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  • pre-NexBox pub times? [1 Update]
  • Advice regarding employee outing a transgender woman? [8 Updates]

 pre-NexBox pub times?

Sam Machkovech <> May 19 01:57PM -0700: If anybody’s already in town and wants to hit up Capitol Hill in Seattle on Monday night, lemme know; the Unicorn/Narwhal is spacious and has “unicorn balls” (fried sausages) and pinball. …more

Advice regarding employee outing a transgender woman?

Ben Kuchera <> May 18 04:33PM -0700: I’m so confused. He’s saying he was fired on Twitter, he’s releasing FAQs and doing media for this issue… He seems to think he’s on a junket or something? Is he clearing all these statements …more

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> May 18 04:42PM -0700: He is not fired. As per my forum and twitter updates we were supposed to decide that on Monday in person when he flew into meet with me in San Francisco. He’s actually staying at my house. …more

Kyle Orland <> May 18 06:08PM -0700: I held me to tongue until now, but this is too much. He’s gotta go.

Britton Peele <> May 18 08:25PM -0500: *Sigh* Those last few tweets were like that moment in a horror movie where you want to shout, “No, don’t open that door! Bad things will happen! You can still liiiiive noooooo!” Bummer. …more

Jeffrey Matulef <> May 18 06:32PM -0700: Having never met Allistair (or Chloe) and having no personal stake in the matter, I was delighted to see everything come out okay, as per my last post. Based on the little I’d seen (his tweets prior …more

Brandon Justice <> May 18 06:39PM -0700: One last piece of advice…don’t discuss any of this with him while he’s staying with you…not that you didn’t know it already, but I am sure the temptation is there considering his recent …more

Daniel Starkey <> May 18 08:43PM -0500: I am pretty heavily involved with Dtoid so I can’t and won’t say anything directly, but I’m just tired of stupid shit happening on twitter. We’re adults and we should all act like it. …more

Ben Kuchera <> May 18 08:55PM -0700: I didn’t even read the last few messages until just now, that’s insane. They call it suicide by cop when someone waves a gun around until the police are forced to shoot him, and it seems like he’s …more

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  • Susan out at The Escapist [2 Updates]
  • Anyone still need a hotel spot for E3? You know you want to stay at The Fig. [2 Updates]

Susan out at The Escapist

Matt Sakey <> May 31 04:48PM -0700: You did great work there – though you did turn down many of my outstanding ideas, including “Shotty” (about shotguns) and “Cocoa Lips” (About grl hoo kssis mena dn they turn in2 monstrs). …more

Kyle Orland <> May 31 08:14PM -0400: The most important consequence of this departure, of course, is that Susan will now have time to dig through her submission archives and regale us with more of these anonymized travesties. …more

Anyone still need a hotel spot for E3? You know you want to stay at The Fig.

Dale <> May 31 03:30PM -0700: Aw Damn! I would have jumped on this if I saw it earlier.

Kevin Kelly <> May 31 07:19PM -0400: TWSS …more

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  • How to abbreviate Xbox One? [2 Updates]
  • Remember Me [2 Updates]

How to abbreviate Xbox One?

Kyle Orland <> Jun 02 01:10PM -0400: From a e-mail I just got: Pre-order News: PS3, 360, PS4, XONE -KO

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Jun 02 04:11PM -0400: I’ve started to see “Xone” or “XONE” more frequently in comments and forums as well. Kind of reminds me of something <>! …more

Remember Me

Yannick LeJacq <> Jun 01 08:24PM -0400: Embarrassing plea for help: I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I’ve spent the last hour or so in the same boss fight with that madame lady at the point where she’s down to roughly 25 percent of …more

Max Parker <> Jun 02 02:46PM -0400: Sorry for the late response. You need to use the scrambler to break her shield while she’s floating. She’s between the two floating drones. She’ll come down to your level with a bunch of decoys. …more

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  • How to abbreviate Xbox One? [5 Updates]
  • PS3 debug firmware update error: 8002f828 [6 Updates]
  • Remember Me [2 Updates]
  • David Dreger is missing [3 Updates]

How to abbreviate Xbox One?

Nick Chester <> Jun 02 03:18PM -0700: I don’t know if anyone has mentioned it, but I’d venture to guess that some marketing genius is placing bets on everyone just calling it “The One,” as in “Have you seen Call of Duty: Ghosts? The …more

Jason Schreier <> Jun 02 06:40PM -0400: HARMONIX BONE GAME CONFIRMED. …more

Nick Chester <> Jun 03 10:19AM -0700: HMXBONE.

Andy Eddy <> Jun 03 12:39PM -0700: Would “XBOne” be pronounced “ze bone” (like the X in “xylophone”…very French) or “ha bone” (like the X in “Oaxaca”…very phlegmy)? Remember, if a majority of us start using one of these, it …more

Kevin Kelly <> Jun 03 02:09PM -0700: Dem Ex-Bones, Dem Ex-Bones Now hear the word of The Lord

PS3 debug firmware update error: 8002f828

Richard Mitchell <> Jun 02 06:39PM -0500: I keep trying to install the latest PS3 debug firmware and I consistently get this error. It’s on the right directory on the USB stick, but it just refuses to update. Anyone familiar with this? …more

Dan Crabtree <> Jun 02 10:16PM -0400: Looks like most folks with this error have it in relation to a corrupted update file. I’ve seen something similar with a jailbroken PS3 (not mine) – just needed a different firmware version to take. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 02 10:40PM -0400: Chase isn’t at Access anymore. He’s FT at Twitch now. …more

Dan Crabtree <> Jun 02 10:42PM -0400: Or that!

Richard Mitchell <> Jun 02 10:30PM -0500: For whatever reason, I was able to install the update in safe mode. /shrug

Andy Eddy <> Jun 03 01:18PM -0700: SCEA offers the firmware files via the press center, but it uses a different login: user: XXXXXXXX password: XXXXXXXX

Remember Me

Yannick LeJacq <> Jun 03 09:23AM -0400: Strangely, I realized I wasn’t actually just being stupid here…the game ran into some sort of bug/problem that didn’t trigger the last phase of her boss battle so I just had to keep fighting the …more

Brad Gallaway <> Jun 03 07:42AM -0700: I’ve had the main character get totally stuck on geometry a few times, and one hard lock for the system.

David Dreger is missing

Kyle Orland <> Jun 02 11:21PM -0400: This happened a few days ago, but I just heard about it, so I figured some of you guys might not know either: …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 02 11:25PM -0400: Facebook page may be of interest too. -KO

Kevin Kelly <> Jun 03 08:00AM -0400: Wow, I didn’t have any idea who you meant until I read “Knuckles Dawson” on that page. Totally remember him from the Joystiq days, and I hope they find him. …more

Today’s Topic Summary


  • IGN hiring three associate editors [1 Update]
  • The Onion knocked this out of the park [2 Updates]
  • Hilary Goldstein to Chair [4 Updates]
  • Double Forte [3 Updates]
  • How to abbreviate Xbox One? [2 Updates]
  • Colin Campbell to polygon [1 Update]

IGN hiring three associate editors

Kyle Orland <> Jun 04 05:32PM -0400: San Francisco only, it seems. One is specifically for IGN Wikis, the other two seem to be focused on the “Xbox or PC platforms” Remember, 10%!  — …more

The Onion knocked this out of the park

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jun 04 01:55PM -0700: “However, if a few drinks help you get to that place where you can tolerate a night of sex with a powerful editor—let’s face it, most people in publishing aren’t very attractive—then by all …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 04 05:08PM -0400: Correct link:,32687/

Hilary Goldstein to Chair

Harold Goldberg <> Jun 04 11:45AM -0700: You folks see this?

Kyle Orland <> Jun 04 02:56PM -0400: “We’ve worked with Hilary throughout his 12 years in the games industry – as the former Editor-in-Chief of IGN and as a video game expert, writer, and consultant – and we find his experience …more

Harold Goldberg <> Jun 04 03:11PM -0400: Makes me wonder: on which games was he a consultant?

Britton Peele <> Jun 04 03:58PM -0500: Chair says they worked with him as a consultant? He told Patrick Klepek “I get games cancelled!” ( Infinity Blade Dungeons still isn’t …more

Double Forte

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 03 08:21PM -0400: Does anyone have a direct extension with someone at Double Forte on the E3 media registration team? Long story that can be summed up rather concisely: They’re fucking incompetent. …more

Jared Newman <> Jun 04 06:39AM -0700: This is in my inbox from early 2012, the person was doing PR for OnLive at the time but maybe she’s still there: Susan Kramer Double Forte Public Relations+Marketing Services …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 04 09:43AM -0400: Thanks Jared. I’ve got it now. I flew off the handle a bit yesterday. It doesn’t matter how early you register or how on top of following up you are. Sometimes, shit just turns sideways. Hooray. …more

How to abbreviate Xbox One?

Jared Newman <> Jun 03 02:54PM -0700: READ AS HAM X BONE

Kyle Orland <> Jun 03 09:46PM -0400: HAM X BONE… is that the new game from Capcom and Namco? -KO

Colin Campbell to polygon

Kyle Orland <> Jun 03 07:32PM -0400: At this point, listing the big name game journos NOT at Polygon might be shorter.

Today’s Topic Summary


  • Microsoft cancelling E3 roundtable? [5 Updates]
  • IGN is copying Polygon’s design so hard… [12 Updates]
  • we will be replaced… [4 Updates]
  • Before you start wondering who’s doing all that clapping and screaming at Microsoft’s E3 presser… [7 Updates]
  • What it takes to be a writer [7 Updates]
  • What women should wear to E3…from Forbes [22 Updates]
  • You can’t say “off the record” after the fact [1 Update]
  • How to abbreviate Xbox One? [9 Updates]
  • Double Forte [5 Updates]
  • Hilary Goldstein to Chair [1 Update]
  • Colin Campbell to polygon [2 Updates]

Microsoft cancelling E3 roundtable?

Kyle Orland <> Jun 05 11:42AM -0400: Via Chris Kohler on Twitter:  “Microsoft has cancelled its #E3 post-press conference roundtable w/ the media. Not sure what to make of …more

Garrett Martin <> Jun 05 12:27PM -0400: Anybody heard anything official? I assume this is different from the “Xbox 101” “small-group, in-depth briefings” they have scheduled throughout the week?

Kyle Orland <> Jun 05 12:30PM -0400: I thought he was talking about the roundtable at 11:30 Monday right after the MS presser. But no one else seems to have heard anything, so…?

Ben Gilbert <> Jun 05 05:54PM -0400: Looks like this was canned, yeah. What I’m hearing as well.

Kyle Orland <> Jun 05 05:56PM -0400: Huh. I wonder when Microsoft was planning on actively telling people. -KO

IGN is copying Polygon’s design so hard…

Kyle Orland <> Jun 05 03:18PM -0400: …that they did it IN THE PAST.

Matt Hawkins <> Jun 05 03:22PM -0400: Twitter.

Dean Takahashi <> Jun 05 12:27PM -0700: They used a time machine.

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Jun 05 12:57PM -0700: How do you uninstall The Twitter? …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 05 04:03PM -0400: Cancel your Internet and run off to a distant country that hasn’t ever heard of the word “broadband.”

Anthony John Agnello <> Jun 05 04:05PM -0400: On that note, I’m off to Tokelau, the country with the fewest Internet users on Earth.

Kyle Orland <> Jun 05 04:06PM -0400: I heard Kotaku was launching a new branch there anyway. They’re calling it Kotokelau. -KO

Anthony John Agnello <> Jun 05 04:08PM -0400: I heard there’s a developer there that’s working on a new version of Four Square. Not the social networking app. I mean the game played with a ball. It’s going to be sick. …more

Richard Mitchell <> Jun 05 03:10PM -0500: No typewriters!

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 05 04:10PM -0400:  *slow clap*  …more

Matt Hawkins <> Jun 05 04:12PM -0400: Have never been to Tokelau, but I swear by their abacuses!

Michael McWhertor <> Jun 05 01:50PM -0700: I think Mitch Dyer said it best when he said “lol.” (Also, who’s to say that IGN didn’t hack Polygon’s production servers and steal all the codes?)

we will be replaced…

Dean Takahashi <> Jun 05 12:28PM -0700: hopefully there will be jobs in robot maintenance.

Kyle Orland <> Jun 05 03:45PM -0400: Thank god. If my job gets filled by a robot, I’ll finally have time to run through my backlog of unplayed games. -KO

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 05 03:46PM -0400: If a robot takes my job, I’m running off to Vancouver and becoming a pot-grower. …more

Jonathan Deesing <> Jun 05 01:42PM -0700: can…can I come? …more

Before you start wondering who’s doing all that clapping and screaming at Microsoft’s E3 presser…

Kyle Orland <> Jun 05 01:43PM -0400: “If you entered to win a pass from me for the Xbox E3 2013 Media Briefing check your email. All winner notifications have been sent/” …more

Leah Jackson <> Jun 05 11:50AM -0600: Because Twitter. …more

ryanflemingpdx <> Jun 05 12:26PM -0700: At the Nintendo presser two years ago where they announced the Wii U, a guy wearing a Pokemon backpack was sitting behind me. I thought he was going to cry at some point. It was like the double …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 05 03:36PM -0400: In previous years/events, I know employees have filled in seats to make the reaction seem bigger, but now the trend seems to be bringing in regular old fans for a once in a lifetime experience. …more

Samit Sarkar <> Jun 05 04:06PM -0400: Honestly, I prefer to use the term “press briefing” for these things. As a sports fan, I know what a real press conference looks like. -Samit

Jason <> Jun 05 01:11PM -0700: These things were never for press. If they were, we could ask questions.

Kyle Orland <> Jun 05 04:10PM -0400: I want our version of this, except it’s Reggie Fils-Aime reacting incredulously to questions about what’s coming after the Wii U.…more

What it takes to be a writer

Kyle Orland <> Jun 05 09:29AM -0400: Interesting debate brewing in the wider twitter/blogosphere over what it takes to be a professional writer. I found this argument that writers need some level of innate ability (either you’ve got it …more

Chris Dahlen <> Jun 05 10:41AM -0400: That’s a pretty indulgent screed. The post at ThinkProgress that he’s responding to has a lot of great tips, I would send them to any writer starting out: …more

Harold Goldberg <> Jun 05 12:03PM -0400: I trust Alyssa. She’s great, a hard worker who’s smart but always willing to learn more.

Andrew Groen <> Jun 05 11:17AM -0700: My reaction to that “discouragement” piece is that the author lacks what I’d say is one of the most necessary traits of a career writer: the ability to not beat yourself into submission when you …more

Scott Nichols <> Jun 05 12:00PM -0700: Relevant again:  And I totally agree with Andrew, having a support structure is essential for an aspiring writer. …more

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jun 05 12:29PM -0700: Wait, so the Onion piece I (broken) linked to yesterday was a reaction to a larger conversation? …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 05 03:33PM -0400: I really can’t tell if it was or it’s just a coincidence.

What women should wear to E3…from Forbes

Jonathan Deesing <> Jun 05 08:36AM -0700: I just don’t know what to say …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 05 11:38AM -0400: “Many women prefer to keep a low profile with “*non booth babe*” wear – like a baggy t-shirt and jeans.” The madonna/whore dichotomy is now the t-shirt/booth babe dichotomy. …more

Richard Clark <> Jun 05 11:39AM -0400: This is kind of amazing. I thought “are there more than like 23 people who would actually find this helpful?” and then I saw it had a bunch of facebook and twitter shares already. …more

Leah Jackson <> Jun 05 09:39AM -0600: This is my favorite line: Your convention lanyards will act as your statement necklace. *NO. * …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 05 11:41AM -0400: Oh god, I hope there’s a trend of people that “Style your hair in a fabulous faux hawk” at this year’s parties.

Leah Jackson <> Jun 05 09:44AM -0600: Not to mention the outfits she recommends are $500 EACH! After freelancing at E3 I think I can barely afford one of them. Neat! …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 05 11:46AM -0400: Psh. You’re MEDIA, Leah. The people who MAKE games are all rich beyond our wildest imaginations. You think Cliffy B is the only one driving around in Lambos?????? …more

Max Parker <> Jun 05 11:49AM -0400: Dat Forbes money, apparently… The Twitter conversation about this is exploding. …more

arcorriea <> Jun 05 08:50AM -0700: I don’t think this woman knows what E3 is.

Jason Schreier <> Jun 05 11:51AM -0400: ctrl+f “cape” not found …more

Jonathan Deesing <> Jun 05 08:52AM -0700: I don’t know why you guys are so high and mighty; you could be making way more money. Just stop turning down the cash and coke publishers offer you to give their games a 9/10. …more

Jonathan Deesing <> Jun 05 08:58AM -0700: Also, Alex Rubens fucking NAILED IT in his dude edition of what to wear to E3: …more

Britton Peele <> Jun 05 11:45AM -0500: I… don’t actually find this offensive. Is it just because I’m a dude? Serious question.  I mean, I work down the hall from a style magazine here in Dallas called FD Luxe. They’re part of the …more

“K. Cox” <> Jun 05 12:52PM -0400: The reality is, E3 is tricky. You’re a professional who wants to be taken seriously as one, but it’s a very casually dressed industry with its own unspoken code. And if you’re a woman, you get …more

Garrett Martin <> Jun 05 12:55PM -0400: *(Also too, I don’t know very many men or women who could pull off a jacket quite that vibrantly green.)* ** pretty much just pro golfers, I think

Garrett Martin <> Jun 05 12:58PM -0400: also: is anybody really “offended” by this? seems more like people are just making fun of an idiotic post from a site that already has a less-than-sterling rep within our circles. …more

Britton Peele <> Jun 05 12:00PM -0500: Yeah, if nobody is actually *offended* then you can disregard everything I just said. I’m all for poking a little fun at it for being kind of dumb. It just seemed like some were up in arms over it. …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 05 01:03PM -0400: For me, it was more dumb than offensive, as others have said.
Leah Jackson <> Jun 05 11:30AM -0600: I definitely wasn’t offended by the article at all. In fact, I think she’s right and that a lot of professional women at E3 do sport a blazer/jean and flats combo. She’s dead on there. …more

Michael Rougeau <> Jun 05 10:32AM -0700: I try to switch it up with a solid color here and there but in general, yes, plaid. All the plaid.

Garrett Martin <> Jun 05 01:33PM -0400: I wonder if I’ll still be going to E3 when I ease into my Tommy Bahama years.

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jun 05 12:30PM -0700: Needs more suggestions to rock awesome sideburns. …more

You can’t say “off the record” after the fact

Kyle Orland <> Jun 05 01:57PM -0400: A lesson Ben Kuchera knows well:

How to abbreviate Xbox One?

Samit Sarkar <> Jun 04 06:39PM -0400: The plural question is even weirder. Xbox Ones? Xboxes One? -Samit

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 04 06:41PM -0400: I really hope this thread is still alive when the Xbone releases later this year. Also, Xboxes One. It sounds neat. …more

Jonathan Ross <> Jun 04 03:48PM -0700: The branding guidelines say “Xbox One” isn’t supposed to be pluralized, so I guess it’s officially “Xbox One consoles” …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Jun 04 06:52PM -0400: Xbox Onesies.

Matt Cabral <> Jun 04 06:53PM -0400: We have a winner!

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 04 06:54PM -0400: +1 …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 04 07:06PM -0400: I thought “Xbox Onesies” was reserved for the MS fanboys.

Jared Newman <> Jun 04 04:33PM -0700: It also works with Playstations 4, but not so much with Wiis U. I’m pondering the plural of 32X, but I might be the only person who actually bought one, so it’s a moot point.

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jun 04 09:36PM -0700:

Double Forte

Will Tuttle <> Jun 04 03:09PM -0700: FYI, Sooz has been gone for a while. She was so rad when it came to unclusterfucking E3 registrations. 🙁  If you find out who the new person is, please share! Just found out this AM …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 04 06:12PM -0400: Jerk. …more

Andy Eddy <> Jun 04 03:21PM -0700: If Sooz is gone, I wonder who was replying from her e-mail box and helped clear our E3 press registrations. (hehe)

Matt Hawkins <> Jun 04 08:27PM -0400: The person to ping is Mr. Greg Rice:

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 04 08:30PM -0400: Andy’s right. Susan isn’t gone. I just talked to her. …more

Hilary Goldstein to Chair

Andy Eddy <> Jun 04 03:28PM -0700: See, I was totally wrong. I thought somehow it became news that Hilary bought a new desk chair. I’m not sure what he consulted on, but I believe he was recently doing some work at Microsoft, so …more

Colin Campbell to polygon

Dalibor Dimovski <> Jun 04 02:45PM -0700: Let me give it a shot: HipHopGamer Anyone else I’m missing? …more

Will Tuttle <> Jun 04 03:10PM -0700: Give it time, Dalibor, we just need to be patient.

Today’s Topic Summary


  • Microsoft cancelling E3 roundtable? [14 Updates]
  • The Onion says what we are all thinking half the time [2 Updates]
  • Too soon for a D-Day Wolfenstein trailer? [24 Updates]
  • The Daily Mail’s Last of Us review… [1 Update]
  • How to abbreviate Xbox One? [1 Update]
  • Double Forte [1 Update]

Microsoft cancelling E3 roundtable?

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jun 05 06:17PM -0700: Betting the script was something along the lines of this: …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 06 03:18PM -0400: And now some one-on-one interviews are being cancelled, apparently, according to sources including our own Patrick Klepek: …more

Patrick Klepek <> Jun 06 12:22PM -0700: Yeah, pretty weird. We had 1:1 slots for two interviews, one after the press conference and one later in the week. When I confirmed those to add them to our schedule, we were told to hold tight, since …more

Jason Wilson <> Jun 06 12:32PM -0700: Ours haven’t. Sad to see that MS did that to you, Patrick. …more

Patrick Klepek <> Jun 06 12:33PM -0700: Ah, fuck ’em. More time to play games.

Jason Schreier <> Jun 06 03:47PM -0400: Very weird. Anyone else cancelled too? …more

Britton Peele <> Jun 06 02:49PM -0500: Surely they’re just afraid of becoming part of the interview dump truck as it backs up to truth. *—*

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Jun 06 01:30PM -0700: “External partners” sounds like big mainstream media purchased/booked more TV spots, and the few trained talking heads available were reallocated. They know the core game journalists will cover …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 06 04:33PM -0400: Just got off the phone with my Edelman guy. Post-press conference thing is indeed cancelled for everybody. He said it was just a scheduling ting — they couldn’t get the people they wanted at …more

Patrick Klepek <> Jun 06 01:49PM -0700: Yeah, it’s entirely possibly they simply overbooked/other logistical issues, but it looks really bad.

Dale <> Jun 06 01:52PM -0700: Was reporting in to say the same thing kyle said. Some dudes got interview cuts from what I hear. Mine was just moved to LAAAAATE

Kyle Orland <> Jun 06 04:58PM -0400: Oh, and NeoGAF is going nuts. Y’know, as it does.

Matt Hawkins <> Jun 06 05:05PM -0400:

Patrick Klepek <> Jun 06 02:06PM -0700: If it prompts Microsoft to find a new spot for me, who am I to complain? 🙂

The Onion says what we are all thinking half the time

Kyle Orland <> Jun 06 04:49PM -0400:,32716/#1

Daniel Starkey <> Jun 06 03:50PM -0500: That’s how I feel about negative commenters. Positive folks are beautiful little snowflakes that bring light and happiness wherever they click. 

Too soon for a D-Day Wolfenstein trailer?

Kyle Orland <> Jun 06 11:02AM -0400: Apparently some people are really up in arms that sites are posting the new Wolfenstein : The New Order trailer today, on the 69th anniversary of D-day. PC Gamer went so far as to take down the …more

Greg Tito <> Jun 06 11:41AM -0400: I may just be a jaded gamer who’s killed thousands of Nazis in his day, but I find this particular outcry a bit ridiculous. There’s a significant date in history on every day of the calendar. …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Jun 06 11:49AM -0400: I guess I’m confused by it as well. I suppose if the trailer was actually about D-Day and said stuff like, “Why if B.J. Blazkowicz was there, we would have won even quicker!” then there would be …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 06 11:51AM -0400: “Was it disrespectful for Captain America to punch Hitler in the face on the cover of his first comic when the freaking war was still happening?” I pretty much agree with the rest of your …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Jun 06 11:57AM -0400: Why? Isn’t it the same thing? It’s re-appropriating real world imagery to titillate an audience with fantasy. What’s the difference? …more

Matt Hawkins <> Jun 06 12:01PM -0400: I think the key difference is that people have become, for better or worse, extremely sensitive. Though I believe there’s also an element of people, who now have a certain modicum of power thanks …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 06 12:07PM -0400: Expanding on what Matt said, I think during the war it was seen as patriotic and supportive; and now, decades after the war, it’s being seen as disrespectful. I’m not saying that reaction is …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 06 12:10PM -0400: Okay then, how about the “fairy tale” Tarantino presented in Inglorious Basterds. I won’t go into any detail on the spoilers, but those of you that have seen it know what I’m talking about. …more

Jason Schreier <> Jun 06 12:11PM -0400: Presumably D-Day’s anniversary is a bigger deal in Europe than it is in the US? Seems to be only Europeans that took offense to this.

Matt Hawkins <> Jun 06 12:11PM -0400: Given how much flack first person shooters get these days, especially those with a militaristic slat, this most recent outcry… as silly as it might… is also not exactly surprising. …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 06 12:12PM -0400: The difference is that one was made/released during a war and one was decades later. That changes the meaning of the fantasy, and it means there’s a valid difference in how they are received by the …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Jun 06 12:14PM -0400: Fair enough, the Adam’s point rings true. Inglorious Basterds is a contemporary fantasy that didn’t elicit the same reaction. Also, c’mon. Basterds was four years ago. There’s got to be a statute …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 06 12:17PM -0400: The Internet’s capacity to get offended over a thing is never surprising to me. Schreier makes a good point about the offense mostly being felt in Europe. US forces were far from home on D-Day, and …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 06 12:18PM -0400: Statute of limitations or not, no need to reveal all. Those who have seen the movie get the point and those who haven’t… well… SEE THAT MOVIE! IT’S GREAT!

ryanflemingpdx <> Jun 06 10:59AM -0700: Maybe they were going to release it tomorrow but chose not to out of respect for the German writer Paul Gerhardt, who died 407 years ago tomorrow.

Jared Newman <> Jun 06 11:48AM -0700: As a Jew and grandson of two holocaust survivors I’ve been uneasy about the new Wolfenstein concept as a whole, though it’s hard for me to articulate exactly why, when Nazis have been invoked so …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 06 02:50PM -0400: “I think it’s the idea of recreating Nazi as these frightening, mechanized supersoldiers that gets to me” …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 06 02:54PM -0400: I thought of that immediately as well, Kyle, but Jared’s not wrong here. Mecha-Hitler was a boss, but nothing in the marketing materials for Wolfenstein 3-D really glamorized that. …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 06 02:56PM -0400: I just don’t see the glamorization. This is an alternate timeline where the Nazis actually won the war, and are more powerful, but you are part of the resistance trying to bring them down. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 06 03:11PM -0400: It isn’t about the context here. It’s the association. We’re not seeing the suggestion of the Third Reich being torn down. We’re seeing victorious Nazis defending against a resistance movement from …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 06 03:16PM -0400” As the grandchild of four holocaust survivors/escapees here, I don’t think any of them would object to historical fiction that shows the horror of what it would have been like if the nazis actually …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 06 03:22PM -0400” If there’s been a “who’s the better Jew” competition happening here, let me just bow out of that right now. I don’t believe in God and I don’t practice any of the traditions. Just last night I had …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 06 03:25PM -0400: That’s nothing. I had the meatball pizza AND A SIDE OF SHRIMP. #notreally #whostheworsejewcompetition  -KO

Jared Newman <> Jun 06 01:33PM -0700: Maybe it’s just the outdated graphics, but Mecha-Hitler just seems kind of farcical to me. I’ll concede that an examination of “the horror of what it would have been like if the nazis actually …more

The Daily Mail’s Last of Us review…

Kyle Orland <> Jun 06 01:32PM -0400: …is only two sentences long and still manages to be inaccurate:

How to abbreviate Xbox One?

Nick Chester <> Jun 06 10:30AM -0700: Bones.

Double Forte

Will Tuttle <> Jun 06 10:25AM -0700: Whuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?? Weird. I thought I remembered something about her leaving a while ago and then I saw she lists “Former Director at Double Forte” on Facebook. …more

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  • Gus’ first E3 with Hustler [10 Updates]
  • “Please keep me in mind…” [4 Updates]
  • Official start time for Xbox E3 briefing? [3 Updates]
  • New Strong Female Game Journalists [1 Update]
  • Microsoft cancelling E3 roundtable? [12 Updates]

Gus’ first E3 with Hustler

Kyle Orland <> Jun 07 05:04PM -0400: Required reading:

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 07 02:50PM -0700: That was a fantastic read. Thanks Gus. My first E3 was in Atlanta in 1997 and I haven’t missed one since. I’m old.

Richard Mitchell <> Jun 07 05:03PM -0500: Well I’ll never have to worry about resorting to Google to remember which one was my first. It was the 2007 one in Santa Monica.

Matt Cabral <> Jun 07 06:06PM -0400: This will be my 10th straight. I’m old, but not ancient like Wil 🙂

Matt Hawkins <> Jun 07 06:27PM -0400: Am almost embarrassed to admit that this year will be my first! Had plenty of chances over the past ten years, but something always got in the way. But not this time…

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 07 03:28PM -0700: Waiting for Andy Eddy…
Sarah LeBoeuf <> Jun 07 03:31PM -0700: This is E3 number five for me! And I’m still as excited as I was the first time.

Britton Peele <> Jun 07 05:35PM -0500: I’m still so, so sad that this year will not be E3 #2 for me (last year was my first, if you’re bad at math). In large part because it’s one of the only times each year I actually get to see other …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Jun 07 06:52PM -0400: This will be my third, but Gus did make me wistful for my days working as the editor of a sex magazine. I still consider it my greastest accomplishment that I convinced a sex magazine to fund a gaming …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 07 07:13PM -0400: Nerve wasn’t a magazine!

“Please keep me in mind…”

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 07 04:00PM -0400: One of my favorite former J-school professors recently discovered Xtranormal and she’s been coming up with some fantastic stuff that applies to all in the media, not just the games press. …more

Daniel Starkey <> Jun 07 03:01PM -0500: Delicious.
Ben Gilbert <> Jun 07 04:20PM -0400: This is so, so, so wonderful.

Samit Sarkar <> Jun 07 07:11PM -0400: OH MAN. -Samit

Official start time for Xbox E3 briefing?

Kyle Orland <> Jun 07 01:09PM -0400: All the invite says is “be there by 8:45” as far as I can see. Does it start at 9? 10? 9:30 I’m seeing conflicting reports online…

Kyle Orland <> Jun 07 01:58PM -0400: Apparently it starts at 9:30, according to Edelman. AS YOU WERE!

ryanflemingpdx <> Jun 07 04:05PM -0700: I’ve heard a couple things too, including from Edelman. Shuttles start at 11, so wrapping up around 10:30-10:45 seems likely.

New Strong Female Game Journalists

Kyle Orland <> Jun 07 02:48PM -0400: In case anyone missed it:

Microsoft cancelling E3 roundtable?

Xav de Matos <> Jun 06 10:40PM -0700: You know what, Patrick, you have the right idea. I think the stress of organizing the event for Joystiq and our video crews has made me so bitter sounding. All that matters is E3 is pretty awesome, …more

Jonathan Deesing <> Jun 07 08:11AM -0700: Yeah, except unlike Andy Dufresne, I never feel clean at the end of E3. Just dirty and tired. …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Jun 07 11:13AM -0400: Dirty and tired, sure, but I always love meeting up with Morgan Freeman in Mexico after E3. We’ve been trying to finish that boat for years, but it’s our special time together. …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 07 11:15AM -0400: “I’d like to say that Jet Force Gemini fought the good fight at E3 this year. I’d LIKE to say that…” -KO

Jason Wilson <> Jun 07 08:30AM -0700: The bad thing, though, is that by canceling/shifting appointments with the enthusiast press, MS is almost guaranteed face less grilling of its confusing policy communication — the mainstream folks …more

Dan Crabtree <> Jun 07 11:32AM -0400: Xbox One games don’t just up and vanish like a fart in the wind! …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 07 11:33AM -0400: If you think the mainstream is going to ignore this DRM/Kinect is watching you stuff, you’re crazy. I also think it’s unfairly broad to just assume that a “mainstream” reporter won’t be as “pointed” …more

Jason Wilson <> Jun 07 08:40AM -0700: Doubt the mainstream will get as deep into used games/account permissions and other things that affect how you use games. And for most Xbox customers, aren’t those the issues that really matter? …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Jun 07 11:41AM -0400: I agree with you, Kyle. I think Microsoft made a miscalculation releasing its little FAQ on Thursday rather than waiting until today. If it had waited just 24 hours to dump it into the weekend …more

Ben Gilbert <> Jun 07 11:47AM -0400: Is everyone in here under the impression that all non-mainstream outlets had their interviews canceled? That’s definitely not the case, to be clear.

Kyle Orland <> Jun 07 11:50AM -0400: Releasing on a Friday afternoon would have definitely fit the “taking out the trash” nature of the bad PR, but it would also likely ROYALLY piss off the enthusiast press who wanted to enjoy their …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 07 11:52AM -0400: People get to enjoy their pre-E3 weekend? That’s a thing? Don’t get me wrong: love the circus once I’m on the ground. The run-up though? Pure, unadulterated hell. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m …more

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  • Gus’ first E3 with Hustler [29 Updates]
  • [Update] Dr. Greg Zeschuk’s Beer Guide to E3 in Los Angeles [3 Updates]
  • Official start time for Xbox E3 briefing? [1 Update]
  • Providing Recommendations [2 Updates]

Gus’ first E3 with Hustler

Anthony John Agnello <> Jun 07 08:29PM -0400: Six issues of print, yo! …more

Alex Navarro <> Jun 07 05:40PM -0700: My first E3 was in 1999. I was 17 and somehow got roped into going by a friend who wanted me to help him man the Bleem booth (yeah, remember Bleem?) down in Kentia. That’s when they still had those …more

Samit Sarkar <> Jun 07 08:46PM -0400: Holy shit, Bleem! *WWF SmackDown!* looked so sharp on a PC… -Samit

Brandon Justice <> Jun 07 05:48PM -0700: ’97 was my first as well, and this year will be the first I’ve missed. (E)3 cheers to funemployment!

Britton Peele <> Jun 07 07:49PM -0500: So can we just talk about how crazy Bleem was from now on? A buddy of mine had Bleem on his Mac. We used it to play Jedi Power Battles, obviously. *—*

Samit Sarkar <> Jun 07 08:53PM -0400: Oh, and if we’re all saying so: This will be my second E3. I went in 2009 when I was with Dtoid. This time I have a box of Clif bars with me! -Samit

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jun 07 06:08PM -0700: This is my fourth. First was ’09, missed ’10. I just bought a box of Clifs, too! And cocoa roasted almonds! …more

Alex Navarro <> Jun 07 06:16PM -0700: This will be my 13th in 14 years.

Garrett Martin <> Jun 07 09:20PM -0400: I got into the Atlanta two as a non-pro because my brother worked at the facility. I didn’t go as a pro until 2009. I’m pretty sure I say this on here every year at this time but they really …more

Kevin Kelly <> Jun 07 06:28PM -0700: I can’t remember how many this is for me, but my first was back in 1998 or so when I was at Jim Henson Interactive and I got in as an exhibitor. That’s an entirely different experience! …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 07 11:05PM -0400: My 9th in ten years over here. My very first E3 press conference was the Nokia N-Gage one with the infamous $299 price point written on a woman’s bare midriff. The only one I missed was when I …more

Ben Gilbert <> Jun 07 11:22PM -0400: This’ll be number five for me (I think?). The first year I went was the first year it was back in the LACC, with around 2K people and the tiny show floor. Imagine my surprise the next year when I …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 07 11:27PM -0400: I’m compiling the responses to this thread so far into a spreadsheet, as I’m finding it fascinating. The average respondent (out of 16 so far) has been to 8 E3’s, including this year’s if they are …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 07 11:29PM -0400: More trivia: The 16 of us in this thread so far will have the experience of 129 cumulative E3s behind us after next week. -KO

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 07 08:34PM -0700: My mom still gardens in a Bleem! t-shirt! …more

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 07 08:35PM -0700: Atlanta was great! I would love if they went back.…more

“Dan Crabtree” <> Jun 07 10:49PM -0700: Apparently I’m staring down the barrel of year four, but I can barely remember E3 2011. Game 7 of the 2010 NBA finals in downtown LA I do remember. The LA fuzz were so stoked, they all cosplayed …more

Jason Wilson <> Jun 07 11:18PM -0700: Only one for me since entering the industry in 2006. But no one wants a copy editor troll there, anyway. I’ll go back to my slot cave.

Brandon Justice <> Jun 08 12:07AM -0700: Eidos. Party. Never forget.
Max Parker <> Jun 08 03:31AM -0400: This will be number four for me. Nintendo was my first presser. Warner Bros. was my first booth. Bulletstorm was my first party. The pilot didn’t show up for my first flight out and the flight was …more

Jeffrey Matulef <> Jun 08 03:35AM -0700: This will be my fifth. I get less excited each time, but I’m always excited to see my friends, so that’s a plus. …more

Leah Jackson <> Jun 08 10:36AM -0600: This will be my fourth E3 and the only one I’ve been to without G4. Nothing really BIG happened at any of the E3s I’ve been to, so I’m very excited to go to this year’s, where two new consoles and …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 08 02:13PM -0400: Here is a parking tip: do not park. Walk, take the train or a cab if at all possible. Saves so much time and hassle. Re: meet ups, we’ve tried organizing these around shows in the group before, but …more

Richard Mitchell <> Jun 08 01:20PM -0500: For Kyle’s spreadsheet, I’ve been to every E3 since 2007. For food recommendations: Umami Burger.

Daniel Starkey <> Jun 08 01:23PM -0500: Unfortunately I won’t be able to make this year, but last year was my first gdc and my first e3. …more

Rollin Bishop <> Jun 08 02:32PM -0400: For my part, I’ve been to two since I started covering games in 2008. Just hasn’t worked out the past couple of years. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 08 02:33PM -0400: “Also, I’ll be wherever there is Mac and cheese during the food trucks before sonys presser.” This. A thousand times this. My first wasn’t until 2008. I still remember my 28-minute SHARP …more

Matt Hawkins <> Jun 08 02:41PM -0400: I’ve said this plenty of times already, though primarily to my non-game journalist pals, that unlike most other colleagues who have been going to the show for ages, I’ll be able to approach things …more

Jared Newman <> Jun 08 03:19PM -0700: This will be my fifth E3, but my second time flying in, rather than just driving down the road from Venice. I’m already here, and perhaps one it the only folks who actually enjoys LA. …more

[Update] Dr. Greg Zeschuk’s Beer Guide to E3 in Los Angeles

Kyle Orland <> Jun 07 11:08PM -0400: This seems of use for all of us next week. Also, retirement is treating Dr. Greg quite well, I’d say. …more

Daniel Starkey <> Jun 08 03:03AM -0500: I love his beer diaries series. Delicious and informative.

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jun 08 09:40AM -0700: Is it just me, or does anyone else think it’s cool he stuck with 47 to do PR for this? I think it’s pretty rad. Looking forward to hitting beer joints that aren’t Yard House (as good as it is) this …more

Official start time for Xbox E3 briefing?

Kyle Orland <> Jun 07 11:07PM -0400: My Edelman guy actually said 9:30 to 11. So there. AS YOU WERE, AGAIN!

Providing Recommendations

Matt Sakey <> Jun 07 06:30PM -0700: I often get requests “to put in a good word,” from my own writers and from others, when various opportunities arise. Respecting Kyle’s intentions for this group, what’s the opinion on naming names …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 07 11:03PM -0400: In the past, I’ve allowed this kind of recommendation post when people are let go/fired and newly looking for work, but not just in general at any time. The limit is for the same reason I don’t …more 

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  • B4? [11 Updates]
  • Gus’ first E3 with Hustler [14 Updates]
  • E3 After Hours plans [3 Updates]
  • [Update] Dr. Greg Zeschuk’s Beer Guide to E3 in Los Angeles [1 Update]


Patrick Klepek <> Jun 09 10:56AM -0700: Is that still a thing that happens the day before E3? Anyone know when it starts? …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 09 11:15AM -0700: Yup, 5pm

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 09 11:16AM -0700: Wait, Rubens says 2. Might’ve said 5 on my FB because I’m in NYC. Also, hey: we’re at Yard House now.

Ben Gilbert <> Jun 09 02:20PM -0400: What is “B4”? First I’ve heard of such a thing!

Kyle Orland <> Jun 09 02:20PM -0400: Damn late flight, I’m missing all the pre-gaming festivities! -KO

Kevin Kelly <> Jun 09 11:40AM -0700: B4. As in “Before E3”. At the Cat and the Fiddle today from 2pm onwards. …more

Ben Gilbert <> Jun 09 02:44PM -0400: Well, right, I get the naming convention, just not what this event actually *is*.

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 09 12:15PM -0700: It starts at 2. I’m with Weir and Teresa right now pre-drinking. Wil

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 09 12:17PM -0700: It’s a social gathering started by Sibel Sunar from 47 years ago. Now it’s just a 47 PR get together. It’s fun. Everyone should go. Wil

Kevin Kelly <> Jun 09 12:19PM -0700: People in the industry. Drinking.

Kevin Kelly <> Jun 09 01:07PM -0700: Speaking of B4, anyone going from B4 to the Disney Infinity event?

Gus’ first E3 with Hustler

Sinan Kubba <> Jun 08 03:49PM -0700: Newbie here. This will be my first – and the first time I meet all my Joystiq colleagues in the flesh, which is super exciting/weird.

Richard Mitchell <> Jun 08 06:04PM -0500: Everyone do me a solid and don’t give Sinan any details regarding the hazing process. I’d like that to be a surprise.
Susan Arendt <> Jun 08 04:17PM -0700: This is my 9th or 10th, straight, I can’t quite remember. I miss Kentia Hall, man. Good times. Anyone remember Mutaytor? Always liked watching them perform. Made it impossible to work, of course, …more

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 08 07:51PM -0700: Just end every night here: This is where I’ll be 😉

Kyle Orland <> Jun 09 01:51PM -0400: You newbies are bringing the average down. With 26 respondents, we’re now at average of 6.5 years at E3 (after 2013), and a median of 5. We are up to 169 combined years of E3 between us, though. …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 09 01:52PM -0400: Protip for Sinan: Be ready to eat chicken and waffles. And watch viral videos. CREATOR AND REDEEMER! ALPHA AND OMEGA! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA -O

Ben Gilbert <> Jun 09 01:54PM -0400: I’m gonna summarily ask Sinan ambiguous and terrifying questions like, “DID YOU HIT THAT POST?!” and all-time favorite, “AREN’T YOU SUPPOSED TO BE SEEING [INSERT X GAME HERE]?!”

“Alex Rubens” <> Jun 09 10:55AM -0700: This will be my third E3, all consecutive. I wasn’t allowed to go before that, stupid age gate stuff.

Kyle Orland <> Jun 09 01:58PM -0400: Does that mean you are 20 years old, Alex? *takes out his old man pills and reading glasses* -KO

“Alex Rubens” <> Jun 09 11:15AM -0700: 19, actually.

Alex Navarro <> Jun 09 11:28AM -0700: Goddammit Rubens, you fucking fetus…

Matt Cabral <> Jun 09 12:04PM -0700: Damn dude, you were born like 6 A.D. (After Die Hard.) Difficult for an oldie like me to even comprehend. Think I need a nap.

Kyle Orland <> Jun 09 03:06PM -0400: This thread is inspiring me to do a GJP census after E3 to see just how our membership shakes out in terms of age, work history, outlet, etc. -KO

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 09 12:18PM -0700: My son is almost 19.

E3 After Hours plans

Max Parker <> Jun 08 10:43PM -0400: Thought I’d start a thread to share after-show plans. That way, group members can say “hi” in person if they happen to be at the same place. *Monday*: Xbox (tentatively) *Tuesday*: Bethesda …more

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Jun 08 08:03PM -0700: Is there anything going on tonight? I’m about to order room service ice cream and cry over The Notebook. …more

Jonathan Ross <> Jun 08 09:26PM -0700: You wanna come get drunk in Santa Monica?

[Update] Dr. Greg Zeschuk’s Beer Guide to E3 in Los Angeles

“” <> Jun 08 04:31PM -0700: I highly recommend Beer Belly LA, which is on Dr. Greg’s list. It’s a short subway ride from downtown to the Wilshire/Western stop on the Purple Line. The food is delicious and they have lots of …more

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  • E3 After Hours plans [4 Updates]
  • The worst E3 report you will read, possibly ever [3 Updates]
  • Gus’ first E3 with Hustler [1 Update]

E3 After Hours plans

Jonathan Deesing <> Jun 10 12:26PM -0700: how on earth does one get into the Bethesda party? …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 10 12:29PM -0700: Cab …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Jun 10 03:30PM -0400: Putting a saddle on Don Mattrick.

Jonathan Deesing <> Jun 10 01:01PM -0700: *into* …more

The worst E3 report you will read, possibly ever

Kyle Orland <> Jun 10 09:46AM -0400: I count at least one factual error in every single sentence.

Britton Peele <> Jun 10 09:06AM -0500: I feel like a robot wrote that. Poorly. …more

Richard Mitchell <> Jun 10 09:09AM -0500: Well, you’ve discovered my pseudonym.

Gus’ first E3 with Hustler

Danielle Riendeau <> Jun 09 04:45PM -0700: This is my fourth – my very first E3 (2009) – I saw every kid’s game and witnessed a virtual baby-shaking in the Majesco booth (babysitting mama, good stuff), and I took the LA subway and walked a …more

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  • Ign makes history [1 Update]
  • E3 After Hours plans [7 Updates]
  • The worst E3 report you will read, possibly ever [2 Updates]

Ign makes history

Kyle Orland <> Jun 11 01:03PM -0700:

E3 After Hours plans

ryanflemingpdx <> Jun 10 02:47PM -0700: Xbox showcase tonight (Monday). Forza, Twitch, and Bethesda tomorrow. Remedy then Wargaming on Thursday. All of those re tentative. I may opt for sleep at some point instead. …more

Harold Goldberg <> Jun 10 11:47PM -0400: subway to hollywood and vine, then, a bit of a walk.

Max Parker <> Jun 11 12:43AM -0400: Any other parties tonight besides Xbox? …more

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Jun 10 09:44PM -0700: There’s also a Wargaming casual at Lucky Strike wrapping up now and an Alienware party tonight, also a Curse party in Culver city. Gunnars party as well.

Max Parker <> Jun 11 12:47AM -0400” I’m hearing bad things about Gunnar. Where is Alienware’s?

“Alex Rubens” <> Jun 10 09:49PM -0700: 7grand!

Max Parker <> Jun 11 01:54AM -0400: Who’s at Xbox? I want to say “hi.” …more

The worst E3 report you will read, possibly ever

ryanflemingpdx <> Jun 10 02:58PM -0700: If I could, I would offer hat story a slow clap. IT was fairly magnificent in how wrong, late, and just generally bad it was. Bravo.

Kevin Kelly <> Jun 10 03:00PM -0700: Ahhhh, the French…

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  • E3 After Hours plans [1 Update]

E3 After Hours plans

Max Parker <> Jun 12 12:20AM -0400: Anyone at Bethesda? …more

Today’s Topic Summary


  • Overreaction to Polygon’s Last of Us 7.5/10 is getting ridiculous [4 Updates]

Overreaction to Polygon’s Last of Us 7.5/10 is getting ridiculous

Kyle Orland <> Jun 13 09:36AM -0700: Thoughts?

Anthony John Agnello <> Jun 13 12:34PM -0700: My gut reaction is that Mr. Yoshida shouldn’t put so much stock in scores or score aggregates if he doesn’t like it when someone lays down their opinion. I hate having to put a number, letter, or …more

Richard Mitchell <> Jun 13 01:12PM -0700: Is there any outlet that doesn’t have reviews examined by at least two people? Unless your outlet is a personal blog, it’s kind of irresponsible to just let someone publish whatever they think …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 13 03:02PM -0700: Yeah, that “score review” outrage is a case of the public not understanding a completely normal and uncontroversial piece of game journalism.

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  • Overreaction to Polygon’s Last of Us 7.5/10 is getting ridiculous [6 Updates]

Overreaction to Polygon’s Last of Us 7.5/10 is getting ridiculous

Alex Navarro <> Jun 13 05:46PM -0700: Am I the only one who got the immediate impression that Yoshida was just fucking with Phil? That was what I got from the whole thing.

Kyle Orland <> Jun 13 05:56PM -0700: I did get that impression. The overreaction as I saw it was more in the tone of that DualShockers article. -KO

Patrick Klepek <> Jun 13 08:28PM -0700: Also folks should stop being so buddy buddy with a Sony exec on Twitter. It’s weird. …more

Christopher Grant <> Jun 14 12:02AM -0700: I try not to be negative … but what a fucking dipshit.

Kyle Orland <> Jun 14 06:29AM -0700: Yeah, Yoshida is a total dipshit #IntentionalMisinterpretationForHumor

Philip Kollar <> Jun 14 02:31PM -0700: 1. Yes, Yoshida was just joking around. Easy for that stuff to get lost in translation, but I don’t think he meant anything by it. 2. Patrick, I’m pretty sure you and other Giant Bomb folks are …more

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  • Gabe’s Twitter meltdown [31 Updates]
  • Can’t keep a good Susan down [11 Updates]
  • Sadly, my entire E3 can be boiled down to this one clip. [14 Updates]
  • Shoe and Dale were interviewed in the official Sony E3 pre-show? [2 Updates]
  • The creepy side of E3 [11 Updates]
  • Xbox 180! [11 Updates]
  • Peter Molyneux reviews fart apps with Dan Ryckert [9 Updates]
  • NPR is discussing unpaid internships… [30 Updates]
  • RIP Michael Hastings [1 Update]
  • GameReactor cuts Ellie from Last of Us cover [8 Updates]
  • Thoughts on EA calling out specific journos at their E3 presser [26 Updates]
  • MTV Multiplayer wants bloggers [5 Updates]
  • So, um, Polygon/Aaron Sorkin fan fiction is a thing that exists [1 Update]
  • So, uh, USGamer launched when no one was looking [5 Updates]
  • Gus’ first E3 with Hustler [5 Updates]
  • Overreaction to Polygon’s Last of Us 7.5/10 is getting ridiculous [3 Updates]

Gabe’s Twitter meltdown

Jonathan Deesing <> Jun 20 10:44AM -0700: Can someone please explain to me why Gabe continues to pick these unnecessary fights on Twitter? …more

Richard Mitchell <> Jun 20 12:46PM -0500: I mean, like, you’ve read Penny Arcade before, right?

Kyle Orland <> Jun 20 01:48PM -0400: I’ve pored over his tweetstream for the past three minutes and can’t determine what started this. Can someone give a summary? -KO

Jonathan Deesing <> Jun 20 10:57AM -0700: Well someone asked him about a panel that’s going to be at PAX Australia on Twitter. This was the tweet: And this was the panel in …more

“K. Cox” <> Jun 20 01:56PM -0400: I really wish he’d stop. Like how hard is “don’t go out of your way actively to offend people who could be enjoying your company and giving you money” as a general policy? The regularity is …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 20 01:57PM -0400: OK, I think I’m caught up now, thanks to some Twitter helpers. As for the why… like he said, his “do not engage” statue is in a moving box somewhere. Most of us have internalized that statue by …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 20 01:58PM -0400: This was confusing to me too, Jonathan, until someone pointed me to the original panel description which is… much less diplomatic. …more

Richard Mitchell <> Jun 20 01:03PM -0500: Well, it doesn’t hurt that PA loves to fuel the idea that gaems jurnlizm r broken. Even the random people I met at an airport bar after E3 assumed Nintendo gave me cash money.

Kyle Orland <> Jun 20 02:05PM -0400: I’m not sure those two sentences are _directly_ related, Richard, to each other or to the current Twitter brouhaha.

Britton Peele <> Jun 20 01:23PM -0500: I think he started getting defensive (offensively so) when he/PA was being insulted for said PAX panel, as if by allowing it he was no better than the people putting it on. …more

Jonathan Deesing <> Jun 20 11:32AM -0700: Dammit! Both of those links are dead now. What was the original panel? …more

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 20 11:33AM -0700: That’s it! I’m submitting my Pax Prime panel: The Roles of Blacks in the Gaming Industry. I’ll moderate. N’gai, Gordon Bellamy, Nichol Bradford, Tai Rodriguez, Evan Narcisse and Hip Hop Gamer will …more

Jonathan Deesing <> Jun 20 11:35AM -0700: Never mind. Here’s the link to the original panel description for anyone interested: …more

Cory Banks <> Jun 20 11:37AM -0700: Consider adding one white suburban kid sitting on the end of the panel, Wil. Holding a copy of 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand and trying to fit Eminem lyrics inappropriately into the conversation. …more

Richard Mitchell <> Jun 20 01:53PM -0500: Kyle, I’m saying I can understand how a Penny Arcade reader would be offended by the idea that there might be a panel defending the game industry / journalists at PAX. Poorly worded panel …more

Britton Peele <> Jun 20 01:57PM -0500: Gabe/Mike just published his e-mail exchange with Sophie, as well as what may not exactly be an apology but is an explanation? I personally think …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 20 03:00PM -0400: I think that’s a pretty good explanation, actually, and the last line is pretty self-aware. -KO

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 20 12:02PM -0700: I know Sophie but I don’t know Gabe and now I want to know Gabe. Also: I hate the Internet.

Richard Clark <> Jun 20 03:02PM -0400: That’s not a bad clarification/apology but man I am sick and tired of people blaming twitter for all their problems. Twitter is just like any other medium. It has its shortcomings and benefits, and …more

Patrick Klepek <> Jun 20 12:03PM -0700: Certainly doesn’t excuse acting like a child.

Jonathan Deesing <> Jun 20 12:03PM -0700: Did no one catch this part of Sophie’s email? “I was just letting some of what I was feeling air, albeit privately, since (like you!) most people don’t know, and for now, I’d like to …more

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 20 12:04PM -0700: I assumed he got the go-ahead. If not, shit!

Britton Peele <> Jun 20 02:05PM -0500: He says he got permissions right at the beginning, before copying and pasting. “Well I had this email exchange this morning with my friend Sophie and she said it was okay to post it.” …more

Jonathan Deesing <> Jun 20 12:08PM -0700: I can’t read. Tell no one. …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 20 03:10PM -0400: “I’d like to keep it that way” seems to have applied when she wrote the e-mail, but Gabe said he got permission to publish the thread and Sophie retweeted it, so obviously she changed her mind. …more

Leah Jackson <> Jun 20 01:12PM -0600: I really like Sophie. She was an intern at G4 and was great. I bet she’s about to get a lot of attention from all of this. As for the post, I’m glad the two of them were able to to talk about this …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 20 03:17PM -0400: Ben’s a lurker in this group, and hired Sophie, so I think this is relevant. “I really don’t care what you have or don’t have between your …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 20 03:22PM -0400: And on the other end: “People were mean to you when you were a child?! You poor, special flower. If only LGBT people understood what you’ve …more

Julian Murdoch <> Jun 20 03:50PM -0400: God I love that man. …more

Susan Arendt <> Jun 20 03:03PM -0700: Gabe’s childish behavior aside for a moment (because, really, at this point we know the man’s a straight-up bully), did anyone find the original version of the panel that offensive? Perhaps I’m …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 20 06:11PM -0400: The way it was worded seemed to imply that problems of sexism and racism in gaming are nonexistent and overblown. Not really offensive to me, just way off base. I’m not sure I would have organized a …more

Can’t keep a good Susan down

Kyle Orland <> Jun 20 02:07PM -0400: “Looks like my unemployment will be short-lived. I’m thrilled to announce I’ll be joining Joystiq as Managing Editor next week. Exciting!” …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 20 02:08PM -0400: YES …more

Michael Zenke <> Jun 20 02:12PM -0400: Many congratulations! …more

Leah Jackson <> Jun 20 12:14PM -0600: What great news, congrats Susan! …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Jun 20 02:15PM -0400: Hell yes, Susan. I’m going to send your Animal Crossing town so many pears as a congratulations present. …more

Sarah LeBoeuf <> Jun 20 02:15PM -0400: Woohoo! Congrats again!

ryanflemingpdx <> Jun 20 12:05PM -0700: That’s awesome. Congrats, and well deserved.

Andrew Groen <> Jun 20 12:53PM -0700: As a fan of Susan’s I’m really happy for her. As a game journalism nerd I’m geeking out like the Bulls just signed Lebron.

Kyle Orland <> Jun 20 04:01PM -0400: “I am taking my talents to Joystiq Beach”

Kyle Orland <> Jun 20 05:27PM -0400: What? And JC is out at Joystiq? Fletcher, we hardly knew ye! Check out Dear Trolls for some truly great reactions. …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 20 05:28PM -0400: I mean logically this makes sense as a new managing editor comes in, but I didn’t put it together until now! -KO

Sadly, my entire E3 can be boiled down to this one clip.

ryanflemingpdx <> Jun 19 04:30PM -0700: After catching just 13 hours sleep over the three days of E3, overseeing around 90 posts, and making my first foray into video content, this 8 second clip is almost certainly going to outlast …more

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jun 19 07:52PM -0700: Ryan, you make that tie and vest WORK.

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 19 11:21PM -0400: He’s really smug about it too.
“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jun 19 08:23PM -0700: Break it down for us, oOsenberg: Why is Fleming not writing for GQ?

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 19 11:34PM -0400: They frown upon arrest records containing a triple homicide at GQ. It’s one too many.

ryanflemingpdx <> Jun 19 08:41PM -0700: That’s why Adam and I work together. He makes me look so much better standing next to him in his mustard stained t-shirt. To be fair, he did wear his extra fancy t-shirt when he did an on camera …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 19 11:41PM -0400: Check your facts, buddy. I don’t even like mustard.

Samit Sarkar <> Jun 19 11:41PM -0400: And his cargo shorts. Adam never leaves home without his cargo shorts! -Samit

ryanflemingpdx <> Jun 19 08:44PM -0700: Oh god… THEN WHAT WAS THAT STAIN?!?

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 19 11:46PM -0400: …my last editor. =D

Alex Rubens <> Jun 19 08:50PM -0700: I just want everyone to know that Rosenberg and Fleming are emailing back and forth in this thread while sitting in the same Xbox Live party chat.

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 20 09:51AM -0700: //SCENE
Kyle Orland <> Jun 20 02:29PM -0400: Just saw this on Twitter.

Anthony John Agnello <> Jun 20 03:00PM -0400: I will never, ever close that tab in my browser. …more

Shoe and Dale were interviewed in the official Sony E3 pre-show?

Kyle Orland <> Jun 20 02:23PM -0400: At least I’m assuming this was from the livestream before the presser? Were any other journos and/or group members featured? …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Jun 20 02:26PM -0400: Good god, this is funny. I actually got interviewed by someone as we were walking into the Microsoft briefing. That may have been a hallucination, though. It was pretty early. …more

The creepy side of E3

Jason Schreier <> Jun 19 12:47PM -0400: …more

Leah Jackson <> Jun 19 10:55AM -0600: Man, I’ve said this a few places now after reading the article but….come on. The only creepy thing at E3 (in the article itself) was the security guard, who got fired. Everything else was at a …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 19 01:48PM -0400: Not gonna get into it on the other stuff, but I will say that security guard story is extremely creepy, and I’m glad the E3 management acted on it. -KO

Susan Arendt <> Jun 19 03:51PM -0700: You’re not wrong, Leah, that this situations could happen at any convention. This isn’t specific to gaming, and not E3. Of course, the article isn’t blaming E3 for the behavior, either, which you …more

Daniel Starkey <> Jun 19 06:05PM -0500: These sorts of things are always difficult. I come down firmly on Tina’s side, because while many of these could have happened at any convention, it’s pretty well-established that the culture …more

Leah Jackson <> Jun 19 05:56PM -0600: You’re right on all accounts, Susan. I guess I’m still getting over the show and made the wrong connection. But I’m not saying it’s her fault that she got groped, the guy shouldn’t have been so …more

Susan Arendt <> Jun 19 07:07PM -0700: I think you’re totally right to point out that the article mixes stories of “creepy guy behavior” and “creepy con behavior,” which muddles the message somewhat. …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 20 11:46AM -0400: Gallagher’s pushing back now:

Jason Schreier <> Jun 20 11:47AM -0400: P4gaming is a fake website. The Onion minus the humor. …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 20 11:52AM -0400: Well that’s what I get for just skimming the headline and the first two paragraphs. Minus the humor indeed…

Leah Jackson <> Jun 20 09:54AM -0600: I was literally speechless reading that response, until I realized it was fake. PHEW. …more

Xbox 180!

Kyle Orland <> Jun 19 04:08PM -0400: If that is broken (and it probably is): …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 19 01:11PM -0700: Xbox 180. I see what you did there, Kyle. I SEE IT. …more

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 19 01:18PM -0700: They should also offer Xbox One sans Kinect for $399.

Patrick Klepek <> Jun 19 01:46PM -0700: Oh my god I can breathe again.

Dennis Scimeca <> Jun 19 02:03PM -0700: Amazing work, Patrick. When do you ask for the 200% raise?
Greg Tito <> Jun 19 05:04PM -0400: Can Kyle claim 10% on that? Better ask for 220% just to be safe.

Matt Hawkins <> Jun 19 05:47PM -0400: This. A thousand times…

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 19 03:42PM -0700:

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 19 03:45PM -0700: “Our parents marched for civil rights and stopped the war in Southeast Asia. Well, we just made used games legal again on the Xbox One. IN YOUR FACE DAD.”

Jared Newman <> Jun 20 08:46AM -0700: Well done, Buzzfeed.  “Er gaat waarschijnlijk nog veel meer gezegd worden over deze Xbox One Eighty” …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 20 11:51AM -0400: That is pretty excellent, and not just because my article got the picture slot. -KO

Peter Molyneux reviews fart apps with Dan Ryckert

Max Parker <> Jun 19 12:27PM -0400: Probably the funniest thing you’ll see today: …more

Dan Crabtree <> Jun 19 12:39PM -0400: I saw Dan right after he finished filming this, and I don’t think it’d be an exaggeration to say he was the giddiest person in the universe ever. I’ll check my facts on that. …more

Max Parker <> Jun 19 12:46PM -0400: It’s true. I was with him and the GI crew at the Saints Row party when the idea was conceived. He was so excited. I’m glad everyone went through with it. So fantastic.
Kevin Kelly <> Jun 19 09:50AM -0700: What’s even better than this video is Dan’s sweet Parliament t-shirt. …more

Jonathan Deesing <> Jun 19 09:52AM -0700: This would be the dumbest video ever if he hadn’t kept a straight face. But watching him hit the fart button and look deeply into Molyneux’s eyes for a reaction was absolute gold. …more

Jared Newman <> Jun 19 09:54AM -0700: More posts with this tag needed:

Jonathan Deesing <> Jun 19 09:55AM -0700: How about the tag “chocolate starfish”? I love this shit. …more

Leah Jackson <> Jun 19 11:16AM -0600: How did they both keep straight faces?! Give us some good behind-the-scenes on this, it’s too funny. …more

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jun 19 08:07PM -0700: The camera angle makes Molyneux look like a giant compared to Dan. I think it’s because half his head is cropped off. When Dan told me about this after filming it I almost fell into The Fig’s …more

NPR is discussing unpaid internships…

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 19 12:16PM -0700: …and it’s pretty interesting: I think that outlawing unpaid internships is an awful idea. Of course, my son currently has an unpaid internship so I’m biased 😉

Kyle Orland <> Jun 19 03:17PM -0400: As someone who was an unpaid intern at NPR… I can’t complain too much. I was a student and it led directly to a job. -KO

Kevin Kelly <> Jun 19 12:22PM -0700: The only reason I moved to Los Angeles from Texas was because of an unpaid internship at Sony Pictures, and that led to my next several jobs. It was a rite of passage! …more

Garrett Martin <> Jun 19 03:24PM -0400: if I hadn’t gotten that unpaid internship at the Atlanta History Center I never would’ve gotten to wear the head from an official Olympic Izzy costume

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 19 12:26PM -0700: When my son was offered his unpaid internship I figured it was better to subsidize his lifestyle while he “worked” in a field that could lead to an actual career as opposed to Starbucks. …more

Kevin Kelly <> Jun 19 12:29PM -0700: I had to subsidize my own internship by working two part-time jobs. But it just seemed like that was what you did at the time. Are internships still a big in-road into certain fields? …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 19 03:30PM -0400: I think if they are strictly time-limited (a few months at most) and tied to some sort of education (like college) then they’re not de facto abuse of free labor. But I can see the other side too. …more

Leah Jackson <> Jun 19 01:30PM -0600: My first internship was an unpaid internship at G4. It changed my life. My second was at 20th Century Fox, and I’d never take those experiences back. I imagine many folks here have similar …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Jun 19 03:37PM -0400: I too got my start on the intern train, at ye olde ten years ago. We weren’t unpaid actually. We got a $125 bi-weekly stipend, which with a part time job on the side and help from a …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 19 03:39PM -0400: An unpaid internship leading to a “full time contract” position that gets your foot in the door isn’t really a huge practical difference from one that leads to a “full staff position,” is it? Even …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Jun 19 03:42PM -0400: Yeah I think that’s the difference, Kyle. When I say full staff position, I mean a job with paid vacation, health benefits, and a salary. If you’re just looking to strike out on your own as a …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 19 12:44PM -0700: That’s what I did. I guess you could say that I started out “interning” when I was writing DVD reviews for no pay and just free DVDs. That site had a syndication deal with UGO, and it wasn’t too …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 19 03:45PM -0400: My point is that a “full time contract” (meaning enough work/pay to justify 40 hours/week at one outlet) can provide a good stable living, even without benefits. Much more stable than freelancing, …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Jun 19 03:48PM -0400: That’s definitely true. I suppose the need for a 40/hour a week employee to receive health benefits and paid vacation time is another conversation altogether. …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 19 03:50PM -0400: You don’t want to get me started on THAT conversation. Trust me. -KO

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 19 12:52PM -0700: Actually, a 40 hour/week contractor is required by law to receive benefits after a certain period of time (I think six months?). Viacom eventually had to pony up when I was at MTV. …more

Kevin Kelly <> Jun 19 12:54PM -0700: G4 used to get around this by letting the contractors go at like 5.5 months, and then would hire them back after a short period of time had passed. #truetalesofcorporatecrappery …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Jun 19 03:59PM -0400: Jesus, Kevin, that is INSANE. …more

ryanflemingpdx <> Jun 19 01:00PM -0700: I worked two unpaid internships for nearly a year. It was brutal and occasionally horrible, but it got my foot in the door and I learned a ton. Sucked, but worth it. I tell people looking to …more

Harold Goldberg <> Jun 19 04:02PM -0400: I had an unpaid internship. It was at the Eyewitness News program at the ABC affiliate in my hometown Buffalo. They thought fairly highly of me, and wanted to send me to an even smaller …more

Greg Tito <> Jun 19 04:31PM -0400: Wait, he choked you? That’s crazy, Harold. I don’t think I would laugh that off even after a few years.

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Jun 19 01:32PM -0700: Still, it’s an ugly word. I’m glad some people here sympathize with unpaid internships, but it still carries such a stigma to the publication owner or middle manager running the program. …more

Harold Goldberg <> Jun 19 04:54PM -0400: Yeh. It just toughened me for what was ahead, Greg.

ryanflemingpdx <> Jun 19 02:01PM -0700: You make a really good point. Both of my unpaid internships were for small groups: one was a local alt-weekly while the other was a start up travel website. I think I’d feel differently if …more

Sarah LeBoeuf <> Jun 19 05:30PM -0400: I was required to do an internship in college; it was unpaid. It was three months, part time, so I could also work a paying job, and college loans were still taking care of some of my living expenses, …more

Leah Jackson <> Jun 19 03:37PM -0600: I felt honored, not entitled, when I got my internships with the large companies. I figure they have so many more applicants than the little guys that choosing to give me their internship experience …more

Daniel Starkey <> Jun 19 04:46PM -0500: I don’t think Unpaid internships are inherently bad, but I think it’s insane to expect people to work what is effectively a full-time job in some instances and not provide some flexibility. …more

Jared Newman <> Jun 19 03:42PM -0700: The issue with unpaid internships isn’t merely whether they’re beneficial (they can be), but like Wil said, that they favor people whose parents can support them while they work for free. …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 19 07:15PM -0400: I mean, a lot of people don’t have parents who can support them when they are going to college, too. If the internship is really a similar learning experience (and not just de facto unpaid full time …more

Daniel Starkey <> Jun 19 06:26PM -0500: Yeah. the big difference there is I got my degree with the help of a metric shit-ton of help from the government. To the best of my knowledge no such programs exist in the US to fund interns. …more

RIP Michael Hastings

Kyle Orland <> Jun 19 11:41AM -0400: Not related to games in any way really, but this remembrance of Michael Hastings is a must read for anyone who considers themselves a journalist in any form. …more

GameReactor cuts Ellie from Last of Us cover

Kyle Orland <> Jun 19 09:17AM -0400:  I know precious little about Gamereactor, but this seems like a bit much for any magazine. …more

Garrett Martin <> Jun 19 09:18AM -0400: more like Game Reactionary

Kyle Orland <> Jun 19 09:25AM -0400: More like Game OVERReactor (Not to be confused with “Game Over” Reactor, which is a power plant that actually runs on Game Overs) -KO

Leah Jackson <> Jun 19 07:29AM -0600: The explanation, according to the article, was that readers voted for the Ellie-less cover, not that Gamereactor chose to leave her out from the get-go. I guess it ultimately comes down to GR …more

Max Parker <> Jun 19 09:37AM -0400: Does the GR community vote on every cover? Why was this one even an option? It seems strange to even entertain the possibility of using this altered cover. …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 19 10:05AM -0400: That is an explanation, though it is odd that the cover they put up for voting uses an image that had to explicitly cut Ellie, not just one that happened to not have her in the first place, as this …more

Richard Mitchell <> Jun 19 09:15AM -0500: The reader-chosen artwork argument only works if the original artwork was also an option. That’s not clear in the Destructoid piece. Either way, the magazine either offered both versions, which is …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 19 07:19AM -0700: What I want to know is: even with community-curated cover art, why even offer an Ellie-free version as an option? Especially when it wasn’t among the images Naughty Dog provided? Shame on the …more

Thoughts on EA calling out specific journos at their E3 presser

Kyle Orland <> Jun 17 04:34PM -0400: Kind of late on this, but I was wondering how people felt about the gentle barbs Peter Moore sent out to specific journalists before last week’s EA presser started. For those who weren’t in the …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 17 04:35PM -0400: Nintendo did that too during the “Mario filibuster shitshow” portion of the morning. …more

Jason Schreier <> Jun 17 04:36PM -0400: I thought it was funny, and very human. Stephen wasn’t there, but we told him about it and he wrote this: …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 17 04:39PM -0400: That’s pretty much the perfect response from Totilo. Re: Nintendo, I got to the thing just as it was starting. What did Martinet/Mario say in particular to the crowds? (also, while we’re on the …more

Greg Tito <> Jun 17 04:39PM -0400: I, too, thought it was just the right tone of good-natured ribbing. I wish more game execs had the easy charisma of Moore and the rest of EA’s CEO lineup. It sure beats the awkward rape jokes. …more

Matt Hawkins <> Jun 17 04:49PM -0400: Martinet simply tried his best to kill about a solid 15 minutes with improvised jokes and pointing out journos that he (or Nintendo) recognized. While in never veered into uncomfortableness, it was …more

Britton Peele <> Jun 17 04:04PM -0500: I wasn’t there (I was… 15?), but didn’t Nintendo do the exact same thing at E3 2004 while people waited in line to try the newly unveiled DS? I remember drooling over every scrap of video I could …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 17 05:07PM -0400: There’s a difference between riffing with fans in a line and attempting to riff with a group of cranky early-morning journalists who just want the damn non-press-conference thing to start. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 17 05:09PM -0400: I wrote an entire editorial on how poorly planned and executed that whole thing was, and how it’s a reflection of Nintendo’s larger troubles. Yes Kyle. He badmouthed chairs. He thought we shouldn’t …more

Harold Goldberg <> Jun 17 05:10PM -0400: Sorry it’s a tad off topic. But that Mario stuff really grated on me, and I said so in an article. I felt those who were present were subjected to what was quite possibly the …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 17 05:10PM -0400: To be fair, I clocked it at less than 1/2 hour from Reggie getting on stage to me playing Mario Kart 8, which is much shorter than the other pressers. But god, yes, chairs please. -KO

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 17 05:12PM -0400: Was it really just a half-hour? God, it felt so very much longer. Mario didn’t help. …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 17 05:13PM -0400: Not being able to sit and having to crane your neck just to see the guys on stage does make time seem to drag, yes.

Richard Mitchell <> Jun 17 02:15PM -0700: I’ll tell you one thing, it made me realize I need a trademark object / style choice if I want to get called out at future events. Maybe I’ll pick up a title belt.

Matt Hawkins <> Jun 17 05:15PM -0400: I didn’t find Mario with a live mic as offensive as others, but will concede that the whole morning was a real shit show. Without chairs, you had people literally stepping on each other’s toes for the …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 17 05:16PM -0400: Man, I gave up on trying to see the stage from behind the forest of video cameras. I just stared at the big screen above and behind us, and only turned around to see when something ridiculous was …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 17 05:17PM -0400: Would it have killed them to put the stage up high enough so that the people/screens were visible above the cameras/heads in front of you, rather than through them? Bad planning all around. …more

Greg Tito <> Jun 17 05:19PM -0400: I let the editor-in-chief (now former) go to the Nintendo event while I wrote up previews from the day before. Dodged that Mario-shaped bullet! (Bullet Bill?)

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 17 05:20PM -0400: To her credit, she didn’t curse you once. A bunch of us were standing together and we contented ourselves with making wisecracks about catsuits and Tingle jars. …more

Greg Tito <> Jun 17 05:24PM -0400: Well, I say “let” but I wasn’t really involved in the decision at all. It sounded like you all had at least a bit of fun snarking it up to each other at Nintendo’s expense. A bit more on topic, …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 17 05:43PM -0400: It’s a balance here. Say it’s $5-10 million, which is a lot of money. Yet how much was lost in positive media exposure from such a badly miscalculated event? Ultimately, what should have been three …more

Jason Wilson <> Jun 17 02:47PM -0700: This happens in many other forms of journalism — especially in sports. Heck, presidents used to rib reporters at big press conferences in the past. As for Dean, he’s so sad about his rolling bag …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 17 05:54PM -0400: I think forgoing an expensive press conference may have been the right move for Nintendo this year. But they could have handled the replacement event much better by, for instance, opening up to the …more

Matt Cabral <> Jun 17 05:56PM -0400: I got there just after the stage presentation ended and played games for an hour. Sounds like I didn’t miss much.

Kyle Orland <> Jun 18 12:26PM -0400: Nintendo is sending out a SurveryMonkey to attendees about this year’s E3 presentation, so be sure to let them know what you think! -KO

Anthony John Agnello <> Jun 18 12:31PM -0400: Just filled that out myself. The word “insane” was definitely used in a derogatory fashion. …more

MTV Multiplayer wants bloggers

Kyle Orland <> Jun 17 10:55AM -0700: 10%

Daniel Starkey <> Jun 17 01:56PM -0500: OK so I’m still new to everything, but what does the 10% thing mean? …more

Jason Schreier <> Jun 17 02:57PM -0400: Kyle’s gotta get his sugar. …more

Daniel Starkey <> Jun 17 02:00PM -0500: Gotcha …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 17 03:08PM -0400: Yeah, it’s a running joke. Anyone who gets a gig through this list is supposed to give me 10% of the the fee. And yet I have yet to see a SINGLE PAYPAL PAYMENT! Ingrates…. ALL OF YA! -KO

So, um, Polygon/Aaron Sorkin fan fiction is a thing that exists

Kyle Orland <> Jun 17 11:02AM -0700: They really get the Aaron Sorkin vibe down. I… I would watch this.

So, uh, USGamer launched when no one was looking

Kyle Orland <> Jun 16 03:23PM -0400: (And of course no one was looking because of E3) “So what the hell are we doing? Well, something pretty insane – launching a new site in one of …more

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 16 12:35PM -0700: Shit! There’s a black guy on their staff. I thought we’d reached our quota. Time for Narcisse and me to “take care of him.” …more

Richard Clark <> Jun 16 03:35PM -0400: That new Medium-esque comment system is pretty fantastic. …more

Daniel Starkey <> Jun 16 05:33PM -0500: Really glad to see Mike Williams up there. He might be the nicest person I’ve ever met. Totally deserves all good fortune coming his way.

Jonathan Deesing <> Jun 17 08:42AM -0700: Is HHG not invited? …more

Gus’ first E3 with Hustler

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jun 14 10:50PM -0700: My favorite part of E3 is watching Alex drink and no fucks are given. I suggested “everyone knows, no one cares” for the back of his biz card. …more

Jared Newman <> Jun 15 02:00PM -0700: Not just drinking, but ordering beers at the Fig bar and not getting carded. We could have that whole place shut down! …more

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 16 11:56AM -0700: There’s a reason why USC kids drink there. Also the bartender Peter, he’s been there 13 years. I feel as though I’ve watched him grow up. …more

Kevin Kelly <> Jun 16 12:07PM -0700: In other news, Wil O’Neal is old. (™ Wil O’Neal).

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 16 12:32PM -0700: Sh… …more

Overreaction to Polygon’s Last of Us 7.5/10 is getting ridiculous

Patrick Klepek <> Jun 14 02:51PM -0700: Fair enough. …more

Ludwig Kietzmann <> Jun 14 04:29PM -0700: Hi everyone this is Jack Tretton I’m on my buddy Ludveeg’s computer i just wanted to say that this is all really funny and we should of been more clear that we would never hold The Grudge against …more

Anthony Agnello <> Jun 14 08:17PM -0400: God damn do I wish that was real. …more

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  • Gabe’s Twitter meltdown [25 Updates]
  • New Leaf friend code X-change! [27 Updates]
  • Can’t keep a good Susan down [3 Updates]
  • So, um, Polygon/Aaron Sorkin fan fiction is a thing that exists [11 Updates]
  • Must read from Russ Pitts on the ol’ adversarial relationship [2 Updates]

Gabe’s Twitter meltdown

Julian Murdoch <> Jun 20 06:42PM -0400: I read it as deliberately poking the hornet’s nest in order to try and fill your panel. …more

Susan Arendt <> Jun 20 03:48PM -0700: Definitely agree on that point, Julian. Just didn’t think it was OMG wording. But I admittedly didn’t read it as closely as I could’ve.

Dennis Scimeca <> Jun 20 05:26PM -0700: The intent of the panel is to harp on a boring, tired subject which, from a social justice perspective, is preposterous. “Can’t we just have our myopic game culture and be happy with that?” …more

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Jun 20 06:02PM -0700: Speaking of hornet’s nests and myopic game culture, here comes a new one. A couple of people on this mailer were personally called out: …more

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 20 06:39PM -0700: Video gaming and tech in general has a huge libertarian contingent as well and this panel in many ways may appeal to that.

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 21 01:37PM -0400: Some fallout:  …more

Matt Hawkins <> Jun 21 02:27PM -0400: And now Gabe’s apology…
Kyle Orland <> Jun 21 02:33PM -0400: “It’s important to know that all panels are submitted by the community and we try and give anyone who wants a place to speak the space to do it.” Serious question: Has anyone here had a panel …more

Matt Hawkins <> Jun 21 02:41PM -0400: I have. A couple of times. And in each instance, no real reason was given, but I assumed A. it was a bit too close in concept to something else that has already been okay, or something else that has …more

Britton Peele <> Jun 21 02:08PM -0500: It’s a shame Mike isn’t a better writer… Maybe I’ve being naive and overly optimistic, but I feel like what he’s *trying* to say it actually more along the lines of what people are wanting to hear …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 21 03:11PM -0400: I tend to be a pretty open-minded and forgiving guy, and I’ll generally give anyone and everyone the benefit of the doubt. That said, there is an ongoing pattern here that extends far beyond any …more

Greg Tito <> Jun 21 03:12PM -0400: I’ll agree with you, Britton, that he’s not a very good writer. Gabe’s response comes off to me as “Yeah, I screwed up, but fuck you still and I’ll be quiet now.” He just can’t be humble for as long …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 21 03:18PM -0400: “Yeah, he could definitely gain a whole heck of a lot by sitting his butt down and listening to people who are trying to educate him, but I also don’t think he actually sees anybody in the …more

Susan Arendt <> Jun 21 12:49PM -0700: We’ve had panels rejected, Kyle, but we (The Escapist, I mean) also tend to submit a lot – I think we submitted something like 7 or 8 for PAX East, and not all got accepted. Of course for PAX Aus, …more

Susan Arendt <> Jun 21 12:51PM -0700: We’ve had panels rejected, Kyle, but we (The Escapist, I mean) also tend to submit a lot – I think we submitted something like 7 or 8 for PAX East, and not all got accepted. Of course for PAX Aus, …more

Richard Clark <> Jun 21 03:51PM -0400: By now you would think they’d get gabe just a basic editor to look over his stuff for tone issues before they publish it? AT LEAST his apologies??? …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 21 03:52PM -0400: Who is “they”? Khoo might ask for it, but I doubt Gabe would enjoy the idea of being edited for content on his own site. 

Jared Newman <> Jun 21 01:08PM -0700: If only Penny Arcade employed one or two individuals with editorial experience…

Richard Clark <> Jun 21 04:11PM -0400: Right. And it seems like the need should be self-evident at this point. I accept editorial help when I write for the 2 websites where I edit. It’s just cause I’m a human being and sometimes say …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 21 04:55PM -0400: I hear ya Richard, I just don’t see Gabe or Tycho taking easily to the idea that they need someone to edit them on their own site. -KO

Richard Mitchell <> Jun 21 04:02PM -0500: PA’s collaboration with Hothead on the first two episodes of Rain-Slick comes to mind. Granted, we may never know the whole story there, but that’s what I thought of when it came to having an …more

“Richard Clark” <> Jun 21 02:24PM -0700: Ah. Too bad.
Matt Hawkins <> Jun 21 06:00PM -0400: Not sure if it’s been posted yet… Again, I’m shocked that such outbursts on Twitter …more

Greg Tito <> Jun 21 06:00PM -0400: Perhaps Susan or Russ can share this story with more knowledge, but I was told the Escapist stopped working with Tycho because he refused to be edited at all. Figures that Gabe would act …more

Susan Arendt <> Jun 21 03:20PM -0700: That was before my time, so I can’t speak to that. …more

New Leaf friend code X-change!

Kyle Orland <> Jun 21 02:35PM -0400: Finally getting into an Animal Crossing game for the first time (or trying to) and I want some visitors! My friend code: 0087-2279-3520 Share yours here, and also any tips you have for the …more

Sarah LeBoeuf <> Jun 21 02:38PM -0400: Let’s be friends! My friend code is 3823-8550-2507. I have apples!

Anthony John Agnello <> Jun 21 02:41PM -0400: OHHHH SNAP! My Friend Code is 0173-1311-9735. Who wants some of my pears. I got PEARS! …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 21 02:42PM -0400: Cherries over here.

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 21 02:45PM -0400: I love you all, and I’m judging you all. …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 21 02:46PM -0400: Before you judge me, know that I am so far doing this just to see if I can see what all the fuss is about. I am not yet a devotee. That said, OMG rainbow screen in my house sets off the decor just …more

Michael Rougeau <> Jun 21 11:52AM -0700: Same here. So far this game about doing chores makes me feel like I’m doing chores. I’m guessing it gets better, or else Animal Crossing fans are just gluttons for monotony. If that’s the case I have …more

Matt Hawkins <> Jun 21 02:57PM -0400: It takes time, but then out of the blue, the game’s charm hits you like a steam roller. Not even joking; this is seriously the most fun I’ve had with a Nintendo game in year. I’m 3007-8993-6254 …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 21 02:58PM -0400: How much time we talking here, Matt? -KO

Matt Hawkins <> Jun 21 03:00PM -0400: About three days or so. That’s when the other residents start asking to come over and asses your dwelling, or engage in games, plus new folk start moving in. I was really afraid of it being a time …more

Garrett Martin <> Jun 21 03:01PM -0400: It feels good to have a fully-stocked museum or a complete living room set. Haven’t completed either yet in New Leaf but I’m speaking historically here. Sometimes being adorable is enough. …more

Max Parker <> Jun 21 03:02PM -0400: Dammit, people. You win. Guess I’m headed to GameStop. …more

Greg Tito <> Jun 21 03:02PM -0400: You guys are making me even more disappointed the review code I got expired before I plugged it in. I may actually pay for this game.

Britton Peele <> Jun 21 02:10PM -0500: 3995-6515-2733. I’ll add you folks when I get home tonight.  I believe pears are native to Beruna, but thanks to Griffin McElroy I have many exotic fruits available. My house is kind of a mess, …more

Britton Peele <> Jun 21 02:11PM -0500: Oh, and for tips: If you want to make BIG BELLS, you’ve gotta hit up the island at night and catch some beetles. Some of them sell for over $1,000 each, so your first couple home expansions will be …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Jun 21 03:12PM -0400: Adam’s right. It’s ridiculous that we’re all doing this. …more

Garrett Martin <> Jun 21 03:14PM -0400: How is it more ridiculous than Dudekill 5
Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 21 03:15PM -0400: Dudekill 5 was a joke. They nerfed the AK-372 so hard. It was just noobs pwning everyone. Dudekill 4 is where the legit players still go for fun.

Anthony John Agnello <> Jun 21 03:15PM -0400: Oh don’t get me wrong. It’s ridiculously awesome. But I just love thinking about how silly it is. Come hang out and catch beetles in my town! I’ve got crazy fruit! I love that. In fact, I think it’s …more

Matt Hawkins <> Jun 21 03:17PM -0400: New Leaf is pretty much the perfect game for me! Which is the person who would like to interact with others in games online, but who ends up getting shot in the back of the head 700 times and the …more

John Funk <> Jun 21 12:51PM -0700: Adding y’all! I’m 1177-7342-9110

Dave Tach <> Jun 21 04:15PM -0400: Get your pears at 1461-6509-7469!

Anthony John Agnello <> Jun 21 04:17PM -0400: It seems like we’ve got a glut of pears. I say we pear towns team up and create an artificial pear shortage so as to drive up pear demand amongst our journo peers. …more

Garrett Martin <> Jun 21 04:21PM -0400: I think I’m peaches but I’ve refused to partake in my town’s economy so far. I might just be thinking about Atlanta.

Susan Arendt <> Jun 21 02:45PM -0700: Sharks are where it’s at for serious bells. They all go for over $10k. Visit Biscuit! We have apples, durians, and oranges! 3695-0157-4580 …more

Susan Arendt <> Jun 21 02:49PM -0700: And mangoes and persimmons! …more

Max Parker <> Jun 21 06:08PM -0400: My god, this game sounds like the most gleeful thing ever! On my way to get it now. …more

Can’t keep a good Susan down

Xav de Matos <> Jun 20 04:35PM -0700: Susan was honestly our first and only choice for this gig. Happy it all worked out, but we’ll miss JC. He’s honestly the nicest guy in the biz and one of its best writers. I’ll fistfight anyone …more

Christopher Grant <> Jun 21 04:53PM -0400: > He’s honestly the nicest guy in the biz and one of its best writers. Agreed, 110%. …more

Britton Peele <> Jun 21 04:20PM -0500: Yeah, every interaction I’ve ever had with JC has been fantastic. Great guy. And as someone else said: Great acquisition, Joystiq. Susan is an awesome pick for the job. *—*

So, um, Polygon/Aaron Sorkin fan fiction is a thing that exists

Danielle Riendeau <> Jun 21 12:42AM -0700: I just saw this and… oh. Oh my… <eats a sugar-free Luna bar/>

Kyle Orland <> Jun 21 09:37AM -0400: I can’t believe this is the first response in this thread. No one else has a reaction to this amazingness? -KO
jorge jimenez <> Jun 21 08:51AM -0500: I’m figuring out which actors I would cast in the pilot episode. I have Kal Penn as Samit so far.

Kyle Orland <> Jun 21 09:53AM -0400: Stone Cold Steve Austin as Russ.

Kyle Orland <> Jun 21 09:53AM -0400: In support of my last message:
Anthony Agnello <> Jun 21 09:55AM -0400: The guy that played Toby on West Wing as Plante, Fabio as Crecente? …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 21 09:56AM -0400: I’m gonna have to say “ouch” for Plante. Not sure Richard Schiff can play anyone who looks under 40.

jorge jimenez <> Jun 21 08:58AM -0500: I think a bearded Elijah Wood would be a better fit Plante. We need to pull out the big guns for this pilot to be a success.

Anthony John Agnello <> Jun 21 10:01AM -0400: Nah we’ll do the digital young version thing they did for Tron: Legacy with Jeff Bridges. So it can be creepy digital, young Richard Schiff as Chris! …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Jun 21 10:05AM -0400: And Sam Waterston can be Matt Leone. But it has to be drunk, surly, Newsroom Sam Waterston.

John Funk <> Jun 21 01:04PM -0700: I can exclusively confirm that this is what working for Polygon is actually like.

Must read from Russ Pitts on the ol’ adversarial relationship

Kyle Orland <> Jun 21 10:51AM -0400:  “Multiple developers have told me over the years some variation of the following: “You should be more careful how you write about us, or interact …more

Jason Schreier <> Jun 21 10:58AM -0400: I found myself vigorously nodding along as I read. Good stuff. …more

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  • David Dreger [3 Updates]
  • Must read from Russ Pitts on the ol’ adversarial relationship [3 Updates]
  • Gabe’s Twitter meltdown [2 Updates]
  • New Leaf friend code X-change! [5 Updates]
  • The creepy side of E3 [1 Update]
  • So, um, Polygon/Aaron Sorkin fan fiction is a thing that exists [1 Update]

David Dreger

Richard Mitchell <> Jun 22 12:28PM -0500: By now I’m sure you’ve all heard that David Dreger (Knuckles Dawson) has passed. I can’t confirm, but based on the circumstances it seems he took his own life. This is the second time that a member …more

Kevin Kelly <> Jun 22 10:50AM -0700: Richard, I hadn’t heard about this. Thanks for sharing. That is enormously sad, and I was just on the Facebook page for people looking for him a couple of days ago and still had hope. …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 22 05:36PM -0400” I’d definitely be up for organizing a gift for the family, if people want to do that. Send your donations over to (feel free to make a public note of the donation here, or do …more

Must read from Russ Pitts on the ol’ adversarial relationship

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jun 22 10:05AM -0700: Is this what spurned CliffyB’s rant from last night? Because holy hell. …more

Jonathan Deesing <> Jun 22 12:37PM -0700: Someone retweeted CliffyB last night, which means I saw the same verbal diarrhea I unfollowed him for. But that dude is seriously a child.

Kyle Orland <> Jun 22 05:33PM -0400: Can someone please summarize/link what Cliffy said this time? -KO

Gabe’s Twitter meltdown

Britton Peele <> Jun 22 03:25PM -0500: Mike just posted this: The TL;DR of that single paragraph: He’s admitting that he was wrong, has spent a lot of time apologizing …more

Britton Peele <> Jun 22 03:32PM -0500: And a note from Jerry (the first time he’s said anything about the issue?) stressing that anybody and everybody is welcome at PAX, and that dialogue is crucial. …more

New Leaf friend code X-change!

Scott Nichols <> Jun 21 04:59PM -0700: Friend Code: 1075-0730-1388 I have peaches, bananas, cherries, and GOLDEN PEACHES

Jonathan Ross <> Jun 21 07:45PM -0700: 2105-8664-2795, and adding everyone in the thread so far. Have apples, oranges, pears, coconuts, and bananas growing currently — feel free to take anything you want. Always appreciate tree and …more

Dalibor Dimovski <> Jun 21 11:19PM -0700: I’m at 4468-0970-1569 I’m also a Pear town, but I get the Rare Pears (Golden Pears?) and an infestation of rare insects. My house is tiny, since I only play at night. Tip: Go into the main …more

Britton Peele <> Jun 22 09:15AM -0500: Added everybody. Gonna leave my town open today while I work. Feel free to come grab fruits and stuff. *—*

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jun 22 11:54AM -0700: Could this be the game to make me actually USE my 3ds? It’s sat lifeless and collecting dust since launch and new gadget shine wore off. …more

The creepy side of E3

Danielle Riendeau <> Jun 21 04:35PM -0700: I think it’s fair to conflate E3 and its proliferation of booth babes with a weird atmosphere. Remember “Titty City” a few years back? That was a professional media event. E3 used to feel more …more

So, um, Polygon/Aaron Sorkin fan fiction is a thing that exists

Danielle Riendeau <> Jun 21 03:54PM -0700: …more

Today’s Topic Summary


  • Must read from Russ Pitts on the ol’ adversarial relationship [9 Updates]
  • New Leaf friend code X-change! [2 Updates]
  • Gabe’s Twitter meltdown [1 Update]

Must read from Russ Pitts on the ol’ adversarial relationship

Michael Zenke <> Jun 22 05:50PM -0400: “Shout out to all the journalists who have never had a job in the business but claim to know how it works and feel free to post how it works.” …more

“William O’Neal” <> Jun 22 02:53PM -0700: This whole dust-up is a lot like the tension between sports writers and athletes.

Michael Zenke <> Jun 22 05:58PM -0400: Also, appropos of nothing, isn’t it really sad when people spew provocative assery in public in a desperate attempt to remain relevant in the public eye?

Richard Mitchell <> Jun 22 05:16PM -0500: Wasn’t that Russ, whole point? That he *isnt* a part of the business?

Kyle Orland <> Jun 22 06:49PM -0400: One difference: most sports journos have no chance of becoming pro athletes. A lot of game journos become game designers and/or pr.
“William O’Neal” <> Jun 22 03:56PM -0700: Which I think is exactly the point that Cliff and company are trying to make. That a lot of game journos hope to break into “the biz” by writing about games.

Kyle Orland <> Jun 22 07:08PM -0400: Right. So in game journalism there is both the “they don’t understand” and “they are just doing this till they can have our job” strain to developer griping. In sports journalism, athletes only have …more

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jun 23 07:14AM -0700: Not to take this off topic, but I genuinely wonder if he’s just spewing garbage for kicks. Cliff’s huge rant in favor if the Xbone always being online and drm whatnot came off as super entitled, whiny …more

Jason Schreier <> Jun 23 06:04PM -0400: “#protip <> Most gaming “journalists” work in the biz until they can actually get a job in the biz. …more

New Leaf friend code X-change!

Brandon Cackowski-Schnell <> Jun 22 06:15PM -0700: 1676-3679-3936 here. I have pears and various fish I am incapable of catching.
Jason Venter <> Jun 22 09:14PM -0700: My town is a Peaches town. I just started playing yesterday, so there’s not much to see. My code: 1977-0175-1713. This is the first Animal Crossing I’ve (potentially) played seriously since …more

Gabe’s Twitter meltdown

Susan Arendt <> Jun 22 03:41PM -0700: I agree, that seems 100% genuine to me. His other apologies have all had that tone of “I’m only saying this to make it go away,” but this reads like he’s had a real moment of personal insight. …more

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  • Murder Mystery at PAX [8 Updates]
  • Something to print out and paste on the wall… [1 Update]
  • Kickstarter to interview Japanese game developers (in English)! [1 Update]
  • If this doesn’t encapsulate Giant Bomb’s community… [4 Updates]
  • Giving swag rather than taking it [3 Updates]
  • Must read on the financial realities of freelancing today [1 Update]
  • Must read from Russ Pitts on the ol’ adversarial relationship [3 Updates]

Murder Mystery at PAX

Susan Arendt <> Jun 24 07:00AM -0700: Because I don’t have quite *enough* on my plate at the moment, I’ve become enamored of the idea of somehow doing a murder mystery at PAX. That’s literally about as far as my thinking has gotten …more

Jason Schreier <> Jun 24 10:07AM -0400: I have never participated in anything like that, but it sounds fun. I’m totally in! …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 24 10:18AM -0400: I’ve attended a couple. They can be pretty fun. I could see doing a “private” one in a set aside space, but I could also see doing a more public one, where participants wear a badge that says “ask …more

Greg Tito <> Jun 24 11:54AM -0400: I’ve never participated or run murder mystery things, but I’ve always been intrigued. It seemed like the kind of roleplaying even mainstream adults could participate in without feeling like they …more

Kevin Kelly <> Jun 24 09:16AM -0700: My experience with these is that it always goes much, much, much better if someone else is running it. With that in mind, there’s a company we can hire (not sure what it costs) to do this in …more

Britton Peele <> Jun 24 11:25AM -0500: My wife will be extremely interested in this if it’s something that happens off-site (I doubt she’ll have a PAX badge, as she’s not media and badges are hard to come by). She’s been wanting me to …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 24 12:28PM -0400: I like the idea of hiring an outside group to run it at a nearby venue and just inviting journos/devs to pay their own way, with this group as the core.

Jeffrey Matulef <> Jun 24 02:23PM -0700: I am very down with this idea.

Something to print out and paste on the wall…

Kyle Orland <> Jun 24 05:00PM -0400: …especially on days when you need to deal with commenters:

Kickstarter to interview Japanese game developers (in English)!

Kyle Orland <> Jun 24 04:09PM -0400: Seems relevant to our interests: He’s so close to his goal and only 5 days left. Help him out guys! …more

If this doesn’t encapsulate Giant Bomb’s community…

Kyle Orland <> Jun 24 12:04PM -0400: …I don’t know what does. Spoiler alert: They found it.

Kevin Kelly <> Jun 24 09:12AM -0700: Best line: “The implications here are staggering. We’re pretty sure that such video game luminaries as Jonathan Blow, Cliff Bleszinski, Adam Boyes, and Vinny Caravella used fake desks and beds …more

Jared Newman <> Jun 24 11:49AM -0700: From later in the thread: “If anyone wants to google the cover (NSFW so can’t post here) and photoshop GB cast heads on that would be hilarious.” Still waiting…

Samit Sarkar <> Jun 24 04:00PM -0400: Apparently, the community dug up a couple of older films that shot in the same space, but not the one that the Cards Against Humanity gang have a script for (from 3/18/13). Maaaaaaan, this is …more

Giving swag rather than taking it

Kyle Orland <> Jun 24 12:41PM -0400: Drags on a little bit, but the “what the hell is going on” reactions from the PR guys are pretty funny. …more

Harold Goldberg <> Jun 24 12:59PM -0400: this is pretty brilliant. one question. i didn’t hear her answer: did the person in the wheel chair refuse the t-shirt? it looked like that person wanted the shirt, and the VideogamerTV guy moved …more

Samit Sarkar <> Jun 24 02:35PM -0400: Here’s what Lees said in a response to a comment on the YouTube video: “Hahah, not really – those young Asians saved me. You can’t really see it in the video, but the look the old woman gave me when …more

Must read on the financial realities of freelancing today

Kyle Orland <> Jun 24 02:29PM -0400: “The Internet democratized writing. Obviously. Nearly anyone can string together a few sentences and try to find an audience. Writing seems like an …more

Must read from Russ Pitts on the ol’ adversarial relationship

Andrew Groen <> Jun 23 03:43PM -0700: I think he would have had a point 3-5 years ago, but today the landscape has changed significantly. Personally, I know far fewer journos who are trying to kickstart a game dev career than are …more

Xav de Matos <> Jun 23 04:37PM -0700: Off topic: I’m impressed every time George Broussard can finish a tweet. Don’t RT him though, his company may end up suing you if they don’t like the response it gets.

Kyle Orland <> Jun 23 10:09PM -0400: I think “most” goes much too far, especially these days.

Today’s Topic Summary


  • Doug TenNapel is being persecuted [3 Updates]
  • Ouya reviewers: Question [7 Updates]
  • Track the pageview performance of Kotaku writers [8 Updates]
  • If this doesn’t encapsulate Giant Bomb’s community… [2 Updates]
  • Giving swag rather than taking it [1 Update]
  • Kickstarter to interview Japanese game developers (in English)! [1 Update]
  • British journalism quote of the moment [2 Updates]
  • David Dreger [1 Update]

Doug TenNapel is being persecuted

Jonathan Deesing <> Jun 25 11:42AM -0700: So I may be a little late to the party on this one, but I stumbled across Doug TenNapel’s Kickstarter<> and
after just wandering around found …more

Max Parker <> Jun 25 03:00PM -0400: Just started following this. It’s a real shame. Being a big fan of Neverhood, Skullmonkeys, and Earthworm Jim, this was going to be the first kickstarter project that I backed. I had no idea of …more

Scott Nichols <> Jun 25 01:21PM -0700: “In the end, if we’re all just reduced to the cause and effect of our genes, then the gay can be no more condemned for their actions than the ‘homophobe.’ You were born that way? Then I was born …more

Ouya reviewers: Question

Richard Mitchell <> Jun 25 01:14PM -0500: I’ve been seeing this around, but I wanted to double check. Noticing a … noticeable lag between button presses and on-screen actions. I know reviews have been citing this, but I didn’t really …more

Ben Gilbert <> Jun 25 02:17PM -0400: I’m having exactly the opposite situation, where the retail unit I received is *much* faster and more responsive (whether its navigating UI or loading games or perceived input lag) and the …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 25 02:45PM -0400: No such issues with mine.

Britton Peele <> Jun 25 01:54PM -0500: When I first start playing (I have a retail review unit, btw) the controller seems fine. No lag or anything. After I play for a little while, though (we’re talking half an hour or less), I seem to …more

Richard Mitchell <> Jun 25 02:01PM -0500: What’s weird for me is that UI navigation seems perfectly snappy. But in Canabalt, for instance, there’s a *very* noticeable lag between button press and jump. Like, if I hit the button at the edge …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 25 03:04PM -0400: In my experience, games did stutter a bit when something was being downloaded/installed in the background. Sounds like everyone else’s mileage may vary, tho. -KO

Richard Mitchell <> Jun 25 02:25PM -0500: Okay, the wired 360 controller is responding much faster.

Track the pageview performance of Kotaku writers

Kyle Orland <> Jun 25 11:36AM -0400: Gawker brings back the public stats: I find this practice a little odd. Are they trying to brag? To publicly shame their authors into getting more of …more

Ben Gilbert <> Jun 25 11:53AM -0400: But wait, doesn’t Gawker only care about new visitors in the past 30 days? I thought everyone else was doing it wrong because we weren’t tracking virality instead of traditional metrics?

Jason Schreier <> Jun 25 12:08PM -0400: This isn’t new, BTW. Pre-Kinja you could also see daily/monthly traffic stats for every writer. This is the first time it’s been in pretty chart form, though! …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 25 12:24PM -0400: I got the impression the public stats were unavailable for a while, and they just came back in pretty graph form.

Jason Schreier <> Jun 25 12:26PM -0400: Two months or so. They disappeared when all the sites switched to the new layout in April. Dunno why. …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 25 12:26PM -0400: Yeah, OK. Jason, do you have any insider info on the justification for making stats public at Gawker. -KO

Jason Schreier <> Jun 25 12:30PM -0400: Radical transparency is my guess. That’s one of the ideas behind Kinja: to make the process of journalism more transparent. …more

Jonathan Deesing <> Jun 25 11:44AM -0700: Which is awesome and commendable.

If this doesn’t encapsulate Giant Bomb’s community…

Nick Chester <> Jun 25 08:00AM -0700: How is that weird? They have to shoot porn SOMEWHERE, Samit. Sheesh. Also, this is seriously the best thing to come out of E3. Absolutely.

Patrick Klepek <> Jun 25 10:34AM -0600: Yup. …more

Giving swag rather than taking it

Harold Goldberg <> Jun 24 10:16PM -0400: Thanks, Samit. I had a feeling something like that happened.

Kickstarter to interview Japanese game developers (in English)!

Jason Schreier <> Jun 24 06:52PM -0400: This is very relevant to my interests. Gave him £25 ($38!!!) …more

British journalism quote of the moment

Kyle Orland <> Jun 24 05:49PM -0400: “The one question all young reporters on Fleet Street are taught to keep foremost in their mind when interviewing public figures can be best paraphrased as, “Why is this jerk lying to me?” …more

Daniel Starkey <> Jun 24 04:59PM -0500: I think Simon Parkin and pals have proven that even in the games journalism world, the British Isles are producing some incredible talent.

David Dreger

Kyle Orland <> Jun 24 05:43PM -0400: Relevant:

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  • Anyone going to Minsk next month? [12 Updates]
  • Stricter moderation on Kotaku [1 Update]
  • Track the pageview performance of Kotaku writers [9 Updates]
  • Excellent excerpt from an upcoming earthbound book [2 Updates]

Anyone going to Minsk next month?

ryanflemingpdx <> Jun 26 10:42AM -0700: …more

Alex Rubens <> Jun 26 11:23AM -0700: I’ll be there.

Greg Tito <> Jun 26 02:24PM -0400: I would be if I didn’t have a silly baby coming in the next few weeks. Sending Mr. Deesing instead.

Jonathan Deesing <> Jun 26 11:57AM -0700: best baby EVER

ryanflemingpdx <> Jun 26 12:17PM -0700: On Wednesday, June 26, 2013 10:42:26 AM UTC-7, ryanflemingpdx wrote: …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 26 03:20PM -0400: Did you just reply to your own post with nothing? What just happened here? I expect to receive a phone call from Kiev at some point informing me that Ryan is locked away in a Russian prison. …more

Alex Rubens <> Jun 26 12:22PM -0700: His response was wrapped inside the quote, so most email programs probably filtered it out. ^___^ And, come on. Give us some credit. We’ll likely call after our plan has already been executed and …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 26 03:23PM -0400: Not if said plan requires tight timing on a phone call from me to distract the gate guards while you guys slip through in a laundry truck. …more

ryanflemingpdx <> Jun 26 12:29PM -0700: I’ve Rosenberg-proofed all my communiques. You only see what I want you to see…

Jonathan Deesing <> Jun 26 01:02PM -0700: I watched the trailer for the most recent Die Hard flick so I’m preeeetty sure I can properly navigate Eastern European prison systems. 

Sam Machkovech <> Jun 26 02:51PM -0700: yep, I’ll be thurr.

Dennis Scimeca <> Jun 26 03:16PM -0700: Does everyone know what trip to Minsk we’re talking about?

Stricter moderation on Kotaku

Kyle Orland <> Jun 26 06:06PM -0400: Comment moderation is always a tough balancing act between YouTube levels of not caring and Ta-Nehisi Coates …more

Track the pageview performance of Kotaku writers

Philip Kollar <> Jun 25 03:12PM -0700: I hate all of this. but I love Jason. Powerfully.

Kyle Orland <> Jun 25 06:24PM -0400: Can you expand on that Phil? What do you hate specifically about it? -KO

Jason Schreier <> Jun 25 06:22PM -0400: Ha ha ha. I guess there is something a bit unsettling about it. Oh, and Ben, to address your earlier question: when they say “uniques” they mean new visitors. We use the two terms interchangeably, …more

Ben Gilbert <> Jun 25 06:30PM -0400: Well you see, Kyle, Phil is prejudiced against colored charts. He’s the weirdest type of bigot.

Kyle Orland <> Jun 25 06:37PM -0400: Of all the colored things you can be bigoted against, “charts” is actually one of the better ones. -KO

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jun 26 12:37PM -0700: Are colored socks okay to hate? Because seriously. …more

Michael Rougeau <> Jun 26 12:39PM -0700: Is grey a color? Because you will hate my socks if so. Not sure why that matters but I feel like it does. I want everyone to like my socks.

Greg Tito <> Jun 26 03:59PM -0400: What are your thoughts on argyle, Tim? Careful, or we may have words. Words!

Philip Kollar <> Jun 26 02:55PM -0700: TO CLARIFY: I dislike this because, explicitly or not, it puts pressure on individual writers to deliver specifically the stories/headlines/whatever that will get them the hits to put them …more

Excellent excerpt from an upcoming earthbound book

Kyle Orland <> Jun 26 09:01AM -0400: We need more game writing like this. Go back the kick starter. …more

Daniel Starkey <> Jun 26 11:33AM -0500: I really love the idea of long-form criticism. Brendan Keogh started something pretty great.

Today’s Topic Summary


  • OXM UK’s 100 most important people in gaming [7 Updates]
  • “His real dream is to make photo listicles” [1 Update]
  • Anyone going to Minsk next month? [5 Updates]

OXM UK’s 100 most important people in gaming

Xav de Matos <> Jun 27 03:31PM -0700: Let’s just remember all the good that Chris Nolan has given the video game indus…. what the fuck?

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 27 06:33PM -0400: Wait, what? He’s in there? What possible justification could there be? …more

Anthony John Agnello <> Jun 27 06:38PM -0400: Christopher Nolan’s genius gave us Electronic Arts’ Batman Begins for Nintendo Gamecube! Without him making a movie on Warner Bros’ behalf, we wouldn’t have the world changing “Fear System” in 3D …more

Xav de Matos <> Jun 27 03:39PM -0700: 89. Christopher Nolan, director They say his films look like videogames, with Inception and Memento bending the rules of physics, and videogames have started to look a bit like his …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 27 06:44PM -0400: I don’t know what to do with any of those words. At least Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch is a structural riff on video games. Nolan is a maker of spectacle. He gives us eye candy. It’s not even …more

Xav de Matos <> Jun 27 03:49PM -0700: He’s not the game maker we want but the one we… oh never mind.

Christopher Grant <> Jun 28 11:20AM -0400: I’ll take Nolan over GTA at #1 and Housers in the top 10. Like … what decade are we in? …more

“His real dream is to make photo listicles”

Kyle Orland <> Jun 28 10:36AM -0400: That line continues to crack me up, a week later. Also, everyone, read Octopus Pie.

Anyone going to Minsk next month?

Xav de Matos <> Jun 27 04:08PM -0700: …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 27 07:13PM -0400: 

Kyle Orland <> Jun 27 07:13PM -0400: Since my link doesn’t actually jump to the correct time stamp… 0:45 -KO

Kyle Orland <> Jun 27 07:15PM -0400: also 1:32

Dennis Scimeca <> Jun 27 05:51PM -0700: “No judgment of anyone who’s going” seemed like a pretty clear statement to me. I responded to Sam’s comment about the invites being scattershot, because that’s not the case. Wargaming PR told me …more

 Today’s Topic Summary


  • If films were reviewed like games [7 Updates]
  • New Leaf friend code X-change! [1 Update]
  • Track the pageview performance of Kotaku writers [1 Update]

If films were reviewed like games

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jun 29 10:21AM -0700: Via a CliffyB retweet of Depression Quest’s Zoe Quinzell …more

Daniel Starkey <> Jun 29 12:27PM -0500: I don’t know of anyone who has written a review like that since 2005. So I don’t really see what he’s getting at.

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jun 29 10:38AM -0700: That’s what I thought, too. We’ve progressed by leaps and bounds in how we review stuff today. …more

Michael Rougeau <> Jun 29 11:10AM -0700: Is it weird that I feel really insulted by this? And why shouldn’t games be reviewed at least partly based on their technical competency? Games are half software. It’s an issue if they don’t work. …more

Dan Crabtree <> Jun 29 02:28PM -0400: Fourth’d. While I GET the exaggerated shtick, I’m not sure the subject of it’s ridicule resembles the parody closely enough for the irony to carry much weight. Straw man written all over it. …more

Dan Crabtree <> Jun 29 02:29PM -0400: Oh god, its its its.

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 29 02:37PM -0400: Sometimes the music doesn’t play at the right time though. There’s too much snark, not enough substance. The author’s sweeping point is lost in the irony of the fact that the piece addresses too …more

New Leaf friend code X-change!

Max Parker <> Jun 28 10:09PM -0400: Just finished adding everyone. My code is 4596-9639-9576. Come visit! …more

Track the pageview performance of Kotaku writers

Philip Kollar <> Jun 28 04:03PM -0700: Fair enough and good to hear, Jason.

 Today’s Topic Summary


  • If films were reviewed like games [7 Updates]
  • New Leaf friend code X-change! [2 Updates]
  • GameReactor cuts Ellie from Last of Us cover [1 Update]
  • Gus’ first E3 with Hustler [1 Update]
  • OXM UK’s 100 most important people in gaming [1 Update]
  • If this doesn’t encapsulate Giant Bomb’s community… [3 Updates]

If films were reviewed like games

Philip Kollar <> Jun 29 08:52PM -0700: As someone who has taken many things too seriously many times, I feel it’s important to point out: Folks, it’s a Something Awful article. It’s not meant to be a serious, in-depth critique of …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Jun 30 06:50AM -0400: Where exactly do you think you’re posting, Phil? =D …more

Andy Eddy <> Jun 30 12:25PM -0700: Both good points. I think in and of itself, the Something Awful article is a super-parody that we should all chuckle about, because I think we all know that those of us on this group are working …more

Daniel Starkey <> Jun 30 03:48PM -0500: This is only slightly off-topic, but I was wondering if there was anyone that considered themselves a critic and not a journalist. Like… I will write about news if I am required to by an editor, …more

Andy Eddy <> Jun 30 02:19PM -0700: Ebert did more than critique films, so I’d be fine if he had labeled himself a “cinema journalist.” It’s an argument I’ve been in a number of times, and I always land on the side of “game …more

Philip Kollar <> Jun 30 02:24PM -0700: Dan – I tend to call myself a critic or just a writer much more often than journalist. Very rarely that I get the chance to practice traditional journalism. …more

Daniel Starkey <> Jun 30 04:29PM -0500: Well, I guess in my ideal world I would be doing academic game writing, and as a general rule I get as close as my editors will allow.

New Leaf friend code X-change!

Dan Crabtree <> Jun 30 04:04PM -0400: 4511-0777-6781 – PERFECT oranges And a heads up, everyone in my town has just started calling me “cool guy”, so try not to embarrass me in front of my friends.

Andy Eddy <> Jun 30 02:24PM -0700: I haven’t been pursuing perfect fruit yet, but I do think I have almost all types of fruit (though I’m still looking for persimmons). friend code: 4210-4002-4982 dream code: 4600-2213-0627 …more

GameReactor cuts Ellie from Last of Us cover

Andy Eddy <> Jun 30 02:04PM -0700: Playing devil’s advocate for a second, it’s possible the issue (no pun intended) with having Ellie on the cover was less that she’s a girl and more that she’s a minor with a gun near a dead body. …more

Gus’ first E3 with Hustler

Andy Eddy <> Jun 30 01:55PM -0700: Okay, I’m obviously woefully behind in catching up on this group, and in spite of the jokes that will come as a result of my two-weeks-later posting (and to throw Kyle’s spreadsheet all to …more

OXM UK’s 100 most important people in gaming

Andy Eddy <> Jun 30 12:36PM -0700: Hey, it’s not inconceivable that a magazine/site staff could put Rockstar/GTA-related people high on such a list a few months before a new Rockstar/GTA game is due out as a form of strategic …more

If this doesn’t encapsulate Giant Bomb’s community…

Andy Eddy <> Jun 30 03:30AM -0700: Though somewhat unrelated, I feel compelled to offer this up: When I was with VG&CE, which was part of Larry Flynt’s publishing “empire,” we used the same studio and many of the same photographers …more

Samit Sarkar <> Jun 30 02:35PM -0400: Man, I forgot that the original model of the Genesis (I had the later model <>) …more

Kyle Orland <> Jun 30 03:00PM -0400: “Dot Matrix with Stereo Sound”