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  • BioShock Infinite DLC Surprise! [4 Updates]

BioShock Infinite DLC Surprise!

Nick Chester <> Jul 31 02:21PM -0700: Obviously, I’d love to have some Sepultura in the game as DLC. The idea of being able to mix together, say, a spaghetti western style version of “Beneath the Remains” with maybe a symphonic …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jul 31 05:24PM -0400: …more

Nick Chester <> Jul 31 02:29PM -0700: Mix in elements of this and we’ll ship it.

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jul 31 10:17PM -0700: Can mix this ( with this ( Seems like it’d be a good fit.

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  • Phil Fish [5 Updates]
  • PAX Prime panel opp: Aladdin SNES vs. Aladdin Genesis [1 Update]
  • Survey on game PR [2 Updates]

Phil Fish

Kyle Orland <> Aug 05 04:57PM -0400: Just catching up on the whole Fish thing after being on vacation out of the country last week. Kind of surprised no one is discussing it here in this group, especially since the proximate cause of …more

Matt Hawkins <> Aug 05 05:03PM -0400: Speaking as a (somewhat now former) friend of his, I really hope he takes the sabbatical that he has so desperately need for literally years now.
James Fudge <> Aug 05 05:06PM -0400: I wonder if anyone here considers Marcus Beer a journalist? I remember him being a PR flak for Novalogic a long time ago… I know he has written for a number of places and does shows on GT since …more

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Aug 05 02:06PM -0700: His twitter avatar is Andy Kaufman. …more

Kyle Orland <> Aug 05 05:08PM -0400: “Journalist” is a loaded term, Commentator or editorialist or critic might be more accurate. I tend to group anyone writing/talking about games professionally into the J-word, as should be apparent …more

PAX Prime panel opp: Aladdin SNES vs. Aladdin Genesis

Nick Chester <> Aug 05 12:45PM -0700: Do you feel deep down in your bones, into the very depths of your soul, that the SNES version of Aladdin is like totally OMG so much better than the Genesis version of Aladdin? Will you be at PAX …more

Survey on game PR

Kyle Orland <> Aug 05 10:31AM -0400: Mike Rose just tweeted a link to this survey, looking for game journos to share their opinions about PR. Seems of interest to this group.…more

Anthony John Agnello <> Aug 05 10:37AM -0400: Wow, it’s very refreshing to see this. …more

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  • LG paying for reviews… [7 Updates]
  • Phil Fish [22 Updates]
  • PAX Prime panel opp: Aladdin SNES vs. Aladdin Genesis [2 Updates]
  • Freelance copy editing at Polygon? [1 Update]
  • Survey on game PR [1 Update]

LG paying for reviews…

Kyle Orland <> Aug 06 02:40PM -0400: …but game critics are the ones wearing money hatsโ€ฆ 

“William O’Neal” <> Aug 06 02:49PM -0400: When I did marketing and PR for ASUS (a Taiwanese company), one of my coworkers casually asked me how much I paid editorial outlets to write good reviews of the products for which I was responsible. …more

Kyle Orland <> Aug 06 02:53PM -0400: There’s junkets and then there’s just giving a writer cold hard cash to do anything they want with. Even the most extravagant, unnecessary junket can’t be used to pay rent, for example. …more

“William O’Neal” <> Aug 06 02:57PM -0400: Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’s right. I just find it interesting.

James Fudge <> Aug 06 02:59PM -0400: Read the comments. When Animals Attack ™.

“William O’Neal” <> Aug 06 03:10PM -0400: I’ve worked for companies that had rules about accepting gifts of more than a specified dollar amount. $50. $100. I always found this funny. Especially when journalists were “hooking up” with PR …more

James Fudge <> Aug 06 03:23PM -0400: On the west coast it’s probably pretty pricey. I’d imagine you would retail for around $550?

Phil Fish

Nick Chester <> Aug 05 02:11PM -0700: Serious question: does anyone on this list honestly believe that he Fish stopped work on the game and that he hadn’t intended to “cancel” Fez 2 publicly all along?

Michael Rougeau <> Aug 05 02:13PM -0700: Judging him based on everything the dude has ever said or done publicly, I personally believe that he is fully capable of a tantrum on this scale. Whether or not this was planned I have no idea. …more

Jason Wilson <> Aug 05 03:38PM -0700: I’d call Marcus a pundit.

James Fudge <> Aug 05 06:43PM -0400: That’s a fair characterization ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess I expected him to have some perspective on the relationship between the press and the industry is all. Sometimes they don’t respondโ€ฆ Also they don’t tend …more

Kyle Orland <> Aug 06 09:37AM -0400: I think he maybe started fez 2 as a real project, then realized he just wasn’t feeling it for whatever reason, then used twitter drama as the public excuse. But who really knows. …more

James Fudge <> Aug 06 09:46AM -0400: Maybe. If you watch Indie Game: The Movie you can see how much he struggled with the first game…

“William O’Neal” <> Aug 06 09:49AM -0400: Does shit like this happen in other industries? It must. Do movie critics have flame wars with each other and filmmakers? I remember Ebert vs. Gallo. And I guess it happens in music too. Never mind. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Aug 06 09:54AM -0400: It happens from time to time, but I’ve never seen anything on the level of Fish’s flameout. …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Aug 06 09:59AM -0400: HA! I’ve seen it in music too. The Stereophonics have a song called “Mr. Writer” on their 2001 album that was a direct response to some nasty review they got. I actually like the song, but it’s …more

Garrett Martin <> Aug 06 10:01AM -0400: go read Lester Bangs’ interviews with Lou Reed

Patrick Klepek <> Aug 06 09:27AM -0500: Fez 2 was definitely a real thing.

Kyle Orland <> Aug 06 10:57AM -0400: Bob Dylan’s “Ballad of a Thin Man” jumps to mind as an example of a musician taking it to the press through his work in devastating fashion: …more

James Fudge <> Aug 06 11:05AM -0400: This is the kind of thing you see in politics every day. Like Richard Nixon’s “last press conference” in ’62 after losing the Ca. Governor’s race. “You won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore.” …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Aug 06 11:06AM -0400: If Phil Fish talked like Nixon, the entire ordeal would have been far more entertaining. …more

Kyle Orland <> Aug 06 11:07AM -0400: Not sure that’s a great analogy. Nixon actually lost the race, and was thereby prevented from, um, being governor. When a politician quits, it’s usually because a legitimate scandal makes him …more

James Fudge <> Aug 06 12:04PM -0400: He felt the media was out to get him is my point.
Kyle Orland <> Aug 06 12:34PM -0400: This couldn’t be better timed for this discussion
Adam Rosenberg <> Aug 06 12:52PM -0400: Best Twitter response yet: …more

Kyle Orland <> Aug 06 02:18PM -0400: New best Twitter response:

Adam Rosenberg <> Aug 06 02:34PM -0400: #relevant Nice one. …more

Jason Venter <> Aug 06 11:44AM -0700: Didn’t Mary Louise Parker say she may stop acting because she’s tired of the mean things people say about celebrities on the Internet? It’s easy to make fun of such people, but the constant–often …more

Dennis Scimeca <> Aug 06 12:09PM -0700: Or there’s always the possibility that Fish’s fit of pique turns out to be one of the most epic flounces in recent history, and in six months he’ll write some long post on the Polytron site about …more

PAX Prime panel opp: Aladdin SNES vs. Aladdin Genesis

Samit Sarkar <> Aug 05 06:58PM -0400: *Aladdin *Genesis >>>>>> *Aladdin* SNES That is all. -Samit

Nick Chester <> Aug 06 10:49AM -0700: This is so wrong for so many reasons. But whatever you say, Samit.

Freelance copy editing at Polygon?

Kyle Orland <> Aug 06 11:35AM -0400:

Survey on game PR

 “” <> Aug 05 02:16PM -0700  …more

Today’s Topic Summary


  • Cifaldi: Just be a journalist, GAWD! [24 Updates]
  • Game Informer now the #1 US mag not aimed at retired people [3 Updates]
  • PAX Prime panel opp: Aladdin SNES vs. Aladdin Genesis [11 Updates]
  • Carmack and Id and Oculus [7 Updates]
  • GameCritDB [2 Updates]
  • Phil Fish [1 Update]
  • LG paying for reviews… [1 Update]

Cifaldi: Just be a journalist, GAWD!

Kyle Orland <> Aug 07 08:45AM -0400: Interested to know what people think of this Twitter disquisition from former game journalist/current game designer Frank Cifaldi.

Sarah LeBoeuf <> Aug 07 08:52AM -0400: Honestly, I stopped caring after “Maybe I just never took the job as seriously as others?” You should take your job seriously, even if it’s writing about a fun hobby. Or at least don’t discourage …more

Ryan Smith <> Aug 07 11:48AM -0500: I have some sympathy to Frank’s views but I see a different prescription. I haven’t read the two books about video game journalism, but I think my advice to aspiring writers would be “Make the …more

Andrew Hayward <> Aug 07 09:59AM -0700: Super obnoxious. Now I remember why I stopped following him long ago. Of course, I’m involved with the most recent of the two books that triggered this, so maybe his rant about something he …more

Susan Arendt <> Aug 07 10:16AM -0700: He seems to have forgotten that lots of people don’t know where to start at all. I don’t even mean finding a job, necessarily, I mean giving shape to the idea of being a writer for a living. …more

Ben Gilbert <> Aug 07 01:27PM -0400: Regardless of how poorly he’s putting it (which, yup, he is), I’m with the point that a journalist is a journalist. My suggestion to people who wanna be journalists is to get trained in journalism. …more

Harold Goldberg <> Aug 07 01:32PM -0400: Susan’s right, especially about high school kids. I go up to the Bronx to teach kids about games now and then (I hope to get more of the Critics Circle involved with this). The kids really do have …more

Kyle Orland <> Aug 07 01:53PM -0400: He’s making a few points, Ben. One is that there is no need to specialize in _game_ journalism specifically: if you train to be a journalist, and you are curious about games, you’ll be fine. …more

Ben Gilbert <> Aug 07 02:00PM -0400: Point by point! Another is to “stop looking for life’s instruction manual and start actually doing stuff, man,” which people are taking much more exception to. -A bit ridiculously put, but not a …more

Kyle Orland <> Aug 07 02:06PM -0400: I think it’s all well and good to tell people “just do it” and “don’t worry about money, man,” but you need to be in a rather privileged position in terms of education and finances to be able to …more


Britton Peele <> Aug 07 01:16PM -0500: I don’t think everybody who knows nothing about how the game journalism works, but is interested in doing it as a job, can just “start actually doing stuff” (no matter how you put it) and make it …more

Ben Gilbert <> Aug 07 02:20PM -0400: Speaking to the opposite end of that, I had an entire class dedicated to freelance writing / pitching / etc. This is why I repeatedly bang the drum about journo degrees — certainly doesn’t work for …more

Kyle Orland <> Aug 07 02:21PM -0400: Why waste time with CLASSES, man. Go and live life, dude. WRITE! Also, if you don’t have the time/money for college maybe, I don’t know, a book would be a handy starting point? -KO

“William O’Neal” <> Aug 07 02:22PM -0400: This whole thing reminds me of people who take creative writing courses with the hopes of publishing a novel. Every novelist I know just wrote novels.

Ben Gilbert <> Aug 07 02:23PM -0400: The most important thing my best professors imparted on me was, “YOU SHOULD BE WRITING RIGHT NOW START RIGHT NOW.” I worked a full-time job, went to full-time school, and freelanced. …more

Jason Wilson <> Aug 07 11:26AM -0700: One of the values of a college degree isn’t in learning about journalism but other things. A well-rounded education, where you learn about economics, history, social sciences, some science, and lit, …more

Kyle Orland <> Aug 07 02:27PM -0400: Just as you should be writing while taking classes about how to freelance, you should be writing while reading a book on how to freelance. Neither is mutually exclusive.

Ben Gilbert <> Aug 07 02:30PM -0400: I don’t equate reading a book with receiving a college education, but sure, yes, what you’re saying is otherwise accurate.

Britton Peele <> Aug 07 01:30PM -0500โ€ Right, and I agree. Start writing ASAP and never stop… But a lot of people simply don’t have a clue what to do when they finish a piece. Put it in a drawer and never look at it again? …more

“William O’Neal” <> Aug 07 02:31PM -0400: PITCH, PITCH, PITCH, PITCH, PITCH!

Britton Peele <> Aug 07 01:35PM -0500: Pitching is a relatively simple concept when you’ve been doing it for years. When you’re first starting out it’s mysterious, complicated and kind of terrifying. I wouldn’t have wanted to dive into …more

Ryan Smith <> Aug 07 02:53PM -0500: I know we all like to think we’re smarter, more talented and worked harder to make it, but I’ll state again that it has a lot to do with who you know in the industry, and simple luck — being in the …more

Chris Plante <> Aug 07 03:55PM -0400: Hey guys, let’s not forget this monkey is washing a cat!!!  [image: Inline image 1] …more

Game Informer now the #1 US mag not aimed at retired people

Kyle Orland <> Aug 07 02:54PM -0400:

Kyle Orland <> Aug 07 02:54PM -0400: Looks like this was true a a year ago as well, so replace “now” with “still” in that subject line. -KO

Ben Gilbert <> Aug 07 02:55PM -0400: SUCK IT, BETTER HOMES & GARDENS

PAX Prime panel opp: Aladdin SNES vs. Aladdin Genesis

Xav de Matos <> Aug 06 03:03PM -0700: Genesis version. Panel over. Next up, ARE GAMES ART?

Matt Hawkins <> Aug 06 06:06PM -0400: I for one would love to determine, once and for all, if Genesis does and if in fact Nintendon’t.

Sebastian Haley <> Aug 06 03:30PM -0700: I only ever had Little Mermaid for Game Gear growing up. :/

Jonathan Deesing <> Aug 06 05:53PM -0700: My sister had that and I shamefully swam through wrecked pirate ships for HOURS. Also, Aladdin on Genesis is far superior. Duh.

Leah Jackson <> Aug 06 06:59PM -0600: FWIW I had it on SNES so I liked that version more.

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Aug 06 06:49PM -0700: Now we just need Rubens to come in and say something entirely contrary like the GameBoy version was the best or that both games sucked. Full circle and all that. …more

Alex Rubens <> Aug 06 09:16PM -0700: I never had either, so I fall on the side of whatever Phil Kollar dislikes. Just because.

Jonathan Deesing <> Aug 06 09:25PM -0700: Alex wasn’t alive when either systems were released.

Andy Eddy <> Aug 06 10:32PM -0700: Genesis had Blast Processing, so it has to be the better system…therefore, the Genesis version of Aladdin has to be better. It’s not a matter of opinion; it’s just science. …more

Sarah LeBoeuf <> Aug 07 06:18AM -0400: If we’re still discussing this, I’ll state the obvious and say the Genesis version was better.

Nick Chester <> Aug 07 10:40AM -0700: This is bullshit. You’re all monsters. This is why I got out of writing about games. (But in all seriousness, have you PLAYED these games lately? They’re both awful, but the SNES one at least …more

Carmack and Id and Oculus

Kyle Orland <> Aug 07 11:20AM -0400: Behtesda statement: “John has long been interested in the work at Oculus VR and wishes to spend time on that project. The technical leadership he provides for games in development at id Software is …more

Kevin Kelly <> Aug 07 08:22AM -0700: If you’ve ever sat all the way through one of his keynotes, you know it’s #3. …more

Ben Gilbert <> Aug 07 11:22AM -0400: Leaning pretty heavily toward the first possibility. Smells pretty strongly of bullshit PR spin from id.

Jason Schreier <> Aug 07 11:25AM -0400: Id has been spinning for quite some time now. I don’t think Carmack is very interested in making games anymore. Bethesda is likely in damage control mode. …more

James Fudge <> Aug 07 11:27AM -0400: I agree with Kevin – #3, but I do think he is going to exit id Software sometime soon.

Britton Peele <> Aug 07 10:28AM -0500: Having met Carmack, I’m going with #3, as hard as it might be to fathom. Mayyyyybe #2, as I think his main duties are with id Tech 5, for which most of his heavy lifting has been done. …more

Andrew Groen <> Aug 07 09:18AM -0700โ€ The rumor has been that id is in a great deal of trouble at the moment. And the departure of Hollenshead plus Carmack “focusing elsewhere” seems to lend a lot of credibility to that notion. …more


Adam Rosenberg <> Aug 07 11:46AM -0400: I’m about to get on a plane, so I’m just going to put this here. …more

“K. Cox” <> Aug 07 12:08PM -0400: Thanks for linking that actually; I haven’t been on Twitter today and missed it. And I really, really hope everyone I know adds their best stuff under the relevant games, because that will make …more

Phil Fish

Andy Eddy <> Aug 06 10:56PM -0700: Is it safe to assume you’ve already pitched this as a Q&A to Polytron?

LG paying for reviews…

Sebastian Haley <> Aug 06 03:28PM -0700: “You can buy my attention but you can’t buy my opinion.” I’ve been saying that for years! You can throw all the hookers and hotel rooms at me that you want, but if your game is flawed or outright …more

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  • Your daily dose of pessimism [9 Updates]
  • Cifaldi: Just be a journalist, GAWD! [10 Updates]
  • A defense of Metacritic [1 Update]
  • Game Informer now the #1 US mag not aimed at retired people [3 Updates]

Your daily dose of pessimism

Kyle Orland <> Aug 08 12:11PM -0400:  tl;dr: It doesn’t matter if you’re a good writer, you’ll probably fail …more

Leah Jackson <> Aug 08 10:21AM -0600: But Kyle, this is the DEFINITIVE GUIDE (according to them) so we should definitely listen. …more

Max Parker <> Aug 08 12:34PM -0400: “[…] *and the ethics will get in the way. Leave those at the door.”*[SECTION END]  Sure, why would you want to expand on that anyway? I don’t like discouraging someone from doing something he …more

James Fudge <> Aug 08 12:36PM -0400: “Iโ€™d like to say that being a really good writer is important, but letโ€™s be honest, this is games journalism. Oh and ethics will get in the way, leave those at the door.” This guy should …more

Leah Jackson <> Aug 08 10:39AM -0600: “Iโ€™d like to say that being a really good writer is important, but letโ€™s be honest, this is games journalism.” Must be why he got in. …more

Jason Schreier <> Aug 08 12:41PM -0400: What is

Nathan Meunier <> Aug 08 09:43AM -0700: The internet sure knows how to make a guy feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

James Fudge <> Aug 08 12:45PM -0400: On the whole ethics comment, he is validating the lie that we’re all bought and paid for by the industry. If so, when is my check coming?

Max Parker <> Aug 08 01:04PM -0400: I know, but it’s funny that he wouldn’t explain what he means in a post that’s supposed to be for those who are new to the industry. Sigh…I find the whole thing just ridiculous/disgusting. …more

Cifaldi: Just be a journalist, GAWD!

Philip Kollar <> Aug 07 02:44PM -0700: I’m sure plenty of published writers took a college creative writing class at some point. All of us come from slightly different backgrounds and got into the industry in slightly different ways. …more

Kyle Orland <> Aug 07 05:52PM -0400: What Phil said.

“William O’Neal” <> Aug 07 05:53PM -0400: I guess that’s that ๐Ÿ˜‰

Adam Rosenberg <> Aug 07 04:53PM -0500: What Kyle said about what Phil said. Also: On Writing is something we should all carve out the time to read. That’s just good common sense right there. …more

Ben Gilbert <> Aug 07 05:53PM -0400: Completely agreed. Also, Jason turned me onto On Writing and MAN can I not suggest that book enough. To pretty much anyone!

Dan Crabtree <> Aug 07 06:02PM -0400: Just how organic is that cat/monkey scenario? I’m betting less than 40% organic. I hate to be Captain Hallmark here, but isn’t there some joy in the journey of learning? Widening your expertise …more

“William O’Neal” <> Aug 07 06:10PM -0400: College is overrated.

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Aug 07 08:41PM -0700: Yep. On Writing and New Kings of Nonfiction will (hopefully) change your life as a writer. Do it up. Big thanks to Ben Kuchera for pointing me in their direction last summer. …more

Nathan Meunier <> Aug 08 06:13AM -0700: Figured I should probably weigh-in here. Ok, the “DO IT. DO IT NOW. GET TO DA CHOPPA!” approach is fine. But what if you don’t have any clue how to do it properly or in an effective way? As some …more

Andy Eddy <> Aug 08 08:21AM -0700: Plus, one of the books features a foreword from a very charming gentleman… </preen>  Not sure why Frank is so grumbly about it, but without having read the books in question, it just …more

A defense of Metacritic

Kyle Orland <> Aug 08 10:45AM -0400: This does about as good a job as is possible of justifying the worth of MC, I think: …more

Game Informer now the #1 US mag not aimed at retired people

Sebastian Haley <> Aug 07 02:31PM -0700: Could you imagine if Amazon forced their own magazine down your throat every time you bought something there?

Jason Schreier <> Aug 07 05:33PM -0400: “Thanks for shopping! Would you like a subscription to the Washington Post?”

“William O’Neal” <> Aug 07 05:33PM -0400: //SCENE

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  • Xbox One “design ratio” [5 Updates]
  • mock reviews [1 Update]

Xbox One “design ratio”

Kevin Kelly <> Aug 10 02:25PM -0700: I sure hope that charger is 16:9, or forget it.

Dalibor Dimovski <> Aug 10 02:46PM -0700: As the relative “guy with an industrial design degree” in the group, I can understand their design them in principle… but it still may not be “beautiful”. Hear me out. Many of you may be …more

Matt Matthews <> Aug 10 02:50PM -0700: Sounds like they’re doing something similar to the Golden Ratio, but 16:9 or 1.777… is a terrible approximation. I’ll let y’all look up Golden Ratio, but the basic idea is that it’s a …more

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Aug 10 08:05PM -0700: Http://

Harold Goldberg <> Aug 11 09:51AM -0400: One of the most fascinating GameJournoPros threads ever.

mock reviews

James Fudge <> Aug 10 05:29PM -0400: After reading Jason’s article on Matacritic (again) I thought it would be interesting to have a thread dedicated to this stuff. Apparently Scott Steinberg’s company does this stuff for Activision …more

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  • Any strategy experts out there? [4 Updates]
  • mock reviews [29 Updates]
  • Xbox One “design ratio” [2 Updates]

Any strategy experts out there?

Susan Arendt <> Aug 12 08:04AM -0700: I find myself in need of a reviewer out there for Total War: Rome and am coming up short. I know pretty much two options: Rob Zacny and Rowan Keiser, and neither are an option. …more

Jason Wilson <> Aug 12 08:12AM -0700: Talk to Kat Bailey. …more

Kyle Orland <> Aug 12 04:42PM -0400: Too bad Troy Goodfellow went to the dark side…

James Fudge <> Aug 12 04:46PM -0400: yup and Bill Abner too.

mock reviews

Harold Goldberg <> Aug 12 01:03PM -0400: Exactly: who else does this? Steinberg is known to have done this and has done it for years. But are there legit reviewers who do it – sometimes – for a little extra cash, and how many do? …more

James Fudge <> Aug 12 01:11PM -0400: Some cursory research seems to show that it was (is?) popular among book publishers. A lot of people don’t want to talk about this stuff, but privately i’ve been told that quite a few people do it …more

Harold Goldberg <> Aug 12 01:17PM -0400: I never heard about it when I was a music critic, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t go on in that culture. I did hear about it when I was writing more film stuff than I do now. …more

James Fudge <> Aug 12 01:21PM -0400: I think no one would dare talk about it publicly, save Scott S. who admits to providing a service. He certainly won’t tell you who is working for him. Instead of asking “who is doing it,” I’m …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Aug 12 01:22PM -0400: Without going into exhaustive detail, I’ve been approached about doing a mock review but the publisher decided to pass precisely because I had never done it before. I happily would have, though. …more

Jason Schreier <> Aug 12 01:23PM -0400: Well, one other big difference is that you’d be taking money from a company you cover.

Anthony John Agnello <> Aug 12 01:26PM -0400: But not for a game that I would be covering for any editorial outlet, and not for any sort of nefarious end. Working as a contractor for a publisher for one job wouldn’t suddenly make me an employee …more

“William O’Neal” <> Aug 12 10:30AM -0700: Jason says, “*you’d be taking money from a company you cover…*” When I was doing PR for ASUS I was blown away by the number of smaller tech sites that made no separation between editor / publisher …more

Harold Goldberg <> Aug 12 01:30PM -0400: Jason’s poses an important point (not that is hasn’t been broached before). We have a rule at the Critics Circle that we don’t allow members to write mock reviews.

James Fudge <> Aug 12 01:31PM -0400: Anthony if you did that mock review, do you think you would have to disclose that your worked for that company, even if it was a one-off? Is it a conflict if you consult for a company and then …more

Patrick Klepek <> Aug 12 12:31PM -0500: I don’t have a problem if you want to make mock reviews your bread and butter, but if you’re going to do mock reviews, you’re now a consultant. You shouldn’t be doing public reviews. …more

Harold Goldberg <> Aug 12 01:33PM -0400: Sorry for the typos in the last post. Been up since 430 today (work).

“William O’Neal” <> Aug 12 10:36AM -0700: Publishers also shy away from talking about who does mock reviews for them. Years ago I was talking to someone at Activision and casually mentioned the name of someone I know does mock reviews for …more

“William O’Neal” <> Aug 12 10:37AM -0700: Can people who do mock reviews still write previews and features?
Anthony John Agnello <> Aug 12 01:38PM -0400: Oh certainly, if I were regularly covering that company. No different than how people cover the financial sector. When I wrote the news and opinion pieces for Investor Place, every article was …more

James Fudge <> Aug 12 01:39PM -0400: Can’t editors do something about this? If the practice is considered unethical, editors should have policies in place that say “if you do mock reviews” you can’t write here, or you have to disclose …more

James Fudge <> Aug 12 01:41PM -0400: Features on broad topics, yeah probably. Features on specific games or companies – that’s a tough question.

James Fudge <> Aug 12 02:00PM -0400: I think the biggest problem with this is the lack of disclosure. Readers don’t know. Editors in some cases don’t know. and the writers doing the reviews may be under an NDA of some sort. …more

Scott Nichols <> Aug 12 11:02AM -0700: A PR agency reached out to me earlier this year about doing mock reviews asking if I’d be interested and my rate. I’m always very public about my interactions with PR, so if I started doing mock …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Aug 12 02:08PM -0400: That sounds like the exact way to do, Scott. And all interactions with PR should always be transparent. It seems like film is the root of the mock review business, like when film …more

Jared Newman <> Aug 12 11:17AM -0700: We actually did have a discussion about this, last summer:!topic/gamejournopros/1OUbN_zWi6E/discussion The thing to keep in mind is that some publications …more

James Fudge <> Aug 12 02:53PM -0400: Jared, read through that thread, and thanks for posting it. I may have been off the list when that discussion happened. If editors care about the issue then some guidelines are what would be …more

Harold Goldberg <> Aug 12 03:10PM -0400: Anthony, I don’t know. I never dealt with the film section at USA Today at all and never wrote for them. This happened during a time when I was still writing a lot of music criticism and features. …more

James Fudge <> Aug 12 03:14PM -0400: Here’s what the public at GiantBomb thinks of it, FWIW

Anthony John Agnello <> Aug 12 03:14PM -0400: Harold, that sounds like a freaking magical gig. This is my fourth year working as a freelancer, and that sounds heavenly.  …more

Jason Venter <> Aug 12 12:50PM -0700: Personally, I don’t think “someone might accuse us of impropriety” is a good reason to not do something that otherwise makes perfect sense (like writing a mock review). It’s true that someone …more

James Fudge <> Aug 12 04:00PM -0400: Devil’s advocate: Your incentive is to secure more mock review gigs from them, which makes you a lot more money than you would otherwise make. Also you are doing business with the company you are …more

James Fudge <> Aug 12 04:02PM -0400: also here’s some good guidelines. I don’t have a journo degree, for the record.

Ryan Smith <> Aug 12 03:10PM -0500: The USA Today thing makes me wonder. I read it from time to time and I personally find a lot of their tech/gadget coverage smacks of advertorials to me. For the record, I thought the old video game  …more

Xbox One “design ratio”

Jared Newman <> Aug 12 09:37AM -0700: LOVE THAT KNURLING

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Aug 12 11:59AM -0700: The video I posted wasn’t a non sequitur; the song is structured and based around the Fibinacci (pretty sure I slaughtered that) sequence. Oh, and it sounds great on headphones after you’ve had a lot  …more

Today’s Topic Summary


  • Miyamoto “Guest Editor” at Official Nintendo Magazine [5 Updates]
  • PAX Prime Meetup [2 Updates]
  • Photogs at PAX Prime? [3 Updates]
  • Everyone is writing books for the new publishing house Press Select [2 Updates]
  • Blogger burnout [2 Updates]

Miyamoto “Guest Editor” at Official Nintendo Magazine

Mitch Dyer <> Aug 22 02:05PM -0700: Can’t even process who thought this was not the grossest thing in the history of their magazine. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Aug 22 05:09PM -0400: I’ve never seen it with a print mag, but it’s actually not uncommon to bring in talent to serve as a “guest” editor in other realms of entertainment. I’ve seen it happen plenty of times in music,  …more

Mitch Dyer <> Aug 22 02:11PM -0700: Sure, I’ve seen GQ and Rolling Stone do this, but they aren’t the Official Robert Downey Jr. Magazine when he’s the guest editor. This is appalling to me.

Kyle Orland <> Aug 22 05:11PM -0400: I also doubt Miyamoto is taking an active role. And I’d worry about the appearance of impropriety but… I mean “official” is right there in the title. Those magazines always come with a small stink  …more

Garrett Martin <> Aug 22 05:12PM -0400: The singer James Blunt once “guest edited” the Metro chain of free commuter newspapers.

PAX Prime Meetup

Kyle Orland <> Aug 22 09:39AM -0400: Four responses to the doodle poll so far. Saturday is looking like the most popular night, but that’s only among… the four of us. I’ll keep bugging you all to take five seconds and fill it out …more

Mitch Dyer <> Aug 22 02:07PM -0700: CONTRIBUTED.

Photogs at PAX Prime?

Ben Kuchera <> Aug 21 02:27PM -0700: I got a great guy for you, he’s going to e-mail.

Dennis Scimeca <> Aug 21 02:42PM -0700: Had I known this could have been a possibility I would have attended the show! Cinematography classes mapped onto photography quite well. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ryan Smith <> Aug 22 12:40PM -0500: Ok, looks like I’m going with Ben’s guy. Thanks all!

Everyone is writing books for the new publishing house Press Select

Kyle Orland <> Aug 21 09:38PM -0400: (via Patrick Klepek’s twitter) Quite a list of involved names, including some GJP members. Can’t wait to see what they …more

Kyle Orland <> Aug 21 09:46PM -0400: Polygon has some more:

Blogger burnout

Susan Arendt <> Aug 21 02:26PM -0700: One thing that Russ and I try to do just about every year is take a vacation away from technology. When possible, we go up into the mountains, where even if we were tempted to check twitter, we …more

Kyle Orland <> Aug 21 05:29PM -0400: Seconding what Susan said. I just got through with a trip to the Scottish hills and some beach bumming on the Delaware shore. I had WiFi at night, but it felt like a brief relaxing break rather than …more

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  • Tokyo tips? [17 Updates]
  • 27 things media people like [12 Updates]
  • IGN taking heat for GTA V previews [17 Updates]
  • Roll Call: Oculus Rift [14 Updates]
  • PAX boycott? [53 Updates]
  • Freelance opp. [1 Update]
  • Aubrey Norris… [8 Updates]
  • GTA V reviews [9 Updates]
  • Droid starts offering ad free subscription version [9 Updates]
  • GameDevPros? [3 Updates]
  • PAX Prime Meetup [3 Updates]

Tokyo tips?

Kyle Orland <> Sep 05 11:11AM -0400: Heading off to my first ever Tokyo Game Show this month. Super excited, but also a bit trepidatious about covering such a massive show in such a foreign place. Any advice from veterans on getting …more

Dale <> Sep 05 08:41AM -0700: I have a massive FAQ that I’ve dealt to many others in past years asking the same thing. Lemme dig it up for you. No idea where I put it. But, for now, here are some quick tips. …more

Matt Hawkins <> Sep 05 11:43AM -0400: Times like this, it’s a shame that the Tokyopia forums is no longer active. Those guys were simply invaluable when it came to my visit back in 2007.

James Fudge <> Sep 05 11:50AM -0400: This is great stuff Dale ๐Ÿ™‚

Richard Mitchell <> Sep 05 10:54AM -0500: Schedule a local phone and WiFi hotspot rental with Softbank: Print this subway map and keep it on you at all times: …more

Dale <> Sep 05 09:30AM -0700: Good tips, Richard. To add onto his: Renting a phone is good if you’re calling others, otherwise use int’l if you’ve got AT&T — it works out to be cheaper for just a few calls. But …more

Dale <> Sep 05 09:31AM -0700: Also, *biggest tip in the universe* (and a personal reminder) Activate your credit card for international use for Japan. Banks like to shut off cards after that first transaction. …more

Ben Gilbert <> Sep 05 12:33PM -0400: BUMP on this tip bigtime. For Japan as well as any other travel.

Richard Mitchell <> Sep 05 12:04PM -0500: Same goes with debit cards. I must know more of this Nakano Broadway…

Dale North <> Sep 05 10:12AM -0700: Some of my favorite stores ever are in Nakano area. Problem is that you won’t see many pictures of the inside as photography is prohibited. The owners of the best stores (the Mandarake group) have …more

Dana Leahy <> Sep 05 01:41PM -0700: There is a ramen restaurant in the basement of the convention center, near the press room, that a local crew alerted us to one year. I have no idea what it’s called, but if you ask (or wander) …more

Kevin Kelly <> Sep 05 02:16PM -0700: I know Dana, and that IS saying something. Dana turned me on to that ramen restaurant when I went to TGS, and it is awesome. We ate there every day while at the show, and the food was heavenly. …more

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Sep 05 02:27PM -0700: Some other minor and goofy things: – Even if a booth attendant gives you permission to film/photograph make sure you get proof (on camera or signed, etc). A third party can file a …more

Dale <> Sep 05 04:12PM -0700: Nice tips, everyone. On the cash, Japan is still a cash nation. It’s not uncommon to have $400 in your pocket. Nothing like pickpocketing happens, so no worries. Like, people would buy a PS4 cash. …more

Jared Newman <> Sep 06 07:53AM -0700: I enjoyed reading all these even though I will not be there. Man I want to go to Japan so bad.

Sarah LeBoeuf <> Sep 06 10:57AM -0400: Feeling the same. Jealous of everyone who is going, and hopefully I’ll get to use these tips someday!

Michael McWhertor <> Sep 06 08:19AM -0700: Getting there: In terms of getting around, this is probably common knowledge, but I’ll mention it anyway, just in case. If you’re flying into Narita, don’t take a cab from the airport. …more

27 things media people like

Kyle Orland <> Sep 05 12:19PM -0400: I bet we could add stuff specific to game journalism. I’ll start: Complaining/humblebragging about how many free games are …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Sep 05 12:24PM -0400: Passive-aggressively attacking our peers whenever possible using social media. …more

James Fudge <> Sep 05 12:25PM -0400: saying you hate lists and then posting lists.

Ben Gilbert <> Sep 05 12:26PM -0400: Tweeting about hanging out with people instead of speaking with said people standing next to them in real life.

Ben Gilbert <> Sep 05 12:27PM -0400: Complaining about BuzzFeed and also reading BuzzFeed basically every day (surprised this wasn’t on BF’s list).

Adam Rosenberg <> Sep 05 12:28PM -0400: #19 man. They so get me, even though they forgot “graf.” …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Sep 05 12:30PM -0400: I need to briefly hijack this thread to share another Buzzfeed link:

Kyle Orland <> Sep 05 12:59PM -0400: Getting things back on track: Making “jews control the media” jokes while being jewish

James Fudge <> Sep 05 01:00PM -0400: That’s more of a comedy thing – see the roast of James Franco on Comedy Central for details ๐Ÿ˜‰

Susan Arendt <> Sep 05 02:03PM -0700: 19 and 22. Oh, yes. Oh. Yes. …more

Greg Tito <> Sep 05 09:36PM -0400: I sure witnessed a lot of 21 today. And I ate it all up. ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel a bit humbled by the response so far.

Jared Newman <> Sep 06 08:14AM -0700: Complaining about trade shows

IGN taking heat for GTA V previews

Kyle Orland <> Sep 05 01:04PM -0400: Reading these preview blurbs, they don’t seem any more hyperbolic than the average glowing preview for a highly anticipated game (I’ve long …more

Dale North <> Sep 05 10:08AM -0700: Doesn’t it always feel like when IGN gets heat like this, no one there cares? Or is that just me? I know they’re used to the exclusive preview heat, so I’d get some of the shrugging. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Sep 05 01:11PM -0400: It’s a universal truth that IGN haters gonna hate. The preview’s fine, but I agree with your point that previews in general tend to skew a little too positive. We’ve addressed that at Digital …more

Patrick Klepek <> Sep 05 12:39PM -0500: I don’t blame people for questioning the sheer volume of content. I imagine that’s exhausting, even for IGN’s writers.

James Fudge <> Sep 05 01:42PM -0400: Yeah, I mean people just hate IGN and assume they are being paid off. Shrug. I do think previews should always be a balance of “what’s new and exciting” and potential problems that people might …more

Jason Schreier <> Sep 05 01:57PM -0400: Exclusive coverage like this brings with it the dilemma of short-term traffic vs. long-term mistrust. Presumably in this case (as with the BioShock Infinite exclusive review, and many others), IGN’s …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Sep 05 02:10PM -0400: I agree that the appearance of impropriety is something that any journalist or journalistic outlet should worry about and take extra care to avoid, always. I can pretty easily dismiss the haters …more

Dale <> Sep 05 11:10AM -0700: Yeah, Jason hits the mark. People are always on IGN about this stuff, but they never say anything back? God, I’d be scrambling to address this. Any size. I’d be scared that not dealing with it …more

Devin Connors <> Sep 05 12:02PM -0700: The phrase “too big to fail” keep popping into my head while reading this thread. Is IGN too big to fail? No, but that mentality does apply to some of the site’s practices, including exclusive …more

Devin Connors <> Sep 05 12:02PM -0700: The phrase “too big to fail” keep popping into my head while reading this thread. Is IGN too big to fail? No, but that mentality does apply to some of the site’s practices, including exclusive …more

Dale North <> Sep 05 12:12PM -0700: Who be deletin’
Devin Connors <> Sep 05 12:19PM -0700: …more

Dale North <> Sep 05 12:22PM -0700: Nah, it was like FUCK DESTRUCTOID or something. I know you.

Susan Arendt <> Sep 05 02:22PM -0700: Fact: No matter what site you are, there’s going to be some portion of the gaming public that thinks you’re on the take. Fact: People love hating on IGN like it’s a national sport. …more

Andy Eddy <> Sep 05 02:46PM -0700: Multiple bingos here: –There was a moment in my past where I got two pieces of reader feedback where one said “Your XXX article proves that you’re being paid off by Microsoft” while the other …more

Jason Schreier <> Sep 05 06:09PM -0400: I mean, I don’t think this is an issue solely for the crazy people who love hating on games media and sending us nasty messages about how we are “so bias.” This isn’t like hardcore gamers flipping …more

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Sep 05 05:53PM -0700: If I remember correctly, didn’t IGN have a similar setup with GTAIV in terms of preview access? They also had an exclusive review that was something like seven pages long and a few days ahead of …more

Roll Call: Oculus Rift

Devin Connors <> Sep 05 12:17PM -0700: I bought an Oculus Rift Developer Kit a few days ago. I know Ben Kuchera has one, but I’m wondering if anyone else on here has bought a Rift developer kit. Anyone? Bueller? I’ve given the …more

Jonathan Ross <> Sep 05 12:18PM -0700: I’m happy to come over to your apartment so you can let me play it with you! …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Sep 05 03:19PM -0400: I’ve got one! Prepare to wait a bit. I ordered mine in late April and it didn’t arrive until mid-August. But yes. I’m down for any geeking out. …more

Dale <> Sep 05 12:21PM -0700: I’m trying to get one.

Devin Connors <> Sep 05 12:27PM -0700: For anyone interested in buying a Rift (and to address Adam’s point): I talked to Nate over at Oculus before putting an order in, and he said the long waits for a Rift aren’t an issue anymore, now …more

Michael Rougeau <> Sep 05 12:28PM -0700:  Have I mentioned I want to hang out at your place a lot more Devin?

Adam Rosenberg <> Sep 05 03:28PM -0400: Two things: 1: That’s awesome. 2: I hate you a little bit right now. …more

Devin Connors <> Sep 05 12:30PM -0700: Also, my order totaled out at $337.50 Subtotal: $ 300.00 Shipping: $ 15.00 Tax: $ 22.50 …more

Kevin Kelly <> Sep 05 12:34PM -0700: I used the HD prototype at PAX, and I just have to wait for that one. The cinema demo blew me away. …more

Michael Rougeau <> Sep 05 12:36PM -0700: Seconded. Trying the standard and HD one in quick succession was like night and day.

Adam Rosenberg <> Sep 05 03:37PM -0400: Yeah, the HD model is a MASSIVE improvement. I’m glad I got the dev kit though. It’ll be a nice little relic for my mantle one day. All the grandkids will point at it and laugh at how primitive our …more

Devin Connors <> Sep 05 12:44PM -0700: I tried the HD kit at E3. It’s definitely an improvement, despite the pixel smearing, and I’ll snag one when they become available, for sure. Maybe they’ll do a trade-in program? …more

Devin Connors <> Sep 05 02:08PM -0700: Not even kidding: Oculus just sent me a “Your order #XXXXXX has been shipped,” email. I clicked the tracking number, and it’s already on the truck. It should be at my house in a few hours!!! …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Sep 05 05:10PM -0400: I think it’s okay for me to reiterate at this point that I hate you. FOUR MONTHS, DEVIN.  …more

PAX boycott?

Kyle Orland <> Sep 03 01:05PM -0700: Seeing a lot of renewed calls (many from journalists) to boycott PAX (and everything Penny Arcade-related) in the wake of Mike saying he regretted pulling Dickwolves merchandise. Good summary of the …more

Chris Dahlen <> Sep 03 04:19PM -0400: I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I used to respect those guys a lot. Certainly under other circumstances you’d be psyched that two of the biggest fan cons in the U.S. are organized by a …more

Jason Venter <> Sep 03 01:36PM -0700: As I see it, we’re asking ourselves if we can separate the artists from the art from the deeds. The artists are the people behind the Penny-Arcade comic and, I suppose, the people behind the …more

Patrick Klepek <> Sep 03 03:45PM -0500: This dialogue can become confusing because it’s often boiled down to problems with a “rape joke.” There are certainly people who had problems with the joke, and that’s where this began to snowball, …more

James Fudge <> Sep 03 04:57PM -0400: This is a better link
Mike Wehner <> Sep 03 04:13PM -0500: My instinct is to day “screw PA, screw the whole thing, he’ll never learn, yada yada yada” and while that might achieve the goal of letting that brand die in my mind, I’m not sure it helps anyone …more

James Fudge <> Sep 03 05:22PM -0400: It’s not part of my job description to boycott anything. It’s a very interesting story worth covering, though. My personal feelings on the matter are irrelevant.

Jason Schreier <> Sep 03 05:23PM -0400: My gut says a journalist shouldn’t participate in a boycott of an event he/she covers, no matter how gross its creators might act, but I’m curious to hear other perspectives. …more

Susan Arendt <> Sep 03 02:25PM -0700: It’s a complicated question. Mike is an asshole, that seems pretty damn clear. But it’s also very clear that PAX is a place where people of any stripe can do a panel talking about issues that …more

Patrick Klepek <> Sep 03 04:27PM -0500: I’d be with you re: journalist angle if PAX was simply something you “cover,” but many of us actively participate in PAX through panels. That’s different. But Susan is right, too, in that PAX …more

Jason Schreier <> Sep 03 05:29PM -0400: Ah, yeah, for a reporter, saying “I’m no longer comfortable doing any PAX panels” is totally different than boycotting the show. I know some folks who have already said just that.

Julian Murdoch <> Sep 03 06:36PM -0400: Another clip for my Susan fan club scrapbook.

Dennis Scimeca <> Sep 03 03:47PM -0700: Today I read this blog post which argues that people cannot treat PAX as something separate from Penny Arcade, such that people cannot attend PAX without also directly backing a company that …more

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Sep 03 04:57PM -0700: “You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain” -Batmeng

devinconnors <> Sep 03 05:33PM -0700: How effective would a press boycott be? Isn’t PAX supposed to be the ultimate *fan* event? A gathering that prioritizes fans and non-press? Sure, we have no problems with access, panels, etc. …more

Ryan Smith <> Sep 03 07:14PM -0700: There is such a thing as advocacy journalism but “boycotting” seems like a weird thing for an news outlet to do. Instead, you can give voice to those who oppose the perceived negative element and …more

James Fudge <> Sep 04 01:39AM -0400: Ryan, i’d include our profession in that equation, but I agree with you that these issues need to be discussed more.

Jason Venter <> Sep 04 12:57AM -0700: That’s a lot different than what I see Ryan talking about, though. When it comes to Apple producing iPhones or Activision having its crew slave away on the next Call of Duty or whatever else, …more

James Fudge <> Sep 04 09:37AM -0400: It looks like Jim Sterling is jumping on the boycott bandwagon. From Facebook: Oh, and as I said on Twitter, I’m done with the PAX thing. It’s at a point now where I can’t really attend without …more

Scott Nichols <> Sep 04 12:18PM -0700: I was already feeling gross about going to PAX this year, but the fact that I was going to be part of a gender diversity panel made me feel better about it. I personally won’t be boycotting, but I …more

Kyle Orland <> Sep 04 03:19PM -0400: Leigh’s thoughts on the matter are worth including:

Dennis Scimeca <> Sep 04 12:48PM -0700: I’m not trying to break your balls, James, but “jumping on a bandwagon,” to me, suggests disingenuous action meant to garner public approval. Jim *has*been taking a more socially-progressive …more

James Fudge <> Sep 04 03:58PM -0400: Are you breaking my balls? Not really sure that you are Dennis ๐Ÿ™‚
Britton Peele <> Sep 04 03:27PM -0500: I have a question that I guess is only kind of related to our journalistic take on PAX: If a person, of any sex or creed, walked into the doors of PAX with *no* knowledge of Penny-Arcade the comic, …more

Kyle Orland <> Sep 04 04:38PM -0400: “I have a question that I guess is only kind of related to our journalistic take on PAX: If a person, of any sex or creed, walked into the doors of PAX with *no* knowledge of Penny-Arcade the comic, …more

Julian Murdoch <> Sep 04 04:51PM -0400: Honestly, there’s a missing component of “sex or creed” and that’s “age.” Like it or not there are a LOT of kids at PAX and to me that’s where this gets a lot more complicated. If there was a …more

Dennis Scimeca <> Sep 04 02:18PM -0700: Not going to PAX because you are opposed to supporting the company that profits from the event is the opposite of pretending the event doesn’t exist, especially when you want to have a …more

Britton Peele <> Sep 04 04:44PM -0500: I do think it’s a completely different question for journalists, yes, and whether or not people feel unwelcome is much less relevant (as harsh as that may sound when put that way). …more

Maddy Myers <> Sep 04 03:37PM -0700: Britton, perhaps this person’s blog post will answer the question I think you’re asking? …more

Britton Peele <> Sep 04 07:21PM -0500: Thanks for sharing that link, Maddy. It’s an important perspective. I do wonder a about this bit, though: “Remember: 2008 was the most positive experience I had with PAX. I have attended six …more

Britton Peele <> Sep 04 07:32PM -0500: I spent more than an hour staring at that message trying to make sure I wasn’t being offensive, but I’m terrified I probably screwed up anyway.* *I swear I’m only trying to educate myself here (in a …more

Kyle Orland <> Sep 04 09:31PM -0400: I think you explained yourself well, Britton, and I admit I feel somewhat similarly. On the one hand, the way Mike and Jerry have handled this Dickwolves thing is completely out of step with my …more

Kyle Orland <> Sep 04 09:38PM -0400: The age thing seems kind of tangential to me. I don’t see many 6 year olds wandering the floors alone, and if they’re with their parents, then… their parents can decide if it’s appropriate for …more

Greg Tito <> Sep 04 09:45PM -0400: Don’t worry, Britton. You are being quite sensitive and I appreciate your candor in trying to investigate the issues with Krahulik and the thing (PAX) he unwittingly created. I’m still digesting …more

Kyle Orland <> Sep 04 10:00PM -0400: I think most of the problems that have stemmed from Dickwolves have not been from the joke itself (which was relatively mild and definitely understandable how it got printed, especially if the …more

Kyle Orland <> Sep 04 10:01PM -0400: Er, there was an extra “not” in the last line of my last post. You know what I meant. -KO

Maddy Myers <> Sep 04 07:06PM -0700: Britton — I think your questions, particularly those in your final paragraph, are derailing away from the topic, which is about whether it’s ethical for journalists to cover PAX. …more

Greg Tito <> Sep 04 10:15PM -0400: Thanks for the vote of confidence, Kyle. ๐Ÿ™‚ …more

Julian Murdoch <> Sep 04 10:15PM -0400: No, but there are a LOT of teens, majorly make … If you aren’t the parent of one, you may just be somewhat oblivious. They suck up culture and spit it back out. That’s my point. And they are at …more

Britton Peele <> Sep 04 09:46PM -0500: Thanks, Maddy. I’d be interested in reading notes from the talk if you’d like to send them privately or whatever. Absolutely, if you don’t feel comfortable or safe at PAX and don’t want to …more

Dale <> Sep 05 08:43AM -0700: It’s not part of my job description to boycott anything. YOU WIN. PERFECT. *score totaling noise*

Kyle Orland <> Sep 05 01:48PM -0400: You’ve all seen it, but just in case: Initial responses on Twitter are ranging from “nice response” to “it’s all lies!” to somewhere in …more

James Fudge <> Sep 05 02:05PM -0400: A knee-jerk reaction might be the second strip, but the merchandise idea just shows that he was out to shame anyone that criticized him. His partners in crime should have told him not to be rash. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Sep 05 02:15PM -0400: I read this post and just see the same old pattern rearing up again. Do something publicly shitty, weather a storm of criticism, top it all off with an apologetic retraction-slash-revisionist take. …more

Kyle Orland <> Sep 05 02:18PM -0400: Boycotting PAX (i.e. not covering it) may not be in the job description, but what about serving on panels or supporting things like Child’s Play? It could be argued those are ancillary concerns that …more

Britton Peele <> Sep 05 01:24PM -0500: To quote the end of Mike’s post: “I sort of see PAX like I see my children. Yes I helped make them and yes they have a lot of me in them but they can be better than me. They can take the good stuff …more

Britton Peele <> Sep 05 01:25PM -0500: (To clarify, that means I’m personally *for* people still doing PAX panels. But at the same time I’ve never actually been ON one, so I don’t speak from much expertise.) *—*

Kyle Orland <> Sep 05 02:27PM -0400: “Demand change where you want it, but give it room to eclipse its father.” That’s a really good way of putting it, I think.

Ryan Smith <> Sep 05 11:33AM -0700: Yep, there’s definitely some churlishness and insensitivity there with some of the PA dude’s behavior. But if we were to find out more about the CEOs and other executives of every company we cover, …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Sep 05 02:40PM -0400: Not supporting a worthwhile charity just because someone who acts like an asshole in public is connected to it seems kind of petty to me. I’ve known plenty of assholes at non-profits that, …more

Kyle Orland <> Sep 05 03:09PM -0400: Wouldn’t you say that Mike and Penny Arcade are kind of inseparable, Adam? I mean, he’s the co-head and co-founder…

Adam Rosenberg <> Sep 05 03:13PM -0400: No, I wouldn’t. To Britton’s point (yes, paraphrased from Jerry’s), PAX and Child’s Play are bigger than any one person, even if that one person is the founder. …more

Scott Nichols <> Sep 05 12:27PM -0700: Ryan, that’s a bit derailing since none of that takes away from anything PA did. Sure, other bad things happen at other companies, and I agree with the argument that there should be more reporting …more

Freelance opp.

Kyle Orland <> Sep 05 09:56AM -0400: yada yada percent

Aubrey Norris…

“William O’Neal” <> Sep 04 11:16AM -0700: Say what you want about Aubrey Norris but she’s an amazing PR person. I get press releases all the time and I read about 10% of them. I ready every press release or email that Aubrey sends me. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Sep 04 02:17PM -0400: +1 …more

Leah Jackson <> Sep 04 12:19PM -0600: I enjoy her press releases so much that I printed a few of them out and hung them on my cubicle at G4 back in the day. She really brightens up my inbox.

Britton Peele <> Sep 04 01:25PM -0500: I’ve shared a couple of Aubrey’s press releases with co-workers, saying, “Yeah, sure, you keep swimming through all those horrible releases about dog hair products or whatever. This is what I get to …more

Daniel Starkey <> Sep 04 04:46PM -0500: When I saw this email, I thought something bad had happened to her and I had a small panic attack. One of the nicest people on earth. …more

Andy Eddy <> Sep 04 03:18PM -0700: Yeah, today’s “press release” brought a thread of e-mails between us including discussion of Michael Bolton, the Beatles and her mom. And I agree…I don’t think I’d be okay about any other PR …more

Jason Wilson <> Sep 04 03:35PM -0700: The e-mail is fun, but what makes Aubrey one of my favorite PR folk is how every communication with her is professional and respectful, even if you’re saying no to her or she’s turning you down for …more

“William O’Neal” <> Sep 04 04:26PM -0700: She’s not a liar.

GTA V reviews

Lou Kesten <> Sep 03 08:43PM -0700: Do any of you know how Rockstar is handling review code for “Grand Theft Auto V”? I’ve been told “sometime close to launch” (which could mean anything from a week to a day in advance). …more

Kyle Orland <> Sep 04 10:06AM -0400: I’ve had no responses to my hails to the mothership.

James Fudge <> Sep 04 10:09AM -0400: Who’s getting the exclusive day one review this year? I’m guessing IGN.

Andy Eddy <> Sep 04 08:41AM -0700: I said I needed a copy by the end of this week to make our next issue, and was told last week that (paraphrasing) “my dates would probably work.” Replying that it was good that we’d get a copy by …more

Kevin Kelly <> Sep 04 10:24AM -0700: Just out f curiosity, who have you been emailing? I’ve been contacting Bella Benson, but haven’t heard back.

Max Parker <> Sep 04 01:32PM -0400: That’s who I contacted, too. She confirmed that I will receive a review copy, but has yet to confirm a date. …more

Kyle Orland <> Sep 04 01:56PM -0400: Yeah, also Bella, but I didn’t even get a response =\  -KO

Jason Wilson <> Sep 04 03:08PM -0700: In S.F., I believe Rockstar is giving copies to outlets tomorrow. …more

Devin Connors <> Sep 04 03:19PM -0700: What version of GTA V did everyone request? I asked for an Xbox 360 copy, but added that I could work with either version. …more

Droid starts offering ad free subscription version

Kyle Orland <> Sep 01 05:50PM -0700: Very relevant to many conversations here: Hope you guys can make it work. Will be watching with interest. …more

Andy Eddy <> Sep 02 11:04AM -0700: Yes, good luck on the tier launch. And I loved to see where ad-blocker users are being asked to do some extra work if they go Huge: “*Adblock and Ghostery users: Allow and …more

Kyle Orland <> Sep 02 11:51AM -0700: Jut noticed the subject of this thread is Droid rather than DToid. Stupid autocorrect! -KO

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Sep 03 01:18AM -0700: Kyle gets 10% for every signup from this email. Seriously though, thanks for sharing and I’m very curious to know what you guys think. I’ll be the first to say that its unlikely that the majority …more

Christopher Grant <> Sep 03 10:28AM -0400: This is exciting โ€“ very curious to hear how your audience responds to the option. And congrats on the perks โ€“ sounds like you’ve had a busy year since we last discussed on this board. …more

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Sep 03 02:59PM -0700: If there’s one piece of advice I can impart so far is that you definitely want to be clear that no previously free site functionality becomes paywalled. I made the mistake of not making a clear …more

Patrick Klepek <> Sep 03 05:06PM -0500: Good luck, Niero! It’s been interesting/cool/exciting to be a part of something like this at Giant Bomb. The more the merrier, and we’ll have more data to work with on figuring out the long term. …more

Jason Schreier <> Sep 03 06:09PM -0400: Out of curiosity, Niero – and feel free to decline – I have to ask: would you share your numbers, and your targets? I’m with everyone else on wishing you guys the best of luck, too. The more …more

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Sep 03 05:47PM -0700: Thanks Patrick! @Jason -My goal is to onboard 1% of our subscribers, but we’re just shy of a thousand members so far. I will continue to blog about this experiment openly at least once a month. …more


Matt Matthews <> Sep 01 08:50PM -0700: I’ve seen glimpses, and been relayed information about that list. Occasionally if my work is discussed there, feedback is passed along by insiders. The bits I’ve been told about sound brutally …more

Jason Wilson <> Sep 02 08:01AM -0700: Hellsheets! We used to do these at every newspaper I worked at. The section’s staff would rip apart the section right in front of you. Quite brutal. Often useful. …more

Kyle Orland <> Sep 02 08:02AM -0700: This seems a little different, because it is peers at other devs ripping things apart, not colleagues at your own organization. -KO

PAX Prime Meetup

Greg Tito <> Sep 01 06:50PM -0400: It was so great to see everyone last night. Thanks for coming and toasting to the crazy job we have. Is anyone able to make dinner at 7pm tonight? I may cancel the reservation at Rock Bottom if …more

Britton Peele <> Sep 01 04:06PM -0700: I can make it tonight, but I won’t be offended if it gets canceled due to lack of interest. …more

Greg Tito <> Sep 01 07:50PM -0400: Haha, Thanks britton. Yeah I think I am going to cancel our meetup tonight. I will still be meeting a friend at Rock Bottom and you’re all still welcome to meet us to eat before heading to the …more

Today’s Topic Summary


  • Arkham Origins [3 Updates]
  • So…. anyone going to San Francisco next week? [6 Updates]
  • My TEDx talk on Internet discouse [9 Updates]
  • Battlefield 4 Review Event? [13 Updates]
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts – Squadding Up? [2 Updates]
  • Tabtimes is looking for a games writer… [2 Updates]

Arkham Origins

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Oct 22 12:41PM -0700: All of the recent Batman games have had issues of press getting reviews copies in time for launch reviews. Iirc, while Ben Kuchera was still at Ars, he bought a copy of Arkham Asylum at midnight and …more

Richard Mitchell <> Oct 22 04:01PM -0500: You can throw Scribblenauts Unmasked onto the WB launch day review copy pile.
Jason Venter <> Oct 22 02:14PM -0700: It occurs to me that I have a new reason to hate launch day review copies: I’m a freelancer. If an outlet is going to review a big game and the game only shows up on the day of launch, that means …more

So…. anyone going to San Francisco next week?

Kyle Orland <> Oct 21 06:12PM -0400: Say, Monday and Tuesday of next week, specifically?

Sebastian Haley <> Oct 21 03:38PM -0700: I’m already here. Do I win something?

Mark Burnham <> Oct 21 03:39PM -0700: I live here, am I disqualified?

Mike Rougeau <> Oct 21 05:17PM -0700: I’ll be heading up on Monday. …more

Tim Stevens <> Oct 21 10:47PM -0700: Got invited, sadly won’t be attending.

Mark Burnham <> Oct 22 02:13PM -0700: So what’s going on next week?

My TEDx talk on Internet discouse

Patrick Klepek <> Oct 21 04:38PM -0500: Curious what this group thinks. Please feel free to rip it apart. Lots of people have told me it’s good, more interested in people poking holes in it. (I have plenty of my own problems with it, and …more

Andy Eddy <> Oct 21 03:44PM -0700: You did a great job, and looked pretty comfortable doing it. Surely, it’s another thing your father would be proud of. To me, it’s such a big topic, that I think it’s hard to condense it into a …more

Kevin Kelly <> Oct 21 03:46PM -0700: I agree with Andy, Patrick. You did a great job. It felt very natural, not-rushed, and informative. I just wish I could have seen the slides in the video. Also, this would be a great panel at PAX …more

Devin Connors <> Oct 21 05:08PM -0700: Fantastic job, Patrick. Not awkward or ill-timed in the slightest. It’s tough getting those not familiar with the gaming industry (and the discourse one has with readers) into the mix, but I think …more

Richard Mitchell <> Oct 22 09:44AM -0500: Excellent talk, Patrick. I admire your public speaking ability. Don’t think I could do that without lots of scrawled notes ๐Ÿ™‚  If I must poke holes, I would say the #1ReasonWhy bit may have been …more

Susan Arendt <> Oct 22 08:14AM -0700: Overall, you need to hone your message. You necessarily have to spend some of your time bringing people up to speed on the communities and interaction you’re talking about, so you have to refine …more

Daniel Starkey <> Oct 22 11:25AM -0500: Patrick, I wish I could help but I’m too idealistic to criticize something like this. Thanks for being awesome, as usual. Wait… the video quality could be better. That’s all. …more

Dennis Scimeca <> Oct 22 11:15AM -0700: I think you did a good job, Patrick. How long did it take you to get your talking points down such that you didn’t need notes? Or did you have space on the monitor for prompts? …more

Patrick Klepek <> Oct 22 01:31PM -0500: > something everyone can relate to, but also because it perfectly showcases > the two sides of internet discourse you wanted to highlight – strangers  > trying to make you miserable, and strangers …more

Battlefield 4 Review Event?

Sebastian Haley <> Oct 21 02:23PM -0700: I’ve heard that all press are locked out of playing the game forever.
Richard Mitchell <> Oct 21 04:25PM -0500: We will be if we have to use Origin servers, amirite!

Garrett Martin <> Oct 21 05:26PM -0400: well the entire industry is depending on this one game, so they should be extra careful

Mark Burnham <> Oct 21 02:43PM -0700: So, here’s the deal. There’s a review event in SF this week. It’s for PC/XB1/PS4. I get the impression that’s the only way to play the game early.

Kevin Kelly <> Oct 21 02:52PM -0700: Not the best week to have a review event for a shooter …more

Mark Burnham <> Oct 21 02:54PM -0700: No kidding. Also, not sure this is the best planet to ever have review events ever.

Kevin Kelly <> Oct 21 02:59PM -0700: Agreed. DON’T FANCY IT UP. JUST GIVE US THE GAME. I happy to play it in my pajamas on my own couch while eating plastic-bag cereal. …more

Sebastian Haley <> Oct 21 03:55PM -0700: I think I can shed some light on this. Battlefield games are notorious for broken servers at launch. Despite however many releases it has been and the giant cluster that follows, EA and DICE never …more

Samit Sarkar <> Oct 21 08:19PM -0400: Can’t comment on any review issues (I’ve never reviewed a Battlefield game), but I’ll echo Sebastian re: *Battlefield 3*. Had that game pre-ordered and was super-excited to play it with a group of …more

Kevin Kelly <> Oct 21 05:21PM -0700: Speaking of BF4… I have a Call of Duty question in a new topic. …more

Ben Gilbert <> Oct 22 10:25AM -0400: Nearly missed a Kyle Orland Moment of Promoโ„ข opp with Samit’s BF3 launch complaints, which I wrote about here: …more

Kyle Orland <> Oct 22 10:26AM -0400: KOMP!โ„ข

Devin Connors <> Oct 22 09:19AM -0700: So I am in the EARS cafeteria right now. I showed up for this event at 8:45, only to find out at reception that the start has been delayed to 11am! PR has yet to email me telling me it’s delayed. …more

Call of Duty: Ghosts – Squadding Up?

Kevin Kelly <> Oct 21 05:21PM -0700: Anyone interested in forming a GJP (we need a snappier name) Squad in Call of Duty? If so, hit me back.…more

Devin Connors <> Oct 21 05:26PM -0700: Not sure how much I’m playing, but I’ll be game at some point. What platform?

Tabtimes is looking for a games writer…

“William O’Neal” <> Oct 21 03:16PM -0700: Hey folks, George Jones just sent this my way. His old employer TabTimes is looking for a games writer to focus on mobile. If you’re interested, hit him up. Wil ###  From: George Jones …more

Garrett Martin <> Oct 21 06:18PM -0400: I thought the Possum had passed.