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  • That buzzfeed deal – 2 Updates

That buzzfeed deal

Jason Schreier <> Aug 12 07:56PM -0400: Interesting point here: “In that sense, the right comparison for BuzzFeed is probably not newspapers, or even other websites like Business Insider; rather, it’s advertising agencies, or companies …more

Ben Kuchera <> Aug 12 07:00PM -0500: This is why Buzzfeed pays to place their content on places like Fark. They’re not selling page views, but the time you read the product they’ve already been paid. …more

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  • EA ducking employment laws? – 5 Updates
  • “Gaming is not the most important thing in my life” – 10 Updates
  • #Ferguson – 7 Updates

EA ducking employment laws?

Ryan Smith <> Aug 15 11:44AM -0700: I spoke off the record with someone who works full-time at EA’s offices but is considered an independent contractor. They told me because of California employment laws, EA has her physically go out …more

“ʎןןǝʞ uıʌǝʞ” <> Aug 15 11:51AM -0700: It’s a LOT more common than you would think. I believe California has a law that you have to provide certain benefits after XXX days worked, and a lot of places hire contractors and then let them go …more

Daniel Starkey <> Aug 15 01:52PM -0500: It’s way more than games, sadly. That’s just the modern corporate environment. …more

James Fudge <> Aug 15 03:04PM -0400: It’s likely a common practice. If you could get her to go on the record that would be a pretty great story.

Greg Tito <> Aug 15 03:07PM -0400: I think in California corporations legally must prove to have in the bank 3 months salary for each full-time employee AT ALL TIMES. Which makes contractors a much more viable thing for companies …more

“Gaming is not the most important thing in my life”

Kyle Orland <> Aug 15 01:06PM -0400: Great piece from our own Ben Kuchera on balance in work, life, and gaming, with sections specific to writing about games as well: …more

Ben Kuchera <> Aug 15 12:10PM -0500: Two quick notes: First: That story is doing very well, and the messages about it have been great. So it’s been succcesfull in all the best ways already. Second: People are telling me that this …more

Richard Clark <> Aug 15 01:13PM -0400: This is fantastic. …more

Richard Mitchell <> Aug 15 12:19PM -0500: Haven’t read the whole piece yet, but agree entirely with the sentiment.

Daniel Starkey <> Aug 15 12:20PM -0500: I know some people feel weird about Extra Credits these days, but one of my favorite things that they said, was that media are distilled experiences. If you want to make it, write about it, or even …more

Daniel Starkey <> Aug 15 12:23PM -0500: Favorite quote: “My job doesn’t allow me to play more games, it allows me to play enough games that my free time can be used to explore the world around me.” That’s exactly how I’ve felt. …more

Michael Zenke <> Aug 15 01:29PM -0400: Ben, you are good people. From the industry side of the fence, I run into a lot of these guys as well. Given the instability of the industry, several times I’ve had this conversation:…more

Ryan Smith <> Aug 15 11:25AM -0700: Definitely a good column, Ben. Video games have never rarely been 100 percent of my writing career so it’s way easier for me to keep that balance, but for those of you who are deeply embedded, it …more

Richard Mitchell <> Aug 15 01:32PM -0500: Totally. I’m sure most of us are familiar with the feeling that you *should* be playing something new and relevant, instead of running through Rogue Legacy for the millionth time. …more

Daniel Starkey <> Aug 15 01:42PM -0500: When everyone else was playing the Destiny beta I was playing Resident Evil 4 again, Game’s amazing.


Kyle Orland <> Aug 14 05:28PM -0400: There have been two prominent examples I’ve seen of trying to write about the events in Ferguson on major gaming sites. Kotaku: …more

Jared Newman <> Aug 14 03:09PM -0700: Some of the negative reaction I saw was also because of timing. I don’t think Kotaku and Polygon were trying to exploit the situation, but I can understand how people drew that conclusion while …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Aug 14 06:12PM -0400: I think notoriety factors in as well. Let’s face it: Polygon and Kotaku are frequently in the crosshairs of Internet naysayers. I don’t think that’s any kind of negative reflection on either site …more

Ben Gilbert <> Aug 15 12:17AM +0200: “Neither outlet is ‘wrong’ for attempting to enter the conversation.” This is absolutely accurate. What’s up for debate here is the content of the pieces and the speed at which they were …more

Ryan Smith <> Aug 14 03:45PM -0700: I disagree that the timing of the articles is an issue because they don’t try to trivialize the Ferguson issue, but do a reasonable job tying games to an real-life event. What would have been too …more

Mike Wehner <> Aug 14 05:49PM -0500: The only issue I have with either of them is that the “camera” that serves as the basis for the Polygon article *isn’t a camera. *It’s a night vision monocle, like this one (flipped down for use): …more

Kyle Orland <> Aug 15 02:16PM -0400: Excellent take by Mike Williams at USGamer: “I enjoy many of the shows and movies I mentioned before. …more

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  • Video creator goes off on Machinima deal – 6 Updates
  • “Produces content that [is] beneficial to advertiser relationship.” – 6 Updates
  • #Ferguson – 1 Update
  • “Nothing says gamescom so much as masturbating alone in a hotel room German television set.” – 4 Updates
  • EA ducking employment laws? – 2 Updates

Video creator goes off on Machinima deal

Kyle Orland <> Aug 18 11:26AM -0400: Long, profanity-laced read from the creator of “Bro Team” alleging that Machinima screwed thin a variety of ways. Includes some …more

Ben Kuchera <> Aug 18 10:38AM -0500: I saw the words “trusting boyhole” and noped my way out of there. Those are literally the first section header. Holy shit. …more

Daniel Starkey <> Aug 18 10:42AM -0500: I actually forgot Machinema existed after they axed all of my favorite series. Namely All your history. I’m a sucker for informative things and I loved getting pretty well-research backstory on …more

James Fudge <> Aug 18 12:34PM -0400: “trusting boyhole?” This is like a letter to Hustler.

Andy Eddy <> Aug 18 09:51AM -0700: I didn’t read the stream-of-consciousness blather top to bottom, but my skim of it has him looking like someone who’s been pretty irresponsible on his own end and often a celebrity in his own mind …more

James Fudge <> Aug 18 01:27PM -0400: Ahem. His characterization of Russ makes me believe about 20 percent of what he’s saying.

“Produces content that [is] beneficial to advertiser relationship.”

Kyle Orland <> Aug 18 11:52AM -0400: Can we finally do away with the idea that the legacy/mainstream print media are the ones with the high-falutin’ standards and ethics now? …more

Harold Goldberg <> Aug 18 12:02PM -0400: But the indication is that this is for the online side only, right? It’s not clear from the piece that they’re doing this with, say, Lev Grossman, on the print side. (Not that they aren’t.) It’s …more

Kyle Orland <> Aug 18 12:15PM -0400: True, the leak they have is for That’s still part of Sports Illustrated, though, and as we know that is an old and storied print institution that is much more ethical and reliable than these …more

James Fudge <> Aug 18 12:45PM -0400: His characterization of Russ makes me believe about 20 percent of what he’s saying.

Kyle Orland <> Aug 18 01:15PM -0400: Wrong thread, James

James Fudge <> Aug 18 01:27PM -0400: Time to get some glasses!


Dennis Scimeca <> Aug 18 08:29AM -0700: In defense of the spirit of what Polygon was going for, I felt this piece on Slate made pretty much the same argument about why cops need to wear cameras: …more

“Nothing says gamescom so much as masturbating alone in a hotel room German television set.”

Kyle Orland <> Aug 18 10:46AM -0400: Someone please check and make sure Patrick Garratt is OK. Thanks.

Michael Futter <> Aug 18 10:47AM -0400: I think neurologists call that “word salad” and it’s indicative of a stroke. …more

James Fudge <> Aug 18 10:49AM -0400: um.

Harold Goldberg <> Aug 18 11:21AM -0400: Is he now to be referred to as the William S. Burroughs of online videogame Writers? Or the Michael Levinson of online videogame writers? …more

EA ducking employment laws?

Andy Eddy <> Aug 17 03:25PM -0700: It goes back to a Microsoft case. I think this provides the gist of It:

Charles Husemann <> Aug 17 06:11PM -0700: Not super common but probably will be in the near future, especially for companies that use a lot of long term contractors to supplement their work force. Probably depends a lot on the employment …more

Today’s topic summary


  • Zoe Quinn – 45 Updates
  • That buzzfeed deal – 3 Updates
  • Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide going out of print – 8 Updates
  • #Ferguson – 1 Update
  • “Nothing says gamescom so much as masturbating alone in a hotel room German television set.” – 1 Update

Zoe Quinn

Kyle Orland <> Aug 19 09:43AM -0400: If you are behind on the appalling doxxing attempt against her overnight, read this first: The very first paragraph of that statement: “This has nothing to do with …more

Devin Connors <> Aug 19 10:04AM -0400: Child wandering into a movie mid-way here. I’ve missed about 99 percent of what’s happened because I was busy with a wedding for the last week. What exactly happened to cause Zoe’s above …more

Matt Hawkins <> Aug 19 10:05AM -0400: It all starts with this…

James Fudge <> Aug 19 10:10AM -0400: The tumblr post is back

Greg Tito <> Aug 19 10:14AM -0400: I’ve decided not to write about this because it’s kind of ridiculous, but there’s a thread created on The Escapist forums that is getting attention. I am unsure where to draw the line. …more

Ben Kuchera <> Aug 19 09:16AM -0500: This is the question: People are using your platform to harass a developer. Are you comfortable with that? …more

Greg Tito <> Aug 19 10:24AM -0400: If there is harassment, I would shut it down immediately. And we’ve banned/warned on posts in those threads that are even close to that line. I’m talking about the discussion. If I followed your …more

Mike Wehner <> Aug 19 09:27AM -0500: Individual comments are being shut down if they cross the line, which I think is about as good as you can do in this situation Greg. Telling people they can’t discuss the ramifications of the …more

Ben Kuchera <> Aug 19 09:57AM -0500: This is the thread: Someone signed up for an Escapist account …more

Greg Tito <> Aug 19 11:06AM -0400: Many people create forum identities to post one thread. That’s not the definition of harassment by any means. There’s also many people in both the threads who are working to educate the …more

Ben Kuchera <> Aug 19 10:07AM -0500: Ask yourself this: 1) Does that thread serve your community? 2) Is it making anyone’s life better? 3) Is it actively hurting someone? 4) Is that what I want the Escapist to be? …more

James Fudge <> Aug 19 11:09AM -0400: Just my opinions here (moderating is a pain in the ass) But look at how this thread starts out – it’s hard not to call this harassment. But the bad part is that, because the thread is alive now …more

Ben Kuchera <> Aug 19 10:10AM -0500: Yeah, I’m really confused and saddened that this is even a conversation.  …more

Jason Schreier <> Aug 19 11:12AM -0400: “Kotaku employee who reviewed her game, Nathan Grayson” This is not true. “EDIT: Oh, and then there’s the fact that the blog post by Nathan Grayson has apparently been taken down. …more

Ben Kuchera <> Aug 19 10:20AM -0500: I mean, if nothing else now we KNOW the post contains demonstrably untrue things about real people. Serious allegations. Is THAT enough to get you to consider taking it down? What does it take …more

Greg Tito <> Aug 19 11:32AM -0400: Correct, Jason. I made a point to call that out in my own comment to the thread. I don’t think factual errors in a forum post on the internet, however, are a huge area of concern for me. …more

Daniel Starkey <> Aug 19 10:37AM -0500: Most of the time, I feel like I inhabit a relatively civil part of the internet. But when I was looking through these comments, threads, and everything else… wow… …more

Kyle Orland <> Aug 19 11:39AM -0400: You’re involved in video games, Daniel, so I’m really not sure why you thought that. -KO

Daniel Starkey <> Aug 19 10:41AM -0500: My comments are never THAT bad. The worst of it is when people go after my relatives or my partner, but that’s still not terribly common. Plus I’m a huge optimist. …more

Kyle Orland <> Aug 19 11:44AM -0400: Even if you inhabit a pocket of relative civility within the sphere of “video game discussion on the Internet,” (as I think I do as well) you have to realize the shitshow that is our broader “video …more

Daniel Starkey <> Aug 19 10:48AM -0500: I get that, but some of the things I saw on the chan line of sites was… disproportionately awful. …more

Ben Kuchera <> Aug 19 10:59AM -0500: Really disappointed in that response, Greg. But I’m going to end the discussion on it here to maintain civility.

Greg Tito <> Aug 19 12:00PM -0400: Thanks, Ben! Feel free to message me in private if you want to continue the discussion.

Kyle Orland <> Aug 19 12:14PM -0400: “disproportionately awful” is kind of the motto of large swaths of the Internet video game community, unfortunately… -KO

Andy Eddy <> Aug 19 09:39AM -0700: My two cents: This is barely a game-industry story, no matter how some people want to frame it. This is a story about a person who happens to be in the game industry and their personal …more

Greg Tito <> Aug 19 02:17PM -0400: I definitely agree with everything you wrote, Andy. That’s exactly why I didn’t choose to cover it as news. Whatever is happening is very far outside the realm of what I consider to be interesting. …more

Chris Dahlen <> Aug 19 02:54PM -0400: FWIW – I think this is disgusting, and not worth any space from any outlet. The guy who wrote that post sounds deranged. We’ve all had our hearts broken in our twenties but most of us just …more

Chris Dahlen <> Aug 19 02:56PM -0400: Also, I’m just reminded of the recent Polygon opinion pieces where they shut the comments off altogether. Commenting on somebody else’s website or forum is a privilege, not a right. …more

Kyle Orland <> Aug 19 02:58PM -0400: Silver lining: Quinn is getting a bunch of new Patreon patrons today, apparently: -KO

Ryan Smith <> Aug 19 12:08PM -0700: Wow, this whole thing makes me feel very old. Lordy. So, I definitely don’t think anyone’s sex life should be news and I certainly wouldn’t write about it on a site. But quick question: how did …more

Sarah LeBoeuf <> Aug 19 03:11PM -0400: Uh pretty big difference between “a private conversation about sex” and sexual harassment, which is what the Mattingly situation was.

Jason Schreier <> Aug 19 03:11PM -0400: If you don’t see the differences between a story about a journalist sending crude sexual messages to a game developer and a story about a game developer allegedly cheating on her boyfriend, I’m not …more

Ben Kuchera <> Aug 19 02:12PM -0500: So you’re comparing writing about someone who sexually harassed a female developer, which is a disgraceful way to act, and covering someone who is being victimized to the point of not feeling safe …more

Ryan Smith <> Aug 19 12:22PM -0700: Hold on to your hats. I wasn’t equating the two at all. I was just asking where you guys draw the line.

Kyle Orland <> Aug 19 03:22PM -0400: Between the harassers and the victims of harassment.

Jason Schreier <> Aug 19 03:35PM -0400: I don’t know why you think there’s a line to be drawn. “Reporter at moderately-known games website sends sexually explicit messages to game developer who doesn’t want them” is a story. …more

Ben Kuchera <> Aug 19 02:41PM -0500: That line doesn’t require a lot of thought. It’s incredibly simple. …more

Ryan Smith <> Aug 19 12:44PM -0700: I’m just asking where the line is drawn at publishing messages that were private that have become public because someone posted them on the web. Josh Mattingly’s sexual harassment of the game dev …more

“Mr. Man” <> Aug 19 03:49PM -0400: Personally, I’m just trying to get over the silver lining” bit. Like, really?

Daniel Starkey <> Aug 19 02:49PM -0500: The line is whether or not it serves a legitimate public interest. In theory, you can run any story you wish if you have editorial control. You also have the ability to say whatever the hell you …more

Kyle Orland <> Aug 19 03:52PM -0400: Please don’t take my post to in any way suggest that what’s happening to Quinn is good or desirable. Just trying to draw *anything* positive from what’s been a real depressing day/issue. -KO …more

Daniel Starkey <> Aug 19 02:51PM -0500: Also I realize I made a mistake by saying “the line is” followed by “there is no line” I meant to say something clever and borked it. …more

James Fudge <> Aug 19 03:53PM -0400: The only thing we haven’t talked about is the copyright take down against a YouTuber that has been alleged. That is what I was originally interested in, but there’s too much bullshit in between that …more

Devin Connors <> Aug 19 03:56PM -0400: This thread is getting awfully nippy… …more

Britton Peele <> Aug 19 03:06PM -0500: On the copyright claim on YouTube: Supposedly (and I’m by no means an expert, but I believe in TotalBiscuit said this over the weekend) it would be relatively easy for someone to *claim *they’re Zoe …more

That buzzfeed deal

Andy Eddy <> Aug 19 08:16AM -0700: More on Buzzfeed’s content/advertising:

Jason Schreier <> Aug 19 11:30AM -0400: Pretty rich that TechCrunch’s Josh Constine is questioning Buzzfeed’s ethical practices. …more

Andy Eddy <> Aug 19 09:52AM -0700: Yes, there’s shadiness all around–and I love how the Valleywag post is under the topic of “Journalismism.” I also don’t agree with all of his observations on Buzzfeed (specifically, “…raise the …more

Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide going out of print

Kyle Orland <> Aug 19 10:22AM -0400: Print is etc… (but I still love my copy of “1001 Games you Must Play Before You Die”) — …more

Kyle Orland <> Aug 19 10:23AM -0400: Forgot the key quote: “The book’s loyal followers know that we strive to offer something one can’t easily find online: curated information that is accurate and user-friendly, along with our …more

Harold Goldberg <> Aug 19 10:34AM -0400: But 25+ years as a yearly print guide is still a remarkable run (even though Maltin generally=hah!). Begs the question, what game sites from the early days of the Web still thrive or even, are …more

Kyle Orland <> Aug 19 10:38AM -0400: In any case, yeah, IGN and Gamespot are the real oldies in game journalism on the web at this point (Didn’t GI Online exist mainly as a “here’s how to subscribe to GI) holding page for years and …more

Harold Goldberg <> Aug 19 10:47AM -0400: Really important point. Things change so much, so rapidly and surprisingly, in 25 years. I would like to say that books would still be around, but how would they look? Conceivably, J.K. …more

Kyle Orland <> Aug 19 10:50AM -0400: I can imagine book-length writing still being around in 25 years. I can not imagine people reading them on dead trees in large numbers, except as an anachronistic vinyl-style hipster throwback. …more

Richard Mitchell <> Aug 19 09:59AM -0500: Closing in on 10 years? I protest! Also, is How to Win at Video Games still in print? I’m guessing no. …more

Kyle Orland <> Aug 19 11:01AM -0400: A thousand apologies to Joystiq and those serving her well into her second Decade. -KO


Dennis Scimeca <> Aug 18 05:33PM -0700: btw, not a federal coroner’s report, but an independent coroner’s report. My bad.

“Nothing says gamescom so much as masturbating alone in a hotel room German television set.”

Susan Arendt <> Aug 18 02:18PM -0700: I don’t understand why someone would run this. Truly, I don’t.

Today’s topic summary


  • Zoe Quinn – 2 Updates
  • Google (YouTube) to buy Twitch for $1B! – 6 Updates
  • ShackNews no longer owned by GameFly – 4 Updates
  • Anti-Sarkeesian/SJW documentary project – 14 Updates
  • Skate 3 popularity – 1 Update
  • @NintendoAmerico – 16 Updates
  • The Death of Print: Time “Has To Come Up With An Answer Fast” – 2 Updates
  • Engadget’s hiring a senior editor in NYC – 1 Update

Zoe Quinn

Kyle Orland <> Aug 26 03:07PM -0400: More from Totilo on how Kotaku is responding: On Twitter, he draws a line between supporting a developer …more

Britton Peele <> Aug 26 02:25PM -0500: I understand his reasoning on the Patreon/Kickstarter divide and I think I agree with him. Though I’ve personally stopped backing most video game Kickstarters (these days I tend to back a lot of …more

Google (YouTube) to buy Twitch for $1B!

James Fudge <> Aug 25 05:27PM -0400: All I know is that the bunny and the puppy together is what I want to see seconds before I finally die.

Kyle Orland <> Aug 26 10:06AM -0400: ICYMI: “Was my prior reporting about Google picking up Twitch wrong? Or did Amazon …more

Jason Schreier <> Aug 26 10:13AM -0400: Wow. Wow. …more

Michael Futter <> Aug 26 10:14AM -0400: This is disappointing to say the least. Whether a deal with Google was in the works or not isn’t the issue. It was not “confirmed.” The right thing to do is admit the error, not blame the …more

Xav de Matos <> Aug 26 09:39AM -0700: I offered them $940M on a payment plan structured to last for the next 150 years. They didn’t even email me back. Greedy bastards.

Britton Peele <> Aug 26 12:04PM -0500: You got lucky, Xav. Websites are like cars. The second you drive them off the lot they plummet in value. …more

ShackNews no longer owned by GameFly

Xav de Matos <> Aug 26 09:38AM -0700: I first heard about the Shacknews sale at a Titanfall preview event last year. GameFly sold it off to Gamerhub a long time ago but they kept delaying an announcement until a new website was built.  …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Aug 26 12:38PM -0400: Gaudiosi, right? I was wondering about that. …more

Harold Goldberg <> Aug 26 12:48PM -0400: Gaudiosi. Yeh, I heard a while back. What does he actually do as editorial director?

Adam Rosenberg <> Aug 26 12:49PM -0400: No clue. I know he’s still doing freelance stuff though, at least on the movies side.

Anti-Sarkeesian/SJW documentary project

Logan Westbrook <> Aug 25 02:42PM -0700: I’m simultaneously glad that they’ve set their funding bar so high and dismayed they’ve secured so much already. That video you linked Kyle, I just have no words for it. …more

James Fudge <> Aug 25 05:46PM -0400: I give his drinking and smoking a 10, but his actual commentary a -10.

Chris Plante <> Aug 26 10:19AM -0500: Only the best high school theater programs for these guys. …more

Devin Connors <> Aug 26 11:22AM -0400: The bald guy looks like he’s auditioning to be a villain on The Venture Bros. …more

James Fudge <> Aug 26 11:22AM -0400: He would def confuse people in a Red Bull commercial.

Jason Fanelli <> Aug 26 11:32AM -0400: How am I supposed to take them seriously? This may as well be called “Honky Tonk Man and Lex Luthor With A Mustache Talk About Perceived Injustice In Video Games”. Also, the best quote from the …more

Britton Peele <> Aug 26 10:54AM -0500: *”Also, the best quote from the video on the Patreon page is ol’ Baldy saying ‘we’re going to be speaking to people who have had their lives RUINED by political correctness.’ Who could that possibly …more

Ben Kuchera <> Aug 26 10:55AM -0500: There is no way this is real.

Adam Rosenberg <> Aug 26 11:56AM -0400: Let’s all hope that it turns out to be a giant scam, and that the idiots who get burned learn something about the choices they’ve made in life. …more

Kyle Orland <> Aug 26 11:57AM -0400: I hope you are right, Ben, but I fear you are wrong. -KO

Devin Connors <> Aug 26 12:00PM -0400: I really hope the finale is a Farm Aid-style singalong railing against perceived injustices! …more

Britton Peele <> Aug 26 11:05AM -0500: Unfortunately at least one of the two dudes (Jordan Owen) has a long history of YouTube videos complaining about Anita’s videos. So I don’t doubt that they’re serious about their “message,” though …more

Andy Eddy <> Aug 26 09:06AM -0700: Where they serve all the whiskey and cigarettes–the *real* ones, not those wussy glowing electronic ones–you can carry. And a free headshaving kiosk…

Kyle Orland <> Aug 26 12:19PM -0400: Chris Remo wins the Internet:

Skate 3 popularity

Andy Eddy <> Aug 26 09:04AM -0700: Not a particularly deep issue, but a demonstration of YouTube “presenters” influencing gamers:


Kyle Orland <> Aug 26 10:45AM -0400: I just got fooled by this, because I didn’t look carefully enough at what I was being linked to: Looks like I’m not alone, either: …more

James Fudge <> Aug 26 10:51AM -0400: …more

Richard Mitchell <> Aug 26 09:52AM -0500: tl;dr

Daniel Starkey <> Aug 26 09:52AM -0500: I agree with James here. Good point. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Aug 26 10:53AM -0400: Were you trying to say this? …more

James Fudge <> Aug 26 11:00AM -0400: i’m a fucking moron, let me have it. Free pass.

Britton Peele <> Aug 26 10:03AM -0500: *—* …more

Andy Eddy <> Aug 26 08:18AM -0700: I’m with you 100%, James. I know exactly the point you were making, because I took the blue pill. If anyone wants to join me…no, wait, those are Viagra…

James Fudge <> Aug 26 11:20AM -0400: That’s the best one yet, Andy.

Mike Wehner <> Aug 26 10:30AM -0500: I dont’ like that they deleted the entire article in both those cases, leaving a dead URL. You got fooled, you didn’t check, you ran with something and you should absolutely put an update on it so …more

Kyle Orland <> Aug 26 11:31AM -0400: Totally agreed. Fix the mistake, but own the fact that you made it in the first place…

James Fudge <> Aug 26 11:42AM -0400: Kyle did you write a story?

Kyle Orland <> Aug 26 11:42AM -0400: No, but I did tweet about it as if it was real, before being quickly corrected. -KO

Daniel Starkey <> Aug 26 10:49AM -0500: Tweets are an easy fix though. …more

Mike Wehner <> Aug 26 10:50AM -0500: And tweets can’t be updated or corrected, unfortunately, making the decision pretty easy in that case 😉

James Fudge <> Aug 26 11:50AM -0400: Hey it happens. I am surprised CVG deleted the story. VG247 plays fast and loose a lot of the time, but CVG generally follows some guidelines.

The Death of Print: Time “Has To Come Up With An Answer Fast”

Harold Goldberg <> Aug 26 06:03AM -0700: One of those deeper process stories that Adam Moss likes so much and Sherman does so well. …more

Jared Newman <> Aug 26 07:53AM -0700: Read the comment from “extime” at the bottom too (wasn’t me)

Engadget’s hiring a senior editor in NYC

Ben Gilbert <> Aug 25 05:27PM -0400: You do have to live here, but it’s a senior role (full-time) and the benefits are rad (AOL benefits, not just the benefit of having …more