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  • Sterling “parting ways” with DToid [4 Updates]
  • Stuart Dinsey out at MCV [2 Updates]

Sterling “parting ways” with DToid

Kyle Orland <> Nov 01 03:49PM -0400: “But as I constantly change, so too does Destructoid, and my continually expanding duties in the field of games media mean I cannot give Destructoid …more

Daniel Starkey <> Nov 01 02:55PM -0500: Jim’s and Destructoid have both done so much to get me on my own start here. I owe them the world (and I think I owe Niero several everythings at this point). I wish them both the best and hope I …more

Samit Sarkar <> Nov 01 04:09PM -0400: Man. Jim became reviews editor a few months after I joined the site in February 2008, so it’s crazy to think that he had been there before me and is leaving now. I also saw that Hamza Aziz is now …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 01 05:10PM -0400: By the way guys, I heard through the grapevine that Hamza Aziz is now CEO at Destructoid. Niero is the owner but he’s focusing on Destructoid Huge now. Please share this news, on this very thread …more

Stuart Dinsey out at MCV

Kyle Orland <> Nov 01 03:58PM -0400: He oversaw over 15 years and 762 issues of the weekly trade rag. That ain’t nothing!

Harold Goldberg <> Nov 01 04:44PM -0400: Awesome. 15 years. How does that even happen in this day and age? That’s old school, like a career at IBM in the 1960s.

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  • Sterling “parting ways” with DToid [2 Updates]

Sterling “parting ways” with DToid

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Nov 01 01:44PM -0700: Not sure if you caught this earlier, but also relevant: Hamza Aziz is now CEO at Destructoid, meaning he has final say on all staff and financial decisions related to the publication. …more

Samit Sarkar <> Nov 01 06:35PM -0400: Actual news: My actual birthday is not for another 10 days, actually. -Samit

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  • Where critics and the audience diverge [5 Updates]

Where critics and the audience diverge

Kyle Orland <> Nov 04 02:14PM -0500: Good post that’s been making the rounds about movie types that audiences seem to love and critics seem to hate: Obvious parallels to …more

Scott Nichols <> Nov 04 11:22AM -0800: I think there’s a close analog found in much of the F2P market, which falls into this category of critically panned/ignored games that reach huge success with an audience. …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 04 02:24PM -0500: That’s not bad, but I’d narrow it to Facebook/social games games these days, since free-to-play is being so widely used in all sorts of genres. Good point also that being ignored can be as bad/worse …more

“William O’Neal” <> Nov 04 11:28AM -0800: It may also be that more movies (relative to games) get media attention. Additionally, movies are much more likely to receive media attention from so-called mainstream outlets with a wider reach. …more

Daniel Starkey <> Nov 04 01:45PM -0600: I see a lot of parallels, but more often than not I think the general approach that many critics have to games as a “boxed product” keeps the two closer. Many readers in my experience howl when …more

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  • Jim Sterling on secrecy [19 Updates]
  • Your check — from a publisher — is in the mail [14 Updates]
  • Where critics and the audience diverge [2 Updates]

Jim Sterling on secrecy

Kyle Orland <> Nov 05 10:39AM -0500: Some good points in this video, but I think Jim is just plain wrong about the Sony review event. Yes, you do have to …more

Britton Peele <> Nov 05 11:43AM -0600: Is that true, Kyle? I got invited to the event but have to turn it down (no money for travel, and I can’t accept travel from companies I’m covering), so I don’t know the details. But I assumed that …more

Max Parker <> Nov 05 12:44PM -0500: From what I understand, there’s a 1-hr private appointment that acts as a tutorial. That time can also be used for dev interviews. After that, you’re free. That’s how it was explained to me. …more

Max Parker <> Nov 05 12:45PM -0500: Appointments are spaced out over those two days. …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 05 12:46PM -0500: Echoing what Max said. My rep said that if you want to head home with your system at 11 am on Monday, you can. -KO

Britton Peele <> Nov 05 11:49AM -0600: Wow. While that does make it much better than the “review this console in our controlled environment!” thing we feared, it’s even more ridiculous that they want people to go to that thing at all. …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 05 12:50PM -0500: I got the impression that if you absolutely couldn’t make the event, they could send a console out, but they couldn’t guarantee when you’d get it. I didn’t look much into those details in any case …more

Britton Peele <> Nov 05 11:56AM -0600: I’m under the impression that I’m being sent one, but it’s definitely going to be after the 11th. They still haven’t told me for sure. It’s not like the system launches next week or anything. <_< …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 05 12:56PM -0500: Definitely with you there, Britton. The timing and vagueness from Sony has been horrible on all fronts. -KO

Ryan Smith <> Nov 05 12:00PM -0600: It hasn’t been ideal for me, I’m going out to NYC on my own dime, but it’s been radio silence from Microsoft recently. So out of the two, Sony’s been easier.

Garrett Martin <> Nov 05 01:08PM -0500: For all the guff Nintendo catches, they handled the press side of their new console launch way better than these jokers.

Kyle Orland <> Nov 05 01:11PM -0500: Except for the Wii U’s Day 1 system update that launched 5 hours or so before the embargo lifted, and included so many of the basic features of the actual system that any launch day review was …more

Michael Rougeau <> Nov 05 10:31AM -0800: Is Sony only giving out consoles at the NY event and not at the SF event?

Kyle Orland <> Nov 05 01:33PM -0500: See I didn’t even know there was an SF event. DAMN THIS SECRECY! -KO

Garrett Martin <> Nov 05 01:34PM -0500: So will that PS4 day one patch be available for those with pre-launch units?

Kyle Orland <> Nov 05 01:37PM -0500: Remains to be seen exactly what state the early PS4s are in, but it would explain why people are getting them so late. -KO

Britton Peele <> Nov 05 12:52PM -0600: See, that’s another reason I figured the “review event” was actually a place where reviewing would take place. I assumed that systems there would have a near-final version of the day one patch …more

Michael Rougeau <> Nov 05 10:55AM -0800: Also consider the fact that users will be able to download the PS4 system update ahead of launch and install it to their consoles via USB to avoid a Wii U-style headache. This has been confirmed, so …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 05 01:56PM -0500: I recall the Vita being pretty much feature complete during pre-launch reviewing, even though some features like Netflix and Twitter didn’t hit until after the launch. -KO

Your check — from a publisher — is in the mail

Samit Sarkar <> Nov 04 08:51PM -0500: Here’s a question of ethics I’ve been thinking about for some time. For those who aren’t up on the situation: …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 04 08:58PM -0500: I don’t see this as ethically questionable at all, really. Yeah, you’re a game journalist, but in this context you’re a consumer that a court determined is entitled to a little bit of money, …more

Jason Wilson <> Nov 04 06:33PM -0800: Agree with Kyle — this is a consumer-rights issue, not a journalistic ethics issue. …more

James Fudge <> Nov 05 01:54AM -0500: If a writer is worried about it, they should just make a disclosure within the story. Clearly Owen did in a major way. Case closed 🙂
Christopher Grant <> Nov 05 10:26AM -0500: > Yeah, you’re a game journalist, but in this context you’re a consumer that > a court determined is entitled to a little bit of money, alongside millions > of others. To continue Samit’s …more

Britton Peele <> Nov 05 09:31AM -0600: I recall seeing in our employee ethics handbook that The Dallas Morning News strictly forbids reporting on companies you invest in. But I don’t know any details/specifics beyond that. …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 05 10:32AM -0500: That’s a decent point that applies more to when the case was winding its way through the courts: if you were going to potentially benefit from the outcome of that case, it could be seen as affecting …more

Patrick Klepek <> Nov 05 10:36AM -0600: Makes sense to receive the check so you can cover it, but cashing it? Is $60 worth having people raise an eyebrow at you? It wouldn’t be for me.

Kyle Orland <> Nov 05 11:39AM -0500: Lest we forget, EA is not above mailing journalists checks for PR purposes:

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 05 11:40AM -0500: That wasn’t a check; that was art. Fine, it was a check. A damn pretty check. …more

Mike Wehner <> Nov 05 10:41AM -0600: Unless you’re planning on writing an opinion piece about how the settlement should have been more, I don’t see it as a direct conflict at all. If you’re investing in a company you stand to benefit …more

Mike Wehner <> Nov 05 10:44AM -0600: Kyle, if EA really wanted to tempt the greed in us they’d have sent checks for $10,000. Cheapskates. …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 05 11:49AM -0500: Yes, being part of the settlement would probably only directly affect the way you covered the actual court case. But there’s at least the possibility of indirect influence on other coverage of the …more

Mike Wehner <> Nov 05 11:00AM -0600: If we’re going to stretch things that far, it’s not that much more to think that if a writer doesn’t like a particular game franchise from a particular publisher, that they would write with a more …more

Where critics and the audience diverge

Jason Venter <> Nov 04 01:31PM -0800: To add my own spin to what Dan just said… When I write for most outlets, I see my job as providing an answer to the question the reader is theoretically asking: “Should I spend my time or …more

Richard Mitchell <> Nov 05 09:47AM -0600: So what you’re saying is that Just Dance is the Vince Vaughn / Owen Wilson buddy comedy of video games?

Today’s Topic Summary


  • PS4 embargo: November 13th at 9AM ET [20 Updates]
  • Sterling “parting ways” with DToid [5 Updates]
  • Where critics and the audience diverge [1 Update]
  • Your check — from a publisher — is in the mail [1 Update]
  • Jim Sterling on secrecy [5 Updates]

PS4 embargo: November 13th at 9AM ET

Ben Gilbert <> Nov 05 05:22PM -0500: Yes, seriously. What are you gonna do about it?

Britton Peele <> Nov 05 04:25PM -0600: I’m not even gonna have my console in yet, so… I’m going to pretend like it doesn’t exist, I guess? *—*

Garrett Martin <> Nov 05 05:26PM -0500: Paste will compensate for missing that embargo by posting an even more brilliant than usual recap of the previous night’s Mindy Project

Kyle Orland <> Nov 05 05:26PM -0500: I’m gonna throw something is what I’m gonna do. -KO

Garrett Martin <> Nov 05 05:27PM -0500: if you put up a video of you throwing a PS4 out a window you’d probably make some money

Xav de Matos <> Nov 05 04:28PM -0800: Does it blend?
“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Nov 05 10:22PM -0800: Oh my God. Seriously, Sony? What a cluster fuck. …more

Harold Goldberg <> Nov 06 12:08PM -0500: Looks like Edelman will be doing the same thing here in NYC. Come in to review the system, then take it home with you.

Ben Gilbert <> Nov 06 12:09PM -0500: If you’re talking Xbox One Harold, I’m under the impression that reviewers are receiving their units by mail this week. At least that’s what the woman from Edelman said in her email to me about it …more

Ben Gilbert <> Nov 06 12:10PM -0500: OH GOD I’VE VIOLATED THE NDA

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 06 12:11PM -0500: Sounds like it’s split. I was told the same thing Harold was: I’m going in for a meeting next week (sounds like it won’t be as elaborate as Sony’s) and walking out with a Bone. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 06 12:11PM -0500: What you do in the comfort of your own home is none of our concern, Ben. …more

Harold Goldberg <> Nov 06 12:12PM -0500: I guess it’s split. That’s a little weird.

Matt Cabral <> Nov 06 12:24PM -0500: Yep, I was told NYC too. I can’t make it though–on vacation–and have not yet been offered an alternative, so we’ll see.

Richard Mitchell <> Nov 06 11:24AM -0600: “Walking out with a Bone.” Heh.
Greg Tito <> Nov 06 12:26PM -0500: If you guys don’t mind sharing, who from Edelman contacted you today? I’d like to rattle some swords in their direction.
Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 06 12:26PM -0500: Microsoft really ought to embrace it. I’m fine abbreviating to XBO in posts (not to revive that old thread, but that’s what I’ve been using), but The Bone is just so… distinctive. …more

Samit Sarkar <> Nov 06 02:33PM -0500: “ALL YOUR FAVORITES THIS HOLIDAY SEASON, ONLY ON *THE BONE* 102.1, ONE, ONE”  -Samit

Britton Peele <> Nov 06 02:12PM -0600: When did you guys hear from Edelman about any of this? I won’t sell you out, but I haven’t heard from them in awhile so I’m wondering if I should be concerned or not.   *—*

Matt Cabral <> Nov 06 03:20PM -0500: I heard from Edelman last week, but only because I reached out to them when I didn’t receive an invite to the SF event.

Sterling “parting ways” with DToid

Kyle Orland <> Nov 06 10:26AM -0500: And the landing:

Greg Tito <> Nov 06 10:27AM -0500: WOOOOO! That is all. 🙂

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 06 10:28AM -0500: Not a shock at all. And good on him. Sterling’s critical work is some of the best out there. …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 06 10:28AM -0500: I’m glad I could inform you of this news, Greg. =P -KO

Kyle Orland <> Nov 06 11:01AM -0500: “Destructoid needed me to wear many more hats than I could wear. Fair enough, but I just couldn’t devote myself in that way. So, like I said, Dtoid and I have different ideas, and Escapist could …more

Where critics and the audience diverge

Jason Venter <> Nov 05 05:08PM -0800: Works for me!

Your check — from a publisher — is in the mail

Andy Eddy <> Nov 05 05:07PM -0800: In my view, a writer making a stock investment in a company he’s writing about has the potential for personal gain by writing a favorable story about that company (or not writing up bad news), …more

Jim Sterling on secrecy

Michael Rougeau <> Nov 05 01:55PM -0800: Update, apparently there’s not really. There’s been a great deal of confusion in my communications with Sony, particularly with one person. Yesterday I was informed verbally and over email that there …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 05 05:23PM -0500: Well then… -KO

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 05 03:14PM -0800: Email back and ask them when the embargo on the midnight launch is up. …more

Alex Rubens <> Nov 05 03:16PM -0800: Probably 12AM Hawaii time.

Kyle Orland <> Nov 05 06:22PM -0500: It’s like election results… can’t release info until all the polls are closed. -KO

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  • Xbone games [1 Update]
  • Brain fart [10 Updates]
  • TechRadar is hiring (again)… [1 Update]
  • Where critics and the audience diverge [1 Update]

Xbone games

Yannick LeJacq <> Nov 07 03:14PM -0500: What third-party publishers have started giving out Xbone games/codes/whatever? All the big ones are still being vague about the details with me, but I just got a strange note from Microsoft saying …more

Brain fart

Kyle Orland <> Nov 07 12:24PM -0500: I think everyone hear has had a moment or two like this in their careers. If you were lucky, it wasn’t captured on camera and uploaded on YouTube. …more

James Fudge <> Nov 07 12:26PM -0500: ummmm

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 07 09:28AM -0800: Ha! At least they are making fun of themselves. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was fake. Bruce Greene is awesome, and he worked with Abbie at G4. …more

Patrick Klepek <> Nov 07 11:29AM -0600: This is my favorite thing. …more

Matt Hawkins <> Nov 07 12:33PM -0500: Not gonna lie; whenever I’m interviewing someone on the spot, there’s a 5% chance of a question coming out as nonsensical in the video. But for whatever reason, when speaking to someone through a …more

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 07 09:37AM -0800: My problem is asking a simple question, and then continuing to ask it in more complicated language, rather than just shutting up and letting them answer. …more

Alex Navarro <> Nov 07 12:38PM -0500: This is exactly what happens to me whenever I have an idea of a question but have not actually been able to form that question into something solid before opening my mouth. I do that a lot. …more

Britton Peele <> Nov 07 11:42AM -0600: Thank God it’s not just me. *—*

Devin Connors <> Nov 07 10:19AM -0800: +1 for getting COD4 into that question.

Mike Wehner <> Nov 07 12:49PM -0600: At E3 2010 or 11 I interviewed a sony executive (I honestly forget his name, he left like three months later) and I left my notes in my hotel room so I was winging it. I did pretty well for most of …more

TechRadar is hiring (again)…

“William O’Neal” <> Nov 07 09:56AM -0800: I’m hiring another editor ( Feel free to pass this along to anyone you think would be a good fit. We’re open to having this person work …more

Where critics and the audience diverge

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Nov 06 02:41PM -0800: It’s basically The Internship. …more

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  • BlizzCon [2 Updates]
  • Brain fart [14 Updates]
  • Xbone games [2 Updates]
  • Looks like Best Buy is killing @Gamer [6 Updates]


Kevin Kelly <> Nov 08 11:14AM -0800: Anyone else here? And to that note… anyone need some coverage from BlizzCon? Interviews? Writeups? Photos? Interpretive dances? I’m embedded and up for anything. Kev …more

Devin Connors <> Nov 08 11:18AM -0800: Not today, but I’ll be at BlizzCon tomorrow! (probably arriving late morning) …more

Brain fart

Susan Arendt <> Nov 07 01:24PM -0800: Been there. Been there so hard. …more

Xav de Matos <> Nov 07 01:39PM -0800: I feel like I do it all the time. Most of the time, I’ll watch or listen to it again and it’s totally solid, but then you get those moments where you want to go back in time and punch …more

Justin McElroy <> Nov 07 01:42PM -0800: My first EVER interview for Joystiq was with Erik Wolpaw. It was exclusively this.

Daniel Starkey <> Nov 07 03:43PM -0600: I’m told I’m really off-putting when I first meet people in person because of this. I’m very energetic, almost hyperactive and I cannot for the life of me form new sentences. I am so extroverted I …more

Samit Sarkar <> Nov 07 05:22PM -0500: I think I’m much less prone to completely blanking than I used to be, but my problem is that I still sometimes ramble while I’m figuring out a question to ask. -Samit

Ludwig Kietzmann <> Nov 07 02:23PM -0800: Justin: WAS IT THIS?!
Mark Burnham <> Nov 07 02:27PM -0800: You know the wheels are coming off a bit when the interviewee has to say “I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question.” Been there. I think for my part, there’s a tendency to want to make questions …more

Richard Mitchell <> Nov 07 04:36PM -0600: 9 times out of 10, this happens because you’re holding your breath. At least that’s what they say in theater when you forget your lines. I don’t do any interviews now without a notebook with …more

Richard Mitchell <> Nov 07 04:38PM -0600: Holding your breath and/or forgetting to breathe, I should say.

Justin McElroy <> Nov 07 10:34PM -0500: Luddy, notice how it teases a full interview? That … that never ran.

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 07 07:37PM -0800: It’s never too late. …more

Dale North <> Nov 08 12:46PM -0600: Been there like 20 times.

Mike Wehner <> Nov 08 01:01PM -0600: You have no idea how much better this thread has made me feel about my various stumbles at events/interviews. …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 08 02:08PM -0500: That’s what we’re here for, Mike. -KO

Xbone games

“mike.rougeau” <> Nov 08 11:03AM -0800: I’m wondering this as well. Having some games would be nice.

Kyle Orland <> Nov 08 02:08PM -0500: If a gaming system has no games… is it truly a gaming system? /zen koan Seriously, this is the first time in my life I have had access to video game hardware with absolutely no software to …more

Looks like Best Buy is killing @Gamer

Andy Eddy <> Nov 07 06:26PM -0800: Strange that I’m the one posting this (rather than Kyle creating a “The Death of Print, Example #479” thread), but… Cheap Ass Gamer posted this earlier in the week: …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 07 10:22PM -0500: Sad to see it go. We really are gonna be down to Game Informer and boutique ‘net published stuff soon. -KO

Christopher Grant <> Nov 07 10:39PM -0500: What other magazines are left? OXM is still around, right? PC Gamer? …more

Julian Murdoch <> Nov 07 10:40PM -0500: You know Mr. M.E. Cory Banks is on this group right? “PC Gamer?” HOw about “PC Gamer!!!” (its getting dark out here. Anyone got a match?) …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 07 10:42PM -0500: Yup, those are the ones. In this country, at least. Nintendo Force, if that counts. Which is why I mentioned “boutique ‘net published” —  -KO

Dan Stapleton <> Nov 07 07:45PM -0800: I’ve heard no word of PCG being in any particular trouble. I imagine that’ll be the last of Future’s properties to go down – they haven’t even really reduced staff, even though they have both a US …more

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  • New Yawk [6 Updates]

New Yawk

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 10 10:25AM -0500: A bunch of you are making the trip out here, or are in town already. Should we do something about this? I’m game for a meet-up tomorrow night, post-Sony. It’s not like we’re insanely busy or …more

Max Parker <> Nov 10 10:28AM -0500: I’m arriving in a couple hours. I’m free this evening, but won’t be able to do much of anything tomorrow. -Max

Kyle Orland <> Nov 10 10:44AM -0500: Also up for something tonight perhaps. I fly back tomorrow at 7:20 so that’s probably out for me. …more

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Nov 10 08:02AM -0800: I’m free a lot of today and my flight leaves at 1ish tomorrow. But yes, let’s meet up today. …more

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Nov 10 08:03AM -0800: Granted, I’m in the middle of nowhere (Javits Center). …more

Matt Cabral <> Nov 10 01:48PM -0500: Wish I could but only gonna be in town a handful of hours.

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  • New Yawk [1 Update]

New Yawk

Max Parker <> Nov 10 04:39PM -0500: Some people are meeting at the Brass Monkey at 8. It’s near The Standard. …more

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  • Game Journalism Journal looking for submission [1 Update]

Game Journalism Journal looking for submission

Justin McElroy <> Nov 12 09:09AM -0800: Hey gang, I told this cat I’d pass this along. I have no other details, but if you’re interested: I am Nick Hanford, editor-in-chief of the *Journal of Games Criticism*, a new peer-reviewed, …more

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  • ‘The True Story of Most Review Events’ [6 Updates]
  • PSN and Xbox Live username thread [35 Updates]
  • Adam Sessler griping on Twitter… [5 Updates]
  • Anyone know when the PS4 system update goes live? [19 Updates]

 ‘The True Story of Most Review Events’

James Fudge <> Nov 13 02:38PM -0500: A colleague shared this on Facebook. I’m guessing the majority of this group can relate

Alex Rubens <> Nov 13 11:41AM -0800: I think Dan Stapleton summed it up quite well: “My ideal “trip” is to be given a game a month ahead of the review embargo and then left the hell alone.”

Greg Tito <> Nov 13 02:44PM -0500: I do sometimes consider the subtle mindplay outlined in this comment: Do we think we’re not being …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 13 03:07PM -0500: I’ve been in this business a while, and somehow avoided ever going to a review event like this. I have been to quite a few preview junkets like this, but reviews for me have always been based on …more

James Fudge <> Nov 13 03:58PM -0500: I’m sure there’s a bit of exaggeration for effect.

Yannick LeJacq <> Nov 13 04:03PM -0500: Do most gaming outlets spell out travel/reporting expenses in an ethics policy? I know Polygon says something about it on their page, but don’t recall seeing something similar on other sites besides …more

PSN and Xbox Live username thread

Kyle Orland <> Nov 12 11:40PM -0500: Populate them next gen friends lists! I’m KyleOrl everywhere, pretty much.

Ben Gilbert <> Nov 12 11:40PM -0500: XBO: BenJahMihn PSN: Enormina

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 12 11:41PM -0500: OscarZetaAcosta on XBO, geminibros on PS4 …more

Jason Schreier <> Nov 12 11:42PM -0500: jschreier1 on PSN fatables on XBL

Kyle Orland <> Nov 12 11:44PM -0500: I can not wait to become Real Name friends with some of you people. Wife (while watching Netflix): Who is GeminiBros that just logged in? Me: …I don’t remember. -KO
Devin Connors <> Nov 12 08:44PM -0800: mcdoomington for both

Max Parker <> Nov 12 11:44PM -0500: Psn: mr_doubtfire
Xbl: gameguypgh …more

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 12 08:58PM -0800: XB: shazam PSN: shazammy

Brad Gallaway <> Nov 12 09:32PM -0800: XBL – GC Brad (with a space) PSN – GCBrad (no space) and just for lulz, GCBrad on WiiU.

Lou Kesten <> Nov 12 09:47PM -0800  …more

Charles Husemann <> Nov 12 10:02PM -0800: XBL – FalconGN PSN – Falcon GN

Britton Peele <> Nov 13 12:21AM -0600: Talebearer on both. And Wii U and Steam I believe. *—*

James Fudge <> Nov 13 01:24AM -0500: Steam, PSN: jfudge06 XBL: GSProphet Wii U: What is Wii U, an add-on for the Wii?

Jason Venter <> Nov 12 10:45PM -0800: You can call me honestgamer!

Xav de Matos <> Nov 13 02:33AM -0800: XrayAlfaVictor on PSN and Xbox Live …more

Garrett Martin <> Nov 13 09:16AM -0500: jesuisfrance on Xbox, hammjamm on PSN

Sarah LeBoeuf <> Nov 13 09:18AM -0500: total blam blam on Xbox Live, sarahthebeef on PSN (also Wii U and Steam)

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 13 09:19AM -0500: What a fantastic Gamertag. …more

Dan Crabtree <> Nov 13 09:25AM -0500: XBL DanBearPig PSN DanBearPigs

Susan Arendt <> Nov 13 06:34AM -0800: Maj1013, everywhere. …more

Patrick Klepek <> Nov 13 09:20AM -0600: XBL: patrick klepek PSN: Mechamothra …more

Dave Tach <> Nov 13 10:23AM -0500: XBL: davetach PSN: unclehaircut
Ryan Smith <> Nov 13 09:31AM -0600: XBL: Sasquatchkid7 PSN: Sasquatchkid -Ryan

Julian Murdoch <> Nov 13 10:36AM -0500: GWJrabbit everywhere …more

Jason Wilson <> Nov 13 08:14AM -0800: PSN: ColManischewitz Steam: col_manischewitz …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 13 11:16AM -0500: These are always my favorite threads, because of our bizarre handles. My grandfather loves himself some Manischewitz. Fun fact: a younger Adam called Manischewitz “mah-NISH-oh-wits.” …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 13 12:10PM -0500: I guess I’m boring for picking a tag that is close to my actual name, but dangit, you know who it belongs to when you see it!

Jason Venter <> Nov 13 09:28AM -0800: I actually really appreciate that about your gamertag, Kyle. I go with honestgamer everywhere that I can because I’ve used that name so long that it really is how most people know me. …more

Jason Wilson <> Nov 13 09:52AM -0800: Adam — Thanks! The name came from a friend of mine. I was teaching my wife — then girlfriend — how to make biscuits and gravy from scratch, and he said, “What, are you some damn Colonel …more

Sam Machkovech <> Nov 13 11:44AM -0800: PSN: Machkovech XBL: Machkovech Steam, if anybody cares: samred Origin, if anybody uses that: Machkovech 3DS, if anybody needs Animal Crossing peaches: 3394-3532-8729

Susan Arendt <> Nov 13 11:59AM -0800: Adam: Mine (as I may have told you before, I can’t remember) is a combination of elements from The X-Files and Star Trek: Voyager. I know, I know. Try not to be intimidated by my immense …more

Daniel Starkey <> Nov 13 02:01PM -0600: Uhhh… I’ve been PC-heavy for a bit now but my XBL is idle eros, and I think my PSN is the same. …more

Scott Nichols <> Nov 13 12:39PM -0800: Xbox Live: duckols PSN: duckols I get called Duckols more often than my real name anyway because of twitter, so it works. …more

“mike.rougeau” <> Nov 13 12:52PM -0800: Xbox: Rogue Cheddar PS4: RogueCheddar I’m a simple guy.

Daniel Starkey <> Nov 13 03:00PM -0600: Scott, when I see your real name pop up, I totally forget who you are. I’ll always know you as Duckols. Hopefully we’ll see your doppelganger around the way, yeah? …more

Adam Sessler griping on Twitter…

Britton Peele <> Nov 13 11:50AM -0600: I’m noticing a lot of direct video and screens from PS4 today with folks’ coverage (Polygon being a good example, with their livestream going right now). Did you guys decide to just strip the HDCP …more

Jason Schreier <> Nov 13 12:53PM -0500: You can livestream straight from the PS4 to Twitch or Ustream. No capturing necessary. …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 13 12:54PM -0500: Some people got debugs, which do not have the DHCP restrictions. If there’s direct feed video/screens, that’s likely where it’s coming from.

Patrick Klepek <> Nov 13 01:23PM -0600: The in-system streaming, though, has optional publisher restrictions on PS4. Curious if any of them made it into the launch games. …more

Max Parker <> Nov 13 02:33PM -0500: I was told none of the launch games are restricted. Pubs can also restrict specific parts of a game. …more

Anyone know when the PS4 system update goes live?

Jason Schreier <> Nov 12 07:18PM -0500: Tonight is going to be fun! …more

Ben Gilbert <> Nov 12 07:19PM -0500: I’VE GOT A REDBULL AND I’M HERE FOR FUN

Kyle Orland <> Nov 12 07:20PM -0500: FRIDAY! FRIDAY! FRIDAY! Seriously, I was told the day one update is a real day one update. Enjoy playing disc-based games and doing basically nothing else with your box ’till then! -KO

Ben Gilbert <> Nov 12 07:21PM -0500: Everyone at the event told me tonight. Are you serious, Kyle? Several PR reps confirmed several times that the update is going live tonight “late.”

Jason Schreier <> Nov 12 07:21PM -0500: Wait, what? I thought PSN is supposed to go live tonight. Can’t exactly review the thing for tomorrow morning without this stuff. …more

Ben Gilbert <> Nov 12 07:21PM -0500: (But then they also confirmed the wrong embargo several times to me before getting that shit right.)

Max Parker <> Nov 12 07:22PM -0500: I was told, “possibly late tonight.” Not super helpful….. …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 12 07:26PM -0500: I suppose it could have been a miscommunication, but yeah, that’s what the PR rep told me when I asked in NYC. I thought they mentioned something along those lines in that mandatory platform demo, …more

Ben Gilbert <> Nov 12 07:26PM -0500: More specifically, Karen Spearrin told me multiple times, “Late tonight. It’ll take a bit to populate across worldwide servers, but tonight.”

Kyle Orland <> Nov 12 07:28PM -0500: At this point, even if it does go up tonight, there’s no way I’m rushing half-assed impressions of those major features for embargo time. I’ll wait until Friday and include that stuff in a more …more

Matt Cabral <> Nov 12 07:36PM -0500: Not quite related, but not worthy of its own thread either–just a quick/simple question: Did anyone receive review codes for any of the SCE WorldWide Studios or Indie Titles? I’ve thoroughly …more

Max Parker <> Nov 12 07:37PM -0500: I was also told those were in there. Can’t find them anywhere. …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 12 07:44PM -0500: I was not told they were in there, and did not receive them. They’re not on that one-sheet listing the stuff we were getting, were they? -KO

Matt Cabral <> Nov 12 07:53PM -0500: Didn’t see the one-sheet, but *think* my PR handler said they’d be included. I shot them an email a bit a go, no word yet.

Kyle Orland <> Nov 12 08:03PM -0500: Just checked the sheet they gave me… there are supposed to be voucher codes for ResoGun, Contrast, Flower and Sound Shapes, but I sure don’t see ’em. Maybe they’re being e-mailed? They’d be …more

Matt Cabral <> Nov 12 08:26PM -0500: This just in: They’re being emailed “soon”

Kyle Orland <> Nov 12 08:27PM -0500: Now taking bets on whether the game codes come before or after PSN is turned on. -KO

Max Parker <> Nov 12 09:08PM -0500: It seems to be live!! …more

Max Parker <> Nov 12 10:07PM -0500: Anyone know the particulars of the stream/sharing embargo? We will obviously have to test them before the review. Are we allowed to stream games that aren’t under embargo? I asked specifically at …more

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  • PSN and Xbox Live username thread [11 Updates]
  • Adam Sessler griping on Twitter… [3 Updates]
  • StarCraft Tournament in NYC [1 Update]
  • ‘The True Story of Most Review Events’ [2 Updates]

PSN and Xbox Live username thread

Dalibor Dimovski <> Nov 13 01:20PM -0800: I’m “kewlrats” on XBL/PSN/Steam, and “Dalibor” most everywhere else. At least I pretend to be. …more

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Nov 13 03:12PM -0800: skurd0ne on XBL (I honestly have no idea what it means, but that’s a zero) br1ghtdarkness on PSN Bonus points if you get the reference in my PSN ID.

ryanflemingpdx <> Nov 13 10:08PM -0800: Came to this page just to post a thread asking for gamer tags. Aeseom.   XBL: Iridium Six PSN: IridiumSix
ryanflemingpdx <> Nov 13 10:11PM -0800: Came to this page just to post a thread asking for gamer tags. Awesome. XBL: Iridium Six PSN: IridiumSix

Xav de Matos <> Nov 14 04:44AM -0800   …more

Samit Sarkar <> Nov 14 09:06AM -0500: PSN: BrOnXbOmBr21 XBL: Firebolt11 -Samit

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 14 09:09AM -0500: I prefer to use obscure references to my interests so everyone can know how cool I am. I mean… right? Also, do you have ANY IDEA how freaking common Adam Rosenberg is? Ask me …more

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 14 06:30AM -0800: Hey Adam, tell us about the asshole Adam Rosenberg at Edelman who tried to scam your mother.

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 14 09:31AM -0500: Leave it to Kev to be a smartass. I forgot to add “over beers.” Much better drinking story. Seriously though, fuck that Adam Rosenberg guy. He’s a dick. …more

Andrew Hayward <> Nov 14 10:51AM -0800: Xbox: deja andyroo
PSN: deja_andyroo Folks with Xbox One review stuff now, definitely add me. Jamming away on several reviews now and over the next couple weeks. I’ll have PS4 tomorrow, …more

Andy Eddy <> Nov 14 11:38AM -0800: Vidgames on XBL, PSN and Steam. I’m Vidgames on AIM as well, but I also have the distinction of holding videogames@aol. As immensely cool as Susan is, I’m immensely aged. And I need to come …more

Adam Sessler griping on Twitter…

Xav de Matos <> Nov 14 04:39AM -0800: We’ve noticed that the dialog in Battlefield 4 single-player doesn’t seem to be coming through. The audio channels on that game in general seem messed up when attempting to use the built-in Twitch …more

Richard Mitchell <> Nov 14 09:40AM -0600: Another fun note, the built-in PS4 streaming automagically blocks out user details. If you get a friend request from someone during a stream, the pop-up notification is blurred on Twitch. …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 14 11:57AM -0500: Yet another fun note… there is a rather big HDCP audio hole in the controller. Just plug a line out to the headphone jack, set “all audio” to come through the controller, and record in-game audio …more

StarCraft Tournament in NYC

Ryan Smith <> Nov 14 10:34AM -0600: So, one of the hats that I wear is senior editor at Red Bull eSports and we’ve got a major StarCraft tournament going on Nov. …more

‘The True Story of Most Review Events’

Xav de Matos <> Nov 14 04:50AM -0800: For review events, Joystiq lists the details. Our policy is similar to Polygon’s, so it’s basically “it was played at an event, we paid for travel/accommodations.” For all reviews we have the …more

Charles Husemann <> Nov 14 06:52AM -0800: We list the details of what was provided in the preview/review event at the top of the preview/review. We also don’t allow folks who go to preview events to do the final the review of the product …more

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  • ‘The True Story of Most Review Events’ [1 Update]
  • PSN and Xbox Live username thread [5 Updates]
  • Forbes [1 Update]
  • Adam Sessler griping on Twitter… [2 Updates]

‘The True Story of Most Review Events’

Jared Newman <> Nov 15 12:38PM -0800: The comment about reading OP’s comments in the voice of Mordin from Mass Effect is brilliant.

PSN and Xbox Live username thread

Philip Kollar <> Nov 14 01:26PM -0800: I’m KefkaTaran on Xbox, PSN, Steam, and basically everywhere else. Sidenote: Lou you’re in my Need for Speed game right now and your mic is on :p …more

Richard Mitchell <> Nov 14 03:50PM -0600: PSN and XBL: SenseiRAM

Dale North <> Nov 15 10:32AM -0600: I have always hated PSN friends requests because i never know who is trying to get on my list! PSN: ProfessorOak Xbox: DaleNorth

Andy Eddy <> Nov 15 09:26AM -0800: At one of the Xbox 360 desktop update showings a few years ago, I asked Aaron Greenberg if they’d please add an editable field to the friends list, so I could add a note to remember who a person …more

Jared Newman <> Nov 15 12:32PM -0800: Listed in order of tolerance for the word “pimp” – Xbox: ThePmpOfSound PSN: TheP1mpOfSound Steam: ThePimpOfSound


Andy Eddy <> Nov 15 09:28AM -0800: Maybe there’s value in opening up your media website to anyone who wants to blog…uh, write a story. …more

Adam Sessler griping on Twitter…

Xav de Matos <> Nov 14 04:53PM -0800: …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 14 07:57PM -0500: So much better than holding your boombox up to the TV speakers. -KO

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  • Where to donate M-rated review copies? [3 Updates]
  • Original animation dropped into video game worlds? [12 Updates]
  • PSN and Xbox Live username thread [3 Updates]

Where to donate M-rated review copies?

Jared Newman <> Nov 16 12:16PM -0800: I’m assuming it’d be inappropriate to hand Child’s Play a copy of, say, Killer is Dead. What’s the best way to get rid of M-rated review copies you don’t want, short of just chucking them? Site …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 16 03:45PM -0500: You could always sell on eBay or some such and just donate the proceeds. I think eBay even has a way to set the proceeds to automatically go to a charity, without you touching them. -KO

Susan Arendt <> Nov 16 01:19PM -0800: It’s too late this year, but you can donate anything to Desert Bus, which auctions stuff off and donates the proceeds to Child’s Play. …more

Original animation dropped into video game worlds?

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 15 04:23PM -0800: I have a friend who works on the Conan O’Brien show, and he has a video game related question. I’m posting it here in search of some answers for him: “Have you seen examples anywhere of original …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 15 08:11PM -0500: Beyond: Two Souls has this. Very interested to hear why Conan O’brien cares. -KO

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 15 05:14PM -0800: Beyond drops new animation into another video game? …more

Andy Eddy <> Nov 15 06:08PM -0800: I’m not sure I understand the original question. A situation where one game influences another, like Dust 514 and Eve Online (if there’s truly a direct impact of Dust on the Eve universe…I never …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 15 10:07PM -0500: There are original cartoons playing on TVs in beyond. Is that what you’re asking about?

Kyle Orland <> Nov 15 10:08PM -0500: Do you mean games where players can create their own animations for characters? Second life does that I think, or a lot of moddable PC games. This is a very weirdly worded question. …more

Matt Hawkins <> Nov 15 10:10PM -0500: Yeah, I’m confused too. Though, if it’s going by Kyle’s first interpretation of the question… would Grand Theft Auto V count? It has originally cartoons, both on Los Santos airwaves and at their …more

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 15 08:25PM -0800: I mean like where someone has created their own original animation and dropped it into say Killzone. Sort of like Red vs Blue, but original animation instead of machinima.
Kyle Orland <> Nov 16 09:36AM -0500: Ah, OK then. is full of these things… I think The Sims is popular for this kind of thing. -KO

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 16 07:19AM -0800: All we’ve been able to find there is actual machinima, or entirely original animation based on existing games. He’s looking to find original animation dropped onto existing game backgrounds or …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 16 11:08AM -0500: “Taking place in their worlds using existing assets” is exactly what Machinima is, isn’t it? Or do you mean you want much fuller control? Maybe Garry’s Mod will work for these purposes? …more

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 16 10:00AM -0800: Original animation: characters, etc. in existing worlds.

PSN and Xbox Live username thread

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Nov 15 06:21PM -0800: Newman. …more

Mike Wehner <> Nov 16 10:28AM -0600: I’m DeltaP42 on PS4 Slurmed on Xbox (though I may go back to DeltaP42 to keep things simple…) Either way, I’ll be adding PS4 people today, I’ll send a message with my name. …more

Alex Navarro <> Nov 16 12:53PM -0500: XBLA: Edward Appleby PSN: Lexicon81

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  • Xbox One controller issues? [5 Updates]
  • PSN and Xbox Live username thread [4 Updates]
  • Xbox One Updates [21 Updates]

Xbox One controller issues?

Yannick LeJacq <> Nov 17 05:12PM -0500: Has anybody had any trouble connecting/pairing additional controllers for the xbone?

Kyle Orland <> Nov 17 05:38PM -0500: None here

Dale North <> Nov 17 10:00PM -0600: I did early on. Had to hold that button on the side of the unit for a bit to get another one sync’d

“mike.rougeau” <> Nov 18 01:02PM -0800: Semi-related note, is anyone else experiencing sticky triggers on the ‘bone controller? After not playing for a day suddenly my left trigger is catching on something right at the top when it …more

Ben Gilbert <> Nov 18 04:03PM -0500: No issues here. Sorry!

PSN and Xbox Live username thread

Mitch Dyer <> Nov 17 02:08PM -0800: MitchyD88 on Live MitchyD on PSN

Garnett Lee <> Nov 17 06:49PM -0800: XBL: Thelonious Funk PSN: GLFour Let me know who you are when you send request and on PSN accept real name requests.

Garnett Lee <> Nov 17 06:53PM -0800: [edit] forgot to misspell my XBL tag  XBL: Thelonius Funk PSN: GLFour Please let me know who you are in request and accept real name request on PSN.

Jeffrey Matulef <> Nov 18 11:20AM -0800: I’m MrDurandPierre on everything, I think.

Xbox One Updates

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 17 06:52PM -0800: Well, I’m not sure if this will be a trend or not, but my game of Dead Rising 3 was just interrupted by a “It’s Time To Update” screen, and I could either update, or turn off the Xbox. …more

Ben Gilbert <> Nov 17 09:54PM -0500: Happened to me while using Netflix this evening. Suddenly, but I was loading it (not mid-movie or some such).
Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 17 06:55PM -0800: I just got kicked from the game for an update, but that’s all. The update happened (it was a little on the slow side) and I’m back to the game. They told me during my “here’s your Xbone” meeting …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 17 06:56PM -0800: How did you get Netflix, Ben? Still says “unavailable” for me. …more

Ben Gilbert <> Nov 17 10:18PM -0500: I just got another update pop up while using Xbox Music. Like, just streaming music. Can’t imagine they’ll handle it like that post-launch….right?

Kyle Orland <> Nov 17 10:25PM -0500: I really hope this is a pre-release thing, though I haven’t run into it yet. Echoing Adam’s question about Netflix… it’s available for you? -KO

Ben Gilbert <> Nov 17 10:26PM -0500: Yeah, at one point I downloaded it. Many builds ago.

Dale North <> Nov 17 10:01PM -0600: I keep seeing these updates tonight. I wonder what’s going on. And is it just me or does nothing work as far as apps go. I get a lot of unavailable boxes. Does Upload Studio not work? I’d like to …more

Ben Gilbert <> Nov 17 11:02PM -0500: Upload Studio, I’m told by Edelman, will straight up not work until launch. No word on Twitch game streaming, though it’s def not there yet.

Kyle Orland <> Nov 17 11:07PM -0500: Whoa… missing Upload Studio at launch is huge. I’ve had problems getting gameplay clips to record at all tonight… I say “Xbox Record That,” the system shows that it heard me in the corner, and …more

Dale North <> Nov 17 10:16PM -0600: The clips sometimes show up waaaaay later, Kyle. But then when they do…well, what can we do with them. Am I the only one that has upload studio missing?

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 17 08:21PM -0800: Interesting, Netflix and Hulu Plus are “Unavailable” to me to download since I got mine. I wonder if it’s regionally rolling out or based on something else. …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 17 11:41PM -0500: Upload Studio is missing, and I don’t see an option to upload but… my clips are visible to my friends, at least, so I don’t know what the hell is going on. Also, how way later is “waaaaaay” …more

Dale North <> Nov 17 10:59PM -0600: Waaay later maybe had too many aaas. It took like 10 minutes for one DR3 clip to show up. Kevin, my Hulu and Netflix don’t work either. What the poops. I want to get this crap done! …more

Dale North <> Nov 18 11:21AM -0600: Edelman just sent a megaupdate on all of this stuff. Phew!

Harold Goldberg <> Nov 18 12:31PM -0500: I just wish they had said some of this stuff to me when I received the Box. My main question is, how can we be sure that consumers won’t go through what we have? Because Edelman has assured us of it? …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 18 12:33PM -0500: They have control of the pace of post-launch updates, and I find it very easy to believe they’re releasing them fast and furious now because a lot of day one stuff is still under development. …more

Ben Gilbert <> Nov 18 12:34PM -0500: I’ve still heard zero about how broadcasting games will work. That is indeed a feature of this console, right? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 18 09:36AM -0800: It’s mentioned in the update that the Twitch app and functionality will be discussed tomorrow, and should be available tomorrow as well, pill-popper. …more

Ben Gilbert <> Nov 18 12:37PM -0500: Right, but that speaks about the Twtich “app” and it talks about viewing specifically, not broadcasting.

Kyle Orland <> Nov 18 12:40PM -0500: You’re not crazy, Ben, but I’m guessing we’re gonna hear tomorrow that it’s not ready for launch. -KO

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  • Xbox One Updates [20 Updates]
  • PS Vita – PS4 Second Screen? [4 Updates]
  • Where to donate M-rated review copies? [2 Updates]
  • PSN and Xbox Live username thread [2 Updates]

Xbox One Updates

Kyle Orland <> Nov 19 12:59AM -0500: Is the update Edelman promised for Nov. 18 at 9:30 pm PST downloading for anyone else? Is there a way to tell if it’s downloading for me? -KO

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 18 10:08PM -0800: Do you leave your box on in that standby mode? If so, then probably not. Otherwise it should update when you power it up, if it’s available. …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 19 01:22AM -0500: I had the system actively on and was playing a game when I sent the last message. Guess they missed the target, or it’s still propagating, or something.

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 18 10:26PM -0800: Was Kinect Sports Rivals always available on the system? I’m downloading it now, didn’t notice it earlier. …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 19 01:35AM -0500: I downloaded it yesterday… it’s relatively recent. -KO

Dale North <> Nov 19 01:12AM -0600: free to download? Also NO BROADCASTING AT LAUNCH wow

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 18 11:14PM -0800: Sports Rivals? Yeah, it was free. Also, FoxNow and FXNow are on there. Watching Almost Human on FoxNow (we watched it on Sunday on actual Fox) and it ain’t bad. And is no broadcasting at launch …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 19 10:12AM -0500: OK, I was able to download the update this morning. Aside from Upload Studio, has anyone noticed anything substantially different or new? Let’s crowdsource this thang. -KO

Ben Gilbert <> Nov 19 10:24AM -0500: I’m only seeing Upload Studio as new. Which, like, would’ve been nice if there was a heads up on that from MS.

Dale North <> Nov 19 09:49AM -0600: Upload studio but…nothing else. You guys seeing any new video apps on your end?

Kyle Orland <> Nov 19 10:52AM -0500: KSRP had an update since last night… I wonder if other games do as well. -KO

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 19 08:12AM -0800: Looks like most or all of the apps are now up and running. I’ve got Netflix, ESPN, NFL, and Machinima all installed now, along with Upload Studio. …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 19 11:23AM -0500: These were not there 2 hours ago. Really coming in hot… -KO

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 19 08:24AM -0800: Yup. Though NFL/ESPN sure would have been nice for freaking NFL Sunday. OR Monday. Seriously bad planning there. Unless the goal was to not have us talk about how all of that integrates. …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 19 11:25AM -0500: Not sure it was a goal… maybe just a fringe benefit. -KO

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 19 08:25AM -0800: #sickburn …more

Xav de Matos <> Nov 19 08:34AM -0800: > They’re called TOUCHDOWNS. Come on, guys… …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 19 08:36AM -0800: …more

Dale North <> Nov 19 11:14AM -0600: I can’t wait until this day is over

Kyle Orland <> Nov 19 12:43PM -0500: FYI, pretty much every third-party game is now available in the store, so get downloadin’ if you want cross-platform comparisons (assuming you didn’t get discs, which seems to be the new normal). …more

PS Vita – PS4 Second Screen?

Greg Tito <> Nov 19 12:33AM -0500: Has anyone gotten the second screen functions to work with the Vita and the PS4? Remote play works great, and I can navigate the PS4 menus with the Vita all right, but the typing doesn’t seem to …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 19 12:51AM -0500: Nope… I noted in my review that second screen didn’t seem to be working yet. PS App works fine on iOS, tho. -KO

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Nov 19 12:50AM -0800: On my Nexus 4 the PS app works great. I haven’t tried out the second screen stuff with either the PS app or the Vita though. …more

Greg Tito <> Nov 19 10:31AM -0500: Yeah the PS app is hit or miss, I guess. Someone on Twitter said they got the second screen stuff to work with the Vita, but I’ve had no luck after hours of trying. Thanks guys!

Where to donate M-rated review copies?

Jared Newman <> Nov 18 01:24PM -0800: These are great suggestions. Thanks everyone. Kyle I’ll make sure you get 10 percent of any money raised.

Kyle Orland <> Nov 18 04:37PM -0500: Waiving the 10% cuz charity is involved. Everyone else, remember, invoices due Wednesday next week because of Thanksgiving! -KO

PSN and Xbox Live username thread

Tim Stevens <> Nov 18 01:25PM -0800: Live: tims PSN: tims I like to keep it simple, and I’d love to see you all online. …more

jorge jimenez <> Nov 18 04:34PM -0500: LIVE: Gruff Teh Hoss PSN: Gruff2kX Lets play games gais.

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  • That’s one way to break an embargo [46 Updates]
  • Forza 5 assets? [4 Updates]
  • SmartGlass [3 Updates]

That’s one way to break an embargo

Kyle Orland <> Nov 19 11:35PM -0500: Whoops, we set the wrong time zone, tee hee:

Ben Gilbert <> Nov 19 11:43PM -0500: Mannnnn

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Nov 19 08:55PM -0800: Oof. …more

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 19 08:55PM -0800: And sadly, nothing will be done about it.

Matt Hawkins <> Nov 20 01:03AM -0500: Best comment (thus far): Cool embargo break, Evan. Just wanted to drop a line to confirm that every gaming journalist in the industry positively hates you.

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Nov 19 10:45PM -0800: “it’s great mainstream exposure, do we really need to have them take it down?” Edelman …more

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Nov 19 10:58PM -0800: “it’s great mainstream exposure, do we really need to have them take it down?” Edelman …more

James Fudge <> Nov 20 06:44AM -0500: Matt it would have been a little more powerful if the guy’s name wasn’t Fats Cabbage or something.

Harold Goldberg <> Nov 20 09:11AM -0500: Geez, Louise!

Mike Wehner <> Nov 20 09:41AM -0600: I find the fact that there’s a crapload of incorrect information in the review (Dead Rising 3 runs at 1080p & 60FPS? News to me!) also makes it pretty suspect. …more

James Fudge <> Nov 20 10:46AM -0500: I’m more interested in learning why Ryse has an embargo a day before the console releases. Looking forward to reviews on this one after GI lambasted it in a recent preview.

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 20 07:47AM -0800: It’s one of the prettiest awful games I’ve seen in awhile. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 20 10:49AM -0500: Yeah, it’s odd that they had the embargoes lift on an assortment of shitty games (sorry LocoCycle and Crimson Dragon) before getting to the good stuff. I’ve had similar reactions to Ryse in preview …more

James Fudge <> Nov 20 10:51AM -0500: Looking forward to all your reviews 🙂

Ben Gilbert <> Nov 20 10:57AM -0500: I’m not reviewing Ryse but I’ve been really enjoying it! Pretty simple but good pacing and fun to play! It’s absolutely a comparative situation, where there aren’t a ton of other great options, but …more

Leah Jackson <> Nov 20 08:22AM -0800: Ryse has a later embargo because copies were sent out later than the other games, thus pushing required multiplayer sessions back.…more

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 20 11:23AM -0500: That’s not entirely true. Maybe it is for some folks. I got Forza/Ryse before DR3 or anything other than the download-only releases. And Zoo Tycoon. …more

Alex Rubens <> Nov 20 08:23AM -0800: Ryse has multiplayer? Legitimately did not know that.
Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 20 11:24AM -0500: Co-op survival gladiator type stuff. Speaking of which: anyone up to try that today? GT: OscarZetaAcosta …more

James Fudge <> Nov 20 11:31AM -0500: There’s a ton of conspiracy theories going around about this game. One is it has a later embargo because it’s kinda shitty.

Kyle Orland <> Nov 20 11:47AM -0500: That makes no sense to me. You really want the last review before launch day to be a crappy one? I guess you want people to pre-order, but those can be cancelled if/when crappy game reviews come …more

Xav de Matos <> Nov 20 08:48AM -0800: I’m down, Adam.

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 20 11:51AM -0500: Sweet. It’ll be a few hours for me. I’ve got to write one review then edit another. I’ll ping you on IM or XBL. And to Kyle– I’m not entirely sure Ryse is going to end up being judged as …more

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 20 08:55AM -0800: It’s the same mentality that movies use when they don’t screen films for review. You try and hold back the potentially negative reviews as long as possible.

Kyle Orland <> Nov 20 11:55AM -0500: It might not, Adam, I’m jsut sayign the conspiracy theory James put out doesn’t make sense. That theory presumes that MS knew/suspected that Ryse reviews would be crappy, not that they actually will …more

James Fudge <> Nov 20 11:59AM -0500: James didn’t “put down” the conspiracy theory, Kyle, he just repeated it. Don’t attribute it to me. …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 20 12:00PM -0500: The one that James stated here, then. Sorry for being imprecise. -KO

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 20 12:02PM -0500: If MS suspected negative reviews were incoming, it’s probably because the feedback they’ve gotten from the game’s preview appearances has been largely negative. That’s my guess, at any rate. …more


James Fudge <> Nov 20 12:05PM -0500: That came off as a bit snippy, sorry Kyle hugs for you :). I don’t believe the theory and clearly the author of that story hasn’t played the game – he’s making the jump based partly on a hands-on …more

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 20 09:06AM -0800: William Usher.

James Fudge <> Nov 20 12:06PM -0500: Kennedy is still alive, living with Andy Kaufman. Ask his daughter.

Mike Wehner <> Nov 20 11:10AM -0600: Ryse is bad? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? [image: Inline image 1] …more

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 20 09:11AM -0800: Well, I will say that I played the game at two preview events, and while it looked amazing (ooh the pretty fire!) it really played like crap. I played with one of the developers, and he kept …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 20 12:12PM -0500: I can’t speak for Ben, but disagreeing with me is usually the right call. …more

James Fudge <> Nov 20 12:17PM -0500: I disagree with you only on your last point, Adam.

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 20 12:18PM -0500: Awwwwwww. There’s a lot of love in here today. …more

Jason Wilson <> Nov 20 09:38AM -0800: Look at MS’s embargoes. I think they spread things out to guarantee coverage each day this week.

Kyle Orland <> Nov 20 12:48PM -0500: Yeah, but that doesn’t explain the ordering. Though maybe we’re reading too much into all this? -KO

Mike Wehner <> Nov 20 11:50AM -0600: Psssssst, I don’t think microsoft gives a damn what we think about Ryse or when the review goes live, I think they decided that the first Xbox reviews should be the more recognizable names (forza, …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 20 12:57PM -0500: That logic doesn’t make sense though when you look at the full embargo list. Yes, DR3 lifted on Monday… but so did all of that download-only stuff. And Zoo Tycoon. What an odd freaking lineup …more

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 20 10:00AM -0800: That intro movie is one of the best parts about the game. Twisted Pixel made it (the movie) bad on purpose. Now, as to the game…

Mike Wehner <> Nov 20 12:01PM -0600: If everything these companies did was logical we’d have nothing to write about most of the time.

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 20 01:01PM -0500: So say we all. …more

Philip Kollar <> Nov 20 10:39AM -0800: Ryse is the Knack of the Xbox One launch — very pretty, fills a genre gap for them, but super shallow.

James Fudge <> Nov 20 01:44PM -0500: ouch.

Forza 5 assets?

Dale <> Nov 19 07:38PM -0800: The link they sent me is no go. Anyone have these? …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 19 11:09PM -0500: Nope… I was just about to send this same e-mail. Anyone? -KO

Dale <> Nov 19 08:58PM -0800: I got ’em now! I can email if you’d like.

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 19 09:10PM -0800: <—– would like


Greg Tito <> Nov 19 06:35PM -0500: Anyone able to test out the SmartGlass features of Xbox One movies? The movies are just playing with none of the promised bells and whistles. Also, it’s sad that the companion app features like …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 19 06:42PM -0500: The DR3 companion works. Haven’t tried Madden yet. …more

Greg Tito <> Nov 19 06:43PM -0500: Thanks. I’ll check DR3’s companion.

Today’s Topic Summary


  • PSN and Xbox Live username thread [3 Updates]
  • Awesome deal alert [2 Updates]
  • That’s one way to break an embargo [26 Updates]

PSN and Xbox Live username thread

Mark Burnham <> Nov 20 05:21PM -0800: UrnHemingwar on both.

Alex Rubens <> Nov 20 05:22PM -0800: PSN: alexrubens XBL: alexthegreat321 (I know…)

Patrick Klepek <> Nov 21 12:32PM -0800: XBL: patrick klepek PSN: Mechamothra …more

Awesome deal alert

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 21 02:33PM -0500: Enjoy.

Daniel Starkey <> Nov 21 01:38PM -0600: OOH. Thanks for the link.

That’s one way to break an embargo

Alex Navarro <> Nov 20 10:08PM -0500: Oh, Knack. How quickly you have become a benchmark for mediocrity,

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 20 09:19PM -0800: Just don’t knock The Knack.

Jason Venter <> Nov 20 10:03PM -0800: I gave Knack a glowing review, because I liked it so very, very much. I am clearly in the minority on this…

Greg Tito <> Nov 21 10:36AM -0500: You’re not alone, Jason. I found Knack much more enjoyable than the rest of the world.

Kyle Orland <> Nov 21 10:37AM -0500: Opinions, amirite? -KO

Harold Goldberg <> Nov 21 10:39AM -0500: I think it’s a fine game for kids. For me, it’s even kind of meta when you see and hear the nods to Crash Bandicoot.
Mike Wehner <> Nov 21 09:43AM -0600: Kyle, we all know there’s no place for those in gamez jurnalizm. …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 21 10:44AM -0500: It might be nostalgia talking, but I feel the Crash series was much more focused and tightly designed, with more interesting challenges.   Just wait, though, in 15 years the new crop of journalists …more

Greg Tito <> Nov 21 10:45AM -0500: Tahiti is a magical place.

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 21 10:47AM -0500: It’s just adorable that you think there’s going to be a PS6. I figure the great and bloody Console War of 2020 will thin the competition out to just one platform, which will then go Skynet and doom …more

Harold Goldberg <> Nov 21 10:49AM -0500: Kyle, Cerny says he designed all but two levels in Crash Bandicoot. Rubin designed two. Crash was harder to play than Knack, though.
Ben Gilbert <> Nov 21 10:51AM -0500: I love you all. I think Knack is junk. It’s full of cheap, poorly designed combat, the same enemy interaction a thousand times over, and it’s one long tunnel. It’s not even particularly good …more

Max Parker <> Nov 21 10:53AM -0500: Ben, I completely agree with you. …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 21 10:56AM -0500: Not sure what point you are trying to make, Harold. -KO

Harold Goldberg <> Nov 21 10:57AM -0500: “Don’t get cocky. It’s gonna get rocky.” In my perfect mashup game world Parappa the Rapper and Master Onion would meet Crash and Knack in Super Mario 3D World.

Ben Gilbert <> Nov 21 10:57AM -0500: Pretty sure Harold’s just freeform associating and/or tripping balls. Lemme get some of that, Harold! 😀

Harold Goldberg <> Nov 21 10:59AM -0500: Exactly right, Ben. Gotta do a little riffing. Up since 4 on a Times story.

Kyle Orland <> Nov 21 11:14AM -0500: “Crack crack crack… into the bowl” -Harold Goldberg, in a drug-induced Parappa dream

Harold Goldberg <> Nov 21 11:36AM -0500: “These allegations are ridiculous.”

Kyle Orland <> Nov 21 11:38AM -0500: No joke, I had a stoner friend who played the Cheep Cheep Chicken level over and over and just deliberately did not hit the buttons for “the egg” in that part of the song just so he could hear …more

Greg Tito <> Nov 21 12:04PM -0500: I absolutely love that this is where this thread has ended up. From Rolling Stone failing at game coverage to … rapping about crack bowls.

James Fudge <> Nov 21 01:23PM -0500: Let’s get back to Ryse: …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 21 01:24PM -0500: There are a few glowing reviews out there too. Not quite as divisive as Beyond: Two Souls, but a pretty binary range of love-it-or-hate-it. -KO

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 21 01:28PM -0500: I wouldn’t call mine glowing (still in edits, not published yet), but it’s definitely positive. …more

Mark Burnham <> Nov 21 10:30AM -0800: I’m a bit surprised. I really enjoyed my time with Ryse at the SF preview event. I did have concerns that the combat would get old, and it may be too easy, and it sounds like lots of folks found …more

James Fudge <> Nov 21 01:40PM -0500: Sorry for tempting those writing reviews still with links. Didn’t think about that until after.

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  • Xbox One Launch Events [12 Updates]
  • PSN and Xbox Live username thread [8 Updates]

Xbox One Launch Events

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 21 09:33PM -0800: Did anyone else happen to go to one of these? Because the one in Los Angeles… holy balls. Complete waste of time.

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 22 12:37AM -0500: As Macklemore told everyone during the NYC launch: this is fuckin’ awesome. Oh except it wasn’t. It was fine though. In line with what I thought it would be. What were you expecting? Interviews? …more

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 21 10:13PM -0800: Interviews would have been nice. Instead it was in a breezy warehouse, and press was kept separate from the “VIP/Celebrity” area. I saw Andy Richter there, and Jon Cryer. I would have liked to asked …more

Matt Hawkins <> Nov 22 02:09PM -0500: Well, at least you weren’t in the UK for the whole KSI debacle. Or perhaps that would been more interesting to at least witness? …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 22 02:16PM -0500: Yeah, if anyone’s confused about the KSI stuff, this video from’s Matt Lees sums it up concisely: …more

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 22 11:23AM -0800: I thought that video was great. Good on Matt.

Kyle Orland <> Nov 22 02:27PM -0500: Look out Hip Hop Gamer… GJP has a new guy to hate! -KO

Kyle Orland <> Nov 22 02:28PM -0500: (Not to imply it’s undeserved… this KSI chap seems pretty awful)

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 22 02:29PM -0500: WATCH IT, KYLE. You yourself put the banhammer down on He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named-aka-HHG mentions.Without rules, we descend into chaos. Is that what you’re after? Anarchy? Seriously though, holy …more

Michael Rougeau <> Nov 22 11:38AM -0800: I remember watching the video of him harassing women when it first came out. I’m surprised he was still getting corporate gigs after that. Kind of figured that would be the end for him. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 22 02:58PM -0500: Fleming just pointed out to me that Matt’s video is gone from YouTube now thanks to a copyright takedown notice. I guess KSI didn’t care for the fact that his own horrible footage was used against …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 22 02:59PM -0500: He reposted a new copyright-safe version:

PSN and Xbox Live username thread

Dan Stapleton <> Nov 21 05:09PM -0800: Xbox: Nowhere Dan PSN: NowhereDanS
Ben Kuchera <> Nov 21 07:57PM -0800: PSN: Stasis7 Gamertag: Ars Bkuchera I really need to change that second one.

Jason Venter <> Nov 21 08:54PM -0800: Seems like changing it at this point would be a pain in the Ars.

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 21 11:56PM -0500: …more

Ben Kuchera <> Nov 22 04:37AM -0800: Okay, my gamertag is now YourBenKuchera if you have yet to add me. That cost $10.

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 22 05:04AM -0800: Was BenKuchera taken?

Jason Venter <> Nov 22 11:03AM -0800: I tried searching to add you online (my Xbox One is supposed to arrive later today, but adding via PC is a snap) and it says that YourBenKuchera is not a valid gamertag.

Jared Newman <> Nov 22 11:06AM -0800: I foresee a need for Twitter-style “verified” gamertags now that following people is allowed.

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  • Xbox One Launch Events [1 Update]

Xbox One Launch Events

Andy Eddy <> Nov 22 06:13PM -0800: The good thing is, once Microsoft staff realized they aligned with a less-than-savory “presenter,” they backpedaled hard…but, seriously, wouldn’t you do some vetting of an outside person you’re …more

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  • That Heroes of the Storm interview [7 Updates]

That Heroes of the Storm interview

Kyle Orland <> Nov 25 10:45AM -0500: Good stuff here re: female character designs, IMO, but I want to focus on the tense nature of the interviews …more

Dean Takahashi <> Nov 25 08:18AM -0800: and a blizzard apology follows …more

Daniel Starkey <> Nov 25 10:26AM -0600: The thing that irks me about this is that even the perspective I back very strongly — that most character designers have very little thought put into them and go far beyond just overly sexualized …more

Daniel Starkey <> Nov 25 10:39AM -0600: To clarify: I’m really interested in the topic and I think there are some justifiable reasons to include scantily clad people in your games. They aren’t common, but sometimes it can say something …more

Leah Jackson <> Nov 25 09:24AM -0800: Haven’t read through the entire RTS article yet, but when I played HOTS at BlizzCon I thought the female characters looked strong, empowered, and awesome. They looked exactly like their already …more

Daniel Starkey <> Nov 25 11:36AM -0600: That’s just my point — the exact same thing will make some people feel objectified and some people feel empowered. You cannot control for that, because that stuff is subjective. Any perspective …more

Matt Hawkins <> Nov 25 01:02PM -0500: I think everyone here is well aware of the fact that, even the most benign question imaginable (like “so, how are you today?” or “so, did you like the new Thor movie?”) can be asked in a very …more

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  • That Heroes of the Storm interview [2 Updates]

That Heroes of the Storm interview

Dennis Scimeca <> Nov 25 01:41PM -0800: If the conversation they were having was about character design as a whole, I could see your looking at Nathan’s line of questioning as being “one-dimensional,” but that’s not the conversation …more

Daniel Starkey <> Nov 25 03:52PM -0600: Dennis, There’s quite a bit around that I don’t specifically call out because of one or another thing. You’re right, that conversation is valid and what’s better is that they are having this …more

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  • Hip Hop Gamer is about to become a dad… [10 Updates]
  • Aubrey Norris. Genius. [4 Updates]
  • That Heroes of the Storm interview [2 Updates]

Hip Hop Gamer is about to become a dad…

“William O’Neal” <> Nov 27 11:25AM -0800: …so he brings a PS4 to the hospital.<>

Mike Wehner <> Nov 27 01:27PM -0600: Wait, did his wife give birth to the PS4? I’m confused here. …more

Matt Hawkins <> Nov 27 02:26PM -0500: Once again, dude’s keepin it real…

Jason Schreier <> Nov 27 02:27PM -0500: I hope when his kid gets vaccines he says “shots fired!!!” …more

Michael Rougeau <> Nov 27 11:27AM -0800: How does he even have that many PS4 games (that he actually wants to play)?

Adam Rosenberg <> Nov 27 02:28PM -0500: What happened to Kyle’s moratorium on HHG talk? I was a big fan of that plan. That said, +1 to Schreier. Good funny there. …more

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 27 11:30AM -0800: Straight up truth: @hiphopgamer: @tordavis @nickchester people use the word OPINION as a way to escape FACTS or owning up to RESPONSIBILITY with there words Straight BS

“William O’Neal” <> Nov 27 11:33AM -0800: Who’s Kyle?

Mike Wehner <> Nov 27 01:35PM -0600: Her first name is Selina. [image: Inline image 1] …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 27 03:15PM -0500: I’ll make an exception to the HHG moratorium for one goofy pre-Thanksgiving post. And his last name is Broslovsky. [image: Inline image 1]

Aubrey Norris. Genius.

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 27 08:53AM -0800: We’ve said it before, but I’m saying it again. Aubrey Norris is a beacon of light amidst a sea of boring PR emails. Her “Thanksgiving in Texas” email should be an essay for Texas Monthly. …more

“William O’Neal” <> Nov 27 08:55AM -0800: It really is great. I actually read the whole thing!
Mike Wehner <> Nov 27 10:56AM -0600: I rarely make it through even the subject line of most PR emails. How she got me to read a short story is beyond me, but it worked. Bravo. …more

Kyle Orland <> Nov 27 12:37PM -0500: Surprised to find I have not received this e-mail. Can you share? -KO

That Heroes of the Storm interview

Andrew Groen <> Nov 26 01:49PM -0800: In the interview text, it’s noted that the PR person mimes that time is running out on the interview before Grayson even starts his questions about the character designs. So I don’t think there’s …more

Andy Eddy <> Nov 26 02:34PM -0800: It actually seems like he had a generous amount of time for the interview by Blizzard standards. It wouldn’t be surprising if it was hastened along when the questioning became more specific about …more

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  • Hip Hop Gamer is about to become a dad… [3 Updates]

Hip Hop Gamer is about to become a dad…

Brandon Justice <> Nov 27 07:35PM -0500: Rotflmao. Literally.

Kevin Kelly <> Nov 27 04:43PM -0800: I hope IGN reviews the baby.

Andy Eddy <> Nov 28 12:14PM -0800: Probably get a 7.9…