hurtful.”

“And also, by the time her and Veronica broke up her and I started going in that direction again on and off and we tried to get back together, hence those logs on Feb which Nick stole off her phone it seems like. Your logs are private messages between two parties that gave no consent for it to be shared or used in any way. Nick stole them from Lana’s phone. What’s sad is we gave him all the hospitality in the world, for free. You’re publishing something that hurts people who were trying to do the right thing, just cuz you have their private lives in and their dirty laundry that everyone else has.”

And no, you’re not allowed to use what you asked for from here into your blasphemous “piece”. Go write something that’s factual, then maybe I can support it.”

I let Terence know that I was going to post their responses. This was after they accused me of simultaneously using “a fake screenshot” that was also “stolen info.”

They told me “good luck.”


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