GameJournoPros Email Archives

Hello. If you’re reading this, that means you actually give a damn about the real history of GamerGate as a movement. The primary purpose is to serve as a historical record for what GameJournoPros really was.

I’m releasing this in the year of our lord 2021 because for some reason people still speak of GamerGate as an ambiguous boogeyman movement. That’s a load of horseshit. It would’ve been impossible for the general public to give enough of a damn about Zoe Quinn for more than a month, alone.

Indeed it was in late September 2014 that Milo Yiannopoulos acquired the tip that changed everything. The gaming community pontificated that gaming journalists communicated together in secret, and it was thanks to Milo that the movement known as GamerGate gained lasting legitimacy.

However both Milo Yiannopoulos and William Usher have long since given up on this “life” here. So it falls onto me to finally finish the job of fully publishing GameJournoPros to the world. I’ve held onto these archives for many many years, and it took a long time to format the archives into a decent enough product that you see now.

  1. February 2013
  2. March 2013
  3. April 2013
  4. May/June 2013
  5. July 2013
  6. August/September/October 2013
  7. November 2013
  8. December 2013
  9. January 2014
  10. February 2014
  11. March 2014
  12. April 2014
  13. May/June 2014
  14. July 2014
  15. August 2014
  16. September 2014

Personally I did this because it was my duty. May these records serve as some use to someone. Anyone. But my task is done. Let it be known I finally made right.

Let it be known that GamerGate should not be maligned.