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  • Sub-tweet about someone saying something stupid? [16 Updates]
  • E3 housing [1 Update]
  • Mario Kart… Aaaaaaayyyyyyyyyt [5 Updates]
  • Who’s playing Hearthstone? [10 Updates]

Sub-tweet about someone saying something stupid?

James Fudge <> May 09 11:47AM -0400: WTF is this about? Anyone have a clue or a link?

Michael Futter <> May 09 11:48AM -0400: Short version: a very young dev decided to respond to Rami’s blog post on Gamasutra claiming that there is no inequality in the game industry. It got worse from there. Now it’s a dogpile. …more

James Fudge <> May 09 11:49AM -0400: Thank you so much Michael!

Kyle Orland <> May 09 11:50AM -0400: Leigh named the guy:

Devin Connors <> May 09 11:50AM -0400: Kevin Dent also sub-tweeted about it.

James Fudge <> May 09 12:09PM -0400: It’s interesting reading the different perspectives on this. It’s a shame it’s not more of a discussion on the issues, and less of a Twitter Trial and Conviction.

Daniel Starkey <> May 09 11:20AM -0500: That, is basically one of the most regrettable things about the modern internet. ESPECIALLY twitter. I don’t feel like anyone discusses things online, ever. …more

Ryan Smith <> May 09 09:31AM -0700: Why do we care about the tweets/opinions of a guy who graduated college a month ago, and who as far as I can tell has never made a game worth noting?

Mike Wehner <> May 09 11:32AM -0500: Has this guy done anything worthwhile in the industry? I’m wondering why anyone even cares about his opinion on the matter. You can find people with unfortunate and poorly-thought-out tweets …more

Daniel Starkey <> May 09 11:38AM -0500: That’s the thing, Ben’s original tweet was saying that he’s watching someone destroy their own career before it really began. That what makes this notable — we just saw career suicide. …more

Devin Connors <> May 09 12:39PM -0400: It’s Friday, and the Bruins won last night. The Care Bear Meter is low today. Let’s all put our energy into a more productive use of Twitter time, like this #BarterPolitics hashtag I’m having fun …more

Mike Wehner <> May 09 11:43AM -0500: Watching someone destroy their public image is one thing, but tweeting about it or tweeting at him just gives his voice even more volume. Putting “no i’m not going to link it” is going to make …more

Daniel Starkey <> May 09 11:57AM -0500: That’s a fair point. Not sure I necessarily agree, but it’s certainly possible, if not probably. …more

Andy Eddy <> May 09 10:29AM -0700: All truthful. I think Twitter magnfies all those things because people have to jam their thoughts into 140 characters, so sometimes the messages and replies can become much worse than I think …more

Jared Newman <> May 09 01:53PM -0700: I thought he was talking about this guy:

James Fudge <> May 09 04:59PM -0400: That guy is off the chain crazy, and unafraid about it apparently

E3 housing

Rollin Bishop <> May 09 11:50AM -0500: I’m going to bogart Adam’s thread here for a similar request. It looks like I’m going to attend, but don’t have housing just yet thanks to last minute approval and figured I’d ask you fine …more

Mario Kart… Aaaaaaayyyyyyyyyt

Sam Machkovech <> May 08 02:40PM -0700: samred is my Wii U name, if anybody wants to complain about so-called battle mode with me on there.

Max Parker <> May 08 05:43PM -0400: I’ll join you around 8. Skype name is GameGuyPgh. …more

Kyle Orland <> May 08 07:47PM -0400: Sitting in an online friends only room a bit early. Just accepted some friend requests. Come join us! -KO

Max Parker <> May 08 07:52PM -0400: on the way! …more

Ryan Smith <> May 09 09:32AM -0700: Conclusion from last night’s Karting affair: Max and Kyle are really good at Mario Kart. Thanks for the driving lesson, dudes.

Who’s playing Hearthstone?

Andy Eddy <> May 08 05:31PM -0700: Just getting to adding people now, but all I see in the browser version of Google Groups are ellipse’d e-mail addresses. I’m Vidgames#1640 if you’re still playing.

Jason Fanelli <> May 08 08:34PM -0400: I am! FanelliJ23#1665, though at the moment I’m in NFL draft/review writing mode. I’d love to play soon though.

Susan Arendt <> May 09 06:33AM -0700: Just started!

Ben Kuchera <> May 09 08:34AM -0500: YEP …more

Alex Navarro <> May 09 10:26AM -0400: if you want to add me. I’m playing way more than I’d care to admit. …more

Richard Mitchell <> May 09 10:25AM -0500: OK FINE, I’ll play. richard.a.mitchell or SenseiRAM

Michael Futter <> May 09 11:34AM -0400: or PaladinXII#1718 (not sure if you need the numbers for Hearthstone) …more

Kyle Orland <> May 09 11:38AM -0400: You usually need the numbers or a full e-mail address for in general. -KO

Jason Schreier <> May 09 11:38AM -0400: It’s OK, Alex. You can admit it. This game is crazy fun. …more

Richard Mitchell <> May 09 10:42AM -0500: Oh, well in that case: SenseiRAM#1601 / Shows you how much I use 😛

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  • CVG, other Future brands/staff at risk? [1 Update]
  • Anyone have Wolfenstein? [32 Updates]

CVG, other Future brands/staff at risk?

Andy Eddy <> May 15 01:27PM -0700:

Anyone have Wolfenstein?

Jason Schreier <> May 15 09:39AM -0400: …and know if this is true? Is it really unplayable without the patch? …more

Garrett Martin <> May 15 09:44AM -0400: Hmm, haven’t loaded my Xbox One copy up yet. Will do so soon and see.

Ben Kuchera <> May 15 09:01AM -0500: I was able to load it up and start playing.

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> May 15 07:06AM -0700: It worked fine for me last night on PS4. The only problem I noticed (pretty and post patch) is a persistent audio glitch. Gunfire and dialogue is incredibly muffled. At first I thought it was my …more

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> May 15 07:07AM -0700: Pre-and-post patch* …more

Ben Gilbert <> May 15 10:09AM -0400: Tim is *really* into his audio setup, y’all.

Mike Wehner <> May 15 09:10AM -0500: So the game *does* work without the patch. So the Twitter account with 1 follower that NeoGaf was putting their faith in was wrong? I’m shocked…. …more

Jason Schreier <> May 15 10:10AM -0400: Dumb rumor debunked. Whew!

Jason Schreier <> May 15 10:13AM -0400: It’s amazing how many people are FREAKING OUT in that thread.  …more

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> May 15 07:14AM -0700: I was talking to Kuchera last night and he said he could notice it with his sound bar, too. Curious if anyone else has any problems, I’d imagine it’s probably worse if you’re just using headphones or …more

Ben Gilbert <> May 15 10:15AM -0400: *to crazy people

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> May 15 07:15AM -0700: Jason, it’s almost like you don’t read NeoGAF often or something 😉 …more

Michael Futter <> May 15 10:15AM -0400: Yeah. This is completely bogus. But we can sit back and watch NeoGAF burn for a little bit… right? …more

Mike Wehner <> May 15 09:15AM -0500: Jason… it’s Neogaf…

Susan Arendt <> May 15 07:19AM -0700: Just to add to the evidence, PS4 plays just fine without patch. In fact, it actually took some doing to get the damn patch to install, lol. “Hit X to install” X  “Would you like play …more

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> May 15 07:22AM -0700: Susan, would you like to play Wolfenstein? …more

Jason Schreier <> May 15 10:26AM -0400: Oh my goodness. …more

Michael Futter <> May 15 10:27AM -0400: Jason, are you gawking that they wrote it or that they ripped off Eurogamer’s page layout and font? Just for clarification purposes, of course. XD …more

Jason Schreier <> May 15 10:28AM -0400: I’m mostly gawking that they actually named themselves el33tonline, with the numbers and everything. …more

Richard Mitchell <> May 15 09:29AM -0500: Hey, I discovered a glitch. Apparently it takes longer to email a Wolfenstein Steam code than it does to ship a *boxed retail copy.*

Harold Goldberg <> May 15 10:30AM -0400: Hmmmm. Lisa Trollip, the site’s editor down in Durban, South Africa, is usually pretty careful about making sure her staff gets the facts right. -Harold

Michael Futter <> May 15 10:34AM -0400: So, I shouldn’t name a new site …more

Devin Connors <> May 15 10:39AM -0400: is the hot new site for all NeoGAF gossip insight.On May 15, 2014 10:34 AM, “Michael Futter” <> wrote: So, I shouldn’t name a new site …more

Ben Gilbert <> May 15 10:41AM -0400: We’re all gonna let the guy from Kotaku make fun of “el33t”? Yeah? My publication is a stupid portmanteau as well. We all lose.

Harold Goldberg <> May 15 10:44AM -0400: Well said.

Devin Connors <> May 15 10:48AM -0400: PC codes are being sent out this afternoon, according to PR. …more

Kyle Orland <> May 15 10:51AM -0400: We can all be proud our outlet name isn’t as stupid as Crispy Gamer. -KO

Harold Goldberg <> May 15 10:54AM -0400: Hah. I think you can call a site pretty much anything as long as the editorial folks and marketing folks go the extra mile. -Harold

Devin Connors <> May 15 10:55AM -0400: I remember back in the day when I told my mom I got an internship at Tom’s Hardware. Her response was to ask me if they sold tools, like The Home Depot. …more

James Fudge <> May 15 11:17AM -0400: Kyle, it was supposed to be Jaded Gamer. All respect to Keefer, but both names were pretty bad. Also, too much faith is put into NeoGAF.

Kyle Orland <> May 15 11:45AM -0400: Jaded Gamer would have been better… kind of fit the site’s tone better too. -KO

James Fudge <> May 15 12:04PM -0400: *shrug* better than Crispy for sure.

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  • 343 Industries mad at news embargo breakers [14 Updates]
  • NeoGAF rejected for E3 press pass [8 Updates]

343 Industries mad at news embargo breakers

Kyle Orland <> May 21 10:18AM -0400:  “breaking embargoes is not prophesy. Nor does it require any particular skill or insight. Ultimately he is taking or being …more

Jason Schreier <> May 21 10:20AM -0400: Is it a losing game, though? It puts journalists in the position of either having to A) ignore the leaks or B) pretend they don’t know that the leaks are real. Neither option is ideal. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> May 21 10:21AM -0400: Why is the press automatically to blame for the leak? O’Connor ought to look within. These leaks usually don’t come out of pre-briefings, they come out of people involved on the dev/publishing …more

Kyle Orland <> May 21 10:22AM -0400: I mean, if the current state of affairs is causing outlets to self-select out of pre-briefs, I’d argue that’s also less than ideal for everyone involved… -KO

Michael Futter <> May 21 10:22AM -0400: And Microsoft PR was really clear it was NOT an embargo break. Engadget didn’t attend pre-E3, nor were they briefed. It seems like this person is mad at how entertainment news works in general. …more

Michael Futter <> May 21 10:24AM -0400: Re Adam’s comment on dev/pub leaks. Ubisoft. Just… Ubisoft. That story about A FAN getting shown something in an airport that turned out to be super legit? That’s not a press issue. …more

Jason Schreier <> May 21 10:25AM -0400: O’Connor wasn’t talking about the Engadget leak, Mike. His GAF post went up before Engadget’s story. He was talking about a few GAF members hinting at the Halo 5 embargoed announcement on Friday …more

Michael Futter <> May 21 10:25AM -0400: Ah. My mistake. Thanks, Jason. …more

Kyle Orland <> May 21 10:42AM -0400: Fair point re internal leaks, but the timing on this one is suspect. It was secret until a few dozens journalists were shown something… then it wasn’t very quickly. -KO

Harold Goldberg <> May 21 10:44AM -0400: O’Connor’s a micro-manager’s micro manager. He once came down hard on me for a quote that was on the record about a Halo movie. Claimed he never said there would be a Halo movie. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> May 21 10:45AM -0400: I still think the Engadget leak probably didn’t come from the pre-brief, being that it was missing some headline-worthy details. I didn’t know O’Connor was referring to leaked Halo 5 talk until it …more

Patrick Klepek <> May 21 09:45AM -0500: It is pretty shitty for press at pre-briefs to act like that, though. Wanting cred on a message board for your privileged position? Grow the fuck up. …more

Michael Futter <> May 21 10:46AM -0400: We see it happen a lot, unfortunately. I was at a reveal event for something with clear instructions: do not post photos, video on social media. Moments later. Some guy posts images on Twitter. …more

Andy Eddy <> May 21 11:10AM -0700: If that happens, you (dev/publisher-side person) do some work to find out where the leak happened, and then shut it down or at least let the person know you know who did it and that there are …more

NeoGAF rejected for E3 press pass

Kyle Orland <> May 20 04:07PM -0400: Now where will we steal all our E3 stories from?

Adam Rosenberg <> May 20 04:10PM -0400: Reddit …more

Patrick Klepek <> May 20 03:10PM -0500: I’m no fan of Evilore, but it makes sense NeoGAF should be allowed at least one representative at E3. Bad move. …more

Ben Gilbert <> May 20 01:13PM -0700: The boilerplate response reeks of mistake, very much doubt this was intentional. Instead of complaining in public, perhaps they’d do what the rest of us do and contact Double Forte to figure out …more

Richard Mitchell <> May 20 03:15PM -0500: NeoGAF? Not complain publicly?

Jason Schreier <> May 20 05:13PM -0400: Happy ending!

Kyle Orland <> May 20 05:21PM -0400: NeoGAF is in Microsoft’s pocket! -KO

Ben Kuchera <> May 20 05:05PM -0500: We can only hope Sony can get 4Chan in. …more

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  • Media shield amendment passes the house [3 Updates]

Media shield amendment passes the house

Sebastian Haley <> May 31 03:59PM -0700: Yeah but what does this have to do with people who write about games? …more

Andy Eddy <> May 31 05:48PM -0700: You’ve never had any CIs (confidential informants)?

Sebastian Haley <> Jun 01 10:33AM -0700: I did but they were all Nick Chester

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  • Your 3DS Friend Code [2 Updates]
  • The official GJP 3DS friend code thread [1 Update]
  • Ryckert out at Game Informer [2 Updates]
  • Last Minute Help: Extra Bed at E3? [1 Update]

Your 3DS Friend Code

brandonnn <> Jun 02 09:58AM -0700: You actually don’t need friend codes for Tomodachi, you just need to generate a QR code from inside the game, like so: …more

Dale North <> Jun 02 01:12PM -0500: 4570-7947-3329

The official GJP 3DS friend code thread

Dale North <> Jun 02 01:12PM -0500: shiiiiit i have a new one: 4570-7947-3329

Ryckert out at Game Informer

Xav de Matos <> Jun 02 09:37AM -0700: I thought it was Giant Bomb, so he could get paid to talk about wrestling. Lucky!

Dale North <> Jun 02 01:10PM -0500: Speaking of eyes, washing mine

Last Minute Help: Extra Bed at E3?

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jun 01 02:44PM -0700: Rubens is a great roommate, he doesn’t complain if you’re crop-dusting or if you wake the room up at 3 a.m. trying to get in, either.

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  • for E3, do we still need the journalists? [9 Updates]
  • Last Minute Help: Extra Bed at E3? [1 Update]

for E3, do we still need the journalists?

Dean Takahashi <> Jun 03 07:28AM -0700: Google’s search and YouTube data is quite interesting. People are looking for the unfiltered livestreams and trailers. …more

Patrick Klepek <> Jun 03 09:49AM -0500: There’s always gonna be a role for gatekeepers, just less of ’em. …more

Ben Kuchera <> Jun 03 09:59AM -0500: It’s also not a zero-sum game. There are plenty of times I watch trailers and then want to know what people think of them, so I go online and check out a few write ups. That’s the weird thing about …more

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 03 08:12AM -0700: In the old days attending conventions was absolutely necessary. In 1996 you would go to Comdex and get physical (read: paper) press kits from everyone at the show, you’d pack them all in a box and …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 03 11:21AM -0400: Been a while since I backlinked myself here! From May of 2006: “Microsoft, meanwhile, is doing an end run around the press this year and offering direct access to game demos and trailers to Xbox …more

Jason Schreier <> Jun 03 11:23AM -0400: You were off by a couple years, Kyle, but yep, going to E3 is feeling more and more pointless. Kotaku’s only sending 5 people this year. …more

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 03 08:26AM -0700: It’s also expensive to attend and cover trade shows.

Kyle Orland <> Jun 03 11:29AM -0400: Unfortunately, publishers still don’t seem willing to simply give downloadable alpha/beta demos of the games they’re showing at E3, so you actually have to trek to LA if you want to _play_ games. …more

Ben Kuchera <> Jun 03 10:34AM -0500: I would argue the fewer times you have face to face contact with, or opportunity to meet, the people you’re covering, the less effective you’ll be at your job. E3 is important because you can chat …more

Last Minute Help: Extra Bed at E3?

Sam Machkovech <> Jun 02 02:32PM -0700: Coming in to vouch, as well. Rubens saved my ass during E3 one year and will probably make your hotel room classier with all of his suits. If I wasn’t already squishing into someone else’s room, …more

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  • Layoffs at eSports Global Network [11 Updates]
  • for E3, do we still need the journalists? [2 Updates]
  • Last Minute Help: Extra Bed at E3? [1 Update]

Layoffs at eSports Global Network

Kyle Orland <> Jun 03 05:28PM -0400:
Will be interesting to see if the centralized, studio model for glitzy eSports coverage can win out over  …more

“ʎןןǝʞ uıʌǝʞ” <> Jun 03 02:38PM -0700: What ESGN overhead? They never paid their employees! …more

Devin Connors <> Jun 03 05:40PM -0400: Trump? Like Donald Trump? …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 03 05:43PM -0400: I hear what you’re saying, Kevin, but the fact that they can’t yet their employees what they promised is actually evidence the expenses/cash flow they had in mind for something like this were not …more

Michael Zenke <> Jun 03 05:41PM -0400: On a random Tuesday afternoon (ET) he’s got 25k viewers. – Michael

Harold Goldberg <> Jun 03 06:18PM -0400: I wonder how many subscribers he has.

Harold Goldberg <> Jun 03 06:18PM -0400: Paid ones, I mean.
Kyle Orland <> Jun 03 06:33PM -0400: Some info along those lines:   “In an interview with GQ Magazine, Michael O’Dell, team manager of a professional League of Legends team called Team …more

Cassandra Khaw <> Jun 04 09:53AM +0800: Actually, ESGN paid rather handsomely at a point. But I remember seeing issues about payments t as I ran away. -C

Andy Eddy <> Jun 04 03:04AM -0700: Comparing a Twitch streamer to an eSports organization seems a bit apples and oranges to me. I know what you’re saying, but a person streaming what he’s playing to an audience (with …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 04 09:47AM -0400: That’s a fair point, Andy, but my point is more that the individual competitors have been able to grab a large audience without the kind of major network edifice that’s been built up around real …more

for E3, do we still need the journalists?

Dale North <> Jun 03 03:47PM -0700: Same, Jason. We have the same number of writers going to E3 this year, our smallest team in Dtoid history. And I’m totally cool with that. I really dig where things are going. It’s like everyone …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 03 08:32PM -0400: Smaller team for DT this year too. Only two full-timers, a handful of freelance assignments, and no video crew. My own week is going to be a little on the hellacious side, but the whole thing is …more

Last Minute Help: Extra Bed at E3?

“Alex Rubens” <> Jun 03 04:47PM -0700: I’m all set with a room for Tuesday-Thursday thanks to some leads from this group and will surely have no trouble grabbing a room for Friday. Thanks, all!

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  • Did the gaming press cause this community manager firing? [11 Updates]
  • TechRadar is looking for an assistant editor! [2 Updates]
  • Ryckert out at Game Informer [1 Update]

Did the gaming press cause this community manager firing?

Kyle Orland <> Jun 05 09:57AM -0400:
(Background: Interview with Josh Olin, who was fired as Turtle Rock Community Manager after a tweet expressing …more

Sarah LeBoeuf <> Jun 05 10:08AM -0400: I’ve been following this from the beginning. When I was between jobs, I did social media and community management for a company that represented game publishers, so it was particularly interesting …more

Greg Tito <> Jun 05 12:20PM -0400: I’m certainly open to discussion on this subject because I think it’s going to debated a lot more in the coming months. How does your online persona effect your position at a company? Especially if …more

James Fudge <> Jun 05 01:17PM -0400: This says more about the thin skin of his employer, and less about him, if you read the entire context of what he said. I think they should have made him back away from what he said and moved on. …more

Devin Connors <> Jun 05 10:36AM -0700: Some speculation here: We don’t know what Olin’s relationship with 2K and Turtle Rock brass was like before this Twitter episode happened. It could be less about thin skin for 2K, and more about …more

Jared Newman <> Jun 05 10:52AM -0700: The record of Sterling’s racism harming people is pretty well-documented. Olin either hasn’t done his research or is being ignorant to prove a point when he says there’s no problem with Sterling …more

“ʎןןǝʞ uıʌǝʞ” <> Jun 05 10:53AM -0700: But everyone knows that David Jaffe is a douchebiscuit. And who is going to fire him? Is he even still developing games? …more

Harold Goldberg <> Jun 05 02:01PM -0400: Don’t get me started on Jaffe. But I think the new thing’s called Autoduel.

Jason Venter <> Jun 05 12:45PM -0700: Why did The Escapist choose to report on this particular story? Who really cares if some guy working in a gaming company’s PR department posted an opinion on his personal account? …more

Greg Tito <> Jun 05 04:58PM -0400: We’ve all written stories on statements made by other gaming industry professionals on Twitter when we think it will be of interest to our readers, whether it’s Cliff Bleszinski calling out Notch, …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 05 05:04PM -0400: I think in all those cases you cite, Greg, the content of the statements related directly to games, or at least to the game industry/in-fighting, though. That does make this situation different, …more

TechRadar is looking for an assistant editor!

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 05 01:54PM -0700: TechRadar is hiring! I’m looking for an assistant editor to work out of either our South San Francisco or NYC office. Please feel free to pass this along because I’m super-fucking-awesome to work …more

“ʎןןǝʞ uıʌǝʞ” <> Jun 05 01:59PM -0700: I can confirm half of this statement. Their offices are indeed in South San Francisco and NYC. HA! And yes, Wil is absolutely awesome.

Ryckert out at Game Informer

Nick Chester <> Jun 04 04:38PM -0700: I haven’t been following this, but I’m glad my comment started a shit storm. It’s my new tactic: turn journalists against each other until they are all so wrapped up in tearing each other apart …more

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  • Did the gaming press cause this community manager firing? [4 Updates]
  • for E3, do we still need the journalists? [1 Update]
  • Facebook is life! Facebook is all! [1 Update]

Did the gaming press cause this community manager firing?

Greg Tito <> Jun 05 05:54PM -0400: Good point. That is a significant difference, Kyle. To me, the content of his statements being so far outside the normal purview of the gaming community discourse was what made it interesting. …more

Ryan Smith <> Jun 05 05:31PM -0500: Olin didn’t do himself any favors, because part of the problem is that Twitter isn’t a great place for nuanced conversations. So to just say “Sterling is a victim” on its own is not a great …more

Patrick Klepek <> Jun 05 05:35PM -0500: He probably shouldn’t have been fired, but you’re a *community manager*. To wade into that topic, especially with an opinion that laced with nuance, shows a deep ignorance to how Internet …more

Andy Eddy <> Jun 06 01:00PM -0700: As a community manager, someone is generally seen as a spokesperson for the company. If I remember correctly, his Twitter profile said he was community manager for Turtle Rock (whether or not it …more

 for E3, do we still need the journalists?

Kyle Orland <> Jun 06 02:52PM -0400: This seems apropos to this thread right now:

Facebook is life! Facebook is all!

Kyle Orland <> Jun 05 11:13PM -0400: “lol nothing matters”

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  • Ryckert out at Game Informer [2 Updates]
  • Your 3DS Friend Code [2 Updates]

Ryckert out at Game Informer

Xav de Matos <> Jun 06 08:50PM -0700: I just notice how I missed everything that happened here while I was twirling my hair and thinking about wrestling. …more

Jason Venter <> Jun 07 10:02AM -0700: I know the feeling. So, so much life happens while I’m busy twirling my hair!

Your 3DS Friend Code

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 07 09:41AM -0400: I’ve got my friend code figured out! 2449-4673-5689 Not sure if you need my username, but it’s geminibros.

Yannick LeJacq <> Jun 07 10:03AM -0400: Woo! 3711 7741 0566

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  • IGN apologizes for false Last Guardian report [1 Update]

IGN apologizes for false Last Guardian report

Kyle Orland <> Jun 08 10:38PM -0700: Pretty classy apology, all things considered. Sucks for them to go into E3 like this.

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  • VICE pays horribly [2 Updates]

VICE pays horribly

Andy Eddy <> Jun 10 06:11PM -0700: Sorry, just adding a new link to this, but mainly because I like the headline if you don’t understand context: “Time Warner Said to be Investing Big in Vice.” Given how hard it can be to make a …more

Mike Wehner <> Jun 10 08:26PM -0500: Wait a goddamn second here: You’re all being PAID? I’ve been working for free event swag and the chance to piss off readers in the comment section. -Mike

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  • PewdiePie made $4M last year [1 Update]
  • GameTrailers layoffs [2 Updates]

PewdiePie made $4M last year

Kyle Orland <> Jun 16 02:16PM -0700: I may have to change my “Print is dead” mantra to “Writing is dead” pretty soon Also interesting given our recent …more

GameTrailers layoffs

Kyle Orland <> Jun 16 07:10AM -0700: In case you guys missed it in the E3 churn: 1/2 to 2/3 of the staff seems… large. Then again, I have no idea how …more

Andrew Hayward <> Jun 16 09:32AM -0700: Really sorry to hear about this on Friday. Sadly, I was talking to a dev on the show floor who said he’d heard from some devs and journos alike who felt like they were about to get the axe once …more

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  • Pitts out at Polygon [6 Updates]
  • PewdiePie made $4M last year [7 Updates]

Pitts out at Polygon

Kyle Orland <> Jun 17 12:53PM -0700: Presented without comment.

James Fudge <> Jun 17 04:00PM -0400: Russ did some great work over there. I hope whoever fills those shoes (quite a task) has the same care, passion, and attention to detail that he did.

Mitch Dyer <> Jun 17 01:38PM -0700: Are we assuming Polygon is replacing him? Reading between the lines, I get the impression he didn’t want out.

Patrick Klepek <> Jun 17 03:55PM -0500: The final lines of his blog seem to indicate the big, longform feature experiment didn’t turn into page views. If that’s true, I’m not surprised. But it’s still a bummer. …more

Daniel Starkey <> Jun 17 03:59PM -0500: If those longform features didn’t work out, I weep for the state of gaming journalism. We need that. It’s important.

Susan Arendt <> Jun 17 02:15PM -0700: He’s not being replaced. …more

PewdiePie made $4M last year

Scott Nichols <> Jun 16 03:18PM -0700: 1. I didn’t even know amounts of money could go up that high in real life. 2. Did the end of that article really just credit Pewdiepie as the reason Flappy Bird rose in popularity even though his …more

Matt Hawkins <> Jun 16 06:34PM -0400: Here’s the excerpt from The Wall Street Journal that the Hollywood Reporter cites… His following is so big that even games he criticizes get coveted publicity. Earlier this year he made a clip …more

James Fudge <> Jun 16 08:33PM -0400: good for him. He find a way to make the $$$. I dislike his stuff personally but all the kids (including my own son) love this guy.

Daniel Starkey <> Jun 16 07:38PM -0500: I hate his content, but he’s done a lot to run charity events and the like… so I’m really glad that money is going to guy who’s not a jackass. …more

James Fudge <> Jun 16 08:53PM -0400: “he found a way” Me like writing. Writing make words tell stories. rock flatten mango

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Jun 17 02:02PM -0700: I think he actually made too little. My reasoning is: 5 billion views divided by $ 4 million = $0.80 CPM if I’m not mistaken. This is a pretty low video CPM net. I don’t think it’s Youtube or …more

Hamza Aziz <> Jun 17 02:05PM -0700: Is the $4M just factoring in his revenue from Youtube direct? I don’t think any of this is factoring in the money he gets paid straight from some game pubs to play their games on his channel. …more

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  • Pitts out at Polygon [19 Updates]
  • PewdiePie made $4M last year [20 Updates]
  • Is the recent Watch Dogs visual upgrade a “mod” or not? [4 Updates]

Pitts out at Polygon

Jason Schreier <> Jun 17 05:25PM -0400: Best wishes on whatever’s next, Russ.

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 17 03:44PM -0700: Maybe it’s time for Polygon to start creating lists…

Kyle Orland <> Jun 17 04:03PM -0700: I would not be shocked if that was the case, Patrick. For all that some people call for long form content, it’s often hard to get the traffic numbers to justify the investment of time/money, given …more

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 17 04:12PM -0700: The Verge as well creates some amazing content. This feature <>, for example, is amazing. …more

James Fudge <> Jun 17 07:32PM -0400: I guess the community wants everyone to make videos and act like a fucking goofball and do baby talk.

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 17 04:35PM -0700: If by “community” you mean the whole world minus people like us…

Patrick Klepek <> Jun 17 06:42PM -0500: I’m not saying PewDiePie does transformative work, but the saltiness over his popularity is a little weird. These people aren’t even your target audience. …more

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 17 04:48PM -0700: What do you mean “These people?” <>

Julian Murdoch <> Jun 17 07:58PM -0400: My 10 year old’s a fan. Just saying. …more

Devin Connors <> Jun 17 08:04PM -0400: This is some serious cross-thread pollination shit happening right now. …more

James Fudge <> Jun 17 08:13PM -0400: mine too. Get to work, my friends.

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 17 05:17PM -0700: Whatever you do, stay away from analytics. It’ll just make you sad.

Christopher Grant <> Jun 18 01:17PM -0400: > I know Chris Grant and some other Polygoners are members. Not sure how > much they can/want to say on the matter, though. Here’s what I can and want to say on the matter: …more

James Fudge <> Jun 18 01:27PM -0400: Thanks Christopher

Kyle Orland <> Jun 18 10:31AM -0700: Thanks for the public response, Chris. Sad to see that the “features don’t bring in consistent enough traffic to justify that level of spending” hypothesis seems largely true. Excerpt for those …more

Jason Schreier <> Jun 18 01:32PM -0400: I would be very curious to hear which features resonated with audiences and which ones didn’t, Chris. Have you guys ever thought about publicizing your metrics in any way? …more

Ryan Smith <> Jun 18 12:55PM -0500: That’s kind of sad because Polygon was great with those longreads. It’s been said a million times, I know…but the great thing about the old model of print is that readers purchased every piece …more

Daniel Starkey <> Jun 18 01:04PM -0500: Ryan, that same argument has been made for a lot of things — especially music. When we had to buy whole albums, people would naturally just go and listen to the B-sides, because they were already …more

Jason Venter <> Jun 18 02:01PM -0700: We could still live in times where views for really popular, cheesy content drive the traffic that allows outlets to also produce more meaningful content that has actual lasting value. …more

PewdiePie made $4M last year

Dale North <> Jun 17 05:56PM -0500: You read a written article to learn this. 

Kyle Orland <> Jun 17 04:16PM -0700: Not sure where you got 5 billion views from… was that in the original article? Was that for one year? Sounds kind of ridiculously high to me, even with 27 million subscribers. …more

Patrick Klepek <> Jun 17 06:17PM -0500: Good for him. I don’t care for his personality, but he’s found a niche and capitalized to the nth degree. Cannot help but be pretty jealous.

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jun 17 04:59PM -0700: My question seems kinda obvious: how long can this really last? It seems too good to be true and like it can’t keep going forever. By that I mean not just PewdiePie (good lord does that name …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 17 05:04PM -0700: OK, so Pewdiepie does have 4.7 billion views or so, according to YouTube, but that’s over nearly 4 years. The $4 million was for a single year. So even being liberal and assuming he got 2 billion …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 18 08:24AM -0700: A pretty good analysis of this whole $4 million thing: “Younger viewers are finding …more

James Fudge <> Jun 18 11:27AM -0400: of course we’re jealous. It’s millions of dollars. also see,

Jason Wilson <> Jun 18 08:29AM -0700: I’m not jealous. I’m just not interested in it. …more

Mark Burnham <> Jun 18 08:41AM -0700: Yes $2 is good shorthand/rule of thumb for what YouTube tends to offer in the way of CPM. Even that’s low, but when you have millions and sometimes billions of views it adds up. …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 18 08:41AM -0700: Key quote from the Gamasutra piece: “There are some times when I think I should just start up a blog and do text transcripts of my first impressions style videos, because people take …more

Mark Burnham <> Jun 18 08:50AM -0700: I don’t know if that’s wholly true anymore, Kyle. Aren’t big YouTubers getting games early from publishers now too, and getting invited to events? Put another way (and this is another interesting …more

Daniel Starkey <> Jun 18 10:50AM -0500: I want an informed, well-educated society. I think the kind of repetitive high-pitched screeching that PewDiePie, Markiplier and pals engage in skips right over intellectualism and straight into …more

Chris Dahlen <> Jun 18 11:57AM -0400: These kids just watch garbage. Back in my day, we only paid attention to serious, well-reasoned criticism.

Daniel Starkey <> Jun 18 10:59AM -0500: Maybe I was privileged in that I grew up with the Early Days of the Simpsons and then graduated to Jon Stewart when that went to crap. I’ve had a life of comedy gold. …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 18 09:00AM -0700: The rest of the Gamasutra piece addresses YouTubers getting early access quite well. Seems to be a mixed bag, from the POv of the video makers and the publishers. -KO

Mark Burnham <> Jun 18 09:06AM -0700: “I want an informed, well-educated society. I think the kind of repetitive high-pitched screeching that PewDiePie, Markiplier and pals engage in skips right over intellectualism and straight into …more

Mark Burnham <> Jun 18 09:09AM -0700: And to clarify, I’m in no way comparing the actual content of PDP and Smosh Games… Smosh are cool. PDP…not my thing.

Daniel Starkey <> Jun 18 11:11AM -0500: I just want to see folks like Errant Signal making those big bucks. Not people who scream so loud their mics have a hard time keeping up.

Jared Newman <> Jun 18 09:15AM -0700: You watch your mouth Dahlen, Beavis and Butthead was Art!

Harold Goldberg <> Jun 18 01:11PM -0400: Just talked to a couple of people who know him and who have done business with him. Both say that the $4 mil income is an inflated sum. Smart marketing, though, even if the sum is inflated. …more

Is the recent Watch Dogs visual upgrade a “mod” or not?

George Weidman <> Jun 17 03:12PM -0700: I don’t know why this issue is driving me crazy, but for some reason it is. Check this article out, and then the comments: …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 17 04:09PM -0700: Hey, a Style Guide reference! George wins all the brownie points for the day! I have seen conflicting reports on whether the effects were actually included in the source code or not, and haven’t …more

Richard Mitchell <> Jun 17 10:44PM -0500: Released game code was modified. I say that counts. I guess you could call it a hack, if it’s all existing code. Sounds like he did more than jus enable hidden code though. He modified files as …more

Richard Mitchell <> Jun 18 11:00AM -0500: Released game code was modified. I say that counts. I guess you could call it a hack, if it’s all existing code. Sounds like he did more than jus enable hidden code though. He modified files as …more

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  • Tom Bramwell: I am sexist [1 Update]
  • This is Phil Fish [2 Updates]

Tom Bramwell: I am sexist

Kyle Orland <> Jun 19 11:21AM -0400: Interesting personal exploration of his own growth on this topic, which relates it back to the gaming audience as well. …more

This is Phil Fish

Kyle Orland <> Jun 19 10:17AM -0400: Interesting video that’s been making the rounds: It’s ostensibly about Phil Fish, but it’s really about the state of internet micro-celebrity and a …more

Michael Futter <> Jun 19 10:24AM -0400: Want to point out one thing that is erroneous in that otherwise well stated piece. Marcus reacted to Phil essentially calling us liars when we broke the story last July. He and Jonathan Blow …more

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  • Paul Ford has a nervous breakdown inside Gawker’s Kinja CMS [8 Updates]
  • Not A Hero [8 Updates]
  • No such thing as bad news? [1 Update]
  • Pitts out at Polygon [1 Update]
  • “Crecenteb playing journalism” [13 Updates]

Paul Ford has a nervous breakdown inside Gawker’s Kinja CMS

Kyle Orland <> Jun 20 02:20PM -0400: Happy Friday

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 20 02:22PM -0400: The rainbow cat with the butterfly wings is truly special. …more

Jason Schreier <> Jun 20 02:22PM -0400: Welcome to my life, Paul. …more

Daniel Starkey <> Jun 20 01:37PM -0500: I only know of a handful of people that actually liked their CMS. I think “perpetual nightmare” is industry standard. …more

Matt Hawkins <> Jun 20 02:48PM -0400: When working for MSNBC (now NBC News), all the tech reporters, plus myself as the lone/lead video game reporter… well, the fill in for the lead, lone/lead video game reporter, who was away on …more

Jason Schreier <> Jun 20 03:11PM -0400: …more

Jason Venter <> Jun 20 01:22PM -0700: I coded the CMS that is in use on my site before I knew what a CMS even is, so it is pretty much everything I want a CMS to be. Working with other content management systems is rough, though, for …more

Susan Arendt <> Jun 20 02:18PM -0700: At The Escapist, we had a custom-made system. It was very, very shaky at first, but by the time I got there it was solid, and just got better as it got more refined. Still had problems, of course, …more

Not A Hero

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 20 11:31AM -0400: Does anyone happen to have an assets link for Not A Hero? The Tinsley ladies are usually super responsive, but I haven’t heard anything back on this after multiple requests. …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 20 11:32AM -0400: “The Tinsley ladies” makes them sound like a punk rock band or members of high-society Victorian England. Either way, I approve. And no, I do not have those assets. -KO

Eric Frederiksen <> Jun 20 10:44AM -0500: Adam, Here’s a link to Devolver Digital’s assets site: Should get you what you need. Eric Frederiksen @piratesyar on …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 20 11:45AM -0400: Aaaaaand I heard back. Never realized they had a general press link. It’s, y’all. I could totally see The Tinsley Ladies headlining a punk rock night at …more

Ben Gilbert <> Jun 20 12:28PM -0400: GOD THE WETLANDSSSSSSS Tramps, The Wetlands and Coney Island High are all gone and it cuts me deep

Matt Hawkins <> Jun 20 12:53PM -0400: Was always more of a Coney Island High guy myself.

Garrett Martin <> Jun 20 12:56PM -0400: Went to Brownies and Maxwell’s a bunch when I lived up there. Both gone now too.

Ben Gilbert <> Jun 20 01:00PM -0400: Maxwell’s was so fresh! Sad that it’s gone too!

No such thing as bad news?

Kyle Orland <> Jun 20 12:43PM -0400: Say what you will about Assassin’s Creed: Unity, but it was on a lot of people’s lips during E3…

Pitts out at Polygon

Ryan Smith <> Jun 20 10:03AM -0500: Relevant:

“Crecenteb playing journalism”

Kyle Orland <> Jun 19 05:43PM -0400: An… interesting use of Twitch.
Michael Zenke <> Jun 19 05:43PM -0400: He’s offline atm. Can you clarify?

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 19 05:48PM -0400: I turned it on for a minute earlier just to see what the heck was going on. It’s literally just Brian working. I’m sure that’s fascinating for some people, but I see the same thing in a proper …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 19 06:03PM -0400: Yeah, it was really Brian just talking about his work with the Twitch commenters when I tuned in. I was pretty sure Twitch was only for streaming actual games… maybe they’ve loosened those rules? …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 19 06:06PM -0400: Oh yeah, I’m not knocking it at all. Most of us do what we do because we like knowing how the sausage is made, and this is no different. Not sure about the Twitch rules. The title is great though. …more

Mike Wehner <> Jun 19 05:11PM -0500: The primary focus of a stream has to be actual gameplay, per Twitch rules. If he (or anyone looking to do something similar) is looking for a live forum to chat with people, I would suggest YouTube …more

Jason Schreier <> Jun 19 06:17PM -0400: Twitch’s PR is on board, so I’m sure Brian’ll be OK. …more

Mike Wehner <> Jun 19 05:19PM -0500: Yikes. That’s all I’ll say about that. …more

Harold Goldberg <> Jun 19 06:29PM -0400: Chase used to be a games journalist back in the day.

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jun 19 09:03PM -0700: Back when he had a last name?

Jason Schreier <> Jun 20 12:09AM -0400: It was taken from him as penance for joining PR.

“ʎןןǝʞ uıʌǝʞ” <> Jun 19 09:43PM -0700: FYI, you can watch highlights from his stream even when he’s offline. …more

Harold Goldberg <> Jun 20 07:49AM -0400: He was always Chase – even back then. I think he had an super-small indie record label as well.

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  • Paul Ford has a nervous breakdown inside Gawker’s Kinja CMS [5 Updates]
  • “Crecenteb playing journalism” [1 Update]
  • Not A Hero [1 Update]

Paul Ford has a nervous breakdown inside Gawker’s Kinja CMS

Jason Wilson <> Jun 20 02:29PM -0700: Hating the CMS is the online world’s version of Hating InDesign/Quark Xpress.

James Fudge <> Jun 20 05:38PM -0400: IGN in a Box was the worst one I have ever had the displeasure of using. Should have been called IGN in a Dumpster.

Devin Connors <> Jun 20 06:30PM -0400: The Tom’s Hardware CMS is based on an old Yahoo API. In other words, it’s in Blow-Your-Brains-Out territory. …more

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jun 21 10:20AM -0700: The one we use at Engadget is pretty okay? I’m sure Ben has other things to say about it, but it’s much better than what I’ve used before (Moveable Type) and the product team keeps adding to it and …more

Britton Peele <> Jun 21 01:06PM -0500: Oh man, you were using Movable Type? That thing is the worst. We had writers at The Dallas Morning News blog on MT before making the switch to WordPress, and it was always horrible. …more

“Crecenteb playing journalism”

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jun 21 10:01AM -0700: I know we’ve brought this up before, but I honestly don’t know if I should applaud his one-namedness as being super ballsy, or just think it’s really arrogant. …more

Not A Hero

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jun 21 09:59AM -0700: Oh God, here we go again. …more

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  • “Crecenteb playing journalism” [1 Update]

 “Crecenteb playing journalism”

Andy Eddy <> Jun 21 05:52PM -0700: I think Chase is his last name, and I think it’s more for simplicity (and maybe some level of anonymity) than arrogance.

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  • Stay of execution for CVG [5 Updates]
  • Tom Bramwell: I am sexist [3 Updates]

Stay of execution for CVG

Kyle Orland <> Jun 23 11:05AM -0400: “but its editorial headcount will be reduced” =(

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 23 08:44AM -0700: The comments are all spot on.

Andy Eddy <> Jun 23 08:57AM -0700: I thought this was an interesting analysis–and, I assume, a semi-poke at Future–from a UK competitor: “The big killer for many companies in digital is high operating costs,” …more

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 23 09:05AM -0700: Future US has stabilized at 80 employees. Which is intense considering that this time last year we had close to 200. But yeah, our new CEO is hardcore. Future US had a finance and accounting …more

Jason Venter <> Jun 23 09:24AM -0700: Huge accounting departments really make no sense. Nearly every time I’ve had trouble being paid (when the company had money, I mean), it’s because my invoice got lost by accounting and its red …more

Tom Bramwell: I am sexist

Kyle Orland <> Jun 23 11:08AM -0400: Good follow up from Sarah Ditum, who used to work at CVG:

Kyle Orland <> Jun 23 11:12AM -0400: My mistake, the magazine she worked at was PlayStation Official, it seems.

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 23 08:46AM -0700: Sarah Ditum also works for Techradar right now 😉

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  • Tim W wants your patronage to talk indie games [4 Updates]
  • Why is the Verge writing about Iraq? [13 Updates]
  • Red Bull sponsoring “Top Gear for Gamers” in the UK [1 Update]
  • Always check the original source [2 Updates]

Tim W wants your patronage to talk indie games

Kyle Orland <> Jun 24 02:56PM -0400: Reviving this thread because you guys should really read Jenn Frank’s Patreon appeal:

Susan Arendt <> Jun 24 01:01PM -0700: Well. That’s the new version of her appeal, anyway. The first was a bit…different. …more

James Fudge <> Jun 24 04:37PM -0400: That’s a very depressing pitch by anyone’s standards. She smakes Richard Lewis seem upbeat and outgoing.

James Fudge <> Jun 24 04:38PM -0400: She “makes” Richard Lewis seem upbeat and outgoing.

Why is the Verge writing about Iraq?

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 24 10:25AM -0700:

Jason Schreier <> Jun 24 01:26PM -0400: Wil, are you the commenter who keeps writing “slow news day” on all of our articles?

Patrick Klepek <> Jun 24 12:26PM -0500: Gotta say that I prefer this over sites publishing Star Wars casting news because of ????

Matt Hawkins <> Jun 24 01:27PM -0400: Maybe they believe that folks who read their site, along with those who frequent outlets that have a very specific focus in general, all live in a bubble and are trying to do them a favor? …more

Chris Dahlen <> Jun 24 01:27PM -0400: This is as silly as Rolling Stone talking about the Vietnam War

Jason Schreier <> Jun 24 01:28PM -0400: I’ll take Star Wars casting news over “developer says his game will be SO GOOD” or “here’s another Destiny dev diary” any day.

Matt Hawkins <> Jun 24 01:33PM -0400: “Geeks” love tech, hence why they go to the Verge. “Geeks” also like Star Wars, or the like, generally speaking, hence why their coverage makes sense. Not seeing the issue here. …more

Devin Connors <> Jun 24 01:36PM -0400: Strikes me as odd as well, especially since Vox is now fully up and running. I expect to see plenty of geopolitical coverage there, but not on The Verge. …more

Jason Schreier <> Jun 24 01:39PM -0400: The idea of a website sticking to one area of coverage and never departing from that is very antiquated, I think. The Verge’s incredible growth over the past few years is testament to the strength …more

James Fudge <> Jun 24 01:41PM -0400: Chris, NICE.

Conrad Zimmerman <> Jun 24 01:41PM -0400: Yeah, Chris won this. Nothing else to see here. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 24 01:42PM -0400: THE GUY FROM KOTAKU *WOULD* SAY THAT! =D   I don’t disagree. Catering to your readers’ interests is what’s important, whatever those interests may be. That’s one of the reasons I like DT so …more

Jason Wilson <> Jun 24 10:43AM -0700: The key is covering it with your pub’s angle and slant, not as a straight story. Beyond that, go nuts.

Red Bull sponsoring “Top Gear for Gamers” in the UK

Kyle Orland <> Jun 24 10:43AM -0400: “Players is Top Gear for Gamers, a weekly entertainment magazine program, committed to bringing the best games …more

Always check the original source

Kyle Orland <> Jun 23 05:36PM -0400: Your semi-regular reminder

Britton Peele <> Jun 23 09:42PM -0500: Those marketing students probably deserve an A. *—*

Today’s topic summary


  • In Defense of PewDiePie [35 Updates]
  • Remember video games? [12 Updates]
  • Did you guys know Red Bull has a site devoted to game writing? [12 Updates]
  • Tim W wants your patronage to talk indie games [4 Updates]

In Defense of PewDiePie

Jason Schreier <> Jun 25 11:27AM -0400:
This is very good. *Kjellberg may do little more than scream into a microphone, but it’s what …more

Ben Gilbert <> Jun 25 11:30AM -0400: Joystiq is a boy’s club site? Really?

Mike Wehner <> Jun 25 10:34AM -0500: Was the original title of this feature “Why game journalists hate Pewdiepie”? Because if so, that’s pretty disgusting and inflammatory. I realize the article is offering an even-handed look at the …more

Jason Schreier <> Jun 25 11:34AM -0400: I don’t think that’s the point Maddy is making here, Ben. Replace “Joystiq” in that first line with any professional gaming site and it’s just as effective. There’s a division between “people who …more

Garrett Martin <> Jun 25 11:36AM -0400: This never ran as “why game journalists hate Pewdiepie.” That was a temporary title while editing the piece. It was changed to the current title before it was published.

Ben Gilbert <> Jun 25 11:37AM -0400: I just thought that was a weird example to give. The difference in tone between Joystiq and IGN is pretty stark! To say nothing of the actual staff demographics.

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 25 11:37AM -0400: Ah the perils of temp headlines. Usually, red flag URLs like that are the result of someone not changing it away from whatever the temp headline was before the post went live. This is why most sites …more

James Fudge <> Jun 25 11:37AM -0400: yeah, i’m sure the video where he replaced someone’s face with a nipple was a feel good moment for women everywhere.

Mike Wehner <> Jun 25 10:48AM -0500: Well I suppose it doesn’t matter what the headline is when “Also, games journalists hate him.” is right there in the copy. The problem here is that the entire article is based on the idea that …more

James Fudge <> Jun 25 12:01PM -0400: Her highlighting the fact that “teen girls love him” is based on one friend saying that? Where is the data to back this assertion up? Good for him for not using rape jokes anymore and for giving …more

Jason Schreier <> Jun 25 12:42PM -0400: Is that really your takeaway here? Because mine is “hey, maybe we should think more about how to reach people we haven’t been able to reach.” I don’t think it really matters who’s jealous of …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 25 12:43PM -0400: Or worse, showing active disdain for that growing outlier audience.

Mike Wehner <> Jun 25 11:44AM -0500: I think there’s a million ways to discuss how games journalism needs to expand its reach without suggesting that games journalists as a whole despise a popular YouTuber. The whole “PewDiePie made …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 25 12:48PM -0400: Mike, you ought to take those questions directly to Maddy. She’s not on this list (as far as I know), so you’re bringing these points up in a relative vacuum. None of us can speak for why she said …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 25 12:52PM -0400: Not ALL game journalists. -KO

Garrett Martin <> Jun 25 12:53PM -0400: Maddy’s always available through Twitter. Or at the comments section of her article.

Mike Wehner <> Jun 25 12:05PM -0500: She’s not on this list anymore? I know she was at one point. Well either way, I was asked what my takeaway was, and my takeaway is that I don’t buy it. As far as why people love youtubers and …more

James Fudge <> Jun 25 01:18PM -0400: The article really isn’t about PewDiePie, it’s about major sites failing to serve a demographic – one the author contends her journo friends are “not interested in.” I don’t buy that premise. …more

Susan Arendt <> Jun 25 10:22AM -0700: > machine. I’ve been trying for my entire career to attract women to the > places I’ve worked, with moderate success, but girls? Dude, I don’t have > the first clue how to speak to a young girl’s …more

Ben Gilbert <> Jun 25 01:29PM -0400: GiantBomb is meshing traditional with emerging better than anyone else, IMO. I don’t know if they’re reaching young women (or what their demos are in general, though I’d guess they’re pretty similar …more

James Fudge <> Jun 25 01:30PM -0400: That’s a fair point. The starting point would be to cover more games that appeal to women.

Conrad Zimmerman <> Jun 25 01:30PM -0400: And why wouldn’t the marketers want to keep pandering to people with disposable income and not enough sense to spend it responsibly? …more

James Fudge <> Jun 25 01:31PM -0400: Oh to be young again and wanted by marketers! Call me, marketers.

Patrick Klepek <> Jun 25 12:32PM -0500: I’m always surprised by how many female fans Giant Bomb has. It’s certainly a smaller percentage compared to males (I don’t know the numbers), but it’s not uncommon at all. …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 25 01:51PM -0400: Say what you want about how the “mainstream” gaming sites are alienating women/girls, or how PewDiePie isn’t (that all seem rather anecdotal, to me), but this is the key point, I think (emphasis …more

Patrick Klepek <> Jun 25 12:55PM -0500: I’ve thought about that a lot. It’s why I spent all afternoon editing this for Giant Bomb: No one would have read a …more

Maddy Myers <> Jun 25 11:09AM -0700: oh uh hi I’ve been a part of this list for a while now but hey don’t let that stop you?

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 25 02:37PM -0400: Sorry about that, Maddy. I know the list is WAY bigger than it seems based on who actively posts, and I mistakenly thought you weren’t on here. Just to push this back on track (I figure Kyle …more

Maddy Myers <> Jun 25 11:47AM -0700: Yeah, Mike made a pretty good point about how I should have just published this as a Facebook post instead of as a column. I’ll have to strongly consider that one. I think Kyle’s most recent …more

James Fudge <> Jun 25 02:56PM -0400: So just to be clear, the data comes from how much PewDiePie fan fiction there is on the Internet?

Maddy Myers <> Jun 25 02:58PM -0400: Yeah, sorry, I don’t have access to the gender breakdown of his viewers. YouTube doesn’t do that kind of thing, anyway. I looked at the names of who contributed to his charity (lots of ladies …more

James Fudge <> Jun 25 03:03PM -0400: no, fair enough Maddy 🙂 I was more concerned that it was based on one conversation with a friend.

Susan Arendt <> Jun 25 12:34PM -0700: I think it’s pretty crappy to think any of us would put out an article with statements based on one conversation with a friend. …more

James Fudge <> Jun 25 03:54PM -0400: Just going by what’s referenced in the article, Susan.

James Fudge <> Jun 25 04:46PM -0400: It’s fair to say the way I put that was dickish. What I should have said was “it would have been nice to see a reference to some data.” But I didn’t. I do think that Maddy’s article raises an …more

Remember video games?

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 25 03:26PM -0400: I like playing video games. I don’t like arguing over who’s doing things correctly/incorrectly, or attacking my peers, or seeing my peers attacked. That’s not why I got Samit to get me an invite …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 25 03:30PM -0400: Let’s all just sit down together and watch some They are playing Ninja Baseball Bat Man right now and it is the best kind of insane. -KO

Devin Connors <> Jun 25 03:32PM -0400: Counter-Point: I hate videogames/video games/video-games, and I know for a fact that Adam has stolen candy from children on at least four separate occasions. (Playing the game now, and it’s …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 25 03:34PM -0400: EVERY SINGLE ONE of those children were asking for it. Also, protip: If you ever want to steal candy from a child, having a giant, teddy bear-meets-lion fluff dog to distract them is what you …more

Mike Wehner <> Jun 25 02:36PM -0500: Can we post gifs of broken sports games too? Those are things I enjoy.

William O’Neal <> Jun 25 12:37PM -0700: I like Hip Hop Gamer. As a black gamer I feel like he speaks to me.

Michael Zenke <> Jun 25 03:55PM -0400: Related:

Jason Venter <> Jun 25 01:09PM -0700: I have lately been quite depressed by how little time I’ve spent talking about just games, enjoying playing them and thinking about them as someone who wants to continue having fun playing them …more

Greg Tito <> Jun 25 04:18PM -0400: May I submit this UFC video?

Greg Tito <> Jun 25 04:19PM -0400: Dang, that’s what I get for not updating gmail before replying.

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 25 04:19PM -0400: You may… but you’ll be labeled a copycat. Zenke beat you to it. But hey, while you’re here: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GREG! …more

Devin Connors <> Jun 25 04:21PM -0400: HBD chant in 3…2…1…

Did you guys know Red Bull has a site devoted to game writing?

Kyle Orland <> Jun 25 10:30AM -0400: …because I sure didn’t! The news section hasn’t been updated since February, but there are a ton of decent features going up pretty regularly. Who knew?! …more

Jason Schreier <> Jun 25 10:30AM -0400: That’s where the real money in games journalism is. Energy drinks. …more

Patrick Klepek <> Jun 25 10:01AM -0500: In all seriousness, I suspect corporate (non-games) funding of games writing one thing we’ll see going forward. No idea what it’s like to write for Red Bull, but is that better/worse than having …more

Ryan Smith <> Jun 25 10:20AM -0500: Hah! This confirms my suspicion that no one pays attention to me here (unless I say something controversial). I wrote games stories for Red Bull for three years and was the editor of …more

Patrick Klepek <> Jun 25 10:24AM -0500: Were you paid per article or salary, if you don’t mind me asking?

James Fudge <> Jun 25 11:34AM -0400: Red Bull sponsors a TON of pro gaming events and competitions so this makes perfect sense to me. Also the only time it might be like PR would be when you were covering an event it happened to …more

Ryan Smith <> Jun 25 10:42AM -0500: Both. I got paid $350 per article at the beginning and then it later went down to $100 a post (but for not a lot of work). Then once the eSports site started, I was on a monthly stipend. …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 25 12:56PM -0400: I knew of Red Bull’s pro gaming/esports coverage, but this is different. And today is the first time I can recall seeing a link to it… -KO

Ryan Smith <> Jun 25 12:43PM -0500: Well, what I was saying is that it’s nothing new. I wrote for Red Bull’s games section for 2.5 years.

Jason Schreier <> Jun 25 01:43PM -0400: What’s the readership like?

James Fudge <> Jun 25 01:47PM -0400: They all have wings.

Ryan Smith <> Jun 25 01:12PM -0500: Hard to say about the readership, I was never privy to that kind of specific breakdown. I do know we got good Google results.

Tim W wants your patronage to talk indie games

Susan Arendt <> Jun 24 02:49PM -0700: I didn’t find it depressing – well, let me rephrase. I didn’t find it inaccurate. It’s depressing, because the overall state of game journalism is depressing in that we don’t have nearly as much …more

Britton Peele <> Jun 24 06:34PM -0500: Yeah, I think the depressing thing is that there are a lot of really great writers out there who, in a perfect world, I would love to see do nothing but write all day without having to worry about …more

James Fudge <> Jun 24 10:07PM -0400: I wouldn’t disagree with that assessment at all. I also don’t know how I feel about relying on Patreon or the fickle nature of people’s support on a regular and ongoing basis – the bottom can drop …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 25 09:56AM -0400: And here’s Rowan Kaiser, talking about why he’s started a Patreon even though he’s scraping by with traditional freelancing: …more

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  • In Defense of PewDiePie [1 Update]

In Defense of PewDiePie

William O’Neal <> Jun 25 03:19PM -0700: But Patrick, you’re a dreamboat.

Today’s topic summary


  • In Defense of PewDiePie [8 Updates]
  • The next thing Silicon Valley needs to disrupt big time: its own culture… [4 Updates]
  • Did you guys know Red Bull has a site devoted to game writing? [1 Update]

In Defense of PewDiePie

Philip Kollar <> Jun 26 02:42PM -0700: YouTube actually *does* offer really incredible gender/age demographic breakdowns. However, that info is only available to whoever is running the channel, and presumably PDP/his masters have not …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 27 11:17AM -0400 : Some thoughts from TotalBiscuit:
Andy Eddy <> Jun 27 09:27AM -0700: Just a note: Don’t bother Googling “patrick klepek fan fiction”…

Maddy Myers <> Jun 27 12:37PM -0400: no, definitely DO google it. I never would have expected this. …more

Britton Peele <> Jun 27 11:54AM -0500: Glad to know I’m not the only one who did, in fact, Google “Patrick Klepek fan fiction.” *—*

Patrick Klepek <> Jun 27 12:48PM -0500: On Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 11:54 AM, Britton Peele <> wrote: …more

James Fudge <> Jun 27 01:50PM -0400: I like Nathan’s hot dogs too, Patrick!

Kyle Orland <> Jun 27 02:12PM -0400: This may be the biggest left turn a thread in this group has taken. And that’s saying something.

The next thing Silicon Valley needs to disrupt big time: its own culture…

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 27 07:55AM -0700: Not necessarily about gaming, but I can definitely see some similarities especially around issues of diversity: …more

Andy Eddy <> Jun 27 09:06AM -0700: Seriously. Though of course I couldn’t prove it, I know my age hindered my “acceptance” with a couple of companies when I was looking for work. And I definitely had a moment like the “overdressed …more

Britton Peele <> Jun 27 11:36AM -0500: “(Does the word “slacks” even exist today? Don’t most people call them “Dockers” or “khakis,” even if they really aren’t?)” I still call them slacks. For reference, I’m 25. *—* …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 27 02:11PM -0400: Only slackers call them slacks. -KO

Did you guys know Red Bull has a site devoted to game writing?

Andy Eddy <> Jun 27 08:43AM -0700: You got good Google results because of Red Bull’s popularity, but it also benefits from having varied content on its site.   It’s not jobbing the system, per se, but lots of companies are using …more

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  • Congratulations, Kyle!!!! [24 Updates]
  • It begins [11 Updates]
  • Why is the Verge writing about Iraq? [1 Update]

Congratulations, Kyle!!!!

Susan Arendt <> Jun 30 07:33AM -0700: This weekend, Kyle learned that babies come with hats as he welcomed daughter Hannah into the world. While he was wearing a Donkey Kong shirt. Which, while not glamorous, at least gives her a …more

Michael Zenke <> Jun 30 10:34AM -0400: Congrats, sir.

Greg Tito <> Jun 30 10:34AM -0400: Congratulations Kyle! I was also surprised they came out with such tiny hats on!

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 30 10:35AM -0400: Big congrats, Kyle!

Harold Goldberg <> Jun 30 10:36AM -0400: Aww. Congrats, man! -Harold

Jason Fanelli <> Jun 30 10:36AM -0400: Hooray! Congratulations Kyle!

James Fudge <> Jun 30 10:37AM -0400: congratulations Kyle 🙂 Also good job on repping the Nintendo brand – there are worse things a baby can come into the world seeing – like a Golden Girls t-shirt or you painted up as a juggalo! …more

Sarah LeBoeuf <> Jun 30 10:40AM -0400: Woohoo! Congrats Kyle!

Matt Cabral <> Jun 30 10:49AM -0400: Congrats, man! Ultimate Achievement Unlocked!

Ben Gilbert <> Jun 30 10:50AM -0400: Hey alright! Cheers to the whole Orland family!

Richard Mitchell <> Jun 30 10:08AM -0500:  –––

Jason Wilson <> Jun 30 08:21AM -0700: Mazel tov, Kyle. One of the best things about my life is being a father. Good luck and have fun. Oh, and drink LOTS OF COFFEE for a while.

“ʎןןǝʞ uıʌǝʞ” <> Jun 30 08:24AM -0700: Congrats! Welcome to Fatherdom! Goodbye to long, restful sleep.

jorge jimenez <> Jun 30 11:27AM -0400: Congrats! I hear kids are fun!

Dean Takahashi <> Jun 30 08:28AM -0700: Great news, Kyle!

Jared Newman <> Jun 30 08:31AM -0700: Congrats Kyle! Parenthood is pretty great. Richard: Sweet P.O.W. reference.

Kyle Orland <> Jun 30 11:29AM -0400: Thank you all so much. Means a lot. Hannah Leah says thanks too, but she is suspicious of all of you.

Matt Hawkins <> Jun 30 11:54AM -0400: Hey it’s that look… of annoyance of another B.S. filled press release from a major publisher! Nice to know such traits are passed down on a genetic level. Cute kid, btw.

Cory Banks <> Jun 30 08:57AM -0700: Congratulations, Kyle!

Mike Wehner <> Jun 30 11:01AM -0500: Born skeptical. You have superb genes, Kyle. Congrats!!!!

Andrew Groen <> Jun 30 09:11AM -0700: Pics or it didn’t happen. …more

James Fudge <> Jun 30 12:24PM -0400: aww! what a cute little baby 🙂

Leah Jackson <> Jun 30 12:30PM -0700: Congrats Kyle! She’s lovely! And what a beautiful middle name she has. 😉

Jared Newman <> Jun 30 01:40PM -0700: D’awww. Might need a Gamejournobabies Tumblr.

It begins

Jason Schreier <> Jun 30 10:06AM -0400: …more

Mike Wehner <> Jun 30 09:08AM -0500: Oh, it’s began long ago… *shudders with fear* …more

Mike Wehner <> Jun 30 09:09AM -0500: An the fact that I can’t write “It began” without a typo shows why I’m soon to be replaced by a robot. …more

Greg Tito <> Jun 30 10:12AM -0400: This is a crazy quote:   “We flipped the standard content creation model on its head,” Automated Insights CEO Robbie Allen told Poynter’s Sam Kirkland earlier this year …more

Sarah LeBoeuf <> Jun 30 10:13AM -0400: Greg, please don’t replace me with a robot.

Jason Wilson <> Jun 30 07:13AM -0700: With some AP biz writers, how could you tell the difference between a human and a robot? Worrisome. How AP’s spinning it for earnings reports–more stories, freeing up staff writers to focus on …more

James Fudge <> Jun 30 10:14AM -0400: It means job cuts.

Ben Kuchera <> Jun 30 09:16AM -0500: Look at the stories you write. If you think “A robot could do this,” you have time to start working on stories a robot couldn’t write. …more

James Fudge <> Jun 30 10:22AM -0400: Anything about love. Robots don’t know how to love.

Greg Tito <> Jun 30 10:24AM -0400: Could robots manage to piss off swaths of angry Twitterers the way we can? Hell no!

Mike Wehner <> Jun 30 09:26AM -0500: I can see this becoming the default excuse for misreported stories. “Yeah, it was the robot” …more

Why is the Verge writing about Iraq?

Harold Goldberg <> Jun 30 08:26AM -0400: Really? Because Gabriel Garcia Marquez was one of the writers who wrote elegantly about the Vietnam War and aftermath for Rolling Stone and it was one of the most affecting pieces a kid (or anyone) …more