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  • Shake-ups at Future [2 Updates]

Shake-ups at Future

Kyle Orland <> Jul 01 11:06AM -0400: Key quote: “The news follows a drop in revenue for Future as revealed in its last financial statement. …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Jul 01 11:12AM -0400: I will be absolutely heartbroken if Edge closes it’s doors, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it had to shut down. Its circulation has always been very small, even during its big advertising push into …more

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  • Shake-ups at Future [4 Updates]
  • Edge declares for the ps4 [11 Updates]
  • VG24/7’s record-breaking June [6 Updates]
  • If this doesn’t encapsulate Giant Bomb’s community… [4 Updates]

Shake-ups at Future

Harold Goldberg <> Jul 02 04:58PM -0400: Yeh, that would indeed be sad. Ben Gilbert, didn’t you write something a couple years back saying the circ of Edge was a tad under 30,000?

Ben Gilbert <> Jul 02 05:13PM -0400: I believe you’re referring to this?

Kyle Orland <> Jul 02 05:20PM -0400: My understanding is that Edge has been a kind of loss leader “prestige” publication for Future for a while, and that it has never been a newsstand bonanza like other mags (especially the official …more

Daniel Starkey <> Jul 02 04:29PM -0500: The overall quality of the publication is just so much better than you’ll get most other places. It’d be a great loss indeed.

Edge declares for the ps4

Kyle Orland <> Jul 02 09:02AM -0400: A pretty bold cover. For some reason, I expect Edge to be a little more even …more

Kyle Orland <> Jul 02 09:07AM -0400: Some interesting historical context, back when edge thought the ps3 was the bees knees:

Ben Gilbert <> Jul 02 09:11AM -0400: There was a pretty great EGM cover with PS3 (the feature lives here: | the cover image is here: …more

Kyle Orland <> Jul 02 09:24AM -0400: Again, though, that egm cover is post launch, and looking a objective performance to some extent. During per-release hype mode, it’s different to be so partisan on a cover ( for lack of a abetter …more

Ben Gilbert <> Jul 02 09:26AM -0400: Yup, just thought it was a neat semi-related thing. COOL YOUR JETS, ORLAND.
Kyle Orland <>
Jul 02 09:35AM -0400: MY JETS ARE PERFE- … Ahem… My jets are perfectly cool, Gilbert.

Jason Wilson <> Jul 02 08:33AM -0700: I loved copyediting that issue of EGM. …more

Kyle Orland <> Jul 02 11:41AM -0400: Can you expand on why that is, Jason? Or was it just a throwaway “oh yeah, I worked on that” type thing? -KO

Jason Wilson <> Jul 02 08:54AM -0700: Sure, Kyle. I hadn’t been at Ziff six months at this point after making the transition from newspaper sports copy editor to copy chief of a group of video game publications, and I was still …more

Kyle Orland <> Jul 02 11:56AM -0400: “(a former boss of mine would view something like EGM and Cat Fancy as on the same level)” That is a priceless anecdote. -KO

Jason Wilson <> Jul 02 09:01AM -0700: I don’t think I’ve ever shared that anecdote with Shoe before! …more

VG24/7’s record-breaking June

Kyle Orland <> Jul 02 11:04AM -0400: Previously: Looks like the console wars were raising all …more

“William O’Neal” <> Jul 02 08:08AM -0700: Did IGN even write anything during E3? All I saw was video content.

Kyle Orland <> Jul 02 11:12AM -0400: Video content definitely counts for “traffic” as IGN measure it, I’m sure. I’ve heard video viewers are counted stronger than print readers… like a pageview for every minute they watch or …more

“William O’Neal” <> Jul 02 08:21AM -0700: Video content is also much more lucrative.

Jason Schreier <> Jul 02 11:21AM -0400: Ha ha ha thanks Kyle.

Jason Wilson <> Jul 02 08:32AM -0700: Hopefully the next thing that happens is that CPM raises as well as traffic. …more

If this doesn’t encapsulate Giant Bomb’s community…

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jul 01 06:32PM -0700: Did anyone’s equalizer slider actually work on their Genesis? I’ve asked around and everyone I’ve talked to said theirs didn’t either.

Matt Hawkins <> Jul 01 09:33PM -0400: Equalizer? I recall it being just a volume control (and it worked for me).

Kyle Orland <> Jul 01 09:38PM -0400: I believe it was only a volume control for the headphone jack, not for the tv speaker output
“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jul 01 10:01PM -0700: Shit, you guys had headphone jacks that worked?

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  • Shake-ups at Future [1 Update]

Shake-ups at Future

Andrew Groen <> Jul 02 03:36PM -0700: I don’t know any details, but my read on Edge was always that they were able to push for higher quality and lower subscription counts because they had unique advertisers and multiple revenue …more

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  • NCAA Football 14 multiplayer? [2 Updates]

NCAA Football 14 multiplayer?

Andrew Hayward <> Jul 05 02:50PM -0700: Anyone else reviewing NCAA Football 14 on Xbox 360 retail right now? Looking to get together some online multiplayer this weekend, if possible. Let me know, thanks! – Andrew

Jason Wilson <> Jul 05 03:02PM -0700: DM’d the contact info for the guy who’s reviewing it for us, Andrew. …more

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  • RIP Ryan Davis, 1979-2013 [7 Updates]
  • Sacramento News10 is trolling us all [2 Updates]

RIP Ryan Davis, 1979-2013

Samit Sarkar <> Jul 08 03:10PM -0400: In case you haven’t yet seen the awful, awful news that Giant Bomb’s Ryan Davis passed away July 3 at the age of 34, a few days after getting …more

Kevin Kelly <> Jul 08 12:23PM -0700: Read about this earlier today and couldn’t believe it. Ryan was an incredibly nice guy, and he will be sorely missed. One commenter said he was supposedly on his honeymoon when this happened, which …more

Harold Goldberg <> Jul 08 03:25PM -0400: I think for everyone here, even for those who knew him not at all well as I did, it’s terribly hard to work today. Ryan Davis was a force of nature, smart and witty, who helped to found a site …more

Michael Zenke <> Jul 08 03:25PM -0400: I didn’t know him very well, and I still feel his passing as a loss. My thoughts are with you folks that did know him as a friend. 🙁  I know as a group we’ve kicked in before on things like …more

Kyle Orland <> Jul 08 03:26PM -0400: Whaaaaaaaat? Does anyone know what happened? Also, this kind of thing is happening way too much lately in this little community. -KO

Jason Wilson <> Jul 08 12:29PM -0700: If anyone hears of any sort of donation fund being set up, could you please share that information? …more

Britton Peele <> Jul 08 02:34PM -0500: I’ve posted this elsewhere, but… One of the reasons I write about video games now is because of the Giant Bomb (formerly GameSpot) guys. When I was in high school reading about games all the time, …more

Sacramento News10 is trolling us all

Jonathan Deesing <> Jul 08 09:40AM -0700: I stumbled across this today while looking for MMO news. When SOE announced PlanetSide 2 for the PS4, they didn’t indicate if the game would support cross-platform play (though it did seem way …more

Kyle Orland <> Jul 08 12:46PM -0400: It possible that video report ran during E3 and just got on the web site now? Either that, or the people didn’t realize it was news until just now? Or perhaps they are reporting from some secondary …more

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  • Mr. Destructoid is super popular… [2 Updates]
  • RIP Ryan Davis, 1979-2013 [2 Updates]

Mr. Destructoid is super popular…

Kyle Orland <> Jul 09 09:40AM -0400: …in Retro City Rampage
This is the 15th game with Mr. D as a character, according to a quick …more

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Jul 09 11:12AM -0700: Brian’s game seems to have sold over 250k copies, which is amazing. Destructoid doesn’t earn a penny from that; we just like having our robot baby out there as I can’t really afford any other form …more

RIP Ryan Davis, 1979-2013

Matt Sakey <> Jul 08 03:58PM -0700: I’m sorry I never got the opportunity to meet Ryan, I enjoyed so much of his work. All of you in this group (and beyond) who have lost a friend, my thoughts and feelings are with you. …more

Daniel Starkey <> Jul 08 06:00PM -0500: I’m in the same boat as Britton. GameSpot and then later Destructoid were my homes. I picked up Killer 7 on my 15th birthday because Greg Kasavan said it was pretty okay. Later, when the GameSpot …more

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  • EVO coverage? [1 Update]
  • Red Bull eSports is here. [1 Update]
  • The Citizen Kane of Video Games [2 Updates]

EVO coverage?

Kyle Orland <> Jul 11 11:24AM -0400: Anyone gonna be in Vegas this weekend and want to provide some general “I was there and this is how it felt” coverage to Ars Technica? Get in touch privately and let’s work something out! — …more

Red Bull eSports is here.

ryansmithwriter <> Jul 10 02:57PM -0700: Hey everyone, New to the group as of today, I’d heard of it before but whispered like it was the game journos equivalent of Fight Club. Anyway, I’ve been writing about games for the past 7-8 …more

The Citizen Kane of Video Games

Adam Rosenberg <> Jul 10 04:33PM -0400: I’m always so glad that Tumblr exists.<> …more

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Jul 10 02:16PM -0700: Don’t believe everything you hear on the Tumblr. Read the Inquirer!

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  • I (we) have nothing to complain about. Ever. At all. [6 Updates]
  • Game Journo Freelancing Book Virtual Launch Party [1 Update]
  • Julie Larson-Green [1 Update]

I (we) have nothing to complain about. Ever. At all.

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jul 12 08:00AM -0700: Hat tip to Rob Zacny for finding this and tweeting it out. It made me feel absurdly guilty and selfish for ever bitching about an editor or a late invoice or taking a smaller fee than I usually would. …more

Kyle Orland <> Jul 12 11:19AM -0400: This was an excellent piece. The fact that the competition for these harrowing jobs is driving rates down was especially thought-provoking, considering that the same could be said about our cushy …more

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jul 12 08:29AM -0700: Key takeaway: $70 for 6K words while under gunfire on the font line. …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Jul 12 11:33AM -0400: Absolutely harrowing. And god damn are you right, Tim. Some times things that are annoying in this line of work are put in stark relief by others’ experiences. I really wonder if the monetary …more

Kyle Orland <> Jul 12 11:43AM -0400: I do think that rates for the top writers will pick up eventually, as advertisers actually realize the value of reaching the best web audiences, rather than just buying bargain basement adwords. …more

Daniel Starkey <> Jul 12 12:10PM -0500: When I saw this headline, I was all prepared to say “but I’ve nearly been evicted and I’ve gone far too long without food and blah blah blah”. Yeah this is a whole new level of treating people like …more

Game Journo Freelancing Book Virtual Launch Party

Kyle Orland <> Jul 12 10:05AM -0400: Because Nathan probably doesn’t want to promote it here himself:  I got asked to give a blurb for and advance copy of the book, and I’ll …more

Julie Larson-Green

Jared Newman <> Jul 11 05:35PM -0700: Why are are so many stories today declaring Julie Larson-Green to be the new “head of Xbox?” Larson-Green is in charge of “Devices and Studios Engineering Group,” which is not exactly the same …more

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  • Game Journo Freelancing Book Virtual Launch Party [2 Updates]

Game Journo Freelancing Book Virtual Launch Party

Andrew Hayward <> Jul 12 02:33PM -0700: I’m the editor of this book (and also guest-wrote a chapter), so I’d love for folks to check it out, even if most of the practical advice in there may not be necessary to much of this crowd. …more

Britton Peele <> Jul 12 04:41PM -0500: I’ve got an ebook copy of the book (I Kickstarted it), but I haven’t started reading it yet. I assume it’s fantastic, though, and I fully support this virtual launch party. *—*

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  • Game Journo Freelancing Book Virtual Launch Party [1 Update]

Game Journo Freelancing Book Virtual Launch Party

Nathan Meunier <> Jul 14 12:01AM -0700: Thanks a bunch guys!!! Yes, I’m definitely looking for any help possible to spread the word / secure coverage as the launch day approaches on Aug 5th! If anyone wants a digital review copy for …more

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  • re/Action [5 Updates]
  • IGN ups its comment moderation game [2 Updates]


Kyle Orland <> Jul 15 12:42PM -0400: Looks like they are focused on adding a “safe space” for more “diversity” in the games writing space, offering people who don’t get a …more

Kyle Orland <> Jul 15 12:44PM -0400: More background, including the somewhat standard “The fundamentals of journalism are broken” statement.

Garrett Martin <> Jul 15 12:54PM -0400: yeah the press bashing is a little annoying and overdone but when has any new magazine or paper or site of any kind ever been like “all those other cats are awesome and doing this so well that we …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Jul 15 01:16PM -0400: Going to be very, very interesting to see if they pull it off. Didn’t we just have a thread on this subject back in May, speculating on whether or not this model was financial viable? …more

Kyle Orland <> Jul 15 01:34PM -0400: We did. This adds an interesting wrinkle to that, though, by going for what seems to me like a niche within a niche — intelligent, diverse writing within the gaming space.

IGN ups its comment moderation game

Kyle Orland <> Jul 15 10:50AM -0400: Key quote: “So there’s this problem with IGN. A lot of the comments lately have been terrible. Horrifying is probably more like …more

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  • Tweet of the moment [1 Update]
  • Kotaku and nerd shaming [7 Updates]
  • IGN ups its comment moderation game [2 Updates]
  • Julie Larson-Green [1 Update]

Tweet of the moment

Kyle Orland <> Jul 16 02:56PM -0400:

Kotaku and nerd shaming

Kyle Orland <> Jul 16 11:00AM -0400: First Patricia Hernandez posted this: Then Ben Kuchera posted this: …more

Michael Zenke <> Jul 16 11:07AM -0400: The PAR link I assume Kyle intended for that second sentence: – Michael

Anthony John Agnello <> Jul 16 11:11AM -0400: Ben’s absolutely right. There’s absolutely no need to out and out bully a group of people for being obsessive fans. That said, I don’t necessarily think that all nerd shaming is necessarily a …more

Kyle Orland <> Jul 16 11:15AM -0400: It’s all about time and place. If someone had done what you said at, say, a Penny Arcade Expo panel, that would have been fine. E3 press conferences are supposed to be for industry professionals, …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Jul 16 11:20AM -0400: Yeah that’s definitely true. When it comes to media like video games, cartoons, or comics, I tend to conflate the two, but they are separate issues. …more

Patrick Klepek <> Jul 16 11:15AM -0500: Patricia is one of the good ones. I attribute this more to the need to produce volume content. It’s a systemic problem of the business model, making it likely writers misstep every once and a while. …more

Rod Breslau <> Jul 16 01:36PM -0400: ‘For the record, I don’t have a problem with Bronies, and I’m sorry that I wrote this post with the wrong approach and tone. ‘ Sounds exactly like every esports article and argument I’ve had. …more

IGN ups its comment moderation game

Xav de Matos <> Jul 15 04:12PM -0700: Is that MItchyD he’s hugging? I hope you went to HR immediately after it happened.

Mitch Dyer <> Jul 15 05:49PM -0700: I wish. Our community manager. I don’t wear hats, don’t be a goof. 

Julie Larson-Green

Xav de Matos <> Jul 15 04:05PM -0700: Probably because of this: Organizing for Speed and Strategic Alignment: Specifically, our teams and their leaders will be these: Operating Systems Engineering Group. Terry Myerson will lead …more

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  • Gamescom jury [4 Updates]
  • Game Journo Freelancing Book Virtual Launch Party [1 Update]
  • Kotaku and nerd shaming [3 Updates]

Gamescom jury

Kyle Orland <> Jul 17 11:20AM -0400: Some familiar and not-so-familiar names on here:

Adam Rosenberg <> Jul 17 11:21AM -0400: Since when is Gaudiosi Europress? …more

Ben Gilbert <> Jul 17 11:26AM -0400: Or Christian Nutt, at that.

Kyle Orland <> Jul 17 11:33AM -0400: From the Gamescom site: “Out of 17 categories, a *national and international * judging panel, consisting of media representatives, elects the winners and honors the gaming-highlights by handing the …more

Game Journo Freelancing Book Virtual Launch Party

Nathan Meunier <> Jul 17 07:56AM -0700: Hey gang, I know there’s probably limited interest in reviewing the book, but if anyone would like an early (digital) review copy to work up some solid coverage for your outlet, please feel …more

Kotaku and nerd shaming

Susan Arendt <> Jul 16 02:19PM -0700: I reached out to Stephen after I saw the original post and told him, privately, that I thought the post was just plain mean. Shame on anyone who says one group of people having fun is ok, and …more

Kyle Orland <> Jul 16 05:36PM -0400: I don’t know about Kotaku’s policy, but I fall firmly on the side of “never remove a post.” Updates and edits and clarifications are fine (if you make them transparent), but full deletion erases any …more

“K. Cox” <> Jul 16 07:52PM -0400: I don’t work there anymore so Jason Schreier would know better than I the current scene but yeah. The editorial policy falls on the side of “don’t pull; make transparent, clearly delineated edits …more

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  • A power glove documentary? [8 Updates]
  • Kotaku and nerd shaming [2 Updates]
  • Ars is hiring and Android specialist [3 Updates]
  • Tweet of the moment [1 Update]

A power glove documentary?

Kyle Orland <> Jul 18 11:05AM -0400: This is either proof that the video game documentary has finally made it as a subgenre, or that it is finally, truly overexposed. Your pick. …more

Matt Hawkins <> Jul 18 11:07AM -0400: “Finally, truly overexposed”? Given how long video games have been around, the wide range of games out there, all the places they’re made, by all the different people who make them, etc, I believe …more

Matt Hawkins <> Jul 18 11:16AM -0400: Though I will say, I can understand anyone rolling their eyes at the Power Glove documentary, if only because it looks just like the vast majority of similar efforts out there, which is admittedly …more

Kyle Orland <> Jul 18 11:20AM -0400: Yeah, I didn’t mean to suggest “Every video game subject worth covering already has a documentary” but more that “they’re already doing one on the power glove” would usually imply there is a lack of …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jul 18 11:21AM -0400: In fairness, I think a Power Glove documentary is worth it PURELY for the purpose of using that awesome title. …more

Kyle Orland <> Jul 18 11:22AM -0400: Don’t get me wrong, I will watch this. -KO

Matt Hawkins <> Jul 18 11:24AM -0400: Thanks to accessible/affordable filming tech, it’s not a shocker to see people create documentaries on things that are super niche (one can find plenty of examples on YouTube from the past several …more

Anthony Agnello <> Jul 18 12:18PM -0400: Seconded on Adam’s point. Now where’s my Turbo Grafx 16 documentary? I rhink my worry would be richness of subject matter. The Power Glove was a neat, broken piece of tech that hilariously peaked …more

Kotaku and nerd shaming

Andy Eddy <> Jul 18 07:38AM -0700: Being transparent and updating is good policy, but I never understood putting those kinds of updates at the end rather than the beginning. I would think readers would prefer to know what they’re …more

Kyle Orland <> Jul 18 10:42AM -0400: Agreed, updates should be up top, or occasionally in-line near the corrected bit, if the correction is localized to a small part of the piece. -KO

Ars is hiring and Android specialist

Kyle Orland <> Jul 18 10:07AM -0400: 10%

Adam Rosenberg <> Jul 18 10:12AM -0400: I think you’ve got to waive your 10 percent here, Kyle. Conflict of interest. …more

Kyle Orland <> Jul 18 10:32AM -0400: MAKE IT TWENTY! -KO

Tweet of the moment

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jul 17 08:40PM -0700: Seriously, this is super awesome. Hats off to you Sciencegroen.

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  • going concise with its reviews [11 Updates]
  • Print is dead [6 Updates]
  • New Leaf friend code X-change! [6 Updates]
  • Excellent primer and do’s and don’ts for fighting game coverage [1 Update]
  • A power glove documentary? [8 Updates]
  • freelancers at comic con? [1 Update]
  • Tweet of the moment [2 Updates] going concise with its reviews

Kyle Orland <> Jul 19 09:55AM -0400: Good on ’em. A lot of the time, I feel people use the fact that there are no practical space constraints on the web to just …more

Daniel Starkey <> Jul 19 09:54AM -0500: I wholeheartedly agree, most of the time.…more

Jason Wilson <> Jul 19 08:04AM -0700: I wish we had the resources for short, three-person reviews. …more

Kyle Orland <> Jul 19 11:20AM -0400: But what does Sushi X think? -KO
Adam Rosenberg <> Jul 19 12:03PM -0400: 300 words is short, I guess. One word is shorter. (via Chris Floyd) …more

Kyle Orland <> Jul 19 12:51PM -0400: One word and a number. Seriously, the number changes everything. -KO

Philip Kollar <> Jul 19 12:40PM -0700: Concise is good, although 300 words is short enough that I’d start to worry about all but the best writers being able to actually argue a strong point.

Kyle Orland <> Jul 19 04:21PM -0400: I did a few reviews for the print edition of Paste Magazine that we had to squeeze into 200 words max. It was tough, to say the least, but for some of these games all that was needed/deserved. …more

Garrett Martin <> Jul 19 04:22PM -0400: if you want to send me all the words you cut out I can get those back up online

Kyle Orland <> Jul 19 04:25PM -0400: No, I think I fully captured Mark Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure in my double century. But here’s a few of the cut words in no particular order (off the top of my head): …more

Max Parker <> Jul 19 04:38PM -0400: Yep. I have to do that fairly regularly in the Post-Gazette’s print issues. “Big” releases can be stretched to 500, but most have to be kept to 200-300. I try to fight for more, but more isn’t …more

Print is dead

Kyle Orland <> Jul 19 02:42PM -0400: And not just in our niche…
Harold Goldberg <> Jul 19 03:03PM -0400: I subscribe to four of those, and I’ve really noticed the ‘thinness,’ particularly this year. My favorite is The Week, and I really hope demise isn’t in its future. I wonder how the British version …more

Garrett Martin <> Jul 19 03:04PM -0400: as long as there are airports The Economist will be fine

Kyle Orland <> Jul 19 03:06PM -0400: As long as there is no cheap WiFi on planes, The Economist will be fine. FTFY -KO

Ben Gilbert <> Jul 19 03:33PM -0400: Folks, Harold subscribes to *at least* four print publications. Can I have your time machine, wizard man?

Harold Goldberg <> Jul 19 04:27PM -0400: Yeh, Ben, too old school, right? I still like to hold magazines in my hand, and I think it’s something about the weeklies, like holding the whole week in your hand, and mind. I get New York as well. …more

New Leaf friend code X-change!

Rollin Bishop <> Jul 18 11:57PM -0400: I am stupendously late to this whole thing, but yeah, I now have this. Friend code: 1048-8943-4620 …more

Kyle Orland <> Jul 19 09:36AM -0400: OK, so when are you guys playing? Because whenever I’ve opened my 3DS recently there are no available towns, meaning you are all on different schedules or just not opening your gates. …more

Anthony Agnello <> Jul 19 11:07AM -0400: Yeah I keep forgetting to open my town. Kyle, you and I have been playing at the same time at night this week and end up missing each other. I think my new approach will be to hop in, take care of …more

Kyle Orland <> Jul 19 11:12AM -0400: To be fair, I forget to open my gate too. Didn’t occur to me to check the friends list and see if people are actually playing. Next time, if I see you online and your town isn’t open, expect an …more

Susan Arendt <> Jul 19 12:15PM -0700: > Eeeeeee, Kyle, I need cherries! And bananas, too, if anyone has those. I tweet when my gates are open, which is usually during the day. What are you guys looking for? I always feel like …more

Kyle Orland <> Jul 19 03:16PM -0400: I’m opening my gate right now and leaving my system idle as a kind of server. Come get some cherries! -KO

Excellent primer and do’s and don’ts for fighting game coverage

Kyle Orland <> Jul 19 02:57PM -0400: Worth a read even if you don’t cover competitive fighting games. -KO

A power glove documentary?

Susan Arendt <> Jul 18 02:21PM -0700: I am sick to bloody death of everything having to do with the Power Glove. I get it – it’s the catch-all symbol used to represent deep and abiding love of Nintendo – but jesus tapdancing christ, I …more

Jason Schreier <> Jul 18 05:22PM -0400: But Susan. It’s so bad. …more

Matt Hawkins <> Jul 18 05:23PM -0400:

Kyle Orland <> Jul 18 05:24PM -0400: Now I know what I’m getting Susan for Christmas  -KO

Adam Rosenberg <> Jul 18 05:26PM -0400: I see what you did there, Schreier. Nintendo fanhood is scary. I was just talking to a drunken co-worker last night (not Fleming) who tried to explain to me that Nintendo’s doing fine, …more

Matt Hawkins <> Jul 18 05:26PM -0400: Is this an okay time to mention that my friends who run Fangamer have the following?

Andy Eddy <> Jul 18 06:05PM -0700: It’s on! Lucas vs. Jesus Tapdancing Christ… (I desperately wish there was a poll feature here) …more

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jul 19 10:23AM -0700: Andy, in case you didn’t know this before now, I love you. Especially for this. Also, that Rosenberg had to indicate that the drunken coworker was *not* Flemming is fantastic. Now, where’d I set …more

freelancers at comic con?

Christopher Grant <> Jul 18 06:13PM -0400: any freelancers at comic con available for something today (like in less than three hours?) – if so, get back to me at, cc: looking for a feature. …more

Tweet of the moment

Andrew Groen <> Jul 18 02:18PM -0700: Oh hey, just saw this! Thanks, folks. 😀

Kyle Orland <> Jul 18 05:25PM -0400: Glad I could inform you of your own marriage, Andrew. (Yes, I know what you meant, but my way is funnier) -KO

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  • New Leaf friend code X-change! [3 Updates]
  • Print is dead [2 Updates]
  • going concise with its reviews [2 Updates]

New Leaf friend code X-change!

Andy Eddy <> Jul 19 08:20PM -0700: I need persimmon and bamboo. And there’s this: a group of industry people and friends/family, collaborating on when to open gates and who has the best turnip prices (Alex Ryan netted 6.7 …more

Harold Goldberg <> Jul 20 09:19AM -0400: FB page is really something, Andy. Thanks, man.

Kyle Orland <> Jul 20 10:40AM -0400: 6.8 m-m-m-million???? I need to get in on this turnip trade.

Print is dead

Ben Gilbert <> Jul 19 05:31PM -0400: Hahaha, no no, I love it. I subscribe to New York Mag, New Yorker and Nat Geo — I just hardly find the time to read them all! Thus the time machine. Somewhat unbelievably, I managed to graduate …more

Kyle Orland <> Jul 19 06:06PM -0400: When I was in journo school, we were all required to have a daily subscription to the print edition of the Washington Post. I doubt that requirement is still around… -KO going concise with its reviews

Philip Kollar <> Jul 19 02:20PM -0700: I’ve done the super-short reviews in Game Informer print edition as well before. But obviously in that situation there was always more space for bigger games. Regardless, I’ll definitely be …more

Jason Venter <> Jul 19 02:33PM -0700: I love writing reviews, but I have a lot less fun when I’m not allowed plenty of words. I find that 1200 words is just about perfect for most reviews I am assigned to write. I can go shorter and …more

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  • New Leaf friend code X-change! [1 Update]

New Leaf friend code X-change!

Greg Tito <> Jul 21 08:52AM -0400: I’m late to this party too, but I figured I’d share: 2638-0242-4537. I’m just getting started – I don’t really know what I’m doing yet. I caught a walking stick in the bug off though, so I’m happy. …more

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  • GameJournoPets [5 Updates]
  • Best way ever to finish a Castlevania interview [2 Updates]


Adam Rosenberg <> Jul 22 04:49PM -0400: Yep. You can submit your own easily. Loki’s feeling pretty lonely up there right now. …more

Kyle Orland <> Jul 22 04:58PM -0400: Tumblr is blocking LGBT stuff but allowing THIS? Shameful. -KO

Leah Jackson <> Jul 22 02:59PM -0600: Incoming CORGIS!

Max Parker <> Jul 22 05:00PM -0400: Submitted!! …more

Michael Rougeau <> Jul 22 02:09PM -0700: For the record I am in love with this idea. Ricky loves the attention as well (he can sense when people are looking appreciatively at cute pictures of him).

Best way ever to finish a Castlevania interview

Kyle Orland <> Jul 22 11:12AM -0400:

Anthony John Agnello <> Jul 22 11:15AM -0400: I wish so badly that I could play a version of that game with Dave Cox’s voice dubbed in, all nonchalant like that. Has anyone played Lords of Shadow 2 extensively? How is it? I actually …more

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  • GameJournoPets [9 Updates]


Harold Goldberg <> Jul 22 05:22PM -0400: done.

Dan Crabtree <> Jul 22 05:33PM -0400: Bless you, Adam.

“William O’Neal” <> Jul 22 02:38PM -0700: Get ready for chickens and rabbits.

Sarah LeBoeuf <> Jul 22 05:44PM -0400: Aaaaaand submitted.

Nathan Meunier <> Jul 23 07:20AM -0700: THIS IS ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. So happy to see this is a thing! Had always wanted to do something, like a feature or blog post about comrades’ pets. This is WAY better. I’ve got 4 …more

Andy Eddy <> Jul 23 01:09PM -0700: I’m not sure that “future food sources” qualify as “pets.” They’re more like temps or interns. (ducking)

“William O’Neal” <> Jul 23 01:10PM -0700: Does that mean that I’m not allowed to post pics of the rabbits?

Leah Jackson <> Jul 23 02:11PM -0600: No it doesn’t! I want to see bunnies! …more

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Jul 23 02:15PM -0700: It seems like 3/4 game journos are cat people, no? Someone’s intern should blog about this. …more

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  • Every Xbox One can be a debug console? [3 Updates]
  • Really sad to hear about the passing of Steve Morgenstern… [5 Updates]
  • Any eSports experts out there? [7 Updates]
  • GameJournoPets [5 Updates]

Every Xbox One can be a debug console?

Kyle Orland <> Jul 24 02:34PM -0400: This could be a big deal for indies, but also for critics trying to get early code, obviously. …more

Jonathan Deesing <> Jul 24 11:56AM -0700: Thank GOD

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jul 24 01:48PM -0700: This could be really great. …more

Really sad to hear about the passing of Steve Morgenstern…

“William O’Neal” <> Jul 23 03:22PM -0700: I just found out that Steve Morgenstern ( passed away this morning. I’m not sure how many of you knew him but he was really …more

Britton Peele <> Jul 23 05:26PM -0500: I didn’t know him, but I’m sad to hear that I never will 🙁  *—*

Andy Eddy <> Jul 23 07:38PM -0700: I just heard about this, and it’s terrible news. Steve was always great to run into at an event, and, yes, one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Anyone hear what happened? I think I saw him at …more

Dean Takahashi <> Jul 23 10:28PM -0700: Sad. I loved hanging out with Steve in past years at gaming and tech events, but I hadn’t seen him for a while. He was such a warm guy.

Harold Goldberg <> Jul 24 07:27AM -0400: Steve was the best, a fine writer, a empathetic gentleman, a true wit, a font of knowledge. It was a pleasure to know him. He will be truly missed but fondly remembered. It’s hard to believe he’s …more

Any eSports experts out there?

“mike.rougeau” <> Jul 23 05:02PM -0700: I’m attempting to compile a list of the year’s remaining tournaments, and I’d like to run it by someone who may be able to tell whether I’ve left any off. Thanks friends. …more

Leah Jackson <> Jul 23 06:19PM -0600: I don’t have that list personally, but this calendar on Team Liquid might prove to be a good resource. …more

Matt Hawkins <> Jul 23 08:21PM -0400: Paging Rod Breslau…

Samit Sarkar <> Jul 23 08:24PM -0400: Also, Alex Rubens! -Samit

Alex Rubens <> Jul 23 05:25PM -0700: I already answered Michael off-chain as this went up, I probably should have noted that. Also, <333 Samit.

Rod Breslau <> Jul 23 09:29PM -0400: When I get home I’ll post the list I keep updated, covers all games/genres …more

Mike Rougeau <> Jul 23 06:58PM -0700: Thanks everyone! I don’t know Rod personally but I was hoping someone would page him. Mission accomplished. …more


danielle <> Jul 23 02:37PM -0700: This is really the best thing. Until some asshole puts their 1996 GigaPet in there. …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Jul 23 05:38PM -0400: I’ve actually been waiting on a Tamagotchi. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jul 23 05:40PM -0400: Wow. I feel old. A thought occurred to me earlier that it would be hilarious if someone posted a pet rock. Those are like lo-fi Tamagotchi, right?

Anthony John Agnello <> Jul 23 05:41PM -0400: They’re immortal Tamagotchi. They go to the bathroom way more, though.

Adam Rosenberg <> Jul 23 05:44PM -0400: For those who aren’t big into Tumblr but want to keep up, I created a GameJournoPets Twitter feed that all new posts should feed to.

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  • Kevin Dent [23 Updates]
  • Dragon’s Crown multiplayer [1 Update]
  • Freelancers for Gamescom? [1 Update]
  • Old-school EGM reviews for new-school games [3 Updates]
  • GameJournoPets [9 Updates]
  • Really sad to hear about the passing of Steve Morgenstern… [1 Update]

Kevin Dent

Patrick Klepek <> Jul 25 11:34AM -0500: Can we, collectively, stop quoting him? Phil Fish is being dramatic, but that guy is a known creep, and I’m not sure why we keep giving him a spotlight. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jul 25 12:38PM -0400: Done and done.

Kyle Orland <> Jul 25 12:39PM -0400: Did something specific happen? I haven’t been glued to Twitter today. -KO

Adam Rosenberg <> Jul 25 12:41PM -0400  I can’t believe this is a thing I’m actually recommending, but go give Phil Fish’s Twitter feed a quick look. …more

Kyle Orland <> Jul 25 12:43PM -0400: OK, Phil is mad because… Polygon quoted him or something? Anyone have a link? -KO

Matt Hawkins <> Jul 25 12:44PM -0400: And yeah, it is hidden amongst all his Polygon hate.

Adam Rosenberg <> Jul 25 12:44PM -0400: I’m not exactly clear on why he’s so angry at Polygon, but Phil is angry because Kevin Dent is a shitbag: …more

Patrick Klepek <> Jul 25 11:45AM -0500: Polygon quoted him in a story about Xbox One and indies, which I don’t blame them for–Dent gives good quotes and will answer any email or phone call for a comment. (Don’t take this as some assault …more

Dave Tach <> Jul 25 12:45PM -0400: As it happens, I do!

Kyle Orland <> Jul 25 12:50PM -0400: Wow, I followed Dent on Twitter but really had no idea of his history. Sounds like a grade-A creep. -KO

Patrick Klepek <> Jul 25 11:52AM -0500: He’s a guy who lives and breathes for public exposure. The only way you stop someone like that is by denying them the thing they want. …more

Max Parker <> Jul 25 12:59PM -0400: It doesn’t excuse his words to Tara Long, but her question to him during the “Expert Videogame Debate” was, in a nutshell, “do you think I’m hotter than Jessica Chobot.” Really striving for equality …more

Christopher Grant <> Jul 25 01:25PM -0400: On Thu, Jul 25, 2013 at 12:45 PM, Patrick Klepek  > blame them for–Dent gives good quotes and will answer any email or phone  > call for a comment. (Don’t take this as some assault against Polygon, I …more

Jason Venter <> Jul 25 10:29AM -0700: Kevin Dent has a daughter who he apparently adores, and he also does not make a habit of saying rude things to women (at least not on Twitter). He did engage in that one heated exchange that …more

Britton Peele <> Jul 25 12:34PM -0500: Breaking: Phil Fish does not understand journalism like he thinks he does. More on this hypocrisy at 11:00. Like, I get that we don’t like Kevin Dent… I don’t follow him on Twitter …more

Dave Tach <> Jul 25 01:37PM -0400: I agree, Patrick, that Dent loves media exposure. I also agree that he’s controversial — and that water is wet and the sky is blue. I don’t think that’s debatable. But I don’t think it follows …more

Steve Haske <> Jul 25 10:38AM -0700: I ran into Dent at E3 and I he asked me why I left Portland for Seattle. I did so for many reasons but one major one was that I wanted to move to a bigger city with more potential work opportunities. …more

Steve Haske <> Jul 25 10:39AM -0700: I ran into Dent at E3 and I he asked me why I left Portland for Seattle. I did so for many reasons but one major one was that I wanted to move to a bigger city with more potential work opportunities. …more

Patrick Klepek <> Jul 25 12:50PM -0500: Dave, you have every right to quote whoever you want, and if you want to continue to quote Kevin Dent on relevant topics, go right ahead. It’s not about hiding a jerky liar. He’s basically a pile …more

Greg Tito <> Jul 25 01:59PM -0400: I’m going to second Steve’s E3 story with another. I introduced myself to Kevin Dent at E3 and tried to discuss a mutual friend but he never stopped walking away from me. The last thing he said to …more

“K. Cox” <> Jul 25 02:00PM -0400: He totally does say strange things to women in bars at E3, though. Weirdest damn hourlong conversation of my life, at the Polygon party in 2012. …more

Max Parker <> Jul 25 02:21PM -0400: While we’re sharing stories of our interactions with Dent that speak to his character, I have one from PAX East. I ran into him on the show floor. We were twitter acquaintances before then and this …more

Philip Kollar <> Jul 25 12:33PM -0700: I agree with Patrick on this matter, for whatever it’s worth. Beyond the public stuff, I’ve heard a stream of disturbing and uncomfortable stories about Kevin from people who have worked …more

Dragon’s Crown multiplayer

Anthony John Agnello <> Jul 25 03:09PM -0400: Anyone interested in setting up a four player party for Dragon’s Crown on Saturday? Drop me a line. …more

Freelancers for Gamescom?

ryanflemingpdx <> Jul 25 11:55AM -0700: Any freelancers heading to Germany for the show that are available to take a couple assignments? Drop me a line at …more

Old-school EGM reviews for new-school games

Kyle Orland <> Jul 25 12:52PM -0400: This is priceless. I hope it becomes a regular thing. People complaining about reviews today don’t know how much worse things used to be. …more

Daniel Starkey <> Jul 25 11:59AM -0500: I’m glad this kind of stuff was common before I was old enough to read. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jul 25 01:00PM -0400: I hate you so much right now, Starkey. #old …more


“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jul 25 12:07AM -0700: Mitch, I forgot how much I missed hearing you yell at Roland. Also, that dog was fucking adorable.
Leah Jackson <> Jul 25 08:09AM -0600: I loved this idea so much that I created a tumblr for my corgi, Piper. Check it out for some derpy corgi goodness. I figure corgis are the best way to start any day. …more

Kyle Orland <> Jul 25 10:14AM -0400: I remember when we used to talk about video game journalism around here. -An unreasonably bitter, petless Kyle

Susan Arendt <> Jul 25 07:16AM -0700: And I remember when you weren’t a cranky killjoy, Kyle. Oh, wait. No I don’t. :p …more

Michael Zenke <> Jul 25 10:18AM -0400: Dude, get a dog. They are the best! 🙂 – Michael

Adam Rosenberg <> Jul 25 10:20AM -0400: Yes, Kyle. Embrace the Dark Side of the Fur-ce. …more

Kyle Orland <> Jul 25 10:23AM -0400: Michael, Adam: No dogs or cats allowed in my building. Maybe I’ll get a tamagotchi. Susan: I was briefly happy when I collected my final “100” in Yoshi’s Island, but that was before you knew me. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jul 25 10:25AM -0400: Pet rock! Go old school! GJPets needs a pet rock! Also: pets-meet-wrestling. Somebody make that happen. …more

Jonathan Deesing <> Jul 25 08:46AM -0700: Yeah…I think Mike Vick already did that.

Really sad to hear about the passing of Steve Morgenstern…

“” <> Jul 24 03:02PM -0700 …more

Today’s Topic Summary


  • Any eSports experts out there? [2 Updates]
  • Best way ever to finish a Castlevania interview [1 Update]
  • Kevin Dent [8 Updates]
  • Freelance review opportunity at GameFront [1 Update]

Any eSports experts out there?

Ryan Smith <> Jul 26 10:58AM -0500: Did this eSports calendar get made/shared? Would love to get a hold of it as well.

Michael Rougeau <> Jul 26 01:07PM -0700: I’m working on it still, not sure about Rod’s.

Best way ever to finish a Castlevania interview

Dale <> Jul 26 07:48AM -0700: I had him do that. Straight faces all around

Kevin Dent

Matt Matthews <> Jul 25 02:59PM -0700: Interesting that you mention Pachter and Dent. They’re both involved in P4RC.
Kyle Orland <> Jul 25 06:06PM -0400: That seems like a bit of guilt by association to me, Matt. Unless I’m missing your point. -KO

Alex Navarro <> Jul 25 08:06PM -0400: He is a fucking nightmare person and we as a collective industry would do well to pretend he no longer exists. He is VALUELESS.

Kyle Orland <> Jul 25 08:31PM -0400: Don’t sugar coat it Alex. -KO

Alex Navarro <> Jul 25 08:46PM -0400: You should have seen the original email I wrote before I decided to tone it down.
Dave Tach <> Jul 25 09:01PM -0400: Okay, fine: Patrick and Alex as co-presidents of the Kevin Dent fan club, Phil as the treasurer. Show of hands? …more

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jul 25 08:08PM -0700: I interviewed Dent for a story that never ended up getting off the ground. That conversation was something like two hours long and it went /everywhere/. He gives a great quote, but his actions are …more

Patrick Klepek <> Jul 26 08:49AM -0500: His racist tirades while drinking are well-known. Not the first time. …more

Freelance review opportunity at GameFront

Kyle Orland <> Jul 25 06:25PM -0400: Are u, or someone u know: 1. Really good at reviewing video games, esp PC. 2. Experienced 3. Available? mark[at]gamefront[dotcom] Hit me. More info RE: previous tweet. Yes, review gig is paid for, …more

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  • Kevin Dent [1 Update]
  • Any eSports experts out there? [1 Update]

Kevin Dent

Andrew Groen <> Jul 26 05:23PM -0700: I think Kevin Dent is the new HHG.

Any eSports experts out there?

Andrew Groen <> Jul 26 03:34PM -0700: Somebody owes Rod a backrub if he posts that calendar gratis. A legit eSports calendar is an immensely difficult thing to compile. I have trouble just following StarCraft 2.

Today’s Topic Summary


  • Kevin Dent [1 Update]

Kevin Dent

Matt Matthews <> Jul 27 09:38PM -0700: It’s no guilt. It’s an observation. The two may share some personality traits (enjoys attention and providing opinion, always responds to emails asking for either) and — it turns out — they’re …more 

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  • Any eSports experts out there? [4 Updates]
  • BioShock Infinite DLC Surprise! [5 Updates]

Any eSports experts out there?

Rod Breslau <> Jul 30 04:18PM -0400: Here’s my brief list thus far. All events listed are considered major events with large prize money ($15,000-$20,000+), an event location, and several world class players/teams attending. …more

Rod Breslau <> Jul 30 04:29PM -0400: I can help with any journos/outlets here that want to go do live coverage and need contacts to the event owners/players/teams/devs/whatever. Would like to see more faces around. Anyone coming to The …more

Britton Peele <> Jul 30 03:30PM -0500: I’ll be at QuakeCon. I live here in Dallas, so it’s kinda my thing. I’m no expert (by any stretch) on any aspects of eSports but those finals are typically a blast to watch. *—* …more

Rod Breslau <> Jul 30 04:42PM -0400: QuakeCon isn’t what it used to be in terms of the tournament (though id has never cared much to begin with), but theres a cool USA vs Russia storyline that will happen this weekend …more

BioShock Infinite DLC Surprise!

Leah Jackson <> Jul 30 08:28AM -0600: I’m guessing most of you at the bigger outlets knew this DLC was dropping today, but I was honestly surprised/shocked when I saw the news this morning. To my knowledge there wasn’t any sort of …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Jul 30 10:31AM -0400: Pretty dang surprising! It isn’t just surprising that it came out of the blue but that 2K put zero marketing behind it ahead of time to spur new season pass purchases. …more

Harold Goldberg <> Jul 30 10:55AM -0400: Could be because Kimmie Kaspar just left for Ubi. Ken did do a lot of social media yesterday. I’m also interested to know how Take-Two did for the quarter. That’s today, after the bell, right? …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Jul 30 10:58AM -0400: Yessir. I will also be very, very interested in those results, Harold. Of course, TTWO’s shareholders are finally going to enter the promised land Zelnick’s been talking up for the past three years …more

Harold Goldberg <> Jul 30 11:00AM -0400: Right. Unless Infinite was an utter disaster sales-wise, I don’t see the stock moving down precipitously. Because – GTA V in Sept.

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  • Any eSports experts out there? [3 Updates]
  • BioShock Infinite DLC Surprise! [8 Updates]
  • Just the PAX [1 Update]

Any eSports experts out there?

Leah Jackson <> Jul 30 03:28PM -0600: Speaking of which, if anyone needs coverage of the Dota 2 International (going on Aug 7-11) please let me know. I follow/covered Dota 2 extensively and would love to help out. …more

Matt Cabral <> Jul 30 06:31PM -0400: I’ll be at Quakecon, mostly just to check out the Bethesda stuff though. …more

“mike.rougeau” <> Jul 31 12:19PM -0700: Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing, Rod. Your list is more comprehensive than mine but I think we got most of the major ones covered. For …more

BioShock Infinite DLC Surprise!

Nick Chester <> Jul 30 02:39PM -0700: I think the surprise drop in this case was smart for a few reasons. Let’s be fair — while it’s not a trivial amount of work to put together a DLC package like the one that came out today, it’s …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jul 30 05:40PM -0400: On point and well said. +1. …more

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jul 31 07:19AM -0700: Hey Nick, Here’s an idea: drop the Slayer dlc for Fantasia without telling anyone prior. …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Jul 31 10:24AM -0400: Tim, that’s genius. Cannibal Corpse and Slayer surprise DLC for Fantasia, Day One.

Adam Rosenberg <> Jul 31 10:32AM -0400: Sepultura or I’m out. I want to wave my hands like a maniac to Refuse/Resist while Disney creatures mosh themselves into an adorable puddle.

Andy Eddy <> Jul 31 07:58AM -0700: I’ve read this like four times already and it keeps making me laugh. Okay, I’m going back to read it again…

Adam Rosenberg <> Jul 31 11:03AM -0400: =D Thanks Andy. I’m serious, Nick. Sepultura. Make it happen. That’s entirely your call, right? …more

Ryan Smith <> Jul 31 10:12AM -0500: I personally prefer “Slave New World,” if nothing else for the meta commentary on Disney. 🙂

Just the PAX

Kevin Kelly <> Jul 30 03:21PM -0700: I’m going to be heading to PAX on my own dime at the end of August, and if anyone needs a freelancer for some coverage, please let me know. I left my full-time Wizard gig yesterday, which I should …more