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  • April Fools thread of ultimate fooling [24 Updates]
  • Complex’s 40 Hottest Women in Tech [21 Updates]
  • A bit of insight on Adria Richards [1 Update]

April Fools thread of ultimate fooling

Kyle Orland <> Apr 01 07:50AM -0700: I know a lot of journos are not fan of the fake news cavalcade that hits every year around this time, but I enjoy the creativity that can be shown in the best foolings, and enjoy forcing everyone to …more

Jason Schreier <> Apr 01 10:53AM -0400: Blizzard always has the best ones:–_April_1_2013-3_31_2013 So far my favorite is Dishonored’s dev diary: …more

Yannick LeJacq <> Apr 01 10:55AM -0400: Hasn’t Valve already done the Half Life 3 one?

Kyle Orland <> Apr 01 07:56AM -0700: The HL3 thing wasn’t from Valve. Check out the URL carefully.  -KO

Richard Clark <> Apr 01 10:57AM -0400” Actually I think he means what USED to be here (a listing for Half Life 3). …more

Yannick LeJacq <> Apr 01 10:57AM -0400: Ahhhh…well I’ve already been had apparently Also this one is pretty good:

Samit Sarkar <> Apr 01 11:05AM -0400: 8-bit side-scrolling Deus Ex (with co-op!) is pretty great.   “Also we had so many leftover pixels — most of them yellow, we had ordered a little too much.” …more

Rod Breslau <> Apr 01 11:07AM -0400: LoL: Chogath Eats The World …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 01 08:07AM -0700: Sony’s line of tech for pets:

Matt Hawkins <> Apr 01 11:31AM -0400: iFixit just posted a teardown of an orange. I think there might be more steps involved than replacing an iPhone’s battery…

ryanflemingpdx <> Apr 01 09:02AM -0700: George Takei in the new Star Wars (from Takei himself):

ryanflemingpdx <> Apr 01 09:56AM -0700: Molydeux claims that Curiosity is just an elaborate April Fools joke that got way, way out of hand. I’m pretty sure he’s joking. Pretty sure… …more

Rod Breslau <> Apr 01 01:20PM -0400: Reddit just bought Team Fortress. Should totally hit up Doug for comment. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 01 02:00PM -0400: A bit more subtle. “Congratulations. You are the worst player ever to play this game.” …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 01 03:05PM -0400: This one is ALMOST convincing. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 01 03:08PM -0400: Or not? Job says it’s real, and pointed me to this: BUT HOW CAN I BELIEVE HIM? IT’S 4/1!!!!

Richard Clark <> Apr 01 03:10PM -0400: The splash page for the poker game has been up for at least a week. Pretty sure it’s real.

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 01 03:12PM -0400: Yeah, Job just sent me there too. Totally missed that amidst the GDC madness. Also, AWESOME. …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 01 03:19PM -0400: I seriously wonder why anyone announces anything real on April 1st.

Kyle Orland <> Apr 01 03:22PM -0400: This is the best one yet, for its subtle satire on the industry, its believable production values, and the fact that it would probably be successful if it was real. …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 01 03:25PM -0400: Um, guys, Destructoid turned in to Reddit.

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 01 03:27PM -0400: Wow. Brilliant. I vaguely remember Dale teasing something awesome for this year, but this is truly next-level. Bravo, Dtoid. Bra. Vo. …more

ryanflemingpdx <> Apr 01 04:16PM -0700: If I could I would start a slow clap for Destructoid right now.

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 01 06:20PM -0500: Thanks. I know everyone put a lot of effort into the idea, and then bossman Niero put a lot of work into making it happen.

Complex’s 40 Hottest Women in Tech

John Funk <> Mar 31 03:05PM -0700: I’m very disappointed in anyone here who reads Leigh’s impassioned, articulate, and spot-fucking-on criticism of this bullshit and decides that the appropriate answer is to write a screed in …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Mar 31 06:40PM -0400: Since only Deesing, Matt, and I have written “screeds” since Leigh replied, I have to assume you’re referring to one or more of us. What’s with the passive-aggressive dismissal? This isn’t a case of …more

Justin McElroy <> Mar 31 06:49PM -0400: If there is a constant in this world, it’s that “You’re too angry about this thing that doesn’t affect me” is basically never a good look.

Adam Rosenberg <> Mar 31 06:56PM -0400: Could you clarify, Justin? You seem to be suggesting that men shouldn’t have a voice in this discussion. …more

Justin McElroy <> Mar 31 07:21PM -0400: Oh, I can clarify that I’m definitely totally saying that. Not super interested in a back and forth on it, but that’s my approach.

Sebastian Haley <> Mar 31 04:25PM -0700: This (or maybe like 20 comments back) is normally where Kyle would come in and try to restore order, but I’m pretty sure he died somewhere between PAX and GDC.

Adam Rosenberg <> Mar 31 07:52PM -0400: Fair enough, Justin. Just making sure. I’d be game to move this discussion off-list if the heated tone of things is bothering anyone. We may well have reached an “agree to disagree” …more

Dennis Scimeca <> Mar 31 05:45PM -0700: Anger does solve things and sometimes public outbursts are required to generate action. I am not willing to get involved in a breakdown of this particular situation and whether those maxims apply, …more

“andrew.a.cunningham” <> Mar 31 05:58PM -0700: What Leigh said times a million. A zero-tolerance policy toward this kind of thing is the best policy, period. I’ve seen people here and elsewhere (mostly elsewhere; I don’t write here …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Mar 31 08:58PM -0400: You’re not wrong, but in this particular situation we’re talking about an outburst that — to some — feels more inwardly harmful than outwardly helpful. Shaming colleagues is not nearly as valuable …more

Kyle Orland <> Mar 31 06:07PM -0700: Rumors of my death have been exaggerated, but only slightly. I have been following this whole back and forth, and I’m glad Leigh herself has been able to weigh in. In general, I’ve found the …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Mar 31 09:14PM -0400: Just as a point of order, Kyle– I was referring to the insinuation that those of us who are put off by Leigh’s anger are “part of the problem” when I mentioned the ad hominem attack. …more

“William O’Neal” <> Mar 31 06:52PM -0700: Leigh, I had a good conversation with Abbie Heppe last week about my disgust with HHG and her disgust with exactly what you are talking about. I mentioned all of the black folks in the gaming …more

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Apr 01 12:47AM -0400: In other news, a french guy got half-naked at my party and a mob of women were yelling and dancing around him, asking him to whip out his junk. I asked him how it felt to be objectified and he said …more

Danielle Riendeau <> Mar 31 10:00PM -0700: What Kate said. 100%.

Leigh Alexander <> Mar 31 11:58PM -0700: I mean, at the end of the day, this is the time when me and many other women in games had our work reduced to our appearance, and were targeted for our feminism to capitalize on outrage, during an …more

Leigh Alexander <> Apr 01 12:09AM -0700: And yeah — when a woman experiences sexism and then men go “I don’t get it, but I don’t like how you’re acting,” and “let me tell you how you should be reacting,” and “really, this isn’t …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 01 08:49AM -0400: What about those who get it but still don’t understand why you’re acting the way you’re acting? I’ll keep this brief, Leigh, since you seem incapable of addressing me directly even though you’ve …more

Jason Venter <> Apr 01 01:32PM -0700: As far as I can tell, the definition of “misogynist” has evolved substantially and can now be leveled at anyone of the male persuasion, with or without provocation. Currently, it seems to function …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 01 04:55PM -0400: If we’re delving in to the meaning of the word “misongynist” then I think this conversation has indeed taken an odd turn. Personally, I don’t think anyone here deserves that label by their arguments …more

Susan Arendt <> Apr 01 02:26PM -0700: In the hopes of trying to refocus this conversation, I’d just like to say that I’ve been watching things get increasingly heated, and I feel like everyone’s kind of brought a lot of baggage to …more

A bit of insight on Adria Richards

Susan Arendt <> Apr 01 07:06AM -0700: So after seeing Adria Richards’ name flung around for various reasons, I just wanted to share my own personal limited exposure to her, which may provide a new perspective for some people. …more

Today’s Topic Summary


  • A PR guy calls out the flacks and the hacks [1 Update]
  • A bit of insight on Adria Richards [1 Update]

A PR guy calls out the flacks and the hacks

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 02 10:37AM -0700: *Or in the case of an increasing number of journalists today, fleeing to PR to seek refuge from a sinking ship.* …more

A bit of insight on Adria Richards

Sebastian Haley <> Apr 01 05:50PM -0700: This sort of thing would never happen at PieCon.

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  • Disney Closes Game Publisher LucasArts [1 Update]

Disney Closes Game Publisher LucasArts

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 03 10:32AM -0700: This isn’t terribly surprising. But a bummer anyway.  

Today’s Topic Summary


  • Looking for Freelance Writers for [1 Update]
  • Complex’s 40 Hottest Women in Tech [7 Updates]
  • Video Game Journalism in the National University System [3 Updates]
  • What the fuck is this shit?! [14 Updates]
  • Roger Ebert is dead [20 Updates]

Looking for Freelance Writers for

Greg Tito <> Apr 05 01:57PM -0400: Looking for Freelance Writers for Hello everyone, I haven’t posted on this group much, but I’m a professional lurker. πŸ™‚ One topic that often comes up is the lack of opportunities …more

Complex’s 40 Hottest Women in Tech

Sam Machkovech <> Apr 04 07:26PM -0700: In case anybody missed it: Unwinnable’s cheeky non-response.

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 04 10:29PM -0400: One of the many reasons that I love Unwinnable unconditionally. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 04 10:30PM -0400: Looking closer now, I call foul. There are a few mutton chops in there. Since when does that qualify as “beard”? …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 05 10:59AM -0400: Really should have called it “The 40 hottest beards at GDC” for maximum cheekiness.

Jared Newman <> Apr 05 09:06AM -0700: Aaand just spent 10 minutes gawking beards.

Garrett Martin <> Apr 05 12:07PM -0400: now I want to shave for the first time since 2001

Joseph Leray <> Apr 05 12:25PM -0500: Getting really sick of these fake beard boys.

Video Game Journalism in the National University System

Will Tuttle <> Apr 04 04:48PM -0700: “This is one of the reasons why “game journalist” is kind of a bad term. Journalists aren’t supposed to curate. CRITICS are supposed to curate. Both roles are important, and they aren’t the same …more

Patrick Klepek <> Apr 04 06:06PM -0700: I think getting bogged down in the semantics of labels isn’t very useful. I was at Terry’s talk, and all he was saying was that games sites are actively ignoring some really interesting things …more

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 04 08:11PM -0500: Right. To say that we cannot contribute to curation of interesting new games just because we’re critics is silly. I don’t think anyone needs to go out of their way either. but if you play …more

What the fuck is this shit?!

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 04 01:50PM -0700:

Alex Navarro <> Apr 04 04:57PM -0400: I’ve been asking this same question all morning. I’ve yet to receive a satisfactory answer. …more

Greg Tito <> Apr 04 05:04PM -0400: That is pretty much the worst thing ever created by humans. I’m ashamed that I just increased its views by 3% by sharing it around the office in incredulity.

Nick Chester <> Apr 04 02:09PM -0700: [Not a statement, not to be published outside of the group, please.] I think it should be pretty clear by anyone with a brain, but Harmonix didn’t approve of condone the use of Rock Band in… …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 04 05:11PM -0400: I get a “this video is private” message now. Can someone summarize?

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 04 02:11PM -0700: Grand opening. Grand closing.

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 04 02:13PM -0700: It’s called “Player vs. Pain.” Simply put, Machinima filmed two women competing in Rock Band while another woman spanked them. Where’s Leigh when we need her?

Will Tuttle <> Apr 04 02:47PM -0700: So it’s an even shittier version of Steve O’s “Killer Karaoke”?

Philip Kollar <> Apr 04 02:47PM -0700: As much as I don’t want to see publishers/developers setting a precedent for taking down YouTube videos of games, I can’t help but approve of whatever might have happened here, Nick. …more

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 04 02:50PM -0700: I consider it a “teachable moment.”

Kevin Kelly <> Apr 04 02:56PM -0700: Sadly (and somewhat accurately), here’s one of the comments: “so… is this supposed to be funny? this looks some stupid shit you would have seen on G4.” …more

Dana Leahy <> Apr 04 03:01PM -0700: I have no idea what you’re talking about, Kevin.<> …more

Kevin Kelly <> Apr 04 03:15PM -0700: Sorry, D-Rock! <> …more

Matt Clark <> Apr 04 06:17PM -0400: Nice work, Nick. And a big ol’ “really?!” to whomever made this crap. …more

Roger Ebert is dead

Kyle Orland <> Apr 04 03:38PM -0400: In remembrance, I suggest we all agree that games are not art for the remainder of the day. …more

Chris Dahlen <> Apr 04 03:38PM -0400: That’s a crummy thing to say. He was better than any of us.

Cory Banks <> Apr 04 12:39PM -0700: If that’s a joke, Kyle, it’s in poor taste.

Patrick Klepek <> Apr 04 12:39PM -0700: Yeah, seriously.

Michael Zenke <> Apr 04 03:39PM -0400: Too soon, dude.

Kyle Orland <> Apr 04 03:39PM -0400: Please don’t take my levity for a lack of respect. It’s obviously a great loss. I was just trying to bring it around to the topic of this group in a lighthearted way. Gallows humor and all. …more

Cory Banks <> Apr 04 12:41PM -0700: If that’s the case, a fellow critic has passed away. No need to say any more. Ebert’s work is astonishingly good, and I’m willing to bet he’s been an inspiration for more accomplished people here …more

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 04 12:45PM -0700: I’m pretty sure Ebert would have 1) laughed at Kyle’s joke and 2) appreciated it.

Richard Clark <> Apr 04 03:46PM -0400: I am so sad about this. I think it’s more shocking than most of these kinds of deaths because he was producing right until the end. …more

Rod Breslau <> Apr 04 03:50PM -0400: I agree with William. I laughed. No disrespect to a legend. I like Chris Plante’s approach of remembering our favorite pan: …more

Kevin Kelly <> Apr 04 12:51PM -0700: That’s a real loss to the world of critical writing. I was lucky enough to meet Roger at Sundance, not long before he was struck by cancer. I took this cheesy photo with him, but later at a …more

Matt Clark <> Apr 04 03:51PM -0400: Ebert wrote this two days ago: “And gamers beware, I am even thinking about a movie version of a video game or mobile app. Once completed, you can engage me in debate on whether you think it is …more

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 04 12:52PM -0700: Who’s the dude on the right? That sure as Hell ain’t the old ass Kevin Kelly I know.

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 04 12:54PM -0700: I hope he’s in miscegenist heaven reading this thread.

Kevin Kelly <> Apr 04 12:55PM -0700: I GOT OLD. …more

Matt Clark <> Apr 04 04:01PM -0400: Was that Sundance 2000, Kevin? I met him there, that year. I ran into him right before the Sex Pistols doc. …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 04 04:24PM -0400: Lots of people on Twitter pointing out the one game that Ebert is on record as loving: My favorite pan is probably the one for the Doom …more

Kevin Kelly <> Apr 04 01:26PM -0700: 2006, I think. He was signing a book in Dolly’s Bookstore, which is where that pic is from. Can’t remember which book, though. …more

Jason Wilson <> Apr 04 02:16PM -0700: Roger Ebert’s casual writing style is the tone I love to point out to aspiring writers as “This is what you want.” Conversational but informed. (And any newspaperperson, as Ebert was at heart, …more

Will Tuttle <> Apr 04 02:50PM -0700: I know we are supposed to hate on Complex, but there are some fantastic quotes in here.

Today’s Topic Summary


  • Thoughts on Flipboard… [2 Updates]
  • Full-time position: EGM News Editor [3 Updates]
  • Guacamelee HALP! [1 Update]
  • Final Fantasy XI expansion review? [1 Update]

Thoughts on Flipboard…

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 08 01:31PM -0700: Thanks to Will Tuttle for bringing this story to my attention: I’d love to hear folks’ thoughts on this. For instance, what happens …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 08 04:38PM -0400: Seems like overblown fearmongering to me. Lots of “coulds” and “mights” in that story there. Sure, I guess there’s the potential for Flipboard to totally revolutionize the digital magazine …more

Full-time position: EGM News Editor

Andrew Fitch <> Apr 08 12:55PM -0700: We’re looking for a news editor to manage the news section of and our magazines (EGM, Walmart GameCenter). Candidates must be local to Southern California or be willing to relocate (our …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 08 04:32PM -0400: Man, females get all the breaks in this business. /obvioustrollidontmeanthatpleasedontkillme

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 08 01:37PM -0700: You should hire HHG. You know. #black #diversity (Sorry Kyle. I couldn’t resist.)

Guacamelee HALP!

Max Parker <> Apr 07 10:52PM -0400: Anyone reviewing Guacamelee? I think I’m trapped. I finished the story and I’m looking for the pieces of the mask. Found one in the “Tree Tops” area and now I can’t get out. Going back to the bottom …more

Final Fantasy XI expansion review?

Andy Eddy <> Apr 07 03:46PM -0700: I’ve struck out with my reviewer list to review the FFXI: Seekers of Adoulin expansion. Anyone out there playing the game and interested in doing a quick write-up?

Today’s Topic Summary


  • A raisin in the sun, part deux: Gaming sites and Ad-blockers [1 Update]
  • Time To Pay The Taxman [8 Updates]
  • Quoting PR people “anonymously”? [5 Updates]
  • RIP Game Developer magazine [4 Updates]
  • Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures [3 Updates]
  • Speaking of insidery game media jokes becoming real games [1 Update]
  • Thoughts on Flipboard… [1 Update]
  • Full-time position: EGM News Editor [1 Update]

A raisin in the sun, part deux: Gaming sites and Ad-blockers

Jason Wilson <> Apr 09 02:39PM -0700: Arise! Yanier, does Destructoid use any services that circumvent that ad blocking now? …more

Time To Pay The Taxman

Matthew Hawkins <> Apr 09 12:10PM -0700: Surely I’m not the only person in the group who hasn’t done his taxes yet, correct? For years I’ve gone to H&R Block, but the more complicated your return, the more they charge (obviously). …more

Kevin Kelly <> Apr 09 12:12PM -0700: Definitely do NOT do H&R Block. I’ve used a guy (in California) for years, and while it costs around $300, it is much more worthwhile. Try and find someone who specializes in working with …more

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 09 02:12PM -0500: I used turbo tax and it worked spectacularly. I worked for I think 9 people last year and it still seemed okay. Didn’t get audited, got my check. ~sent from my phone please forgive brevity and …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 09 03:16PM -0400: I continue to use H&R Block’s “Best of Both Worlds” feature. Basically it lets you enter everything online, then a remote H&R Block looks it over and calls you to note things you might have missed …more

Julian Murdoch <> Apr 09 03:18PM -0400: My taxes are crazy complicated (two freelancers in the family, occasional “day job” income for one of us, complicated business/investment/house/health/education expenses, partnership income) …more

Britton Peele <> Apr 09 02:20PM -0500: This may be a dumb suggestion, depending on how many documents, write-offs, etc. you have, but even while freelancing for multiple outlets I’ve always found TurboTax to be totally doable and …more

Greg Tito <> Apr 09 04:11PM -0400: I used Don Robinson when I was in New York: Don’t let the awful website fool you. His firm specializes in freelancers – usually in the theater world, but game writing is …more

Joseph Leray <> Apr 09 03:14PM -0500: I use Joe Carson in Nashville: I’m not sure that he specializes in freelancers per se, but my family’s used him for a long time, he has a sterling reputation around here, …more

Quoting PR people “anonymously”?

Kyle Orland <> Apr 09 03:25PM -0400: So one of my colleagues just brought up an issue I had never really considered before. He was peeved because a PR person told him to “Please attribute this information to a [company] spokesperson …more

Jason Schreier <> Apr 09 03:27PM -0400: Hmm, why would a company spokesperson need to be named? This is the first time I’ve heard of anyone having a problem with that. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 09 03:31PM -0400: Seconding Jason here. “…according to a [publisher] spokesperson/representative/PR-demon” has always seemed more than sufficient. It’s one person speaking on behalf of a corporate entity, so the …more

ryanflemingpdx <> Apr 09 12:36PM -0700: I think outing sources that don’t want to be outed is a terrible road for journalists to go down for any reason (with the possible and rare exception of something for the public good, which we …more

ryanflemingpdx <> Apr 09 12:41PM -0700: To be clear though, a source asking if you’ll keep them anonymous is different than someone going on record and then later asking to be attributed as anonymous because they may have said something …more

RIP Game Developer magazine

Kyle Orland <> Apr 09 02:29PM -0400: Not even gonna rub it in with a “Print is Dead” this time because I’m so bummed about this. …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 09 02:31PM -0400: Better link discussing the shutdown:

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 09 01:35PM -0500: Isn’t Gama downsizing as well?

Kyle Orland <> Apr 09 02:37PM -0400: Seeing as how Frank is one-third of their full time staff (alongside Kris and Christian) yes, I’d say they are downsizing. Gama let go of two major contractors in October, as well. -KO

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures

Kyle Orland <> Apr 09 10:54AM -0400: From the makers of “Kotaku Kuest,” “Super Game Grump Bros.” and “Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars Adventures”* Is there really …more

Matt Hawkins <> Apr 09 12:01PM -0400: Well, considering how almost every single one of his videos has at least one million views on YouTube, I’m willing to say that there might be a big enough fan base to capitalize upon. …more

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Apr 09 10:00AM -0700: @Kyle – I went to Magfest this year and there was a 3-hour line camped up and around the lobby for his panel. Most concerts didn’t even have that kind of attendance. I don’t get the sustained …more

Speaking of insidery game media jokes becoming real games

Kyle Orland <> Apr 09 12:04PM -0400:

Thoughts on Flipboard…

Jason Venter <> Apr 08 04:11PM -0700: I didn’t get all the way through the article, because it seems like the impact that the author expects Flipboard to happen is possible–and happening–without Flipboard. He sounds like some guy …more

Full-time position: EGM News Editor

“” <> Apr 08 02:55PM -0700: Doesn’t he work there already? I read that somewhere.

Today’s Topic Summary


  • Thoughts on Flipboard… [9 Updates]
  • A raisin in the sun, part deux: Gaming sites and Ad-blockers [2 Updates]
  • Time To Pay The Taxman [5 Updates]
  • Seeking a Mac game reviewer (or two) [3 Updates]
  • Quoting PR people “anonymously”? [6 Updates]

Thoughts on Flipboard…

Richard Mitchell <> Apr 10 10:01AM -0500: How exactly would you be able to monetize content “curated” from other people? Isn’t that stealing? Am I missing something?

Kyle Orland <> Apr 10 11:15AM -0400: The same way Google Reader “monetizes” RSS feeds of other peoples’ content — by running ads on its user-directed aggregation service. At least that’s my understanding of how Flipboard works. …more

Richard Mitchell <> Apr 10 10:27AM -0500: I just can’t imagine they’d open that up to Flipboard users though.

Christopher Grant <> Apr 10 11:36AM -0400: Flipboard puts full-page ads in between articles, magazine style. …more

Zack Stern <> Apr 10 09:50AM -0700: Why did frames go out of style in the early 2000s? Was it just a cultural/ethical backlash? I don’t remember why they faded. Seems like this is a rehash of putting another site’s content in your …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 10 03:13PM -0400: As I remember it, they worked inconsistently across browsers, were hard to make look nice, and were annoying to code HTML for. -KO

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 10 12:16PM -0700: Zack just fired up my PTSD!

Kyle Orland <> Apr 10 03:19PM -0400: You can’t understand what it was like during the Frame Wars of ’99. Blurry JPGs and image maps everywhere. And the scroll bars. DEAR GOD THE SCROLL BARS! YOU WEREN’T THERE MAN! THANK GOD EVERY …more

Jason Venter <> Apr 10 01:23PM -0700: Frames (poorly) served a purpose that PHP includes efficiently replaced. There were all kinds of issues with frames and you’d have pages opening in the wrong places and scroll bars dominating your …more

A raisin in the sun, part deux: Gaming sites and Ad-blockers

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Apr 09 05:58PM -0700: Nope, and I’m not sure I ever want to join that arms race unless it really came down to it, and luckily I’m not in that position yet. Ask me again in 2 years πŸ˜‰  I actually did a jittery …more

Jason Wilson <> Apr 10 12:17PM -0700: Thank you, Yanier. Our tech guy at VentureBeat is looking on things to stop AdBlock, but I’m reluctant to advocate that stance. But I don’t make such decisions.

Time To Pay The Taxman

Matt Clark <> Apr 09 06:54PM -0400: I use the same accountant as my father. Despite multiple employers (obviously) I pay the guy about $200/year and it’s totally worth it. –Matt …more

Jason Venter <> Apr 09 06:20PM -0700: The local CPAs all basically use tax software (TurboTax, usually), so I just do the same thing now. TurboTax is just plain wonderful if you ask me!

Dan Crabtree <> Apr 09 11:43PM -0400: I asked a real life human accountant for their input on this. REPORTING. She said that TurboTax is great for folks that don’t know much about the tax forms (accurate in my case), that H&R Block is …more

Andrew Hayward <> Apr 09 09:08PM -0700: I still drive an hour out to the burbs every year to use the independent accountant my parents have used for ages. It ends up being something like $270-$350 each year, which is of course deductible …more

Garrett Martin <> Apr 10 12:45AM -0400: H&R Block was awesome when we were able to use Helen, the former chemist from China who barely speaks English but found so many deductions every year that I’ve lived in constant fear of auditing for …more

Seeking a Mac game reviewer (or two)

Andrew Hayward <> Apr 09 05:49PM -0700: Hey all — Some of you may know me from my freelance exploits, but I’m also the games and apps editor for Mac|Life magazine and In addition to iOS content, I also oversee our Mac …more

Jason Venter <> Apr 09 06:19PM -0700: For an opportunity like that, I’d almost be willing to buy a Mac (if only the good ones weren’t so dang expensive)! If I were an actual Mac guy, I can’t think of an outlet I’d want to write for …more

Andrew Hayward <> Apr 09 09:12PM -0700: Well thanks for that, Jason. I will, however, confirm that this isn’t the kind of gig that should persuade a freelancer to shell out for the kind of Mac needed to run higher-end games, primarily …more

Quoting PR people “anonymously”?

Sebastian Haley <> Apr 09 02:52PM -0700: I always attribute quotes and things that I made up to Nick Chester. No one ever questions it.

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 09 04:54PM -0500: “Yeah we’re rending like a trillion polygons in Dance Central” – Nick Chester Also that man does some mean karaoke.

Sebastian Haley <> Apr 09 02:55PM -0700: “Blast processing!” –Nick Chester

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 09 05:04PM -0500: “I could go for a beer.” — Nick Chester
Nick Chester <> Apr 09 06:27PM -0700: “Xbox’s next console requires six power bricks, requires an online connection ONLY for navigating between menus, ships with seven cameras, and a controller that’s completely covered in cheetah fur …more

Joseph Leray <> Apr 09 08:34PM -0500: I’ve also run into situations — especially covering smaller companies — in which the same guy might rep more than one company involved in the story. In that case, he’d want to make sure the focus …more

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  • Why everyone loves lists [4 Updates]
  • Huge press shots! [1 Update]

Why everyone loves lists

Kyle Orland <> Apr 11 12:04PM -0400: I quite enjoyed this partial defense of the listicle over at Kevin Drum’s blog. Thoughts?

Max Parker <> Apr 11 12:30PM -0400: That’s is a good *list* of reasons for why people love lists. Personally, lists are one of my favorite things to post just because of the amount of feedback they receive. Nothing brings out …more

Sam Machkovech <> Apr 11 01:25PM -0700: I already mined this conceit a zillion years ago for The Escapist: I’m …more

Alex Navarro <> Apr 11 04:38PM -0400: Lists are fun sometimes. …more

Huge press shots!

Kyle Orland <> Apr 11 11:12AM -0400: Relevant to this group’s interests (and bandwidths)

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  • Why everyone loves lists [3 Updates]

Why everyone loves lists

Xav de Matos <> Apr 11 03:30PM -0700: I have no problem with lists, it’s just the theme of some lists I don’t enjoy. Top 40 Hottest Women in Tech for example. We can’t complain too hard, we have a list at the end of every year with …more

Andrew Groen <> Apr 11 03:54PM -0700: Writing lists has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. They’re derided as cheap shlock, but when you actually put time and thought into them they can be a lot of fun for the reader. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 11 06:59PM -0400: I see what you did there, Xav. I SEE IT. Lists are fine as another tool in the box. I’d personally go nuts if it was an all day, every day focus though. …more

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  • H&R Block can burn in hell. [7 Updates]
  • Time To Pay The Taxman [1 Update]
  • Anyone playing Dead Island this weekend? [3 Updates]
  • E3 room at The Fig [5 Updates]

H&R Block can burn in hell.

Nathan Meunier <> Apr 13 07:49AM -0700: So yeah, my wife and I just basically got kicked out of the local shitty H&R Block after being berated, humiliated, and verbally abused during a follow-up appointment to iron out some questions we …more

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Apr 13 08:21AM -0700: File an extension, dude. It’ll save you a lot of stress. …more

Matt Hawkins <> Apr 13 11:31AM -0400: Yikes, really sorry to hear about such a shitty experience. Especially given the timing and all. Anyhow, in the other tax related topic I started, a bunch of people suggested I try TurboTax. …more

Greg Tito <> Apr 13 11:59AM -0400: H&R block lets anyone with a license work this weekend to cover all the people who wait till the deadline. So you likely got some scrub who couldn’t hack it as a real accountant – probably precisely …more

Kevin Kelly <> Apr 13 09:17AM -0700:

Kyle Orland <> Apr 13 02:10PM -0400: I also had a bad experience with h&r block a few years ago when I went in person. Got the hard sell on extra protection, guy didn’t seem to know basic stuff, etc. etc. I will say my experience with …more

Nathan Meunier <> Apr 13 11:30AM -0700: Thanks everyone! Appreciate the thoughts and advice! Found a local, highly recommended tax lady through a trusted friend who is going to help us out and get this sorted. I’m strongly considering …more

Time To Pay The Taxman

Nathan Meunier <> Apr 13 08:01AM -0700: More like time to punch the taxman.

Anyone playing Dead Island this weekend?

Sebastian Haley <> Apr 12 11:20PM -0700: In the off-chance anyone in a game journalist group actually plays video games other than BioShock and FTL, I could use a couple co-op buddies for Dead Island Riptide (360) this weekend. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 13 02:27AM -0400: I’ll be around. GT: OscarZetaAcosta

Sebastian Haley <> Apr 13 01:31AM -0700: Sweet. Sent you a message. GT: *DV Bastian* 

E3 room at The Fig

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Apr 12 04:07PM -0700: E3 is less than two months away *ducks* and from everything I’ve gathered, any hotel remotely near the convention center is booked solid. I’ve had a change of lodging plans and as such, my …more

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 12 06:09PM -0500: Put me down as a maybe. I still haven’t confirmed for E3, so I’ll need to make some of my own calls.

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Apr 12 04:16PM -0700: Oh, wait! Sorry, but Alex Rubens is also staying int he room so there’s one opening. Just need to put the room in your name and under your card and it’s all yours.

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 12 06:18PM -0500: Bah, I’m not sure how fast I’ll have an answer for this. It’d be monday at the earliest. So if someone needs it, they can take it.

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Apr 12 06:58PM -0700: And like that, the room is gone.

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  • E3 room at The Fig [2 Updates]

 E3 room at The Fig

“” <> Apr 13 04:08PM -0700: If you haven’t booked a room yet then you should consider staying in Koreatown or Hollywood along the Metro Red or Purple lines. It’s a quick subway ride to the convention center and rates will be …more

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 13 04:15PM -0700: I’m staying at the Fig. Best E3 hotel ever. Also, folks may want to consider renting a lofts downtown.

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  • How to react when major “real world” news happens? [26 Updates]
  • The Terrifying Reality of Long-Term Unemployment [2 Updates]

How to react when major “real world” news happens?

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 04:13PM -0400: Obviously, my thoughts with anyone in Boston or who knows anyone who might have been affected by today’s events. Looking from an angle relevant to this group, how do you think sites that …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 04:22PM -0400: Some Twitter thoughts on this score: “If people are going to your videogame website today, they’re doing so to take a break from the tragedy, not discuss it.” …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 04:24PM -0400: “If you run a gaming blog, people visit you for their hobby which involves a lot of escapism. Leave real news to the real outlets.” …more

Leah Jackson <> Apr 15 02:28PM -0600: I think it’s perfectly okay for any outlet to have a single post with your condolences and showing you care/pointing people towards ways to help if there is a relief effort. I don’t think there …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 04:29PM -0400: Another angle:  “Kotaku does not get traffic from blip posts. Sometimes, during times of tragedy, our readers like to congregate and discuss. Enough said.” …more

Jason Venter <> Apr 15 01:32PM -0700: Everyone responds to tragedy differently, and today it seems like a lot of people respond by telling other people what they should and shouldn’t tweet about. I believe that discussion related …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 04:33PM -0400: Here’s the aforementioned Kotaku “blip”:

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 15 01:34PM -0700: My news editor asked me if she should write a news story about it. I said, “No.” That said police were on the scanner instructing people to inform the public via social media. Now that is a legit …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 04:35PM -0400: Josh Topolsky is defending The Verge’s live coverage: 1. [image: Joshua Topolsky]*Joshua Topolsky* …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 04:37PM -0400: Nerves are frayed: “Fuck you, Kotaku. Seriously, fuck you.”

Britton Peele <> Apr 15 03:38PM -0500: I don’t work my day job on Mondays, but I was about to put up a post about QuakeCon registration being open… Now, I think it can wait until tomorrow. If I was at work, though, I assume things …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 04:38PM -0400: “Seriously Kotaku? WTF.”

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 04:39PM -0400: “Heartwarming to see how @Kotaku has provided a venue for people to express their feelings about Boston. No, wait. That’s heartburn.” …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 04:40PM -0400: To be clear, I’m just pasting these tweets to chronicle some of the reactions out there. Not trying to support one side or the other on this. I can see both sides, honestly.

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 15 03:41PM -0500: All I care about, all I want to do is call everyone I know and make sure they are safe. I can’t get ahold of some of them, though and I’m just left sitting here. Wondering. I’ve been periodically …more

“K. Cox” <> Apr 15 04:43PM -0400: I’m from Boston. This just happened in my backyard and I am some amazing combination of incredibly heartbroken and beyond livid with rage right now, now that I know all my friends and family are …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 04:43PM -0400: Ouch… Verge betraying its ambitions to be a (slightly) more readable Mashable.

Jason Schreier <> Apr 15 04:44PM -0400: To address the accusations: Our site’s traffic metric is based on new visitors, not pageviews. We don’t get new visitors from “blip” posts that only appear on our front page. We call them blips …more

Richard Clark <> Apr 15 04:44PM -0400: What seems pointless and a little tasteless at this point is the piling on. Kotaku and other outlets aren’t mustache-twirling villains – they’re trying to do the right thing like the rest of us. …more

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 15 04:49PM -0400: To be clear, Sandy Hook may’ve been “blipped” for the initial news, but the corresponding flood of pieces addressing it are here: I count 19 pieces just using the …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 04:51PM -0400: Not clear on your point, Ben… Sandy Hook became a story with a strong video game angle in the days after the attack…

Ben Gilbert <> Apr 15 04:51PM -0400: In case it weren’t already clear, I think it’s super, super gross for folks at gaming/tech sites to be covering today’s tragic news. I understand Jason’s point about providing an outlet for people …more

Michael Rougeau <> Apr 15 01:52PM -0700: Video games were pulled into the Sandy Hook debate entirely against the video game industry’s will (recall the NRA head’s incredibly offensive suggestions that games were more to blame than guns). …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 15 04:52PM -0400: Sandy Hook also had some relevance in our little corner of the world, and much of that coverage came after the fact. …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 04:56PM -0400: “Those of you who are piling on @kotaku for acknowledging a tragedy aren’t  helping anyone anywhere in any way.”

Jared Newman <> Apr 15 01:58PM -0700: Jason’s argument seems reasonable to me. At least it seems like a step up from the “let’s find an angle that makes this vaguely-related to video games” posts that were common on Old Kotaku. …more

The Terrifying Reality of Long-Term Unemployment

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 15 11:43AM -0700: This is uplifting!

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Apr 15 11:50AM -0700: The comments are truly precious. …more

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  • Ereader? E-reader? Ebook? E-book? [7 Updates]
  • PC Gamer looking for a freelance news writer [1 Update]
  • How to react when major “real world” news happens? [18 Updates]
  • Need a freelancer? Behold, Anthony Agnello! [8 Updates]

Ereader? E-reader? Ebook? E-book?

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 16 11:24AM -0700: TechRadar being a trans-Atlantic operation means that the US and the UK spends an inordinate amount of time arguing about shit like which is correct? The latest argument is about Ereader vs. …more

Matt Hawkins <> Apr 16 02:24PM -0400: What about eReader or eBook?

Anthony John Agnello <> Apr 16 02:25PM -0400: I was literally about to say the same thing, Matt. I think those are the preferred nomenclature. …more

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 16 11:28AM -0700: The UK insists that it’s ereader. Sigh…

Kevin Kelly <> Apr 16 11:29AM -0700: What about Easy Reader? …more

Jason Wilson <> Apr 16 11:45AM -0700: This copy editor endorses e-book and e-reader. …more

Nick Chester <> Apr 16 02:41PM -0700: It’s “e-reader.” This is a crazy conversation

PC Gamer looking for a freelance news writer

Annette Cardwell <> Apr 16 11:17AM -0700: For anyone looking for regular work: …more

How to react when major “real world” news happens?

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 05:18PM -0400: “This is what we do, and this is how we help. We provide escapism.”  Also, earlier: “Sorry everyone, said in ignorance. …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 05:37PM -0400: “I’m genuinely curious if readers look to game journalists for live coverage of important events/tragic news. It’s hard to tell, sometimes.” …more

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 15 04:40PM -0500: OK, sorry for the stuff I said earlier. i’ve regained myself a bit. There is no one answer. Sometimes we crave information, other times we want it as far away from us. I’ll give Kotaku the benefit …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 05:43PM -0400: “I won’t tell any journalist how to carry on, but I’m always appreciative of those that continue to make me laugh on a day like today.” …more

Jason Schreier <> Apr 15 05:44PM -0400: All of those stories are related to video games, Ben. I’m not sure what you’re trying to say. I can’t help but be kind of stunned at some of the reactions I’ve seen from peers and colleagues on …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 05:50PM -0400: I understand your point, Jason, but you should also understand how it could at least have the appearance of trying to “cash in” on the tragedy by throwing up a pageview-grabbing post on an unrelated …more

Jason Schreier <> Apr 15 05:52PM -0400: As I said before, I think that people who came away from that two-line post thinking “wow pageview bonanza!” were just looking for an excuse to get mad at us anyway. Reporters, especially. …more

Jason Schreier <> Apr 15 05:57PM -0400: To elaborate a bit more: This post has no headline. There’s nothing to grab the eye in RSS. Nothing to post on Twitter or Facebook, which drives a large percentage of our traffic. People will not …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 05:58PM -0400: I don’t think that’s immediately apparent, Jason. For one, if you were linked directly, you might not know that the post didn’t appear on the front page. For another, it’s linking to Deadspin, so it …more

Britton Peele <> Apr 15 04:59PM -0500: I think anything anybody says that feels laced with anger should be taken with a grain of salt right now. People are bothered, emotions are high, folks are more likely to get really annoyed or …more

Jeffrey Matulef <> Apr 15 03:18PM -0700: My two cents is that people go to video game sites to read about video games. Reading about it on a game site would just feel woefully out of place, especially as us game journalist types aren’t …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 15 06:21PM -0400: “That being said, I had no problem with Kotaku’s little blurb. As Jason said, the site doesn’t get traffic from it and I saw its tweet-length brevity as a web version of a TV station important news …more

Susan Arendt <> Apr 16 06:59AM -0700: I don’t see anything wrong with how Kotaku chose to handle this. All they did was say hey, if you guys want to talk about it, here’s a place to do that. And a lot of people did want to talk about …more

Jason <> Apr 16 07:05AM -0700: Some stories transcend categories. 9-11, for example.

Kyle Orland <> Apr 16 10:19AM -0400: Ben K.’s thoughts over at PAR:

Jason Schreier <> Apr 16 10:39AM -0400: Thanks for the support, Susan and everyone else. I’ve been really stunned by some of the hateful reactions from people I respect and admire. Colleagues accusing us of traffic-trawling or trying to …more

Rod Breslau <> Apr 16 02:10PM -0400: Thoughts from Ben:…more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 16 02:11PM -0400: Welcome to my post from four hours ago, ROD! =p -KO

Need a freelancer? Behold, Anthony Agnello!

ryanflemingpdx <> Apr 16 10:16AM -0700: Hi All, Recently we did some budget jiu-jitsu and have had to make a few changes – good changes, but there was an unintentional, crappy side effect. As we move to increase our full-time …more

ryanflemingpdx <> Apr 16 10:18AM -0700: You can view some of his work for us here:

Alex Rubens <> Apr 16 10:18AM -0700: This is super cool of you, Ryan.

Matt Hawkins <> Apr 16 01:24PM -0400: I’m actually surprised that Anthony is not a part of this group already (and it’s been something I’ve been meaning to bring up to Kyle for some time now).

Kyle Orland <> Apr 16 01:27PM -0400: Invite sent.

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 16 01:28PM -0400: Ask Anthony. He knows about it. What Ryan said x10. Ant’s one of the best. …more

Brandon Justice <> Apr 16 10:30AM -0700: He did work for EGM during my tenure there as well. Top notch guy.

Anthony John Agnello <> Apr 16 10:42AM -0700: Hello there everyone, Thank you very much for the kind words. I’m happy to join the group as well. For anyone interested in other work, you can also find my work at The Gameological Society, …more

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  • Ereader? E-reader? Ebook? E-book? [4 Updates]
  • The future of game journalism… [4 Updates]
  • A raisin in the sun, part deux: Gaming sites and Ad-blockers [3 Updates]
  • How to react when major “real world” news happens? [2 Updates]

Ereader? E-reader? Ebook? E-book?

Samit Sarkar <> Apr 16 06:11PM -0400: Seeing “ereader” just makes me want to pronounce it as “eh-ree-AY-der.” -Samit

Richard Mitchell <> Apr 16 05:16PM -0500: Kindle.

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 16 03:21PM -0700: Book

Nick Chester <> Apr 17 02:15PM -0700: Film adaptation.

The future of game journalism…

Kyle Orland <> Apr 17 03:06PM -0400: …is lyrical poetry:–251889.phtml

Anthony John Agnello <> Apr 17 03:11PM -0400: This is miraculously disquieting. I’m hoping that this spreads back into the PR machine and we get haiku from Deep Silver. He said, “‘Ride to Hell’ Is not a game about strippers. …more

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 17 02:33PM -0500: This is one of the many reasons Stephanie Tinsley-Schopp is my favorite PR person to work with. She’s really fun and makes everyone’s life better.

Jared Newman <> Apr 17 12:37PM -0700: I love this. Yahtzee’s part needs upright bass in the worst way, though.

A raisin in the sun, part deux: Gaming sites and Ad-blockers

Kyle Orland <> Apr 17 10:27AM -0700: Ben Kuchera’s take on ad blocking and pageview chasing is a must read.…more

Kevin Kelly <> Apr 17 10:41AM -0700: Great piece from Ben. Surprisingly, because most of his content sucks. I KID BECAUSE I LOVE. Even more engaging are the comments that it has spawned.

Jonathan Deesing <> Apr 17 12:06PM -0700: One of the most interesting things I saw here was the link to OK Cupid’s shot at eliminating ads. I feel like a one time influx of capital of just $5 per user isn’t a sustainable business plan. …more

How to react when major “real world” news happens?

Justin McElroy <> Apr 16 03:11PM -0700: FWIW, I deleted my post because I was wrong. It was wrong of my to assume the worst about people I like and respect, and it was wrong of me to try to dictate how any outlet should handle a …more

Jason Schreier <> Apr 16 06:30PM -0400: Cheers, Justin. I wasn’t referring to you earlier, but that’s super classy and appreciated nonetheless. …more

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  • David Jaffe wants to be a game journalism patron [19 Updates]
  • Ereader? E-reader? Ebook? E-book? [1 Update]

David Jaffe wants to be a game journalism patron

Kyle Orland <> Apr 18 11:19AM -0400:

Kevin Kelly <> Apr 18 08:36AM -0700: Wow. And to answer the question he poses: Yes. He is fucking high. …more

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 18 08:43AM -0700: The most interesting thing about that is that he has no idea how much we make. Hell, I don’t know how much “we” make. We should create a Google spreadsheet and everyone anonymously add their salary. …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Apr 18 11:44AM -0400: I don’t know, Kevin. Seems to me like, he’s REALLY fucking high. That said I do wonder if there is an opportunity for a game critic to go solo using crowd funding, whether it’s through …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Apr 18 11:45AM -0400: Wait… you guys don’t get paid in half-stamped Subway cards? That’s what we paid staff at 61 Frames Per Second back in the day – Sandwiches. Terrible, terrible sandwiches.

Kevin Kelly <> Apr 18 08:47AM -0700: I remember when I first started working at Joystiq and Cinematical back in the day, and we were paid $5 a post. I would look at menu items and think, “Hmm, that steak costs five blog posts. …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 18 11:49AM -0400: I think “going solo” through crowdfunding could work for a select few game journalists that have extremely strong personal brands and devoted followings, but it’s not gonna be widely applicable to …more

Kevin Kelly <> Apr 18 08:50AM -0700: I have no doubt that someone like Jim Sterling could probably launch his own … something via Kickstarter to cover games and have it work, although one of the commenters points about what’s the …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 18 11:52AM -0400: Just putting this out there: “Yeah, the Internet is mad at me because a full-grown adult man said he couldn’t stand me in a blog & I said I couldn’t stand him back” -Leigh Alexander …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 18 11:53AM -0400: “what’s the incentive for PR/publishers/advertisers to work with him at that new outlet, whatever it might be.” Are you kidding? If a guy has proved he has a decently large audience that …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Apr 18 11:54AM -0400: Absolutely, Kyle. I mean, in the United States only, there are how many of us doing this for a living full time? 300? 400? Out of that pool, I’d say maybe between 10 and 20 could survive on private …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 18 11:56AM -0400: I think Kevin Kelly’s “1,000 true fans” maxim is applicable here.
Leah Jackson <> Apr 18 10:11AM -0600: It’s nice that he wants to help fix game journalism (is it broken?) but this idea seems like a silly way to do it. The people he throws in to this imaginary raffle are people who are already …more

Michael Zenke <> Apr 18 01:23PM -0400: Are we really in a world where two people can’t dislike each other publicly and civilly? Everybody has to like the ‘right people’ or you’re a bad person? That’s weird, and annoying. …more

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 18 12:26PM -0500: I was just thinking that the other day. Everyone is bound to piss someone else off. People are allowed to not like each other.

Jeffrey Matulef <> Apr 18 10:56AM -0700: Apologies for those who have already seen my response on FB and Twitter, but for those who don’t follow me, this sums it up nicely: …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 18 03:42PM -0400: I think we’re getting a bit distracted by the (high) actual number Jaffe put forth, and the method he described for choosign the recipient. The real question: Is the basic idea of funding game …more

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 18 02:44PM -0500: I think so. Keller Santiago has spoken quite a bit about moving into an era of patronage once again. I think its a cool idea, but I have no idea who among us could make it work. …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Apr 18 03:49PM -0400: It would be so difficult logistically. Someone funded by private patrons and readers would need more money than just to cover basic living expenses, but enough to cover the myriad expenses also …more

Ereader? E-reader? Ebook? E-book?

Andy Eddy <> Apr 17 04:31PM -0700: I still use “e-mail,” so my opt would be “e-reader.” When a site uses “email,” my mind sees “emile,” who was an annoying kid I went to school with years ago.

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  • Scott Steinberg… [8 Updates]
  • PC Gamer looking for a freelance news writer [1 Update]
  • “7.2 Literally Unplayable” [3 Updates]
  • David Jaffe wants to be a game journalism patron [2 Updates]
  • Anyone playing Dead Island this weekend? [5 Updates]

Scott Steinberg…

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 19 11:31AM -0700:

“” <> Apr 19 02:51PM -0400: Steinberg finally got Steinberged!

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 19 11:52AM -0700: Andy Eddy is strangely quiet…

Kyle Orland <> Apr 19 02:53PM -0400: As the co-author with Scott on the BEST-SELLING* Videogame Style Guide and Reference Manual… I have nothing to add to this report. * – “Best selling” refers to relative standing among all style …more

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 19 11:57AM -0700: Kyle, you may want to hitch your wagon to a different horse. Just saying is all.

Kyle Orland <> Apr 19 03:11PM -0400: That was almost 7 years ago. The wagon has been unhitched for a while. Basically, Scott helped get Dave Thomas and me off our butts to actually finish the dang thing and turn it into a …more

Will Tuttle <> Apr 19 02:56PM -0700: “Andy Eddy is strangely quiet…” LOLOLOLOL …more

Will Tuttle <> Apr 19 04:33PM -0700: I finally read this article and immediately schadenfreudegasmed everywhere.  So great. …more

PC Gamer looking for a freelance news writer

Will Tuttle <> Apr 19 04:25PM -0700: Also a Managing Editor…

“7.2 Literally Unplayable”

Kyle Orland <> Apr 19 03:35PM -0400: The above quote is going into my personal grab bag for all sorts of situations.  — …more

Mike Wehner <> Apr 19 02:39PM -0500: This is *literally* the best thing I’ve seen all day.

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 19 02:53PM -0500: It would have been a pinch better if they had the same score instead of 9.2 and 7.2. Because with everything else that’s ever been 7-8 is pretty good. Hell I don’t think I’ve EVER seen a full 5 …more

David Jaffe wants to be a game journalism patron

Christopher Grant <> Apr 19 01:00PM -0400: What interests me here is the apparently common wisdom that journalists are inappropriately beholden to advertiser interests, but making them beholden to actual investors/patrons is okay? At least …more

Alex Rubens <> Apr 19 10:08AM -0700: Agreed, Chris. I’ve been thinking about that too. While I really like the idea of having members of the press being able to write the stories they want to without having to worry about money, the …more

Anyone playing Dead Island this weekend?

Sinan Kubba <> Apr 19 07:51AM -0700: Bump. A bit LTTP but if anyone’s playing this weekend and wants to buddy up, hit me up.

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 19 11:03AM -0400: Just a warning for everyone: co-op is a little bit funky if you aren’t playing with someone on the same chapter as you. There’s no way to log process for future chapters if you play through stuff …more

Britton Peele <> Apr 19 10:28AM -0500: I’ll be playing on 360 this weekend. Still very early in. GT: Talebearer …more

Yannick LeJacq <> Apr 19 11:34AM -0400: Has anybody actually finished the game yet? I’ve been plugging in time whenever I can this week and am getting increasingly worried that I’m nowhere near close to the end… — …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 19 11:47AM -0400: If it helps at all, I’ve got 69 percent story completion (doesn’t include collectibles or anything) and I’m roughly halfway through chapter 9. I’ve got 26+ hours in already, though I’ve spent a good …more

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  • Anyone playing Dead Island this weekend? [3 Updates]
  • PC Gamer looking for a freelance news [1 Update]
  • PC Gamer looking for a freelance news writer [1 Update]

Anyone playing Dead Island this weekend?

Sinan Kubba <> Apr 20 03:24AM -0700: Oops, forgot that not-so-minor detail. GT: shoinan …more

Justin McElroy <> Apr 20 07:38AM -0700: I played on PC and finished the story and a good number of the side missions in about 13 hours (I’ve since gone back and played more with other characters) but that was my experience. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 20 11:47AM -0400: Out of curiosity, did you import a character? Or play at a difficulty other than normal? With such a huge difference in our playing times, I’m wondering if I’ve spent more time backtracking in co-op …more

PC Gamer looking for a freelance news

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 19 05:44PM -0700: And you get to see me on the days I feel like showing up for work. …more

PC Gamer looking for a freelance news writer

Jonathan Deesing <> Apr 19 05:32PM -0700: Ooo comes with a Costco membership! …more

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  • Monaco multiplayer [1 Update]
  • Anyone playing Dead Island this weekend? [1 Update]
  • Scott Steinberg… [2 Updates]

Monaco multiplayer

Kyle Orland <> Apr 21 05:23PM -0400: About to hop on to the Steam version right now. Look for me at KyleOrl or we can set up some time later too.

Anyone playing Dead Island this weekend?

Justin McElroy <> Apr 21 10:43AM -0400: I played on normal but did not import (I played through first one on 360, not PC). It starts you at level 15.

Scott Steinberg…

Susan Arendt <> Apr 20 03:47PM -0700: Sometimes you have a problem with someone, and you keep it to yourself and assume that person was just really crappy to you. And then one day you find out, nope, turns out lots of people have issues …more

Lou Kesten <> Apr 20 05:23PM -0700: …more

Today’s Topic Summary


  • “Call of Duty [PR] Flack Stole from Activision to Pay for Engagement Party” [5 Updates]
  • Article pitch I got today [15 Updates]
  • David Jaffe wants to be a game journalism patron [8 Updates]
  • “Why the SimCity story went away” [2 Updates]

“Call of Duty [PR] Flack Stole from Activision to Pay for Engagement Party”

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 22 01:39PM -0700: *Said Judge John Hillen …more

Leah Jackson <> Apr 22 02:44PM -0600: What an IDIOT.

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 22 01:51PM -0700: Yeah, I know of a Sony PR guy who was in Vegas for a bachelor party and folks did $10k worth of damage to the rooms. Security essentially barricaded them in the rooms until they were given a credit …more

Dean Takahashi <> Apr 22 01:56PM -0700: i’d say this guy was far more impressive.

Kyle Orland <> Apr 22 04:57PM -0400: See! See! I’m not the only one who links back to his own stuff here! -KO

Article pitch I got today

Susan Arendt <> Apr 22 10:56AM -0700: I actually kind of want to have him write it up, just for the hilarity of it. “My concept for an article currently would be based on the idea that the majority of game reviewers who usually …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 22 02:00PM -0400: I’m considering giving this guy the keys to the old Video Game Ombudsman blog after reading that. “…don’t haft to talk about it…” HAFT! Priceless. -KO

Christopher Grant <> Apr 22 02:02PM -0400: > I’ll make one up So true.…more

Jason Schreier <> Apr 22 02:38PM -0400: I like that he couldn’t think of another publisher to go alongside EA, so he had to go with “formerly THQ.” …more

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 22 01:43PM -0500: He has a point (kinda), but he’s certainly not the first to come up with it. I’m not calling any of you crooked, but multiplayer and singleplayer are so not even the sane thing. The aesthetic draws …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 22 02:45PM -0400: The homeless guy ranting non-stop on the corner has a point about social welfare, too, but that doesn’t mean the CIA put a radio transmitter in his fillings that only a tin foil hat can block. …more

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 22 01:48PM -0500: Nah, but I’d put a quarter or two in his jar.

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 22 11:48AM -0700: I can’t get past his use of “haft.” This generation is filled with two types of people: Those who know how to send an appropriate email or letter (and understand that such a thing exists) and those …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 22 11:49AM -0700: Conversing about the unique challenges that game critics face right now is not the same thing as outright claiming that the review process is broken because corruption. …more

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 22 01:52PM -0500: I’m not going to lie — the one or two times I send a letter each year tend to stress me out a bit. I’m always worried I got the position of the addresses mixed up.

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 22 11:54AM -0700: Le-tter? You mean those things on my keyboard? …more

ryanflemingpdx <> Apr 22 01:31PM -0700: This actually sounds like a solid and reasonable article. In fact, I may write something like it and I could use your help. So could you all please drop me an email and give me a few of the …more

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 22 03:34PM -0500: I’m pretty cheap. EA just got me a coffee IV so I would say nice things about Mass Effect 3’s ending.  

Anthony John Agnello <> Apr 22 04:39PM -0400: Capcom filled me with Maker’s Mark back in 2009 and I played the 3D Bionic Commando all the way to the end. All the way to the end! …more

Richard Clark <> Apr 22 04:46PM -0400: The were NFL players at the Battlefield 4 event so I have my 9.5 review already ready to go. Btw, email me if you want it for your outlet.

David Jaffe wants to be a game journalism patron

Kyle Orland <> Apr 22 12:24AM -0400:

Michael Rougeau <> Apr 22 11:10AM -0700: Who.. who is this person? It’s a joke Twitter account, right?

Kyle Orland <> Apr 22 02:40PM -0400: Oh man, you don’t know about RPGs Be Broke? Game journalism is sick and he is the cure, my friend. Getting mentioned in one of his posts is still a highlight of …more

Jason Venter <> Apr 22 12:52PM -0700: I seriously suspect that rpgsbebroke is an account run by someone in the industry who is having a laugh.

Kyle Orland <> Apr 22 03:53PM -0400: Apparently I am too subtle. Yes, you guys… RPGs Be Broke is parody. Best info I’ve heard is that it started as a joke in the Giant bomb forums and ballooned from there. -KO

Michael Rougeau <> Apr 22 12:57PM -0700: Phew. Just phew. If lines like the following were real I’d probably have to rethink some things about my life: “a game can make u feel some thing more or tell a story about your world in a way that …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 22 12:58PM -0700: West Anderson is my favorite. I especially enjoyed Rushedmore and The Loyal Tannenbaums. …more

Michael Rougeau <> Apr 22 01:01PM -0700: “dont get me wrong adding more mucsles and ladies is something i myself could appercate.” Okay that was the last one. I need to get off this tumblr. I have work to do.

“Why the SimCity story went away”

Kyle Orland <> Apr 22 10:35AM -0400: tl;dr: Once EA stopped giving statements about SimCity, the press ignored the story because there …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Apr 22 10:40AM -0400: I’m inclined to agree with you straight up, Kyle. It didn’t go away by any means, it stayed a regular part of the news cycle for a full month after the game came out, and a great deal of the …more

Today’s Topic Summary


  • Why is this job listed under “editorial” [22 Updates]
  • Article pitch I got today [19 Updates]
  • Finally, a movie about US! [6 Updates]
  • Newspaper reporter is worst job in 2013, study says… [2 Updates]
  • “Why the SimCity story went away” [1 Update]

Why is this job listed under “editorial”

Kyle Orland <> Apr 23 12:21PM -0400: Seriously… why?

Anthony John Agnello <> Apr 23 12:30PM -0400: I’m trying to think if there’s some kind of historical precedent for this sort of position. Is this technically what the editors were doing with Nintendo Power back in 1989? It’s the same principal, …more

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 23 09:36AM -0700: It’s 100% an “editorial <>” job. “Custom content” is pretty open-ended. For what it’s worth, some would consider outlets like Game Informer and @GAMER …more

Cory Banks <> Apr 23 09:42AM -0700: Probably terrible to admit here, but I’d be *really *good at this job. I spend a lot of my current non-gaming job balancing sponsored content with editorial. It’s editorial-plus, really, because …more

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 23 09:44AM -0700: I agree with Cory. I think it sounds like an awesome job.

Anthony John Agnello <> Apr 23 12:45PM -0400: That’s true, William. I consider sponsored content, especially when identified as separate from other editorial content like it is here, to be something that falls under the preview of a marketing …more

Yannick LeJacq <> Apr 23 12:47PM -0400: Wait, how is this all that different from the “commerce journalist” positions at Gawker? …more

Jason Schreier <> Apr 23 12:51PM -0400: Our commerce positions aren’t editorial. We’ve got a guy who posts a bunch of discounts on the site every day, and the company makes money whenever people use them, but he isn’t part of the …more

Cory Banks <> Apr 23 09:53AM -0700: Jason: Have you had any discussions about longer-form sponsored content since Denton’s memo?

Anthony John Agnello <> Apr 23 12:53PM -0400: Plus, custom content is a different beast. It’s regular editorial content that is backed by a specific sponsor. The Seeds video series at The Gameological Society, for example, is the sort of custom …more

Jason Schreier <> Apr 23 12:57PM -0400: I personally have not heard anything about that. No idea if those discussions are happening at a higher level. …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 23 01:04PM -0400: Seems I misunderstood what “custom content” meant a bit. We’re probably going to see this kind of thing more and more as the industry continues to evolve.

Anthony John Agnello <> Apr 23 01:10PM -0400: First time I ever helped out on a custom content campaign was back when I was an associate editor at Svedka Vodka purchased a huge amount of ad space and we backed it by actually …more

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 23 10:16AM -0700: Also, 90% of readers don’t know the difference between what we do and ads.

Cory Banks <> Apr 23 10:29AM -0700: Isn’t that disappointing? Maybe not related to games journalism, but the pub I manage is for financial advisors and we do a lot of sponsored content placements. Typically two an issue. …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Apr 23 01:37PM -0400: It’s gotten even harder in the past few years, Cory! The big push back towards design minimalism for written content on the web has been a boon. I love all the white space and room that you see …more

“” <> Apr 23 01:50PM -0400” While I haven’t done it for a very long time, since back when this was called ‘advertorial’, I occasionally wrote the insert sections for bigger film projects in USA Today, something like 8 pages on, …more

Will Tuttle <> Apr 23 03:10PM -0700: I am the Editorial Director of a custom content/custom publishing/content marketing/branded content company and I can confirm that it is definitely an editorial job. Not a “journalism” job, but an …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Apr 23 06:12PM -0400: You make it sound pretty damn heavenly, Will. …more

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 23 03:14PM -0700: Except that he works for criminals.

Cory Banks <> Apr 23 03:24PM -0700: Hey, crime pays.

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 23 03:37PM -0700: The bad guys win a lot of the times. …more

Article pitch I got today

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Apr 22 03:19PM -0700: Did someone bcc Doritos to sponsor this thread? …more

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 22 05:21PM -0500: Hell, I’d sell all future output for a redbull sponsorship. Let’s get those guys in here.

ryanflemingpdx <> Apr 22 03:42PM -0700: My posts on GJP would be much more clever if I suddenly found a bag of Nacho cheese Doritos and a Red Bull at my desk. Just throwing that out there…

ryanflemingpdx <> Apr 22 03:43PM -0700: My posts on GJP would be much more clever, even cleverer, if I suddenly found a bag of Nacho cheese Doritos and a Red Bull at my desk. Just throwing that out there…

Sebastian Haley <> Apr 22 05:14PM -0700: For maximum efficiency you should aim all bribe requests at *Game Informer EA*.

Scott Nichols <> Apr 23 07:35AM -0700: This reminds me of the time I overheard a Best Buy employee ranting to a customer about game reviews being bought and used a review I had recently written as an example. That made for a fun …more

Richard Clark <> Apr 23 10:35AM -0400: That is my dream scenario. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 23 10:36AM -0400: Did you speak up and say something?! What a rare opportunity you had, to confront a troll out in the wild. …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 23 10:38AM -0400: “Those game reviewers are just paid off to tell you what you should buy! Anyway, do you want to pre-order Call of Duty: Even More War for just $10 today? It’ll really help out my numbers if you do!” …more

“K. Cox” <> Apr 23 10:38AM -0400: That would be kind of awesome actually. The last game store employee I tried to talk with about reviews hadn’t ever heard of most of the sites *that were quoted on the boxes* of the games I was …more

Charles Husemann <> Apr 23 07:43AM -0700: I always like when folks complain that we have high/low scores to drive pageviews to increase our ad revenue despite the fact that there are no ads anywhere on the site.

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 23 08:00AM -0700: *”That would be kind of awesome actually. The last game store employee I tried to talk with about reviews hadn’t ever heard of most of the sites *that were quoted on the boxes* of the games I was …more

Jared Newman <> Apr 23 08:06AM -0700: I really want to hear the rest of this story.

“K. Cox” <> Apr 23 11:16AM -0400: William, my guess is around 5%, too. On an optimistic day. I might have thought that an actual GameStop employee might look *slightly* less blank-faced when I named sites like IGN, though. …more

Scott Nichols <> Apr 23 08:56AM -0700: I totally endorse confronting trolls in the wild. At first I just spoke up saying that I was a freelance reviewer, then explaining what freelance meant. The conversation eventually devolved to him …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 23 12:03PM -0400: “he hadn’t even played the game” *sigh*

Mike Wehner <> Apr 23 11:12AM -0500: This pitch makes me think we could start a spinoff site where we just publish total garbage articles for fun. I don’t know what we’d name it, but the tagline could be “You Don’t Haft To Like It.” …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 23 12:19PM -0400: Now is a prime time for that, what with the inevitable deluge of “Console X is better than Console Y” rants that we’re going to all be faced with over the next year or two.

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 23 04:45PM -0500: Scott, if you weren’t amazing enough already, now you tell me that you went and did this thing. Priceless. Annie Hall, anyone?

Finally, a movie about US!

Kyle Orland <> Apr 23 12:31PM -0400” (via Scott Nichols’ Twitter)

Scott Nichols <> Apr 23 11:11AM -0700: So was I somehow the only one who got a press release from this guy announcing this? …more

Samit Sarkar <> Apr 23 02:11PM -0400: He sent it to Polygon’s tips line. -Samit

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 23 01:15PM -0500: So he’s writing to us so we can write about him writing about us?
Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 23 02:17PM -0400: I think part of the universe just folded in on itself.

Richard Mitchell <> Apr 23 01:29PM -0500: If enough people pay money to see this made, I will have a much higher opinion of myself.

Newspaper reporter is worst job in 2013, study says…

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 23 10:41AM -0700:

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 23 01:23PM -0500: We deal with most if not all of these same thing. Lot of uncertainty, mediocre to shit pay, etc. etc. Huh.

“Why the SimCity story went away”

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Apr 22 03:59PM -0700: It didn’t stop Kirk from doing a bang-up job πŸ™‚

Today’s Topic Summary


  • Seeking photographer for Xbox reveal [3 Updates]
  • Scott Steinberg… [18 Updates]
  • Article pitch I got today [1 Update]
  • Finally, a movie about US! [4 Updates]

Seeking photographer for Xbox reveal

Kyle Orland <> Apr 24 03:00PM -0400: I’m looking for someone to help take photos during our liveblog of Microsoft’s Xbox reveal event on May 21. Preferably someone with good experience taking photos (especially at live events) and who …more

Jared Newman <> Apr 24 01:30PM -0700: Speaking of which, this is the best exchange:

Kyle Orland <> Apr 24 04:32PM -0400: How the hell was that guy so sure it wouldn’t be the 21st? I mean, that’s a very strange thing to project such confidence in. -KO

Scott Steinberg…

Will Tuttle <> Apr 23 03:39PM -0700: Wil’s actually kind of right, Kyle. In fact, I think I owe you an apology in this official forum: I did not offer you a chance to write for me during my GameSpy days because …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 23 06:53PM -0400: Wow… I had no idea simply being associated with steinberg in that capacity had such a tangible negative impact on my career. Good to know…

Annette Cardwell <> Apr 23 04:23PM -0700: Wow, this is like group therapy for people who didn’t know they all had the same problem!

Britton Peele <> Apr 23 06:27PM -0500: Would this be a bad time to admit that I have no idea who Scott Steinberg is (other than what a quick Google search can tell me)? I guess all this is before my time. *—*

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 23 06:28PM -0500: Nah I thought the same thing. I think he’s a friend on facebook for me, but I have no idea who he is or how I met him.

Michael Rougeau <> Apr 23 07:43PM -0700: On that note, can someone explain what this guy has done / what’s so bad about him? I’ve had one interaction with him and from what I can recall it was a positive one.

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 23 09:48PM -0500: I’d actually rather not not know. Unless it has something to do with not paying freelancers, because then that matters to me professionally. Otherwise it’s mindless gossip.

Michael Rougeau <> Apr 23 07:54PM -0700: It matters to me professionally if I might find myself working with him or approached by him at some point in the future and wondering why a group of my colleagues has such a low opinion of him. …more

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 23 09:56PM -0500: That’s what I mean. I mean if someone wants to say publicly, that’s fine. But I don’t want to know. Unless he doesn’t pay people. Then I REALLY want to know.

Kevin Kelly <> Apr 23 11:42PM -0700: I’ll toss in my own two cents. Steinberg is like a sideshow barker who is trying to lure people into paying admission and ducking into a tent where the main attraction is… Scott Steinberg. …more

Kevin Kelly <> Apr 23 11:47PM -0700: Whoops, forgot these: …more

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 24 02:01AM -0500: Is it weird that I’m REALLY frustrated about the slightly off-sync video on

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Apr 24 07:46AM -0700: In January, Steinberg emailed me (I did some writing at Digital Trends while he was publisher there) about ghost writing blog posts for him for places like HuffPo and, wait for it, Mashable. …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 24 11:31AM -0400: I think it’s only fair to let everybody know that Scott is actually a member of this group, who apparently doesn’t check that often or is extremely forgiving about people badmouthing him. …more

Chris Dahlen <> Apr 24 11:43AM -0400: You might have mentioned that sooner. …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 24 11:45AM -0400: I only just realized it. The whole thread was getting kind of personal anyway, and I should have nipped it in the bud sooner regardless. Sorry for failing as a moderator. -KO

Chris Dahlen <> Apr 24 12:10PM -0400: As punishment you have to write the foreword to the Kindle edition of *Get Rich Playing Games*. For *free*.

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 24 09:21AM -0700: Chris wins!

Article pitch I got today

Jeffrey Matulef <> Apr 23 04:53PM -0700: My goal is to one day be produced from behind a poster to confront a troll. Though Scott’s story is close enough. …more

Finally, a movie about US!

danielle <> Apr 23 03:54PM -0700: The video press has many intersting stories and complexities to be told by intersting people. πŸ™

Jason Schreier <> Apr 23 06:58PM -0400: Haha, I got that pitch too, and closed the tab as soon as I saw “intersting.”

Anthony John Agnello <> Apr 23 07:01PM -0400: Maybe… it was a joke? Between this and that glorious pitch Susan received yesterday, our readership is not acquitting themselves too well this week. …more

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 23 06:04PM -0500: I’ve seen at least a dozen people ask me about Destructoid stuff without being able to spell the name of the website properly. People are strange.

Today’s Topic Summary


  • No Nintendo E3 presser [11 Updates]
  • This pretty much sums up “reader reviews” for me [3 Updates]
  • New ombudsman at ESPN [2 Updates]
  • Seeking photographer for Xbox reveal [2 Updates]

No Nintendo E3 presser

Kyle Orland <> Apr 24 10:49PM -0400: As much as I’m gonna miss Reggie dancing for our amusement (quite literally, sometimes), I think this is a good move on the big N’s part. …more

Mike Wehner <> Apr 24 10:03PM -0500: I think that it’s a pretty clear sign of how little Nintendo intends on following through with its “no, seriously, we want to please the ‘core’ gamers too!” pledge that they attempted when the …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 24 11:04PM -0400: Don’t sugar coat it, Mike πŸ˜‰ -KO

Daniel Starkey <> Apr 24 10:06PM -0500: I dunno. Arthur and others have made the point, quite rightly, that E3 isn’t really for us. It’s for the mainstream press. The enthusiasts know what’s going on because they read the things we …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 24 11:08PM -0400: Keep in mind, they say they’re gonna be holding smaller, directed events for press. So while USA Today won’t have a big flashy press conference to write about, they’re still getting a personalized, …more

Mike Wehner <> Apr 24 10:22PM -0500: Haha, I didn’t mean for that to come off as negative as it probably sounded. I’m pretty jaded when it comes to Nintendo these days. Nintendo thinks the Wii U is stumbling because people don’t “get …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Apr 24 11:30PM -0400: What a disaster. I don’t agree with the assessment that E3 isn’t really for us. It isn’t JUST for us, but it’s still effectively a massive press event. I think the bigger problem with E3 is that …more

Britton Peele <> Apr 24 10:46PM -0500: Have you guys been invited onto Nintendo’s bus around November-ish the past couple of years, or is that just a mainstream press/small blogger kind of thing? The past couple of years, in the …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 25 12:24AM -0400: By far the best point yet:

Nick Chester <> Apr 25 01:48PM -0700: Regardless of what your thoughts on its platforms or future, Nintendo simply can’t compete for mainstream eyeballs at this year’s E3. With both Sony and Microsoft set to make a huge splash with …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 25 04:55PM -0400: It looks like the “smaller event” for the press is actually going to be Tuesday morning, so no sleeping in, lazybones! -KO

This pretty much sums up “reader reviews” for me

Kyle Orland <> Apr 24 06:31PM -0400:

Anthony John Agnello <> Apr 24 06:34PM -0400: Pfft. That reader was bought off by Wendy’s. …more

danielle <> Apr 24 04:05PM -0700: And now, I can’t stop reading this wonderful site…

New ombudsman at ESPN

Kyle Orland <> Apr 24 05:21PM -0400: Not video game related, but still interesting. How many of you would be willing to hire one of your worst critics to serve as your outlet’s public editor? Or maybe this is a case of “better to have …more

Will Tuttle <> Apr 24 03:02PM -0700: I am looking forward to this. I remember ESPN’s last ombudsman did some really good work, but I can’t think of a better fit than Lipsyte. Also, that article prompted me to buy “Jewish Jocks: An …more

Seeking photographer for Xbox reveal

Dale North <> Apr 24 02:45PM -0700: Ah! I love taking photos. Too bad I’m busy that day

Kyle Orland <> Apr 24 05:54PM -0400: Come on Dale, whatever else you have planned for that day can’t be THAT important. =p -KO

Today’s Topic Summary


  • Scrivener [4 Updates]
  • Xbox reveal: Seattle-area writers, spare couches [4 Updates]
  • Scott Steinberg… [1 Update]
  • Seeking photographer for Xbox reveal [1 Update]
  • Jeremy Parish leaving IGN two months after 1UP buyout [4 Updates]
  • No Nintendo E3 presser [2 Updates]
  • Art Director needed [1 Update]


Kyle Orland <> Apr 26 12:14PM -0400: It’s half off at Amazon right now: I’ve heard vague good things about it, but can any users give some more …more

Britton Peele <> Apr 26 11:40AM -0500: I can only speak to its use for fiction (where it is extremely useful) as I haven’t used it for features or anything, but there are a lot of great tools that are fantastic for organization and …more

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Apr 26 12:45PM -0700: For $20 it’s worth a shot. I recently discovered how unwieldy Word us when you’re working on something more than a few pages long. Had a 30+ page homework project due last week and sorting through and …more

Matt Sakey <> Apr 26 04:49PM -0700: I have a copy and fully intended to start using it as my primary, to keep better organized and manage structure more effectively, but I haven’t been able to acclimate myself to its workflow. …more

Xbox reveal: Seattle-area writers, spare couches

Sam Machkovech <> Apr 26 02:42PM -0700: If anybody needs to save $ on travel/hotel and has a spare Xbox reveal invite, myself and a few other Seattle freelancers (Steve Haske, Alex Rubens) are still available as of right now, I believe. …more

“Alex Rubens” <> Apr 26 02:57PM -0700: I am so available.

Kyle Orland <> Apr 26 07:24PM -0400: FYI to people still trying to get in, I was given a firm “no extra invites” by my ms pr guy. So much for that photographer I was looking for…

Jason Venter <> Apr 26 04:34PM -0700: Maybe they’re going to give everyone who attends a free debug unit and they don’t want to run out of supplies. Surely that’s what’s happening!

Scott Steinberg…

Andy Eddy <> Apr 26 02:19PM -0700: Sadly, just catching up on GJP now…and still staying quiet. If I’m cornered at an E3 party, though, I might be persuaded to talk…

Seeking photographer for Xbox reveal

Kyle Orland <> Apr 26 11:21AM -0400: Just F everyone’s I, I found someone to fill this spot. -KO

Jeremy Parish leaving IGN two months after 1UP buyout

Kyle Orland <> Apr 26 10:40AM -0400: Includes some interesting insider perspective on the 1UP buyout and its effects.

Anthony John Agnello <> Apr 26 10:50AM -0400: I cannot possibly be happier for the man. He’s cut a singular path through our little industry over the past decade, and he is in part responsible for my career. Not only because I loved reading his …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 26 10:58AM -0400: Parish pretty much proved that last part is true with his Retronauts kickstarter, didn’t he?

Anthony John Agnello <> Apr 26 10:59AM -0400: Totally! …more

No Nintendo E3 presser

Jason Venter <> Apr 25 08:01PM -0700: I’m curious about what it costs a company like Nintendo to put on a show like Nintendo has put on during previous years, because if it’s comparable to the cost to do a bunch of advertising on TV …more

Kyle Orland <> Apr 25 11:03PM -0400: I’m not sure what these kinds of events run, but national tv advertising is ridiculously expensive,so I doubt it’s on the same scale.

Art Director needed

Ryan Scott <> Apr 25 06:22PM -0700: I am looking for an experienced and magazine-savvy designer to handle a short-term gaming-related print project, for a major publisher, over the course of the next eight weeks. It involves working …more

Today’s Topic Summary


  • Scrivener [1 Update]
  • Xbox reveal: Seattle-area writers, spare couches [1 Update]


“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Apr 26 06:03PM -0700: Good Lord, just want to denote that message was sent form my phone. The last few updates to SwiftKey have turned it into a memory hog and the predictions/corrections have gotten terrible. …more

Xbox reveal: Seattle-area writers, spare couches

Andy Eddy <> Apr 26 05:29PM -0700: I’m surely going to make room in my suitcase for a debug, because I’m sure they’ll do it that way. BTW, I don’t think invites were transferrable and are coded to the e-mail address they were …more

Today’s Topic Summary


  • Latest 360 debug firmware? [1 Update]
  • Vox creating an ad agency, hopes for [1 Update]
  • Vox creating an ad agency, hopes for profits this year [2 Updates]
  • Ben Paddon does something worthwhile [2 Updates]

Latest 360 debug firmware?

Charles Husemann <> Apr 29 11:59AM -0700: Anyone have a copy of the current XDK that they could send? Much appreciated.

Vox creating an ad agency, hopes for

“William O’Neal” <> Apr 29 10:57AM -0700: profits this year …more

Vox creating an ad agency, hopes for profits this year

Kyle Orland <> Apr 29 01:28PM -0400:

Kyle Orland <> Apr 29 01:29PM -0400: Forgot the key pull: “He says that Verge and SBNation are already profitable and Polygon is still in a growth stage but will be profitable later this year.” Considering the size of Polygon’s …more

Ben Paddon does something worthwhile

Kyle Orland <> Apr 28 03:02PM -0400: I know we’ve ragged a lot on Ben Paddon (the “game journalists are incompotent fuckwits” guy), but I’ve been catching up on his PortsCenter series of videos recently, and I’ve got to say, they’re …more

Richard Mitchell <> Apr 29 09:43AM -0500: Did Warren finally get a job at Empire Records?

Today’s Topic Summary


  • Vox creating an ad agency, hopes for [1 Update]
  • Latest 360 debug firmware? [2 Updates]
  • Wwise contact? [1 Update]

Vox creating an ad agency, hopes for

Christopher Grant <> Apr 30 09:42AM -0400: I wish I could share some of my spreadsheets. …more

Latest 360 debug firmware?

Andy Eddy <> Apr 29 07:02PM -0700: The latest I have is XDKRecoveryXenon21250.5.exe. If that’s new enough for you, grab it at If that’s not the newest and …more

Charles Husemann <> Apr 29 07:57PM -0700: Thanks!

Wwise contact?

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Apr 29 06:05PM -0700: Anyone have a contact for Wwise? It’s the audio middleware suite. …more