Escape from Big Mother: Free Speech of UK in Decay

This essay series is dedicated to Kalvin Chapman. He followed my Twitter for a long while and when the United Kingdom stuff started happening, me and him got along quite well. Kalvin was looking forward to me releasing this. It breaks my heart that he took his life. I hope wherever he is now, he’s finally at peace.

Hi. Long time no see. That’s because my Twitter account, @nickmon1112, got suspended for no given reason. At the time of my removal I was working on a very important story. This one. Right here. If you need to know how to contact me, ask @TheArtAnon on Twitter for directions.

On May 6th Tommy Robinson’s Day for Freedom March is happening. I’ll be there too. In spirit. I figured the best contribution I could make is by writing something. So. Here we are.

In the case of Tim Burton, I found corruption within the Crown Prosecution Service. I recommend looking at that page first if you’re in a hurry.

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1.) Introduction

2.) Fiyaz Mughal

3.) Tommy Robinson

4.) With Friends Like These

5.) Tim Burton

6.) PREVENT or: Why the United Kingdom Never Acknowledges Anti-fa

7.) Conclusion

8.) Bonus: The Three Stooges

— I had two extra pages about Theresa May/Amber Rudd/Sadiq Kahn, and a timeline of the decline of freedom of speech in the UK planned. But for the sake of wanting to get this done before 2019 I decided to go on without them for now.

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  1. The British have doomed themselves.

  2. “The dude likes being the center of focus. The spotlight.”

    In my research over the years I have encountered some of the people who personally knew Tatchell. One of them (an immigrant and an anarchist) told me that he used to be part of the Outrage group before he moved on to international anti-capitalist/anti-globalist protests. He said that at Outrage meetings it was clear that Outrage was about Peter Tatchell and nothing else.

    Years later when I challenged Tatchell on Twitter concerning his promotion of lowering the age of consent and his claims about the sexuality of boys of the Sambia people of New Guinea, Tatchell blocked me after a few tweets. It was clear he didn’t like the fact that I’d read the anthropological texts on this tribe and he had not (in fact, I took photos of the relevant pages and highlighted them to prove to Tatchell that he had massively misrepresented what went on with these children).

    The texts show that the boys only engage in homosexuality after being taken away from their mothers (for years) and the boys are violently beaten (one could describe it even as torture) if they did not engage in homosexuality. Before Tatchell blocked me on Twitter his response was something like “well I was going off what I was told”. You’d think if someone was going to take a high-profile campaigning issue on some controversial topic like children and homosexuality that he would actually read the books on which he was basing his controversial claims. These books were published ten to twenty years before Tatchell was spouting the false version of what the books contain, so Tatchell had plenty of time to read the books to which he alluded as the academic evidence informing articles such as that above for The Guardian.

    That Tatchell blocked me in this discussion was evidence to me that his ego was fragile, even if his body has supposedly taken 300 kickings.

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