The Down Low on Hunter Biden and China

The mainstream media had a stroke reporting about Trump having a (meaning one) Chinese bank account.

In response to the hypocrisy, I decided to create a timeline of Hunter Biden’s “hard drive from hell” emails and lay out the fuller extent of the Biden family’s relationship with China. The American people deserve to know what they’re in for, if Joe Biden is being inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States.

I’m not a financial expert nor a legal expert but even I was capable of discovering problems within Hunter Biden’s business empire.

This is a massive pile of information I’m going over. I know many of you have short attention spans so I’ll cut to the chase in terms of the findings:

  1. Francis Person spent eight years as Joe Biden’s assistant including work in the White House. After that Mr. Person goes into the completely different field of Chinese real estate. Francis himself explains to Hunter Biden how politically connected his company co-founder Bo Zhang’s family is in China. There’s no way Francis would’ve gotten a hook up with the Chinese if it weren’t for the fact he worked for Joe Biden and the White House.
  2. Francis Person’s leap in career paths is only one part of the controversy. On top of this, Hunter Biden and Rosemont Seneca knowingly helped Francis in his business projects for the Chinese. “Forgive the impersonal nature of this email, but I wanted to reach out to you directly regarding Fran Person. As you may recall, Fran was my dad’s personal aide for eight years. He is like a brother to me and Beau and a third son to my dad,” Hunter wrote to people when helping Fran Person campaign for Congress.
  3. Jonathan Li is the key Chinese business partner who helped launch the USA/China private equity fund collaboration with Hunter Biden. Everyone in the press knows that Hunter Biden introduced Jonathan Li to Joe Biden on a December 2013 trip to Beijing. New information reveals that Jonathan Li got a college letter of recommendation for his son, addressed to Brown University, written by still then Vice President Joe Biden.
  4. Patrick Ho. While with the Chinese Energy group CEFC, Patrick Ho tried bribing the president of Chad and the Minister of Ugandan Foreign Affairs. It was all to score oil contracts in Africa. Ye Jainming was the energy fund’s leader and disavowed all knowledge/approval of Patrick Ho’s actions. Jianming himself being the epitome of merging politics and economics into a grey swamp of corruption. In May 2017 Ye met with Hunter Biden to talk about potential energy deals. The announcement of Ho’s arrest lines up perfectly with the timing of a “Call Me” email Hunter’s Uncle Jim sent to Hunter. When CEFC secretary-general Patrick Ho was arrested, reports say the first call Patrick made was to Jim. In the days following, a Hudson West employee writes emails to Hunter Biden asking about it. An intricate timeline is available in the court records at the Justice Department.
  5. Burnham. Hunter Biden’s associate Devon Archer took the fall for a $60 million securities fraud scheme that involved the Burnham Financial Group. A scandal that dragged Hunter into it because the Biden family name was a selling point. Hunter got off without any charges on the grounds of claiming total ignorance of what Devon Archer was doing. In the litany of emails I go over, it becomes clear that Hunter Biden definitely knew about working with Burnham. This is because Burnham gets wrapped up with the private equity fund operation Hunter had going with the Chinese.

When the stories surrounding Hunter Biden began pouring out in October 2020, one of them was the fact that in September 2017 he represented Patrick Ho for a $1 million retainer fee. Here’s that document.

What we know publicly about Hunter Biden and China is that he owned 10% in Bohai Harvest RST. A company that helped finance many big time deals in the “automotive, energy, mining, and technology” industries. $2.5 billion is a lot of cash for a company to throw around. Unfortunately the timeline and dollar amounts have been muddled.

To note:

“BHR Partners is 80%-controlled by Chinese entities, its business registration shows. A consortium including the Chinese government’s postal savings bank, its main development bank, a pension fund and the Bank of China controls 30%, while another 30% is held by a major mutual-fund group called Harvest Fund Management Co. Three other entities each own 10%, according to business filings. Hunter Biden holds his 10% stake through a company he owns, Skaneateles LLC, named for his mother’s hometown in upstate New York.”

In the second half of this essay we’ll go over the shell companies Hunter Biden has attached to his name.

It wasn’t exactly just a fateful December 2013 trip to Beijing on Air Force Two, tagging along with his dad the Vice President that allowed Hunter Biden to kickstart business prospects. Although getting to introduce Jonathan Li to Joe Biden certainly helped excite relations, at the very least. Trips to China and Taiwan dating as far back as 2010 and 2011 set the stage for the Bohai Harvest RST fund.

As for walking away with $1.5 billion? Not as Trump claimed. However I’m positive that Hunter and his uncle Jim Biden asking Chinese mogul Ye Jainming for $10 million will still raise eyebrows (especially given Jainming’s communist background). Elsewhere we got Hunter making $1,000,032.88, with the dough sliding into his company Owasco LLC.

With all the fuss that surrounded Hunter Biden and the Ukrainian company Burisma, it was only one part of the bigger picture. It’s through the Chinese investment vehicle of BHR that the value of Burisma’s energy resources show itself. At least that’s the notion Hunter Biden pursues and entertains.

“What is BHR?” The simplest answer to that is that it’s the combined efforts between: Bohai Capital (Jonathan Li), Harvest Global (Henry Zhao), and Rosemont Seneca (Hunter Biden). BHRPE therefore equals something like Bohai Harvest Rosemont Private Equity.

Since we’re on the subject: RSTP, if and when it comes up, means Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners. You can think of that as a part of the Rosemont Seneca company, in general. But RSTP is itself a specific arm dedicated to fundraising in that particular field. Same goes for Rosemont Real Estate Acquisitions Fund (RREAF).

For that matter, the difference between something like Rosemont Seneca advisors and Rosemont Seneca partners is the indirect or direct involvement or guidance of Hunter Biden’s firm. In extension of that, Hunter Biden’s political leverage was a catalyst that made the operation run smoothly.

The report from the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs was the backbone for my email digging. I used the timelines and references mentioned in order to explore deeper. A majority of what you’ll read in these emails fleshes out their findings. Especially when it comes to the likes of the Monkey Island project and the involvement of one Gongwen Dong with Hunter Biden’s Hudson West company(s).


Here are a few cases of China business that Hunter Biden’s company were involved in. These instances are smaller and best for beginners to observe and learn how Rosemont Seneca operated.

January 8th 2011. Devon Archer asks for some Biden books to leave with a group of Chinese business people “cic, citic, and chairman zong of wahaha.” Eric Schwerin replies back confused as to whether or not the Wahaha group was associated with the Rank group.

We get this eye roll of a line from Schwerin that reveals a lot about Hunter Biden’s colleagues.

“Number one agenda item for our lunch on Monday – how is it we have the richest man in Australia/New Zealand looking for a dairy distribution channel in China and you are meeting with the owner of the largest dairy/beverage group and richest man in China and we are just figuring this out randomly?!?!”

February 9th 2011. Devon Archer reaches out to Jiang Zu and Kelly of Wahaha. He says Rank Industries is selling their dairy operations in New Zealand and offers to help facilitate a deal. About a month later Kelly’s assistant, Wang Jie, responds back. Wahaha seemed interested but the message was in too broken of an English for Devon Archer to understand. Eric Schwerin steps in with his take that it sounded like Rank Industries wanted to sell dairy PRODUCTS and not sell the whole farm. They go back and forth about it and come to the conclusion that Rank WAS selling their farms but wanted to stay domestic. So no hope for Wahaha.

What does any of this mean? It’s an isolated example that demonstrates the general relationships at play with Hunter Biden’s Chinese business ventures. Although Archer didn’t seal any deals at the end here, we can see how communication and smooth talk back-and-forth moves everything along.

A main player of Hunter Biden’s Chinese business dealings is a Jimmy Bulger. You might have heard that name, as Whitey Bulger was a crime boss arrested by the FBI. According to Arlene Busch of Rosemont Seneca, Whitey was Jimmy Bulger’s uncle. From here on, every time I reference Bulger I’m talking about the one not arrested by the FBI.

Jimmy Bulger’s company is the Thornton Group and for the sake of this essay they’re the ones who help introduce Hunter Biden and Rosemont Seneca to the Chinese market. The main players of that aspect being Jonathan Li and Michael Lin.

The Wahaha Group isn’t the only example that we can dissect to understand Hunter Biden’s relations with China. Lobbyist Chuck Harple approached Hunter Biden’s company in May 2013 for the necessary introductions to that market. “Who is the biggest most well connected person – lobbyist – you know for china?” Harple wrote. “In what context? Need more info” replied Eric Schwerin.

In response, Harple spoon-feeds all the context we need. Bold emphasis mine to show where Hunter’s people stood to make a profit.

“They will essentially need an understanding of the Chinese government to be able to manage the political, legislative and cultural differences between us and china. The ultimate goal is for NBC universal to start building the parks – i.e. – similar to universal studios in Florida and California.”

I am also going to suggest that you guys be hired – if it is something that would be of interest. Please do not forward. I have to then make suggestions to NBC Comcast. They have been blown away by some of the retainers proposals we have seen.”

5/29/2014. We further see the power of business connections. Eric tells Hunter their associate Xioaying called up to talk about what CITIC (CITIC Group Corporation Ltd) is after. He lists CITIC’s acquisition of a mine in need of being put to use, and that they’d like “an introduction to Universal (Comcast) as they’d like to open a Universal Studios China theme park outside of Beijing. As I said, that one should be easy via Melissa Maxfield/David Cohen.”

The takeaway is that all these people shake hands and make merry for the sake of pushing product.

She said they’d like to pay us for our help on these – I told her we’d discuss whether we could do that – but were sure we could figure something out even if it was success fee based on the US side but that I would talk to you.”

That brings us to the main China Biden odyssey at hand.


3/26/2010. 9:57 AM. Our story begins in an email exchange where Jonathan Li asks Michael Lin, who in turn asks Jimmy Bulger and Devon Archer for help getting Li’s daughter Jenny into an American high school. Seeing as Li’s family in China. Rosemont Seneca’s Arlene Busch resolves to outsource the matter to a firm client, Jim Gordan, over at Edgewater Funds.

[CONTEXT: “Jim is the most networked person in Chicago that I know besides managing a terrific Private Equity fund and being a client of Rosemont Seneca,” per Arlene Busch.]

This is the underpinning theme throughout. Small favors for favors and networking is king in Hunter Biden’s work. These people were all planned to meet for business anyway. This request helps grease the wheels of smooth cooperation.

3/26/2010. 5:53 PM. It doesn’t even take a full day for Arlene Busch to get in touch with Jim Gordan. She reports back the good news to Devon Archer and Jimmy Bulger. “At Loomis Chaffee, Mary Bucksbaum Scanlan is [Jim’s] wife’s cousin. Jim is happy to speak with her on behalf of Jenny. Jim would like a resume or letter that he can give to Mary. Can one of you get something from Jonathan and send it to me? I will get it to Jim and keep you informed of the results.”

4/2/2010. Tara Jacobson (Jim Gordan’s assistant at Edgewater Funds), lists off a flight itinerary for a back and forth between US and Beijing China. The list of passengers: Jim Gordan, Jim Bulger, Hunter Biden, Arlene Busch, Devon Archer, and Ann M. Roman. (Note: the email says “Friday, March 9th 2010” for the return trip. Since they first left on Monday, April 5th 2010 that would be time travel. I took the liberty of confirming that’s not the case. It’s a typo.)

4/10/2010. Arlene Busch writes a thank you letter to Jim Bulger, Michael Lin, and Caryn Suffredini of the Thornton Group. It’s worth noting that Michael Lin has an email address on that company domain. Throughout the rest of this essay that’s my rationale whether or not to leave full email addresses visible in the screenshots, instead of censoring them. Humor me.

Here’s what Arlene told the Thornton Group regarding the China trip:

“There aren’t enough superlatives to express my appreciation for all you have done for us this past week. The attention to detail was flawless. The type of meetings we had and the top people we met with shows the level of respect the Thornton Group has garnered in China. All of you contributed in making this past week a memory I will always cherish.”

I added the bold emphasis to the above quote to point out the significance of Jim Bulger’s Thornton Group as it relates to this Hunter Biden China story. Rosemont Seneca worked together with the firm.

4/12/2010. Jimmy Bulger hits up Hunter Biden in the hopes of getting the AES Corporation’s Sparrows Point project moving along. The AFL-CIO and other folks were real keen on it, but former Governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley was hasty for some reason. Even though this is a tangent for the sake of the China stuff it’s yet another example of how people used Hunter Biden for his political connections.

Bulger throws in some gratitude towards Hunter Biden at the end to bring this point home: “Thanks for coming all the way to Beijing with me last week your presence was a huge boon to us all.”

Even people skeptical about Hunter Biden’s potential for political corruption can at least ask themselves what Jimmy Bulger meant by “boon” in his eyes.

6/10/2010. This email exchange is worthwhile because it helps flesh out the power dynamic and role of Hunter Biden’s company. Jim Bulger informs Arlene Busch that China Investment Corporation (CIC) wants to meet with Jim Gordan of Edgewater Funds “in Chicago on June 29th in the morning. CIC would like to spend 2 or 3 hours discussing the Edgewater Funds and CIC investment criteria and process.”

China seems to be the party with the most control as Bulger adds that Devon Archer’s and Hunter Biden’s job were to convince Edgewater to bend over backwards to fit China’s CIC’s demanded schedule.

7/27/2010. Arlene Busch sends Hunter Biden and Devon Archer intel about China Everbright Bank’s $2.9 billion IPO fundraiser plan being approved by the country’s securities regulator. Even though at the time the world markets were going through a financial crisis (Asian markets included), the email serves as a demonstration for the financial investment business interests that Hunter Biden sought after. A seemingly mundane piece of info like this in our eyes, is gold from Hunter’s point of view.

8/7/2010. Eric Schwerin ghost writes a thank you letter in Hunter Biden’s name to Chairman Gao regarding the China and Edgewater trip.

12/6/2010. Eric Schwerin checks in with Devon Archer to coordinate discussions involving Jim Bulger and CIC’s investment in Edgewater. “As you may recall CIC said they would have a possible decision by the end of the year,” Eric describes. He says his intention was avoiding doubling over a topic that either Hunter or Devon may have already had with Bulger separately.


2/8/2011. Devon Archer updates everyone about their upcoming trip. “Michael Lin will be in NYC March 2nd for China trip meeting prep. We’ll block out 2 hours to review and prep line-up for week of April 17th China & Taiwan fund-raising trip. Please note the day and I’ll come back with a time. Try to be there in person and if not possible join by phone,” he writes.

3/1/2011. Devon Archer reminds Hunter Biden and Eric Schwerin that the following day they’re planning for their upcoming China trip. “Lin and Bulger here at the office,” he adds.

3/7/2011. Jimmy Bulger has a mental breakdown to Devon Archer blasting him about a staffer’s political ignorance:

“Tell Sam to knock off the emails to Michael he is worse [than] Arlene. Tell him to communicate to me or Caryn ONLY. We cannot mention Taiwan in emails to Michael he is in Beijing for Gods sake. This guy is an ass. Sam was to send us a report from PW where the hell is that? Please get him to not discuss our business with any Taiwanese person at all on Thursday. I supposed to have the list of participants in Taiwan today, but now Michael is scared shit of Sams emails and mouth and he is hesitant to send the list. Can you control this clown?”

Hunter Biden and Devon Archer applaud Jimmy Bulger’s sincerity.

3/29/2011. Marvin Lang of Guardian Realty Investors forwards Hunter Biden his dialogue with Xuehu Huang of the Chinese Embassy to the United States. Xuehu tells Lang that the Embassy approved to host a reception/dinner for Lang’s company. Marvin responds by asking if it was possible to come to the Chinese Embassy before the April 28th event to iron out all the details.

[CONTEXT: Guardian Realty (Marvin and Brian Lang) were clients of Rosemont Seneca.]

3/30/2011. Xuehu Huang follows up and Marvin Lang confirms that he’s happy to meet with Counsellor Zhong Jingxing at the Chinese Embassy the following Monday (April 4th).

4/1/2011. Arlene Busch lets Hunter Biden know in advance: “Marvin [Lang] is going to call you regarding Denise Napier and Rob McCord. He called me also.”

4/8/2011. Another moment where Hunter Biden took advantage of being the son of the Vice President. This happening with a lengthy email forward sent to him by Joe Biden’s White House physician, Kevin O’Connor. What were the contents? Hunter was soon on his way to Taiwan for business reasons, and he had top level access and intel when it came to knowing medical resources.

4/20/2011. A conversation between Devon Archer and Hunter Biden:

  • DA: “I’m on the way back China Industrial Bank. Weirdly great meeting. Next meeting at 1pm.”
  • HB: “What is first meeting I HAVE to attend?”
  • DA: “We need you now at the 1pm. Get ready. The guy came in for the meeting.”
  • HB: “I M in business lounge- near gate six- downstairs in the way back near noodle bar”
  • DA: “Jimmy [Bulger] bought me a beer so I’m sitting here now”
  • HB: “Anywhere to smoke?”
  • DA: “I am looking now. Hold [please]”

How the sausage is made in Taiwan.

4/21/2011. 4:40 PM. Marvin Lang forwards Hunter a message he got from the Chinese government. It was related to the event Xuehu Huang and Lang discussed the month prior: “This is Tao Song. We’ve got your email. I’m now instructed by Counselor Zhou to take charge of the April 28th activity in Chinese Embassy. If any question, pls don’t hesitate to ask me.”

4/21/2011. 4:42 PM. Marvin Lang also forwards Hunter his response to Tao Song. It’s a pretty anal email where Lang asks Tao about proper seating protocols for Embassy officials. But it’s insightful because he names a few of the dinner guests.

“One of our guests, Ms. Kathryn Turner (Standard Technology and also on the Board of Directors of Conoco- Phillips and Carpenter Steel) is a vegetarian and cannot eat any food that contains sea weed. Another guest, Mr. Doug Wnykoop (CIO of Investments at the University of Florida) will be arriving late from Florida and should be at the Embassy by 7:00 pm.”

China rubbing elbows with the business elites!

4/22/2011. Gabriel Zinny asks Hunter Biden and Devon Archer about anything else they might’ve left unsaid in their conversation with one Madame Ge. Devon responds: “We had a really nice dinner. We’ll get last look at Kosmos which is what Ge wants and she’s asked us to keep bringing her projects which we will. I think it went well.”

All about the buying and selling.

4/25/2011. 1:10 AM.

4/25/2011. 9:03 AM. Tao Song questions Marvin Lang regarding details for the dinner at the Chinese Embassy. Mostly pertaining to who was going to be speaking, for how long, confirming the US attendees and their company backgrounds, and “what kind of present will you give to Chinese host?” To appease the Chinese government, Marvin Lang asks Eric Schwerin for “soft ball” questions and the like to appease the Chinese Embassy. Marvin Lang complains that communication with them is lacking considering the fact the government officials they talk to keep switching around.

If a Chinese government official reads my piece here in 2020? They’d probably arrest Marvin Lang for his remarks here.

4/27/2011. Marvin Lang forwards Hunter Biden a message from Tao Song. Sadly the DCM and Minister Deng had to cancel their 5:40 PM meeting with Hunter. However they’ll still see each other at 6:15 PM in the Embassy since they sit at the same table.

4/28/2011. 10:45 AM. Jim Bulger cc’ed Hunter Biden and Michael Lin in an email to Jonathan Li thanking him for a great time with “Super Chairman Che” in Beijing. In simpler words, Bulger tells Lin he can help Che get the medical equipment he wants but he’d need Che to send Bulger a write up on specifics.

4/28/2011. 12:25 PM. Bulger talks to Hunter privately and we get to see the intention behind that previous formal email to Jonathan Li.

“I included you on my email to Jonathan per Michael Lins suggestion. Jonathan has spoken to Che and Jonathan wants to work with us on this project. I am trying to kick it along so if you could respond to all on the Jonathan email concurring with me that would be great, it allows Michael to whip Jonathan along like a rented mule.”

I bolded “it allows Michael to whip Jonathan along like a rented mule” just to show how they really talk. “Will do,” responded Hunter Biden.

4/28/2011. 6:25 PM. Jim Bulger calls Hunter Biden the “fearless leader” when giving an update about Super Chairman Che. He lists off a bunch of the various business pieces parts that will become clearer as we go over more emails. But this was a perfect time to show Hunter is the one calling shots and managing this China Bohai machine.

4/28/2011. 9:30 PM. We see Hunter Biden sending out a form letter to the people he met in Taipei. We learn the point of the trek was to sell buildings and real estate in the United States.

Hunter’s shameless sales pitch:

“The Rosemont Real Estate Acquisitions Fund (RREAF) is an ideal vehicle in which to take advantage of this opportunity with its proprietary deal flow, strong track record and experienced management. That is why some of the United State’s wealthiest families have entrusted Rosemont Realty to manage real estate investments for years.”

Thomas Tsao of the Fubon company sounds intrigued and promises to pass along Hunter’s proposition to Fubon Life’s investment unit.

4/28/2011. 10:14 PM. Comedically Hunter Biden’s copy paste approach fails to land with Lawrence Liu, of the China Development Financial Holding Corporation. “Dear Mr. Liu it was a pleasure meeting you in Taipei,” says Hunter’s opening.

The problem is he never actually met Lawrence Liu directly. “Thank you for your email. I did not have the pleasure of meeting you but got to meet your colleague Mr. Archer. Thank you for your interest in us.”


5/1/2011. Eric Schwerin emails Hunter Biden: “FYI, I’m going to talk to Jim Bulger tomorrow morning at 10:30am re: Ybrant and what Thornton did for them in China. No need for you to be on the call unless you want to be.” Small detail, sure. But still worth pointing out as a case where it’s clear Hunter Biden was the big boss man.

5/5/2011. Jonathan Li follows up with Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, Jimmy Bulger, and Michael Lin about how well things went. But more importantly that the gang was approved by the Super Chairman. “Regarding the project, Mr. Che is happy to move forward. I will come to you once I meet his team next week.”

5/11/2011. 3:31 PM.

5/11/2011. 3:52 PM. In response to Chuck Harple’s news, Brian Lang from Guardian Realty responds: “This is excellent news. Thank you Chuck. We will have the presentation team prepared and at the disposal of you and AFL-CIO.”

5/11/2011. 4:07 PM. Brian Lang celebrates with Hunter Biden privately regarding Chuck’s success: “Hunter he is fantastic. These guys are a homerun!”

5/11/2011. 4:11 PM. Chuck Harple tells Brian and Marvin Lang: “More importantly, the thanks should go to Hunter, Eric and Arlene.”

5/11/2011. 4:24 PM. Brian R. Lang celebrates with Chuck Harple, Marvin R. Lang, Hunter Biden, Eric Schwerin, Arlene Busch and Mike Mathis: “I think this is the start of a fantastic relationship. Thank you again for all of the work and effort in building these relationships for us and with us.”

6/5/2011. For the upcoming AFL/NLC meeting, Chuck Harple asks “Brian, Marvin, Arlene, Hunter and Eric” for a tally of how many people would be at the June 15th meeting with the AFL-CIO. Nothing substantial except on the how much is need in the “food and beverages” front.

6/20/2011. Jim Bulger is super jazzed about getting David Zhou on the team and wants Devon Archer sold on it. The pro being that Michael Lin is in regular contact with them and Zhou has great experience fundraising venture capital.

This is how Jimmy Bulger signs it off: “I have lin all over this he knows he cannot disappoint HB. Lin just needs some clarification and him and david will go after some new prospects and follow up with the ones we met.”

6/22/2011. Mike Mathis follows up with Kirk Brungard of the AFL CIO about some sort of realty deal. Mike wanted to know if Kirk had any other questions he needed to ask Hunter Biden or Brian/Marvin Lang. They did not, and the rest of the thread is just a bunch of brown nosing where everyone pats each other on the back for doing a great job.

7/22/2011. Michael Muldoon asks Hunter Biden if he can send a ghost written letter to Marvin Lang on his behalf. It details about Lang’s request to Amtrak about a private (train) car, and “Hunter” reassures him Amtrak received the request and is likely to approve it.

8/4/2011. 1:56 PM.

9/20/2011. Michael Lin lays down a blueprint for what will become the main business project Hunter Biden gets involved with. Lin tells him and Devon Archer they teamed up with Jonathan Li to brainstorm it.

A lot of the plan covers the millions of dollars they’d need to fundraise and who actually stood to make what percentage.

But for our sake it’s worth pointing out this passage. It sheds light on the role Hunter Biden and the USA folks would have:

“What SS and Jonathan ask from us is the following and I confirm this many times with Jonathan: 1. Make the FMC look internationalized with guolos’ faces on the board and ownership structure (of course guilos whom SS and Jonathan can get along with and can trust), 2. Open as many doors as possible in the western world for this very famous Bohai professional team with impressive track to present our case to the LPs (they don’t need us to do it in China or HK where SS and Jonathan know almost every LP), and 3. Lastly, they want us to join some of the meetings in HK and China they arrange when talking to high profile LPs during the road shows.”

The bottom line is that Hunter Biden’s name and face were a big deal right from the start of this.

9/21/2011. 9:01 AM. Hunter and Devon Archer banter back and forth about their current work projects. Hunter at the time was touring refugee camps over in Somalia and South Sudan. Archer seemed cheerful about financial prospects in Africa. His buddy Chad Brownstein is Vice Chairman at a company called Prospect Global. Devon sounds intrigued at how to create a valuable liquidity model with a simple potash mine in Arizona.

9/21/2011. 9:05 AM. After the small talk, they lock on to the Asian market. Both Hunter Biden and Devon Archer make it incredibly clear their intentions to take up the “Super Chairman” China fund offer.

Bold emphasis added by me.

  • Hunter Biden: “We need to talk about super chairman fund. Things are moving rapidly and the percentage he is offering me is much larger than I at first thought. Very interesting.”
  • Devon Archer: “Let’s discuss. As I mentioned when you first mentioned it, this can be a serious opportunity. Not only on it’s own merits from an economics standpoint but from the leverage in access it provides with the big boys here in the west who all need China; from Tiger to Blackstone to Carlyle etc.”

9/26/2011. Eric Schwerin to Hunter Biden: “I think Jim Bulger and Jonathan Li are in DC tomorrow night – they have meetings tomorrow. Should I invite them to our reception tomorrow or just let it lie?”

9/28/2011. Jimmy Bulger asks on behalf of his colleagues Jonathan Li and Michael Lin if “the young lady travelling with the VP in China last month was Hunters daughter?” Eric Schwerin confirms that it was and adds that Hunter’s wife Kathleen tagged along too.

9/30/2011. Michael Lin gives Hunter Biden and Bulger Jonathan Li’s private email address, directing them to use that for further “Fund endeavor” discussion. He also asks Hunter if he has a private email address of his own.

10/8/2011. 4:46 AM. Michael Lin shows off the hotel that the Chinese “Super Chairman” paid for on behalf of Hunter Biden and Jimmy Bulger for their upcoming trip to Hong Kong.

10/8/2011. 6:01 AM. Michael Lin lists an itinerary for Hunter Biden’s Hong Kong trip. He even prepared how to address the Secret Service handlers asking about Hunter Biden.

10/18/2011. Martin Whitmer invites Hunter Biden to a lunch date with Henry Kissinger. “Sorry- on my way to Hong Kong,” Hunter writes back, turning it down.

10/20/2011. Bulger asks Michael Lin about how to dress for their meet up with Jonathan Li in Hong Kong. Lin responds suits and ties, but Hunter Biden isn’t in the mood for that. He changes the lunch plans for something more casual, moving it to their hotel pool. Michael comes off as annoyed by the last minute changes.

10/24/2011. Jimmy Bulger didn’t tell anyone at his office why he went to Hong Kong, nor reveal that Hunter Biden tagged along with them. “I want to keep this effort quiet until we have a contract in place,” Bulger states. “Got it. What happens in Hong Kong stays in Hong Kong,” Eric Schwerin replies. “Let’s just get this done with Jonathan and Che. Then we can make it known!” Bulger responds back.

11/8/2011. Devon Archer sends a discussion agenda to Hunter Biden. “Super Chairman China Fund Status” is only one of many different items on the list. It helps put into perspective the scope of Hunter’s day to day work.

11/13/2011. Devon Archer asks Hunter Biden to remind him of the actual name of this “Super Chairman” they’re working with (it’s Mr. Che). “Did we get any closer on naming the fund?” is Archer’s follow-up question.

12/10/2011. Bulger writes to Hunter: “I am scheduled to meet Jonathan and Super Chairman on Tuesday. Thanks for sending the email to Jonathan. I will give these guys a boot in the ass. Will report back to you after the meeting!!”


1/25/2012. Michael Lin updates Hunter Biden and Bulger with an update to their Super Chairman project. Lin says Jonathan Li is soon getting in touch with Mr. Che and intends to get the four of them on a conference call soon afterward.

4/21/2012. Marvin Lang mentions to Hunter Biden something about his new paddle board. Emails like this one are still relevant insofar as establishing the close relationships Hunter kept.

6/26/2012. Eric Schwerin asks Devon Archer and Hunter Biden about a potential intern. “A Chinese friend of my Dad’s has a son who is just finishing his MBA at Bridgeport University. He is a Chinese national who previously worked at the Bank of China and is looking for a paid internship in the US starting in January.”

Eric was pretty sure that Devon and Hunter wouldn’t think a Chinese intern was “appropriate.” Devon Archer suggests passing the chance on to their associate Jimmy Bulger, instead.

8/27/2012. Devon Archer wants to feel productive with his time. He writes Bulger: “While we have a little lull in the action with the offtake until Friday should Hunter or I be doing anything to follow-up with Jonathan Li meeting? Let’s have a quick chat this afternoon and I’ll report back to Hunter.”


3/7/2013. Jimmy Bulger emails Eric Schwerin asking for “the March invoice.” Eric replies back that he’d get Rosemont Seneca’s secretary Anne Marie Person on it.

3/8/2013. “My gut tells me that Jonathan [Li] is going to need our help in an active way rather than a passive way. Considering what Jonathan is trying to pull off that tends to be how these things work. So let’s start to get to the bottom of that with Jonathan.” — Jimmy Bulger to Devon Archer (and Hunter Biden).

3/16/2013. Michael Lin and Devon Archer deliberate over the details of the China/USA fund project on behalf of their respective sides. It comes down to Lin proposing a conference call to hash it out.


4/16/2013. Michael Lin shares the good news that Jonathan Li got the ball rolling drafting up the contract paperwork for their fund. Devon Archer is also optimistic, saying: “Mr. Yue met John Deloche one of our team members in Menlo Park yesterday and had what I’m told was a great meeting with Michael Marks, Founder of Riverwood. I hope Mr. Yue felt the same.”

4/17/2013. Michael Lin tells Jonathan Li he needs to “let us know your estimated time of your lawyer’s sending out the drafted agreement for everyone’s comment and review. Our American partners are planning to come visit here to sign the agreement soon.”

4/29/2013. More back and forth about getting the fund paperwork signed and dotted appropriately. Devon Archer, Hunter Biden, and Jimmy Bulger all eager to launch the fund.


1/23/2014. Jonathan Li invites himself to Devon Archer’s in New York to talk about the joint venture project. He also wants to meet some power players there to “test the market” for their fund raising strategy. On the side, Li tells Hunter Biden he wants to see him the one day he’s in DC. Devon Archer responds that he and Hunter are planning to meet the Chinese Ambassador in the near future.

3/9/2014. 10:22 AM. A conversation between Jeffrey Cooper, Hunter Biden, and Devon Archer about starting a club of wealthy and powerful people.

Seriously. As Cooper describes it: “This is a global cooperation group that will assist each other in our respective regions in whatever manner possible. We can go deeper if you guys think we need to do so, but I think to start, the simpler the better.”

It’s relevant because Hunter Biden offers up Jonathan Li from China as a proposed member.

3/9/2014. 7:43 PM. An extension of the earlier wealthy people club conversation. Hunter Biden says his buddy Miguel’s brother-in-law “Tony S” could get on board from the Mexico side. Devon Archer recommends another Tony, Tony Lacavera, for Canada. Lacavera wasn’t a bonafide billionaire yet but had enough potential. Jeff Cooper thinks both Tonys are great suggestions to bring on board.

3/16/2014. Devon Archer opines with Hunter Biden about how the Russian Crimea episode will impact their China business:

  • HB: “Interesting to see what kind of effect these proposed Russian sanctions have on foreign investment in the US/ Europe. I wonder if this is going to spook Chinese investors looking to the west? It’s not a good thing for our BHR strategy.”
  • DA: “It certainly isn’t helpful for any globalization strategy looking west. I think our size is experimental and hopeful it doesn’t us. Also the fact that the alpha is designed to be attained in the China market itself frays some concern. If there is any winner here from the sanctions it will be China. They are probably licking their chops at the prospects of Russia opening up their natural gas spigots to the east which up until now they have not. Russia will be forced to and as soon as the transmission is warmed up their interdependence will grow stronger and strengthen China with cheap close by energy.”

[CONTEXT: This is the first time BHR shows up. As far as it seems, it’s shorthand for Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. That being the collaborative fund project between Hunter Biden’s USA company and the Chinese.]

3/29/2014. Jonathan Li begs Hunter to “help check the status” on his daughter Jenny’s college application to George Town.

4/8/2014. 3:47 AM. Jonathan Li announces: “Dear Directors, Please be informed that as authorized by the board of Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. (please see the board resolution dated February 18, 2014), the management has reached an agreement with Mr. Zhixiang Hua to retain him vice general manager (MD), effective from April 1, 2014.”

4/10/2014. Jimmy Bulger tells Hunter Biden he’s introducing him to George Hseih from Taiwan. Bulger says he’s a friend of Michael Lin’s. But more importantly George is “is a Senator over there and a rising star in the KMT Party.” As an aside, Bulger wants Hunter to get Devon Archer to stop missing BHR fund calls since he skipped out on the last four.

4/25/2014. Hunter’s secretary Katie Dodge nudges him that he needs to sign/send a letter addressed to the Chinese Embassy.

4/28/2014. Neil Callahan informs everyone at Rosemont Seneca about their upcoming meetings. “3 meetings tomorrow in Pittsburgh, 1 in NYC on Wed via Dan and Julianna is trying to get meetings for Wed/Thurs in NY as well. Next week we have China Investment Bank, Stanford and a few others back in SF. All good, finalizing some terms on RSTP Bravo, but looking to fund end of this week.”

5/7/2014. 2:36 AM. Hunter Biden heads back to China. Jimmy Bulger calls Hunter “kingpin” in his email requesting Biden to get in touch as soon as he lands.

5/7/2014. 3:51 AM. An email thread that involves the Burisma aspect of Hunter Biden’s business dealings. Their guy Vadim Pozharskyi sends over a press release draft to Devon Archer and Hunter Biden for feedback. Considering that it announces Hunter’s joining of the company, it’s a pretty big deal.

Devon tells Vadim that Hunter was flying “to Beijing for [our] Bohai Board meeting. (Where he’s meeting our CNOOC partners to name a one.) We’ll be back soonest.” Vadim asks for Devon’s thoughts on the press release and he responds that it sends “a strong signal as to whom our friends and backers are.” Hunter responds in the email thread with: “Just landed in Beijing. I will have edits to you in next 12 hours or so. And thank you for the update memo- it is very helpful. I am here in Beijing and one of the principal reasons is to discuss possible cooperation with CNOC/China and Burisma.

The China and Burisma connection here being the important bit, demonstrating a possible connection between the two seemingly separate ventures. But in terms of feedback on the press release, Hunter Biden urges Burisma dial back mentioning he’s the “son of” Vice President Joe Biden.

5/7/2014. 4:41 AM.

5/7/2014, 7:18 AM. A massive moment where Hunter Biden lays the groundwork for accepting this Bohai deal with the Chinese.

He tells Devon Archer:

“I am going to agree to this capital contribution resolution. With the explicit assurance from Jonathan that we will get help in form of loan or otherwise to meet obligation. I made it clear in no uncertain terms that we do not have the capacity to find now w/o guarantee of income from fund in the immediate. OK?”

5/7/2014, 2:48 PM. Some business legalese from Devon Archer about setting up the BHR fund with the US dollar.

5/8/2014 12:25 AM. Neil Callahan of Rosemont Seneca liaises with the company for some pointers.

Can you send us the names of the people and families in Taiwan that we do business with / are part of our relationship network? We want to shamelessly name drop in our meeting tomorrow with CDIB.

Hunter is ready to deliver. “I will get names ASAP. Devon and I actually met w/ CDIB last time we were in Taipei (Rosemont Realty pitch) two years ago. Michael Linn will send (nxt few hrs) Devon names of other influential Taiwanese that we have relationships with.”

“Good luck in the PRC” Callahan says back, along with his gratitude.

5/8/2014. 2:19 AM. Neil Callahan emails Hunter Biden news of his success when it came to work. “We absolutely crushed it at the Stanford meeting today. Meeting the China CEO tomorrow at their request. RSTP is going to work my friend.”

5/8/2014. 10:15 AM. “luchangqi” (who signs his email off as Andy) tells both Hunter Biden’s people, Bulger’s company, and the entire BHR Chinese working with them both:

“I met Larry an hour ago. He said as he told Rod in the phone that CIC is considering to set up a new department to explore its business to help SOEs invest abroad. This department will be responsible to CIC CEO and Chairman directly. Larry thought we would have opportunity to work with this department.”

For context, this email group had a meeting with the PICC and CIC and were exchanging notes.

5/8/2014. 8:50 PM. Neil Callahan reports back on how great his meeting with CDIB went. It took place in San Francisco where Neil got a chance to meet the CDIB team there. He also got a chance to brush elbows with their President & CEO.

As for the juicy details:

“They are looking for direct investments in deals that they can leverage to China, the team here in SF is completely focused on getting deal flow. They do make investment in funds with GPs that they consider strategic and provide good deal flow to them. They are currently evaluating the Series D for Counsyl and understand it’s stapled to a fund commitment. We have a lot of common relationships, the CEO knows a lot of the same folks John knows from CSFB and Lehman Brothers. Also Nan Zheng was in the same class as CDH at HBS and was a in the same section as Frank Baker at HBS.”

If that sounds like a lot of jargon, the bottom line is CDIB has a lot of interest in the Chinese banking world. Since Hunter Biden also has this, it’s good news for everyone.

5/11/2014. This next email confirms Jimmy Bulger is associated with one of Hunter’s Uncles. He instructed Hunter Biden to make a rough draft of “the Kazahk deal” and send it his way. Bulger would then elaborate on it, send it back to Hunter for approval, and finally send it along to Michael Lin and Jonathan Li. Their jobs were negotiating the nitty-gritty proposal with the CNNOC (China National Offshore Oil Corporation).

Jimmy Bulger then offers this for Hunter’s uncle: “let me know if your uncle or one if his guys can have a call with me and Lin so we can understand exactly what he needs in China and how we can then help his firm.”

5/13/2014. Jimmy Bulger tells Hunter Biden that he talked with Michael Lin and “Uncle Jack” and he’s confident that “our Thornton WOFE will likely be ok for Jacks company to use” in regards to the China situation. Bulger also asks Hunter about progress on this KAZ energy deal rough draft he talked about a few days prior.

5/14/2014. Jimmy Bulger reveals he’s having lunch with the Deputy Director of the Saudi Investment Authority. He wants to introduce the Chinese BHR fund project to him, noting that the “KAZ relationship” seems to especially interest him.

5/16/2014. The subject line of this email says “China WFOE” which stands for “wholly foreign-owned enterprise.” Relevant given the body of the email, written by Bulger. It’s a message to some guy named Jack Owens, with Michael Lin cc’ed and Hunter Biden bcc’ed. “Please give us until Monday to review a few more laws and regulations in Beijing We want to be sure of our next steps here I may have you answer a few question on Monday so we can get specific with the appropriate authority’s in China.”


5/30/2014. CDIB. “We have deep relationships in China and could introduce you to a number of potential partners including China Investment Corporation (CIC), a $400bn sovereign wealth fund as well as several other potential investors/partners.”

“Hunter and Devon spend a lot of time in the region and will come back to us with a full list of potential intros for your thoughts next week.

6/11/2014. Jon DeLoche updates Suzanne T. Cole of Troy Investment Advisors and the rest of Rosemont Seneca: “Went well last night with NB. Smith, Buser, Shofet and a principal from Hong Kong joined. They reiterated $25mm into the fund and $10mm into Counsyl. Doug Manor and Brien are going to get back to us with logistics next week after their annual meeting. They know we are driving towards a 6/30 closing.”


9/11/2014. Jonathan Li writes to Devon Archer, Jimmy Bulger, and Hunter Biden about the progress BHR has made. A majority of their focus was on the Sinopec deal. At the moment they were wrangling in potential investors.

Then came the matter of their next board meeting slated for roughly two weeks later. At this particular one the agenda for discussion was slate to be: “the general operation of BHR, the future strategic direction of BHR, the first closing of the BHR Fund, and our proposal to Bank of China, Bohai Capital’s majority shareholder, to become a cornerstone LP for the BHR Fund and to have this issue sorted in time for it to be submitted to Bohai Capital’s board meeting.”

9/14/2014. Michael Lin has good news for the boys (Devon Archer, Hunter Biden, and Jimmy Bulger):

“It was just officially announced a couple hours ago that our BHR together with Harvest Fund was approved by [Sinopec] to join the investments in the restructuring of its sales and distributions business. This must be The Deal Of The Year in China. I suggest that you gents all write a congrats or thank you letter to Jonathan cc Andy and me.”

Devon Archer did as Michael Lin suggested. He sent a forced congratulations to Jonathan Li, presumably some sort of Chinese custom.

9/24/2014. “BHR expense tally.” I’m not financially savvy enough to understand what this sentence means: “Let’s update the BHR expenses aggregated report so we can reconcile and put against registered capital due. Make sure you get inputs from Katie for Hunter as well. Capital call due by the 30th.” But it’s got Devon Archer and Hunter Biden both in the limelight so that’s good enough for me.

9/29/2014. Bulger schedules a catch-up call with Hunter Biden to discuss his “Harvest meetings last week in Beijing.”


11/6/2014. Devon Archer requests Hunter Biden coordinate schedules with Jimmy Bulger for a routine BHR weekly call.

11/7/2014. Jimmy Bulger expresses gratitude to Hunter Biden that he’s involved with this China project: “Thank you for [joining] the BHR call last night it means a lot to the team to hear your voice and be aware of your continued interest We are making good progress on the Fund I will continue to monitor this Please let me know I you have any questions about what was discussed last night”

11/12/2014. Andy Lu corresponds with Hunter’s people and BHR about a deal involving Morgan Stanley and Regal Entertainment. He wanted everyone’s advice so they could get in on the action.

It turned out swimmingly: “Thanks a lot for your quick response! Morgan Stanley has been appointed as the FA of Regal Entertainment. It will be a privatizing deal about 2 billion USD. I will try to get more information after my meeting with Mr. James Gorman next Monday in Shanghai. Will keep you posted by any update. Please feel free to let me know once you have any information about this deal!”

11/30/2014. Michael Lin confirms to Devon Archer that Henry Zhao confirmed he’s for meeting up with both Hunter’s Rosemont Seneca company, Jimmy Bulger’s group, as well as the Burnham folks. With the email thread starting around the time of Thanksgiving, it was a fumble back and forth to lock a scheduled time down.

December “5th is better for me. The 4th is my wife’s birthday,” quipped Hunter. Their initial strategy: Henry Zhao and Michael Lin were to arrive in New York City on the night of December 4th, and then go over to Burnham’s headquarters the next day. However the email thread continues and that latter part of the plan changes.

Hunter’s company became the meeting place for all involved here. Devon Archer tells Michael Lin: “We’ll plan to do the meeting at our offices Friday morning and have the key individuals over. It’s two blocks away from Burnham so convenient for all.”

So it was settled. Michael Lin was pleased with the arrangements for Mr. Zhao. He closed the discussion with one more thought: “Henry will be accompanied by me and another senior executive from Harvest (Not Lindsey but a Chinese gent who we met at Beijing American Club last time over lunch and who speaks good English. I forgot his name.)”

[NOTE: Whenever Burnham is mentioned, we’re specifically referring to the Burnham Financial Group. The one involved with Rosemont Seneca Bohai LLC in such classics as “Silver Law Group Launches Investigation into Burnham Securities and Related Entities for Ties to Tribal Bonds Scheme.” Basically Devon Archer gets legal heat for allegedly defrauding investors with fake Native American bonds.]

[NOTE 2: “Hunter Biden’s Name Was Used as Selling Point in Fraudulent Bond Scheme” is a related story on this front. Somehow Hunter was able to escape charges because his lawyer argued that he was completely unaware of this scheme.]

[NOTE 3: “Court records don’t indicate whether Mr. Galanis and Hunter Biden knew one another.BUT THEY DID. Page 38 of this Court of Appeals filing establishes as Jason Galanis. With that in mind, here’s a big ol’ Burnham business email thread from June 2015 that has Hunter Biden and Jason Galanis together.]

[NOTE 4: “As Hunter knows the partner/s he’d bring in are serious guys and people we’d want to do business with at Burnham either way.” — Eric Schwerin to Hunter Biden and Devon Archer, June 25th 2015.]

This is a massive tangent but there are many references to a partnership between the Chinese firms and Burnham Financial Group from here on out.

12/7/2014. Michael Lin informs Hunter Biden that Tianjin’s (a municipality in China) energy purchase delegation would be in DC three days later, on the 10th. The group is eager to talk to Hunter about buying/investing Kaz natural gas. To that end they intended to drop in his office at 3 or 4 PM that day. Lin says if this was all too short notice, the group would still be looking forward to seeing Hunter Biden in January 2015. That being the next time Hunter planned to travel to China.

12/8/2014. Jimmy Bulger reminds Hunter Biden’s secretary Katie Dodge about their next BHR board meeting call, and hopes it fits Hunter’s schedule. But then Bulger adds he also needs a favor: “Michael Lin has a delegation of Chinese business men visiting DC would it be possible for us to bring them by to Visit your office too meet Hunter at 3:00 or 4;00pm Wednesday the 10th?”

12/18/2014. Hunter Biden’s secretary Katie Dodge gives him the phone number and dial-in PIN for a regular Bohai conference call.


1/7/2015. Email subject line reads “Beijing US Ambassador meeting w/ BHR leadership.” Devon Archer writes to Bevan Cooney: “We’re looking at a BHR Board meeting the week of January 26th or the week of February 2nd. Can we find out what day and a time, through Milt, that would work for Max.” Presumably Max refers to the person in the Ambassador position at that time, Max Baucus. Hunter’s name is not attached anywhere to this exchange whatsoever. But still in his inbox. Unclear as to whether or not that’s intentional. Maybe Hunter Biden could read all Rosemont Seneca emails.

1/9/2015. Jason Zhu of “Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.” (BHR) announces to Hunter Biden’s Rosemont company, someone from the Bank of China, Bulger’s Thornton company, and other involved Asian businesspeople the plan for the next board meeting. Zhu says it’d be at the BHR office in Beijing the first week of February 2015. The agenda is going over 2014 work, discussing 2014 bonuses, and planning for the upcoming year.

Of note is Devon Archer’s response: “I am available the week of the 2nd of February. I am also working on coordinating with the US Ambassador’s office which I will have details on in regards to availability by next week.”

1/21/2015. Bulger asks Hunter Biden: “You have time for a call today? Want to check in on BHR and LNG and Rail email you sent 15 minute call tops please let me know if you have a time for that today or tomorrow.”

1/27/2015. Jimmy Bulger nudges Devon Archer and Hunter Biden they ought to keep their original Beijing trip plan for the 4th and 5th of February 2015. The BHR people changed the board meeting schedule around since first discussing it and the new arrangements were not going to work for the trio. They had booked a dinner with Henry Zhao and Michael Lin, for goodness sake!

Devon Archer was on Bulger’s same wavelength. “Already did! Also spoke to Ambassador Baucus’s office and they were willing to do a meeting next week. Tentatively. More reason to keep the date.”

1/28/2015. Bulger email to both Hunter Biden and Devon Archer. Subject line is “Beijing.” Body of it says “we are back on the original schedule. Can you guys confirm that you will be available to meet Henry Z for dinner on the 4th.”

2/4/2015. Hunter is unsurprisingly back in Beijing. Bulger welcomes him and says there’s a car ready for him as soon as he steps off the plane.

2/11/2015. Hunter Biden himself proposed the idea of having a dedicated employee in Washington DC to coordinate with BHR in China. A job with a separate entrance but directly connected to his Rosemont Seneca offices. A full-time job with a budget planned out and everything.

Hunter’s justification for it:

“I think we all feel it is critical to have someone at this level engaged on a full time basis to assist in coordinating the U.S. Teams input and communications to and from Beijing. This would include monitoring all deals and advising where the U.S. Team could add value, and keeping the Beijing Team informed as to our fund raising and other efforts. This person would also be responsible for handling all expense reports, travel arrangements and any other necessary “reporting” requirements or duties we deem important.”

Jason Zhu over on BHR’s side agreed with Hunter’s proposition. On the grounds that they got to interview the candidates themselves, and that the person is proficient in English and Chinese (for efficiency sake).

2/17/2015. Bulger asks Devon Archer and Hunter Biden both: “have either of you guys gotten [any] news from BHR regarding the Sinopec closing?” To which Devon responds “nothing yet.”

3/7/2015. 9:55 AM. Jason Zhu gives an overview of the Sinopec situation and where things went wrong.

3/7/2015. 10:13 AM. Jimmy Bulger worries to Devon Archer and Hunter Biden that the SINOPEC situation could blow up in BHR’s face. Whatever public statement BHR was to put out determined the fate of the company’s ability to raise money.

3/8/2015. 1:19 AM. Devon Archer responds to Jason Zhu by going full damage control mode. “We need to do everything in our power to ensure BHR doesn’t get named here, and if we do get named we must place the blame fluidly and immediately onto the said LP. This has potential to be a major credibility hit with the US Embassy and SACAC which will be very unhelpful in our development if BHR is named.”

Jason schedules a conference call to discuss it at the behest of Devon Archer.

3/8/2015. 7:04 PM. Hunter Biden fills Devon Archer in on talking points he and Bulger came up with regarding the Sinopec fiasco:

  1. “What is our potential liability to Sinopec- who is handling that internally and what law firm is handling that?”
  2. “What legal recourse do we have against delinquent LP in what jurisdictions and what legal team is handling that?”
  3. “What is the damage control/ PR strategy we have in place- what firm, who is heading internally, who will coordinate with US?”
  4. “We want answers within 24 hrs and to have a full board call to discuss.”

3/9/2015. 2:58 AM. Jonathan Li outlines a response plan to isolate as much of the Sinopec backlash as possible.

3/11/2015. 6:02 AM. Bulger asks Hunter about an email regarding Henry Zhao. Whatever was said within that email is apparently questionable enough that Bulger tells him: “If you don’t want to send out the email please let me know so I can send it out” instead.

A peek into the hierarchy of the group dynamic.

3/11/2015. 6:07 AM. Bulger sounds on edge as he emails Devon and Hunter about a board call. “I have not received a notification of a Board call from Jonathan have either of you? He told us Sunday he would get an emergency Board call together ASAP. Sort of like to hear from BOC Do you mind if I send a query about the call over to Jonathan ?”

3/11/2015. 6:22 AM. The stress that Jimmy Bulger is feeling boils over to the point he sends a group email to Jonathan Li with the major players of both Rosemont Seneca (Hunter/Devon/Sebastian) as well as Bohai Harvest (Jason Zhu/ Felix Yu). Bulger’s urgent request to Li is to set up a board call so everyone can coordinate some kind of “path forward.”

3/11/2015. 7:40 AM. The board call Bulger desired is scheduled. He confirms it to Hunter Biden and Devon Archer: “BHR scheduled the board call for Thursday night 9:30pm New York time Can you two make it at that time?”

3/16/2015. Jimmy Bulger circles back around to Devon and Hunter Biden about the BHR conference call. This email is revealing in that it demonstrates the tenuous nature of the business relationship Rosemont Seneca has entered in with their Chinese counterparts. Bulger says “I don’t think our Board Chairman from BOC was totally aware of this Sinopec fuck up at least not the way he asked questions last night and that concerns me.”

3/19/2015. 5:36 PM. At this point Jimmy Bulger is antsy that everyone is in on this BHR board call. He tells Devon Archer and Hunter Biden to set alarms so they don’t forget to show up.

3/19/2015. 9:23 PM. The BHR call was very important. Enough so that Devon Archer sent Hunter Biden a reminder email eight minutes beforehand to guarantee he wouldn’t forget.

3/22/2015. 1:12 PM. More recovery efforts as Hunter asks Devon Archer and James Bulger if BHR ever gave the three of them a breakdown of projected income, taking the “Sinopec issue” into consideration.

3/24/2015. David C. Wittig and Michael Karloutsos are Hunter Biden’s Greek contacts. To fully explore the extent of that relationship would lead us down a separate rabbit hole too far and would derail the China discussion. However, in this email we see the Greeks cross paths with that. David Wittig is giving Hunter some kind of update on a railroad project. This entails talking with a guy named Cosco.

Negotiations were described like this:

“We did meet with Cosco and they have asked us to come back to them answering a series of questions. The questions are elementary, which continues to suggest they know very little about running a railroad. They were pleased about our approach to the passenger business. We told Cosco that they must help us arrange for 100% financing; they did not object. The US Embassy continues to be completely disengaged from the process. One has to wonder if they have any idea what is going on in Greece. Cosco wants us to meet with the Chinese Ambassador to Greece. In turn, the Chinese Ambassador would like an introduction from the Embassy. Any suggestions would be appreciated.”

The relevancy being that David sees Hunter Biden as enough of an expert on Chinese politics to ask for his advice. In contrast, the overall sentiment from Wittig is thinks the Chinese are slow in their decision making and he doesn’t trust them being involved.

4/1/2015. The BHR people are all finalizing a business proposal involving the Burnham company. Displaying in full if only so the nitty-gritty of it is full absorbed, as well as Hunter Biden’s involvement in the dealings.

4/8/2015. 7:31 AM.

4/13/2015. Xin Wang lays out the agenda for a “project status update call,” and is as follows:

  • “follow up on Aleris”
  • “SOE fundraising (Burnham proposal feedback)”
  • “EDP”
  • “update on Hanson”
  • “IPO Fund (US$300mm)”
  • “Project Carmen (Kazakhstan) – waiting for feedback on co-investment agreement. Next step – fundraising (Target investment 120mm in total, Listco 60mm, PE co-investor 20mm, BHR 40mm)”
  • “Bombardier”
  • “hire for U.S. office.”

Further along the thread, Xin Wang happily shares the BHR IPO fund teaser that’s ready for Hunter Biden and the company to send around. A few days later Xin Wang grills them all about completing “homework” and shoves in another resume for a hire at their U.S. office.

Devon Archer replies and demonstrates he’s doing a lot of the BHR homework heavy lifting. With Burnham being at the center of it. “I am working with Burnham on SOE reform fund USD partnership and have feedback but I think we may be too far apart on fee expectation” Devon says. “Let’s have a look of Burnham’s counter-offer. If the board of BHR, i.e. you guys can approve, I am flexiable,” replies Jonathan Li.

4/16/2015. 6:33 AM. Jimmy Bulger tries to rearrange the conference call time to the following Monday or Tuesday on behalf of Devon Archer, who would be traveling. 4:52 PM. Bulger tries again.

5/4/2015. Jimmy Bulger asks Hunter’s secretary whether or not he has “30 or 45 minutes on Friday ,morning the 8th of May to meet with Steve Lakis and Tony Zhao of the State Legislative Leaders Foundation? They would of course come by your office.”

5/12/2015. BHR Partners Board Meeting. Devon Archer reaches out to Xin Wang to try and schedule the next meeting ahead of time. Xin Wang responds by saying she’d try and coordinate with everyone’s availability to make that happen (Jimmy Bulger and Hunter Biden cc’ed, and it’s safe to assume the three of them are always in the loop on this sort of thing).

5/14/2015. Jimmy Bulger reaches out to Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, and Sebastian Momtazi about an upcoming conference call with the BHR people (Xin and Jonathan).

5/17/2015. Jimmy Bulger double checks with Hunter and Devon to make sure they don’t forget about the 8:30 AM BHR conference call the following morning.

5/23/2015. Oh boy another conference call. The subject line of this email reads “Re: Burnham – BHR SOE Reform Fund call” for whatever that means. Its planned to go down on May 27th, four days later. It’s a conversation between Xin Wang, Jonathan Li, Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, and Dan McClory.

5/27/2015. We get to learn some of the contents of this BHR SOE Reform Fund call. SOE in this case stands for State Owned Enterprise. Xin Wang writes: “As discussed on the call just now, below are the 3 carveouts from Burnham’s exclusivity in North America. Balyasny Asset Management, Millenium, Joseph P. Kennedy Enterprise”

5/28/2015. Devon Archer tells Xin Wang that his group was going to a conference call that upcoming Monday to do a “slide flip with Beijing” in regards to the Burnham BHR SOE Reform Fund. 20 minutes before, Xin Wang had said: “As promised, here is a teaser for the SOE Fund. I will need to confirm numbers in square brackets with team before it can be put into general circulation. I will also get you the list of international PE houses “rejected” from the Sinopec deal sooner rather than later.”

5/29/2015. Xin Wang lays out intel to Hunter Biden, Dan McClory, Devon Archer, Bulger, and the rest of Burnham’s and BHR’s staff.

“From unverified (and unverifiable) sources, we understand the following entities participated in the bidding rounds for the Sinopec deal but for whatever reason (could be valuation-related), did not end up as an investor (in the end 25 entities were selected for the 30% equity stake, valued at over US$17 billion). Please note that this information should be conveyed as “verbal cues” only.”

Xin lists off: KKR, TPG, PAG, CITIC Capital, Canada Pension Plan, and Saudi Aramco.

6/10/2015. Dan McClory tells the group of Chinese businessmen in an email thread that has Devon Archer, Hunter Biden, and Jimmy Bulger cc’ed on:

“Hi Xin, Jonathan and Xinzhong–I will be in Beijing Monday 15 June for the day before flying on to Xining for the acquisition of the SOE cattle operation by our client SIAF. If you are in the office I can stop by any time prior to 3pm. Please let me know what works best and I will see you then, Dan”

They all settle on 10 AM as the best time for Dan to visit.

6/30/2015. “Luchangqi” (also know as Andy) from the Ample Harvest group shares good news with Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, Jonathan Li, Xin Wang, and “zhouqing”:

“Tonight arranged by Golden,I met with Mr. Michael Alpert, the president and vice chairman of Ashkenazy Acquisition Corporation, from New York. Michael said he just met with Rosemont people in NY several days ago. I just keep you posted by this update. We may have some deal flows with him.”

7/7/2015. A very long email thread between BHR and Rosemont Seneca to simply discuss changing the time for the 7th Board Meeting.

7/17/2015. 9:17 AM. Devon Archer sends a message to Jimmy Bulger and Hunter Biden: “Can we schedule a call for Henry and Hunter prior to our Burnham meeting in Beijing. I think it’s a very good look to move the ball forward and get this deal done!!! Please let’s coordinate.”

7/17/2015. 7:28 PM. Hunter links up Jimmy Bulger and Devon Archer to one Francis Person. We get a lengthy introduction from him. In the opening paragraph Francis name drops former Ambassador to China Gary Locke as being on the board of Harves Investment Group. Alongside him. He lays out the chain of command: from Harves Investment Group (USA) to Harves Corporation (China) which has a partnership with the China Development Bank.

What Francis Person wants from Hunter Biden’s people is help putting together this project to build Seaworld parks in China. Person’s side has the land, capital, and construction power ready to go. They just need to tap into the potential on Seaworld’s end and get them up to par with the Chinese logistics.

7/18/2015. Hunter Biden and his company are quick to get Francis Person’s desires in motion.

Francis Person being a former staff member for Joe Biden.

“Thank you Fran. We can get in touch with the Private Equity lead at Blackstone on Monday and go from there. Rosemont is also an investor alongside Blackstone. I will reach out to BX over the weekend and figure out the right path and be in touch Monday,” wrote Devon Archer.

“You remember Fran right? My Dads body guy for 8 years. He’s great and super dependable,” said Hunter. According to Francis Person’s Linkedin, from February 2006 to July 2014, he served as Joe Biden’s “Special Assistant.” Which from this email we can now conclude that meant being the Senator/former VP’s personal fitness trainer.

And now here’s the former Joe Biden employee making deals with Hunter Biden and the Chinese. As from January 2015 onward, Francis Person became a top executive for the Harves Group.

“Leads the business platform of the U.S. affiliate of Harves, a tier-one real estate development and investment group in China. In addition to developing over 55 million square feet of real estate, Harves also owns and operates enterprises across sectors, including entertainment, airlines, hospitality, and operations management.”

7/20/2015. Bulger invites Hunter Biden to a July 24th dinner with himself, Henry Zhao, and Steve Lakis. “Sending you this invite and letting you know he will be around so you can mention it in [your] call with Henry this evening.”

7/29/2015. Francis Person reveals a lot about himself and his work, in his proposition to Hunter Biden for a China vacation. We learn that Bo Zhang is a real power player in the country with a massive family business empire well connected to the politics. “Bo’s father-in-law is actually the Governor of Hainan (Chinese Hawaii), which he doesn’t advertise at all.”

The underlying tone of this invite is a “come join us Hunter” sales pitch intended to bring the Bidens closer into the fold. They managed to get Magic Johnson and Lebron James to do an NBA global game in China. Make of that what you will.

8/10/2015. Francis Person informs Eric Schwerin and Hunter Biden that they’re in DC that day. Their Chinese partner Bo Zhang had a flight to China the next day, and Person wanted to squeeze in one last meet up before then. Then Francis Person lets the both of them know that some kind of partnership between SeaWorld and Shanghai might happen, per the success of a conference call later in the week. “Harves has very good connection in Shanghai,” Person tells them with optimism.

8/24/2015. The purpose of this email is establishing that Francis Person and Hunter Biden’s people were working together. Francis Person gives an update about the Seaworld project by claiming his firm found potential land sites that fit what Seaworld’s people were looking for.

But we also learn that Francis Person had Hunter Biden and Eric Schwerin tangled up in an additional project. Named DuPont:

  • “the Intel we’ve gathered is that the City of Shenzhen and DuPont can not reach an agreement regarding the repurchasing of the land currently occupied by DuPont (mainly because the government’s repurchasing price is much lower than the land value). They are at a stalemate.”
  • “the only way for DuPont to get their full return is through real estate developers.”
  • “DuPont is in a weakened position because they have to move fairly quickly.”
  • “Harves Investment Group can structure a great deal for DuPont – we have the real estate development companies we would use already in mind. However, we would need some level of protection from DuPont before we pitch them a deal with these companies.”
  • “we value the land itself right around a billion dollars.”
  • “Eric – I know you are being connected to the person in charge of Shenzhen DuPont. We would like to have a seat at the table to put an offer out on the table for them. We want to know what they are looking to get out of this property, what they need in a deal, and we can help accomplish that for them.”

If anything the DuPont situation exemplifies the depth of Hunter Biden’s various entanglements with Chinese affairs.

8/28/2015. The Francis Person tangent wraps up on a seemingly high enough note. Well enough that he feels confident in offering more job leads.

8/31/2015. Jimmy Bulger returns to Hunter Biden about the subject of Taiwanese Senator George Hsieh. The year before, Jimmy reminds Hunter that George came by the office and they got a chance to meet. Well now George is retired and in the movie business. He invited Bulger and Biden in on the action.

“Do you have time this week for a call with me to discuss this in further detail? George sent me a draft Term Sheet he is willing to pay is a retainer here and let us share in the upside,” Jimmy Bulger explains to Hunter.

They set up a call for the following day to talk it over.

9/2/2015. Hunter Biden lets Bo Zhang of the Harvest Group know that he can’t be on a call that morning. It’s related to the thing Hunter was doing as a favor to his friend Francis Person. All was well though since Eric Schwerin would be there in Hunter Biden’s place.

9/14/2015. Both Jonathan Li and Devon Archer confirm to participate in a BHR management catch-up call. Xin Wang lays out the agenda being an update on the plethora of the firm’s pipeline projects.

9/17/2015. The routine management catch-up call is rescheduled on what looks like Xin Wang’s side.

10/14/2015. Bo Zhang of the Harves Group shares good news with Hunter. “Great to see you again and I think the meeting went great. I am going to China on Monday and Fran and I will keep you and Eric posted,” Bo wrote.

12/1/2015. Devon Archer says “works for me” to Xin Wang’s proposition for a catch up call (Jimmy Bulger, Hunter Biden and Jonathan Li are all cc’ed).


1/27/2016. Devon Archer asks Hunter Biden for permission to act as a proxy for the upcoming BHR board meeting. He grants it: “Devon Archer will act on behalf at at the current board meeting and may vote in my stead. Sincerely, R. Hunter Biden.” Jason Zhu and Jonathan Li are cc’ed as witnesses.

1/29/2016. Eric Schwerin mentions that this Jeremy Katz person is going to Beijing with former Bush Commerce Sec Don Evans, and wanted to know if BHR or Hunter’s other contacts wanted to meet them.

3/18/2016. Hunter Biden thanks Henry Zhao that the formal joint venture between Harvest and Burnham is concluded (with James Bulger and Devon Archer cc’ed). “This is an exciting milestone and I look forward to helping building a cross border institution that helps investors in our respective countries across the globe.”

He liked working with their team. Hunter signs off by clarifying that he’s still hopeful about the working relationship overall continuing.

4/22/2016. Hunter Biden writes to Henry Zhao expressing his regrets that he couldn’t be at a meeting in Beijing. He’s happy that Eric Schwerin, Devon Archer, and Jimmy Bulger were there though.

Why that is, according to Hunter:

“I am particularly happy to hear that you decided to set up a working group to focus on ways to develop a long term partnership between Burnham and Harvest. I know that we all look forward to participating in the building of Harvest’s global platform. Burnham can have no greater partner than Harvest and I am honored that you chose to partner with us on this.”

9/11/2016. The younger Biden is in a tight timing jam with catching a flight to China. His secretary Joan Mayer explains: “Hunter- Just spoke to Michael Leonard and there are ways to get to Shanghai in order to make your meeting with Jack Ma. You would need to fly to NY or LA and catch a 1am flight that would get you into Shanghai at 6am.”

9/13/2016. 3:11 AM. Xin Wang says she’s hosting a dinner for the directors/stakeholders ahead of the board meeting. “Please let me know if dinner on the 19th would work for you,” being said a second time shows Xin seemed annoyed that nobody responded initially.

11/1/2016. Jimmy Bulger sends Xin Wang well wishes, as apparently her father was ill. But also it was a business related correspondence:

“I am sending this email out to suggest we all try to get on a call and catch up. It has been awhile since we last had a call with the US guys on it and perhaps now is a good time to get a read on how things are going for the team in Beijing. Also we have a few deals over here that are cooking and should be shared with the BHR team in the near future”

Xin responds that she’s game for a conference call.

11/2/2016. Jamie Fu gives Xin Wang, Eric Schwerin, Devon Archer, Jimmy Bulger, and Hunter Biden the dial in information for the above mentioned company conference call.


1/5/2017. A callback to the same favor requested for Li’s daughter, Jonathan asks Hunter, Bulger, and Devon Archer for advice on college applications for his son Chris.

Bulger gets back to him:

“I have received the updated version of the CV lets see how we can be helpful here to Chris. Looking forward to seeing you soon. I get into China on the 12th to meet with Henry Zhao and Steve Lakis to attend a few SLLF events. Steve Lakis Chairman of SLLF would like to meet you and discuss having BHR play a role in next Octobers event in Wuhan. Are you around the afternoon of the 12th January? I could bring Steve by the office.”

2/19/2017. I don’t want to misconstrue the quote and you can read the full email for yourself. But the following quote appears to say that Joe Biden wrote a recommendation letter as a favor to his son, Hunter Biden. A recommendation letter for Hunter’s Chinese business associate’s son.

Eric Schwerin wrote the following to Jonathan Li: “Hunter asked me to send you a copy of the recommendation letter that he asked his father to write on behalf of Christopher for Brown University. The original is being FedExed to Dr. Paxson directly at Brown. It should be there by Tuesday at the latest (given Monday is a holiday here in the U.S.).”

4/18/2017. A communication that establishes Hunter Biden planned to meet Ye Jianming of the CEFC the following month when he came to the United States.

6/14/2017. A draft letter to Ye Jainming concocted by Hunter Biden, James Gillar, and Hunter’s Uncle Jim.

6/15/2017. Hunter’s Uncle Jim tells James Gilliar that Hunter Biden is fine with sending a letter addressed to Ye Jianming. Given the rest of the email it appears the letter is about releasing ten million dollars in funding.

Reportedly this $10 million transfer never happened. But this Fox News report reveals what the letter said.

7/10/2017. Ye Jainming of China replies to Hunter Biden.

9/18/2017. Uncle Jim writes to Mervyn Yan, Hunter, and Sara Biden: “Jose L Manzano is trying to reach you and Hunter re meeting in Europe this week. He has update info on the deal. I’m just getting on a flight from Ireland heading back to US . Please reach out to them asap. I was onto another deal in Ireland. I land in Phila, between 3/4 pm est. thanks, jim.”

9/21/2017. Hunter emails himself Gongwen Dong and Mervyn Yan’s phone numbers and the location of their office.

10/24/2017. Hunter Biden writes to Greg of the Monkey Island project (with Jim Biden, “jwbao17,” Mervyn Yan, and Gongwen Dong cc’ed) saying: “I’ll be arriving to 3 CC a little after noon. Jailq will dial me in so I can join you all by mobile at 10:30. Look forward to meeting you in person- hopefully over lunch’s”

11/02/2017. JaiQi Bao sends Hunter Biden, Jim Biden, and the members of Hudson West a copy of their “Monkey Island” pitch presentation with both the original English format as well as Chinese translation.

[CONTEXT: Here’s a list of Hudson West’s projects to get a sense of the scope of the company’s interests.]

11/22/2017. Hunter’s Uncle Jim sends an ominous “call me” email. When CEFC secretary-general Patrick Ho was arrested, reports say the first call Patrick made was to Jim.

11/23/2017. The arrest of Patrick Ho causes Hudson West employee JiaQi Bao confusion and distress. Patrick Ho’s background included serving as Hong Kong’s Secretary for Home Affairs between July 1st 2002 to June 30th 2007. In late November 2017 Ho was arrested for offering a $2 million USD bribe to the President of Chad to secure oil rights.

11/24/2017. JiaQi Bao sends Hunter Biden an assortment of South China Morning Post news stories about the Patrick Ho situation. From them snippets we can gather the outlet’s framing is that they believe Ho is innocent. He’s just the victim of a grand political agenda between the US and China. There were accusations that African officials received bribes from Ho and others. American officials were angry that our banking system was used as a laundering machine to move bribe money that was being disguised as donations.

(They’d end up convicting Patrick Ho in December 2018 on seven counts of bribery and money laundering.)

12/13/2017. Jimmy Bulger replies to “Note of BHR Board Meeting” saying the first of February 2018 would work. Devon Archer, Eric Schwerin, Michael Lin, and Hunter Biden are all cc’ed with a bunch of the Chinese.

1/8/2018. Xin Wang writes to Jimmy Bulger, Devin Archer, Eric Schwerin and Hunter Biden that they all need to tell Amy Liu their planned arrival and departure dates for the next board meeting so she can make bookings to accommodate with that.

1/28/2018. Jason Zhu sends out “The Schedule for the 12th Board Meeting” in Beijing. The meeting is slated for February 1st 2018. The recipients of the email include a bunch of BHRPE people, Jim Bulger, Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, Eric Schwerin, some bloke from the Bank of China so you know it’s legit, and other Chinese business folks.

2/12/2018. In the twilight years of Hunter Biden’s business, we see what one JiaQi Bao researched up on liquified natural gas (LNG) projects for his Hudson West company (to make deals with China of course).

3/21/2018. Jim Biden sends Mervyn Yan wiring instructions regarding how Patrick Ho can pay for his representation. To Hunter Biden’s Owasco, LLC.

12/3/2018. Jason Zhu sends out “Note of BHR 13th Board Meeting.” The meeting is slated for January 17th 2019.

12/24/2018. An update to the entire China and Rosemont Seneca group at BHR notifying everyone that the meeting is moved from January 17th to January 18th, 2019. We learn the meeting is about reviewing how 2018 turned out and planning for 2019’s business plan and financial budget.

1/10/2019. We see the schedule rundown for the 13th BHR Board Meeting and where it takes place in Beijing.


The name Owasco takes apparent meaning from a country club that meant a lot to either Hunter or the Biden family in general. It’s also listed in Hunter’s D.C. BAR association dues as “Owasco PC” for his 2015, 2016, and 2017 payments (for the 2018/2019 season he did not pay his dues and his law license expired).

Another shell company is Skaneateles. The name itself is a connection to a place in New York that Hunter has a history with. It’s the middleman linking Owasco LLC to Rosemont Seneca.

Our best conclusion as to the purpose of Hunter Biden’s Owasco company is that it’s his shell company for miscellaneous business and tax reasons. In February 2014 when Hunter bought a Telsa he asked Eric Schwerin “What are the options on the car? Could it be registered under Owasco like BMW?

As an aside, in the same email chain Eric asks Hunter if he “had a chance to look at the letter of rec I drafted for your Dad for CFR?”

This flies in the face of the “Joe Biden was completely separate from Hunter Biden’s business life in every way, shape, and form” narrative.

12/23/2016. 1:32 AM. Eric Schwerin lets Hunter know that he’s signing the security deposit on the House of Sweden space. “In my conversations with Jeff he may want some of the space if we can’t use it so I feel comfortable going ahead. I also think we’ll get our distribution from Eudora in January and we can use that to pre-pay rent.”

Hunter replies that he wants to send a lease under both his name, and a corporate one under the Owasco title.

12/29/2016. 6:41 PM. Eric Schwerin updates Hunter Biden by mentioning that Bill Morgan told him the little bit of money that was in the Owasco account would go to pay taxes. Also that Eric: “signed lease for HOS today and gave them security deposit. Move out/Move in will be Jan. 31st I think although the move in is into the swing space for a month or two.”

[Note: “House of Sweden is a building in Washington, D.C., in which is located the Embassy of Sweden and the diplomatic missions of the Republic of Iceland and the Principality of Liechtenstein to the United States,” per the wisdom of Wikipedia. In the waning years of Rosemont Seneca, Hunter Biden moved his offices there. It lasted about a year, if anyone is curious.]

3/10/2017. 6:06 AM. Eric Schwerin emails Hunter Biden: “Paperwork to conclude the transfer of the 10% shares of RSB to Skaneateles. Also, Devon is transferring his shares to Krista. I think Joan can handle all the signatures for you electronically assuming she has a copy of your passport.”

3/10/2017. 6:29 AM. Eric Schwerin (to our benefit) lists off all the equity interests Hunter Biden holds via Owasco, LLC. This is a road map of Hunter’s properties/wealth.

  • “Rosemont Seneca Advisors (which holds equity in Harves and Nevergole projects)”
  • “RSP Investments (BD)”
  • “BHR (once share transfer is complete)”
  • “Eudora (ePlata, CitizensRX, LineUp Media)”
  • “Tadich Grill”
  • “RSTP I, RSTP II Alpha and Bravo (this may be technically held individually which is why I carved it out in agreement)”
  • “Equity Distribution Trust (Beau legal cases – likely finished)”
  • “Rosemont Realty”
  • “American Well”

Eric rounds this off by saying there might be more, but those listed above are the most significant. He did this because Hunter Biden was divorcing his wife and they were trying to figure out how her stake in Hunter’s business assets would divvy out.

What about Skaeneatles?” Hunter asks. Eric has an answer for that too. “Yes, that is owned by Owasco, LLC. My list encompassed everything Skaneateles owns as well. So for example, Owasco, LLC owns Skaneateles and Skaneateles owns Rosemont Seneca Advisors.

4/12/2017. Tax time. Eric tells Hunter that their tax man Bill Morgan is finalizing the estimates. “For Owasco, PC you already paid your D.C. Estimate but your Fed estimate is $52,000.” The personal numbers were a separate matter but even so Schwerin didn’t expect any surprises on that front. The only question was if Hunter would be able to pay at that moment in April 2017, or if he’d need to wait until September/October of that year.

9/14/2017. Signature agreement between Hunter Biden and Gongwen Dong for Hudson West III LLC’s banking at Cathay Bank.

10/18/2017. Alimony time. Edward Prewitt of Wells Fargo emails Hunter that: “We have the draft of $37,000 due to go out on the 27th of each month to Kathleen. There is $34,000+ in the account it is sent from, so $3,000 short. There is money in Owasco that you can move on line or I can move with a verbal confirmation. Let me know how to proceed.” Hunter replies back to wire “39,000 (in addition to normal payment) to” Kathleen. Edward wants Hunter’s phone number to call him and make sure he’s really the one saying to do that.

11/01/2017. Jim Biden’s Lion Hall company invoices Hunter Biden’s Hudson West for $5,612.41.

12/1/2017. Eric Schwerin tries to put Hunter Biden’s life in some kind of order. He was having a hard time doing that because of his personal life going down the tubes. Yet simultaneously he was about to get a lot of China bucks to disperse around.

Put forward were these items three:

  1. “Since there are no clients in Rosemont Seneca Advisors anymore, I would suggest we unwind that with the goal of making the 2017 tax return the final return. Per my email earlier this week, we should jointly pay off any debts attributable to RSA before the end of the year and each transfer our health insurance plans into our own names or into entities of our choice. (The health insurance transfer can be done seamlessly and without any change to either of our plans or the premiums. I can reach out to Patricia and have her handle it so you wouldn’t see any disruption.)”
  2. “I would like to propose that I take over your equity ownership of RSP Investments (the Broker-Dealer) as I would like to focus on that and see if I can’t make it work. Mechanically, it would mean that Skaneateles would transfer its interest in RSP Holdings (RSPI’s parent) to Aqaba. I think it is easy to come up with a value for your 75% and perhaps I could pay that out to you out of any profits over the next one or two years. I think the value would just be the going rate for a broker-dealer shell minus any debts owed to the capital account. There are currently no fee trails due to RSPI so there is no value to any of the contracts at present. I think George has some colleagues who could help us figure the value.”
  3. “As it relates to any remaining of Skaneateles’ holdings, I would propose we just split those 75/25 according to our ownership. I think we would have to keep Skaneateles as an active entity until we can effectuate the transfers and then we could shut that down.”

Lo and behold, the big transfers were incoming.

12/3/2017. 9:38 PM. The big cash out to Eric Schwerin, Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, and Jimmy Bulger. This is a key piece of information that deserves to be observed in full rather than summarized.

12/3/2017. 9:45 PM. Xin Wang sends a reminder to Eric Schwerin and Hunter Biden. That being any money transferred must come from the “Skaneateles account” since it’s a registered shareholder of BHR. This way the Chinese authorities properly recognize the money as “registered capital contribution.”

She signs off with: “The new shareholder entities (Ulysses, Skaneateles) have been properly registered with the State Administration of Industry and Commerce and has replaced the former RSB entity.”

12/5/2017. Eric Schwerin pokes Hunter about the agreement plan he put forward a few days prior. He tries to jog Hunter’s memory about the subject of the BHR Registered Capital transfers:

“You may recall from back in July that this is the money that Jonathan is loaning to each of the US shareholders so that they can pay the remaining amount of their registered capital. The loan will be paid back from any distributions made. I think this was actually your suggestion to Jonathan awhile back as a way to avoid having to come up with more cash from the US Shareholders.”

They weren’t going to make any money transfers until Hunter signed off on any of this. We’ll learn more about what in the world this means in the next email.

12/8/2017. The essence of this email is Eric Schwerin really wants Hunter Biden to reply and make a decision about Schwerin’s proposed arrangement. He brings up repaying a $150,000 loan that Jonathan Li sent over from BHR. In addition, Eric does the math about how much money Hunter would have left over in this 75/25 split of what was left in Rosemont Seneca. He calculates the younger Biden would have $25-30,000 sent over to his Owasco bank account.

12/12/2017. Hunter Biden blows up on Eric Schwerin. He accuses him of defamation and claims Eric was fired for “gross negligence.” Hunter is seething with anger as he tells his longtime colleague to move somewhere in Florida where he’d never run into him. Somewhere like Naples.

12/28/2017. 10:01 PM. Despite being yelled at, Eric Schwerin manages to get some finance work done for Hunter Biden. He payed all of Rosemont Seneca’s bills and tells Hunter he has $45,191.38 left over. Some of that cash came from the company’s work with CAF. But that’s a separate subject, covered in fuller detail by me here.

Eric gives Hunter these suggestions:

  • Paying off his “75% of the AMEX Silver balance is $20,251.96. (I’ve paid my 25% and if you can pay the remainder it can be paid off in full.)”
  • “There are a few RSA expenses that will extend into 2018. For example, we can’t make changes to health insurance until March. The copier is under contract until June, etc. If you were to hold back $11,909.99 that should cover 75% of these remaining bills and we can even look to paying them all off ASAP.”

1/16/2018. 1:13 PM. Hunter Biden approves an invoice brought forward to him by JiaQi Bao of Hudson West. $14,351.888 to one Britt Singletary for expenses on “last year’s project due diligence process.” The cost breakdown consists of: $10,050 for actual work work, $1326.88 for travel, and curiously a $2975 “reimbursement for the background check fee Britt paid to the third party detective.”

“Also we are not going fwd with Fitzpatrick lease” Hunter says in a follow-up reply.

1/26/2018. Katie Dodge asks Hunter a question to try and sort out outstanding tax issues. “Hi there. Morgan Wingate would like to know if Liz [Secundy] did work for Owasco? If so they need to issue her a 1099 before Jan 31. Can you tell me the answer?”

2/12/2018. Hudson West employee JaiQi Bao writes to Hunter Biden saying she doesn’t want to get a paycheck at all for the month of February because she needs to take many days off. Bao lists off the reasons why. But elsewhere in the email its made clear that Bao is assuming that Hudson West will still be around for 2018. They’ll soon find out it wasn’t.

2/25/2018. Hunter Biden requests a meeting of Hudson West 3 LLC’s board of managers. Gongwen Dong responds that he can’t participate in person since he’s “still traveling in China.” The whole thing involves Mervyn Yan and Hunter’s uncle Jim.

2/26/2018. “We are online” announces Mervyn Van to Gongwen Dong. With both Hunter Biden and Jim Biden cc’ed.

3/1/2018. Apparently everyone waited around a while. Mervyn says that Jim Biden called and rescheduled it to “Monday 3/5/18 10am EST.”

3/26/2018. 2:28 PM. JaiQi Bao learns about the dissolution of the Hudson West LLC from Mervyn Yan. She takes it rather well and accepts Hunter Biden, his Uncle Jim, Meryn, and the rest had their reasons. The majority of her email deals with outstanding items like: travel expense reimbursements, a doggy chain necklace, and general office clean-up.

In the second half we get a snippet of something interesting. JaiQi Bao tells Hunter to keep as much of the money as he can, and she explains how to do that.

3/26/2018, 5:08 PM. Wells Fargo informs Hunter Biden “that $1,000,032.88 came into OWASCO LLC ON 03/23/2018 from CATHAY BANK. Not the Owasco PC account. If you have any questions please call or email us.” That’s right. You heard them. $1,000,032.88. Hunter follows up to ask them how he can access his other accounts.

4/10/2018. JiaQi Bao reveals to Hunter Biden she got Hudson West LLC registered under their own name as a placeholder. She explains since both Hunter and “Uncle Jim” liked it so much it was the least they could do.

5/01/2018. Jim Biden’s Lion Hall company invoices Hunter Biden’s Hudson West for $7,612.41.

6/01/2018. Jim Biden’s Lion Hall company bills Hunter Biden’s Owasco LLC for a whopping $14,001 monthly retainer, that in itself has accumulated a grand total of $82,500 in fees.

6/26/2018 6:03 PM. Hunter Biden requests to Cynthia Duncan from Wells Fargo: “Cindy, Could you please wire when possible $86,000.00 from Owasco LLC to Jim Biden.”

7/26/2018. Even Wells Fargo gets confused about how to transfer money from Owasco LLC to Owasco PC. Given how money needs to be paid out for both alimony as well as Devon Archer, Hunter needs to answer those questions. Thankfully in the case of the latter he intervenes. “Do NOT pay Devon,” he says.

8/2/2018. Another Wells Fargo wire. “$96000 to Jim Biden from my Owasco LLC account. Thank you, Hunter.”

9/14/2018. Eric Schwerin updates Hunter Biden about the tax legwork he’s doing:

“Just wanted to let you know that the Skaneateles taxes are completed for 2017 and will be filed on Monday. Unfortunately, there will be a few small checks we need to write for state taxes related to Eudora. Since you moved money from Skaneateles I will have to move some money from Rosemont Seneca Advisors to cover the deficit.”

9/20/2018. Hunter Biden emails Mervyn Yan to move money around. “Please wire $25,000 today to my Wells Fargo account which will be deducted fore a total of $35,000 from October draw,” he says. “Will do today” Yan replies.

9/25/2018. 1:00 PM. More of an explanation about Hunter Biden’s business empire and the purposes behind position and particular companies. The screenshot speaks for itself and I have no explanation as to why Hunter’s responses to Katie Dodge’s questions become increasingly illegible.

9/25/2018. 1:28 PM. Hunter Biden asks Mervyn Yan to wire more dough with (Uncle Jim Biden CC’ed):

“Please wire to my Owasco PC account the remaining two [monthly] draws minus the 35K adv once I took last week. So $295,000.00 today. Then please give men detailed bank statements of what is left in the account after you’ve taken your final two draws. We then need two discuss what we owe and to whom and determine what of any money is left for disbursement. Then we can unwind in an orderly way as soon [as] [possible].”

Wouldn’t be the only time Hunter moved money around today.

9/25/2018. 6:33 PM. Hunter Biden tells Cynthia Duncan of Wells Fargo: “Transfer $15000.00 from the Owasco LLC account ending in 1208 to the resource account ending in 5858. And could you transfer $25,000.00 from the same 1208 account to the the sub account of Owasco LLC.”

9/26/2018. George Mesires gently mentions that he forgot to issue his revised invoice for Q4 regarding his Hudson West work. A few days later he asks for Hunter’s approval that Mervyn Yan can pay it. But a few days after that he checks back in for an update because he didn’t hear anything back about that.

9/28/2018. “Cindy, please wire $95,000.00 from the Owasco account to Jim today,” emails Hunter to Wells Fargo.

10/12/2018. 3:45 PM. A Bill Morgan (who I infer to be one of Hunter Biden’s tax guys) asks Hunter about some glaring issues in regards to his personal tax returns and the ones for Owasco PC.

  • “As far as Owasco is concerned there were some receipts that we classified as loans. Owasco received approximately $550,000 from “Burisma” and paid about one half of this amount to, I believe, someone named “Devon”. I am not sure of the payee. Is this the amount you are referring to? The one half payment to “Devon” was not recorded as income.”
  • The taxes owed are substantial – about $600,000 personal and $204,000 for Owasco. Please file the returns even if you do not pay the tax. Filing the returns will stop further late filing penalties from accruing.”

$804,000 in owed taxes for the former Vice President’s son.

10/13/2018. We get an entire list of the services rendered by George R. Mesires on behalf of Hunter Biden. He lists then all alongside the $87,500 price tag attached. When it comes to the legal nitty-gritty even a layman like me is able to understand a few things. The theme is it all involves Mervyn Yan, Hunter Biden, and Hunter Biden’s uncle Jim in this Hudson West shell company scheme. George’s task was to guarantee Hunter pulled it all off, when it came to moving the Chinese money around.

10/16/2018. George Mesires emails Mervyn Yan that Hunter told him he authorized Yan to pay the invoice. “As of late today we have not received payment,” George says, indicating Hunter’s people were dragging their feet.

10/23/2018. Bill Morgan tells Hunter Biden his tax returns for Owasco are late. He emphasizes they’re at the mercy of the IRS, here. “I have your personal tax returns and the corporate returns for Owasco. They were all due on October 15. They are late and I would like to send them to you to get them filed as soon as possible since late filing and late payment penalties will continue to accrue. Once they are filed, we can negotiate a payment plan with IRS.”

11/21/2018. Hunter asks his Wells Fargo people: “$7500.00 from cash resource acct ending in 5858 For deposit in Owasco LLC ending in 0660 which has a approximate $2.00 balance.”

1/21/2019. The ongoing theme is that Hunter Biden’s finances are a goddamn mess. Below we get an inside overview as to some of the exacts of that.

1/24/2019. Bill Morgan updates Hunter Biden about his situation: “The 2018 tax return for Owasco, PC is due to be filed on April 15, 2019. In the past, Eric has done the bookkeeping and sent it to us. As I understand it, he is no longer doing this.”

A lot of Hunter’s usual go-to people have abandoned ship by this point. Bill Morgan believes Hunter hasn’t done any record keeping for 2018 whatsoever, and offers to lend a hand there. On top of that Bill still has Hunter’s 2017 tax returns and just needs to know where to send them. But by this point he’s really begging Hunter do something about it all.

1/29/2019. Mervyn Yan asks Hunter Biden, Jim Biden and Sara Biden about sending over a W-9 tax form for Lion Hall and Owasco, so Hudson West 3 can file its taxes.

2/18/2019. Hunter Biden authorizes that George Mesires and Bill Morgan can talk to each other about respective financial/legal matters.

2/20/2019. George Mesires asks Hunter Biden if he can introduce Mervyn Yan and Bill Morgan to each other so they can discuss how to deal with Hudson West payments.

3/6/2019. 7:40 AM. Hunter Biden questions Katie Dodge about his own personal accounting because even he has a hard time tracking his own money.

3/6/2019. 11:52AM. Hunter demands Jeff Cooper over at Eudora Global wire money to Owasco, LLC. He lists all the necessary banking information needed.


There’s no better way of ending this off than by showing that either Joe Biden (or Hunter depending on what “Pop” refers to) were willing to throw his own granddaughter Naomi under the bus.

February 26th 2019. Naomi Biden to Hunter. Subject Line: “does this sound okay to send to professor plantan about how im not allowed to go to china anymore”

If the game is about public perception, it’s very much over when it comes to hiding the China connections with the Biden family.

I actually don’t have much more to add. Way to f*ck over your daughter/granddaughter, guys.

God bless America.

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