Quantum Synchronicity: The Ballad of Terence “BLooDCalibuR” Sanchez

Meet Terence and Lana

Let’s flashback to January 3rd, 2015. Terence donates 102,722 tokens to Lana Rain on Chaturbate. EightLoaded had done this before. To commemorate Lana’s 19th birthday and one full year of camming, he gave a subtantial 12,000 tokens. A few weeks after that, Terence tossed another 60,000 tokens at her.

The whole time Lana is squirming and screeching with glee at Terence for doing this. The chatroom goes wild. They estimate the token to dollar conversion rate makes it roughly a $5000 donation. It breaks the goal for the “anal cumshow (ass 2 mouth)” livestream. 4115 times over. Terence clarifies that only 70,000 of the 102,722 was from him. The rest came from a collection of other people. It was a “good time for the competition,” he wrote. “DONT FORGET TO VOTE FOR HER,” EightLoaded writes later on. It becomes clear that this spectacle was meant to rally votes for Lana in the “Miss MyCamGirl” competition. Again Lana is simply in shock this whole time. She doesn’t know what to say. Terence says “anyway fuck everybody on this site” and leaves for a second, but then comes back and says “JK IM BACK.” He liked to troll. But we can also see that he was one of Lana Rain’s chatroom moderators. She melts in Terence’s hands because of all this. Lana says it’s not about how big the tip was, but that so many people cared enough to donate (despite it mostly being Terence).  The video ends with Lana getting toys for the anal cumshow. She gets up, and you can see her butt as she leaves the camera view.

It turns out that NBC and VICE missed out on a whole other side to this world of camgirls. Something more dark, more wild, and certainly more sinister.


This is Terence. The biography timeline you see in the above picture is something Terence posted themselves on Twitter. They’re very upfront about this sort of thing. We know Terence lives in Brooklyn because he posted the address on his mailHe did this himself. As a means of somehow debunking a myth that Terence and Lana Rain live together. Another time, Terence posted a marriage certificate to debunk the rumor that he’s married to Lana Rain. On August 14th, 2015, Terence was proud to share with everyone that he had $451,066.42 in his bank account. That was just for the hell of it though. Like that time Terence posted his credit score. Grew up in New York, went to school there, had some rough run-ins with the law. In the end he still managed to survive, and is in New York today.

What does Terence do for a job? There’s no way of knowing what that is for sure, formally. He claims to work for himself and have “several pipelines of income.” That he can work 72 hours straight and do nothing for a week. But also that he can work 105 hours and do nothing for a month.  At the time of claiming that, Terence said he was working with an ex of his about their issues in dealing with Exxon Mobil. Also at that time, Terence claimed to be in a polyamorous relationship. Seeing two girls at once and having been together with them for three years and six years.

Other times, Terence has claimed “he used to be “negotiator” and helped some street gang do deals with the CIA,” according to one source I spoke with.

But Terence has no limits when it comes to bragging rights, being proud of his performance while working at a Target store. “He worked at target for a while and he was so annoying they put him in the toiletries dept to sell towels,” said a source.

Two sources can corroborate hearing Terence tell this story too:

“He went into very extreme detail from smuggling gun parts from Vietnam piece by piece so any Federal/Regional authorities couldn’t track him and his collaborators, to giving us a layout plan of the building and how they ran in in a line so each room was cleared before any targets of the engagement could not regroup, and that he left 3 people alive. One he told run and if he gets shot he’s dead. Guy ran in a straight line non zigzag formation and was shot in the leg then he shot him in the dick and let him bleed out, Second guy he challenged to a fight the guy lost, he beheaded him with a Bowie knife he said the blood was more he even imagined from a human decapitation and that he told the guy “don’t die don’t die” in Filipino as he sawed his neck from the bone, the last guy begged for a quick death when he asked “wanna play a game,” Terence shot him.”

Something along those lines is referenced by Terence online.

Does it sound ridiculous? Yes. But moreover, Terence claims and proves to be some kind of international globetrotter. There are pictures here and here of Terence being in the Czech Republic in October 2015. If those don’t appease you, he took snaps of the in-flight movies on the way there, and of a business lounge in Belarus on what I assume was during his return flight.

If all that doesn’t satisfy, Terence tweeted pictures of a trip they took there in June 2018.

Moscow, March 2014. “That moment when you realize your business trip had you travel through Russian militarized zones WITHOUT a VISA,” Terence later tweeted. Could he have been referring to that same trip, or a different one, who knows? He DID say he had friends over in Russia though.

“This was unintentional, but every attorney I have for every aspect of my life is Russian. I always end up being taken care of by Russians for whatever reason,” Terence wrote recently.

Terence’s words are one thing. Like that one time they claimed to have almost gotten raped but beat the two men up. But Terence’s photos/video is another story. Like on November 5th, 2017 when he said he received his “final assignment.” Two hours later we get a video of Terence’s airplane view as a plane is leaving New York City. ” I’m turning off all other devices & unlinking all other profiles (especially friends who haven’t logged out on them) so contact me via PGP,” Terence tweeted.

Dude went dark for the next few days. November 9th he comes back around and posts a video of his airplane’s return flight. Terence doesn’t talk about it much, only to imply it was for his job and say it was a business trip.

When it comes to trying to understand what Terence’s relationship to Lana Rain is, there’s a myriad of answers. Sometimes he’s her escort. But also a close friend and mentor. Also, Terence acts as Lana Rain’s manager. Sometimes these roles mixThe point being, from the public perspective, Terence’s relationship with Lana Rain is occasionally unclear. What isn’t ambiguous is that he has 2.62 TB (yes, terabytes) of Lana Rain on his computer.

Also Terence “EightLoaded” Sanchez and Lana Rain had a cult together.


Terence Sanchez in his infinite wisdom decided to make his Facebook username “BLooDCalibuR.” This identifies him as the person involved in the MyAnimeList group. But we can confirm it directly with this picture of themselves Terence posted under the Bloodcalibur username. Which in retrospect is more simply confirmed by looking at Bloodcalibur’s profile picture. That’s actually Terence. With everything he does, there’s a story and purpose behind it. Overall, Bloodcalibur was a legend to the MAL site. Why that was is because their posting style certainly stood out. His rather unique relationship situation being Terence’s preferred topic of choice. People reacted to that, accordingly. But what matters here is that BloodCalibur loved his women. As far as “biitchstick” being Lana Rain, this certainly looks like her.  They had a former username, so I double checked another post to make sure.  Yup. That’s her. What’s interesting is Lana lists their birth year as 1993 here on MALBut according to their Twitter post mentioned earlier, it’s 1995. The latter appears to be correct, as Lana confirms on a Q&A site called CuriousCat. BloodCalibur and Biitchstick were definitely a pair, too. Lana was “under 20” (and likely under 18) back then, but that’s besides the point.

You’ll be getting more familiar with that as the story goes on.

To get a sense of what it was like back then, I spoke to someone named Lain. Lain had a few exchanges with Terence at some point after 2012, during Lana Rain’s teenage years.  She and Lain were internet friends. Bianca introduced Terence to Lain in the first place.

“She told me that she had met this guy with a 180 IQ and I basically just laughed and asked if she was joking, then I remember explaining to her where the like statistical fringe of the Stanford-Binet scale actually lies because 180 IQ is like a fraction of a fraction of 1% of the population, with Einstein estimated as having a lower IQ for example.”

Bianca was serious. In response, Lain said Bianca had met someone stupid enough to believe an internet IQ test was legit, or an extreme narcissist. The interest died down until the point Bianca began dating Terence head on. Lain encountered him directly and had run-ins via mutual friends. It was during this era he remembers a few “episodes.” Like Terence logging onto Bianca’s computer via Teamviewer in a seemingly random fashion, and striking up a conversation with Lain for the sake of “displaying his intellectual dominance.” He claimed to have the power of prediction, and that he’d be able to anticipate Lain’s words before he said them. Lain at the time thought it was just a funny thing to do, but in retrospect he realizes the subtle emotional manipulation at work.

“I guess he was kind of employing a bit of an emotional manipulation strategy there, where even if he didn’t actually know what I was going to do. If, after the fact of someone taking an action, you just start talking about how typical that action was and you’ve met SO many people who did that in the past? If you aren’t on top of what’s going on it can start to feel like “oh no maybe he’s right” or something.”

Lain learned about Terence’s boxer background, the “harem of girls,” and Terence thinking he had a mastery of Quantum physics. These sorts of things tend to eclipse people’s attention over simpler hobbies like video games.

He’s one hell of an enigma. But I gotta hand it to him, he’s straightforward about his personal motives in life. In one of their website posts, they lay out their belief that honor and integrity are more of a guide than the concepts of morality. Terence says his problem-solving skills aren’t the same as how “normal” people deal with situations. Whenever getting involved in something, he says it’s either to protect the few close friends he has or for personal entertainment.

Here’s a quote worth reading:

“For most of the last 20 years of my thus far 25 years on this Earth, I have almost exclusively surrounded myself with extremely intelligent, powerful, and sometimes dangerous, people. I have toppled dozens. I have seen and experienced first hand the extreme ends of the spectrum of human tendencies. One may as well say that I’ve bore witness to the births and deaths of a thousand suns.

What a card. I recommend following that reading up with Terence’s thoughts on “Red Rooms” and violence, based on his years as a boxer.

It’s hard to sort out which end is what when it comes to the mysterious EightLoaded. But what matters for the sake of this story is that Terence Sanchez is always there in Lana Rain’s shadow throughout her camgirl career. Toss away whatever Terence or Lana describe their relationship is and look at the actions themselves. But moreover, Terence uses Lana Rain as a stepping stone to access the rest of the camgirl community. Take this post on his website for example. Not only does Terence hype up Lana Rain’s success, but he takes the time to praise the person in the number two position as well. That isn’t the only example. In another post, he mentions this camgirl Kati3kat by name when showering people with praise. “You and Lana Rain have represented two entirely different pinnacles of the webcam industry,” Terence says.

But there’s a dark side to this “riding the heels” dynamic. Nobody else is allowed to pursue that strategy on their own accord. In this rant, Terence shames someone named Haley420 for doing a Misty cosplay. He says Haley was “copycatting” Lana and it looked “stupidly shameful.”

The best overall label I can give Terence is being the de facto manager for Lana Rain. In this post that worships the ground Lana Rain walks on, Terence does this in an analytical way that covers ManyVids score statistics and pricing. Something that only a manager would really care about. But of course, this is mixed with Terence’s bizarre personal stake in Lana too. “I’m addicted to watching people evolve. And you’re one of the few people giving me an erection with your constant growth as a human being,” Terence wrote.

I put that quote in bold to emphasize that’s a theme of Terence’s behaviors, as you’ll see throughout this article. Not just that it was utterly bizarre for any human being to say. It’s not the only such occasion where Terence’s obsession with Lana Rain’s camgirl work is demonstrated.  In another situation, Terence writes about how they hawkeyed the final seconds of a ManyVids contest. Lana was slated to be the winner, according to Terence’s margin of error calculations. She was in the #1 spot. But upon reaching zero seconds left in the contest, the person in the #2 place managed to become the #1 victor. Terence spends several paragraphs outlining the possibility of a conspiracy of public pressure on the part of ManyVids.

Terence gets so invested in Lana Rain’s situations that anyone could come to assume that he’s the camgirl here. Let’s look at how that plays out in the drama that Lana Rain gets involved in.

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