Quantum Synchronicity: The Ballad of Terence “BLooDCalibuR” Sanchez

2015 Drama


We turn next to a video titled “The Truth,” uploaded on Lana’s channel in August 2015. EightLoaded did a video too. Uploaded on August 18th, 2015, the same day as Lana’s. It’s 46 minutes long and only plays in the left-ear of (at least my) headphones. Apparently, he waited until her video was up before adding to the pile-on. Whatever tweets were on Terence’s account before this incident, we’ll never know. The earliest available go back to August 13th, 2015. Five days before this video was uploaded.

Lana says a Soundcloud recording that was going around originated after Lana, Terence, and a bunch of other people went to this Korean restaurant and got shitfaced drunk. Lana so much so that she bit her lip. “I have an idea. Let’s tell him you got punched in the face to see what he does,” EightLoaded suggested.

Lana dated someone who for the sake of simplicity we’ll name Guy. Lana and Guy had a bad break-up. More of this is explained in Terence’s video. He schemed with Lana to set things up to Guy to make it look like Lana got punched in the face. Reason being is Terence said Guy couldn’t use “you’re Lana’s friend” as an excuse to avoid confronting Terence. Terence said that’s what the recording is all about. He says it was obvious that in the recording itself “they had an agenda,” and that an idiot wouldn’t realize it was a set-up when they both came in and admitted to the alleged confrontation. His initial reaction was to want to see a picture. Terence says he and Lana let Guy know the truth later that morning. Terence says there are logs proving that. Furthermore, Terence condemns Guy for sleeping on it. Also for claiming to be short on cash for as to why he didn’t fly out immediately to “save” Lana. Then the tipping tokens with weird messages happened. Terence emphasizes this was the first time Guy ever came around to tip.

They staged EightLoaded beating Lana Rain, so this Guy Lana was dating thought Lana’s life was in danger. In the day afterward, she played a League of Legends match with Guy. EightLoaded came in, pretended to instigate, and they both left for two to three minutes. After Lana came back, she told Guy a fight happened. Lana misled Guy via text to let him think “something was up” beforehand. She says she didn’t expect Guy to record everything, but that text is why he did.

Lana Rain lied about getting beaten to prove some other guy was a pathological liar. She said she had an inkling of that after lying about being Master tier on League of Legends, about some million dollar contract, and repeatedly saying he’d do “anything” for Lana. She says Guy shouldn’t have made the recording public. Lana blocked Guy off for harassment. She said she told him things wouldn’t work out relationship-wise because they had “different philosophies,” on top of the fact she felt like she couldn’t trust him and wasn’t looking for a serious relationship. Lana wanted to move on, but Guy didn’t. She says after that the Guy started tipping her tokens and writing creepy notes alongside them. But she didn’t want his money. Lana says it upset him that Lana told him “fuck off I’m not interested.”

Lana says that was the catalyst for Guy contacting this camgirl named Eevee.  Lana said Guy did this because he knows Eight said terrible things about her. But thinks it was hypocritical because Guy agreed with Eight during these conversations.

“THIS WAS ALL AN ACT TO PROVE TO THE GUY that he was full of shit. And it was proven BECAUSE HE SLEPT ON IT LOL,” Lana tweeted.

Here’s that Soundcloud recording.

Lana goes on to address Eevee.  Lana distances herself from her, claiming not to have spoken much to Eevee in the first place. Lana says Eevee’s real intention was “getting back at Eight because he wrote those things about her.” She says she tried getting in touch with Eevee to smooth things out after hearing Guy went to her, but Eevee wasn’t responding to texts (if you look at the texts themselves they aren’t as “smooth” as implied). Lana didn’t understand why Eevee was doing this and said it was “pure evil.” Lana completely contradicts herself in first distancing herself from Eevee, while later saying “we’re friends so you shouldn’t have gone behind my back.”

Eevee made a post about Lana that was apparently provocative enough to warrant a full reply from her. Lana sets out to “debunk” the whole thing and says despite Eevee’s claims to the contrary, that this effort was intended to attack Lana’s career. Much of this also involves Lana’s close friend EightLoaded. She says this drama involving her is to “get back” at him. Lana believes that if Eevee and others genuinely cared about her well-being, they’d have come directly to her about it. Instead, they went to “get information” from someone Lana was speaking with for two months.

What did Eevee say? “that soundcloud is horrendous. im in tears i cant even finish listening to it,” she had tweeted. “Evee, you cant even say that with a straight face. I texted you days ago and you never replied, because you know u lie,” Lana responded.

Lana said Eevee knew the “real story.”

Lana ends her video by talking about a cat, saying Eevee lied about what went on with that. Lana explains EightLoaded’s “help” for Eevee with dealing with her career, and personal issues involved Terence doing a series of “tests” on Eevee. Lana stresses that Eevee agreed to that. A trust test they conducted involved feeding information. So when the group got into a chat about selling out your friend for a million dollars, Eevee claimed she’d never sell EightLoaded out because he “saved her career and life. Terence was skeptical, so he got Lana to do something to Eevee. A task which said she didn’t agree to do but did it anyway because she’s a “loyal friend.” She wrote a text to Eevee (which Lana said in itself was real) about a cat dying. But after the fact, Lana revealed to her that the cat in question was alive. Apparently, Eevee DID post a picture of a dead cat, but that one died after Lana gave it hard food and the cat in question choked on it.

Just to hit this point home. This was an actual “test” that Terence did to someone. The goal of the test was to tell Eevee a cat was dead when it wasn’t. That’s the whole scope of the situation and there wasn’t any win or failing conditions for it. It’s not explained how telling someone a cat died is a test of loyalty.

“Its obvious this is all done because the 3 main members involved have an agenda against me. One is a guy who cant take rejection, and another is a model who got exposed for not telling g/g partners about her STD and the third is a model who became afraid of being exposed for trying to poach my tippers on my own teamspeak,” Lana wrote on Twitter.

The drama was so heated Lana said she was willing to take a polygraph test. Again, this is over a charade where Lana claimed Terence hit her just to see if this guy would follow through on his word and take things to the authorities. But all Lana did was get drunk at a Korean BBQ restaurant and bit her lip. She had nothing urgent to hide but now was ready to get into some drama feud. All EightLoaded was doing, according to Lana, was “protect” her from this person who couldn’t handle rejection. Eevee “disappointed” her. Lana said she got in this mess for her own reasons surrounding “tipper poaching.”

“so you lied about being abused to see if a guy would fight 8? That’s kinda fucked up tbh,” someone tweeted at Lana.

“No, to see if he would come save me lmfao,” Lana replied back. But then she claims she didn’t want any drama.

Let’s take a closer look at Terence’s video specifically. This story as described by Terence is completely glossed over in Lana’s version of events.

Terence says this whole situation is silly but then says everyone knows he’s a Twitter/Chaturbate troll. He says this is a case where Guy can’t “handle his own lies,” going as far as to say this person has been a pathological liar their whole life. At least in the case of Guy trying to join Lana’s group, everything this person has claimed was “debunked.” One of these things was claiming to be Master’s tier at League of Legends. Terence goes through how he broke down Guy’s claim on that front. This included beating him in a 1 vs. 1 match. But Terence brings us back around to the main point. He says his “wife and his girl” raised Lana these past few years before Lana ran away from the mother. Terence said his original purpose was to “protect” Lana but now claims not to be really doing that anymore. In the face of the “creepers and stalkers” of the cam world, he says Lana “grew up in a bubble” and is naive at times. Terence says he’s not here to “cockblock” people from hitting on Lana and is only a “bodyguard” to keep people in line. By that, meaning to stop people from manipulating her. In the case of Guy, Terence approached him after a month of Guy teaching Lana how to play League of Legends. He doubted Guy’s playing techniques, and somehow Terence was able to tell Guy was bullshitting him from that. This got Guy frustrated in the face of trying to impress Lana. He gets mad at Terence, and Terence said he ignored it. It crossed the line when Guy called Terence a “little bitch.” So Terence shows up when Lana and Guy were hanging out. Terence told Lana beforehand that he was coming and she was cool with that. He walks into her place and confronts Guy. Terence said he was seasoned on how the “Tough Guy experience” works since he grew up in Brooklyn. Terence said Guy, a grown man, was scared of the five foot zero inches tall Terence. Terence says Guy turned pale once he saw him. Terence said his  “code of honor” stopped him from beating Guy up for “talking shit” on the internet. This guy’s fear was enough to work with for him. Terence said Guy tried to hide he was scared. But the first time Guy spoke up, Terence said Guy’s voice cracked when saying “did you come here to fight me” to him. Terence said he laughed and “shoved his chest” against Guy. He turned his back to talk to Lana and said to Guy “now’s your chance motherfucker, do something.” Terence said Guy put himself into a situation where he “needed to” fight. Terence said he was giving this guy all the chances in the world to fight him. But Guy backed off once realizing he was Lana’s friend. Terence was mad that “he used the girl as a cop-out.” The guy was trying to be masculine and trying to impress her, Terence says. Terence said Lana explained this to Guy, right in front of him. He got mad at Guy for saying that he was in “30-40 fights” because Guy used an “interval.”

This led Terence to grab Guy’s skull and brought it ALL THE WAY DOWN to his five foot zero inches level, and “ground foreheads” with this dude. “Look me in the eye,” Terence growled at Guy. “Tell me again you’ve been in 30 to 40 fights.”

Terence denies Guy’s claim that Terence put a knife to his throat. What Terence said happened was he got angry because Guy was being “too obedient” whenever Terence was calling out to him. He took his blades out and offered Guy the opportunity to use Terence’s own knives against him. He wanted to see Guy’s reaction. Terence said Guy cried and started apologizing. It proved Guy was a “little bitch” according to Terence.

Then Terence mentions Eevee. He says Guy went to right Eevee minutes after Lana blocked Guy on Twitter. Terence said Guy talked shit about Eevee and called her a “fake.” Terence said he was about to “expose” Eevee for “poaching tippers” from Lana Rain. Terence says there aren’t two sides to that story and that Eevee knows she screwed up. He says since he has such a good repertoire with everyone in Lana’s Teamspeak it was inevitable he was going to find out about all this.

Terence mentions Guy adding GoldenGoddess, but that didn’t make any sense to him besides the fact he took potshots at her on Twitter. But the Ms. B thing made sense because Terence exposed her STD. “You of all people talking about what’s acceptable, are you serious?”

“WHO IS MS. B?” Ms. B is a camgirl mentioned in Lana’s video. She said in her piece there was no reason for her to get involved in the August 2015 drama going on here because, according to Lana, Ms. B admitted to not liking her. Lana says Ms. B gave her ex-boyfriend an STD “out of greed” and was about to give it to Lana’s friend Katie when they were going to do a show together. Like Eevee, Lana said Ms. B “just wanted to get back at Eight.”

Terence posted a video relating to the scandal of Ms. B not telling her sexual partners she had an STD. It’s a video that Ms. B’s ex-husband recorded right after telling Katie about the STD. Terence said Ms. B was “fucking greedy” and didn’t tell Katie about it before a livestream show the two were going to do (you can read more about this drama in one of Terence’s website posts).

Terence says all this shows that the group speaking up had no “credibility” in this situation. Terence said putting up that video was virtuous and that he did it for the ex-husband. To get the “truth” out and “save people.” He calls himself a “necessary evil.” Terence also alleges Ms. B’s new boyfriend had broken up with them after hearing about the kerfuffle.

EightLoaded caused a lot of damage in what he said was a virtuous act. But later on, he’d backtrack and take it downMonths after the damage was done.


Terence said he only did this video of his to help out for Lana. He says he’s here to “make them look bad and ridicule them.”

Let’s explore the depth of this Eevee/Terence feud.

Terence said he helped out Eevee’s career and she wasn’t grateful for that. He tells of how Eevee ran away from an ex-boyfriend and stayed at someone else’s place for a few days. Terence, said Eevee badmouthed this couple to him after the fact and complained about them. He said she needed to get an “ass whooping” from someone to get things out of her system. Terence claimed to be “good to” Eevee and “protected her too” when meeting fans. He said he paid for Eevee’s food, travel, and helped her out with family problems. Terence said he also helped Eevee’s boyfriend find a job, and helped her through mental issues. He said he does everything he can to help out a camgirl’s life, so they look good on camera.

Terence said he was testing Eevee about the “cat thing.” He makes it a point that she consented to this sort of thing.

“I’ve survived 26 years of doing dumb shit when I was a teenager and all the way to now and before that because I do things smart. Whatever fucked up thing I do in life is? I do it smart. I do, I maneuver my way intelligently. You know what I’m saying? Around every situation. I avoid shit like you know going to jail, shit like that,” Terence says about all this drama.


The picture above is from one of the posts on the EightLoaded website, where Terence wrote a hit piece against one of Eevee’s Chaturbate mods. Consider that a preview of what to expect here. I didn’t add the red marker, either. The devil horns over Eevee’s head are Terence’s own additions.

In case I didn’t make that clear. Terence goes to great lengths with mentioning Eevee on this website. I have to point out that it wasn’t the only thing Terence wrote about on his site. There was more discussion about the Ms. B feud as that was unfolding. Sometimes he made fun of feminists. Other times he gave advice on how to be an excellent Chaturbate moderator. Which is ironic since Terence “EightLoaded” Sanchez has had people report him to Chaturbate’s administrative staff for his poor behavior. Then there are the usual one-off shots at randoms that said something terrible on Twitter about Lana Rain (thus, causing EightLoaded to go into protect mode).

When it comes to his Eevee posts, in particular, EightLoaded wasn’t kind. He wrote one of them specifically to give her an “English lesson” and shame her for her college education. Similar sorts of jabs were thrown via Twitter.

What did Eevee have to say? Well, from what we can gather, there’s a full response to Terence from her.

in response to your post on 08/03/15, I acknowledge your right to criticisms and or complaints you have against my business but this is my first and formal request asking that you cease and desist these types of communications. You may pm me or contact me at havesexwithraviolis@gmail.com to discuss issues you may have with me but please refrain from tagging me in posts of this nature in the future. Thank you.

Despite erasing the tweets themselves on their account, Terence’s tweets in this conversation can be found in one of their website’s picture posts detailing the encounter. However, his arrangement of Eevee’s tweets is messy. He circles particular parts of it as somehow “proof” of her “bullshit.” With that in mind, it’s probably easier to just give you the full reply from her.


what would resolve this? A check for your part in helping me? To meet up face to face? I wouldn’t mind apologizing for how things ended up. It wasn’t my intention but I know intentions don’t translate to action and how things have been perceived. If you give me a list of tippers that come in my room that it seems I’ve stolen, I will gladly tell them not to come in my room or return the tokens they gave me. What would it take to resolve this because $$$ isn’t something I care a lot about. I have resources, I chose to do this because it’s fun and as messed up as it is I have wanted to do this since I was younger. Take that as you will, but please let me know how we can fix this. I’ll give you a check, give back tippers, apologize, go back down to 200 viewers. Just tell me what it will take to fix this. I’ll admit I was really caught up with money when I was in school. I falsely thought tips and money meant people liked me I still worry about ppl not tipping me meaning they don’t like me or that I suck. But it’s not about that. It took me being separated from you to realize that and look at my anxious behavior and how toxic it was. I have changed my family knows about this and would welcome me quitting to go back to school which they’d happily pay for again but I want to do this. All you have to do is tell me what will make it right and I’ll do it, as long as it doesn’t harm me.”

Terence says no amount of money can win back their “good graces” for Eevee. He says that it was only through his, Lana’s, and the help of other people that Eevee was able to get their footing in the camgirl community. Then he shows screenshots of what’s implied to be a chat with a lawyer friend of Terence’s who responds to Eevee’s tweets. Following that up, Terence shames Eevee for being poorer than him.


so is saying you’ll pull the bottom brick. look, for the final time, email me if you have further issues but I’m not subjecting myself to this defamation. you’re within your rights to criticize my business but I am asking, for a second time, that you stop making posts of this nature about me.”

Terence mocks and ridicules Eevee for being too dependent on him in the first place. In another post from around this time frame, he regurgitates much of the stuff mentioned already. There’s a reason why this is important. Terence claims to want to help people and raise their careers up, but in cases like Eevee’s, he doesn’t pull any punches for his anger that things didn’t work out.

“I’m not afraid to admit it. I would gladly kill billions of people for a friend, or even just on a whim if it brings me entertainment (and it would). But one thing I would never do, is be dishonorable to those honorable to me,” Terence wrote.

Let’s look past how outrageous that line of thinking is on the surface here. EightLoaded’s mantra is it’s “disrespectful” if he feels those he helps are ungrateful. There’s more to this feud between Eevee and Terence, as you can imagine. In one instance Terence was going after Eevee and her regulars in what he called a “token trading” scheme on Chaturbate. Which he explains takes place to make camgirls look good by propping up their intake. The only reason Terence is able to analyze any of this in the first place is that  he had a programmer make him a rudimentary monitoring program that can detect token transactions. This brings up questions about Terence’s own practices in “token trading” in of itself. If he has this exclusive look into other people’s token trading, it indicates at least a personal vested interest in that practice. But I digress.

Then there was the case of when Eevee posted content given to her from someone who obtained unauthorized access to Lana Rain’s Skype account. Terence said someone accessed both her Skype and GMAIL accounts via a keylogger program. But instead of focusing on the hacker themselves, Terence rails on Eevee for posting screenshots given to her by that person. He lays out the smoking gun of evidence being a phone recording with the hacker in question admitting to giving it to Eevee. Terence goes as far as to threaten a criminal investigation of the matter. But in the screed presented to us in his post, he goes about it in the most roundabout way, using the opportunity as a means of social pressure rather than getting anything substantial done about it.

It was apparently enough of a big deal to Terence to warrant a second post and even a third.  The situation described by him sounds severe and terrible. I’m not implying it’s any other way. But there’s another problem going here. I’ll let Terence himself demonstrate their intentions to dance around with words rather than following through.

(Bold Emphasis added by me):

“I’ll say it again. When you deal with me, you can never know if your move is yours or if it’s exactly what I want you to do. This is how I work, this is how I operate. This is how I stay within the confines of the law. I do the law breaking stuff when I’m dealing with actually dangerous people, you’re a joke I stretched out across a year. I’ll leave you a hint, even though you’re probably too slow to put all the pieces together: The moment you decided to quit basic college to pursue a cam career when I was helping you with camming, is the moment you were caught by design.

Terence just goes on like that for the rest of the post. He believes winning a battle online involves saying more words and acting like he’s the most threatening party.

I just want to hit the point home that Terence, who has said that he’s addicted to helping other camgirls in the community raise their careers up, decided to use that very thing as ammo against Eevee.

I’m saying this directly because Terence demonstrates it in that fashion. In this post on Terence’s site, there’s a list of 27 different things that Terence says he did for Eevee. If you want to know the specifics and particulars of that, EightLoaded is more than happy to provide. It mentions the usual stuff like income and viewership increases. But also very seemingly small and mundane things.

“I offered to cook and make the same exact sandwich you wanted from the Deli, but you insisted that I go outside and buy it for you instead. The next day, when I finally made it by hand for you, you admitted it tasted the same if not better,” Terence wrote.

Of course, Terence also admits to attacking Eevee on Twitter. For whatever his reasons were. For that reason alone we can say Terence harassed Eevee as a statement of fact. But I can show you. Click any of the words in this sentence to see a tweet from Terence, cumulatively coming together as a roughly two-year long campaign to make Eevee feel absolutely miserable.

In summation for this section, I want you to consider the following: notice how a situation that first started off talking about Lana Rain, in the end, becomes all about Terence? It’s that dynamic that I mentioned before starting this section, where EightLoaded intensely attaches himself to her. It’s something that Lana barely even touched on in her own video discussing the drama going on. But if you peel back the wallpaper, it reveals the disgusting grime of the overall situation underneath.

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