Escape from Big Mother: Free Speech of UK in Decay


As I write this final passage, my Twitter account is still suspended. It has been six days. I’m not sure I’ll get it back tomorrow like I’m hoping. Almost one month now. Nope. Right now is the best possible moment for me to get my thoughts out. The heart of all things is the meaning of value. There’s something about that, which resonates across all our borders and all our countries, but still feels powerful. That fundamental dynamic of human understanding is what we’re fighting for now.

That attack on human dignity employed by the United Kingdom government is what made our conflict here inevitable. 

The technique that Fiyaz Mughal employs with religions and faith is much like the globalist mentality of the European Union. They seek to erase borders much like how Mughal seeks to erase borders of a different kind. But in doing so he’s erasing DISTINCTION, not the DIVISIONS. Now there’s an important difference here. Self respect. The distinctions between religions is where their individual values and respect comes from. Their dignity. Mughal is asking religions to give a bit of that up for the sake of this utopian fever dream. That’s because Fiyaz isn’t comparing UK society to religion systems in other countries for his benchmark of success. Instead Mughal is encouraging a dynamic between the government and the people that’s the most intrusive possible.

That is to say Fiyaz Mughal is running away from the exact thing that he needs to embrace. That clash of religious differences is the only way a mutual understanding and harmony is possible at the end of the day. By trying to stop the clash in the first place it just makes things worse.

The challenge and debate of ideas is intrinsically tied with the notion that something may be considered offensive. The underlying dynamic of TellMAMAUK creates a dependency on the government to solve culture problems. It’s a subtle way of reducing the qualities of self-reliance and self-confidence that religious groups have. The mentality of collectivism entertains the notion that society as a whole needs to solve everyone’s problems for them and take care of them.

Let me lay this out in image form. Maybe it’ll get the point across better.


We build our history based on what is. Not what is not. To that effect, the fact that human progress up to this point had ugly and brutal moments needs to be emphasized.

Human beings aren’t perfect creatures. So when it comes to community cohesion and the interaction of cultures, this is at play. Perfect example of this process is happening right now in this very article. You’re a goddamn fool if you think I wrote this whole essay here perfectly. The first sentence on the first page, followed sequentially by the second and third, onward to the end. In the two months I spent on this, there was a lot of jumping around between the different sections and pages. Hell I didn’t even have the final format as you see it now until at least a month in. Nor did the total entirety of all the thoughts and ideas written here come all at once.

The writing process can be ugly. It definitely was, here. That same description can be said about cooperation between Christians and Islamic communities. In the end, both things look good from the outside. But the journey to that point is filled with late nights, gallons of beer and energy drinks, about 30 cigars, and some trial and error. But in the end a stable, long-lasting relationship between religious communities is established because of the friction. It’s what made social media like Twitter and Facebook fun in the first place.

That’s where personal meaning and value come from. It’s why I stand by all three of my friends in full confidence, and have no problem telling the emotionally barren Home Secretary Amber Rudd where to shove it. There’s freedom in taking such a stance in spite of the strength brought by any opposition. In standing up for my friends, I free myself and my personal convictions too.

Neither Fiyaz Mughal or the United Kingdom government understand this. It’s the exact reason a group with the name “Hope not Hate” can come off having the same sentiments as a Big Mac. You’d be hard-pressed to find something more synthetic and empty as this. Click any of these links to become emotionally tapped into that superficiality.  It’s that same difference between what love is when its used in a Valentine’s Day marketing campaign, in contrast to what love means when you find that one special person who you want to spend the rest of your days living and being with.


With that in mind you can better reflect on the irony of the far-left Anti-fa extremists, who forcibly try and suppress their ideological opposition. Going to the extent of manipulation within the realms of industry and commerce because of it. Likewise it’s how a story such as “Small Town Mayor Forced to Quit for Following Kassam, Steyn, Wilders on Social Media” seems entirely foolish and nonsensical, unless considered through the Left’s obfuscated lens.


There’s a reason why my friend Ian Miles Cheong is evermore happier now than he was three years ago. He was trapped in the doctrine of social justice. Then one day he realized that lifestyle was shallow and disingenuous. The only fundamental change he made that day he decided to give his old ways up was vowing to be authentic. Politics weren’t entirely a factor at all. Rather, having the freedom to choose individual beliefs and opinions for himself, and make up his own mind, was.

There’s a reason why banning guns doesn’t stop mass shootings. Likewise, if the United Nations made universal peace and harmony a law across the globe, they’d be shocked to discover it doesn’t stop wars. If we humored this sort of thought process, the governments of the world would just pass into law an order that the people obey them without question.

The governmental regulation of human emotion is the fast-track road to hell. Its time people “reframe” freedom of speech to not just include the freedom to express yourself, but also the limitations of allowing someone else (UK government) to get offended and deem what’s acceptable or not on your behalf.

One day I’ll have a family. I’ll have kids. The world they grow up in needs to have the same personal freedoms for self-exploration that I was afforded. They deserve to have the opportunity to interact with the world, make mistakes, and deal with conflict. So they can grow up to be strong and stable adults themselves. That’s the meaning of life. To make such a lasting impression on the world as a result and in spite of our differences. My fingers are crossed that I’ll be able to teach my child right from wrong, and not have the state forcibly delegate away that responsibility from me.

So I do what I can for the fight against the anti-fascist fascists too.

Hope not Hate can tell you Martin Sellner is some sort of far-right Nazi. But they can never show you what it’s like praying with Brittany and Nicole at 2 in the morning over Skype while he’s getting rescued off the Mediterranean Sea from a boat Hope not Hate stranded there. They can label Brittany Pettibone as an extremist, but never mention the thoughtful warmth of her sending you something for Christmas. The SPLC can call Lauren Southern an “alt-right dog whistler,” but they can never express the genuine effort she puts into her political documentary projects.

My friends mean the world to me. I can’t tell you how much it broke my damn heart have these wonderful people that have enriched my life beyond measure, get targeted by the flawed system of the United Kingdom.

Things don’t have to be the way they are right now. We don’t need to exist in this hyper political conscious bubble that people like Fiyaz Mughal and the UK government have put our society in. By trying to rid the world of cultural friction, they made the worst conflict of them all. The UK government can’t demand mutual respect between cultures. They can’t force harmony between Islam and the West.  By mandating people get along “or else,” the authorities have created a new kind of intolerance. An unnecessary civil war for our definitions of value.

“If you try to make everything multicultural, you end up with no culture at all.”

More to the point – your cultural heritage and identity aren’t property of the state. They are yours to be proud of. They always and will forever more be property of the people.

The true vision of perfection is self-acceptance of our imperfections. The alternative to that is a road to hell where we find ourselves never satisfied and proud of who we are. I dream of a day where the sanctity of free speech can retire from this war it’s fighting. That time can only come when people take ownership of their values back from the governments that hijacked it away from them. The moment when the definition of hope and change has their authenticity restored, and they’re no longer brand slogans used to manipulate or deceive others on what it means to be good.

This is where we’re at now.


The night before the sentencing trial, Count Dankula had a stream. His girlfriend, who stayed by his side throughout these turbulent years of litigation, was visibly overcome with worry about his lover’s fate.

“You all right?” Dankula asked her.

“No.” she replied.

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  1. The British have doomed themselves.

  2. “The dude likes being the center of focus. The spotlight.”

    In my research over the years I have encountered some of the people who personally knew Tatchell. One of them (an immigrant and an anarchist) told me that he used to be part of the Outrage group before he moved on to international anti-capitalist/anti-globalist protests. He said that at Outrage meetings it was clear that Outrage was about Peter Tatchell and nothing else.

    Years later when I challenged Tatchell on Twitter concerning his promotion of lowering the age of consent and his claims about the sexuality of boys of the Sambia people of New Guinea, Tatchell blocked me after a few tweets. It was clear he didn’t like the fact that I’d read the anthropological texts on this tribe and he had not (in fact, I took photos of the relevant pages and highlighted them to prove to Tatchell that he had massively misrepresented what went on with these children).

    The texts show that the boys only engage in homosexuality after being taken away from their mothers (for years) and the boys are violently beaten (one could describe it even as torture) if they did not engage in homosexuality. Before Tatchell blocked me on Twitter his response was something like “well I was going off what I was told”. You’d think if someone was going to take a high-profile campaigning issue on some controversial topic like children and homosexuality that he would actually read the books on which he was basing his controversial claims. These books were published ten to twenty years before Tatchell was spouting the false version of what the books contain, so Tatchell had plenty of time to read the books to which he alluded as the academic evidence informing articles such as that above for The Guardian.

    That Tatchell blocked me in this discussion was evidence to me that his ego was fragile, even if his body has supposedly taken 300 kickings.

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