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  • Impostor Syndrome and Octodad [1 Update]
  • Revue Labs [1 Update]

Impostor Syndrome and Octodad

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Jan 31 08:57PM -0800: I know this is something we’ve discussed here before, so I wanted to drop this link in case anyone missed it. I haven’t played Octodad outside of E3 last year, and after reading this I’m all the more …more

Revue Labs

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Jan 31 07:27PM -0800: Just saw this yesterday on a crowdfunding site. It’s … not going well. The guy behind it is one of the writers of Retro magazine, Steven Sawyer. …more

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  • Developing Twitter drama: RPS pay issue? [17 Updates]
  • Today’s UNSUBSCRIBE thread… [33 Updates]
  • Don’t know whether to laugh or cry… [1 Update]

Developing Twitter drama: RPS pay issue?

Kyle Orland <> Feb 03 11:01AM -0500: *popcorn.gif*

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Feb 03 08:20AM -0800: Whoa. Was there any context for this?

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 03 11:21AM -0500: To me, “writer attacks editor over unpaid invoices” is less discussion-worthy than the editorial that started all of this. For those that haven’t followed: Walker voiced an opinion that there should …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 03 11:22AM -0500: The larger context, I think, is recent RPS editorializing about whether old game should be public domain. …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 03 11:23AM -0500: Also, current state of the back and forth for those keeping score at home:  -KO

James Fudge <> Feb 03 11:26AM -0500: The copyright system is fucked. The end. The other thing sounds like the guy entered into a deal that wasn’t good, but he agreed to it, so the end. At least he got paid.

Kyle Orland <> Feb 03 11:34AM -0500: It’s not unpaid invoices, as far as I can tell. Procter seems to have known full well he wouldn’t be paid when he started working there, but now, looking back, seems a bit rueful that the site was …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 03 11:42AM -0500: Unpaid invoices was a poor choice of words on my part. You’re right, Kyle; digging deeper into the conversation, it looks like the writing gig started with a conversation about the financial …more

Dan Stapleton <> Feb 03 08:43AM -0800: Yowza. It appears that what we have here is a cautionary tale about allowing writers to volunteer to write for you for free: it works out great until they flip out and try to brand you as an …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 03 11:56AM -0500: Yeah, it seems both sides agree on the facts on the ground, more or less, and that Procter was being a bit inflammatory. Definitely a lot of bitterness underlying this whole thing. -KO

Philip Kollar <> Feb 03 09:56AM -0800: I think it’s safe to say that if you’re trying to run a serious/professional site, you probably shouldn’t be either soliciting or accepting unpaid work at any turn. Though obvious RPS was in a …more

Michael Rougeau <> Feb 03 10:17AM -0800: As a side note, that Erlend Grefsrud guy wasn’t even involved and he’s actually coming off the worst in that whole conversation.

Mark Burnham <> Feb 03 10:29AM -0800: 18 months is an awful long time to not see any money. It is also a very long time to not be paying someone. All around risky arrangement. Having that said, c’mon man on a Monday years (?) later …more

James Fudge <> Feb 03 01:37PM -0500: RPS didn’t do anything wrong. They told him how it was and they never approached him to write a column. There’s no sense in complaining about it now. On Twitter. A year later. Editors everywhere are …more

Mitch Dyer <> Feb 03 11:13AM -0800: So this dude is basically just splashing gasoline all over the industry, huh?

Michael Futter <> Feb 03 02:14PM -0500: He also recently accused us of being on the take for coverage. Real charmer. …more

Susan Arendt <> Feb 03 11:26AM -0800: Two thoughts: 1. Given my own personal interactions with Lewie, I guarantee it went down just as Walker said it did.  2. You discuss business matters in public, you are dead to me. I am more …more

Today’s UNSUBSCRIBE thread…

“William O’Neal” <> Feb 03 09:20AM -0800: …is fucking amazing! Are you all on it? …more

Michael Futter <> Feb 03 12:20PM -0500: No idea what it is. …more

Matt Hawkins <> Feb 03 12:21PM -0500: YES

Max Parker <> Feb 03 12:21PM -0500: It’s the greatest thing of all time. Day-making stuff. …more

Richard Clark <> Feb 03 12:21PM -0500: It is basically the best thing that has ever happened in my games writing career. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 03 12:22PM -0500: It’s magical. Though can ANYTHING trump Aubrey’s accidental mass-mail explosion from last year? That went on for hours. …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 03 12:22PM -0500: I am and it is making my day much weirder/better. For those who are not on it: Someone included a Sandbox Strategies e-mail distro address in an apparent unsubscribe message, sending their …more

Jason Fanelli <> Feb 03 09:22AM -0800: Horrible teases, the lot of you!

Ben Gilbert <> Feb 03 12:25PM -0500: I don’t think it’s Sandbox PR actually. The email listserv is “,” which looks to be this:

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 03 12:26PM -0500: …more

“William O’Neal” <> Feb 03 09:26AM -0800: *From: *Joe Bernstein a/s/l

Kyle Orland <> Feb 03 12:26PM -0500: That just makes this all the odder. -KO

Matt Hawkins <> Feb 03 12:28PM -0500: And then, there was silence… Guess someone at Sandbox fixed the problem.

Mike Rougeau <> Feb 03 09:29AM -0800: I’m considering rick rolling the whole thread but I’m worried I’m the only person in the world who still thinks that’s funny. …more

Ben Gilbert <> Feb 03 12:29PM -0500: Finally someone from that company responded: “So sorry for this inconvenience, not quite sure how it came about. Please ignore this entire thread so as not to inundate everyone with emails.” …more

Matt Hawkins <> Feb 03 12:30PM -0500: Never mind, I was wrong!

Matt Hawkins <> Feb 03 12:40PM -0500: OMG, was that THE Steve Ballmer who just replied in the thread?!?!

Ben Gilbert <> Feb 03 12:43PM -0500: It was not: (they grabbed it back when Hotmail became Outlook and there was a mass scramble for claiming names). Microsoft probably should’ve locked down some …more

“William O’Neal” <> Feb 03 09:46AM -0800:

“William O’Neal” <> Feb 03 09:47AM -0800: “blocking every single email address in this message. this is beyond ridiculous and highly unprofessional…”

Ben Gilbert <> Feb 03 12:48PM -0500: That dude’s stuck in traffic right now! Thus the response. This is like theater.

Jared Newman <> Feb 03 09:48AM -0800: I appreciate that this GJP thread is now its own neverending reply all thread. Also, I feel so terrible for the folks whose e-mail service doesn’t have conversation view.

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 03 12:49PM -0500: Not having conversation view makes this that much more wonderful. …more

Jared Newman <> Feb 03 09:51AM -0800: Well this should do it: Hi Guys!   Antwand From here, I SPOKE they said they are having a technical issue and for everyone not to reply to the emails or …more

Ben Gilbert <> Feb 03 12:52PM -0500: Like every single time this happens, it’s a question of people stopping the snowball from continuing to roll downhill. At this point, we’re WAY past that.

Kyle Orland <> Feb 03 12:53PM -0500: The difference is, I can stop this thread with a wave of my hand. DON’T TEST ME! I’LL DO IT! -KO

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 03 01:07PM -0500: Well played, OXM. Very well played. …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 03 01:02PM -0500: Also, ten brownie points to whoever notices someone writing about ReplyAllNightmare on an actual web site as a news story. -KO

Jason Schreier <> Feb 03 01:11PM -0500: I was thinking about it, Kyle, but there aren’t enough funny responses. It’s too much of a “had to be there” thing. …more

Matt Hawkins <> Feb 03 01:11PM -0500: I love how someone made a joke about Gawker will probably do a story seven only emails in.

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 03 01:16PM -0500: Hey Kyle: I’ll take my brownie points in puppies, please. …more

Ben Gilbert <> Feb 03 01:16PM -0500: That was me. There’s more than a few examples out there. Here’s a couple: …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 03 02:06PM -0500: Brownie points can only be redeemed for brownies. What do you think, they’re puppy points or something?

Don’t know whether to laugh or cry…

Kyle Orland <> Feb 03 09:33AM -0500: Making the rounds this morning: An indie studio that reviews the various sites out there that allow you to pay for reviews of your iOS game on things like “review quality” and “service mindedness” …more

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  • Job opportunity: Gaming Insiders [1 Update]
  • Game & Guide Looking For Writers [3 Updates]
  • Developing Twitter drama: RPS pay issue? [4 Updates]
  • Don’t know whether to laugh or cry… [2 Updates]

Job opportunity: Gaming Insiders

Kyle Orland <> Feb 04 03:25PM -0500: Saw this on Twitter, Never heard of the company, and the position seems a bit… different. Worth a look anyway.…more

Game & Guide Looking For Writers

Matthew Hawkins <> Feb 04 08:18AM -0800: Received the following earlier this morning: *Hey folks- we’re looking to hire a few reporters over at Game & Guide. They want people located in or near NYC that wouldn’t mind coming into the …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 04 11:23AM -0500: You heard him, folks, he wouldn’t appreciate 4%… so give it to me instead. -KO

Matt Hawkins <> Feb 04 11:26AM -0500: THIS IS WHAT I GET FOR TRYING TO BE A NICE GUY AND WHILE ALSO TRYING TO ADJUST TO A NEW SLEEP SCHEDULE (this whole waking up before noon is new to me guys and gals).

Developing Twitter drama: RPS pay issue?

Ludwig Kietzmann <> Feb 03 02:11PM -0800: And guys, if you are dead to Susan you are like SUPER dead.

James Fudge <> Feb 03 05:17PM -0500: Nobody wants to be dead to Susan. Unless they are pure evil.

Devin Connors <> Feb 03 03:17PM -0800: Can we table this issue for a moment, and all comment on Fearless Leader’s use of “orthogonal” earlier in this thread?

Kyle Orland <> Feb 03 06:48PM -0500: It’s a perfectly cromulent word! -KO

Don’t know whether to laugh or cry…

Sebastian Haley <> Feb 03 01:38PM -0800: I think you, I, and a good number of the members in this group are relatively informed, intelligent people with varying degrees of allegiance to things like being ethical. However, that is not …more

Richard Mitchell <> Feb 03 03:44PM -0600: In a world where Flappy Bird is the number one mobile game, I’d say that paid exposure, even for a mediocre review, is worth more than no exposure.

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  • Blind, disabled, and gay: How one game journalist deals with barriers and prejudice [1 Update]
  • Help a dude finish his dissertation [2 Updates]
  • GameJournoFeasting 3: D.I.C.E. Summit 2014 [1 Update]
  • Don’t know whether to laugh or cry… [1 Update]

Blind, disabled, and gay: How one game journalist deals with barriers and prejudice

Kyle Orland <> Feb 05 09:36AM -0800: Inspiring (and sometimes a little depressing) story:

Help a dude finish his dissertation

Justin McElroy <> Feb 05 07:38AM -0800: Hey, a dude named Justin Poirot emailed me, he’s working on a dissertation about games journalism and is looking for participants to share their insight. If you’d like to help him out, his email …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 05 07:40AM -0800: Can you maybe get him to send along a quick summary of what he’s looking for and how we can help, more detailed than “about games journalism”? I’d like to help, but I’d like to know exactly what I’m …more

GameJournoFeasting 3: D.I.C.E. Summit 2014

Kyle Orland <> Feb 05 03:34AM -0500: Sorry I missed the buffet. Did we decide on anything for Wednesday evening?

Don’t know whether to laugh or cry…

Andrew Groen <> Feb 04 01:32PM -0800: I think you nailed it, Kyle. The real goal is probably just to beef up Google responses to make the game look more credible. I think most folks probably aren’t looking to read a full review when …more

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  • PAX East registration… [2 Updates]
  • Help a dude finish his dissertation [5 Updates]
  • GameJournoFeasting 3: D.I.C.E. Summit 2014 [4 Updates]

PAX East registration…

Kyle Orland <> Feb 06 10:13AM -0800: I went through Robert Brown ( -KO

Help a dude finish his dissertation

Justin McElroy <> Feb 06 07:34AM -0800: Sure! This is from Justin: “The study is going to be attempting to paint a picture of the games media industry from the perspective of those working in it. Questions are going …more

Richard Mitchell <> Feb 06 09:35AM -0600: Funfact: This guy is attending OU’s school of journalism, which my wife graduated from back in 2005. (I was a drama major, personally).

Kyle Orland <> Feb 06 07:47AM -0800: That fact was much less fun than advertised. -KO

Richard Mitchell <> Feb 06 09:59AM -0600: It was fun for me when I found out.

Andy Eddy <> Feb 06 09:11AM -0800: It would have been much more fun, Kyle, if he didn’t have to give you 10% off the top.

GameJournoFeasting 3: D.I.C.E. Summit 2014

Kyle Orland <> Feb 05 02:41PM -0800: No one has any desire to make plans for tonight? I know there’s an EEDAR party at 9 or so, but surely we can figure out something more fun. -KO

Dale North <> Feb 05 07:30PM -0600: What’s for dinner?

Kyle Orland <> Feb 05 05:49PM -0800: I have a game demo at 7 pm (for some reason) and will probably be looking for food and other stuff after that. If anyone else is interested, lemme know Until then, maybe a nap. -KO

Dale North <> Feb 05 08:13PM -0600: That’s soooo late to eat!

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  • HornTooting: Wargaming Launches Digital Magazine [6 Updates]

HornTooting: Wargaming Launches Digital Magazine

Kevin Kelly <> Feb 07 10:19AM -0800: Andrew Hayward, Matt Cabral, myself, and others contributed to this digital magazine from Wargaming. Excited to finally see it out on devices. Toot, Kevin We are excited to announce the …more

Garrett Martin <> Feb 07 01:28PM -0500: why isn’t it called World of Magazines

jorge jimenez <> Feb 07 01:34PM -0500: Congrats!

Mark Burnham <> Feb 07 10:56AM -0800:: Or Magazine of Worlds. Congratulations guys, downloading now looks slick.

Matt Cabral <> Feb 07 03:07PM -0500: I second that toot!

James Fudge <> Feb 07 03:55PM -0500: Looks fancy, haven’t read it yet but will. Congrats to all 🙂

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  • IGN is Hiring a News Lead [1 Update]
  • HornTooting: Wargaming Launches Digital Magazine [1 Update]

IGN is Hiring a News Lead

Mitch Dyer <> Feb 07 03:45PM -0800: Andrew is leaving, so please fill the hole in my heart by coming to manage our news team (i.e. me, and an army of freelancers). ** …more

HornTooting: Wargaming Launches Digital Magazine

Andrew Hayward <> Feb 07 01:43PM -0800: Thanks for the plug! I visited Wargaming Chicago and wrote a piece on WoT: Xbox 360 Edition for it. And just to be clear — which it doesn’t seem to be anywhere, even on the App Store listing …more

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  • Death of the pageview [2 Updates]
  • IGN is Hiring a News Lead [1 Update]

Death of the pageview

Kyle Orland <> Feb 09 12:56PM -0500: A good look at the changing world if online viewership metrics, and the problems with each method: …more

Jason Venter <> Feb 09 12:19PM -0800: The article definitely points out some real problems, and I’ve been complaining about those same problems for ages. Not only are each of those methods easily corruptible, but for that reason they …more

IGN is Hiring a News Lead

Dale North <> Feb 09 10:58AM -0600: I’m billing IGN for the drink Andrew spilled on me before he leaves. BAM heh. This is a good role and I bet you fill it soon. GL!

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  • RPS derides teaser trailers while posting a teaser trailer [1 Update]

RPS derides teaser trailers while posting a teaser trailer

Kyle Orland <> Feb 10 12:57PM -0500: “You may argue that we’re having our cake and eating it here, complaining …more

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  • RPS derides teaser trailers while posting a teaser trailer [11 Updates]
  • Death of the pageview [4 Updates]

RPS derides teaser trailers while posting a teaser trailer

Nick Chester <> Feb 10 02:01PM -0800: Trailers in all forms are absolutely, without a question, created with the core focus being on advertising a game. There’s not really an argument here on that and anyone who says otherwise is …more

Jason Fanelli <> Feb 10 02:31PM -0800: I’m still new to the game (most of you are probably reading my name and asking “who is this dope and who let him in here?”), so my opinion on this may be rooted in naïveté, but I don’t see why any …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 10 05:50PM -0500: “I didn’t think any site had the luxury to pick and choose what newsworthy stories to report on: if it’s relevant, it should be posted, right?” The word “newsworthy” is the key one there. …more

Jason Schreier <> Feb 10 07:31PM -0500: Well put, Kyle. On another note, I can sometimes see the appeal in teasers or announcements of announcements, but I’ve never understood why gaming sites report on the specifics of company …more

Michael Futter <> Feb 10 07:39PM -0500: The point is that by contextualizing these numbers for readers, we give them another way to think about the industry. How many times do we get questions like, “Why don’t they make another ??? …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 10 07:39PM -0500: When I was at Gamasutra, we did it because our audience was heavy on business/developer folks that would find it directly relevant. For consumer facing sites, I suppose there’s still a decent chunk …more

Jason Schreier <> Feb 10 08:00PM -0500: Oh, I’m not referring to stories that dissect and analyze trends. Discussions about Nintendo’s troubles or Take-Two’s successes are certainly interesting to some of the people who follow video …more

Michael Futter <> Feb 10 08:06PM -0500: I don’t think many readers (though there are some) that care about GAAP to non-GAAP reconciliation, no. However, I do believe there is value for that portion of the audience in reporting the …more

Mark Burnham <> Feb 10 06:12PM -0800: It makes a lot of sense to me that this is RPS’s approach, and their explanation in the article seems cogent. It fits with their brand/focus (what I perceive it to be anyway), and I don’t think …more

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Feb 10 06:41PM -0800: There would be justice if, after the game was revealed, journos wrote follow-up coverage almost entirely in spoiler markdown. Darkness with a few scattered nouns. “Oh now you want coverage? You …more

Jason Schreier <> Feb 11 10:43AM -0500: Thanks for the explanation, Mike. If anyone from other outlets wants to weigh in too, feel free. …more

Death of the pageview

Jared Newman <> Feb 10 01:50PM -0800: Kyle: I’m calling you out on the misleading clickbait headline of this post–unless that was the point. Like you said, it’s more about poking holes in all the different metrics than declaring any …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 10 05:04PM -0500: It got you to open the thread, didn’t it? =P -KO

Jared Newman <> Feb 10 02:31PM -0800: Yeah but NOW IM TURNING ON ADBLOCK

Andy Eddy <> Feb 10 05:19PM -0800: Brainstorming here, but it seems to me a good idea would be to create content, but have it only readable while you’re playing a game…say one with tap-to-fly birds and, I don’t know, maybe …more

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  • RPS derides teaser trailers while posting a teaser trailer [1 Update]
  • NY Game Critics Circle Awards [1 Update]

RPS derides teaser trailers while posting a teaser trailer

Dale North <> Feb 12 08:27AM -0600: Almost seriously though, what if a super vague three-second trailer of Half-Life 69 is released tomorrow? Your readers will just go elsewhere to see the dumb thing. Dumb stuff your readers …more

NY Game Critics Circle Awards

Kyle Orland <> Feb 11 08:34PM -0500: Going on now, with a few group members speaking/presenting awards. Livestreamed over here: Watch if you have nothing better to do, I guess =p — …more

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  • Print is dead… even in Britain? [1 Update]
  • PlayStation Now beta issues [1 Update]
  • Journos in MN (Aside from the obvious) [4 Updates]

Print is dead… even in Britain?

Kyle Orland <> Feb 13 11:49AM -0500: Impressive growth numbers for the digital editions, though, especially Edge.

PlayStation Now beta issues

Kyle Orland <> Feb 13 11:33AM -0500: Anyone else get in this? I redeemed the code but the download link is greyed out, and it doesn’t show up in my library or downloads or anything. Anyone else have more luck?

Journos in MN (Aside from the obvious)

Jeremy Zoss <> Feb 12 06:41PM -0800: Hey guys. I haven’t posted here in roughly a billion years, so a lot of you probably don’t know me, especially since I’m no longer working in games in anyway. But I spent about 3.5 years at Game …more

Daniel Starkey <> Feb 13 12:16AM -0600: ‘Sup Jeremy. I can actually shoot you a list of a few I know that aren’t at GI. …more

Eric Frederiksen <> Feb 13 12:20AM -0600: I haven’t posted here in slightly longer than forever, but now’s a good a time as any to start back up. I’m a staff writer for TechnoBuffalo now and doing some stuff for TabTimes’ game section as …more

Michael Rougeau <> Feb 12 11:03PM -0800: ‘Sup Eric.

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  • Area 5’s Outerlands [2 Updates]
  • Journos in MN (Aside from the obvious) [2 Updates]
  • Digest for – 6 Messages in 3 Topics [2 Updates]

Area 5’s Outerlands

Kyle Orland <> Feb 14 11:32AM -0500: Just got funded, but there’s still about $90K to go until they start hiring freelancers. Whatever… I’m excited to see this come to life. -KO

James Fudge <> Feb 14 11:46AM -0500: They should take a page from Star Citizen and continue funding on their website.

Journos in MN (Aside from the obvious)

Jeremy Zoss <> Feb 13 01:20PM -0800: Thanks Dan! Looking forward to that list. Eric, we actually emailed a long, long time ago about setting up an MN games writers’ meeting, which obviously never happened. I came across that …more

Jason Venter <> Feb 13 08:35PM -0800: By the way, Jeremy, do you remember who had the idea to send WordJong “strategy guides” to game critics that were really just pocket dictionaries? Because that was really cute and probably my …more

Digest for – 6 Messages in 3 Topics

Jeremy Zoss <> Feb 13 03:19PM -0600: Thanks Dan! Looking forward to that list. Eric, we actually emailed a long, long time ago about setting up an MN games writers’ meeting, which obviously never happened. I came across that …more

Jeremy Zoss <> Feb 13 01:20PM -0800: Thanks Dan! Looking forward to that list. Eric, we actually emailed a long, long time ago about setting up an MN games writers’ meeting, which obviously never happened. I came across that …more

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  • Journos in MN (Aside from the obvious) [1 Update]

Journos in MN (Aside from the obvious)

Jeremy Zoss <> Feb 14 01:19PM -0800: That was all me. I had honestly forgotten all about that until just now! Thanks for the happy reminder – as crummy as that company was in the long run, we did have some moments. ; ) …more

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  • I don’t even know what to do with this [2 Updates]

I don’t even know what to do with this

Kyle Orland <> Feb 16 12:47PM -0500: Everything from the leak to the instant reaction from the GN writer is just *head explodes*

Jason Venter <> Feb 16 10:57AM -0800: It’s kind of awesome that as critics, we no longer even have to publish our reviews to be accused of click bait. I am a fan of this evolution!

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  • I don’t even know what to do with this [12 Updates]

I don’t even know what to do with this

Ben Gilbert <> Feb 16 05:36PM -0500: “The link to the review doesn’t actually work, since reviews are under embargo until the 17th. With that said, I see absolutely no way that DKC:TF could be a 5 out of 10. If that really is the score …more

Michael Futter <> Feb 16 06:24PM -0500: Objection! Take that!

Kyle Orland <> Feb 16 06:50PM -0500: “You claim that Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze is a 5/10, but I have evidence here that the game is IN FACT the best game ever, and that it will redeem the Wii U and restore Nintendo to glory.” …more

Mark Burnham <> Feb 16 04:20PM -0800: Amazing. Take cover, he’s preparing a rebuttal! …more

Michael Futter <> Feb 16 07:22PM -0500: You know what they say about rebuttals. The make us ALL a RE and a BUTT. Wait… I’m thinking about clever wordplay with “assume.” Which also applies here… …more

Jason Schreier <> Feb 17 10:13AM -0500: Is 6/10 still worth a rebuttal? …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 17 10:17AM -0500: I’m actually kind of wondering if the pre-pressure due to the leak got them to bump the score up by a point… -KO

Jason Schreier <> Feb 17 10:19AM -0500: Kevin is a good guy, BTW. This silliness is just another byproduct of our toxic review score culture. …more

James Fudge <> Feb 17 10:25AM -0500: You know you’re a fanboi when you prepare a rebuttal for a review score and a game that hasn’t been made public yet (and that they likely haven’t played). Weee! I’ve never understood this kind of …more

Matt Hawkins <> Feb 17 10:34AM -0500: I’ll second Jason’s sentiments; Kevin is a chill bro. He’s a big teddy bear actually… like loads of Nintendo diehards.. Those who run gaming enthusiast sites are often the (overly)sensitive type, …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 17 10:39AM -0500: I’m actually guessing Kevin was going on his own personal opinions based on a pre-release copy he was playing, James, and not just assuming the game was great sight unseen. That said, as others have …more

James Fudge <> Feb 17 11:23AM -0500: I’m talking about one of the commentors, not the reviewer. Sorry for the vagueness.

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  • One story, many headlines [1 Update]

One story, many headlines

Kyle Orland <> Feb 18 10:49AM -0500: Found the differing headline angles for the GDC developer poll interesting this morning: Most seem to focus on the “current-gen” consoles: * GDC survey claims devs prefer PS4 over Xbox One and …more

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  • Print is dead… even in Britain? [3 Updates]
  • One story, many headlines [2 Updates]

Print is dead… even in Britain?

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Feb 18 05:46PM -0800: Egon Spengler was right all along:

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Feb 18 05:47PM -0800: Err, wrong.

Kyle Orland <> Feb 18 08:56PM -0500: Ahead of his time, he was. -KO

One story, many headlines

Dalibor Dimovski <> Feb 18 01:42PM -0800: I’ve only seen those thus far, but it’s further proof of how semantics can incite fanboy rage. How do we approach this? Go for the “juicy” headline, where one console or another ends up a …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 18 05:24PM -0500: This headline from Joystiq strikes a good balance, I think: GDC: Industry talent favors PS4 development, self-publishing

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  • Non-commenters are nicer than commenters, says SCIENCE [1 Update]
  • Respawn: We didn’t bribe the press to like Titanfall [5 Updates]

Non-commenters are nicer than commenters, says SCIENCE

Kyle Orland <> Feb 20 04:17PM -0500: Remember this study the next time you are lamenting at the state of your readership after reading the comments. The readers who aren’t commenting are almost a full standard deviation nicer than the …more

Respawn: We didn’t bribe the press to like Titanfall

Kyle Orland <> Feb 20 10:06AM -0500: Of course, that’s what they WOULD say, isn’t it…

Kyle Orland <> Feb 20 10:07AM -0500: More seriously, it’s nice to a see a developer being publicly as pissed off at these accusations as we routinely are. I understand why they don’t do it more often, because it just adds more fuel to …more

Richard Mitchell <> Feb 20 09:23AM -0600: People love to hate on people’s success as much as they love to bask in other people’s failure.

Jason Schreier <> Feb 20 02:47PM -0500: It’s always tempting to dismiss the bribery accusations as Crazy People Saying Crazy Things – but I also think there’s some value in trying to see things from their perspective. The smarter media …more

Harold Goldberg  <> Feb 20 03:30PM -0500: Nicely put, Jason.

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  • Non-commenters are nicer than commenters, says SCIENCE [3 Updates]
  • Tim W wants your patronage to talk indie games [9 Updates]
  • oh, we game journalists are still being belittled… [8 Updates]
  • Good interview with Nick Denton [1 Update]

Non-commenters are nicer than commenters, says SCIENCE

Daniel Starkey <> Feb 20 03:23PM -0600: My way of life is justified. #don’treadthecomments …more

“Yanier Gonzalez (Niero)” <> Feb 20 07:57PM -0800: My nephew’s vicarious sadism is justified, apparently. #turnonthegreenblood …more

Jason Venter <> Feb 21 12:37PM -0800: I read about that study back before Ars picked it up (though Ars did an overall better job reporting it, I think), and the results of the study surprised me not even a little bit. …more

Tim W wants your patronage to talk indie games

Kyle Orland <> Feb 21 10:13AM -0500: The Patreon model seems to be going gangbusters for Matt Lees since he departed

Ben Gilbert <> Feb 21 11:32AM -0500: “$1,000 a month will buy me the time I need to keep making funny and intelligent YouTube videos without any form of compromise or bullshit: No sponsorship deals, no YouTube adverts, no PR influence, …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 21 11:35AM -0500: Matt’s videos are mostly him yakking in front of a camera or doing voice overs of other footage. Not exactly high on the expenses. As for how much he needs to live on, that’s gonna vary by …more

Ben Gilbert <> Feb 21 11:37AM -0500: Right, I don’t think it’s a question of producing the videos being expensive. $1,000/mo. is very little to live on anywhere unless you’re not paying for, say, rent/food/etc. I obviously don’t know …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 21 11:40AM -0500: I’m guessing he’s still doing freelance stuff outside of this, so it’s not his only income. He also doesn’t say how many videos he plans to make every month, which is odd… most Patreons of this …more

Patrick Klepek <> Feb 21 10:50AM -0600: Well, he’s actually at $1500/month, and if you live in not NY/SF, I imagine you can probably make that work with some proper budgeting. …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 21 11:55AM -0500: I can’t seem to find that article about Jason Rohrer “living frugally” by pretty much subsisting on sourdough and berries in his yard, but that’s always an option. -KO

Ben Gilbert <> Feb 21 01:06PM -0500: Even outside of those places, that’s pre-tax $1,500/mo. Cut that in half and you’ve got take home — that’s very, very, very little.

Christopher Grant <> Feb 21 01:47PM -0500: Patreon says London. As a freedom loving American, I couldn’t point London out on a map … but I have heard tell that it’s a pretty expensive place to live. …more

oh, we game journalists are still being belittled…

Dean Takahashi <> Feb 20 10:24PM -0800: as are those who want the Oscars of games to be recognized. rightfully so? …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 21 09:57AM -0500: Yeah, I actually find a lot to agree with in this piece. As he correctly notes, the Oscars also get plenty of flack for giving awards to undeserving people/films from all corners. …more

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 21 10:17AM -0500: Did they really promote it as the Oscars of video games? I actually called it that in a story of my own, but I can’t recall ever seeing that phrase in official press materials. …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 21 10:19AM -0500: He didn’t say WHO was promoting it as the Oscars of video games. And you admitted you did just that! -KO
Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 21 10:22AM -0500: Soooooooo… what you’re saying is that it was just a very public, passive aggressive commentary on my eye-catching headline? I KNEW IT. PARANOIA, VALIDATED. …more

Dean Takahashi <> Feb 21 08:20AM -0800: I called it the Oscars of video games, but mainly to make it understandable to a broad audience in one phrase.

Kyle Orland <> Feb 21 11:22AM -0500: Yeah, it’s gaming’s only “academy awards” in the US and that makes it roughly analogous to the Oscars. It would have been nice if the betabeat piece noted that fact, rather than somewhat wryly just …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 21 11:23AM -0500: Oh, and while we’re talking about the ridiculousness of DICE’s awards/categories, it’s time for a patented Kyle Orland Self-Link ™: …more

Good interview with Nick Denton

Kyle Orland <> Feb 21 10:00AM -0500: Touches on a lot of media issues of interest to this group, and also gives a good feel for how …more

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  • Tim W wants your patronage to talk indie games [5 Updates]
  • oh, we game journalists are still being belittled… [3 Updates]

Tim W wants your patronage to talk indie games

Jason Venter <> Feb 21 01:37PM -0800: I have heard similar tell, Chris. Someone (I can’t remember who) expressed a fear that San Francisco might be headed toward a future like London, where people can’t even afford to live within the …more

Philip Kollar <> Feb 21 01:49PM -0800: I didn’t see anything in Matt’s video where it says this is the only work he’ll be doing. I would guess it’s something he does on the side of other work.

Greg Tito <> Feb 21 05:30PM -0500: I can confirm that Matt is doing other work, but I’m really excited to see him use the Patreon model. It’s the Kickstarter of games journalism, and while I don’t think it will have that much of an …more

Patrick Klepek <> Feb 21 04:32PM -0600: I wonder how long before someone really established takes the plunge?

Jason Venter <> Feb 21 04:45PM -0800: Chris Pirillo isn’t a games writer, but he has built up a pretty big following and he recently launched on Patreon (which apparently is going well for him), so we can probably use that as a model …more

oh, we game journalists are still being belittled…

Dennis Scimeca <> Feb 21 01:39PM -0800: What does calling an awards show “The Oscars of..” mean in a general sense? The most visible awards? The awards of highest value? In the context of the Betabeat article it means “The silliest …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 21 04:46PM -0500: In my mind it means “the academy awards.” -KO

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 21 04:55PM -0500: That’s exactly it, Kyle. The Oscars are selected by the Academy of Arts & Sciences and the DICE Awards are selected by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences. I *believe* it’s an in-name-only …more

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  • Tim W wants your patronage to talk indie games [2 Updates]
  • Thief reviewers — puzzle help [2 Updates]

Tim W wants your patronage to talk indie games

Scott Nichols <> Feb 23 05:45PM -0800: Yeah, as Kyle pointed out I’m one of the writers who has attempted to branch out with Patreon for some additional paid writing. Unlike those other success stories, I started my Patreon last …more

Andy Eddy <> Feb 24 10:51AM -0800: Yeah, I’ve learned a lot over the years about lip service…to use an analogy, lots of people will cheer you on when you say you’re starting a team, but few people will actually buy a ticket and …more

Thief reviewers — puzzle help

Dennis Scimeca <> Feb 24 09:55AM -0800: Is anyone here reviewing Thief? I am totally stuck in the puzzle in the third chapter in the hidden library, the one where you’re repositioning the staircases like you’re in an M.C. …more

Brad Gallaway <> Feb 24 10:32AM -0800: You have to rotate the stairs in such a way so that you drop down from the ledge onto one of the final sets and then keep walking up. The game doesn’t really let you drop down unless you’re in exactly …more

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  • Thief reviewers — puzzle help [4 Updates]

 Thief reviewers — puzzle help

Alex Navarro <> Feb 24 07:56PM -0500: Feel no shame. That part took me the longest to solve. Pretty sure I figured it out entirely on accident.
Brandon Justice <> Feb 25 02:47AM -0500: As a side note, if anyone here can explain why I can’t interact with the right side of the “Great Safe,” you’d make my desire to drive to Montreal and make faces at the game designers much less …more

Brad Gallaway <> Feb 25 04:13AM -0800: I heard there are some bugs surrounding that part, but it’s also that you do the left half first, then an event occurs, and then you do the right half later. …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 25 07:41AM -0500: Yes, you have to enter the left side numbers correctly first. Also, the left side is all the first digits of the combination, while the right side is the second digits, which makes no sense but …more

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  • Now this is an email subject line I never thought I’d see [7 Updates]
  • What goes into negotiating exclusives with a developer? [6 Updates]
  • PAX East Panelist Needed ASAP [2 Updates]
  • Anyone playing South Park on 360? [5 Updates]

Now this is an email subject line I never thought I’d see

Kevin Kelly <> Feb 27 11:43AM -0800: “Tony Hawk Reveals Details Of New Game Exclusively to Larry King Now” …more

James Fudge <> Feb 27 03:01PM -0500: Yeah that’s hitting the right demographic.

Kyle Orland <> Feb 27 03:55PM -0500: If you guys haven’t seen the actual clip, it’s pretty hilarious seeing Larry King press for a more detailed answer than “this year” on when it’s coming out. You can almost hear the “what the hell do …more

Harold Goldberg <> Feb 27 04:06PM -0500: 😉 He’s the same age as Vince Zampella, isn’t he? And that’s about the same distance in age from Larry King, who’s 80, and a 10 year old gamer.

James Fudge <> Feb 27 04:10PM -0500: Come on he’s not THAT old. He’s 46.

Kyle Orland <> Feb 27 04:14PM -0500: As Harold pointed out, he’s closer in age to Larry King than to a 10 year old. Also, just realized he was my age when the first THPS came out. TIME TO MAKE SOMETHING OF MY LIFE! -KO

jorge jimenez <> Feb 27 04:14PM -0500: “So your game is about skateboarding? What exactly is skateboarding?”

What goes into negotiating exclusives with a developer?

Ryan Smith <> Feb 27 02:36PM -0600: Since I am ignorant about these things, I was just curious about what goes into negotiating an exclusive when it comes to a game “announcement.” I’ve been talking to an indie dev for about a month …more

Cory Banks <> Feb 27 12:39PM -0800: It typically comes down to how much the developer or publisher is paying us to love their game. … wait, am I allowed to tell you that? NOW YOU KNOW OUR SECRET, BROTHER GAMEJOURNO. — …more

Ryan Smith <> Feb 27 02:43PM -0600: Damn, straight cash, homey.

Devin Connors <> Feb 27 12:45PM -0800: Randy Moss was right all along!

Cory Banks <> Feb 27 12:47PM -0800: In case it wasn’t clear, I was very much joking. A real pro would take the money but still hate the game.

James Fudge <> Feb 27 04:11PM -0500: Yeah, sure you were.

PAX East Panelist Needed ASAP

Greg Tito <> Feb 27 11:50AM -0500: Hey everyone, We need a last second panelist or two to fill out a PAX East panel. It’s been accepted by the PAX organizers, but we had a few drop outs, and today is the deadline to finalize …more

Julian Murdoch <> Feb 27 12:50PM -0600: Greg I’m always happy to fill in if needed. …more

Anyone playing South Park on 360?

Jason Schreier <> Feb 26 07:09PM -0500: If you are… is your screen stuttering constantly? …more

Jason Schreier <> Feb 27 12:14PM -0500: Don’t tell me I’m the only one playing this version of the game! …more

Greg Tito <> Feb 27 01:32PM -0500: Sadly, no one in the office is playing Stick of Truth. Curse you, Sterling!

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 27 01:35PM -0500: I just rescued my 360 copy from the office today. Talked to Jason over IM about it already, but I’ll check it out tonight and share what I find here, on the off-chance that it helps others as well. …more

Brad Gallaway <> Feb 27 10:36AM -0800: They’re sending us a physical, so it hasn’t arrived yet. …more

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  • David Hinkle laid off at Joystiq [2 Updates]
  • Anyone playing South Park on 360? [2 Updates]
  • What goes into negotiating exclusives with a developer? [1 Update]
  • Now this is an email subject line I never thought I’d see [8 Updates]

David Hinkle laid off at Joystiq

Kyle Orland <> Feb 28 01:14PM -0500: I know what you know.

Michael Zenke <> Feb 28 01:40PM -0500: Related to the AOL Tech group cutbacks, I assume. /hugs to those impacted. 🙁 – Michael

Anyone playing South Park on 360?

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 28 08:00AM -0500: I popped in the 360 disc last night and it seemed to run fine. I didn’t play a whole lot, but it was enough to get to the open world and start exploring it (which is where I’d expect stutters to …more

Alex Navarro <> Feb 28 10:24AM -0500: This seems like it may be a “your experience will vary” type situation. Heard about save bugs and other crashes on the PC version which I haven’t experienced at all. So far, I’ve had the music drop …more

What goes into negotiating exclusives with a developer?

Chris Dahlen <> Feb 28 09:21AM -0500: I don’t think it’s always very formal. When Jason Rohrer was starting to talk about *Sleep is Death*, I caught up with him at GDC to get an interview and preview for *The AV Club*. …more

Now this is an email subject line I never thought I’d see

Ben Gilbert <> Feb 27 04:38PM -0500: Key quote from that email/interview: “You can control a character on your phone that skates.” SOLD.

Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 27 04:39PM -0500: I wonder if he’s played OlliOlli. Also, it’s depressing how old Tony Hawk looks. …more

Kyle Orland <> Feb 27 04:48PM -0500: It’s depressing how old Tony Hawk IS! Get past the denial! You know it’s true!

James Fudge <> Feb 27 09:32PM -0500: He’s in better shape at his age than you are at yours 🙂
Adam Rosenberg <> Feb 27 10:06PM -0500: Yup. …more

James Fudge <> Feb 27 10:27PM -0500: I should add he’s in better shape than I am as well 🙂

“Timothy J. Seppala” <> Feb 27 09:34PM -0800: To echo what Kyle said about King pressing for a release date and his tone while doing it, you can tell he likely doesn’t give a shit about /any/ aspect of this interview and it’s kind of great. …more

James Fudge <> Feb 28 06:24AM -0500: He doesn’t give a shit because at this point he doesn’t even know who he’s interviewing.