Quantum Synchronicity: The Ballad of Terence “BLooDCalibuR” Sanchez

2017 Drama


Meet Veronica. Somebody who has come forward to tell me her story. As someone who was under the age of 18 at the time these events took place, she might be described shorthand as “the minor” at times.

I’ll let her tell you the summary of her story.

“Ok so long story short I dmed Lana first via an q&a website called http://ask.fm after seeing an interview from vice on my Facebook timeline and taking a like of her. I wanted to be friends and she accepted, so we started talking on Skype. We started liking each other after talking about nerdy shit like otome games, so we started going out. I started using my empty twitter account to interact with her on social media since twitter is what she uses, and only then I come in contact with her manager InfiniteLoaded and befriend him. His first message though was an upskirt picture of Lana, his jokes always sexual (about her, not me), and he was an overall oddball since the get-go, but I liked him because he seemed smart and straightforward. Terence was like the third wheel of my relationship with Lana, always knew our business and always told us what to do, which eventually drove us to break up. The day I definitely break up with Lana I start getting closer with Terence because at the time I felt like he was the only one who could understand me and give me some comfort, and sometime in November, precisely the day of a surgery I had to undergo, we start going out. Like a DUMBASS I send him nude pictures of myself that he later shows to other people because they were allegedly means to “fix them.” He starts hinting at three-way relationships with Lana, he flies who the fuck knows where for his “job”, lies about his whereabouts, you get the idea. He acts like a trainwreck so eventually I dump him and out of vengeance he badmouths me to his entire group.”

Veronica has told people their story before (and confirmed the authenticity of previous DM screencaps).

But people didn’t know that right off the bat. They just saw Lana Rain dating a girl under the age of 18. While the extent this badmouthing of Veronica went is one of the end results of this, we need to assess how this situation evolved to where it is now.

So when we fast forward a few years, Lana Rain and Terence are in hot water again. The camgirl community was in an uproar, with a few people speaking out about a controversy. For relevant context, Lana had previously gotten in hot water for cosplaying as underage characters. Therefore in response, Terence wasn’t afraid to get confrontational with people in the camgirl community to defend it. In typical Terence fashion, he coupled his defense of “Age play” not being pedophilia in a legal sense with his petty personal remarks calling Lana’s critics envious (or “jealous” as a Terence post in this same period suggests). But I need to make it clear that Terence asserts Lana Rain’s cosplay porn isn’t an act of “Age play” directly because he’s more than happy to threaten to sue people for defamation.

It’s all these elements thrown into the mix together that come out in September 2017, the next big era of drama and controversy for Lana Rain (and therefore Terence “EightLoaded” Sanchez too).

In QueenHayliexo’s video, she lays out the basic premise of her concerns immediately. A popular camgirl (Lana Rain) was involving a minor in the community. In Haylie’s opinion, she believed that anyone under the age of 18 shouldn’t be included in the adult BDSM community whatsoever. It wasn’t just out of concern for the minors themselves. Issues extended to the camgirls themselves, as they could get in trouble for having juveniles hanging around. Haylie says Lana Rain, age 21, was dating a minor who was only 16. She makes it clear that while it’s not against the law to date a 16-year-old it was still frowned upon when the person involved is a sex worker. One who openly allows the various “regular” creeps of the community interaction with the minor. A sex worker can get in trouble for sending a nude to a minor even if the sex worker doesn’t know the person is a minor. Haylie said it was weird for a 21-year-old to say they were on the same level as a 16-year-old. As an aside, she said if Lana were a dude, everyone would’ve called her a rapist for being involved in this situation. Which brought Haylie to her next point of contention. She wanted to call out the people defending and condoning Lana’s behavior. This minor was watching Lana’s porn streams and hanging out in the chatrooms. It’s a violation of website terms of service as well as setting a bad example for the community. Haylie said Lana should’ve been punished for this but got away with it because they’re a top performer on the website.

QueenHayliexo shares tweets from the minor (Veronica):

  1. “don’t say ur body confident if you’ve never came to ur own nudes,” the minor says. “Well…” replies InfiniteLoaded.
  2. “i’ve been taking nudes of myself since i was 12 fucking arrest me lol,” replied Tricky_Nymph.
  3. “Part of our job as sex workers is not intentionally involving minors in this 18+ community. ITS WRONG to send your fans to a minor’s profile,” tweeted QueenHayliexo.
  4. “Shady = thinking it’s okay for minors to take nudes & be involved in an adult community,” Haylie tweeted. “and to top it off, even tho shes into shit worse than me, those 2 don’t even focus on that. It’s just not their mentality rn, absolutely not” InfiniteLoaded replied.

QueenHayliexo says it’s insane that people allege this drama was stirred up to “raise camscore,” and makes it clear her intent was spotlighting this predatory behavior. Clashing with other camgirls ensued. Haylie thought it was contradictory to be accused of “getting attention” and “being shady” at the same time. She brings up InfiniteLoaded being involved in every Lana drama and how strange it was that this dude worshiped Lana Rain “like crazy.” Haylie also makes mention of how “fucked up” it is that Terence knew the minor’s sexual fetishes. To her, this in itself proves that the minor was inappropriately involved in the camgirl community. Plus, Terence tweeted hentai at both the minor and Lana. And Lana replied to it saying it looked like the minor’s expression.

QueenHayliexo re-emphasizes this had nothing to do with Lana with being a top earner on ManyVids. She was concerned about the ripple effect it could have on the camgirl community. To make an analogy, Haylie mentions how Pewdiepie’s controversy with the Wall Street Journal that happened earlier in the year had a long-term impact on YouTuber’s ad revenue. She wasn’t afraid of the legal action threats that Lana was brandying about on Twitter.

WHICH was what Terence decided to lunge about her. “I’m just gonna post this Youtube video here that @queenhayliexo made. This’ll be GOLD for a defamation suit,” Terence tweeted. Stoking the drama flames.

“her YT channel is a blatant display of screaming for attention. Her lack of sincerity & work ethic shows,” Terence said. “Her YT channel is the kind that continues the negative/looked down upon outdated image of sex workers. Brings nothing sincere or innovative.”

“Ur not exactly doing yourself any favors asking for respect in your profession when you have videos about how many people you had sex with,” Lana added.

Attached to that thread, Terence gave a lengthy response to the video. Here it is as written, I recommend reading it. But I understand that Terence comes off as very wordy. Also at times inaccurate. I made it more concise in this pastebin. I had to rewatch the video by Haylie a dozen more times, trying to make sense of what Terence was referring to. None of the timestamps lined up at all, and in the case of the first citation by him, he pulls a quote from Haylie out of thin air. 

The backlash caught the attention of another camgirl who decided to talk about it.

A second video on the situation was made by Indigo White. This was a weeks after QueenHayliexo’s, and more had transpired in the time since then. However, the 35-minute run time is filled with a lot of rambling. Anyway, she names Lana as a prominent camgirl of both ManyVids and MyFreeCams. Indigo gives the summary that Lana is dating a 16-year-old and decided to tell all of her followers about it. Again it’s re-emphasized that while the relationship in itself isn’t illegal, there are illegal things that could take place within said relationship.

Indigo shares screencaps of conversations had on Twitter.

  1. “You said you never heard black people saying an English word other than “bitch”, I can totally see why now. Bitch,” the minor tweeted. “Oh my god I’m cumming. I’m sorry @lana_rain” replied InfiniteLoaded. “xD i saw this reaction CUMMING a mile away the moment I read her sentence. Trust me I know, she’s adorable isn’t she ^_^” replied Lana.
  2. The minor Lana was dating tweeted a link to a medical dictionary about Gout in a trolling attempt about “promoting pedophilia.” To which Lana replied “wtf is wrong with you.” A regular of Lana’s community jumped in the conversation. “Veronica no everyone is going to be on your ass again,” they tweeted.
  3. “let’s be honest, this “you’re sixteen so you cant date a twenty year old” is just a programmed response. it’s something we’ve heard many people advise against, so now you just repeat it back when the appropriate opportunity presents itself. we all actually do this with a whole lot of shit. the average person rly doesn’t have much critical and independent thought,” tweeted the minor in defense of their relationship with Lana. “Myexwas 29 when was 20, no one gave a fuck.It should be just a number.Dude years back 14 years where getting pregnant of our fathers fathers,” one of Lana’s regulars responded.
  4. “Also again!! Just so you all know!! The 16 year old ASKED ME TO DM HER I DID and she told me she is uncomfortable about all of this! She NEVER wanted @lana_rain to make her age public, or even their relationship. Lana started by telling close friends/regs. Lana is a predator,” tweeted LotteOddities.
  5. In a follow-up, LotteOddities said: “but this situation is SO MUCH more complicated- i don’t know that i could confront my abuser on this large of a scale myself. SO i am here if you feel unsafe, if you are scared, if you feel isolated and alone- let me help you. BUT if you continue this bullshit know i fucking offered. i understand. i myself am a victim of child grooming. it was not easy to leave my abuser(s) but i did it.”
  6. “Me running away from the cops with @VeronPan cuz im a child predator on the loose yo,” tweeted Lana.
  7. “What kind of vids would u guys like,” asked Lana. “im actually surprised that so many people want to hear u rant abt something when u usually avoid doing so. VOTE FOR RANT MY NIGGASSSS,” replied the minor. “Honestly wouldn’t have voted rant because of the drama recently. But vlogs were nicer. Have you seen lana angry yet?” tweeted one of Lana’s regulars.
  8. “[A-Tier DIAMOND] “Ann Takamaki: A Look Behind The PERSONA” – my most meticulously designed & constructed video ever,” Lana tweeted, sharing a link to a ManyVids video. “My cum would look cuter on you :)” replied the minor. “Get back on u stupid ho. U know who took a walk so we can cum on each other’s faces all we want,” replied Lana.
  9. “Whenever this gets near my face, I can’t help but want to put my mouth over it…can you imagine? You’re like me right?” Lana wrote, tagging in the minor. “when is it comin out bro,” the minor replied. “when your mouth is open wide and you look convincing enough,” Lana tweeted back.
  10. “Did I mention this vid also features the first time I use this new fuck machine for an extremely rare anal fuck scene? No? Well now you know,” tweeted Lana. “You need jesus,” said the minor. “We both need something, and it’s not jesus,” replied Lana.
  11. “Yeah my butt took quite the beat from several BBCs yesterday. Help me soothe the pain :(” tweeted the minor. “Dude, that image is hot. I’m not even kidding around,” replied Lana.
  12. “@lana_rain and @VeronPan I can’t stress this enough thank you for always being the highlight of my day ❤️ I will always have your guys backs,” tweeted one of Lana’s regulars.
  13. “I overslept bigtime -.- im sorry. I’ll be on as Kanna from Dragon Maid tonight at around my usual time ~11:30pm,” tweeted Lana. “I am definitely going to Jail after watching this,” responded a viewer (Indigo provides context by pointing out this Kanna character is age 8 or 9).
  14. “Then again that still doesn’t change the fact to view pornographic content on the internet you must be eighteen or older,” someone wrote. “Oh so it;s a crime for a minor to view 18+ content?” replied InfiniteLoaded.

Indigo thought Lana’s treatment of race as a subject was “questionable.” Much like Haylie, Indigo points out Lana’s lack of emotional maturity in this whole thing. When it comes to talking about Terence, Indigo describes him as “one of Lana’s main tippers” and in an edit adds that Lana called themselves “IRL friends” with Terence. She points out that Lana and Terence have known each other since Lana was 14. Indigo thought it was pretty bizarre that an adult man (Terence would’ve been 22/23 when he first met Lana) was nowadays watching a girl masturbate on camera. A girl he met when they were a minor.

Indigo was frustrated that it seemed like the minor wasn’t taking the situation with Lana seriously. Sexual assault and grooming is a dangerous thing that screws up the brain. The community was concerned about what was going on here. Addressing the legal aspects of it, Indigo says the whole “Lana lives in New Jersey” element doesn’t matter. That on the internet, soliciting anyone for sex under the age of 18 is illegal. No matter what. Indigo nitpicks every tweet screenshot she shows throughout. She’s willing to give the minor credit for their arguments when it was due. But still maintained an obvious concern about the situation this youngster found themselves in. Indigo saw Lana grooming a minor here.

With the LotteOddities fiasco, it was someone trying to reach out and offer help in case things were south for the minor here. But Lana and her crew started harassing LotteOddities when they found out about it. Indigo said their tactic was Terence and his team swarmed anyone that voiced criticism and concern with Lana related events. Their goal was to get the target to stop talking about it.

Lana’s immature responses to people’s concerns had an impact where the community and ManyVids turned their back on her, says Indigo.

Indigo then talks about a situation where Lana posted “videos of herself fingering herself and masturbating in front of children that were fully in view of the camera, not blurred.” She says Lana put the clip up on ManyVids where it was sold for a long time.

Indigo, as much of a try she was giving it with this video, made a mistake when they wrote: “& no I don’t have screenshots of it but she’s not disputing what’s in the video so yah…” I have to step in here personally and say that Indigo is entirely off the mark with that one. Lana and Terence made several tweets defending themselves in this situation or at least elaborating more on what their mindset was going into filming this thing.


  • (8:14 AM – 25 Sep 2017) “There was 1 child and he was on a swing rly far away barely visible, I overlooked it or i wouldnt have recorded at all. A mistake.”
  • (8:15 AM – 25 Sep 2017) “And a mistake like that doesn’t undo all that i am and all that ive done or suddenly turn me into a rotten person.”
  • (3:36 PM – 25 Sep 2017) “I chose a time when school was in, around 11AM so that there’s be none. We checked too. Saw none. Then moved further away. It was a mistake.”
  • (2:12 PM – 26 Sep 2017) “I don’t think 150 yards behind me, blurry&pixelated, semi-behind some objects, that I myself did not notice on my edit OR during filming- “
  • (2:12 PM – 26 Sep 2017) “should be counted as me trying to masturbate in front of children. It was a mistake in editing & in overlooking my overall surroundings.”
  • (2:13 PM – 26 Sep 2017) “there’s absolutely no reason for me to do that. No point in that. Why would I want for there to be a 10 pixel size “kid” 150 yrds behind me”
  • (2:27 PM – 26 Sep 2017) “How does what I said equate to me choosing a school/playground? I said I chose a time when school was in, around 11 AM. Its called a CITY”
  • (2:37 PM – 26 Sep 2017) “Its really hard to get good risky footage. I can assure u we didnt care about the playground, only that there were no kids.”
  • (2:38 PM – 26 Sep 2017) “Because youre trying to say I purposely chose it to BE a playground to try to imply that I purposely wanted kids to be there. Makes no sense”
  • (2:40 PM – 26 Sep 2017) “We were more worried about cops & high populations on my front angle. We check places to make sure no kids, there’s only 1 I missed. Mistake”
  • (2:41 PM – 26 Sep 2017) “And its also a lot easier to control the area when there’s a certain limit of ppl and good angle to hide. Keep in mind this is NYC.”
  • (2:43 PM – 26 Sep 2017) “Why would I add to more editing? And if I’m just going to edit them out why “include” them at all? Why is every example so small?”
  • (2:46 PM – 26 Sep 2017) “Did you see the footage? The incident is very small. 150yrds behind me & blurry. I was very careful but I still missed it.”
  • (3:12 PM – 26 Sep 2017) “Girl shut the fuck up please, it wasn’t a school lmfao”


  • (5:57 AM – 26 Sep 2017) “Yo this is fuckin HILARIOUS. ‘Being in a relationship with her is WRONG’ ‘she INCLUDED children in the background!'”
  • (10:09 AM – 26 Sep 2017) “I’m pretty sure kids are inside schools at 11 AM even when you’re not right next to one. Whats stupid is u can actually locate that park.”
  • (10:17 AM – 26 Sep 2017) “She never said it was a school. God you’re retarded lmao.”
  • (10:21 AM – 26 Sep 2017) “Explain to me how that means that scene she’s filming in is a school”
  • (10:23 AM – 26 Sep 2017) “Well if he thinks its a school the authorities can look up the location and see there’s no school. But hes too mentally challenged to c that”
  • (10:25 AM – 26 Sep 2017) “Basketball court/playground =/= school. Try again.”
  • (10:33 AM – 26 Sep 2017) “Just like how I proved you wrong just now that 1) its not a school & that can be looked up 2) that she never meant the way u meant it”
  • (10:34 AM – 26 Sep 2017) “Nah, I have more than that: Like the fact there’s no schools anywhere near that park area :)”
  • (2:08 PM – 26 Sep 2017) “She was just choosing to film anywhere that had an angle to hide from people, while still being next to something like a building’s entrance”
  • (2:08 PM – 26 Sep 2017) “shit like ‘it needing to be a playground’ or that it even was, wasn’t on any of the ppl’s minds at all that were there with her.”
  • (2:08 PM – 26 Sep 2017) “She was just choosing to film anywhere that had an angle to hide from people, while still being next to something like a building’s entrance”
  • (2:22 PM – 26 Sep 2017) “No she doesn’t. 3 of us were there with her, that kind of shit wasn’t on our minds at all. That would be really really really really stupid”
  • (2:23 PM – 26 Sep 2017) “Shes in NYC. She chooses places with potential for crowd behind her but no1 in front of her. Hence the angle with the building entrance.”
  • (2:35 PM – 26 Sep 2017) “So you’re saying she chose the playground on purpose? What for? What motive? Why give urself more stuff to edit out/worry about?”

Indigo said the public flashing videos on places like PornHub weren’t real. Bystanders are paid and aware of what’s happening. Otherwise, it would be “highly illegal, gross, and creepy.” Indigo was convinced Terence is an actual child predator given his responses during this September 2017 Lana situation. Indigo had heard that Lana was going to be on NBC and was curious if they’d ask her tough questions about the current controversy she was in.

Indigo responded that if Lana had to schedule a porn shoot around “when school was in session” that the shoot in of itself is just a bad idea in the first place. Beyond that Indigo elaborated that there was a lack of control of who stays and goes through a public place. She was highly skeptical that Lana didn’t look over the footage before uploading it. Indigo brings up a video sold to ManyVids in July 2017 where Lana masturbated in a public street in New York City. It becomes hypocritical when a September 2017 “Slutwalk” ManyVids contest that Lana won is weighed against that. Winners got money and a chance to go to the Slutwalk event itself, but Lana chose just to keep the money and not go.

There was a public protest against ManyVids where folks in the community emailed the site to take Lana’s video down. Some people deleted their accounts in protest. Their initial response, Indigo says, was ManyVids saying “we hear you” but not giving a hoot because the video made them money. Their patchwork solution was telling Lana to blur out the faces.

But that wasn’t satisfactory for the community. ManyVids eventually put out a statement after people’s discontent persisted.


Indigo shows us a flurry of screenshots that take us through the public backlash ManyVids received for their slow and inadequate reactions to the Lana situation. ManyVids blocked people’s Twitters, for instance.

“So @ManyVids removed public flashing videos altogether by tightening the rules. I agree with the move & I’ll support it 100%,” Lana tweeted on September 27th, 2017.

Indigo wasn’t even sure or not if the minor involved with Lana was even real. But she voiced her worries about what their private chats looked like, given the state of their public interactions. Furthermore Indigo stated that if this debate is arguing about legalities, then priorities were misplaced.

Terence also tried to blame Eevee again. Someone brought up the time that EightLoaded tried to dox her, and Eevee posted proof of that.

and no I am NOT posting the version with my name. Anyone is welcome to privately dm me for the link,” she said.

“Timeline of events: 1) Poached 2) Got shady 3) Ignored communication despite us wanting to make up 4) We left her alone for a whole year,” Terence repliedAs you can tell from the earlier section of tweets, Terence did not “leave her alone.” He harassed her constantly on Twitter.  “5) She starts spreading numerous VERY SERIOUS lies about every1 in SECRET to diff cam models 6) We confront at Exxxotica on film.,” Terence continues.

Eevee called that out. “nope doxxed me within that 1 yr time frame and had an hour long skype call where we did resolve. Even apologized on twitter. U took it as me admitting fault and a reason to prosecute me anyway. 2 yrs later get a video recorded of me about claims I NEVER made and have proof of.

She went on to resolve any other lingering matters. “I’m not arguing if i poached or not cause it’s besides the point. I absolutely had no intentions of doing so and lost whatever tippers I had shared with them after the fallout anyway. I’m not and never was making more than them and that was never my goal. My goal was just to make a living. Idk what they want just please remove my name and the vid.”

“Evee’s 1 of the easiest ppl 2 read thru. She changes her story every year doesnt help either. Constantly pretends that the internet forgets.” Lana replied.

Eevee said the rest of her piece:

nothing I can do can stop them. See how I have offered to apologize and still nothing? That means it’s beyond an apology that’s wanted. whatever I’d happily apologize and have publicly, in private, whatever. my pride isn’t something I value more than my safety and income. there’s evidence of them bullying me that’s all I care about. If you want to talk shit about my business and sway people from giving me $ that is in your jurisdiction. You want to physically intimidate me and leak personal info? Not okay. I have not done that to anyone. also confused why I never got taken to court for stealing cc or saying I lived with them? I have proof neither happened…

The drama layer, that laid beneath the surface layer of Lana Rain, wasn’t the deepest this rabbit hole got.

Then there were the drugs.

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