Quantum Synchronicity: The Ballad of Terence “BLooDCalibuR” Sanchez


I tried ordering porn once, and only once. It was awful. A few years ago the gaming community had found some solidarity with a porn star named Mercedes Carrera. This was back when GamerGate was in full swing. Mercedes was sympathetic towards the movement’s political aims, and this led to her arranging an adult livestream to raise money for charity.

Me, in my naivety, thought it’d be pragmatic to attend in order to show my support. But little did I realize the barriers in place when attempting to purchase porn. I’m not talking about age barriers. I was over 18. There was no issue there. But my credit card company thought otherwise when they called me saying they saw charges for a porn site show up. 

That’s what happened. My credit card company erred on the side of caution, and they had their fraud team got in touch with me. They saw the charge show up on my account and were concerned I got hacked. In response, I both awkwardly admitted to them that it was actually from me, but that I had also changed my mind and wanted the transaction canceled.

I never touched porn again. At least, not porn porn. The proper and formal type. That incident with my credit card company scared me stiff.

Then I learned of Lana Rain.


A look at a few mainstream media produced documentaries on camgirling give us a superficial understanding of Lana Rain. In NBC’s What’s It Like Being A Cosplay Cam Girl, Lana Rain walks us through the world of camgirling. We learn that camgirls use sites like chaturbate to stream their very adult content. It often involves indulging in the viewers’ “naughty” requests in exchange for “tokens”, a fundamental aspect of camgirling NBC barely addresses.

While Lana Rain’s real name is Bianca Cordisco, this Lana Rain alter-ego cam girl is a representation of who she wants to be. We come to find out that she has an emphasis on the community aspect of the cam girl job.  Lana wants to make her regular (that word is going to be used often in this piece) viewers have a place to go online, on a routine basis. Lana tells NBC that her enthusiasm for cosplaying different anime characters was something that worked out superbly in her cam girl routine. We see the work that Lana puts into making scripts for her videos. She says the viewer base is a mix between people who just want to see porn and others who appreciate Lana on a personal level. In fact, Lana Rain says that this mix of various people that watch her content are what she considers her friends. Then there’s the VICE documentary clip. This one postures Lana as “The Living Hentai” camgirl. It overall takes the cosplay angle more directly. She remarks that her fanbase is different in the fact it consists of more general Anime fans.

Lana believes people in the West take the cosplay thing more seriously. She takes viewers on a tour of her house. From her large filming room and through her closets upon closets of cosplay costumes. It’s here we also learn of her backstory of running away from home at age 18. When Lana started camming, she kept it hidden from her parents. But they grew suspicious of what she was doing in her room. This led to Lana’s mom eventually finding out while Lana was away. There was a heated confrontation when she came back home. Her relationship with her parents was already strained (Lana says in part because of her bi-sexuality) and the camming thing was the finishing blow. Lana’s mother forbade her from continuing.

Lana Rain dances around naked online and people throw money at her. Seems very straightforward.  By July 2015 Lana reached 50,000 Twitter followers. Definitely remarkable. Sometimes she does it when dressing up as an Anime. So what’s the story to this? Just to make this clear, it’ll become obvious that NBC and VICE seemed to put no real effort in understanding what the hell the practical world of cam girls is all about.

Lana’s about me page on her website serves as a solid summary of this information. The public side of her life. Lana says she gets turned on by being watched by complete strangers. But this lifestyle, she says, has allowed her to “discover” herself at a quicker pace than average. Her 18th birthday was November 2nd, 2013. It’s the age where a woman is no longer underage jailbait. Something that got Lana briefly banned by mistake on Chaturbate (not to be confused with the warning she got from them for streaming video games). Born in Quebec, but became a “U.S. Resident” by 2016. Lana took the plunge and moved to Brooklyn (staying at a friend’s apartment while trying to find her own place).

This friend’s name? Was Terence “Eightloaded” Sanchez.

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