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  • It’s all our fault [4 Updates]
  • Your “what we do has no impact” moment of the day [4 Updates]
  • PlayStation Meeting [3 Updates]
  • The first (annual?) GJP console prediction contest! Enter now! [3 Updates]

It’s all our fault

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 17 06:41PM -0500: The post has been updated and a follow-up is coming.

Andrew Groen <> Feb 18 01:24PM -0800: I take back what I said. He emailed me after I commented in the thread, and yeah he’s a little crazy.

Philip Kollar <> Feb 18 01:55PM -0800: I’m…kind of curious what he said.

Matt Clark <> Feb 18 05:10PM -0500: Seconded. …more

Your “what we do has no impact” moment of the day

Kyle Orland <> Feb 18 04:11PM -0500:
Sam Machkovech <> Feb 18 01:43PM -0800: [insert “saved them in WWII” joke here]

Philip Kollar <> Feb 18 01:56PM -0800: There was never any doubt. That series is massive in the U.K.

Jason Schreier <> Feb 18 04:57PM -0500: Or maybe EGM has a very large impact?

PlayStation Meeting

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 18 09:13AM -0500: To those folks who either live in NYC or will be in town for the PS Meeting this week: anyone interested in meeting up for some delicious barbeque before the event? It’s happening at the …more

Dale North <> Feb 18 08:24AM -0800: I’d definitely be down

Matt Hawkins <> Feb 18 03:38PM -0500: I’ll definitely try to swing on by, if I can get what I need to get done in time. For whatever reason alone, two different parties brought up Hill Country this past weekend alone. And in both …more

The first (annual?) GJP console prediction contest! Enter now!

Matt Matthews <> Feb 17 03:31PM -0800: Just looking over the first few questions, I don’t see how I can answer. I expect Microsoft’s next hardware to be a multi-purpose device that will be sold/bundled directly by cable companies. …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 17 08:55PM -0500: If that happens, the pricing question may well be rendered moot, and everyone gets a push. It shouldn’t affect the other questions much. In any case, if you’re very unsure just put a single point on …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 18 09:52AM -0500:  Bumping this up for people who missed it over the weekend. We’ve already got four entries, showing a surprising diversity of opinion on some fundamental questions. The more entrie we get, the more …more

    Today’s Topic Summary


  • PlayStation Meeting [19 Updates]
  • It’s all our fault [1 Update]
  • Did Uplay just turn into Origin/Steam? [2 Updates]
  • Crysis 3 unlock issues [10 Updates]
  • Your “what we do has no impact” moment of the day [1 Update]

PlayStation Meeting

Andy Eddy <> Feb 18 06:55PM -0800: I can’t see having ribs before the Sony thing (maybe I just have too much potential to be a slob…), and I might be having a late lunch with a  friend a few hours before, but I’ll try to meet up …more

Dale North <> Feb 19 08:28AM -0800: Andy has a point — ribs does sound kind of nasty before work. Hmm. Well, that’s a selling point for me

Kyle Orland <> Feb 19 11:31AM -0500: Did Sony send out a specific location for this yet? If so, both me and my local NYC editor who’s covering totally missed it. If not… what the hell are they waiting for?  -KO

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 19 11:31AM -0500: Gilbert asked me if I’m on drugs for suggesting BBQ before a major work event. I should point out that they also have various sausages, brisket, chicken, and pork. Plus an assortment of filling …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 19 11:31AM -0500: Got you covered, Kyle. Check your email in 3… 2… …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 19 11:32AM -0500: Good news! I make enough Gazpacho for everyone! -KO

Dale North <> Feb 19 09:14AM -0800: I’m not scared of some BBQ. Psssssh. I’m going to give Shuhei Yoshida a saucy handed handshake! …more

Garrett Martin <> Feb 19 12:25PM -0500: Yeah forget the ribs and get some pulled pork. Less messy and it’s what every BBQ joint should be judged by anyway. But I won’t be anywhere near New York tomorrow so I’ll just back out of …more

Susan Arendt <> Feb 19 09:54AM -0800: Given the timing of this event and the length, are we sure Sony isn’t planning on feeding us?

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 19 12:59PM -0500: They didn’t say one way or another. Hammerstein is a HUGE space though, and if Forbes’ figure of 1,200 in attendance is accurate then there’s going to be a lot of extra real estate to work with. …more

Samit Sarkar <> Feb 19 02:41PM -0500: I’ll be covering this from home, but… how long is the thing supposed to go, anyway? -Samit

Kevin Kelly <> Feb 19 11:43AM -0800: 37 HOURS. …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 19 02:44PM -0500: I’ve heard two hours, but I’m not sure if that includes the developer roundtable thing or not. -KO

Samit Sarkar <> Feb 19 02:46PM -0500: Looks like I won’t be leaving my desk between 9 am and 9 pm tomorrow, except for lunch!  -Samit

Jason Schreier <> Feb 19 02:54PM -0500:   I’m in the same boat, Samit, if it makes you feel any better. We’re ordering a pizza! …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 19 02:58PM -0500: Is there an “official” streaming solution for this thing? I know sites like IGN and I think Gamespot are planning to stream, but… I’d rather not rely on ’em to follow along. -KO

Samit Sarkar <> Feb 19 02:58PM -0500: Yeah, I wasn’t saying it to complain or anything — events like these come around, like, twice in a decade, tops, and I’m excited. I think most people reading this are in similar circumstances! …more

Patrick Klepek <> Feb 19 12:05PM -0800: Yeah, Sony is streaming it themselves.

Harold Goldberg <> Feb 19 04:46PM -0500: Quick notes: the venue can fit 3200 standing and 2200 theater style. Roundtables, if you didn’t get one on one interviews, are on Thursday, as far as I know.

It’s all our fault

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 19 04:14PM -0500: The promised follow-up: …more

Did Uplay just turn into Origin/Steam?

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 19 12:58PM -0500: Now you can pre-order SimCity on Origin AND Uplay, but not Steam. Oh, EA. You rascal. …more

Samit Sarkar <> Feb 19 03:49PM -0500: /shamelessplug -Samit

Crysis 3 unlock issues

Kyle Orland <> Feb 19 12:26PM -0500: So little did I know when I requested my review copy of Crysis 3 on PC, rather than consoles, that that meant I would get an Origin code that wasn’t set to unlock until launch day (and even then …more

Britton Peele <> Feb 19 11:41AM -0600: Heck, I still haven’t received the 360 copy that *they* asked *me* if I wanted over a week ago. *—*

Alex Rubens <> Feb 19 09:42AM -0800: Same here. I got a MyUPS notification late last night saying that I had a delivery coming titled “EA/INK BOX”. Assuming it’s the 360 copy that they promised.

Max Parker <> Feb 19 12:59PM -0500: Ditto. I was told “it will probably arrive” today. My favorite is when they ask when I’ll have coverage up, but can’t tell me when a copy will arrive. …more

Greg Tito <> Feb 19 12:59PM -0500: Same thing happened to me, Kyle. I’m a bit peeved, considering there’s so many other reviews out there already.

Kyle Orland <> Feb 19 01:13PM -0500: Not getting code/disc until day of or post launch is annoying as well, but I’m more focused here on getting codes early but they simply don’t work because of Origin/Steam. There’s got to be a way to …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 19 01:17PM -0500: I can’t speak to Origin, but Steam has a solution for such issues. My Steam version of Aliens: Colonial Marines had to be activated under the Beta tab (in the game’s properties menu). …more

Britton Peele <> Feb 19 12:18PM -0600: I haven’t personally had that issue with Steam, but it’s been a big annoyance in the past with certain PS3/Vita codes. I agree that it seems like there’s no rhyme or reason to why some work early …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 19 01:21PM -0500: Ha. Just this moment, Ron sent me the reviewer pack. Thanks dood.…more

Alex Rubens <> Feb 19 10:22AM -0800: Yeah, I got the reviewer pack…while my email about the game not unlocking is sitting unanswered. COOL.

Your “what we do has no impact” moment of the day

Patrick Klepek <> Feb 18 03:55PM -0800: I dunno. Retail sales seem pretty poor these days, who knows what #1 really means?  …more

Today’s Topic Summary


  • PlayStation Meeting [26 Updates]
  • The first (annual?) GJP console prediction contest! Enter now! [4 Updates]
  • Advice for a fledgling tech / gaming journalist… [3 Updates]
  • HHG at the PS4 event… [2 Updates]
  • We got the Wii U Wrong [16 Updates]
  • That 9/10 Aliens: CM review [3 Updates]

PlayStation Meeting

Dale <> Feb 19 03:05PM -0800   There is a cocktail thing tonight at Ace Hotel. Anyone going? …more

Andy Eddy <> Feb 20 12:22AM -0800: Oh, Sony is planning on feeding us, but it won’t be on a plate. It’ll be TASTY MORSELS OF PR AND MARKETING SLUNG THROUGH THE AIR!!

Andy Eddy <> Feb 20 12:27AM -0800: Wonderful…between Dale’s mention of a cocktail party and Harold’s mention of Thursday roundtables, I’m in great shape having not gotten word of either. I got in late Tuesday and am scheduled to …more

Harold Goldberg <> Feb 20 09:16AM -0500: Andy, I think it’s been planned for a while, and I kind of like the maneuvering of having it in NYC. What I’m going to hate is standing in line to get in in the utter, bitter cold of a windy …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 20 09:19AM -0500: Andy’s right though. The lack of communication has been terrible. From simple stuff, like giving people a general idea of where they might want to consider booking a hotel room, to more specific …more

Andy Eddy <> Feb 20 07:20AM -0800: After the initial invite went out, I specifically asked someone at SCEA PR if they could give me any indication where I should book a hotel; it would have been nice to have known more specifically …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 20 10:23AM -0500: “Sony’s planning on this is really bad. It’s a nightmare from which I cannot wake” “So, what, a 7/10?” “No… we need to break out the forbidden numbers.” #WillNeverGetOld -KO

Ben Gilbert <> Feb 20 10:25AM -0500: My experience booking this event has been one of constant harassment. In that I harassed the shit out of Sony until I heard back. I got mixed messages from several different PR people before things …more

ryanflemingpdx <> Feb 20 07:30AM -0800: Ditto. I badgered all the Sony reps I could for any details, seemed to be the only way to get anywhere. I’m sure they are all completely swamped, but coming from the West Coast for this I was just …more

thegamegoat <> Feb 20 07:40AM -0800: I’ve had the complete opposite experience with this event, but I’ve also been dealing exclusively with Chase at Access, not internal PR πŸ™‚ …more

Garrett Martin <> Feb 20 10:41AM -0500: Yeah, especially since the internal shake-ups, Chase has been the only consistently reliable contact for Sony-related business.

Dale North <> Feb 20 07:47AM -0800: It’s sad. You have to do what Ryan did and just mail bomb or call everyone you know internally until you get answers.
Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 20 12:08PM -0500: Seems that this whole thing starts at 6pm but doors open an hour and a half earlier. I’m adjusting my Hill Country plans accordingly and shooting to be there in the realm of 2:30/3pm. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 20 12:17PM -0500: Oops. Doors open at 5:15pm, not 4:30pm. …more

Dale North <> Feb 20 09:35AM -0800: Yep, 5pm. I am still game for eats — and earlier I better. Is it close to Ace Hotel? They have a shuttle to event …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 20 03:30PM -0500: I understand all the bellyaching, but let’s try to keep this outlook in mind: “I am so blessed to be able to do what I do for a living. I never expected, as a young, eager gamer, that I’d be at …more

Matt Cabral <> Feb 20 03:33PM -0500: I’ll raise a glass to that!

Sarah LeBoeuf <> Feb 20 12:35PM -0800: Me too! When the PS3 launched I was working at GameStop. Even though I’m not at the Sony thing, I’m ecstatic to be covering the news for The Escapist from home.

Britton Peele <> Feb 20 02:39PM -0600: I’ll echo what Sarah just said. Not at the event live, but just covering it live from the newsroom here in Dallas, as part of my job, is pretty darn awesome. *—*

Kyle Orland <> Feb 20 03:42PM -0500: The first press event like this I went to was the NGage launch event at E3 2004. That was super lame, and I still loved every second. -KO

Kevin Kelly <> Feb 20 12:53PM -0800: And for those of us following along at home, what’s the official URL we should be watching for the livestream? …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 20 03:57PM -0500: is the English embeddable stream link I got from Sony. -KO

Kyle Orland <> Feb 20 04:14PM -0500: Here’s the official link it seems:  -KO
Matt Clark <> Feb 20 04:17PM -0500: EXCITEMENT. …more

Kevin Kelly <> Feb 20 01:32PM -0800: This might be a dumb question, but anyone will know if this will be able to be streamed on a PS3? I went to the site in the “What’s New” section with the built-in browser, and… it sucks. …more

Matt Hawkins <> Feb 20 04:34PM -0500: I know it’s being streamed via PlayStation Home at least…

The first (annual?) GJP console prediction contest! Enter now!

Kyle Orland <> Feb 20 11:55AM -0500: Final reminder to get your entries in before 6PM Eastern if you want in on this. Some people seem to be having trouble with the rules (maybe I made it too complicated) so feel free to ask if you …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 20 04:12PM -0500: OK, really the final reminder this time. Less than two hours to go. We’ve got ten entries so far, would love to have more of course. -KO

Kevin Kelly <> Feb 20 01:20PM -0800: This only 60 points thing is just… TOO MUCH MATH. …more

Matt Clark <> Feb 20 04:31PM -0500: Haha. I had to get out the calculator, but I turned mine in! …more

Advice for a fledgling tech / gaming journalist…

“William O’Neal” <> Feb 20 12:52PM -0800: I just got an email from a friend of my cousin. This kid is a senior at UC Santa Cruz where he’s about to receive a BA in Modern Literature. “Currently I’m in my last year at UC Santa Cruz, …more

Britton Peele <> Feb 20 02:59PM -0600: Being a senior, it’d be a bit hard for him to follow the path I personally went down: “Elbow your way into writing for the college’s esteemed paper, become an editor and write about games as much as …more

“Alex Rubens” <> Feb 20 01:13PM -0800: I went through this a few years ago. My best advice: he should start a blog, put up good work, go to things like PAX for the sole purpose of networking, and then pitch.  It’s all about …more

HHG at the PS4 event…

“William O’Neal” <> Feb 20 09:10AM -0800: Since I’m stuck in SF I won’t be able to attend this. That said, will someone who’s attending please try to get video of HHG doing his Stepin Fetchit <> …more

Matt Hawkins <> Feb 20 12:54PM -0500: I’ll try my best. I will also ask him how we feels about the WWE retiring the spinner belt, the one he likes to carry around like he’s the champ.

We got the Wii U Wrong

Justin McElroy <> Feb 19 02:22PM -0800: What do you think? I don’t agree with much of what Basher says here, but  does he have a point? …more

Britton Peele <> Feb 19 04:45PM -0600: I don’t think most of us got anything “wrong” in this instance. The story highlights quotes from the press like “I adore the system so far.” and  “This is exciting technology, people.” Those aren’t …more

Brandon Justice <> Feb 19 02:46PM -0800: Yes and no. I think the author quotes folks that support his conclusion, but many outlets were openly skeptical of the Wii U’s chances and the launch lineup’s overall impact, EGM among them. …more

Richard Mitchell <> Feb 19 04:48PM -0600: This article falsely equates critical praise with commercial success. ZombiU is an awesome game. It doesn’t mean I was wrong if it failed to light up the charts. It’s our job to evaluate what …more

Ben Gilbert <> Feb 19 05:52PM -0500: Literally exactly what Richard said. This piece is baffling.

Jason Schreier <> Feb 19 05:53PM -0500: This is the game guy who wrote that four-part series about interning at GamesRadar for Kill Screen, right? …more

Richard Clark <> Feb 19 02:58PM -0800: Yeah. Also their former editor.

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 19 06:03PM -0500: I just started to write out a reply echoing Richard’s sentiments when I saw his post come through. It’s a well-supported argument, but a fundamentally flawed one. Critics =/= analysts. …more

Patrick Klepek <> Feb 19 03:36PM -0800: Idiot. …more

Matt Hawkins <> Feb 19 06:38PM -0500: I will spare you a catalogue of CMS frustrations, but I will tell you about the waiting. The combination of GamesRadar’s …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 19 08:42PM -0500: Also, Aliens: Colonial Marines sold well in England even though almost all of use said it was awful. I guess we were wrong again. Like Stephen Colbert says, if the market says something is …more

Matt Clark <> Feb 19 09:06PM -0500: I have a question I would like to see answered by you all. What is with this overriding sentiment that the audience — the readers — are completely mindless nimrods? Does the concept of a preview …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 19 09:09PM -0500: “What is with this overriding sentiment that the audience — the readers — are completely mindless nimrods?”  I blame commenters. -KO

Justin McElroy <> Feb 19 09:15PM -0500: Yeah, I heard the pre-order complaint tossed around a lot, and I just have no sympathy. Once you could buy Aliens, for example, there were dozens of reviews telling you it sucked. The system worked. …more

Christopher Grant <> Feb 19 11:05PM -0500: Also, unless Amazon is going to give me a $20 discount for doing so, I don’t understand preorders. The games aren’t going to sell out. What am I missing? …more

Leah Jackson <> Feb 20 10:27AM -0700: In a way it can be very tough to write the whole truth about products that are going to be beloved by many, no matter what (like the Wii U is and PS4 will be, for example). I think the article’s …more

That 9/10 Aliens: CM review

Kyle Orland <> Feb 19 08:46PM -0500: In case you guys didn’t see it: Summary: We weren’t paid off to write a good review; reviews are …more

Dale North <> Feb 19 09:03PM -0800: In talking to Brandon at DICE it seemed like he was being headhunted on LinkedIn. Maybe those looking at him picked him up!

Nick Chester <> Feb 20 09:00AM -0800: Probably works for Gearbox now, AMIRITE!? (But seriously, Brandon is on this list, and will maybe share what his future plans are if he feels like it.)

Today’s Topic Summary


  • IGN layoffs… [21 Updates]
  • Advice for a fledgling tech / gaming journalist… [4 Updates]
  • HHG at the PS4 event… [2 Updates]
  • PlayStation Meeting [12 Updates]
  • “Gaming journalism could seriously use more light homoeroticism” [3 Updates]

 IGN layoffs…

“William O’Neal” <> Feb 21 10:55AM -0800: Who all was let go?

Andrew Groen <> Feb 21 11:10AM -0800: Looks like it was pretty wide-ranging. Colin Campbell just said he was laid off:

“William O’Neal” <> Feb 21 11:18AM -0800: I guess J2 did the same thing when they bought Ziff Davis.

Justin McElroy <> Feb 21 11:45AM -0800: GameSpy, UGO and 1UP all shuttered

“Alex Rubens” <> Feb 21 11:48AM -0800: Sounds like Dan Stapleton is still at Gamespy for the time being:

Jonathan Deesing <> Feb 21 11:54AM -0800: I just don’t get it. If someone can enlighten me I would appreciate it. How, at a time when video games are making more money than god can these places be folding one after another? Can we look …more

Jason Wilson <> Feb 21 11:55AM -0800: Display advertising rates continue to fall. Few have figured out how to make money on video. …more

Ryan Scott <> Feb 21 11:56AM -0800: Also: It was a buyout. Conventional logic never, ever applies when an acquisition is involved. -R

Matt Clark <> Feb 21 02:59PM -0500: 1UP is the reason I was able to get into writing. And the reason I wanted to get into writing. This is the worst. Also, I just turned a feature in there this morning. …more

Andrew Groen <> Feb 21 12:04PM -0800: It’s an illusion, Jon. The gaming media isn’t shrinking, just the press. At the same time our business is shrinking, Machinima and Twitch are blowing up, and private YouTube casters (Yogscast, …more

Dale <> Feb 21 12:08PM -0800: This is the worst. The WORST. Makes my stomach hurt. I feel very lucky today to be where I’m at. My best goes out to all that were impacted …more

Michael Rougeau <> Feb 21 12:15PM -0800: I’m working on three features for 1UP right now. Sorry, was working on.. I guess.. Shit. This sucks.

“William O’Neal” <> Feb 21 12:16PM -0800: 1UP is the reason I was laid off from Computer Gaming World. Just saying is all.

Susan Arendt <> Feb 21 12:19PM -0800: Jonathan, games make money, game sites don’t. Traffic is shrinking, and even the folks who do show up tend to use ad blocker. Our most recent stats put ad blocker usership at around 47%. …more

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Feb 21 12:22PM -0800: Right, ScienceGroen, but Machinima did huge layoffs recently, too. No one is immune :/  …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 21 03:27PM -0500: There Are two issues here. One is the redundancy layoffs, which are always tough, but it sounds like some people are being rolled into, so we don’t know how extensive these are yet. …more

Matt Clark <> Feb 21 03:30PM -0500: I have to take contention with that, Kyle. 1UP has been churning out some great, thoughtful features, as of late. Parish, Mackey, Sliva, and Otera were doing something really unique, in my eyes. …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 21 03:33PM -0500: Mine was not a statement of quality of content. It was a statement of branding: how well known he site was by name. Outside of extremely hardcore game industry followers, 1up is practically a non …more

“William O’Neal” <> Feb 21 12:43PM -0800: Great features don’t make money. Period.

“William O’Neal” <> Feb 21 01:08PM -0800: Mock-up of 1UP’s first front door from October, 2003.

Kevin Kelly <> Feb 21 01:18PM -0800: Pretty spiffy. And wow, that list of magazines. Actually, that calendar feature in the corner is pretty cool as well. …more

Advice for a fledgling tech / gaming journalist…

Jared Newman <> Feb 20 02:34PM -0800: When I was getting started in 2008, I spent a least a couple hours per day, and usually more, looking for paid writing offers, mainly in tech and gaming but dabbling in other topics. …more

“William O’Neal” <> Feb 20 02:47PM -0800: This is all really great. Thanks everyone. That said, keep it coming.

Nathan Grayson <> Feb 20 05:03PM -0600: Be relentless. That was my approach. Apply for everything even remotely interesting. Work until you do an unconscious face-plant into your keyboard. Then wake up the next day and do it again. …more

Scott Nichols <> Feb 21 11:32AM -0800: I wrote a post about this very topic last year that might still be relevant, The Game Writing Club Relevant pull quote from …more

HHG at the PS4 event…

Will Tuttle <> Feb 20 03:22PM -0800: I’m saddened that you had to link out to Stepin Fetchit. Kids nowadays… …more

Dennis Scimeca <> Feb 21 11:08AM -0800: Gerard watched the event via livestream. I haven’t asked him why he wasn’t at the meeting but I’m shocked he wasn’t.

PlayStation Meeting

Kyle Orland <> Feb 20 04:36PM -0500: PlayStation Home… your source for Sony announcements feature people distractingly dancing in front of you. -KO

Kyle Orland <> Feb 20 04:39PM -0500: For those who want to experience the line vicariously: -KO

Kevin Kelly <> Feb 20 01:46PM -0800: Just to sum up, for those of you who enjoy picturing the Sony PlayStation marketing team running around like a bunch of Keystone Kops:  Following the “New!” PlayStation event notice at the top of …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 20 04:50PM -0500: Sad, but probably true… especially in the seats surrounding HHG. “Goodbye journalistic decorum, all are going to squeal and squee because a company they report on is describing a new product …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 20 04:52PM -0500: More exciting line coverage from our own Dale North. Why is no one liveblogging this part? -KO

Greg Tito <> Feb 20 05:03PM -0500: Oh but they are!

Kyle Orland <> Feb 20 05:11PM -0500: Years from now, there is gonna be a divide between the “I was there, freezing” crowd and the “I showed my support from the homefront” comfortable people. #WorldWarPlayStationMeeting -KO

Matt Clark <> Feb 20 05:23PM -0500: All I know is that on the comfortable side, I have a beer. …more

Matt Hawkins <> Feb 20 05:25PM -0500: You know, it would actually be nice of there was a line, instead of a large assemblage of people who are no doubt waiting to bum rush the doors when they open. Sorry, just recalling past shows at …more

Will Tuttle <> Feb 20 02:26PM -0800: How much would I have to pay one of you fine folks for a liveblog dedicated solely to HHG’s reactions at this event? …more

Kevin Kelly <> Feb 20 02:27PM -0800: Had I known THIS offer was on the table, I would have flown to NYC just to perform this task. …more

Will Tuttle <> Feb 20 03:23PM -0800: Anyone who flew across the country to attend this event should just stand up and start screaming “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US?!?” at Mark Cerny. …more

“Gaming journalism could seriously use more light homoeroticism

Kyle Orland <> Feb 20 04:35PM -0500: Just had to share this comment that Leigh Alexander just tweeted.…more

Greg Tito <> Feb 20 04:46PM -0500: I thought we had homoeroticism covered with this:

Kyle Orland <> Feb 20 04:48PM -0500: Not if the person visiting the site is female, you SEXIST PIG! -KO

Today’s Topic Summary


  • We got the Wii U Wrong [4 Updates]
  • IGN layoffs… [12 Updates]
  • An interesting read from Patrick Miller on games journalism [2 Updates]
  • SimCity review issues [12 Updates]
  • Advice for a fledgling tech / gaming journalist… [6 Updates]

We got the Wii U Wrong

Chris Dahlen <> Feb 22 04:18PM -0500: Some may find this satisfying (I did):

Harold Goldberg <> Feb 22 04:28PM -0500: I find that very satisfying – and salient as well. Thanks for the link, Chris.

Andrew Groen <> Feb 22 01:45PM -0800: Kind of odd to see Andrew Sullivan talks about other people’s ethics considering he’s been accused of just about every journalistic violation that exists.

Andy Eddy <> Feb 22 02:41PM -0800: Maybe not surprising. Often when someone’s caught and jailed for cracking into a network or writing a particularly pervasive virus, the day the person gets out of jail, there are plenty of …more

IGN layoffs…

Andy Eddy <> Feb 21 11:50PM -0800: Exactly…that and the fact that they were competing against themselves, brand against brand. Actually, it was at the same time a plus and a minus: IGN’s unique/hit counts were always a …more

Christopher Grant <> Feb 22 10:25AM -0500: Let’s just say I, and Polygon’s P&L sheet, disagree. …more

“William O’Neal” <> Feb 22 08:43AM -0800: Polygon > The rest of the world πŸ˜‰

Susan Arendt <> Feb 22 11:08AM -0800: At least according to them, anyway.

Kyle Orland <> Feb 22 02:22PM -0500: FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!  -KO

“William O’Neal” <> Feb 22 12:26PM -0800: SHOTS FIRED!

Dale <> Feb 22 12:29PM -0800: That was a real fired shot this time!

“Kevin Kelly” <> Feb 22 12:31PM -0800: Now playing: Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Crossfire”

Greg Tito <> Feb 22 03:35PM -0500: And now I can’t help but think of this:

Britton Peele <> Feb 22 02:39PM -0600: Greg, get out of my head! *—*

Jared Newman <> Feb 22 01:41PM -0800: Not possible to not think of that. Yeah, YEAH!!

Kyle Orland <> Feb 22 05:19PM -0500: I know I got caught up in it. HUH! -KO

An interesting read from Patrick Miller on games journalism

Dennis Scimeca <> Feb 22 11:30AM -0800: Saw this making the rounds on Twitter and clicked in. Am very interested in the reactions of the individuals cited and employees of the outlets discussed: …more

Dennis Scimeca <> Feb 22 12:21PM -0800: Whoops, Tim posted a link to this in the IGN layoffs thread. Sorry I didn’t notice that before I posted this. πŸ™

SimCity review issues

Kyle Orland <> Feb 22 12:00PM -0500: So EA wants people to come to some secure location for a time-limited chance to play the game before release, or else wait for the final retail copy to be unlocked on Origin on launch day. …more

Dale <> Feb 22 09:02AM -0800: Destructoid has a policy against these types of things. EA will be fine with SimCity regardless of how this goes down. Our review will likely be late. Can’t wait for this game!  …more

“K. Cox” <> Feb 22 12:04PM -0500: Audiences claim to want honest reviews, and the fraction of game-buyers and game-players who will actually (1) read reviews before a game’s launch and (2) use those reviews in order to make an …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 22 12:05PM -0500: I’ve never been a fan of review events. For a game like SimCity, it’s downright baffling. I’m reviewing the game for DT, and was surprised when Charlie hinted at this either/or proposition at EA’s …more

Kevin Kelly <> Feb 22 09:06AM -0800: I’ve often wondered if reviews are really an actual “benefit” to a reader in a monetary sense. You say yourself, it’ll sell a ton of copies anyhow. I’ve always read reviews just to see what …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 22 12:11PM -0500: In this case, I think a launch day review would serve as an “Oh, this came out today? I almsot forgot!” reminder to a large part of the audience, even if the “SimCity” name is gonna sell it almost …more

Alex Navarro <> Feb 22 12:18PM -0500: EA PR said they don’t want anyone reviewing the game unless they can play via the online servers, and the live servers won’t be up until launch day. Given those circumstances, I can’t be mad that they …more

“Kevin Kelly” <> Feb 22 09:21AM -0800: Wasn’t it EA who had that strange Review/Preview event in SF? For … Medal of Honor?

Kyle Orland <> Feb 22 12:36PM -0500: Alex makes a good point, but other online-heavy games have had “journo-only” online servers ready pre-launch to give a taste of that gameplay. Given the number of people interested in reviewing …more

Britton Peele <> Feb 22 12:17PM -0600: Considering how online-heavy the game is, I can understand EA wanting to have ideal conditions while we play it… But I don’t see why that can’t be achieved by the usual call of, “Hey, reviewers, …more

Scott Nichols <> Feb 22 11:12AM -0800: I’m now a little confused, because people are being very public about not reviewing the game early due to EA’s conditions, but very reluctant to say what those conditions are in public. …more

Dennis Scimeca <> Feb 22 12:19PM -0800: If the readers don’t wait for the reviews, the risk is on them. Their outlets are doing them a favor by not reviewing under substandard conditions. Delaying the reviews is the kind of ethical …more

Advice for a fledgling tech / gaming journalist…

Sam Machkovech <> Feb 21 01:46PM -0800: The benefit of entering the industry young is that you’re in touch w/ what younger consumers want in their games writing/journalism. These days, that’s actually a lot more video content. …more

Matt Sakey <> Feb 21 02:33PM -0800:The willingness to work for free can be helpful, insofar as getting your name out there. Also, it’d probably be helpful to learn what his objectives are. Does he want to make a living at this? Or …more

Andy Eddy <> Feb 22 01:58AM -0800: Dan Amrich’s Critical Path is a good book about all aspects of writing about games for a …more

Chris Dahlen <> Feb 22 08:09AM -0500: My advice to people usually breaks down to:  – Write anywhere you can, starting with your own blog and Twitter, and every time you get a clip, pitch upwards – Learn how to pitch well. …more

Jonathan Deesing <> Feb 22 07:32AM -0800: My main piece of advice is to get a day job and plan to stay there for a while. A million years ago, Nathan Meunier told me that he worked a full-time job (admittedly at a newspaper) for five years …more

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Feb 22 11:27AM -0800: And here’s your existential crotch-punch for the day …more

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  • IGN layoffs… [5 Updates]
  • We got the Wii U Wrong [1 Update]
  • Advice for a fledgling tech / gaming journalist… [1 Update]

SimCity review issues

Nick Chester <> Feb 22 04:21PM -0800: So let me say up front that as a journalist I hated review events and now that I’m on the studio side I still hate them. Neither the journalist, the readers, or the publisher/developer benefits …more

Samit Sarkar <> Feb 22 07:30PM -0500: Jeez, Nick, if you were still a journalist you would’ve realized that nobody likes reading walls of text. (Seriously, though, great points and a great way to illustrate them.)  -Samit

Kyle Orland <> Feb 22 11:15PM -0500: This is why nick is my favorite double agent.

Andy Eddy <> Feb 23 11:55AM -0800: Yes, great info “behind the curtain,” and EA PR would have been better served simply saying, “because of the dependence the game has on being connected to our servers, we have to do this,” because …more

IGN layoffs…

Andy Eddy <> Feb 22 02:54PM -0800: Just to confirm, you mean that you and your P&L disagree with Wil, not that you’re in a feud with your own P&L, right?

Christopher Grant <> Feb 22 06:06PM -0500: The former, yes. πŸ˜› Also, you guys realize Susan has guns *in her house! *Let’s not joke around with shots fired and Susan. …more

Matt Clark <> Feb 22 06:36PM -0500: Man, I was going to try and pitch to Escapist, but with the threat of firearms… …more

Michael Zenke <> Feb 22 07:05PM -0500: Greg, I am so grateful that you put that up here. I was on email when I saw Kevin’s email, and if I’d come back to this thread to see it devoid of that song, well. Lowered expectations all around. …more

Susan Arendt <> Feb 22 04:20PM -0800: My edits are far more deadly, Matt, I assure you. …more

We got the Wii U Wrong

Samit Sarkar <> Feb 22 06:49PM -0500: Hadn’t seen either of those posts. It’s hilarious to me that price and form factor are apparently BuzzFeed’s only concerns about the PS4 at this juncture. -Samit

Advice for a fledgling tech / gaming journalist…

Kyle Orland <> Feb 22 05:42PM -0500: As someone mentioned in Pat’s piece… I find it hard to disagree with anything he writes. Unfortunately. TIME TO DRINK! -KO

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  • SHOTS FIRED! [10 Updates]
  • HHG should apply! [3 Updates]
  • Assassin’s Creed [1 Update]
  • SimCity review issues [1 Update]
  • Lombardi out at Valve? [11 Updates]
  • IGN layoffs… [3 Updates]


“William O’Neal” <> Feb 25 10:06AM -0800:

Kyle Orland <> Feb 25 01:09PM -0500: If I wanted previews of what HHG said he was about to do, I would follow him on Twitter, Wil. -KO

Scott Nichols <> Feb 25 10:11AM -0800: So does this mean HHG is going to break the news on which studios Sony will shut down a week or two after their game launches?
“William O’Neal” <> Feb 25 10:24AM -0800: What Kyle? HHG has nearly 90k Twitter followers. How can you NOT be one of them? Oh yeah, half his Twitter “following” is fake.

Jonathan Deesing <> Feb 25 10:52AM -0800: half? try 97% …more

Ryan Scott <> Feb 25 11:34AM -0800: He is the WORST. …more

Sebastian Haley <> Feb 25 12:46PM -0800: Looks like Andrea Rene is finally off the HHG train. Takes some longer than others, I guess.

Matt Hawkins <> Feb 25 03:52PM -0500: Jesus, that Twitter exchange just goes on and on and on and on. God bless John from Harmonix for trying to instill reason into the unreasonable.

“William O’Neal” <> Feb 25 12:55PM -0800: *hiphopgamer* @*hiphopgamer* <>  @*johntdrake* <> well when you shut someone down that’s how you win a debate correct? if you can’t …more

Andy Eddy <> Feb 25 01:11PM -0800: Oh, poor John. My advice would be a quote from Robert Heinlein: “Never try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and it annoys the pig.”

HHG should apply!

“William O’Neal” <> Feb 25 12:19PM -0800:

Kyle Orland <> Feb 25 03:27PM -0500: OK Wil, we’re gonna do some free association. I’m going to name a topic, and you make it about HHG in as few steps as possible. Ready………  Bird feeders. -KO

“William O’Neal” <> Feb 25 12:28PM -0800: SLOW. CLAP.

Assassin’s Creed

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 25 01:27PM -0500: I’m not a huge fan of trying to sell myself here on GJP, but something’s come up. I’ll be attending the AC reveal in NYC in a couple of hours, and I very suddenly find myself with no home for that …more

SimCity review issues

Russ Pitts <> Feb 25 10:06AM -0800: Nick’s candor and insight are perfect, as always. But this particular situation is pretty far from normal. Hopefully we’ll be able to shed some light on the ridiculousness of this one once the …more

Lombardi out at Valve?

Kyle Orland <> Feb 25 12:00PM -0500: Seeing this reported on Twitter. My most immediate question: Who’s going to ignore my PR requests now?!?!?! (this is a semi-serious question)

“William O’Neal” <> Feb 25 09:03AM -0800: I’ve known Doug for years but yeah, her wasn’t the most proactive PR person in the world.

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 25 12:03PM -0500: Hopefully no one. Wouldn’t it be nice if his replacement actually attended to the media relations portion of the job in something more than a token capacity? Got a link for this news? I haven’t …more

Dean Takahashi <> Feb 25 09:05AM -0800: his linkedin page

Kyle Orland <> Feb 25 12:05PM -0500: I had only seen it on Twitter, but apparently it was a false alarm. also, lol: …more

Kevin Kelly <> Feb 25 09:05AM -0800: Amen to this, Adam. You’ve nailed it. While I thought Doug was an affable fellow in person, his record of replying to emails and phone calls was terrible.

Kyle Orland <> Feb 25 12:08PM -0500: Further confirmation that he’s not gone. STAND DOWN, I REPEAT, STAND DOWN!

Kevin Kelly <> Feb 25 09:10AM -0800: …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 25 12:11PM -0500: Doesn’t this just encapsulate everything: RT @fiddlecub: I stepped away to shower, which was enough time for a games industry crisis to begin, evolve, and conclude. More LOLs: …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 25 12:16PM -0500: As Fleming pointed out to me moments ago on IM, can we also all take a moment to chuckle over how quickly he responded to this one versus his track record replying to, oh, ANY OTHER REASONABLE PRESS …more

Andy Eddy <> Feb 25 09:18AM -0800: He probably decided that it wasn’t the right time to go back to the lucrative world of games journalism

IGN layoffs…

Mitch Dyer <> Feb 24 01:45PM -0800: Wow, this thread was like listening to my office all week.
“William O’Neal” <> Feb 24 02:33PM -0800: Really? IGN thinks Polygon is better than everyone else too?

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Feb 24 05:37PM -0800: /scene …more

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  • Aggregation [37 Updates]
  • If we’re all going to be unemployed in five years and you know it, clap your hands [3 Updates]
  • Print is NOT dead… [1 Update]
  • SHOTS FIRED! [14 Updates]


Jason Schreier <> Feb 25 09:24PM -0500: So today one of my articles – a long article that took me two weeks to report and write – was aggregated by a major website in a 900-word story that took every single one of the quotes and facts I …more

Rod Breslau <> Feb 25 09:46PM -0500: call out the site? …more

Jason Schreier <> Feb 25 09:54PM -0500: Doesn’t seem necessary to make this about one site. I’m more interested in a conversation about the bigger issue at hand. …more

Sam Machkovech <> Feb 25 06:54PM -0800: We don’t have to go so far to see Kotaku act similarly, not to mention recently: …more

Jason Schreier <> Feb 25 10:01PM -0500: Sam, I’m not sure you’re following. Owen’s post is the perfect example of the *right* way to aggregate – an excerpt, heavy linking, and encouragement that readers go read the whole interview. …more

Rod Breslau <> Feb 25 10:37PM -0500: The annoyance of unethical (on the internets) aggregation has been discussed so many times before, including in this group (Chris not too too happy with complex media taking their Polygon …more

Jason Schreier <> Feb 25 10:48PM -0500: Sorry if my last e-mail came across as rude, BTW. I’m still pretty heated about this whole situation. There are various ways to aggregate, and I think what’s right or wrong with …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 25 11:25PM -0500: I think Rod’s comment about confronting them privately is a good one. If it’s a serious site with a big readership, they’ll take your legitimate concerns legitimately. “I’m scared that we might …more

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Feb 25 08:40PM -0800: To me, this seems <> like the perfect way to aggregate a story. Put the outlet name upfront in the headline, provide …more

Jason Schreier <> Feb 25 11:46PM -0500: As much as I’d love to agree with that optimistic viewpoint, Kyle, I just can’t. For quite some time now we’ve been watching Reddit do nothing but steal content – sometimes screencaps of articles, …more

Jason Venter <> Feb 25 10:59PM -0800: In the short term, what’s good for the consumer and what’s good for the content creator are probably two different things. That seems to be how things go now. The writer needs hits and …more

Philip Kollar <> Feb 26 01:13AM -0800: Jason, I totally agree with what you’re saying, but I do think it’s worth seriously considering/looking at where your own publication has been problematic in this area before. I know print is a …more

Jason Schreier <> Feb 26 07:21AM -0500: Well, when we’re talking about major news about one of the biggest video games on the planet, and that news is behind a paywall, wouldn’t it be a disservice to readers if we didn’t find a way to get …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 26 07:33AM -0500: Jason, you’re not wrong, though Phil’s point of first looking within and trying to address these things on the home front is valid. I don’t think Kotaku’s aggregated content is problematic, but none …more

Jason Schreier <> Feb 26 08:34AM -0500: I’m with you on working to improve every day. Even small changes – a link attached to a few words instead of just one, an extra reference or two to the outlet you’re taking content from – can make a …more

Russ Pitts <> Feb 26 08:24AM -0800: I hate to pile on, but I have to admit I had the same reaction as Sam and Phil. “A Kotaku editor complaining about aggregation? Really?” Welcome to the impact zone, hub. -R

Jason Schreier <> Feb 26 11:31AM -0500: Once again, I’m not complaining about aggregation. Apologies if my points weren’t clear. I’m talking about the difference between excerpts and rewrites. I’m sure you see the metrics, Russ, and …more

Jeffrey Matulef <> Feb 26 08:39AM -0800: Hey everyone, since I wrote the piece in question I feel I should chime in on this. Jason is right – I SHOULD have used fewer quotes. Though my purpose wasn’t to repackage the piece as my own. …more

Russ Pitts <> Feb 26 10:24AM -0800: >If we took one of your articles … and rewrote it in 900 words, you wouldn’t be upset?  Of course I would. But I think you’re missing *my* point, which is that your argument may be valid, but …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 26 01:27PM -0500: All right, that’s probably enough casting aspersions on specific outlets and “but you do it too” back and forth. Let’s stick to the general topic of proper, ethical aggregation and how to deal with …more

Jason Schreier <> Feb 26 01:31PM -0500: I don’t follow, Russ. Kotaku aggregates, as does Polygon, as does every other major gaming site that reports news every day. But I’m talking about levels, here, and I honestly have never seen any …more

Kevin Kelly <> Feb 26 10:41AM -0800: I had this exact same discussion with Adam this morning, and I was making the exact same point that Russ is. I told him that the irony of all of this was probably lost on Jason. It would be like …more

Dale <> Feb 26 10:50AM -0800: No, dick jokes are all ours. No touch. But seriously While we haven’t always, these days we push for prominent, clear, larger sized links to sources. If it’s something hot and hearty like …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 26 01:57PM -0500: Just to clarify in my own words: my point was that Kotaku has changed considerably in the years since I started working in this business. I never implied that Jason isn’t tuned into what Kotaku’s …more

Philip Kollar <> Feb 26 11:25AM -0800: FWIW, I think the “wouldn’t it be a disservice to readers if we didn’t find a way to get them that information?” argument is exactly what people aggregating in the “wrong” way would say as well. …more

Jason Schreier <> Feb 26 02:31PM -0500: Phil, when I said that I was talking about paywalls, which is a totally different conversation. In the case of long, in-depth, feature stories that we can link to online, it serves readers best to …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 26 02:45PM -0500: Regardless of what’s happened in the past, Kevin’s right. This is an absolutely perfect forum to talk over what a loose set of guidelines might look like. Even if it’s something that isn’t widely …more

Russ Pitts <> Feb 26 01:00PM -0800: Your incredulity stretches the bounds of believability, Jason. You seem to be the only person involved in this conversation who is unaware of your own website’s reputation. I’m not sure I’m going …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 26 04:11PM -0500: Thought I made myself clear with my last e-mail but I guess not. I *REALLY* want this conversation to stop devolving into “Kotaku sucks”/”No it doesn’t, other people suck worse.” It’s not …more

Jason Schreier <> Feb 26 04:11PM -0500: Now I’m really confused. You say the dilemma has largely tapered off, you know that I’ve only been at Kotaku for a year, and yet you think I’m a hypocrite for complaining about something because it …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 26 04:12PM -0500: Jason gets that one for free because I’m guessing we were writing at the exact same time. THAT’S IT! MOVING ON! -KO

Jason Schreier <> Feb 26 04:24PM -0500: To steer the conversation back on track…   I think that proper aggregation ideally takes no more than one or two quotes, mentions the outlet’s name as many times as possible, and links …more

Susan Arendt <> Feb 26 01:26PM -0800: Excuse me, Kyle, but Jason seems perfectly willing to engage in discussion about this topic, and in fact is asking questions. And we’re to be yelled at for answering him? I think the fuck not, sir. …more

Dean Takahashi <> Feb 26 01:32PM -0800: I’ve been watching this conversation with interest. To add to what Jason wrote in his very last comment, I think aggregators should also think about how much they’re rewriting. …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 26 04:37PM -0500: As I mentioned to Jason privately, it’s not about protecting Jason (who obviously isn’t fragile) or shutting down discussion, but more about keeping a spirit of respect and decorum among the members …more

Russ Pitts <> Feb 26 01:44PM -0800: It’s a fair cop. I’ll post my remaining response regarding aggregation here (to wit: get over it) and my final thought regarding the unfairness of a publication’s legacy to those who played no …more

Philip Kollar <> Feb 26 01:52PM -0800: I’ve still got some questions on Jason’s point of view, but I respect Jason and Kyle enough to take it off-group. Spirited discussion! …more

If we’re all going to be unemployed in five years and you know it, clap your hands

“mike.rougeau” <> Feb 26 01:23PM -0800: Hey everyone. Hate to do this (sort of, not really) but I’m working on a feature about the shrinking role of the gaming press with a focus on the personal stories of people who’ve been affected by …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 26 04:30PM -0500: Not sure why you “hate to do this,” Mike. These kinds of requests are perfectly fair game for the group. People can ignore ’em easily, or help out if they want. -KO

“mike.rougeau” <> Feb 26 01:32PM -0800: Cool! Thanks Kyle. Consider that bit redacted, then (I didn’t really mean it anyway).

Print is NOT dead…

Kyle Orland <> Feb 26 10:54AM -0500: …if you don’t mind writing/reading about Pokemon exclusively. And you live in the UK. I’m still waiting for …more


Susan Arendt <> Feb 25 01:34PM -0800: You are magical, Andy, you know that? πŸ™‚ …more

Nick Chester <> Feb 25 01:42PM -0800: Not sure if John heard me, but I shouted from my office towards his “DO NOT ENGAGE. DO NOT ENGAGE!!!!!!”

Matt Clark <> Feb 25 04:55PM -0500: god bless   …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 25 05:24PM -0500: “i think your intimidated by my aggressive approach TRUE OR FALSE” I’m gonna use that to respond to my commenters. Complete with spelling/grammar errors. -KO


“mike.rougeau” <> Feb 25 02:56PM -0800: Personal opinions aside, I’m getting a little uncomfortable with the degree to which this group has been trashing this one guy lately. Is that just me? I appreciate the discussions that we get to …more

Andy Eddy <> Feb 25 03:01PM -0800: I have my magic moments…

Kevin Kelly <> Feb 25 03:03PM -0800: I have to agree with Mike. It feels like we are beating a dead horse at this point. I think most people don’t want to engage him in public (myself included here), because then it legitimizes him as …more

Andy Eddy <> Feb 25 03:12PM -0800: I’m not going to speak for everyone, but I don’t know that this is “trashing him in private” as much as it is pointing out what seems to be frequent…uh, buffoonery. And with a number of recent …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 25 06:12PM -0500: Fair points. Calling a general moratorium on talking about HHG here unless and until he does something relevant to the concern of game journalism. -KO

Andy Eddy <> Feb 25 03:14PM -0800: Am I the only one to assume this essentially means we can never talk about him again in here?

Matt Clark <> Feb 25 06:18PM -0500: I’m fine with that. I have no actual issues with HHG, I just think he’s funny. The whole thing feels like some strange Andy Kaufman routine. …more

“mike.rougeau” <> Feb 25 03:19PM -0800: Seconded. That’s fine with me! 

Kyle Orland <> Feb 25 07:00PM -0500: HHG does plenty of stuff relevant to the conversation here, even if it’s not always relevant in a good way. Let’s focus on that rather than “LOL here’s a funny tweet or video of him” -KO

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Jason Schreier <> Feb 27 09:33AM -0500: For any curious observers – I’ve talked to both Phil and Russ privately and we had some really great chats. All is good. Dean, I appreciate and agree with everything you said. I’d add one more …more

Russ Pitts <> Feb 27 07:14AM -0800: One thing I discussed (briefly) with Jason in private that might be worth putting before this group is that the nature of reporting in the digital age is more-or-less intrinsically tied to …more

Jason Schreier <> Feb 27 03:43PM -0500: This is the ideal way to aggregate, IMO: I think it’d be nice if more websites did that. Props to Penny Arcade Report for doing it too. Giving credit and sending readers …more

If we’re all going to be unemployed in five years and you know it, clap your hands

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Feb 26 06:13PM -0500: Do you know what we can do about it in the meantime? We can start acting more like *union* instead of a *support group*. I’m not just barking up rhetoric here. Let’s actually do something about …more

Matt Clark <> Feb 26 06:15PM -0500: Is it possible to Like, Thumbs Up, and +1 an email?
“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Feb 26 06:18PM -0500: I’m not sure what you mean. I’m talking, quick, simple, swift. For example, I’ve never retweeted Kevin Kelly’s work probably.   Boom. …more

Kevin Kelly <> Feb 26 03:21PM -0800: Yep, that’s a first.

Matt Clark <> Feb 26 06:21PM -0500: (I mean I like this idea).
Kyle Orland <> Feb 26 07:31PM -0500: “Kyle, I also move that you make this a *requirement *of this google group.” I think #GameJournosUnite is a great idea, but no, I’m not going to require people to use a twitter hashtag regularly …more

Dean Takahashi <> Feb 27 01:16AM -0800: I don’t mean to be too optimistic at a time of turmoil in the lives of colleagues, and I prefer healthy cynicism most of the time. But I believe we’re in the midst of a great flowering for the game …more

Russ Pitts <> Feb 27 06:50AM -0800: I agree with Dean. I’ve said it before, elsewhere, but it bears repeating here: I don’t think games journalism will die or is in the process of dying. But it is changing. And I think the change …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 27 10:17AM -0500: Seconding Russ and Dean, for the record. Then again, we’re all gainfully employed full time, so maybe it’s easier for us to be optimistic =) -KO

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 27 10:28AM -0500: As one of the resident full-time freelancers here, I’ll step up here and second your second, Kyle. My professional career in games has had its ups and downs with outlets closing and re-tooling and …more

Jonathan Deesing <> Feb 27 07:37AM -0800: Russ, please tell me I’m misunderstanding you. When you say “What I see happening in our field is a transition to a more legitimate and more honest journalist corps and that will naturally involve …more

Christopher Grant <> Feb 27 11:04AM -0500: I’ll note that isolating “game” journalism from *all *journalism here makes little to no sense. Our specific, humble, tiny, insular, incestuous, navel-gazey slice of the industry is changing, as is …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 27 11:42AM -0500: A quarter billion for a YouTube channel? GET OFF MY LAWN, you crazy kids. -KO

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Feb 27 09:46AM -0800: And yet they still couldn’t afford to retain staff. …more

Christopher Grant <> Feb 27 12:55PM -0500: My reading is that they finally realized they didn’t need what those people were doing. This is similar to Valve laying people off. Valve wasn’t doing that because it was no longer a successful …more

Kevin Kelly <> Feb 27 10:12AM -0800: The sad truth of it is that some of the people they let go could have easily been put on other projects. But for the most part, they decided to abandon pure editorial. Rob Smith is still there doing …more

Russ Pitts <> Feb 27 10:19AM -0800: To answer Johnathan, I think that’s probably the most cynical interpretation of my words. Chris is more on-point, but I will go a little further and say that I do think that a considerable …more

Print is NOT dead…

“” <> Feb 26 02:45PM -0800: To be fair, there’s a ton of depth and hidden math in Pokemon when you get into competitive battling and breeding new monsters. It’s somewhat insane. I had lots of fun writing a weekly Pokemon …more

Chris Dahlen <> Feb 26 06:55PM -0500: I am going to buy that magazine for my son and he will *love *it. He will pour over it page by page as he eats his breakfast cereal. He will get more out of that magazine than 99% of our readers …more

“William O’Neal” <> Feb 26 04:04PM -0800: He’s gonna wonder why you’re making him use a tablet that “doesn’t work.”

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  • If we’re all going to be unemployed in five years and you know it, clap your hands [7 Updates]
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  • Anyone want to play Tomb Raider multiplayer? (360) [1 Update]
  • Print is NOT dead… [4 Updates]
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Good LA-based freelancer now available for assignments (Jeff Mattas)

Garnett Lee <> Feb 28 12:23PM -0800: We had the unfortunate reality of layoffs today. As a result, Jeff Mattas, who has been writing for us on and running, is now available for assignment here in …more

“William O’Neal” <> Feb 28 12:26PM -0800: Thanks for the heads-up Garnett. I sent his info along to my news and managing editor.

Kyle Orland <> Feb 28 03:51PM -0500: Quite awesome of you to promote him here after being forced to let him go, Garnett.

Kevin Kelly <> Feb 28 12:58PM -0800: Can we make a Google Doc or something for this group that has a list of freelancers looking for work on it? …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 28 03:59PM -0500: Wouldn’t that just be a Google Doc listing all of the freelancers in this group? =D  …more

Kevin Kelly <> Feb 28 01:03PM -0800: Well, with links to samples, resumes, etc.

Nick Chester <> Feb 28 01:16PM -0800: Seconding this. Cheers to Garnett for the classy (and hopefully helpful for Jeff) move.

“mike.rougeau” <> Feb 28 01:26PM -0800: As a freelancer looking for work I support everything about this.

Kevin Kelly <> Feb 28 01:27PM -0800: The boat! We are in the same one! …more

Joseph Leray <> Feb 28 03:42PM -0600: For the next time any of you need a Nashville-based freelancer — so, when the Sun explodes and consumes the Earth — I’m always looking for more work as well.

If we’re all going to be unemployed in five years and you know it, clap your hands

Nathan Meunier <> Feb 27 01:53PM -0800: [On Tuesday, February 26, 2013 4:23:27 PM UTC-5, mike.rougeau wrote: > sharing their personal stories and maybe speculating a bit about our > collective role going forward, please get in touch with …more]

Kevin Kelly <> Feb 27 02:04PM -0800: I don’t know about your gobblygook, but I can pardon your gobbledygook.

Nathan Meunier <> Feb 27 02:08PM -0800: [On Wednesday, February 27, 2013 5:04:56 PM UTC-5, Kevin wrote:  > > To post to this group, send email to GameJou…<javascript:>.  > > Visit this group at …more]

Nathan Meunier <> Feb 27 02:02PM -0800: Also, pardon my gobblygook. I should probably, y’know, read the thing in the funny little box to make sure it makes sense before I click send. Durrr. …more

Andrew Groen <> Feb 28 10:53AM -0800: From what I can tell, the few freelancers who still have regular work with the remaining print magazines are doing fine, but obviously worse off than a couple years ago. And those who have a good …more

Andrew Groen <> Feb 28 11:05AM -0800: To clarify: There will still be full-time freelancers for quite a while, but I think it’s going to become a lot less common. There will be less work shared among a lot more talented writers who …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 28 03:31PM -0500: I find it hard to argue with Andrew here, unfortunately. -KO

Seamus Blackley contact?

Nathan Meunier <> Feb 28 06:44AM -0800: Anyone have current contact info for Blackley and his Innovative Leisure folks? …more

Anyone want to play Tomb Raider multiplayer? (360)

Sebastian Haley <> Feb 27 07:03PM -0800: I’m on right now. Gamertag = *DV Bastian* …more

Print is NOT dead…

Nathan Meunier <> Feb 27 03:02PM -0800: > Print is not dead… …it’s only taking a nap! …it’s only playing possum! …it’s undead! …it just wants to be friends! …it wants you to make it a sandwich! errr.. Yeah! Woo! …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 27 06:09PM -0500: This print is definitely dead! The print wouldn’t ‘VOOM’ if I put 4,000 volts through it! It’s bleeding demised! This print is no more! It has ceased to be! It’s expired and gone to meet its …more

Kevin Kelly <> Feb 27 05:40PM -0800: The fact that you had to put a YouTube link in here for that is…. very sad. …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 27 08:56PM -0500: I hope I didn’t HAVE to, but always better safe than sorry.


Kyle Orland <> Feb 27 04:48PM -0500: I agree, linking to Ars Technica is the proper way to aggregate.   -KO