Quantum Synchronicity: The Ballad of Terence “BLooDCalibuR” Sanchez

EDITOR’s NOTE: Terence Sanchez is currently undergoing HRT. I MADE SURE TO CLARIFY WITH THEM IF USING THE NAME “Terence Sanchez” is appropriate. They’re fine with that.

What started out as me going through and exploring the laziness of mainstream reporting turned into a rabbit hole that ended up with the piece you’re reading now.

The camgirl community is much more complicated than most of you realize. The purpose of this story is to show you how and why.  

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Meet Terence and Lana
  3. 2015 Drama
  4. 2017 Drama
  5. The Drugs
  6. The Chat Logs
  7. Concluding Thoughts
  8. Sasha and Terence Responses

Yes. I asked Terence for their comments before publishing. They gave answers to me, too. As you’ll come to understand, the gravity of this situation more than merits hearing out their side of the story. Lana Rain herself is apparently coming out with a documentary of her soonish, so I’ll update this piece with a link to that when she does.


I thought they were a Yu-Gi-Oh character at first, given how tall their hair was.


But when I found out about their shroom experiments, I realized there was so much more to this than met the eye.


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