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  • How to have a guest contributor model that isn’t awful [1 Update]
  • Objective Game Reviews website [2 Updates]
  • Reviewing Elder Scrolls Online & MMOs generally [1 Update]
  • Reviewing Elder Scrolls Online & MMOs generally [1 Update]

How to have a guest contributor model that isn’t awful

Jared Newman <> Apr 01 02:12PM -0700: Here’s a list of suggestions on how to introduce better editorial standards into Forbes-style guest contributor models without having to edit every story: …more

Objective Game Reviews website

Kyle Orland <> Apr 01 11:35AM -0400: Best April Fools Joke of the day?

Richard Mitchell <> Apr 01 11:03AM -0500: Heh.

Reviewing Elder Scrolls Online & MMOs generally

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 01 02:41AM -0500: That’s rough, but I think you can look at how guilds work and use that. I’m playing too, but I have a bit more time (introductory content on embargo with full review later for me). …more

Reviewing Elder Scrolls Online & MMOs generally

Dennis Scimeca <> Mar 31 06:32PM -0700: I’m reviewing The Elder Scrolls Online, and I feel that I ought to join a guild to see how that functions in this game, in order to write as thorough a review as I can. The problem is, I rolled a …more

Today’s topic summary


  • I’m Tired of Being a Pretend Journalist [20 Updates]
  • Yet another sweet video game StoryBundle [6 Updates]
  • Amazon’s Fire TV [31 Updates]

I’m Tired of Being a Pretend Journalist

Dalibor Dimovski <> Apr 01 07:01PM -0700: I thought this was an interesting article, though I don’t agree with all of it. It seems to answer to the message board crowd that …more

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 01 10:06PM -0400: April Fools!

Kyle Orland <> Apr 01 10:42PM -0400: As ben alluded to, P4RGaming is a satirical gaming news site, so I guess it makes sense their April fools story is about becoming a “real” journalist. Still, there are a lot of tells in this article …more

Dalibor Dimovski <> Apr 01 10:45PM -0400: Well poop. I’d never even heard of the site until the last couple of hours, so egg is on my face. Back to Scandal on DVR for me. …more

Jason Venter <> Apr 01 08:07PM -0700: Look around at some of the other articles, linked from the base of that one, and you’ll see that the site is run by someone quite… mean-spirited. Plenty of individuals within this group are …more

James Fudge <> Apr 02 03:38AM -0400: People I work with send me links from this site all the time. I have to tell them, “it’s comedy.” I half expect them to reply with “What is this comedy thing you speak of?”

Richard Mitchell <> Apr 02 09:55AM -0500: My go-to response to people who don’t “get” things:

James Fudge <> Apr 02 11:55AM -0400: Nice, Richard. I am seriously shocked there’s a Wikipedia entry for such a common subject. I probably shouldn’t be.

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 02 11:59AM -0400: Hey James: …more

James Fudge <> Apr 02 12:02PM -0400: ugh.

Devin Connors <> Apr 02 09:14AM -0700: …more

Mike Wehner <> Apr 02 11:15AM -0500: …more

Devin Connors <> Apr 02 09:16AM -0700: …more

Jonathan Ross <> Apr 02 09:16AM -0700: …more

Michael Futter <> Apr 02 12:17PM -0400: …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 02 12:17PM -0400L Dammit Wehner. I was all set to go meta with this: This thread just went from great to fantastic. …more

Devin Connors <> Apr 02 09:20AM -0700: Did someone say fantastic? Incorporating hashtags in 3…2…1…  …more

James Fudge <> Apr 02 12:21PM -0400: Mike Wehner wins. Game over.

Andy Eddy <> Apr 02 01:31PM -0700: Well, that’s 15 minutes of my sorry life I won’t get back. #GJPgroaning

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 02 04:40PM -0400: The good news is, many of us have future careers in comedy writing should this whole Video Games thing not work out. Sitcoms, probably. …more

Yet another sweet video game StoryBundle

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 02 02:57PM -0400: …more

Matt Hawkins <> Apr 02 03:02PM -0400: The entire run of Scroll right there is for than enough for the recommended asking price, and then some.

Kyle Orland <> Apr 02 03:08PM -0400: Can I just note that, when I started j-school in 2001, there were maybe a dozen non-fiction books about video games (not counting strategy guides and the like). We’re seeing a flourishing of …more

Britton Peele <> Apr 02 02:14PM -0500: Definitely grabbed this, as I did with the earlier game-related StoryBundles. Looks like a great lineup (I’m a bit ashamed to admit I haven’t read a single one of the included books. …more

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 02 02:23PM -0500: Ian Bogost’s work is essential for the pretentious intellectuals (me). I strongly recommend it. …more

Andy Eddy <> Apr 02 01:38PM -0700: Does it come with a bag of Doritos and a Mountain Dew? #KeighleyBook #justkidding BTW, bonus, slightly related quote from my father-in-law: “When did the number sign become the ‘hashpound’?!” …more

Amazon’s Fire TV

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 02 03:00PM -0400: IS IT GONNA CHANGE THE WORLD? Or is it just another boring Android console? Very interested to hear your thoughts!

Kyle Orland <> Apr 02 03:01PM -0400: Column B (B for Boring Android Console) -KO

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 02 12:01PM -0700: Gary Busey thinks so!

Michael Futter <> Apr 02 03:02PM -0400: Ouya Twoya with a bit more financial muscle. Games are a “bonus.”

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 02 03:03PM -0400: I think it’s at the sweet spot for this kind of thing. High-end Android gaming (such as it is), party-friendly (Towerfall?), Amazon’s streaming multimedia library behind it, and $99. …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 02 03:04PM -0400: It’ll do fine as a lowish-cost Netflix/Hulu/video streamer device. But I highly doubt the gaming is gonna make a dent, especially when the controller is a separate (and not so cheap) purchase. …more

Richard Mitchell <> Apr 02 02:04PM -0500: This isn’t a game box. As a media box, I don’t see much reason to migrate from Roku. I’m sure it will be incredibly successful though. If Amazon decides to support unofficial apps similar to Roku’s …more

Michael Futter <> Apr 02 03:05PM -0400: How do you buy a studio and then position your games as an offhand “bonus?” Why u waste money?

Kyle Orland <> Apr 02 03:06PM -0400: Well, what did they spend on that studio? It’s like Bezos buying Washington Post… a hobby purchase.
James Fudge <> Apr 02 03:06PM -0400: It’s going to do very well. It’s got brand recognition, a low price point, voice command support, and supposedly offers better performance than similar devices on the market. Wil, have you had some …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 02 03:10PM -0400: It was a very strange message to attach to gaming, but I think the reality of what’s actually being offered is potentially interesting. Maybe not to people like us, but to Joe and Jane Gamer that …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 02 03:14PM -0400: People have been talking about trying to migrate the smartphone gaming masses to some sort of TV gaming “solution” for at least 5 years now. The mroe time goes on, the more I’m convinced that the …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 02 03:16PM -0400: Since it’s been a while since I did a self-link (like that ever stopped me
before): …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 02 03:18PM -0400: Well when you think about it in that context, tagging it as a “bonus” makes a certain amount of sense. Maybe they don’t care. But they sure do like their Amazon Prime streaming. And if they can also …more

Richard Mitchell <> Apr 02 02:21PM -0500: I think Vita TV makes more sense, personally. “Mobile” games on a TV are a little strange. I imagine being able to play these games *while* watching TV is a big bonus for a lot of people. — …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 02 03:25PM -0400: @Adam: Yeah, all told, supporting gaming as a bonus is a good gamble from Amazon’s POV. Didn’t cost them that much, relative to their size, and you never know if it’ll catch on — maybe someone will …more

Britton Peele <> Apr 02 02:27PM -0500: Amazon may call games a “Bonus,” but when the two most noticeable differences between the Fire TV and the Roku 3 — according to Amazon’s own chart on the Fire TV product page — are voice commands …more

Harold Goldberg <> Apr 02 03:33PM -0400: I just wish there were a DIY Drone in the bundle.

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 02 03:36PM -0400: Surprised Schreier hasn’t linked this here himself yet: …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 02 03:38PM -0400: Wow, Swift is just jumping from Android console to Android console these days, ain’t she? -KO

Jason Schreier <> Apr 02 03:43PM -0400: Who do I look like, Kyle Orland?

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 02 03:44PM -0400: You are both very white and very jewish, fwiw.
Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 02 03:44PM -0400: /burn …more

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 02 03:44PM -0400: (I’m also white and pretty jewish, fwiw.)

Harold Goldberg <> Apr 02 03:49PM -0400: Seriously, this should have started as a boutique studio with a handful of high quality games put out, say, one each month until the fall.  The promise of “thousands of games” is overreaching to the …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 02 03:50PM -0400: All us white jews look alike, it’s true. -KO

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 02 03:52PM -0400: FACT

Kevin Kelly <> Apr 02 12:53PM -0700: “But the Kindle Paperwhite is pretty great.” – this times 100. …more

Andy Eddy <> Apr 02 01:11PM -0700: Brilliant analysis and brainstorm. Now I think we need to start a pool to bet on when a URL similar to this is posted to the group: …more

Harold Goldberg <> Apr 02 04:23PM -0400: “It wasn’t the money Goldberg requested which briefly stymied Bezos. It was the unsettling demand for 666 licorice jelly beans to be delivered each morning via drone. Ultimately, it was a small price …more

Britton Peele <> Apr 02 03:27PM -0500: “Worked into Goldberg’s contract was mysteriously language referring to a 10 percent salary fee to an unnamed editor at Ars Technica. It is not known exactly why this 10 percent fee exists.” …more

Today’s topic summary


  • Entertainment Wweekly: We will let you write for us for free [3 Updates]
  • The Wolf of Buzzfeed [4 Updates]
  • Amazon’s Fire TV [1 Update]
  • Sessler goes consultant [1 Update]
  • About game players…and our readers/viewers [1 Update]
  • I’m Tired of Being a Pretend Journalist [1 Update]

Entertainment Wweekly: We will let you write for us for free

Harold Goldberg <> Apr 03 02:43PM -0400: Cuts at EW yesterday.
Had to be hard for Jess Cagle to fire Owen Gleiberman. Was a good run, though. 

Kyle Orland <> Apr 03 02:49PM -0400: Sorry Owen, but XxFilmDonkey1138 is offering to undercut you by 100%, and our print readership is down to two old women at a dentists’ waiting room, so you gotta go. -KO

Harold Goldberg <> Apr 03 03:12PM -0400: Whether it’s the Donkey dude or some junior guy, the new hire won’t cost that much. Owen must have been the highest paid writer there – after nearly 25 years (!), his salary must have been quite high. …more

The Wolf of Buzzfeed

Kyle Orland <> Apr 03 02:06PM -0400: I actually like Buzzfeed more than most, but I found this hilarious

Matt Hawkins <> Apr 03 02:10PM -0400: I prefer Worf of Starfleet myself…

Kyle Orland <> Apr 03 02:21PM -0400: Also a classic of the form.

Matt Hawkins <> Apr 03 02:33PM -0400: I bet that guy who edited got a job. In fact, I hope he did. Also, the vid is a wonderful reminder of how those remastered Blu-rays are worth the money!

Amazon’s Fire TV

Jared Newman <> Apr 03 08:33AM -0700: I think gaming as a “bonus” feature is a decent strategy for these kinds of games. I can’t justify turning on the Ouya, or even dedicating an HDMI input to it. But if I was already using a cheap …more

Sessler goes consultant

Kyle Orland <> Apr 03 09:25AM -0400: Best Twitter thread on the announcement by far: …more

About game players…and our readers/viewers

Andy Eddy <> Apr 02 05:35PM -0700: I read this in the closing summary of an article in a German game-developer magazine, written by a community manager on how he deals with players of his company’s games in forums and social media. …more

I’m Tired of Being a Pretend Journalist

Andy Eddy <> Apr 02 03:13PM -0700: There are a lot of funny people among game writers–and by “funny,” I don’t mean strange or creepy…though there are surely some who qualify. I think there was a GamePro writer or staffer who …more

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  • Any advice on incorporating? [7 Updates]
  • Entertainment Wweekly: We will let you write for us for free [1 Update]

Any advice on incorporating?

Jason Venter <> Apr 04 01:50PM -0700: I was talking to a former coworker of mine today, and I mentioned that I discovered I have to pay around $5400 in taxes this year. It looks like I’ll be making payments (my request is tentatively …more

Michael Futter <> Apr 04 04:52PM -0400: You’re still going to get taxed heavily on anything you make, even if you are incorporated. The only difference is that your corporate entity will bear the tax burden. You’re just shifting paper. …more

Jason Schreier <> Apr 04 04:53PM -0400: I strongly recommend starting to file estimated quarterly income tax payments! …more

Michael Futter <> Apr 04 04:54PM -0400: Jason is correct. The only way to avoid the end of year tax bill is to over-estimate quarterly payments on non-taxed freelance revenues. I would open an account to sock away 50 percent of your …more

Jason Venter <> Apr 04 02:14PM -0700: My coworker wasn’t recommending incorporation as a means of paying lower taxes, necessarily. That’s something I’d very much like to do, of course, but he pointed to social security issues down the …more

Brad Gallaway <> Apr 04 02:14PM -0700: Been freelancing for 18 years (currently in sole proprietor status) and tried incorporating in the past.. it’s just a shitload of paperwork and effort for not much advantage if you’re just one guy …more

Michael Futter <> Apr 04 05:17PM -0400: Incorporation isn’t a security blanket when you’re a sole proprietor working out of your house. If you were a retailer, though? Yeah. You’d want to incorporate in case someone tripped and fell …more

Entertainment Wweekly: We will let you write for us for free

Jason Venter <> Apr 03 02:23PM -0700: These are the sort of cuts you make when you figure you’re probably not going to be around much longer and you’re trying “this one last thing” before you shutter the business. It’s all so very …more

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  • Any advice on incorporating? [7 Updates]

Any advice on incorporating?

Jason Venter <> Apr 04 02:28PM -0700: Alright. Thanks for the comments, all! Sounds like incorporating probably isn’t a worthwhile plan until I at least reach the point where I’m doing well enough to pay others. Which won’t be for a …more

Jared Newman <> Apr 04 02:31PM -0700: What social security issues, specifically, is he referring to?

Kyle Orland <> Apr 04 05:38PM -0400: I have had incorporation suggested to me as security against things like libel/slander lawsuits — such a lawsuit could take the profits from my “corporate” business, but not take my house or …more

Jason Venter <> Apr 04 02:39PM -0700: I didn’t have time to ask, sadly. He mentioned it in passing while I was buying the new/old Johnny Cash record with some of my birthday money, and another customer had just entered. …more

Michael Futter <> Apr 04 05:40PM -0400: It’s extremely easy to pierce the corporate shield for things like libel and slander. Both the company and the individual can be named in the suit. No legal trickery or fancy maneuvering. …more

Jared Newman <> Apr 04 03:11PM -0700: Beyond that limit a SEP IRA is also a good option for freelancers. You can contribute up to 25 percent of your net income (there’s a cap but it’s pretty high), and this contribution is tax …more

Dale North <> Apr 05 01:23AM -0500: Def ditto on the IRA business. Tax break plus future savings. It’s never too early to start doing that. Double ditto on just cutting off 30 percent of what you pull in.

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  • Any advice on incorporating? [6 Updates]

Any advice on incorporating?

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Apr 06 03:04PM -0700: Find yourself a shady accountant and ask him about your future fishing boat business that perpetually runs at a loss. Sort of kidding. Seriously now: you may want to consider making a 1-man LLC …more

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 06 05:31PM -0500: Are there any real downsides to having an LLC?

Andy Eddy <> Apr 06 07:14PM -0700: I don’t know much about these things, but it seems like there are some fees to consider:

Kevin Kelly <> Apr 06 07:20PM -0700: The costs in setting it up and then maintaining it. My friend Mary did this when she was a full-time freelancer. I think it cost her around $1200 to incorporate, and she said the hardest part was …more

Jared Newman <> Apr 07 06:15AM -0700: I know another tech writer who does this, and a while ago I asked him why. He said the biggest benefit was being able to call yourself CEO.

Kyle Orland <> Apr 07 09:40AM -0400:

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  • Reply Allpocalypse: Netflix Edition [13 Updates]
  • Game journalism criticizes violence less, says study [1 Update]
  • Edge declares for the ps4 [3 Updates]
  • Press psuedo-kidnapping of the moment [5 Updates]

Reply Allpocalypse: Netflix Edition

Michael Rougeau <> Apr 08 09:18AM -0700: Remember that giant email thread that was started by mistake but turned into a dang barrel of laughs by the end? Netflix PR just did the same thing to their press list. No wisecracks yet, though. …more

Matt Hawkins <> Apr 08 12:41PM -0400: Eh, not too surprising. I’ve been to my fair share of gaming expos over the years, and by in large, most of the press folk I’ve encountered been have been super cool. Am friends with plenty of game …more

Michael Rougeau <> Apr 08 09:46AM -0700: In my experience journalists covering other types of beats do tend to view their colleagues more as competitors. Maybe that’s because they’re more entrenched than game journalists; maybe they still …more

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 08 12:52PM -0400: Switched from games at Joystiq to games and tech at Engadget about 1.5 years ago. Echoing Matt and Michael’s notes, there’s definitely less inter-outlet friendliness in tech. The co-workers I bring …more

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 08 12:53PM -0400: (Which is especially a shame because you’re usually competing over the first images of an annually updated phone or some other equally unexciting junk.)

Matt Hawkins <> Apr 08 01:06PM -0400: Again, my experiences are a bit different. I’ve actually come to notice that those who are trying to establish themselves, and who are not full time writers, are often the most laid back and …more

Jared Newman <> Apr 08 10:47AM -0700: Tech often feels like one big competition to prove who is smarter than whom, but there are a lot of nice folks out there too.

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 08 01:48PM -0400: I like that Jared Newman fella, for instance. 🙂

Jason Wilson <> Apr 08 11:22AM -0700: In my sportswriter days, while I always viewed folks from other outlets as competitors, I also valued them as colleagues. Lots of friendly banter when covering games, with some folk helping each …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 08 02:36PM -0400: Been part of a tech site for just over two years now, and I’ll agree there seems to be much less tendency for writers to be buddy-buddy across outlets than their is in video game outlets. …more

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 08 02:38PM -0400: I also like that Kyle Orland dude. (As an aside, I love that there’s this group of crossover folks, including those of us already mentioned as well as Adam Rosenberg and others I’m forgetting like a …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 08 03:10PM -0400: I love you all, even those I don’t like. (ie Gilbert) No, but seriously… games writer folk are the best folk. There’s a general level of friendliness in our scene that has always made this work …more

Philip Kollar <> Apr 08 02:16PM -0700: i literally despise all of you

Game journalism criticizes violence less, says study

Ryan Smith <> Apr 08 04:12PM -0500:  I’m curious to hear responses to this study. …more

Edge declares for the ps4

Kyle Orland <> Apr 08 09:28AM -0400: Bringing this thread back up to highlight Edge’s latest cover: (Previously: …more

Michael Futter <> Apr 08 09:30AM -0400: I know NPD only covers the US, but as a barometer for performance, it’s worthwhile. Maybe this cover would have been best considered for another month? March NPD (and the possible subsequent …more

Andy Eddy <> Apr 08 11:55AM -0700: And I find it interesting that the first review listed on the cover is Titanfall. The system is only a few months old, so I think there’s plenty of time before it could be considered a failure. …more

Press psuedo-kidnapping of the moment

Kyle Orland <> Apr 08 09:30AM -0400:  “The company revealed this new graphics card to me in a theatrical fashion. …more

Ben Kuchera <> Apr 08 08:31AM -0500: Hail Hydra. …more

Sarah LeBoeuf <> Apr 08 09:32AM -0400: Damn, Ben beat me to it.

Kyle Orland <> Apr 08 09:33AM -0400:
Ben Gilbert <> Apr 08 09:38AM -0400: AMD pulled the same nonsense at NVIDIA’s Montreal event last year. They had a dark, creepy meeting room in a hotel two blocks from where NVIDIA’s event was being held. So they flew up to Montreal …more

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  • Game journalism criticizes violence less, says study [4 Updates]
  • Reply Allpocalypse: Netflix Edition [2 Updates]
  • Edge declares for the ps4 [1 Update]

Game journalism criticizes violence less, says study

ryanflemingpdx <> Apr 08 03:03PM -0700: Interesting thesis, but has some major holes in it. His argument seems to be the same that you could apply to a lot of entertainment fields, and not just violence, but sex too. …more

Andy Eddy <> Apr 08 03:45PM -0700: I’m no expert, but I’m not sure we’re becoming “desensitized” to violence. Just more accepting of it in our media. However, I do agree with your analysis of what’s allowed in TV. It’s …more

Andy Eddy <> Apr 08 03:53PM -0700: And, yes, I think GamePro is a bad measuring stick for such a study. If GamePro content is all that’s being used to gauge the change in viewpoints, it’s probably more a study of how GamePro …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 09 09:45AM -0400: I saw this a week or so ago, and immediately dismissed it when I saw they were only looking at GamePro. That might say a lot about GamePro, but it says nothing about how “the media” treated violence …more

Reply Allpocalypse: Netflix Edition

Philip Kollar <> Apr 08 02:17PM -0700: (except ben. obvs.)
Danielle Riendeau <> Apr 08 03:16PM -0700: I wrote about movies for seven years, but I pretty much covered one niche (queer films) and people were pretty nice to me, so, yes. I will say – I actually find game journalists, on the whole, to …more

Edge declares for the ps4

Danielle Riendeau <> Apr 08 03:09PM -0700: Rad Goro joke, bro. (I actually lol’ed)

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  • Who is Jeff Strongman? [7 Updates]
  • Boston tonight? [3 Updates]
  • Millennials’ favorite game sites [5 Updates]

Who is Jeff Strongman?

Greg Tito <> Apr 10 01:48PM -0400: Two separate PR firms asked me this week if Jeff Strongman worked for The Escapist. He had been requesting review copies. I told PR I had never heard of him and not to send anything his way. …more

Mike Wehner <> Apr 10 12:50PM -0500: Jeff is strong, man. We get app publishers pinging us all the time at TUAW to confirm if people work for us that we’ve never heard of. Seems to be a pretty popular tactic. We always just tell …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 10 01:55PM -0400: I have heard of this happening but never encountered it personally. Luckily most of the reputable PR firms actually check. -KO

“Cory Banks” <> Apr 10 10:56AM -0700: I’m a control freak and make freelancers copy me. —

Jason Venter <> Apr 10 01:29PM -0700: My solution is to acquire all of the review keys/copies that I have my contributors use myself. One of my occasional contributors did reach out to XSEED once and ask for a game I hadn’t assigned …more

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 10 03:36PM -0500: One person (who may or may not be in this group) was using my name and an outlet I frequently freelance for (GameSpot) and trying to get some things in my name. To the best of my knowledge that all …more

Britton Peele <> Apr 10 03:42PM -0500: Just a couple weeks ago a woman who works a couple desks away from me was tipped off to the fact that somebody was (apparently) posing as her to get into local theater shows (sometimes advance of …more

Boston tonight?

Max Parker <> Apr 10 02:03PM -0400: Anyone planning on meeting up this evening? I arrive at 5, and will be looking for something to do. -Max

Brandon Justice <> Apr 10 03:28PM -0400: A few of my journo pals are grabbing dinner around 8 then I am prolly hitting up a reggae set some friends are playing if you folks are game. Just lemme know.   – Brandon

Kyle Orland <> Apr 10 03:53PM -0400: My previous dinner plans fell through, so I’m open to ideas. Also gonna check out the Star Citizen party later this evening.

Millennials’ favorite game sites

Kyle Orland <> Apr 10 02:12PM -0400: In case some of you didn’t get this. It’s a self-selected sample of users of a few particular services, so I wouldn’t put too much faith in the accuracy. That said, I found it interesting how high …more

Britton Peele <> Apr 10 01:15PM -0500: *hastily renames the Dallas Morning News’ entertainment section to “Othersites”* *—*

Greg Tito <> Apr 10 02:15PM -0400: I’m going to choose to believe that Ars Technica and the Escapist are splitting the Othersites demographic 50-50.
Kyle Orland <> Apr 10 02:26PM -0400: Each site is not exclusive (note how the numbers add up to way more than 100%) so there’s really no need to split. Every site not listed can be assumed to take up ALL of the othersites chunk, …more

Christopher Grant <> Apr 10 02:30PM -0400: Data seems especially dubious considering the audience is on a computer consuming YouTube content and buying stuff from a PC gaming retailer. …more

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  • Wolf Among Us assets? [1 Update]
  • Who is Jeff Strongman? [2 Updates]

Wolf Among Us assets?

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 11 05:07PM -0400: So… uhhhh… did anyone actually GET episode 3 assets other than the trailer? There’s nothing on the Telltale site and Job/Laura are deep in PAX mode. …more

Who is Jeff Strongman?

Andy Eddy <> Apr 11 10:16AM -0700: Sadly, this is something that’s happened to me frequently over my 25 years of doing this, and it never fails to make my blood boil. And, no, I’ve found that there aren’t many PR people who check …more

Jason Venter <> Apr 11 12:29PM -0700: Here’s a fun thought: given 10 minutes and a black heart, I could easily code an HTML form that lets me enter an email address and name, then click to send whatever message I like. …more

Today’s topic summary


  • Wolf Among Us assets? [4 Updates]
  • Who is Jeff Strongman? [1 Update]

Wolf Among Us assets?

Brad Gallaway <> Apr 11 02:42PM -0700: I asked them about the assets as well, and there were none available. Too busy getting ready for the show, I expect.

Susan Arendt <> Apr 12 04:43AM -0700: We got nada, as well.

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 12 08:03AM -0400: Adam, I have your capture stuff (still!) and could bring it to you this weekend so you can grab screens. If that doesn’t work I have another one you can try. Holler!

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 12 08:38AM -0400: HA! You do. The lady’s off doing her aquarium dive thing tomorrow. Maybe I could swing over to your neck of Brooklyn and we could throw back some beers. I’ll hit you up off-list so GJP can be freed …more

Who is Jeff Strongman?

Susan Arendt <> Apr 12 04:50AM -0700: Oh, sure, people used to use The Escapist name all the time to try and get stuff – access, assets, whatever. The site’s known for using mostly freelancers for all content, so it’s a pretty easy …more

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  • So Trials’ embargo is tomorrow morning, but it’s on PSN today? [5 Updates]
  • Tablets for journos at Watch Dogs preview event? [61 Updates]
  • Unwinnable relaunching as subscription driven weekly digital magazine [11 Updates]

So Trials’ embargo is tomorrow morning, but it’s on PSN today?

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 03:47PM -0400: What’s up with that?!/en-us/games/trials-fusion/cid=UP0001-CUSA00304_00-TRIALSFUSION0001

Jason Fanelli <> Apr 15 04:00PM -0400: PSN usually updates on Tuesday, then Xbox Live on Wednesday right? Maybe they want to wait until ALL of the versions are released before allowing reviews. Still very strange though.

Britton Peele <> Apr 15 03:03PM -0500: Weird. The release date is listed as April 16 everywhere, official websites included. I *was* surprised to see that the embargo is for tomorrow and not today, though. *—*

Michael Futter <> Apr 15 04:12PM -0400: We gave you a damn tablet, just hold your review, k? …more

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 15 04:31PM -0400: Surely there’s a flexible embargo if you were playing the PS4 version, no? I can’t imagine how they could argue against that.

Tablets for journos at Watch Dogs preview event?

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 09:50AM -0400: Was anyone there and can confirm? If so, what are you doing with yours?

Patrick Klepek <> Apr 15 08:56AM -0500: I cannot fathom why you wouldn’t just say “I don’t need this” at the end of the event. I don’t even take tshirts at the few events I find myself at nowadays. No one is forcing you to take it! This …more

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 15 09:58AM -0400: The incredulity here is appreciated from an ideological perspective, but incredibly ignorant of the wider world of journalism. The Fire TV announce event? Every person walked out with a Fire TV. …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 09:59AM -0400: It’s a little different when you accept a free copy of the game/hardware you are reviewing in order to review it. You don’t need a Nexus 7 to review Watch Dogs (and yes, I know it has a second …more

Michael Futter <> Apr 15 10:00AM -0400: You (general) went to Fire TV release event and walked out with a device. Which you reviewed/covered/reported on. OK, yes. We get review hardware and software all the time. You went to game event …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 10:03AM -0400: The past two years I’ve ended up just piling all the swag up and giving it away in our annual charity drive. That’s what I did with the extra Vita they gave me at GDC, for instance. -KO

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 15 10:03AM -0400: If you can use the tablet to cover second-screen experiences in next-gen games — of which there are MANY — there is nothing wrong with that. Microsoft gave us a Surface Pro with the Xbox One ahead …more

Michael Futter <> Apr 15 10:07AM -0400: Then that should be coming from the manufacturer. “Here’s a Kindle Fire so you can review games on our store.” or “Here’s our Nexus 7 that you can review and use for Android versions of …more

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 15 10:18AM -0400: If Microsoft had given us an iPad, it’d have served the same function. It’s about the function, not the manufacturer origin.

Michael Futter <> Apr 15 10:21AM -0400: I disagree. I think the intent behind providing a writer with a device absolutely matters. If there is an implicit implication that something is being provided for coverage consideration (mice, …more

Susan Arendt <> Apr 15 07:23AM -0700: Look, I understand ethical lines, but if they had given out a dog at the end of that event, screw y’all, I would’ve kept it. And put a little Watch Dogs t-shirt on it and taken pictures with it. …more

Michael Futter <> Apr 15 10:25AM -0400: I need a therapy dog, because I miss you all terribly after PAX East. …more

Kevin Kelly <> Apr 15 07:26AM -0700: Or a dog wearing a watch. Because wow, what a missed opportunity. …more

Max Parker <> Apr 15 10:27AM -0400: Yeah, this is venturing into ethically shaky ground. If it looks like a gift, it’s a gift. But I don’t see the problem with never opening said gift, and using it for giveaway/charity purposes. …more

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 15 10:28AM -0400: I just realized there probably won’t be any dogs in Watch Dogs and now I’m deeply, deeply sad. Per the intent argument, Michael: Who cares what Ubi’s intent was? What matters is how the writer …more

Michael Futter <> Apr 15 10:29AM -0400: You didn’t get the legit question about reviewers getting paid for scores at a PAX East panel… …more

Ben Kuchera <> Apr 15 09:30AM -0500: 1) You don’t have to take anything. 2) You have the opportunity to report on anything offered and explain the situation, whether or not you take it. 3) You can take it and do something good with …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 15 10:30AM -0400: I was going to stay out of this, but I have to say… as much as my ethical core would shriek in protest, I’d have a hard time saying no to a gift dog. Let’s hope PR doesn’t figure that out. …more

Julian Murdoch <> Apr 15 10:32AM -0400: Number 6, for anyone salaried at an outlet, is an absolute must. It’s *much* shakier for freelancers. I agree with Ben’s points here though. Is a tablet a gift, but a paid trip to Europe for an …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 10:47AM -0400: Ben sums things up pretty well. There’s an argument that other people doing ethically suspect things impinges on the reputation of all of us, but that’s a heavy lift. Everyone has their own line …more

Susan Arendt <> Apr 15 08:00AM -0700: #5 on Ben’s list is fact, as was recently illustrated by that question at Futter’s panel. The people who think we’re paid off will always think we’re paid off, no matter how many gifts we turn …more

Michael Futter <> Apr 15 11:02AM -0400: What about an aisle seat? And a hoodie? …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 11:07AM -0400: While I agree with that generally, I don’t think ‘They’re gonna think we’re corrupt anyway’ is a really good blanket position to take as far as these kinds of ethical issues. Even if the fanboys are …more

Susan Arendt <> Apr 15 08:11AM -0700: Hmm. Depends on the hoodie. Aisle seat is pretty compelling, though. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 15 11:13AM -0400: Window or GTFO. Give me uninterrupted sleep or give me death. …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 11:15AM -0400: “Final score: 9/10 — the game is a masterpiece but the guy next to me on the junket flight was loud and smelled bad.”

Michael Futter <> Apr 15 11:22AM -0400: Now, did you take a point away or give the game 9 points from 0? Do you start at 5 and then add/subtract? These are important questions! …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 15 11:27AM -0400: I start at 5 if I feel I’ve been treated appropriately at preview events. Points are docked off that number for offenses like coach seating, missed or unsatisfying meals, hotel rooms that cost less …more

Jason Schreier <> Apr 15 11:31AM -0400: Seems like a lot of the people who were there are tweeting that they *didn’t* take the tablet. Do we know if any professionals actually did? …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 11:36AM -0400: The guys cited in the NeoGAF thread are paid freelancers, so I’m not sure what you mean by “professionals” Jason. -KO

Jason Schreier <> Apr 15 11:37AM -0400: Thought those people all said they didn’t keep it? What I’m asking is who took and kept the tablet. …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 11:43AM -0400: Hmm, yeah, on further examination no one in the thread actually says “I took one.” That said, I’m sure most of the people there were “professionals” in one sense or another, and that some of them …more

Dale North <> Apr 15 10:46AM -0500: I took the Watch Dogs corgi. Totally took it. Named it Roo-be-soft.

Richard Mitchell <> Apr 15 11:52AM -0400: We know, Dale. He’s been dumping your personal information on PasteBin all day.

Nick Chester <> Apr 15 09:49AM -0700: This stuff always reminds me of the Captivate Capcom did in Hawaii that I went to (I was at Dtoid, the pub covered the whole thing, I went because I wanted to deliver the coverage to our readers). …more

Kevin Kelly <> Apr 15 09:51AM -0700: Ahhhh, the UK. Reminders of the heady days of a God of War event featuring topless women and a goat corpse. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 15 12:53PM -0400: Okay, Kevin wins everything. Seriously, what in the actual fuck? Was it a real goat corpse? …more

Kevin Kelly <> Apr 15 09:57AM -0700:

Greg Tito <> Apr 15 12:56PM -0400: Interesting retraction:

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 15 09:58AM -0700: Blizzard sent me an iPad Air with Hearthstone on it. I didn’t even ask for it. It just showed up.

Kevin Kelly <> Apr 15 10:03AM -0700: For a bit of how this works from other parts of the entertainment industry, you should see how television critics get swagged to death. When Game of Thrones was launching on HBO, journos got a …more

Julian Murdoch <> Apr 15 01:05PM -0400: Does anyone else remember the dwarf-tossing catholic school girls from GoD days? Now that was something. Last E3 I went too as well. To be fair, they didn’t offer us tablets. Just too much beer in …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 01:12PM -0400: Wow, that is really interesting from the Ubisoft PR folks. Guess they are getting worried about the chatter surrounding it? -KO

Michael Futter <> Apr 15 02:49PM -0400: This post compounds the problem: “…staying in a Novotel isn’t quite as questionable as being put up in the Hilton. But I can just about square a free hotel room with my conscience – and more …more

James Fudge <> Apr 15 03:12PM -0400: Disclosure at review publish time is all that matters to me. If you are comfortable taking something worth more than $100, you should be comfortable telling your readers about it. Other than that, I …more

Michael Futter <> Apr 15 03:13PM -0400: It’s becoming increasingly important to disclose along the way. Pre-order culture being what it is, glowing previews might get someone to take the plunge (especially if they are hands-on previews …more

Jason Schreier <> Apr 15 03:15PM -0400: Can only hope that this discourages publishers from pulling this sort of stuff again, for fear of being called out all over the web. …more

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 15 02:30PM -0500: I really don’t think previews should be a thing. The entire idea of previews, pre-orders, etc. just makes me really uncomfortable. It builds into that obnoxious “hype” machine and it does everyone a …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 03:34PM -0400: I’m not a huge fan of doing previews myself, but it’s kind of ridiculous to want or expect them to stop existing altogether. The readers justifiably want information on what’s coming down the pike, …more

Michael Futter <> Apr 15 03:39PM -0400: Yeah, previews aren’t and, in my opinion, shouldn’t go away. Getting hands-on time with a game isn’t just valuable for readers, but I suspect it’s important for developers (see: The Evil …more

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 15 02:41PM -0500: I think that coverage should shift into the process of making games. Honestly if you ask ANY developer setting up playable demos for shows helps contribute to development costs, extra crunch time, …more

Michael Futter <> Apr 15 03:45PM -0400: There is a place for that, but the game industry is a business. It relies on people buying games, and as an experiential medium, our readers demand experiential coverage. There are readers that want …more

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 15 02:51PM -0500: That’s my point — in feeding that culture we contribute to that hostile, anti-consumer environment. Games really don’t have to be, and shouldn’t be $60 products. That’s a broken system. …more

Michael Zenke <> Apr 15 03:54PM -0400: While I think Russ Pitts is doing a really good job in his series on Polygon, the average process of making a game is 99.9% unpublishable. It’s either too boring or too embarrassing to put in print. …more

Michael Futter <> Apr 15 03:56PM -0400: “Games don’t have to be and shouldn’t be a $60 product” ignores the consumer demand for more content, better graphics (see: 1080p v 900p), and deeper features. Those things cost money. …more

Michael Futter <> Apr 15 03:57PM -0400: *are. You, the reader, ARE dumb… …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 03:59PM -0400:

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 15 02:59PM -0500: Perhaps I exist in a strange microcosm of humans, but most people I know don’t want early access, don’t want preview coverage. They want the personal stories of the developers that make these …more

Michael Futter <> Apr 15 04:02PM -0400: You live in a microcosm. See: GTA, CoD, Skylanders sales numbers vs Gone Home, Papers, Please, Hotline Miami figures. Indies are great. They are responsible for so much creativity and wonderful …more

Julian Murdoch <> Apr 15 04:08PM -0400: “Games don’t have to be and shouldn’t be a $60 product” Not to be “that guy” but I had an Atari in 1981. It cost $600 in 2014 dollars, and the games cost about $60 in 2014 dollars. …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 04:10PM -0400: Yeah, this is all getting a bit off topic. If you want to debate the trajectory of the entire video game industry vis a vis pricing and game types, take it outside. If you want to talk about the …more

Unwinnable relaunching as subscription driven weekly digital magazine

Kyle Orland <> Apr 14 06:45PM -0400: Looks like it’s gonna need a big push in the last few hours to geto ver that $35K mark, unfortunately. -KO

Andy Eddy <> Apr 14 04:25PM -0700: Lots of folks say they want it and will support it, but surely not enough are. Too bad..

Jason Venter <> Apr 14 06:20PM -0700: Look at the talent involved, and the (I say) very reasonable budget requested to keep that talent writing regularly for the intended publication. Given its failure to build steam a lot more …more

Andy Eddy <> Apr 15 01:52AM -0700: I’m also concerned about a saturation point for Kickstarter/crowdfunding. There have been a lot of gaming projects, and a number of notable failures–and the Oculus/FB bruhaha–so people might be …more

Kevin Kelly <> Apr 15 01:59AM -0700: I, personally, am definitely suffering from Kickstarter burnout. I’ve funded a lot of different projects, and a lot of the “perks” have been coming in lately. In some cases, I’ve actually thought …more

Andrew Groen <> Apr 15 08:47AM -0700: I wouldn’t count them out just yet. They rallied from about $12K to $25K in just the last 4 days or so, if memory serves. Lots of Kickstarters look tough until the very end. Statistically, …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 11:51AM -0400: It has picked up in recent days, but it’s gonna need to pick up more in the final hours to get over the line… Aside: Why aren’t …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 11:59AM -0400: Also, if you guys haven’t read Stu’s personal essay on the whole Kickstarter process from a few days ago, take a few minutes. It’s a very good and honest piece. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 15 12:00PM -0400: +1 to that. Great read right there. I’m definitely pulling for those guys. It’s a whole bunch of good people delivering great, thoughtful work that doesn’t stick to the usual patterns of GAMEZ …more

Jason Venter <> Apr 15 10:42AM -0700: I tried twice to raise money through Kickstarter, and both times I clearly asked for too much. I didn’t simply fail miserably. I failed so miserably that you’d swear someone hired me as an expert …more

James Fudge <> Apr 15 01:56PM -0400: There’s still 52 hours left. If people who want them to succeed wrote about it today maybe it could hit its goal (it’s currently a little over $9k shy of its goal).

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  • Unwinnable relaunching as subscription driven weekly digital magazine [8 Updates]
  • Steam data [11 Updates]
  • Tablets for journos at Watch Dogs preview event? [1 Update]

Unwinnable relaunching as subscription driven weekly digital magazine

Kevin Kelly <> Apr 16 12:35PM -0700: In some good news, they will totally hit their goal. Huzzah! …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 16 03:36PM -0400: Wow, what a pickup in the last two days. It’s still gonna be close though:

James Fudge <> Apr 16 03:40PM -0400: They did a marathon which I sat in on overnight. This became a thing

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 16 02:40PM -0500: As someone in the video for this KS, I must say I’m pretty jazzed. …more

Kevin Kelly <> Apr 16 12:41PM -0700: $1700 with 26 hours to go? I think they’ll do that pretty easily. …more

Garrett Martin <> Apr 16 03:42PM -0400: and they’ve already made a few thousand today alone. I think they can hit it by dinnertime.
Kyle Orland <> Apr 16 03:52PM -0400: Yeah, it looks like Kicktraq isn’t taking into account the velocity of the last few days. Great to see! -KO

Jason Venter <> Apr 16 01:49PM -0700: I’m relieved to see that it should make the target. I’m always pleased when there’s a way for another quality publication to survive and perhaps thrive on the scene.

Steam data

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 16 10:46AM -0400: Kyle may not share this here, but someone should: I think most of us have probably read it by …more

Mark Burnham <> Apr 16 07:53AM -0700: Awesome work, Kyle.

Kyle Orland <> Apr 16 11:00AM -0400: Thanks guys. Adam, you should have known what I was up to as soon as I asked about movie reporting. It was SO OBVIOUS! Now that it’s out there, I actually want to ask you guys your thoughts …more

Michael Futter <> Apr 16 11:03AM -0400: Do not give away the raw data. You’ve detailed your methodology, you’ve provided aggregation, others can replicate should they choose. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 16 11:13AM -0400: Yeah, I agree with Futter. You’ve already pledged in the post to be open about sharing the data, but you’re going to build Ars content around it. Maybe you can open the “floor” to reader suggestions …more

Michael Zenke <> Apr 16 11:12AM -0400: I definitely agree you shouldn’t give up your data, Kyle. Are you willing to talk about process at all, though? I know personally and anecdotally there are sometimes discrepancies between how much …more

Harold Goldberg <> Apr 16 11:16AM -0400: This is brilliant work, Kyle. Big thanks, man. I’d also suggest that you don’t give up the data.

Kyle Orland <> Apr 16 11:16AM -0400: The process is laid out in the piece in a pretty detailed manner. If you have a specific question about the process that’s not addressed there, I’d be happy to try and answer. A lot of people …more

Patrick Klepek <> Apr 16 10:20AM -0500: Yeah, my data on Steam is completely off on a bunch of games. It stopped recording my dozens of hours with Binding of Isaac after, I dunno, 60 minutes? But it’s mostly accurate. …more

Michael Zenke <> Apr 16 11:20AM -0400: Cool beans, sir. A totally valid approach. Thanks for putting it out there. 🙂 …more

Scott Nichols <> Apr 16 10:01AM -0700: This is really cool, though I share the concerns that any analysis of the data is a little moot due to Steam’s imperfect record keeping for anything other than the number of copies of a game that …more

Tablets for journos at Watch Dogs preview event?

Jared Newman <> Apr 15 02:47PM -0700: One thing Ben K. didn’t mention (especially for freelancers who can’t put together giveaways): You can send hardware back when you’re done. Most PR folks will provide you with a FedEx shipping …more

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  • Steam data [2 Updates]
  • Unwinnable relaunching as subscription driven weekly digital magazine [4 Updates]
  • Tablets for journos at Watch Dogs preview event? [1 Update]

Steam data

Kyle Orland <> Apr 16 08:33PM -0400: For everyone’s info, I posted a pretty important update addressing some concerns since last night’s publication and expanding the “most played” list to the top 100. …more

Jason Venter <> Apr 16 08:24PM -0700: I don’t have anything helpful to add to this discussion, Kyle, but I find it all VERY interesting and I think you’re doing a great job with it and taking it seriously. Thank you! …more

Unwinnable relaunching as subscription driven weekly digital magazine

Kevin Kelly <> Apr 16 02:47PM -0700: Are you eating? They did it!

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 16 04:46PM -0500: Just broke it’s goal. Sitting at $35,040. Great day. …more

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 16 04:47PM -0500: And then I misspell its. MY LIFE IS OVER. …more

Andy Eddy <> Apr 16 05:11PM -0700: Great for Unwinnable. Hope that enables them to do some sharp content. Regarding the misspell, I’ll say something I’ve said before: It amazes me how much tech Google has put into some of its …more

Tablets for journos at Watch Dogs preview event?

Andy Eddy <> Apr 16 05:06PM -0700: A couple of notes: On Tuesday, April 15, 2014 7:30:41 AM UTC-7, Ben Kuchera wrote: > 3) You can take it and do something good with it, be it a giveaway or > donation I was at IGN when EA …more

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  • Who’s playing Hearthstone? [9 Updates]

Who’s playing Hearthstone?

Jason Schreier <> Apr 20 07:00PM -0400: LET’S GO …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 20 07:28PM -0400: My magic will tear you apart

Joseph Leray <> Apr 20 06:50PM -0500:!

jorge jimenez <> Apr 20 11:40PM -0400: bring it!

Greg Tito <> Apr 21 10:23AM -0400: Go easy on me, I haven’t monetized!

Jonathan Deesing <> Apr 21 08:36AM -0700:

Jason Wilson <> Apr 21 08:43AM -0700: …more

Jonathan Ross <> Apr 21 08:44AM -0700: …more

Jason Fanelli <> Apr 21 02:25PM -0400: I JUST finished the tutorial, so look here for easy wins.

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  • Who’s playing Hearthstone? [4 Updates]

 Who’s playing Hearthstone?

Mitch Dyer <> Apr 21 02:48PM -0700: MitchyD#1921

Brandon Cackowski-Schnell <> Apr 21 03:11PM -0700: MisterBinky#1942 or Based on what I’ve read, the fact that I don’t have en encyclopedic knowledge of every card means that I’m doomed to a life of failure and …more

Britton Peele <> Apr 22 11:27AM -0500: *—*

Kevin Kelly <> Apr 22 01:05PM -0700:, but like some of the others I haven’t played a ton since the beta. If you need a practice dummy, I’m your dummy. …more

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  • Big changes at OXM? [2 Updates]
  • Steam data [4 Updates]

Big changes at OXM?

Kyle Orland <> Apr 23 02:43PM -0400: “Had “farewell OXM” drinks last night with as many current & previous staffers as we could gather. Proud to be part of that family.” …more

Andy Eddy <> Apr 23 12:37PM -0700: I believe that was connected to Future’s last round of layoffs, that the UK staff will be handling OXM magazine/website moving forward. It was just on a delayed basis, I’m guessing so that they …more

Steam data

Kyle Orland <> Apr 23 10:56AM -0400: For everyone’s info., a follow-up linking the sales estimates to Metacritic scores,which should be of particular interest to this group: …more

Mike Wehner <> Apr 23 10:10AM -0500: The amount of work you’re putting into this is really admirable, Kyle. I think the sales/rating comparisons are pretty striking, and it LOOKS like, in general, the sales follow what we’d expect from …more

James Fudge <> Apr 23 11:15AM -0400: Great work as always Kyle. I wonder how much user ratings on Steam play a role in sales. Personally, I never read look at the Metacritic score before buying a game on Steam, but I do read what other …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 23 11:25AM -0400: I’d love to analyze user ratings as well, but that would take a lot more scraping and data crunching than just using one number from Metacritic. Maybe in the future. And yeah, it’s impossible to …more

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  • Another cool GJPer Kickstarter [12 Updates]
  • Big changes at OXM? [1 Update]

Another cool GJPer Kickstarter

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 24 12:18PM -0400: Love this, Andrew. I’m really excited to see the final product. Anything that parses EVE Online in a …more

Ben Kuchera <> Apr 24 11:19AM -0500: I backed, just because Andrew is so good at making this big games human and interesting. I’m biased, but I think the eSports and EVE coverage he did with PAR was amazing. This is going to be good. …more

Jason Wilson <> Apr 24 10:01AM -0700: I loved Andrew’s “The Science of” series while I was at GamePro. Heck, I’d Kickstart a book about that, Andrew!  (And good luck, buddy.) …more

James Fudge <> Apr 24 01:03PM -0400: Another worthy cause worth backing, and the Machiavellian goings-on in EVE are fascinating.

Jared Newman <> Apr 24 12:33PM -0700: Not even a day in, and already more than halfway there. This one’s got legs! (I backed it too. Go ScienceGroen!)

Kyle Orland <> Apr 24 03:41PM -0400: A great concept, and a great target market of both EVE players and people interested in EVE but scared off by its intricacies. Congrats on the success so far. You should have no problem getting to …more

Ben Kuchera <> Apr 24 02:44PM -0500: Andrew’s over halfway within hours. This campaign is smart as hell: Great subject with a ton of interest, dedicated fanbase that will spread your message, goal that gives you a good budget but isn’t …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 24 03:44PM -0400: Kyle, you basically just committed to paying the difference if Andrew’s campaign falls short. On behalf of all the backers out there, thank you. …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 24 03:45PM -0400: See also: Looks like it stopped the print edition in late 2012, but that’s a pretty good run for a magazine about a single game universe! I remember getting an …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 24 03:46PM -0400: C’mon Ben. You’re not even a LITTLE disappointed that you can’t spend an extra $10 for a T-shirt with Groen’s Twitter avatar plastered across it? …more

Ben Kuchera <> Apr 24 02:53PM -0500: Why would I need another one?

Kevin Kelly <> Apr 24 01:46PM -0700: I’d actually love to see an iPad/tablet version of this with extra features as a possible stretch goal. Happy to support it!

Big changes at OXM?

Andrew Hayward <> Apr 23 04:47PM -0700: Yeah. Been a contributor for six years, the last five of which my writing was in every issue but one (was busy getting married that month), if I recall correctly. Pretty crushed by this, and sad …more

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  • Nintendo doesn’t let indie games chief talk to Gamasutra [14 Updates]
  • Another cool GJPer Kickstarter [6 Updates]

Nintendo doesn’t let indie games chief talk to Gamasutra

Kyle Orland <> Apr 25 09:36AM -0400: Not even for a self-described “fluffy” piece, even: Key quote: “I don’t blame Adelman. …more

Michael Futter <> Apr 25 09:38AM -0400: Sony, while located in Japan, has a huge stake in Europe. Andy House, the European ExDev team, etc. Not making excuses for Nintendo here, because I agree, this is simply baffling. This was a good …more

Mike Wehner <> Apr 25 09:12AM -0500: Hasn’t this sort of been a pattern with Nintendo for a while now? I mean the whole disconnect between the company and the people who make content for their systems? It’s always been super weird to …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 25 10:13AM -0400: No, just the latest illustration of a long-standing issue. -KO

Mike Wehner <> Apr 25 09:25AM -0500: As far as not being allowed to talk to Gamasutra, this kind of fits with my feeling that, for a while now, Nintendo as a corporate entity doesn’t trust journalism in general. I feel like ever since …more

Michael Futter <> Apr 25 10:27AM -0400: Mike, I think you summed it up perfectly. Unfortunately for Nintendo, *we* aren’t the company’s biggest problem. …more

Richard Mitchell <> Apr 25 09:35AM -0500: Maybe I don’t have a broad picture of game journalism in general, but I feel like the reception of the Wii U was mostly positive. I know that Joystiq certainly looked forward to the possibilities. …more

Mike Wehner <> Apr 25 09:44AM -0500: Richard, I totally agree. I don’t think anyone (or at least the vast majority) was unnecessarily harsh regarding the Wii U early on, I just get the vibe that Nintendo’s attitude is “Whatever they’re …more

Harold Goldberg <> Apr 25 11:02AM -0400: Sounds corny, but money changes everything, right?  When your total net income is 1/5 of what you made in 2004 (which was pre-Wii), you not only become wary, you become a somewhat paranoid. …more

Jared Newman <> Apr 25 09:48AM -0700: The idea of Nintendo wanting to tightly control its messaging dates as far back as Nintendo Power, and Nintendo Direct is just the next manifestation of that. But, I’d be interested to hear of …more

Harold Goldberg <> Apr 25 12:56PM -0400: I get the constant pitching for The New York Times, Boys’ Life and even for Playboy magazine. I told what I think is the same person at lunch a couple of days ago that N. needs to be more open with …more

Jared Newman <> Apr 25 10:11AM -0700: Harold, I just want to say that I really enjoy how your posts are like beautiful free-form poems.

Harold Goldberg <> Apr 25 01:29PM -0400: Thanks, man. There was a time when I considered myself one, well, almost.

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 25 12:53PM -0500: I don’t know that there’s an industry out there that has such a paranoid PR system. Game publishers and developers are terrified of letting anyone talk about anything, and that’s one of the worst …more

Another cool GJPer Kickstarter

Andrew Groen <> Apr 24 02:24PM -0700: I can’t thank you folks enough for your kind words. Really means a lot coming from the pros on this list. It’s been a hell of a day. I always had confidence in this project, but not …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 24 05:30PM -0400: Can we see the original video? I’d completely understand if you don’t want to share it, but I for one would love to see what it was like earlier in the process. -KO

James Fudge <> Apr 24 05:30PM -0400: You may very well hit your goal by tomorrow (or sooner). Wild man.

James Fudge <> Apr 24 07:19PM -0400: almost already funded BTW $44 left

Kyle Orland <> Apr 24 07:26PM -0400: aaaaaand funded. Guess I didn’t jinx it! -KO

Andy Eddy <> Apr 25 02:33AM -0700: Big congrats on hitting the goal, Andrew…and then some. I was hesitating Kickstarter’ing a project I want to do, because I thought game-related writing was saturating on KS, but if a book about …more

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  • Another cool GJPer Kickstarter [1 Update]

Another cool GJPer Kickstarter

Danielle Riendeau <> Apr 25 09:32PM -0700: Andrew, Huge congrats! Over 2x your goal in what, two days? Masterful campaign, and I’m looking forward to reading the final project! …more

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  • Print is dead… [16 Updates]

Print is dead…

Kyle Orland <> Apr 29 02:46PM -0400: …but some people REALLY don’t want it to be Brings up something I was wondering aloud …more

Michael Futter <> Apr 29 02:46PM -0400: Emailing from beyond the grave. …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 29 02:48PM -0400: I was really focusing in particular on newspapers, not magazines, with this thread, but even still I think you’d have to admit that Game Informer has been the exception to the rule in the last …more

Jason Fanelli <> Apr 29 02:50PM -0400: I went to J school from 2005-2009, and we weren’t required to have any subscription at all. Weird since making us Temple students subscribe to the Philly Inquirer might have helped the local paper …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 29 02:51PM -0400: The Inquirer needs more help than that… (spoken as someone who reads it at my in-laws whenever we visit. They will be the very last subscribers to that paper, whenever the 2nd-to-last finally give …more

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 29 01:55PM -0500: I graduated really recently, and we just… had access to everything. As part of the program we could get subscriptions to most major publications, though getting your hands on the print version of …more

Britton Peele <> Apr 29 02:17PM -0500: E-mailing from beyond the grave ;P Obviously it doesn’t look good for the industry as a whole, but I remain optimistic about where I am, specifically. Most of the country’s bigger …more

Jason Wilson <> Apr 29 12:23PM -0700: When I was in school in the mid-1990s, my program split between a future beyond print and print. The bickering between the professors was so contentious that the provost got fed up, shut down the …more

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 29 03:25PM -0400: Mr. Fanelli and myself actually attended the same j-school at the same time. The only thing I wanted to add was that Temple did an excellent job of preparing us for digital media. There was no …more

James Fudge <> Apr 29 03:28PM -0400: ouch.

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 29 03:29PM -0400: In related news, PHILLLAYYYYYYYYY WOOOOOOOO

Jason Fanelli <> Apr 29 03:31PM -0400: Indeed, everything Ben said is right on, particularly the “PHILLLAAAAAYYYY WOOOOOO” bit.

Kyle Orland <> Apr 29 03:32PM -0400: I don’t doubt that many newspaper brands will continue to be strong on the Internet, and that a few really venerable papers will probably still be around on dead trees in 20 years even, though I …more

Christopher Grant <> Apr 29 03:42PM -0400: I agree w/ this part. …more

Michael Rougeau <> Apr 29 01:26PM -0700: I majored in journalism at Northeastern University from 2007 to 2011. There was no contentious divide among professors, and we were taught all sides of journalism, both dying and emerging. …more

Jared Newman <> Apr 29 01:41PM -0700: J-School from 2005 to 2006. We had to subscribe to the Times, and our basic reporting/writing professor would give us pop quizzes on the news (both national and metro sections). …more

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  • Print is dead… [40 Updates]
  • Part-time freelance work at Wired Game|Life [1 Update]
  • Dudeman Fakename [4 Updates]
  • Nintendo doesn’t let indie games chief talk to Gamasutra [22 Updates]
  • Pay Me for Words [3 Updates]

Print is dead…

Susan Arendt <> Apr 29 02:43PM -0700: I am pondering flying up to Philly just to get a proper cheesesteak. No, I am not kidding. …more

Andy Eddy <> Apr 29 06:56PM -0700: If you go, would you mind FedEx’ing me one? Or maybe any GJP member who’s now in PR could do a junket in Philly and do a cheesesteak dinner. (Yes, Nick, I’m expecting you to do this…)

Jason Fanelli <> Apr 29 10:16PM -0400: If there’s ever an PR event in Philly, I’ll gladly host a GJP Cheesesteak Night. My house is one exit away from Philly International Airport, easy to get to.

Kyle Orland <> Apr 29 11:03PM -0400: Pat’s or Geno’s? -KO

Jared Newman <> Apr 30 06:31AM -0700: I think we’ve had this conversation before. The real Philly folks always name some other place I’ve never heard of.

Sarah LeBoeuf <> Apr 30 09:38AM -0400: Seriously, don’t ever go to Pat’s or Geno’s.

Mike Wehner <> Apr 30 08:40AM -0500: I’ve decided I’m never going to Philly because if I ever eat a “real” cheesesteak, I’ll never be able to eat the ones I get from my local Arbys and be satisfied. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 30 09:41AM -0400: My go-to has always been Jim’s Steaks on South St, a block away from the TLA. I don’t know if that’s a local favorite or not, but it’s definitely delicious. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 30 09:41AM -0400: Also: this is the best thread hijack ever. …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 30 09:43AM -0400: There’s a place called Lee’s Hoagies by my in-laws that makes a mean cheese steak. -KO

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 30 09:43AM -0400: It’s Jim’s. Adam’s right. Pat’s and Geno’s are nightmare fuel.

Jason Fanelli <> Apr 30 09:43AM -0400: Jim’s is easily my favorite, and now they’re out in the suburbs too. Don’t even have to go downtown to get it, which is wonderful. As a matter of fact, I know what’s for dinner tonight… …more

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 30 09:44AM -0400: The EVEN REALER answer is, “When you live there, you find a deli/pizza shop that does them exactly the way you like and you never go to Jim’s/Pat’s/Geno’s unless friends are visiting from out of …more

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 30 09:45AM -0400: (Also, someone’s gonna bring up Tony Luke’s. So here I am, doing that.)

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 30 09:47AM -0400: “Drunk on South St.” describes most of my visits to Philly, Ben. Hence the Jim’s loyalty. …more

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 30 09:48AM -0400: Keep the Jim’s loyalty! They make delicious cheesesteaks! It’s just expensive/out of the way for most folks who live there.

Sarah LeBoeuf <> Apr 30 09:49AM -0400: It’s true, just about every local place makes great cheesesteaks. I used to live a stone’s throw from Pat’s and Geno’s (that dirty little street between them, across from the car repair shop) and we …more

Jared Newman <> Apr 30 06:52AM -0700: This happened to me with going to Austin and having barbecue from the legends. Even eating Jewish brisket is hard now.

Michael Zenke <> Apr 30 09:56AM -0400: See, now you’ve opened another thread. When you say “the legends”, where are you talking about? I know I’m a plebe in this regard, but good old Rudy’s ended up being my favorite even after …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 30 09:59AM -0400: Two words: (The) Salt Lick. Next up: GameJournoFoodies Google group. …more

Susan Arendt <> Apr 30 07:02AM -0700: The correct answer to the cheesesteak question is “whatever pizza shop was up the street from your house.” …more

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 30 10:03AM -0400: I basically always want a cheesesteak. And yeah, Geno’s also has a shitty racist idiot owner: Also, Dinic’s brisket sandwich in …more

Harold Goldberg <> Apr 30 10:07AM -0400: You folks need to go to Buffalo and have a Beef on Weck. Seriously.

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 30 10:10AM -0400: That looks *goddamn delicious*, Harold.

Harold Goldberg <> Apr 30 10:13AM -0400: Thanks, Ben. It’s so delicious, I once wrote a semi-poetic ode to the beef on weck.

Jason Fanelli <> Apr 30 10:18AM -0400: I can attest to the beef on weck. WAs in Buffalo in 2011, one damn good sandwich. Seriously, sandwich podcast, call it Wiz Wit (assuming it’d be all Philly guys)  

Jared Newman <> Apr 30 07:56AM -0700: I thought Salt Lick is where all the tourists end up. The brisket they had at the airport actually looked decent, though. We went to Franklin and J. Mueller. Not sure I could do the four-hour …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 30 10:57AM -0400: It might be, Jared. But it’s delicious too. Gilbert. Make this podcast happen. …more

Christopher Grant <> Apr 30 10:58AM -0400: Real talk, the best cheesesteak in Philly is at John’s Roast Pork, they’re only open until three, mostly cater to stevedores, and it’s on the side of an industrial road in South Philly and it …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 30 11:00AM -0400: Grant, you’re the second person today to recommend John’s Roast Pork. Another Philly native too. Sounds like that’s where I’m going the next time I’m down there. …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 30 11:02AM -0400: I had to look up who Steve Dores was. -KO

Jared Newman <> Apr 30 08:18AM -0700: i learned a new word today

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 30 11:20AM -0400: Haven’t you guys watched season two of The Wire? …more

James Fudge <> Apr 30 11:54AM -0400: Print may or may not be dead but the Philly Cheese Steak will live 4 EVER.

Jason Wilson <> Apr 30 09:19AM -0700: In San Francisco? Go get salt-and-pepper crab at R&G Lounge. Best crab in the city. …more

Andy Eddy <> Apr 30 11:40AM -0700: I think I saw a press conference yesterday where that guy was banned from his own restaurant or from taking Instagrams or something. BTW, if you’re ever at EA or around the area, there’s a really …more

Jason Venter <> Apr 30 03:15PM -0700: No lie: this thread got me craving cheesesteak. I’ve never had a “real” one, but last night my wife and I went to Nana’s Irish Pub–which serves EXCELLENT food–and I ordered a cheesesteak. …more

Jason Fanelli <> Apr 30 06:41PM -0400: You did this to me, GJP.

Jared Newman <> Apr 30 03:50PM -0700: Yep, I was Yelping an hour ago to see if a decent steak could be had in Cinci. Striking out here.

Andy Eddy <> Apr 30 04:09PM -0700: Everybody remember to send Kyle 10% of any cheesesteaks you buy.

Part-time freelance work at Wired Game|Life

Kyle Orland <> Apr 30 03:13PM -0400:

Dudeman Fakename

Kyle Orland <> Apr 29 09:12PM -0400: The most incredible troll I think I’ve ever seen. Has been serial harassing a number of journos (and former journos) on Twitter with the same repeated …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 29 09:14PM -0400: Apparently he’s also mad at people who like Agents of Shield and who don’t like Muramasa, among other things. The amount of dedication put into these tweets is fucking terrifying. -KO …more

Mike Wehner <> Apr 29 08:38PM -0500: Clearly one of those bright folks who doesn’t understand that “Block” makes him completely disappear. Oh well, he can waste his time any way he wants to, I suppose. …more

Christopher Grant <> Apr 30 10:53AM -0400: A good, solid pre-emptive block. Thanks, KO. …more

Nintendo doesn’t let indie games chief talk to Gamasutra

Mike Wehner <> Apr 30 08:29AM -0500: I had to laugh when I saw this pop up in my feed today. Random 36-minute direct-to-consumer promo video with new news (bundle, features) just pops up from Nintendo out of nowhere. It’s almost like …more

Jason Schreier <> Apr 30 09:32AM -0400: Anything that frees us up from the nonsense of video game previews is OK by me! …more

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 30 09:42AM -0400: I’d normally be right with Jason on this, but if the end of game previews means direct-to-consumer marketing, I totally disagree.

Jason Schreier <> Apr 30 09:44AM -0400: Why? That sort of marketing supplements our coverage. Doesn’t replace it. …more

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 30 09:46AM -0400: Because I don’t want to directly feed readers a marketing video, and I’d rather try to supply actually useful information based on time with the game.

Mike Wehner <> Apr 30 08:47AM -0500: It’s an interesting argument, really. If the video amounts to a 30-minute ad (and I’m not saying this particular one does, but it could be seen that way) will outlets eventually just stop covering …more

Michael Futter <> Apr 30 09:47AM -0400: Given the reactions to Destiny from players who previewed it vs the unstoppable force of the Activision/Bungie marketing machine, it’s hard to believe that world without previews is better for …more

Jason Schreier <> Apr 30 09:52AM -0400: Realistically, a written preview of any video game is never going to be as useful to readers as direct footage. Why bother? It’s not like it’s helpful to tell readers whether a vertical slice was …more

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 30 09:54AM -0400: Man, I think you’re totally wrong. Vertical slice or no, previews are the only chance readers have to have an actually critical eye applied to the marketing firehose that is game announce/release …more

Mike Wehner <> Apr 30 08:54AM -0500: But if that video is the exact opposite of objective, doesn’t that defeat the point? I’m not saying a small vertical slice is useful or not, but a video made to essentially sell the game can’t …more

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 30 09:55AM -0400: The vertical slice your argument leans so heavily on supposes that every developer spends lots of time perfecting a deceptive slice of gameplay, rather than just showing a portion of a game. …more

Jason Schreier <> Apr 30 09:56AM -0400: That’s what reviews are for. Why does anyone need to know whether a video game is “shaping up well” four months before release? …more

Mike Wehner <> Apr 30 08:57AM -0500: Because retailers start taking pre-orders for exclusive content and creepy retailer-only bonuses even earlier than that. That’s why. …more

Jason Schreier <> Apr 30 09:58AM -0400: Yeah, I try to regularly tell readers not to pre-order games. Maybe if preview culture died, pre-order culture would die with it. …more

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 30 09:58AM -0400: Are you seriously saying you’ve never read preview coverage? I wanna know how Smash Bros. is shaping up because I’VE BEEN PLAYING IT FOR 20 YEARS.

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 30 09:59AM -0400: I don’t give a fuck about pre-orders and I never pre-orders games. There are games I’m excited about and I want to read about and I don’t want to watch marketing. I’m baffled that you don’t …more

Jason Schreier <> Apr 30 10:00AM -0400: Right, and the Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct was exponentially more interesting and useful than any written preview on a video game site would have been, don’t you think? …more

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 30 10:01AM -0400: I don’t, no. In the case of something like Smash, I wanna read the nerdiest, most granular shit out there. I do want to hear what Sakurai has to say, but I care much more about non-Nintendo …more

Jason Schreier <> Apr 30 10:11AM -0400: Think of this as replacing “hands-off” previews, then. …more

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 30 10:13AM -0400: That’s fine. Look, I think you’re saying, “Game writers should be more selective in what they write up as preview coverage.” That I can get down with. Abolishing all coverage of games in unfinished …more

Jason Schreier <> Apr 30 10:16AM -0400: I’m saying that the idea of a “preview” as we know it is evolving (partially thanks to companies speaking directly to their fans), and I imagine those changes will lead to better coverage all …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 30 10:18AM -0400: So there’s two different facets to the Nintendo Directs. One is they have news value: We as the press tend to mention them to the extent that they reveal new interesting features of Smash Bros., or …more

Pay Me for Words

Kyle Orland <> Apr 29 08:35PM -0400: Maintained by the talented Cassandra Khaw, probably of interest to members of this group.

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 29 08:36PM -0400: BEWARE: Cassandra is super smart, fun, friendly, and talented. Pay her to write!

savethekitsune <> Apr 29 06:23PM -0700: Aw, you two said nice things about me. I am being paid to write. However, if anyone has leads on extra jobs and is looking for freelancers, let me know! I’d like to a) direct people to other …more