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  • Hip Hop Gamer is about to become a dad… [1 Update]

 Hip Hop Gamer is about to become a dad…

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Nov 30 03:22PM -0800: …more

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  • hiring a full time editor [3 Updates]
  • Any freelancers going to CES? [2 Updates] hiring a full time editor

Kyle Orland <> Dec 02 02:30PM -0500: via Twitter Pieces of eight.

Adam Rosenberg <> Dec 02 02:31PM -0500: I think I found a few of those in an AC4 shipwreck. …more

Cory Banks <> Dec 02 11:31AM -0800: Busy day here. 🙂

Any freelancers going to CES?

Cory Banks <> Dec 02 10:19AM -0800: Looking for an additional person to help with PC Gamer’s CES coverage. Drop me a line if you’re attending, pretty please? 10% to Kyle, paid in froyo as per standard contract …more

Kyle Orland <> Dec 02 01:23PM -0500: That froyo rider is only for your contract, Cory. The standard contract still demands payment in Spanish pieces of eight. -KO

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  • How to get 30 million page views in a month [2 Updates]

How to get 30 million page views in a month

Kyle Orland <> Dec 02 05:03PM -0500: It’s easy if you try:

Jason Venter <> Dec 02 09:39PM -0800: I find all of this fascinating, but sadly, it’s not especially applicable to the sort of content I want to produce myself, or publish on my site. And it’s not what a lot of the people I am trying …more

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  • Print is undead! [2 Updates]
  • How to get 30 million page views in a month [1 Update]
  • Duke Nukem zings game-journo “friend” named Kyle… [3 Updates]

Print is undead!

Kyle Orland <> Dec 04 09:33AM -0500:
What’s next, EGM coming back into print? Oh, wait… #TimeForAGameProRelaunch #Protip

Yannick LeJacq <> Dec 04 09:46AM -0500: Like all things involving IBT Media, I’m pretty skeptical about this

How to get 30 million page views in a month

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Dec 03 08:52PM -0800: glorified link-baiting, no? * click here for sexy photos of game journos who hate women and mario kart 64! * …more

Duke Nukem zings game-journo “friend” named Kyle…

Andy Eddy <> Dec 03 03:30PM -0800: Could that be our” Kyle?

Kyle Orland <> Dec 03 07:03PM -0500: Unfortunately no, I never reviewed DNF. Considering printing that GIF anyway.
Dan Crabtree <> Dec 03 09:50PM -0500: Back when Kyle Hilliard (now at GI) wrote for me at Gamernode, he gave the game <> a 2/5. Close? -Dan

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  • Duke Nukem zings game-journo “friend” named Kyle… [1 Update]

Duke Nukem zings game-journo “friend” named Kyle…

Nick Chester <> Dec 04 01:34PM -0800: It was Kyle Gaddo, he writes for Save/Continue.

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  • Any freelancers going to CES? [1 Update]
  • One-shot magazine about Stealth games [4 Updates]

Any freelancers going to CES?

Dale North <> Dec 06 02:09PM -0600: Shit, I’d work for Froyo. I’m there, but am working.

One-shot magazine about Stealth games

Kyle Orland <> Dec 06 11:29AM -0500: Is this the future of print gaming journalism. If so, who wants to partner with me to make a glossy 100-page effort on the …more

Michael Zenke <> Dec 06 11:33AM -0500: When somebody wants to talk the history of MMOs, let me know. 😉 …more

Daniel Starkey <> Dec 06 10:33AM -0600: Oh my… I don’t know how this kickstarter slipped past me, especially after I put in for RETRO last month… Anyone (Read: Rowan Kaiser) want to help me with strategy games? 😛 …more

Scott Nichols <> Dec 06 11:23AM -0800: I am 1000% in on a platformer magazine.

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  • Snark vs. smarm [2 Updates]
  • RIP PAR & PATV [4 Updates]
  • One-shot magazine about Stealth games [1 Update]

Snark vs. smarm

Kyle Orland <> Dec 07 02:58PM -0500: Decently long piece — set aside 30 minutes or so — but well worth it for anyone even loosely connected to issues of tone and criticism and meta-criticism, which should apply to pretty much …more

Harold Goldberg <> Dec 07 03:53PM -0500: Gus had a response.


Sam Machkovech <> Dec 06 05:08PM -0800: In case you walked away from social media on a Friday evening (a good idea, in my opinion), Penny Arcade is saying so-long to two of its subsites: …more

“Cory Banks” <> Dec 06 05:38PM -0800: That reads like Ben is leaving Twitter. Maybe I’m tired. Good luck to Kuchera. He’s truly a bad enough dude to save the president.

Samit Sarkar <> Dec 06 08:41PM -0500: I was really sad to hear the news, but it was nice to read Ben’s wonderful farewell post <; and …more

Kyle Orland <> Dec 07 01:46PM -0500: Whatever you do, do not read NeoGAF’s reaction. Pretty ugly. Ben’s move to PAR and his recommendation at Ars are pretty much the reason I have my current position, so it’d be sad for me to see PAR …more

One-shot magazine about Stealth games

Devin Connors <> Dec 06 01:42PM -0800: I will help with the platformer magazine, but only if I can write a fictional Behind the Game about Crash Bandicoot. Short version: All of his Naughty Dog money was spent on blow and Fabergé eggs, …more

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  • Fashion Week restricting blogger access [1 Update]
  • Snark vs. smarm [1 Update]

Fashion Week restricting blogger access

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Dec 08 03:53AM -0800: I’ve long referred to E3 as “Fashion Week for video games” when describing it to mainstream readers or family members, so I found this pretty interesting. …more

Snark vs. smarm

Jason Venter <> Dec 07 01:24PM -0800: I hated that article very much back when it was making the Twitter rounds on Friday morning, enough that I finally stopped reading about 3/4 of the way through it. The article seems to be a …more

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  • Any freelancers going to CES? [14 Updates]
  • Fashion Week restricting blogger access [1 Update]
  • Rule #1 of being a game critic: Don’t insult the pope [1 Update]
  • For the NYC folks… [1 Update]
  • PSA: Steam press accounts appear to be down [3 Updates]

Any freelancers going to CES?

Dale North <> Dec 09 04:16PM -0600: Nice. Cosmopolitan? That’s my fav as of late

Devin Connors <> Dec 09 02:18PM -0800: Count me in. Tues or Wed? …more

Dale North <> Dec 09 04:19PM -0600: I like Wednesday because showstoppers is on tuesday and I go to that lame shit

Devin Connors <> Dec 09 02:20PM -0800: I’ll be at all the mini-shows, too. Also TechRadar party. …more

Michael Rougeau <> Dec 09 04:43PM -0800: Terri and I went to the new Caesar’s buffet last year. It was insanely good, with food from all over the world, from sushi to east coast seafood. My mouth is watering thinking about that spread. …more

Dale <> Dec 09 06:49PM -0800: Ok cool! I’m just now changing my flight. There’s a thing or two monday now.
Jared Newman <> Dec 10 06:41AM -0800: Paris breakfast buffet is so great. Don’t think I could swing a mid-day buffet while the show floor is open, but if anyone wants to plan for Wednesday evening I’d be up for that. …more

Sebastian Haley <> Dec 09 11:19AM -0800: We’re gamers, Kevin, we can hear ourselves getting fatter doing pretty much anything. That deal actually includes Planet Hollywood, which is a great buffet and last time I was there it was …more

ryanflemingpdx <> Dec 10 08:22AM -0800: The Wynn buffet is epic, glorious, and everything wrong with America in the best way possible. Pricey though, and make sure you don’t get there within an hour of them closing – they stop making …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Dec 10 11:41AM -0500: Good tip for all Vegas buffets: get there early/in time for the breakfast/lunch or lunch/dinner changeover unless you want to wait in a ridiculous line. Or better yet: skip all buffets and eat at …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Dec 10 02:48PM -0500: Now that I know I’m going for sure – probably Sun-Fri, just like Ryan – count me in as well.

Dale North <> Dec 10 01:59PM -0600: So lets do Wednesday night? Cool?

Devin Connors <> Dec 10 12:00PM -0800: I’m in for Weds night, sure.…more

Kyle Orland <> Dec 10 03:15PM -0500: My flight out is at 5:50 on Wednesday, but if that’s the time that work that works best for everyone else, I guess I’ll catch you all next time.

Fashion Week restricting blogger access

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Dec 09 08:02PM -0800: That’s pretty ingenius, and I’d be 100% for it. …more

Rule #1 of being a game critic: Don’t insult the pope

Kyle Orland <> Dec 09 10:01PM -0500: I’m just gonna let this one speak for itself (from ) Meanwhile, the Catholic News Service is remaining loyal to …more

For the NYC folks…

Michael Rougeau <> Dec 09 04:10PM -0800: Ha! My good, good friend from college RJ is a bartender there. Tell him hi for me if he’s there – wish I could join. And drink the slushies.

PSA: Steam press accounts appear to be down

Jonathan Ross <> Dec 09 04:29PM -0500: It’s already back, don’t worry! …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Dec 09 04:30PM -0500: Yup, popped back on over here too. Must have JUST happened, because I checked again maybe 10 minutes ago. …more

Devin Connors <> Dec 09 01:35PM -0800: Back to DEFCON 5, everyone. …more

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  • Review scores are gonna cause an industry crash [21 Updates]
  • A taxonomy of commenters on year end lists [2 Updates]
  • Any freelancers going to CES? [6 Updates]
  • Rule #1 of being a game critic: Don’t insult the pope [1 Update]

Review scores are gonna cause an industry crash

Kyle Orland <> Dec 11 03:31PM -0500: This has been making the rounds today: (scroll down to #3) The most galling part really is when he …more

Mike Futter <> Dec 11 12:33PM -0800: I ask this in all seriousness. Isn’t Cracked just like MAD Magazine?

Mike Wehner <> Dec 11 02:34PM -0600: It’s very clearly written by an author who has never been in the position of actually participating in games journalism. He’s been reading too much N4G and coming up with conspiracy theories. …more

Kyle Orland <> Dec 11 03:35PM -0500: Cracked the magazine was like MAD (its is defunct) but is more like the love child of Buzzfeed and Upworthy. …more

Daniel Starkey <> Dec 11 02:36PM -0600: Some of these are kind of accurate though. I know people who do fish for quotes. It’s not everyone, but it does happen. …more

Kyle Orland <> Dec 11 03:39PM -0500: Sure, there are some bad apples, but he paints it with an extremely broad brush. “Basically, the publishing companies are paying the review site’s bills by buying ads and handing out free …more

Garrett Martin <> Dec 11 03:40PM -0500: Paste reviews have been quoted by records, books, movies, comics, games and more, and we’ve never been paid a cent. We don’t even know it happens most of the time until we see it ourselves. …more

Ryan Smith <> Dec 11 02:40PM -0600: I agree with a lot of things in the article, but he loses me when he compares Metacritic user scores to the critics scores and use that as a valid argument.

Daniel Starkey <> Dec 11 02:40PM -0600: Yeah but if we’re being honest it would be better to not have gaming-related ads on game websites. I know that’s unrealistic, but I still think it’s something we should strive for. …more

Kevin Kelly <> Dec 11 12:44PM -0800: Cracked was the more low-brow version of Mad (remember their mascot, Cracky? That is, if you’re old?), and they attempted to relaunch the magazine back in 2007 but it tanked. However, …more

Kyle Orland <> Dec 11 03:45PM -0500: Not sure that’s necessary, Daniel. Newspapers take ads from businesses that they cover all the time, but at mot all of them there’s a strict barrier between editorial and advertising that doesn’t …more

Kevin Kelly <> Dec 11 12:46PM -0800: True, but newspapers aren’t entirely skinned as CHECK OUT THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG like websites are. Sure, they may include an insert or a full-page (or two) ad, but when you visit a …more

Daniel Starkey <> Dec 11 02:47PM -0600: Yeah, I mean I get that, I’m just a little idealistic. Wishing money came from some magic place so we could all just focus on doing good work instead of caring about page views, uniques, click …more

Garrett Martin <> Dec 11 03:48PM -0500: don’t remember Cracky, but I do remember the janitor Sylvester P. Smythe, plus that time they stole Don Martin from Mad for a few years.

Kevin Kelly <> Dec 11 12:50PM -0800: Holy crap(ck), I’m mixing my memories. Cracky actually was a comic book I used to read back in the day:

Andy Eddy <> Dec 11 12:57PM -0800: Looks like he’s on a roll of “oh, the game industry is doomed…except for our lovely Kickstarter’ed game…” …more

Mike Futter <> Dec 11 12:59PM -0800: So the writer of this lovely gem is an indie developer with his own game? Well, I know what my Top X Conflicts of Interest list is starting with.

Daniel Starkey <> Dec 11 02:59PM -0600: They just updated the article to fix the language about review events, instead saying it’s all for previews, and that criticism is one I can get behind. Being friends with PR folks never sits well …more

Mike Futter <> Dec 11 01:04PM -0800: I see no call-out about this change. That’s shady as hell.

Daniel Starkey <> Dec 11 03:09PM -0600: You won’t get any argument from me there. …more

James Fudge <> Dec 11 04:14PM -0500: That Kickstarter is doomed. It only has 8 days left. His next stop to vent about the industry? The Onion.

A taxonomy of commenters on year end lists

Kyle Orland <> Dec 11 10:03AM -0500: I especially liked #3, #11 and #15

Harold Goldberg <> Dec 11 10:15AM -0500: I remember when Linda put that up. Smart, funny lady with a great sense of irony.

Any freelancers going to CES?

ryanflemingpdx <> Dec 10 01:50PM -0800: Tentatively cool. Depends where and when.

Jared Newman <> Dec 10 02:20PM -0800: Wednesday evening would work for me. But, as an alternative so as not to leave out Dear Leader: Wynn buffet on Tuesday night, like 8:30ish? That’s where Showstoppers is happening so we …more

Dale North <> Dec 10 05:12PM -0600: I like that idea, Jared. A lot. Let’s do that so Dear Leader can go. Cool, everyone?

Kyle Orland <> Dec 10 06:13PM -0500: The quicker I’m out of Showstoppers the better. -KO

Devin Connors <> Dec 10 03:13PM -0800: IN for Tues at 8:30! …more

Dale North <> Dec 10 05:13PM -0600: I’ll get to showstooppers first thing and get it out of the way.

Rule #1 of being a game critic: Don’t insult the pope

WIlliam Usher <> Dec 10 02:17PM -0800: Oh whew! I almost had a heart attack. You just don’t even know. I thought this was about Geoff Keighley. Okay, carry on…

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  • Review scores are gonna cause an industry crash [2 Updates]
  • shameless request: hearthstone beta? [2 Updates]

Review scores are gonna cause an industry crash

Kyle Orland <> Dec 12 12:37PM -0500: Yeah, he’s correct about preview events, and I’ve long hated previews in general for a lot of those reasons. But the section is kind of the core of his argument about how we’re being gamed in review …more

Greg Tito <> Dec 12 12:59PM -0500: I stopped reading here: “Mass Effect 3 <> is at 89 for critics vs. 5.0 for users, the latter group being way less forgiving of an ending that rendered …more

shameless request: hearthstone beta?

Sam Machkovech <> Dec 11 02:07PM -0800: I finally have time that I can spare to lose to Hearthstone, so I figured I’d ask those in the know. Anybody? …more

Michael Rougeau <> Dec 11 02:10PM -0800: I requested beta access from Steven Khoo (publicist newly moved from 47 to Blizzard) a couple weeks ago. He said he’d alert me when another wave of codes goes out but so far I haven’t heard anything. …more

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  • Review scores are gonna cause an industry crash [2 Updates]
  • Any freelancers going to CES? [7 Updates]
  • So…. VGX…. [6 Updates]

Review scores are gonna cause an industry crash

Dan Stapleton <> Dec 13 01:08AM -0800: I’ve been beating up on these guys on Twitter on and off for the past couple of days (the change from review to preview happened after I yelled at them). I spent waaaay too long tonight talking with …more

Jason Venter <> Dec 13 10:43AM -0800: It’s entirely possible that he actually does know a hack–or two–who has reviewed off such a preview event. Let’s accept that as a slight possibility. Even if it is the case, though, he doesn’t …more

Any freelancers going to CES?

Dale <> Dec 12 01:58PM -0800: so it is officially Tues 8:30p? Who all is in?

Adam Rosenberg <> Dec 12 05:22PM -0500: Whenever we agree on, I’ll be there. Pretty sure that day/time works for me. …more

ryanflemingpdx <> Dec 12 02:29PM -0800: I’ll be there, no doubt ready to take out my aggression on some crab legs after attending Showstoppers.

Jared Newman <> Dec 12 02:29PM -0800: I’ll be there.
Devin Connors <> Dec 12 03:15PM -0800: Ahem… …more

Dale North <> Dec 13 09:52AM -0600: Nice. And Dear Leader too, I’m sure. Good group.

Kyle Orland <> Dec 13 11:00AM -0500: Yep I’ll be there.

So…. VGX….

Sebastian Haley <> Dec 12 02:43PM -0800: Are we just going to pretend it didn’t happen here, or did everyone already get their fix through Twitter? …more

Daniel Starkey <> Dec 12 04:56PM -0600: I figure the fewer things said about anything other than no man’s sky the better.

Devin Connors <> Dec 12 03:03PM -0800: Joel McHale was terribly, horribly miscast as a co-host. His brand of humor (a healthy dose of asshole) works quite well on The Soup and Community, but it’s exactly what doesn’t work on a show …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Dec 12 06:04PM -0500: BUT DAT NO MAN’S SKY TRAILER! …more

Devin Connors <> Dec 12 03:06PM -0800: It could be a killer show if they keep the same developer-heavy discussion/presenter format, add a co-host that isn’t being a dick the whole time, and bring a proper audience back. …more

Britton Peele <> Dec 12 05:07PM -0600: I say it a lot (perhaps too much), but I’d like to see Zachary Levi back as VGA/X co-host. He’s a respectable guy who knows video games. Did a good job with the Final Hours of Tomb Raider videos. …more

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  • Record traffic for Gamer Network [4 Updates]
  • Review scores are gonna cause an industry crash [1 Update]

Record traffic for Gamer Network

Kyle Orland <> Dec 16 09:43AM -0500: I’m pretty sure this mirrors similar traffic highs for everyone in November. — …more

“William O’Neal” <> Dec 16 06:58AM -0800: “Not to boast, but…” “Pats on the back all round!”

James Fudge <> Dec 16 10:02AM -0500: Good for them – there’s a lot of wonderful publications within that network and i’m happy they are doing well.

“William O’Neal” <> Dec 16 07:03AM -0800: Me too. I’m glad to see anyone doing well. And yeah, November was an insane month.

Review scores are gonna cause an industry crash

Conrad Zimmerman <> Dec 15 04:02PM -0800: The mascot of Cracked Magazine was Sylvester P. Smythe. I know this is a completely irrelevant detail, but my trivia gland seems to be leaking. …more

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  • So…. VGX…. [1 Update]

So…. VGX….

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Dec 17 11:28PM -0800: PROCEDURALLY GENERATED SHARKS Y’ALL …more

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  • Any freelancers going to CES? [6 Updates]

Any freelancers going to CES?

Devin Connors <> Dec 18 01:33PM -0800: The date and time are locked down…but which buffet are going to again? Wynn?

Adam Rosenberg <> Dec 18 01:59PM -0800: Circus Circus! I’m game for the Wynn.

Devin Connors <> Dec 18 02:07PM -0800: Wynn makes the most sense because of Showstoppers, right? We could also do Cosmo because the TechRadar party is there.…more

Jared Newman <> Dec 18 02:18PM -0800: Looks like Cosmo’s only open until 9 p.m. during the week, so that’d be tricky for anyone going to Showstoppers. We’ve got until 10 at the Wynn and a bunch us should be in the building already. …more

Devin Connors <> Dec 18 02:24PM -0800: Wynn it is, then? …more

“William O’Neal” <> Dec 18 02:28PM -0800: I’m there Sunday through Friday. Weep for me… …more

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  • Stop calling me a troll [3 Updates]
  • Magfest Meet-ups [3 Updates]
  • Any freelancers going to CES? [1 Update]

Stop calling me a troll

Kyle Orland <> Dec 20 08:46AM -0500: A good holiday navel-gaze that I think will resonate with any of you who’ve dealt with commenters that simply can’t believe you came by your opinion honestly. …more

James Fudge <> Dec 20 11:58AM -0500: I like the part where everyone who’s ever written an opinion piece is a troll. America doesn’t need to fix its roads, it clearly needs to build more bridges for all of us to live under! Wee! …more

Jason Venter <> Dec 20 11:00AM -0800: I like the line at the end: “If you don’t like something I’ve written, don’t assume I’m punking you. I’m not. I really am that stupid, trust me.” There are a number of important phrases …more

Magfest Meet-ups

Daniel Starkey <> Dec 19 06:47PM -0600: Hey, will anyone be hitting magfest in a couple weeks? …more

Brandon Justice <> Dec 19 08:54PM -0500: I think I will be there. – Brandon

Kyle Orland <> Dec 19 09:06PM -0500: Wish I could but it bumps up against my CES trip. -KO

Any freelancers going to CES?

Dalibor Dimovski <> Dec 19 01:24PM -0800: Heyyyyy I’m going now as well, so I can swing Tues. I’ll bring the carpet, climate control, and porto-potty for Dear Leader.

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  • “Thought Leader” [3 Updates]

“Thought Leader”

Andy Eddy <> Dec 20 04:27PM -0800: An essay on the “Thought Leader,” which gets the capital letters/finger quotes treatment…and then some. Who among us is this kind of “Thought Leader?

Andy Eddy <> Dec 20 04:28PM -0800: Gah, a link would help…

Kyle Orland <> Dec 20 09:55PM -0500: My wife and I have been debating whether Brooks is being incredibly self-aware or incredibly dim in describing himself to a tee in a very uncomplimentary way with this piece. Neither of us are quite …more

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  • “The Year We Broke The Internet” [3 Updates]
  • Roomies for CES [1 Update]
  • Happy holidays [5 Updates]

“The Year We Broke The Internet”

Kyle Orland <> Dec 26 11:23AM -0500: Feeling nice and happy and good inside during this holiday season? Have I got a story that’ll fix that right quick!…more

Jason Venter <> Dec 26 09:21AM -0800: I would be more depressed if I hadn’t been thinking and saying the same things throughout this last year. The only thing that gives me any comfort is the idealistic notion that perhaps the …more

Andy Eddy <> Dec 26 11:02AM -0800: It’s a conversation I’ve had a bunch of times with other games writers about the see-saw of online writing…that as the speed in posting something gets faster, the risk of poor sourcing/research …more

Roomies for CES

Jonathan Deesing <> Dec 26 11:00AM -0800: Hey all, Before I booked a room in Vegas for CES I was wondering if anyone in this group would mind splitting a room with me. I don’t snore and would rate my cleanliness a 7/10. …more

Happy holidays

Adam Rosenberg <> Dec 26 07:51AM -0500: Another year in the books. It’s been great hanging with many of you and getting to know many more of you better over the course of 2013. We work in an exciting, constantly evolving industry, but the …more

James Fudge <> Dec 26 09:11AM -0500: Happy holidays Adam and everyone else on this list 🙂

Daniel Starkey <> Dec 26 08:31AM -0600: This closes my first full year as a full-time professional in this business, and despite the crap we all have to deal with, I’ve never found anything as fulfilling, fun and engaging as being here. …more

Kyle Orland <> Dec 26 10:09AM -0500: I’VE GOT SOMETHING IN MY EYE! -KO

Jason Venter <> Dec 26 09:30AM -0800: Happy holidays! It has been great, as Adam noted, to get to know some of you better over the course of this past year. I truly hope that will continue in 2014. The people we work with are always …more

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  • Roomies for CES [2 Updates]

Roomies for CES

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Dec 29 05:24PM -0800: Jonathan is a solid roommate. Also, he’s very handsome. …more

Dale North <> Dec 30 11:29AM -0600: yeah, he’s handsome.