Quantum Synchronicity: The Ballad of Terence “BLooDCalibuR” Sanchez

Concluding Thoughts


What the hell happened here? What happened was Terence “EightLoaded” Sanchez hitched on to Lana Rain for a ride up through the world of camming. In doing so he opened the doors up for her and himself and all their friends to a plethora of drugs and sex. This was alongside attempts to pimp ladies out to top tippers on Chaturbate (as one source claims took place). I have sources that tell Terence’s connections to drug dealers meant that they could get molly, cocaine, and weed whenever they liked. Terence himself liked the MDMA and shrooms. He got that through a special laptop set up to connect to the Tor network. Why is it specialized? It’s because it’d be kept clean of any identifiers and various other fingerprints. EightLoaded used that to get his fix, and it’s that hook onto shrooms that started his mind’s descent (or what he’d call “transformation”).

Terence always had something that was “off” about them. That’s evident in the days of the MyAnimeList cult group he had set up with Lana. But the drugs became a springboard that allowed EightLoaded to make what was once a fantasy into a reality. By making a circle of friends that he groomed with the promise of “helping” their careers (three different sets of sources established something along those lines had occurred), Terence hooked people in. But the drugs are what kept these group members in line. Some, like that Nova girl, were able to at least be aware of that and distance themselves. But people like Shane felt lost and had no other place to go. So they fell into Terence’s arms. A few sources claim that he had a bad drug trip recently. So you can see how that’s panning out for him. A sense of “belonging” with a greater gravity of long-term costs. Sure, there are studies that say drugs like “magic mushrooms” might have positive effects. But in those cases it’s more along the lines of taking them once a month to once every three months. When you have someone like Terence Sanchez? He’s lighting up once every couple of days, once every week, once every two weeks. The ramifications of that can cause someone to fry their brains.

Sasha explained to me that Terence is much more controlling of Lana Rain’s social media accounts than ever publicly known or implied. She says Terence watched over WhatsApp messages like a hawk and he had a degree of control over her social media. Sasha would know these things. She told me one night when she was sleeping over at Terence’s place, that Terence masturbated in the bed they were all sleeping together in. She knows this because Terence told her about it. This disgusting display in behavior extended to how Terence kept his apartment. Multiple sources tell me it was kept as a disgusting garbage dump. A place where other people were often tasked with cleaning up the mess.

But when it comes to Terence’s sexual deviancy, this is made apparent through his grooming of Veronica. EightLoaded got together with Lana Rain when they were under 18. Here they are in October 2012. February 2014. April 2014. October 2014August 18th 2015. Lana claims to be single, back during the Ms. B/Eevee drama. But Terence in his video uploaded that day said he was together with someone in a polyamorous relationship for three years. Is it coincidental that lines up with this Lana Rain timeline? It’d be a coincidence if he was just happening to date another Bianca back in the day. The dynamic of Lana Rain and Terence’s relationship now is unclear. They had a fight in June 2018 and made up a few months later.

It’s very revealing about EightLoaded’s preference with women when he chose to go after a not yet 18-year-old when Veronica came along. Moreover, he obfuscated the whole thing with a public charade where Lana is the one that seemingly got together with them. Just so Veronica would get roped into this circle. This camgirl world. Even then, she was used as a pawn in their game. In the end it was clear neither Lana or Terence really cared about Veronica, only what they could get out of it from their personal fascinations with her.

But most importantly, I learned that the camgirl community is a community that holds as much self-respect for itself as the rest of the internet. I know it may seem hard to believe that naked people dancing and doing porn stuff might have given up any dignity, at a first glance. The Terence “EightLoaded” Sanchez saga has proven to me that there’s still a system of personal honor to it, though. Honor was used as a weapon by Terence in the cases of Ms. B and Eevee. He dangled that over his rivals as a means of personal dominance. When it came to Veronica’s situation, Indigo White and QueenHayliexo had their eyes and hearts on the honor of the camgirl community in mind when making their videos explaining what was going on.

When I say VICE and NBC missed something when covering Lana Rain, now you see what I mean. In the case of Lana in particular, the mainstream media was oblivious to the dark and dramatic history shackled to Ms. Rain personally. But conversely, there’s the story beyond Lana Rain. 

The camgirl community is more than the sum of one of its parts, and what I saw here is them dealing with a whole lot of trouble. What I saw is the community defending their pride. Even if their definition of pride has a twisted sense of cutthroat cattiness. What I saw is Lana Rain’s career become a Reddit AMA dumpster fire.

You probably saw this whole article as entertainment but the reality of it for the people involved is that it’s sad and confusing. This is a story of REAL people. Underneath the glitz and glimmer there’s a cold hard world of calculated actions beyond the warm fuzz of wordplay. 

Scroll back up. This started as a seemingly innocent story about a young girl enthused about doing cosplay. Now you very much probably see her as a zoned out narcissistic member of a sex cult (or “harem”).

On the last page is Terence’s responses and comments.

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