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  • Pax East Press Issues? [1 Update]

Pax East Press Issues?

Julian Murdoch <> Feb 28 09:27PM -0500: We had a bunch of folks from GWJ (including me) get denied passes because we didn’t submit “materials” in time — although the new google doc system never asked for anything but links to work, which …more

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  • Quote of the moment [10 Updates]
  • Anyone playing South Park on 360? [2 Updates]
  • Pax East Press Issues? [2 Updates]

Quote of the moment

Kyle Orland <> Mar 03 10:39AM -0500: “It is true that the Edge liked the first and this dislike. But I also find that this has happened is totally unfair.One must be blind or stupid to give it a 4/10 for a game of this quality. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Mar 03 10:52AM -0500: Reading that gave me a headache. THANKS A LOT, Kyle. …more

Michael Futter <> Mar 03 11:01AM -0500: This is what reading The King in Yellow must be like… …more

Mike Wehner <> Mar 03 10:27AM -0600: It’s stuff like this that makes the normals wonder if publishers pay off reviewers. When a company comes out and calls a reviewer dumb for not liking a game it’s not a stretch to think they might be …more

Brad Gallaway <> Mar 03 09:05AM -0800: I don’t know anything about the stories regarding this guy steering the studio into development hell, but I’m playing the game right now and I have to say, what I’ve been reading in reviews and what …more

Ben Gilbert <> Mar 03 12:08PM -0500: Unless there are FACTUAL INACCURACIES in Edge’s review (the game’s only 20 minutes long! it’s all 8-bit pixel graphics!, etc.), it’s a subjective piece. There is no “right”/”wrong”. It’s a *review*. …more

Kevin Kelly <> Mar 03 10:06AM -0800: Looks like someone used Amazon’s Mechanical Turk for transcription, and then just blindly cut and pasted the results. Ouch. …more

Ben Gilbert <> Mar 03 01:09PM -0500: And yeah, echoing Kevin’s sentiment, that’s some godawful translation and shouldn’t have been published as such anywhere. I find it hard to believe that EU sites are unable to find a spanish speaker …more

Michael Rougeau <> Mar 03 10:50AM -0800: Interesting, this is how the graf reads now: “It’s true that Edge liked the first game but they didn’t enjoy this one as much. I also think that what happened is terribly unfair. …more

Richard Mitchell <> Mar 03 12:56PM -0600: I find the “me too” review argument a little strange. Granted, some outlets will have to post a review after launch, but weren’t most working under the same embargo? Like, how could Edge influence …more

Anyone playing South Park on 360?

Mitch Dyer <> Mar 02 10:35PM -0800: fwiw my frame rate is fucked on ps3

Justin McElroy <> Mar 03 08:47AM -0800: Hey guys and gals! I’m collecting comments from other reviewers re: glitches to run as a sidebar in my review. If you wouldn’t mind me sharing your experience, would you mind emailing me? …more

Pax East Press Issues?

Mitch Dyer <> Mar 02 10:35PM -0800: Robert Brown at Bohle is your guy. Super great dude for this. if that broke, XXXXXXXX at bohle com

Devin Connors <> Mar 02 11:37PM -0800: +1 for the Magnificent Mr. Brown. I’ve attended PAX East twice since it started. Both times I registered late, and both times I talked to Robert Brown about it, and he got me in, no issues. …more

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  • Quote of the moment [5 Updates]
  • Pax East Press Issues? [2 Updates]
  • Anyone playing South Park on 360? [1 Update]

Quote of the moment

Jared Newman <> Mar 03 01:26PM -0800: Now’s the time to point out that Brad hated Spec Ops: The Line. He also loved Nier. *ducks*

Max Parker <> Mar 03 04:31PM -0500: Armond White in the house! On Mar 3, 2014 4:26 PM, “Jared Newman” <> wrote: Now’s the time to point out that Brad hated Spec Ops: The Line. He also loved Nier. *ducks* …more

Brad Gallaway <> Mar 03 02:10PM -0800: Regardless of my own personal likes/dislikes, I think the guy raises some good points that are worth considering. I’m not alone in thinking the lowball reviews are puzzlingly, concerningly out of …more

Britton Peele <> Mar 04 01:46PM -0600: I really like Lords of Shadow 2 (quite a bit, in fact) and think somebody giving it a 4/10 is kinda crazy… But I’ll also defend the right of crazy people to give it a 4/10 if they really feel that …more

Kyle Orland <> Mar 04 02:55PM -0500: Re: groupthink, I think Britton touched on how it can develop not just by reviewers talking to each other during a review, or reading each others’ work, but well before that, during the …more

Pax East Press Issues?

Julian Murdoch <> Mar 03 11:35PM -0500: THanks everyone — fixed! …more

Mark Burnham <> Mar 03 08:55PM -0800: I know this is way late, just chiming in to say Mr. Robert Brown is great. Has always been very professional and accommodating.

Anyone playing South Park on 360?

Jason Schreier <> Mar 03 05:03PM -0500: Can you elaborate, MitchyD? How often do you get slowdown? …more

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  • Polygon gobbles up another [1 Update]
  • “Don’t Engage” [1 Update]
  • Quote of the moment [11 Updates]

Polygon gobbles up another

Kyle Orland <> Mar 05 04:15PM -0500: Owen Good moving over from Kotaku:

“Don’t Engage”

Kyle Orland <> Mar 05 03:33PM -0500: Great piece by Russ Pitts about how he’s handling a particularly virulent bit of online trolling: There’s a lot of good stuff I agree with in the piece …more

Quote of the moment

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Mar 04 01:55PM -0800: As a confirmed stupid person I find that comment about blind people factually offensive, and I don’t even own Edge. …more

Richard Mitchell <> Mar 04 04:05PM -0600: Now I’m imagining all the classes and rites one must go through to be “confirmed” as a stupid person.

Kyle Orland <> Mar 04 05:09PM -0500: “The word *moron*, along with others including, “idiotic”, “imbecilic”, “stupid”, and “feeble-minded <>”, was formerly considered a valid descriptor in the …more

Philip Kollar <> Mar 04 02:09PM -0800: re: groupthink question: Not only did I ignore any negative impressions coming into the game, I went hopeful for the best because I had really enjoyed the first Lords of Shadow! The idea that any …more

Patrick Klepek <> Mar 04 04:09PM -0600: yes the problem with game reviews is that we are too harsh

Kyle Orland <> Mar 04 05:10PM -0500: No, the problem with game reviews is that *you disagree with me* -KO

Jason Schreier <> Mar 04 05:11PM -0500: Merriam-Webster defines “review” as …more

Brad Gallaway <> Mar 04 02:12PM -0800: I don’t think the question is really about serious reviewers (although really, what’s that definition?) but perhaps it’s more along the lines of “I heard this game sucks and I have five others to …more

Britton Peele <> Mar 04 04:22PM -0600: As I said originally, I don’t think groupthink is a serious problem that “serious” game critics are currently infected with. Case in point: Even though I obviously like Lords of Shadow 2 more than …more

Ryan Smith <> Mar 04 04:25PM -0600: The thing is, the group think thing is more subtle than “Oh, this guy thinks negatively of this game, so I will adopt that attitude!” As I’ve pointed out before, it’s more like a lot of game …more

Daniel Starkey <> Mar 04 04:36PM -0600: Regarding the groupthink bit… I’m really confused about that, because in my experience people will say one thing at a preview event and then the exact opposite when the game comes out. …more

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  • More layoffs at Machinima [4 Updates]
  • Greenbot staff writer [3 Updates]
  • “Don’t Engage” [17 Updates]
  • Seeking tablet game reviewers! [4 Updates]

More layoffs at Machinima

Kyle Orland <> Mar 06 02:13PM -0500: 42 people, 23% of its remaining staff, in a “restructuring.” Not a great sign. …more

Devin Connors <> Mar 06 11:34AM -0800: Layoffs seem to be sales team-focused. That doesn’t make it any less shitty, but it seems like the IG crew, other in-house content guys were spared. Tweets: …more

Mike Wehner <> Mar 06 01:39PM -0600: Hard to believe they’re having hard time with such stunning programming as “Emma Stone Naked!?!?!” …more

Devin Connors <> Mar 06 11:41AM -0800: Now hearing some editorial staff might be impacted. Waiting on saying who until something more concrete pops up… …more

Greenbot staff writer

James Fudge <> Mar 06 12:45PM -0500: I saw this on Facebook and thought i’d share It’s slightly niche and techie.. also I have no vested interest, and you’d have to live in or …more

Jared Newman <> Mar 06 11:03AM -0800: Worth noting that this is IDG, the same company that runs PCWorld/Macworld/TechHive. They just launched this site, somewhat of a soft launch as they are trying to fill it with content. …more

James Fudge <> Mar 06 02:08PM -0500: I started my professional career at an IDG property 17 years ago and did some freelance for GamePro before it died (RIP) a few years ago. Good people to work for and yeah they sometimes syndicate …more

“Don’t Engage”

Susan Arendt <> Mar 05 01:22PM -0800: If you keep your mouth shut 100% of the time, then they are running the show just by existing. They are determining the shape of discourse because we are letting them. Yes, we’re the ones with the …more

Patrick Klepek <> Mar 05 03:23PM -0600: You have to pick your battles, but I don’t think allowing the the worst voices the Internet has to offer dominate the conversation “works.” The idea that if we “ignore” the trolls they will …more

Andrew Groen <> Mar 05 01:24PM -0800: Through reading the piece I came to greatly respect Russ’ standpoint, but ultimately I think it convinced me more than ever that “don’t engage” is the best policy. It’s not just that you’re …more

Mark Burnham <> Mar 05 01:44PM -0800: A rose is a rose, is a rose. Is a poem that I do not think applies to trolls. There are trolls, and then there are TROLLS. I think Russ laid out good reasons for choosing to make an exception. …more

James Fudge <> Mar 05 04:48PM -0500: I think at the point where an anonymous someone is name checking you in an article about how horrible “games journalism is” and hinting that you are a sexual predator for the sake of trying to be …more

Kyle Orland <> Mar 05 04:48PM -0500: Re: Susan. They are only “shaping the discourse” if they are the only ones talking. But we are talking also, through our writing, every day, and doing so much more effectively, as measured by …more

Daniel Starkey <> Mar 05 04:09PM -0600: I guess after all this, my main question would be what is the best way to engage? Once you’re emotionally invested in a thing it can be remarkably easy to fall down a slippery slope and begin …more

Kyle Orland <> Mar 05 05:14PM -0500: Re: Patrick. I just don’t see how these trolls are “dominating the conversation.” They are out there, for sure, but a large and influential segment of the audience is ignoring them and focusing on …more

Andrew Groen <> Mar 05 02:16PM -0800: Also, I hope Russ takes some solace in the fact that this creep had to resort to ad hominem attacks, because Russ’ work is unassailable.

Jared Newman <> Mar 05 03:43PM -0800: My thoughts exactly, Kyle. The terrible article in to which Russ responded strikes me as some dude pitching a hissy fit because he’s quickly running out of gaming sites where it’s acceptable to …more

Daniel Starkey <> Mar 05 05:46PM -0600: I went and checked out his other work (with ad block on just to avoid helping him out in any way) and he’s… got some issues. It’s really unnerving to see that. …more

Dennis Scimeca <> Mar 05 04:07PM -0800: Russ’ post makes me think about something my wife was telling me about this afternoon. My wife’s outlet, is receiving powerful hate and blowback for publishing an article by the Duke …more

Kyle Orland <> Mar 05 07:28PM -0500: “In terms of why to engage, I think the question is “What happens if we *don’t* engage?” and the answer is ‘Nothing.'” Unfortunately, I think the answer to “What happens if we *do* engage” is …more

Ryan Smith <> Mar 05 07:48PM -0600: There have been two times where I’ve been really bothered by someone who has been critical of something I’ve wrote: once because it was a radio personality talking shit about me on the air of NPR, …more

Mark Burnham <> Mar 05 06:41PM -0800: Another unfortunate side effect here–this is yet another example of someone who disagrees with gaming press on certain social justice-related issues…who also happens to be an angry, bitter, jaded …more

James Fudge <> Mar 06 12:54AM -0500: It’s relatively tame compared to the comments section of Politico.
Dennis Scimeca <> Mar 06 12:05AM -0800: My sentiments were general, not specific to this case. Generally speaking, not engaging means never changing anything, and I feel that as someone who can say things about certain issues without …more

Seeking tablet game reviewers!

“mike.rougeau” <> Mar 05 05:47PM -0800: Hi everyone. Mike Rougeau here. In addition to my other freelance gigs I have been serving as editor of the gaming section of the tablet website for a few months now. …more

“mike.rougeau” <> Mar 05 05:49PM -0800: Dang! Forgot the link! Check it out here for an idea of what I’m talking about:

“William O’Neal” <> Mar 05 05:55PM -0800: #fail

Michael Rougeau <> Mar 05 06:16PM -0800: Not engaging!

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  • Brandon Boyer needs money for cancer treatment [1 Update]

Brandon Boyer needs money for cancer treatment

Kyle Orland <> Mar 06 04:25PM -0500: Simply awful story. Give whatever you can.

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  • Brandon Boyer needs money for cancer treatment [1 Update]
  • Dark Souls 2 online play on PS3? [2 Updates]
  • Associate editor position at gamespo [1 Update]

Brandon Boyer needs money for cancer treatment

Andy Eddy <> Mar 08 11:41AM -0800: On a positive note, it looks like he just hit his funding goal.

Dark Souls 2 online play on PS3?

Richard Mitchell <> Mar 08 10:47AM -0600: My reviewer is telling me online play in the PS3 version of Dark Souls 2 still hasn’t been turned on. Anyone else experiencing this? Anyone able to play online on the 360 version?

Garrett Martin <> Mar 08 12:03PM -0500: No online on the 360 yet

Associate editor position at gamespo

Kyle Orland <> Mar 08 08:10AM -0500: This is the big time, so let’s say 11%

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  • Titanfall early access [8 Updates]

Titanfall early access

Kyle Orland <> Mar 09 01:38PM -0400: For those with Xbox One codes, it would seem to be a good idea to coordinate timing/servers/mode, since finding enough players for a game otherwise is pretty tough at the moment. …more

Ben Kuchera <> Mar 09 12:39PM -0500: I’m going to be playing starting at 9 p.m. ET, and will be playing for four or five hours. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Mar 09 01:40PM -0400:  I’ll be on at around 8/9pm ET as well.

Matt Cabral <> Mar 09 01:55PM -0400: I should be on tonight too. g0atb0x

Ben Gilbert <> Mar 09 01:56PM -0400: Anyone at all playing today during the day? I’m on right now and have been sitting in a (west coast data center, variety pack) lobby for 20 minutes with a single other person waiting for others to …more

Kyle Orland <> Mar 09 02:10PM -0400: I am finding games right now on US West attrition. -KO

Garrett Martin <> Mar 09 02:37PM -0400: I was able to get in a few attrition matches this morning on the east coast server. Was the campaign the focus of the review event, or something? No-one seems to be in that one at all. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Mar 09 02:41PM -0400: A group of us had some luck with campaign on US West last night. Don’t know about the review event.

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  • Titanfall review timing [12 Updates]

Titanfall review timing

Kyle Orland <> Mar 10 12:26PM -0400: Interesting to see who has a full review up now and who is deciding to wait until the game launches to see how it works with actual server load and regular players. There’s pros and cons to both …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Mar 10 12:29PM -0400: We’re waiting. Impressions going up shortly.

Adam Rosenberg <> Mar 10 12:32PM -0400: Stupid fat thumbs. We’re waiting partially because of the server situation, but also to get a better sense of the player progression over time. I come at it as a regular shooter guy, and the feel of …more

Kyle Orland <> Mar 10 01:06PM -0400: Especially interesting take on this issue from Joystiq:

Greg Tito <> Mar 10 01:12PM -0400: I’m now waiting for the formation of a new review aggregate site: OnlineMetaCritic. Hopefully, game company’s server admins will get their bonuses tied to having a Green rating on …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Mar 10 01:14PM -0400: Very interesting take. Ryan and I have been chatting about a review format change at DT, and it’s similar in some ways to what’s laid out here. I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more stuff like this …more

Andy Eddy <> Mar 10 10:15AM -0700: So…”green” is good?
Greg Tito <> Mar 10 01:22PM -0400: To clarify, I think Joystiq’s new system is a great way to serve consumers the information they need to evaluate their purchase. I would even love it to become an industry standard. …more

James Fudge <> Mar 10 01:26PM -0400: Why not just review these types of games (always online) like we review MMOs? It’s not that complicated.

“William O’Neal” <> Mar 10 12:42PM -0700: Cause first!

James Fudge <> Mar 10 03:47PM -0400: I understand that part for sure.

Kyle Orland <> Mar 10 03:58PM -0400: It’s not quite the same. For one, most FPSes are still not online only, even if most of the gameplay/focus goes to the online mode. More importantly, though, online FPSes are designed to be …more

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  • I may be the only one who cares but… [1 Update]
  • Seeking freelancer for Second Son review [1 Update]

I may be the only one who cares but…

Kyle Orland <> Mar 11 05:17PM -0400: …RPGsBeBroke is BACK! (on Twitter at least)

Seeking freelancer for Second Son review

Kyle Orland <> Mar 11 03:49PM -0400: Hopefully someone who’s not going to GDC, since I’d like to have the review ready for launch next Friday. If you’re interested, get in touch with some applicable review clips and general going rate. …more

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  • Yoshi’s New Island [4 Updates]
  • Writers vs trains [1 Update]
  • “Here’s to thirty years of pleasantness.” [1 Update]
  • I may be the only one who cares but… [2 Updates]

Yoshi’s New Island

Patrick Klepek <> Mar 12 09:47AM -0500: Anyone else playing or reviewing this? I’m wondering whether collecting the golden eggs/medals at the end of each stage or collecting all three objects per stage unlocks anything …more

Kyle Orland <> Mar 12 10:48AM -0400: Haven’t gotten enough golden eggs/all-collects to confirm yet. Would be interested to hear the answer, though. -KO

Richard Mitchell <> Mar 12 09:53AM -0500: I’m not playing it personally, but Nintendo usually explicitly embargoes any mention of secret content. The Yoshi embargo makes no mention of secret content at all, FWIW.

Patrick Klepek <> Mar 12 09:52AM -0500: Here’s hoping! I finished it up yesterday, and just want to see if I’m clear ‘n comfortable to write my review. …more

Writers vs trains

Kyle Orland <> Mar 12 10:45AM -0400: This makes writers as a whole seem like awful people but I still loved it:

“Here’s to thirty years of pleasantness.”

Kyle Orland <> Mar 11 07:13PM -0400: Great piece generally about living life on the Internet and keeping things in perspective. Especially applicable to the people on this list who put themselves out there so frequently. …more

I may be the only one who cares but…

James Fudge <> Mar 11 05:23PM -0400: sheeeeeet. That fool is too cool for school.

gweidman1 <> Mar 11 02:42PM -0700: Someone give this man(?) a column already! I would love for us to have a Game Infarcer style satire written in this style.

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  • Kotaku UK [2 Updates]
  • Writers vs trains [3 Updates]
  • Yoshi’s New Island [3 Updates]

Kotaku UK

Kyle Orland <> Mar 13 12:12PM -0400: Kind of surprised it took this long for the site to get a British offshoot — how long has Kotaku AU been around? — but the real interesting …more

Ben Gilbert <> Mar 13 12:14PM -0400: Ha, guess I was wrong in my assumption about where Keza was going. Good on her!

Writers vs trains

Andy Eddy <> Mar 12 03:20PM -0700: What a weird article. And why is she defining writing as a “goddamn cunting craft”? Maybe it’s because I took Amtrak across the country once, and found the trip–as well as most of the Amtrak …more

Samit Sarkar <> Mar 12 07:50PM -0400: *don’t make a joke about Andy taking the Central Pacific / Union Pacific transcontinental railroad, **don’t make a joke about Andy taking the Central Pacific / Union Pacific transcontinental …more

Andy Eddy <> Mar 12 05:32PM -0700: I’ve made enough jokes about it when I’ve told it like a campfire story to younger game journos, so feel free to bag on it as much as you want. (hehe) See, it was a junket that Nintendo put …more

Yoshi’s New Island

Susan Arendt <> Mar 12 02:31PM -0700: The eggs get you extra lives (or at least that’s all they got for me). The three objects unlock vehicle stages. Wheee. That said, I have yet to get 100% completion on any one world, so I’m sure …more

Philip Kollar <> Mar 12 02:35PM -0700: Yo Patrick, I checked with a friend from Nintendo and they said: “the medals should unlock an extra vehicle stage (basically a mini-game) and collecting all collectibles from each world should …more

Kyle Orland <> Mar 12 05:35PM -0400: I’m gonna be pretty sad if there are no level unlocks for 100% completion. That was one of the coolest things about the original. -KO

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  • Quote of the moment [1 Update]
  • Writers vs trains [6 Updates]

Quote of the moment

Kyle Orland <> Mar 14 04:32PM -0400: “I’ve seen complaints that our review summary was meant as a preemptive ‘take that’ to the negative reviews, but nothing could be further from the truth. Rather, I meant to capture my own …more

Writers vs trains

gweidman1 <> Mar 13 03:00PM -0700: I rode an Amtrak train to make the trip to GDC last year. It hit a farmer in Texas who was trying to cross the tracks. The train stopped at the point of impact for seven hours, which snowballed …more

“William O’Neal” <> Mar 13 03:26PM -0700: I just took Amtrak from Oakland to Sacramento for an Intel event. It was awesome. Then again it was a two-hour rain ride.

James Fudge <> Mar 13 06:27PM -0400: I always enjoyed my trips from upstate New York down to Penn Station. We never had a problem. Last year that same line derailed and killed/injured a bunch of people.

Kyle Orland <> Mar 13 06:33PM -0400: When I lived in the DS area, taking the train was by far the best way to travel up the east coast to places like New York and Boston. I wish we had a good train line out here in Pittsburgh. …more

Harold Goldberg <> Mar 13 06:51PM -0400: I think that was Metro North, James, not Amtrak. I took Amtrak up to Montreal yesterday. Cut thru that blizzard like a knife thru butter and arrived early. Slow, tho.

James Fudge <> Mar 13 08:00PM -0400: It might have been. I thought it was the Empire line.

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  • Second Son bugs [4 Updates]

Second Son bugs

Max Parker <> Mar 14 11:32PM -0400: Anyone experiencing any significant bugs in Second Son? The first 20 minutes crashed my PS4. I’m currently reinstalling system update 1.62 via USB drive, because the system won’t proceed past safe …more

Britton Peele <> Mar 14 10:45PM -0500: I’m about two hours in and haven’t experienced anything like that. The only bugs I’ve seen so far have been typical “open world jank” style bugs. Did you have the patch installed yet when you …more

Max Parker <> Mar 14 11:46PM -0400: Sure did. …more

Kyle Orland <> Mar 15 08:52AM -0400: I saw Open World Jank with the Dave Matthews Band during their ’99 tour. Man, what a show… -KO

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  • March Madness bracket interest? [6 Updates]

March Madness bracket interest?

Kyle Orland <> Mar 16 12:07PM -0400: Who would be in for a GJP bracket challenge this year, either for a small fee ($5?) or for free? We could do both if there’s a big split. I’ll set one up if I can get at least 5 positive replies in …more

Jason Fanelli <> Mar 16 09:22AM -0700: Totally interested, $5 buy-in or not. …more

Greg Tito <> Mar 16 12:34PM -0400: In like Flynn. …more

Jason Wilson <> Mar 16 09:44AM -0700: In. Fee or not. …more

Mike Wehner <> Mar 16 02:42PM -0500: In. …more

Max Parker <> Mar 16 04:01PM -0400: I’m in. …more

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  • Objective Game Reviews website [3 Updates]
  • Contractually-obligated Twitter linkage [11 Updates]
  • GJP March Madness Bracket [1 Update]
  • March Madness bracket interest? [2 Updates]

Objective Game Reviews website

Richard Mitchell <> Mar 17 09:32AM -0500: Anyone else heard of this website? Is it serious or satire? I’m not entirely sure… Their FAQ seems awfully serious: …more

Kyle Orland <> Mar 17 07:40AM -0700: I mentioned it back in this unrelated thread but no one seems to have noticed: It is definitely satire. …more

Daniel Starkey <> Mar 17 01:45PM -0500: I love it and am pretty quick to pull the site out any time people start complaining about my having an opinion. …more

Contractually-obligated Twitter linkage

Jared Newman <> Mar 17 05:56AM -0700: Last week, I was approached about a work opportunity that sounded interesting. The editor and I talked by phone, and everything was going well, until I got the paperwork. The e-mail made clear …more

Jason Schreier <> Mar 17 09:06AM -0400: Weird! I once took a freelance gig for people who were running a licensing show in Vegas and they wanted me to send out X number of tweets about it, but I managed to push back by convincing the …more

Mike Wehner <> Mar 17 08:14AM -0500: I think social media promotion is important (of course) but I’ve never even considered that it could be added as an actual requirement of a job. That’s super creepy IMO. I mean if I write something …more

Matt Cabral <> Mar 17 09:32AM -0400: I plug all my stuff anyway–so prob wouldn’t be a deal-breaker for me–but no, you’re definitely not being unreasonable. I’ve written for 50+ outlets over the years and have never been …more

Mark Burnham <> Mar 17 07:42AM -0700: It’s not odd for an editor/manager to occasionally send out emails like “Hey everyone, please RT/FB if you can, this is an important story for us”–but to require it for every single post is a bit …more

Kyle Orland <> Mar 17 07:46AM -0700: I’ve never seen such a requirement in a contract, but this doesn’t seem _too_ ridiculous to me. As Matt said, it’s the kind of self promotion a lot of people do on social media anyway. …more

Jared Newman <> Mar 17 08:36AM -0700: Thanks for the responses. Good to know I’m not crazy for wanting to maintain some control over my personal Twitter account. I’d feel a lot better if they were asking, rather than requiring, and …more

Andy Eddy <> Mar 17 10:40AM -0700: Yeah, I don’t think having an editor want to nudge you toward promoting your stuff via social media is bad, but making it a rigid, contractual clause is overkill. And having Pinterest in there …more

“William O’Neal” <> Mar 17 10:44AM -0700: I’ve been playing around with hiring guest editors that have massive Twitter followings (100k or more) and requiring that they promote the pieces that they write on Twitter and Facebook. …more

Jason Venter <> Mar 17 11:20AM -0700: Someone with the sort of reach she has finds opportunities specifically because of her follower count, so she probably has a rate she’s used to being offered when she is expected to tweet. …more

Jared Newman <> Mar 17 11:30AM -0700: That’s an interesting point, Wil. I’m pretty sure 90 percent of my few thousand followers are PR people who then send me e-mail pitches. (I dub it the Ingratiation Follow.) Even if I were more …more

GJP March Madness Bracket

Kyle Orland <> Mar 16 05:39PM -0700: All right, there seems to be interest in a bracket pool, so join in over here: …more

March Madness bracket interest?

ryanflemingpdx <> Mar 16 02:31PM -0700: I’d be in either way. …more

Dalibor Dimovski <> Mar 16 03:22PM -0700: I’m in, and willing to lose $5.

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  • Contractually-obligated Twitter linkage [3 Updates]
  • Unwinnable relaunching as subscription driven weekly digital magazine [1 Update]

Contractually-obligated Twitter linkage

Andrew Groen <> Mar 17 02:17PM -0700: I think Wil’s comment gets to the heart of the matter. I don’t think it’s wrong for them to ask you to do it, but I also don’t think it’s wrong for you to ask for a better rate if they want to A) …more

Dalibor Dimovski <> Mar 17 02:21PM -0700: One thing I’ve been required to tag onto my Twitter profile (as I’m sure many of you have) is the disclosure that “These words are not reflective of my employer yada yada”. If an employer/Editor …more

Andy Eddy <> Mar 17 03:12PM -0700: Though I was going for the maximum absurdity there, I think requiring a games writer to link a story on Pinterest–twice–is just a hair shy on the absurdity meter from asking the writer to post …more

Unwinnable relaunching as subscription driven weekly digital magazine

Kyle Orland <> Mar 17 03:05PM -0700: $3.50 a month or $35 a year. Kickstarter over here: Seems like a good …more

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  • GJP March Madness Bracket [6 Updates]

GJP March Madness Bracket

Kyle Orland <> Mar 20 09:15AM -0700: Last chance reminder to people who want to enter their brackets. I think you have a half hour or so until the first game starts. GOGOGO!

Greg Tito <> Mar 20 12:47PM -0400: Damn. Just missed it. I will be watching from the sidelines.

Andy Eddy <> Mar 20 11:35AM -0700: Too bad you’re going to miss out on the $1 billion that Kyle is paying out (from his 10% “referral fees”) for the winner.

Kyle Orland <> Mar 20 12:29PM -0700: Apparently if you have previously set another bracket up on ESPN, you can add it to the GJP group pretty easily. Don’t know if that applies to anyone here.

Jonathan Ross <> Mar 20 12:32PM -0700: It says that I can’t join because the Round of 64 has already begun, even with my other bracket. …more

Kyle Orland <> Mar 20 01:03PM -0700: I think I have changed the setting that was preventing this. Try again. -KO

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  • Let’s make the next edition of this list a lot longer! [7 Updates]

Let’s make the next edition of this list a lot longer!

Kyle Orland <> Mar 21 05:53PM -0700:

Mike Rougeau <> Mar 21 05:54PM -0700: SJW? …more

Jason Fanelli <> Mar 21 07:58PM -0500: Social Justice Warrior, which in layman’s terms is a term Neanderthals use to describe people who dare believe that everyone should be treated equally.

Mike Rougeau <> Mar 21 06:00PM -0700: Ah. How can people be so backward that a term that has “justice” right there in the name is seen as the enemy? What are all the superheroes fighting for? Idiots.

Kyle Orland <> Mar 21 06:20PM -0700: Yeah it’s there in the title of the page. I don’t want to make too much of a non-comprehensive list by some random jerk online, but I think the fact that such a list exists is telling, and …more

Jason Fanelli <> Mar 21 06:53PM -0700: Last thing I’ll say about it: If I were to ever be recognized as one of these, I’d probably get a Hip-Hop Gamer-esque title belt made with a giant “SJW” emblazoned in diamonds across the front. …more

James Fudge <> Mar 22 03:59PM -0400: You don’t need a list to see the writing on the wall. Go read the comments of any GameSpot/IGN story related to gender/equality/discrimination/etc. No offense intended to either site, that just …more

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  • Steam Press Account change [4 Updates]
  • Let’s make the next edition of this list a lot longer! [3 Updates]

Steam Press Account change

Nick Chester <> Mar 23 08:26AM -0700: Hope the subject line didn’t freak anyone out, but has anyone else notice a change in how the Steam Press Account works? Previously, items would just appear in the library. Now, it seems that you …more

Nick Chester <> Mar 23 08:30AM -0700: Guess I’ll note that I think this is Valve’s way of expanding the press accounts and cutting out publishers/developers who’d had to previously opt in on the back end to make their games available. …more

Dan Stapleton <> Mar 23 12:22PM -0700: I like to think I played some part in making this happen. I’d spoken to some Valve reps while they were showing off the Steam controller a few months back and mentioned that there were games that …more

Michael Futter <> Mar 23 04:32PM -0400: The expense part makes perfect sense. It’s the opportunity cost of selling a copy. They are trading potential word of mouth, another voice to possibly vote for EOY awards, etc, for the cash revenue …more

Let’s make the next edition of this list a lot longer!

Dalibor Dimovski <> Mar 22 04:34PM -0700: Enjoy, Jason.

Jason Fanelli <> Mar 22 06:54PM -0500: Amazing! Exactly what I had in mind.

Matt Hawkins <> Mar 23 01:48AM -0400: I personally would have gone for the Winged Eagle, but that’s still a fine strap…

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  • About those free lunches at GDC [8 Updates]
  • Let’s make the next edition of this list a lot longer! [4 Updates]
  • Steam Press Account change [5 Updates]

About those free lunches at GDC

Kyle Orland <> Mar 24 10:21AM -0400: …apparently they gave some people food poisoning (via Mike Futter) I had them a few days at the show and was just fine, but caveat eator (probably not actually Latin) …more

Richard Clark <> Mar 24 10:22AM -0400: Well the ham was pretty good. …more

Michael Futter <> Mar 24 10:26AM -0400: Normally, I love credit for my work, but this just makes it sound like I was the vehicle for food poisoning. Oh… this is why people tell me I make them sick to their stomachs. …more

Kyle Orland <> Mar 24 11:15AM -0400: Little known fact: Mike actually pre-chewed all those GDC lunches to save everyone time. Time spent chewing. -KO

Michael Futter <> Mar 24 11:15AM -0400: You are all welcome. I’m glad to serve. …more

Devin Connors <> Mar 24 09:57AM -0700: I saw one man’s last normal moments before the assault on his insides began. I was leaving the press room when I bumped into a videographer friend of mine. He mentioned getting press lunch as I was …more

Michael Futter <> Mar 24 12:59PM -0400: We will tell of those lost in the free lunch forest, their innards spilled upon the concrete slab. The porcelain throne passes unwavering judgment to all those who bow their heads. …more

Garrett Martin <> Mar 24 01:56PM -0400: Good thing I can’t eat bread. Thirsty Bear and the food court never did me wrong.

Let’s make the next edition of this list a lot longer!

Danielle Riendeau <> Mar 23 07:48PM -0700: Pretty happy to see “All of them” at Polygon and Kotaku, as if we are all, like, infected with SJW. Something to be proud of at both sites. …more

Kyle Orland <> Mar 24 11:58AM -0400: Looks like Holmes is pretty proud:

Ryan Smith <> Mar 24 09:29AM -0700: “Social justice” is becoming as meaningless of a term these days as the word “hipster” or “socialist.”
Richard Mitchell <> Mar 24 09:42AM -0700: I don’t know what we did to be left off this list. Makes me sad.

Steam Press Account change

Kyle Orland <> Mar 23 02:32PM -0700: The expense calculation gets a little weird when a game is automatically being added to EVERY press account. Not ALL of those people were going to be people who were going to buy a copy, after all. …more

Philip Kollar <> Mar 23 02:37PM -0700: I had completely not noticed this change and it is massive and very helpful. Wow! Thanks for pointing it out.

Michael Futter <> Mar 23 05:40PM -0400: Nah. The valuation was actually easier (but had a larger impact before). Value of game (not to be confused with cost at retail) * Number of existing press accounts = expense. …more

Kyle Orland <> Mar 23 02:53PM -0700: So it’s more complicated, but it’s also going to have measurably less impact on the bottom line for many games, right? Only a small % of press accounts are going to “claim” any specific game after …more

Michael Futter <> Mar 23 05:55PM -0400: It should have a reduced impact *if* a publisher takes the time on the valuation. They may simply choose to take the extended expense as a hedge against the future. Becomes a question of where the …more

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  • Polygon’s “Satan” piece [29 Updates]
  • Steam Press Account change [1 Update]
  • Titanfall review timing [6 Updates]
  • “Alpha and beta reviews” at Eurogamer [6 Updates]
  • Elder Scrolls Online coverage [1 Update]
  • Common sense media is looking for a senior-level video games editor… [4 Updates]
  • Ars is hiring a video producer [1 Update]
  • About those free lunches at GDC [2 Updates]

Polygon’s “Satan” piece

Kyle Orland <> Mar 25 02:30PM -0400: Seeing a bit of pushback on Twitter about the piece Polygon ran today about Phoenix Interactive, particularly the incredulous way the author covered the developers’ belief that Satan was literally …more

Jason Fanelli <> Mar 25 11:47AM -0700: I suspect that anyone calling Colin “incredulous” didn’t advance far enough through the piece. That first quote definitely sounds like Colin is discounting the man’s opinion, but it’s the perfect …more

Kyle Orland <> Mar 25 02:51PM -0400: I finished the whole piece and “incredulous” feels pretty accurate to me, and not just regarding the lede. I considered actually saying “dismissive” which seems to match Colin’s tone in many …more

Julian Murdoch <> Mar 25 11:52AM -0700: I’ll wade in, as I’m one of the only folks on the thread I can recall who is pretty “out” as a Christian (and honestly, it does feel like being “out” sometimes). I thought the piece was solid and …more

Richard Clark <> Mar 25 03:01PM -0400: I’m a Christian, and the headline in particular immediately annoyed me, not to mention the lede and the overall approach that treats its subjects as curiosities. That’s a big problem with the piece, …more

Kyle Orland <> Mar 25 03:04PM -0400: Yeah, I am about as far from a Christian as you get, and I still felt a similar “something to gawk at” tone from a lot of the piece. On the other hand, at many points he just gave these guys enough …more

Julian Murdoch <> Mar 25 12:07PM -0700: Sure, I get that. I guess that’s the part that’s annoying, sort of like if it was a piece on cosplayers and you had a tone of “look at the freaks in costumes!” My point is that mostly it’s …more

Richard Clark <> Mar 25 03:09PM -0400: Actually! Polygon has done a stellar job of this in the past: …more

Daniel Starkey <> Mar 25 02:09PM -0500: I’m with Kyle in the “about as far from Christian as you get” bit, and I started trying to re-frame this mentally. I was raised in an American Indian household and I was even an official priest …more

Britton Peele <> Mar 25 02:10PM -0500: Christian here: I had to skim parts of this rather than go through it with a fine-tooth comb, but my initial impression is: The people being interviewed said the things they said. It’s not the …more

Britton Peele <> Mar 25 02:15PM -0500: Ah, I almost forgot about that Polygon article Rich just linked to! That one really is great. *—*

Ben Gilbert <> Mar 25 03:11PM -0400: “That’s a big problem with the piece, not to mention little asides to the reader like “Nobody is winking or joking or pulling my leg. There is no irony here. They are absolutely serious,” makes it …more

“William O’Neal” <> Mar 25 12:24PM -0700: All of these Christians coming out. This is wild.

Richard Clark <> Mar 25 03:24PM -0400: The literalist thing doesn’t help, because, frankly, I’m a bit of a literalist myself, at least in a sense. Not to go too much into hermeneutics here, but I’m a Christian that’s very concerned with …more

Kyle Orland <> Mar 25 03:27PM -0400: Who knew that a religion that makes up the majority of Western Civilization would have at least TWO self-professed members in our group! All are welcome in GJP. I feel a Tommy song coming on: …more

Ben Gilbert <> Mar 25 03:28PM -0400: So (and please excuse me if this comes off as ignorant!) you consider your views in line with the folks at Phoenix Interactive? From the piece, it sounds like they’re extremely literal in their …more

Kyle Orland <> Mar 25 03:28PM -0400: Ah, at least THREE! Hadn’t seen Britton’s reply yet. -KO

Daniel Starkey <> Mar 25 02:28PM -0500: Richard, That seems like the same kind of problem a lot of people have with the Constitution or other first-hand documents. I’m curious how you decide what the actual intent was. …more

Richard Clark <> Mar 25 03:34PM -0400: Oh my gosh how did I get myself into this!!!! Anyway, basically I believe in stuff like an actual flood, I’m iffy on the age of the earth, I believe got created the world in 7 days. …more

“William O’Neal” <> Mar 25 12:36PM -0700: The good thing about the Constitution is that it’s changeable. Sure, the crafters liked to bang their slaves, but we were at least able to amend it so that they couldn’t own slaves and therefore had …more

Daniel Starkey <> Mar 25 02:37PM -0500: Fair enough. So far as I know, all of my own customs were passed down in an oral tradition, so it’s never really been taken to be immutable. There’s a lot of older customs that have been adapted to …more

Jason Venter <> Mar 25 01:35PM -0700: I was raised in a profoundly Christian home, as a Seventh-Day Adventist, and I knew more about my own beliefs than quite a few adults at my same church. I believed in them devoutly for my first 20 …more

Susan Arendt <> Mar 25 01:38PM -0700: Britton– Science got brought up because the article also mentions that the developers don’t believe in evolution by way of establishing their belief in the literal word of the Bible. …more

Britton Peele <> Mar 25 03:44PM -0500: Ah, I stand corrected on the science point, then. Thanks, Susan. Missed that on my initial reading.   I see in the same paragraph that they’re Young Earth Creationists as well (I’m personally not, …more

Ryan Smith <> Mar 25 01:45PM -0700: Even-handed my ass. Just because the author didn’t come right out and say “Wow, I can’t believe these people believe this stupid shit!” in the story, doesn’t mean it’s not there in the subtext. …more

Daniel Starkey <> Mar 25 03:56PM -0500: While I think Ryan’s characterization is a little harsh, I feel that he’s closer than most in this thread. Given that many here are non-religious, I wonder what the reaction would …more

Michael Rougeau <> Mar 25 02:03PM -0700: I too find the piece to be fairly dismissive, but I don’t see a problem with that. Colin made his personal position clear, albeit tactfully, while still giving his subjects a fair chance to explain …more

Kyle Orland <> Mar 25 05:09PM -0400: I see your point, Daniel, but the actual headline actually has something to do with game development — the “fight with Satan” in the headline is mentioned very high up as what they believe is …more

Daniel Starkey <> Mar 25 04:11PM -0500: Yeah that comparison might have been a bit quick on my part. And I see where Michael is coming from as well. If you’re very open about your biases, that’s a lot better than pretending they don’t …more

Steam Press Account change

Ben Gilbert <> Mar 25 04:24PM -0400: Heads up that this function is *not* available in Steam Big Picture Mode (at least not that I can see).

Titanfall review timing

Kyle Orland <> Mar 25 09:37AM -0400: On the extreme “wait and see” end of the spectrum, Edge seems to have posted their Titanfall review just today!

James Fudge <> Mar 25 01:42PM -0400: If you read that review you can tell why they waited – it’s downright brutal – but the score doesn’t match the brutality of those 1,514 words. Also it was probably a lot easier to write such a …more

Patrick Klepek <> Mar 25 12:49PM -0500: Edge has written “no byline” reviews that were “scathing” for ages. That’s kind of Edge’s thing. …more

Kevin Kelly <> Mar 25 12:09PM -0700: I’ve been loathe to say anything public about it, but the game really got WAY too much hype.

Richard Mitchell <> Mar 25 02:20PM -0500: Are we reading the same review? That didn’t come across as harsh to me at all. It notes a few valid concerns but overall praises the game. Seems about in line with an 8 out of

Richard Mitchell <> Mar 25 02:20PM -0500: 8 out of 10, that is. Gmail hotkeys 😛

“Alpha and beta reviews” at Eurogamer

Kyle Orland <> Mar 25 02:07PM -0400: Some interesting thoughts on this same thread from Mercenary Kings developer Tribute Games “I think my main concern is with media. Not all of them seem to really grasp what Early Access is. …more

Michael Futter <> Mar 25 02:37PM -0400: I think there is a disconnect between what developers expect and what writers/critics do. I respect that developers want to monetize their development processes. However, when they start asking …more

Richard Mitchell <> Mar 25 01:41PM -0500: Still anticipating the day that EA turns Battlefield into an “early access” product.

Michael Futter <> Mar 25 02:41PM -0400: I wouldn’t buy their Season Patch.

Ben Gilbert <> Mar 25 03:03PM -0400: “If you’re a member of the press, you’re probably dealing with Early Access all wrong — or at least, not in the way developers want you to.” These are DRAMATICALLY different statements, and I …more

Michael Futter <> Mar 25 03:05PM -0400: Insert pimping: this is part of a panel that Alexander Sliwinski and I are presenting at PAX East. 😉

Elder Scrolls Online coverage

Adam Rosenberg <> Mar 25 01:26PM -0400: Howdy all. We’re looking for someone to take on DT’s Elder Scrolls Online review, and possibly some supporting content that we can discuss later on in greater detail. The goal is to find someone …more

Common sense media is looking for a senior-level video games editor…

“William O’Neal” <> Mar 24 04:26PM -0700:

James Fudge <> Mar 24 09:42PM -0400: heh. Yeah good luck with that job.

“William O’Neal” <> Mar 24 06:51PM -0700: Well, take that job and inform people.

James Fudge <> Mar 25 12:08AM -0400: I’m good where I am, but sure someone could certainly try to do that in that position. Stranger things have happened 🙂

Ars is hiring a video producer

Kyle Orland <> Mar 24 11:01PM -0400: If you have the skills, or know someone who does, please apply.

About those free lunches at GDC

Andy Eddy <> Mar 24 04:01PM -0700: But you had to pay for that. The (apparently) bacteria-laced meals were free… (For the record, I had two GDC lunches, one of them beef, and had no ill effects from either…though I didn’t …more

Danielle Riendeau <> Mar 24 04:14PM -0700: Well, this whole story is horrifying. The vegetarian sandwich didn’t kill me, but I only ate it one day, so… …more

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  • IPO Crush Saga [2 Updates]
  • That escalated quickly [19 Updates]
  • They all fall down… [8 Updates]
  • Polygon’s “Satan” piece [21 Updates]
  • Game Journalism Prize Shortlist [10 Updates]
  • Another vision of our future [1 Update]

IPO Crush Saga

Andy Eddy <> Mar 26 01:29PM -0700: King had its public stock offering today, starting with a value of about $7 billion. The stock closed down more than 15% (to a valuation of over $4 billion) for what one site reported was “the …more

Michael Futter <> Mar 26 04:43PM -0400: That’s not correct. The IPO was for $22.50 for 22,200,000 shares. The IPO temporarily brought the total company valuation up to $7b. The losses today are not on the total valuation, just the IPO …more

That escalated quickly

Adam Rosenberg <> Mar 25 05:44PM -0400: Discuss.

jorge jimenez <> Mar 25 05:44PM -0400: FarmVille is going to look amazing.

Kyle Orland <> Mar 25 05:45PM -0400: Man, it’s been a slow news d– HOLY SHIT!

Devin Connors <> Mar 25 02:47PM -0700: Absolutely shocked, but those Andreesen Horowitz guys should be happy as pigs in shit now. …more

Daniel Starkey <> Mar 25 04:52PM -0500: I want to jump of one bridge, break every bone in my body then find 15 more to do the exact same thing with. …more

Ben Gilbert <> Mar 25 05:59PM -0400: The quick math, not counting any money from dev kits sales (~60K sold @ $300 apiece, roughly): -$91 million in startup capital ($16 million last June, another $75 million in December) — this …more

Jason Venter <> Mar 25 03:00PM -0700: I don’t even know what to think this might mean, honestly. Is the Sony VR set a real thing, and ready to compete with Oculus? I feel like that would impact just how big a deal this is, at least in …more

Michael Rougeau <> Mar 25 03:01PM -0700: Zuckerberg’s statement:

Devin Connors <> Mar 25 03:03PM -0700: Twitter is going the doom and gloom route, but I’m not sure how much changes for Oculus. They’re still doing DK2, and a retail unit, and it’s getting plenty of indie love. I doubt Facebook is going …more

Ben Gilbert <> Mar 25 06:03PM -0400: This is very much IMO, but having just used both the DK2 (latest Oculus dev kit) and Morpheus last week, I think Sony’s starting out with something extremely competitive. DK2 is still superior in …more

Harold Goldberg <> Mar 25 06:05PM -0400: Still shocked. But it’s potentially a better investment that the $19 billion FB is paying for WhatsApp – if FB doesn’t screw it up.

Devin Connors <> Mar 25 03:05PM -0700: Agreed. Going down the “future of VR” path, I think more of it rests on Sony’s shoulders now than with Oculus. And I felt that way even before the Facebook buy.

Michael Futter <> Mar 25 06:05PM -0400: This is good news provided Oculus keeps its independence.

Devin Connors <> Mar 25 03:08PM -0700: The Rift was always positioned as more than just a gaming device — interest from defense contractors made that pretty evident from the start. If Facebook wants to show you NBA games on the Rift …more

Michael Futter <> Mar 25 06:17PM -0400: Will detail the business impact later, but the competitive landscape has now completely shifted. The important thing to realize is that Morpheus and Rift aren’t in 100% direct competition… yet. …more

Matt Hawkins <> Mar 25 06:17PM -0400: As a friend of mine put it best: “All excitement for oculus just left the building.”   Speaking as someone who has walked away from game journalism, to get back into game development (as a few of …more

Matt Hawkins <> Mar 25 06:22PM -0400: *should NOT be saying anything… Obviously me forgetting such an important word is perhaps proof positive why I was never suited for writing as my primary occupation in the first place! …more

Andy Eddy <> Mar 25 06:00PM -0700: The concept of Oculus as a “console/platform” rather than just a cool peripheral makes FB’s purchase an interesting play in my eyes. I’m curious how much FB will be getting its hands into Oculus’ …more

Andy Eddy <> Mar 26 01:25PM -0700: Happened to land on CNBC just now, to find talking heads discussing King’s IPO (see other thread). The host teases that they’ll next talk about Facebook’s Oculus purchase. Graphic on-screen, with …more

They all fall down…

Andy Eddy <> Mar 26 09:43AM -0700: (Context for those who may not be aware or have …more

Jason Venter <> Mar 26 10:49AM -0700: They’re tying him to Hong Kong mafia AND the free masons? Wow. How did he have time between all of that for his campaign against violent media?

Dean Takahashi <> Mar 26 10:52AM -0700: It’s a setup. The ESA took him out. There’s a movie in this somewhere.

Andy Eddy <> Mar 26 10:54AM -0700: Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, AMIRITE?!

Greg Tito <> Mar 26 01:56PM -0400: Get to choppa, Leland!

James Fudge <> Mar 26 02:09PM -0400: You can’t Join the Free Masons. You have to be invited!

Kyle Orland <> Mar 26 02:14PM -0400: How has no one mentioned the involvement of Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow yet? -KO 

Andy Eddy <> Mar 26 12:57PM -0700: That’s President Shrimp Boy to you.

Polygon’s “Satan” piece

Ryan Smith <> Mar 25 02:23PM -0700: But this wasn’t an opinion column, it was a reported feature. And just because you give subjects a place to speak their mind, doesn’t mean it’s fair. It’s the framing of it that bothers me. …more

Devin Connors <> Mar 25 02:27PM -0700: Stereotypical Masshole Catholic here (Baptized and Confirmed), but I don’t practice anymore. I haven’t been in a church (weddings and funerals aside) in the last eight years. I think the lede …more

Kyle Orland <> Mar 25 05:29PM -0400: As you framed it it seems a bit ridiculous Ryan. But if the headline were “Game makers believe Allah’s protection means success is pre-ordained” and the quote was “Yes, I know for a fact that Allah …more

Ryan Smith <> Mar 25 02:39PM -0700: I apologize by the way for my combative tone earlier. This story just stirred me up a bit.

Mike Wehner <> Mar 25 04:42PM -0500: I personally find it pretty ridiculous that anyone would think Peter Stormare is trying to keep a game from being published. [image: Inline image 1] …more

Danielle Riendeau <> Mar 25 02:46PM -0700: I survived 18 years of Catholic schooling as a person that Catholic beliefs are very unkind to. So, I will admit to having massive baggage wrt this subject. But I also believe strongly in freedom …more

Ryan Smith <> Mar 25 03:12PM -0700: I think the best worded response comes from one of the commentors, actually: “As a Christian, I certainly don’t expect a lot of agreement or support in my beliefs from the gaming community as a …more

“William O’Neal” <> Mar 25 03:48PM -0700: It’s not easy being Christian. Except for when it is…<>

Daniel Starkey <> Mar 25 05:50PM -0500: That’s completely beside the point. As I mentioned earlier, I was raised with a variant of shamanism, and if someone started digging in there, they’d find some craziness. If I saw that in the same …more

Scott Nichols <> Mar 25 04:24PM -0700: As someone who denounced all religious affiliation about 10 minutes after his own Bar Mitzvah ceremony and never looked back, and what with the Church’s less than kind words for the whole dudes …more

Richard Clark <> Mar 25 07:32PM -0400: For the record, no one’s crying persecution here. That would be absurd. …more

Britton Peele <> Mar 25 07:03PM -0500: Agreed, I definitely don’t think “persecution” is the theme among Christians I’ve seen talk about it (though to be fair, I haven’t looked at the piece’s comment section). On the contrary, I don’t …more

Chris Plante <> Mar 26 09:41AM -0700: As someone from Polygon, my opinion on the piece’s treatment of faith is sort of irrelevant to the discussion. That said, as a reporter, I would like to see other reporters push their …more

Richard Clark <> Mar 26 01:40PM -0400: Agree completely with that.

Jason Venter <> Mar 26 10:46AM -0700: I don’t think anyone here is arguing against more stories that address the subject matter, Chris. Polygon is well known by now for its ability to empathize with the people involved when it …more

Ryan Smith <> Mar 26 10:59AM -0700: “I need to be clear on this point: Are you telling me that more reporters should be challenging their interview subjects about the contradictions of their faith?”  I’m sitting in a home office in …more

Chris Plante <> Mar 26 11:09AM -0700:

Chris Plante <> Mar 26 11:11AM -0700:

Richard Clark <> Mar 26 02:11PM -0400: I don’t think Chris was advocating “attacking” or even questioning biblical literalism as much as he’s saying journalists could do a better job of digging deeper when it comes to some of the …more

Ryan Smith <> Mar 26 11:14AM -0700: Right, but isn’t there a big difference between an opinion column and Twitter feed and a reported feature?

Scott Nichols <> Mar 26 12:45PM -0700: Chris, I don’t think anyone was suggesting to not ask tough questions of interview subjects when religion is involved. Well, maybe Ryan is, but I don’t think he’s completely there. …more

Game Journalism Prize Shortlist

Kyle Orland <> Mar 26 02:43PM -0400: 1) Bookmark it 2) Read through it 3) Mumble “I wrote something better than THAT” to yourself 4) Mumble “Who am I kidding, I’m SUCH A HACK!” 5) Cry in a bucket of Haggen Dazs (If you are on the …more

Daniel Starkey <> Mar 26 01:49PM -0500: I know you were kidding, but as Sam Machkovech told me last year, there’s not a limited amount of success. Supporting one another is much more enriching and rewarding than competition — even when …more

Ben Kuchera <> Mar 26 01:52PM -0500: I despise awards. I think think they focus on the wrong things and I never win them. …more

Patrick Klepek <> Mar 26 02:00PM -0500: As someone who helped pick this, I obviously disagree with that notion, Ben. I don’t write anything to hopefully win an award, but awards are a great way to remind people of great work throughout …more

Ben Kuchera <> Mar 26 02:04PM -0500: I was being completely silly, hence the last three words. 🙂  …more

Kevin Kelly <> Mar 26 12:04PM -0700: I’m giving Ben Kuchera the Ben Kuchera of the Year Award. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Mar 26 03:06PM -0400: That sounds like the trophy they used to give me every year for finishing a “season” of Little League. …more

Patrick Klepek <> Mar 26 02:13PM -0500: Oh, sorry. 🙁 I shouldn’t have voted for anything because none of my work was picked!!!!

Adam Rosenberg <> Mar 26 03:15PM -0400: Patrick, wait! I didn’t mean these awards! I meant Kevin’s “Ben Kuchera of the Year Award”! …more

James Fudge <> Mar 26 03:17PM -0400: Congrats to all who made the cut. I’m following steps 1, 2, 4, and replacing 5 with something involving cheese in a can.

Another vision of our future

Kyle Orland <> Mar 26 01:38AM -0400: a cute one this time:

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  • Entertainment Wweekly: We will let you write for us for free [9 Updates]
  • They all fall down… [5 Updates]
  • Polygon’s “Satan” piece [32 Updates]
  • Alice O’Connor hired at RPS [1 Update]
  • IPO Crush Saga [1 Update]
  • That escalated quickly [1 Update]

Entertainment Wweekly: We will let you write for us for free

Kyle Orland <> Mar 27 03:13PM -0400: aka “The Huffington Post route” This piece is pretty down on the practice, but I …more

“William O’Neal” <> Mar 27 12:51PM -0700: Welcome to the future.

James Fudge <> Mar 27 03:52PM -0400: You get what you pay for?

“William O’Neal” <> Mar 27 01:22PM -0700: Yahoo! Shine, Huffington Post, Wikia, Twitch… User generated content is both nothing new and also not something that we co-called “experts” should dismiss so quickly. And when you look at …more

Harold Goldberg <> Mar 27 04:30PM -0400: When I wrote for EW, we had Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl), Noah Robischon, Ty Burr, Gary Eng Walk, David Kushner, AJ Jacobs, David Carr, etc.. You might get that kind of quality in one or two out of 10 …more

James Fudge <> Mar 27 04:37PM -0400: I know, i’m just being an ahole today. I’m not sure what impact Bitmob has had on game journos, but i’m not out scrambling to get freelance work either.

“William O’Neal” <> Mar 27 01:38PM -0700: I worked with Gary Eng Walk at Incite. I miss that guy. The thing is, the problem is financial. Also, I’m either jaded, realistic about the state of this business, or both.

Garrett Martin <> Mar 27 04:43PM -0400: EW still existing is a surprise, and I’m a subscriber.

“William O’Neal” <> Mar 27 01:46PM -0700: #exactly

They all fall down…

Samit Sarkar <> Mar 27 01:19AM -0400: *Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit.* -Samit

Devin Connors <> Mar 26 11:38PM -0700: Surely this is worth a montage! …more

Andy Eddy <> Mar 27 09:20AM -0700: On the news last night, they made it sound like he’s fully screwed and could end up with over 100 years in jail for the many charges he’s facing.

James Fudge <> Mar 27 12:53PM -0400: He’ll be fine when he starts throwing his colleagues in Sacremento under the bus for a lighter sentence.

Andy Eddy <> Mar 27 10:30AM -0700: Though he may try to help his cause by throwing other pols under the bus, it sounds like he’s at the root of his problems here–and he’s at the top of the food chain in this investigation. …more

Polygon’s “Satan” piece

Justin McElroy <> Mar 26 05:34PM -0700: Am I wrong in my belief that if this article had been written about devout Scientologists in the exact same fashion, no one would bat an eye? Do some supernatural beliefs need to be handled with …more

Justin McElroy <> Mar 26 05:35PM -0700: I’m also not trying to be defensive, for the record, I just think it’s an interesting conversation.

Jason Venter <> Mar 26 05:50PM -0700: That’s a good point, Justin. Many of us should probably be more careful that when we say “Let’s respect everyone,” we don’t let our actions add “that we like or agree with” to the end of what was …more

Kyle Orland <> Mar 26 08:52PM -0400: Well the Scientologists would definitely bat an eye, and probably drop a lawsuit too. But everyone who’s not a Scientologist pretty much treats them like a crazy cult (with good reason, I’d say). …more

Kyle Orland <> Mar 26 08:53PM -0400: (Man I hope there aren’t any Scientologists in this group or I just stepped in it)

Adam Rosenberg <> Mar 26 09:03PM -0400: I think Justin’s point stands. Swap out Scientology for something more “acceptable” yet still frequently the target of ridicule, like Mormonism. I don’t think there would have been nearly as much …more

Matt Hawkins <> Mar 26 09:15PM -0400: As others have already pointed out (or so I believe), it’s kinda cool/totally acceptable to bash Christians these days, which is fairly messed up. Speaking as someone who a recovering Catholic, …more

Ben Gilbert <> Mar 26 09:15PM -0400: Are bible literalists the same as mainstream Christians? Do you group fundamentalists (and the many, many other divisive branches) into that response? I’m not so sure there is a clear difference. …more

Kyle Orland <> Mar 26 09:35PM -0400: I never said it’s because Scientology is newer, or even because it’s smaller. People treat Scientology like a crazy cult because of the huge prevalence of stories about cult-like activities coming …more

Garrett Martin <> Mar 26 09:40PM -0400: I am Christian and feel that the type of Christianity that believes the Earth is literally 6000 years old and that man lived alongside dinosaurs might as well be a totally different religion, one …more

Britton Peele <> Mar 26 08:56PM -0500: Justin: Honestly, I don’t know. I brought that up (sort of) in an earlier reply in this thread. I think a lot of it would depend on the context. For example, is this theoretical story talking about …more

Jason Venter <> Mar 26 07:00PM -0700: I was under the impression that the lion’s share of Protestants–by the numbers–believe in the story of the creation as outlined in the Bible, and by extension that the earth is only thousands of …more

Kyle Orland <> Mar 26 10:10PM -0400: Some hard numbers, since this debate has shifted into “How many people really believe that?”

Jason Venter <> Mar 26 07:30PM -0700: Those are interesting numbers, Kyle. Thanks for sharing! My personal experience was with Adventism. When I was a youth–and probably now–the church was publishing a thick hardcover book that …more

Mark Burnham <> Mar 26 08:40PM -0700: Wow, big/interesting discussion. Just catching up. It’s a difficult balance, but generally I think it’s very bad form to write a biographical feature about a subject, and then within that have …more

Daniel Starkey <> Mar 27 02:05AM -0500: I think Mark Brings up a salient point — there is a lot more to their perspective that’s interesting over the biblical literalism bit.And again I’ll be one of the first to say that XYZ thing …more

Ryan Smith <> Mar 27 07:26AM -0700: Definitely agree with Mark on his point about the responsibility to the subject of an interview. I got assigned a couple years ago to do a feature about a UFO Center in Chicago that acts as a …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Mar 27 10:40AM -0400: Quoting a bit: “What bothers me even more is that there’s some Polygon peeps in this thread not only defending the piece wholeheartedly, but saying there should be more like it. …more

Richard Mitchell <> Mar 27 09:44AM -0500: I’m actually a little more offended that working on a farm in Michigan is immediately a “comedic setting” in the eyes of the author. But yes, the crux of the article seems to be a non-believer …more

Kevin Kelly <> Mar 27 07:47AM -0700: Anyone who hasn’t read Good Omens or Towing Jehovah should pick them up, stat. …more

Ryan Smith <> Mar 27 08:03AM -0700: Adam, Read my other responses in this thread. My problem was framing of the article in the context of a news feature, not that they asked tough questions. Richard, it is definitely common amongst …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Mar 27 11:13AM -0400: I’ve been following the thread and I understand what your issues are. What I don’t understand is why you suddenly swung so broadly as you defended the value of asking tough questions. …more

Ryan Smith <> Mar 27 08:23AM -0700: I didn’t say Polygon was bullying, I said the piece was bullying.  As far as the broad questions, you’re right, I may have been presumptive. Feel free to educate me and link me to other news …more

Kyle Orland <> Mar 27 08:33AM -0700: How about hugs all around? I feel like this thread has been getting a bit too off point and shifting towards broad attacks, last night and this morning in particular. Let’s refocus on new angles …more

Mike Wehner <> Mar 27 10:36AM -0500: I’m still disappointed nobody liked my Constantine joke. …more

Mark Burnham <> Mar 27 08:38AM -0700:Going to answer this question from Richard: *Is it common for Christians, even literalists, to believe that their actions are of such import that the devil himself is taking a personal …more

Mark Burnham <> Mar 27 08:41AM -0700: Sure thing, Kyle. Hope my initial response wasn’t taken as harsh or a personal attack, not intended that way at all for any involved at Polygon. I very much respect the work you guys do. …more

Ryan Smith <> Mar 27 08:46AM -0700: Yeah, I didn’t mean to say Polygon as a whole were doing a bad job. They have plenty of admirable work. Just not in this instance. I’m an opinionated jerk sometimes, but I also get paid to have …more

Kyle Orland <> Mar 27 09:00AM -0700: It’s fine… no one has gone totally off the reservation, as far as I’m concerned. Just reminding everyone to keep it focused. -KO

Chris Plante <> Mar 27 09:27AM -0700: Here are the links you were asking for Ryan. …more

James Fudge <> Mar 27 01:22PM -0400: This has the perfect tone.

Ryan Smith <> Mar 27 10:24AM -0700: I emailed Chris privately, I’m going to duck out of this thread from now on. 🙂

Alice O’Connor hired at RPS

Kyle Orland <> Mar 27 12:07PM -0400: Formerly of ShackNews fame.

IPO Crush Saga

Andy Eddy <> Mar 26 03:28PM -0700: My bad…in skimming the article, I saw the $4 billion figure, but in that section they were comparing King to Zynga, and saying that Zynga’s valuation has dropped to $4 billion since its IPO …more

That escalated quickly

Mike Wehner <> Mar 26 05:18PM -0500: That was pretty much everyone’s reaction when they heard the news, I think. …more

Today’s topic summary


  • Future US layoffs [5 Updates]
  • If you think your commenters are bad… [6 Updates]
  • Polygon’s “Satan” piece [3 Updates]
  • Cloudbuilt advice [3 Updates]
  • Entertainment Wweekly: We will let you write for us for free [3 Updates]
  • NewEgg launches gaming news/reviews site GameCrate [12 Updates]

Future US layoffs

James Fudge <> Mar 28 06:36AM -0400:
Sorry to anyone this may have affected 🙁

Nathan Meunier <> Mar 28 10:15AM -0700: This REALLY sucks. Happy to help out any peeps affected by this in whatever way I can, whether it’s with sharing freelance leads (in or outside of the game industry) or whatever. …more

James Fudge <> Mar 28 02:30PM -0400: ditto

“William O’Neal” <> Mar 28 01:05PM -0700: [Insert comment here]

James Fudge <> Mar 28 04:32PM -0400: nice.

If you think your commenters are bad…

Kyle Orland <> Mar 27 09:51PM -0400: …rest easy knowing none of them have attacked you with pepper spray and tried to place you under a citizens arrest: …more

Danielle Riendeau <> Mar 27 06:55PM -0700: I’ve been spit on irl by a shitty person at a protest (at my ACLU job), and had someone throw furniture at me for being queer, but no pepper spray yet, thankfully!

Andy Eddy <> Mar 27 07:17PM -0700: I was verbally assaulted once by a freelancer who did some work for a magazine I had edited, but didn’t end up getting paid because the company went out of business. I’d never met her in person …more

Danielle Riendeau <> Mar 27 07:39PM -0700: Andy, Believe it or not, I feel better prepared to deal with physical shittiness than someone tearing into me the way that person did to you. Which probably sounds crazy, but that sort of …more

Andy Eddy <> Mar 28 10:16AM -0700: It certainly caught me off guard, but I also felt weird that she went on with her upset for a while. I understood that I became her personification of the people who stiffed her after the work she …more

James Fudge <> Mar 28 03:17PM -0400: You remember the first time you get ripped off like the first time you kissed someone. Different kinds of passion 😉 

Polygon’s “Satan” piece

Dalibor Dimovski <> Mar 28 06:10AM -0700: Though I’ve been following this great thread, both as an interested writer and as someone who grew up Eastern Orthodox Christian, I also was born in and still reside in Michigan. …more

“William O’Neal” <> Mar 28 08:11AM -0700: “It’s fine… no one has *gone totally off the reservation*, as far as I’m concerned. Just reminding everyone to keep it focused.” — Kyle Orland Way to be insensitive to Native Americans you …more

Kyle Orland <> Mar 28 11:12AM -0400: #CancelKylebert -KO

Cloudbuilt advice

Danielle Riendeau <> Mar 27 06:41PM -0700: Hello friends, I’m reviewing Cloudbuilt right now, and having an insanely difficult time with the game. I’d like to know if it’s just me, or if any of you have run into issues – it’s a little …more

Daniel Starkey <> Mar 27 08:43PM -0500: The controls actually worked really well for me, it’s just hard. It took me about two days of off and on play but my review is up on Eurogamer.

Daniel Starkey <> Mar 28 01:15AM -0500: Danielle, if you need any specific help on the review I’ll do what I can. You have me on facebook, or you can email me

Entertainment Wweekly: We will let you write for us for free

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Mar 27 05:52PM -0700: shameless self promotion <> Seriously though, if I wanted to get into entertainment industry writing I would rock this and build a crazy resume around …more

Daniel Starkey <> Mar 27 08:13PM -0500: I still owe Niero more than I will ever be able to repay him. He gave me my childhood dream.

James Fudge <> Mar 27 09:38PM -0400: I wanted a racecar bed, all I got was a job covering video games… …more

NewEgg launches gaming news/reviews site GameCrate

Kyle Orland <> Mar 27 06:05PM -0400: I got this news under embargo for tomorrow, but the web site is live and full of content supposed going back a few weeks, so I don’t feel that bad about pointing you to …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Mar 27 06:14PM -0400: As I said to Susan in an IM, I was so excited when I saw this announcement and thought (based on the name) that it was some kind of subscription-based video game lootbox.Someone get on that, …more

Kevin Kelly <> Mar 27 03:17PM -0700: They already did done got on it:

Ben Gilbert <> Mar 27 06:21PM -0400: Does anyone here know Nick Scibetta? Google doesn’t seem to know much about him (unless he’s also a Ketchum employee and/or a former SB Nation writer), and today’s the first I’ve heard his name. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Mar 27 06:21PM -0400: Well shit. That’s sweet. …more

“William O’Neal” <> Mar 27 03:22PM -0700: Ben, I just spent the past 20 minutes doing the same thing. Very curious indeed.

Devin Connors <> Mar 27 03:22PM -0700: I see Indie Royale and Humble Bundle as game crates — usually $10ish (or more if you make it rain on charities), and there are several new ones every month. …more

Devin Connors <> Mar 27 03:23PM -0700: …and I know nothing about the new Newegg site. Strange since they’re in LA, and I’ve done editorial business (through Tom’s Hardware) with them in the past. I got zilch on the editorial team, etc. …more

James Fudge <> Mar 27 06:53PM -0400: They have a few other guys. Christopher Turrubiate,546633/ I think that’s one of them.  Ivan B. …more

Dean Takahashi <> Mar 27 03:58PM -0700: thanks to you, Kyle, they tell me the embargo is now lifted.

Kyle Orland <> Mar 27 07:09PM -0400: I actually saw a link on Twitter, which is the only reason I knew the site was live. So don’t blame me! -KO

James Fudge <> Mar 27 08:52PM -0400: It’s been live all day.

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  • Future US layoffs [1 Update]
  • If you think your commenters are bad… [1 Update]

Future US layoffs

Andy Eddy <> Mar 28 03:03PM -0700: For a while after, I wondered why you moved “laterally” from EIC of @Gamer to EIC of TechRadar US. Today is an affirmation–sad in many ways–that you made a smart choice. And it most certainly …more

If you think your commenters are bad…

Andy Eddy <> Mar 28 02:56PM -0700: No doubt…I’ve been on both sides of the equation. My first as a freelancer ended in small-claims court, and gave me the realization that a company could just “dissolve” (as in, having its assets …more