Left-Wing Mobs: An Explainer


January 11th 2019: Far Left activist Charlie Landeros is shot by police after pulling a gun on them at a middle school, as authorities were trying to take him in. The full body cam video is available here. “SMASH THE PATRIARCHY AND CHILL” read Charlie’s shirt. The one he died in. He tried to tell police they don’t have jurisdiction in a middle school of all places. Charlie asserts the principal didn’t ask him to leave the property. Police grab him and place him under arrest. Charlie Landeros resists and we clearly see him pull a firearm from his pants. He fired shots at officers, so opening fire in self-defense to neutralize Charlie wasn’t out of the question. In a dose of irony, Charlie Landeros was a member of a group called “Community Armed Self Defense,” which focused on using firearms.

Antifa groups came out against the cops and for Landeros, of course. “Charlie Landeros, beloved comrade and street medic, was murdered by Eugene police 2 days ago. They were a non-binary activist of color who did amazing work in their community and were gunned down in front of their children’s school,” said @PopMobPDX in a now deleted tweet. The Civil Liberties Defense Center makes him out to be a martyr in their memoriam piece. Same for a place called the Neighborhood Anarchist Collective. It’s later revealed that Charlie Landeros was in a custody battle with his ex-wife, which is why he was there in the first place. Officers were cleared for their use of deadly force. He was on the FBI’s radar for posting extremist messages on social media. There was a brief spurt of protests in the days following Charlie’s death. It seemed to taper off. But then at the month, by “coincidence” someone tried planting incendiary devices at Eugene Police headquarters. (Big League Politics) (Daily Mail) (Gateway Pundit) (KOIN) (PJ Media)

January 26th 2019: Antifa target a Canadian #YellowVest demonstrator. Tim Reid Gavin got one heck of a bloody black eye at a Hamilton protest. Yellow Vest Canada prided themselves on maintaining peace despite the assault. The perpetrator was arrested and charged with assault. The motive? The Canadian Yellow Vest group themselves get labeled “Far-Right” by the country’s media for alleged racism, born out of their criticisms for Trudeau’s Canada. But in particular at least one Antifa Twitter account decided to audit the Yellow Vest Facebook group. (CBC) (CTV) (The Post Millennial)

April 30th 2019: Anarchists take credit for flooding an office belonging to lawyer Sean Riddell, who legally represents the National ICE Council. He filed a tort claim against the city of Portland for the police’s failure to stop the prior summer’s protests outside an ICE building.

They sent a statement to Antifa website It’s Going Down:

Last week we paid a visit to the offices of local attorney and ICE collaborator Sean J. Riddell. Sean Riddell currently provides legal representation to the National ICE Council, the union which represents ICE agents, in a lawsuit against the city of Portland in response to the Occupy ICE PDX encampment last summer. Sean’s new law office, located in Portland, was purchased partially with the money he’s made from the work he’s done for the National ICE Council. We decided to congratulate him on his new building by unraveling is garden hose, pushing it through his mail slot, and turning on the water. Our goal was to cause maximum economic damage, that should serve as a warning to all individuals and businesses that profit off the human misery perpetrated by ICE.

Media coverage in OregonLive’s case includes photos of the damage, estimated in the “thousands of dollars” range. Riddell remarked the Anarchists were cowards to act anonymously. It happened at some point over that weekend and took a few days for press to report it. (Breitbart) (Gateway Pundit) (Hot Air) (Willamette Week) (The Blaze)

Photo by Beth Nakamura at Oregon Live

May 1st 2019: Portland had May Day protests at Caruthers Park, Holladay Park and Chapman Square. Antifa were there protesting ICE. Joey Gibson and Patriot Prayer were there to protest Antifa. It almost got ugly immediately, on account of someone stealing Gibson’s hat. According to one speech, Antifa believe ICE is targeting them because of their skin color. Marchers descended on a nearby ICE office, shutting down streets along the way. This included roads nearby a hospital. Federal employees had to protect the building. The protesters didn’t damage the property, save for setting up a giant caged baby display in front of DHS/ICE officers. “honk if nazis have small dicks” read one Antifa sign. There was a small protest march by a non-Patriot Prayer group elsewhere during the day. 60 people involved in a large bar fight at Cider Riot. It happened around 7:30 PM. A drink is thrown at the Patriot Prayer group, someone responds with pepper spray, and it all goes to hell. Andy Ngo was maced by Antifa and he captured it live on video. It spilled out into the street. If you wanted to watch an Antifa and Anti-Commie fight, here you go. In another clip, a “far-right protester” punches a guy with a guitar. The Proud Boys specified that they weren’t involved with this whole altercation.

“Patriot Prayer and their affiliates showed up, and started pepper-spraying people on our property,” Cider Riot owner Abram Goldman-Armstrong told OregonLive. Andy Ngo made note that Rose City Antifa and Cider Riot planned this afterparty together. The article notes the fighting started after someone threw a drink “at the far-right protesters.” Police showed up too late to being of any use. They weren’t any use earlier in the day either. During the demonstration, Andy Ngo found an Antifa who punched him in the stomach. Police refused to arrest because it would “escalate” the situation. Antifa targeted Andy with silly string and taunts during their march. But even so, all in all, Portland Police touted the May Day protests as peaceful. A video captioned by Mike Bivins as “OMG A GIRL GOT KNOCKED OUT CLEAN” begs to differ. He didn’t capture the punch, but an Antifa chick is clearly knocked unconscious. “she was clubbed in the head w a truncheon” according to Bivins. Andy Ngo attempted to make a police report. He says officers were too busy to help him. In a separate news release, Portland Police PR office said “NOBODY WANTED TO MAKE A POLICE REPORT” regarding the Cider Riot brawl. To the shock of Mr. Ngo. (Fox News) (Gateway Pundit) (KGW) (Newsweek) (OregonLive) (Portland Mercury) (Red State) (The Epoch Times)

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May 14th 2019: This particular round of fracas took place at the Old Bailey in London. By this point Tommy Robinson was treated as a working class hero. The UK’s Jesus Christ who was suffering on behalf of the common man. You can call such a description ridiculous. But here was a crowd cheering him on and singing his name. There was an energetic atmosphere that day, fueled by the people’s belief in something.

But let’s back up. How’d we get here?

Back in May 2018, Tommy got arrested for reporting on a grooming gang trial at Leeds crown court. Since he had done this before at a Canterbury trial and was on probation, this time he was speedily thrown into prison. If only it were that simple. Complications arise when you factor in how much of a notice from the authorities Tommy received as to whether or not what he was doing was legal. We know he asked a copper for this advice given the fact Robinson had livestreamed this whole to Facebook live. From his perspective he was trying to do a public service by spotlighting something the mainstream media was often too shy to fully cover. He was clearly cautious and attempted to stay within the public space outside the court building as to not step on any toes. Yet, Tommy’s critics argued that what he did was intimidation, coloured by the EDL’s history of speaking out against Islam. So they throw the HATE label on the whole thing. To be fair, the more general basis of their arguments lay within the potential shifting of perceptions of the court while the trial was ongoing. “The Section 4 (2) order made it illegal for anyone, in any format, to publish information on the case until the last trial had finished.” The court accused Tommy of saying “Harass him, find him, go knock on his door, follow him, see where he works, see what he’s doing.”

However the immediate context of Tommy’s arrest also needs consideration: he was on a hot streak after the success of his Day For Freedom rally. To Robinson’s fanbase it looked like the UK Big Brother was putting a muzzle on Tommy for good. They thought the court was trying to knock him off given how the judge at the center of all this was watching Robinson’s arrest from a nearby window. Who knows? Maybe Tommy thought he was invincible and the authorities wanted to send a message that he’s not. Regardless of intent, Robinson was able to spring himself from the slammer within a matter of months. On the grounds of the real threat to his life in prison (he was purposefully placed in a facility with a higher % Muslim population) and the imperfect nature of how Tommy’s inital prison sentence was doled out by the judge. He was arrested first on “breach of the peace” charges before receiving the “contempt of court” one. The UK Attorney General argued Robinson’s conduct was of “great concern” though. But to counter that, Tommy’s defense argued about the “cost to the public purse” pursuing further litigation would cause. What won out was that the high-profile nature made it a matter of public interest that needed proper resolution. It was essentially flinging back in Tommy’s face a remark that he made during his Facebook Live stream. He banked on his high visibility and knew his coverage in Leeds would get a fair amount of traction. The view count of the Facebook Live was cited to be over 250,000. Amplified after the fact given the clampdown on freedom of press that is held as sacred over in the United States. 

So here ol’ Tommy was, a year later. Finding himself back in court to square away this situation. Stand Up To Racism showed up at the urging of their organiser, Julie Sherry. There were estimated to be around 100 of them in that Far Left crowd (400 overall including Tommy supporters). Weyman Bennett of Stand Up to Racism, told The Guardian: “We are here because Tommy Robinson is trying to use the platform of the elections to push racism and Islamophobia, and our job is to stop people who are racists and fascists getting the respectability that we believe will lead to more racist attacks and make racism acceptable. It’s not an accident that he chose the former leader of the BNP’s seat to stand in for election.”

Of course what the honeyed words of that PR statement leave out is the SUTR chants where the mob urges people to throw a milkshake in Tommy Robinson’s face. It’s worth pointing out that United Against Fascism (who doesn’t mind getting physical), called SUTR general “Anti fascists” alongside all the other opposition. It serves as a merging point of the Far Left where the lines between non-violent activists and violent Antifa begin to blur.

When Tommy showed up he gave a speech in front of a “VOTE TOMMY” banner. Since Tommy was running for MEP at the time it coloured the day of protests. Hope not Hate was worried “Brexit Fatigue” would hand Robinson a victory. The media hated the fact that Robinson said he’d donate all of his salary to sexual abuse victim charities if he won. Lamenting about amplifying Tommy’s presence is ironic considering the fact the bloke wasn’t even allowed to have a campaign Twitter account. The only way Tommy Robinson was able to adequately get his story out there at this point was thanks to Ezra Levant and Rebel Media. Along with Cassandra Fairbanks and Gateway Pundit.

Tommy Robinson said the politically motivated charges from the court came from the accusation he caused “anxiety to the Muslim paedophiles that have been convicted of raping young girls.” But a majority of his speech came to the issue that free speech in the UK was under attack. That he was trying to stand up for the rights of even the very media that routinely smeared him. 

From The Guardian:

“One of Robinson’s supporters, Kesri Johnson, said he had attended because he supported democracy and free speech. “Tommy Robinson is just a symbol of that,” he said. “Free speech is one of our founding principles and I see it as being under attack by people trying to silence Tommy Robinson.” Johnson, who was one of the few black people in the crowd, denied that Robinson was racist. But he added: “Even if he was racist I would still be here supporting him, because I believe in free speech. Free speech is not just the free speech I want.””

Anne Marie Waters was there too. In support of Tommy’s cause and the ongoing fight for maintaining freedom of speech. But on the other side was Louise Raw with a giant milkshake prop. Representing the Far Left’s shutdown gimmick meant to intimidate and silence their political opponents. “WANT FRIES WITH THAT TOMMY?” scrawled on the side

The end result of the day’s hearing was that Tommy would indeed face a retrial. Andrew Caldecott QC determined three kinds of contempt: breaching a reporting restriction, breaching the rules covering court reporting, and common law contempt. When the news came out to the Old Bailey crowd, Tommy’s people shouted shame on you. They showed up in support. It was a pretty diverse crowd. Regardless, Antifa’s people filmed two apparent Nazis at the rally. Which means Hope not Hate had enough “proof” to say the whole crowd was a Nazi gathering, by their standards. Obviously Tommy’s side and the Antifa side had a standoff. As usual, whenever there’s Tommy’s people, there’s Tommy’s critics and enemies in tow. Two opposing forces flirting with how close to the edge they can get without crossing it.  “TOMMY ROBINSON YOU DISGRACE, GET A MILKSHAKE IN YOUR FACE,” shouted the Far Left side.

Metro.co.uk complained that a press photographer was “pushed and shoved as they tried to do their job.” The Evening Standard dedicated a whole piece to the issue. They said Tommy’s supporters targeted journalists and asked which publications they worked for, “while one individual tried to drag a Press Association video journalist to the ground by their bag.” But independent journalist Andrew Lawton had previously reported how these so-called “legit” reporters scoffed at Tommy Robinson’s remarks in private. “They mocked and chuckled at the “enemy of the people” comment, even asking a couple of arriving journalists from other outlets if they knew they were enemies of Britons.”

So we’re left to wonder if the public stance vs. private feelings of the mainstream media towards Tommy’s rhetoric still matched up. (Al Jazeera) (BBC) (BuzzFeed) (Daily Mail) (Daily Star) (Evening Standard) (II) (Gateway Pundit) (HuffPost) (II) (III) (Independent) (II) (ITV) (LBC) (Metro) (II) (Mirror) (Morning Star) (Pamela Geller) (Scottish Sun) (Sky News) (Socialist Worker) (The Guardian) (II) (The London Economic) (The Telegraph)

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May 18th 2019: Tommy Robinson was in the heat of his campaign for EU parliament. This was before the UK formally left the European Union, so such a position was still a thing. He was facing adversity on multiple fronts when it came to social media. A payment processor known as Stripe banned both of Robinson’s accounts. His usual work one, as well as the one he had set up specifically for his campaign. It was officially on the grounds of violating “restricted businesses and activities,” but Robinson alleged the motive being election interference. He had solid reasons to believe that. Seeing as how at the end of April 2019 Twitter decided to ban Tommy’s campaign account after UK activist group TellMAMAUK lobbied the company to take action.

That’s the stage set for Tommy Robinson’s campaign trail stop in Oldham. It was a Saturday. Meaning the kids and young people were off from school and able to attend. The question is: would they have wanted to? 

According to one Rebel News reporter who tagged along with Tommy on his political tour, likely not. “One day in #Oldham and I get hit with an egg and a rock,” tweeted Jessica Swietoniowski. She was there covering the event for Rebel News. People may criticize the outlet but it’s hard to argue the fact they were one of the only publications there on the ground. Tommy’s staffer Danny Tommo also captured the chaos. About five minutes into some of his coverage, Tommo picks up a brick piece that was tossed his way and holds it up to the camera as evidence.

According to a separate eyewitness speaking to Manchester Evening News: “I saw bricks being thrown into the crowds. There were police with shields and batons, and the Tactical Aid Unit were there. There were several dozen police. At the start there were eggs being thrown, but then people turned to bricks.”

Police held back the MDL’s mob. In their initial statement they confirmed damage to two police vehicles. There’s also clear evidence that the group dressed up like Antifa (covering their faces) and had eggs with them. If it stopped at just throwing eggs, the far left may have been able to swing an argument of innocence. But the Muslim Defence League crossed that line. A group of them are seen ganging up to attack one lone English guy. Police had to shoo innocent youngsters back indoors to ensure their safety from the MDL’s crossfire. That’s what disturbed Tommy Robinson the most, seeing kids subjected to harm’s way. The MDL livestreamed their perspective on Facebook live, so there is little room to doubt the details of the ambush. For example, you can clearly hear the mob shout “allahu akbar.”

It was a politically expedient situation for Tommy Robinson, though. He was able to give a speech at Oldham and point to a physical example of his ongoing concerns about what was threatening social cohesion. Tommy had a Pakistani fan of his speaking at the event as well. He specifically requested to see the evidence that Robinson was a racist preacher of hate like what the MDL attackers seemed to believe. In Tommy’s own coverage of the Oldham’s chaos, he pointed out that the MDL mob came from out of town and were escorted to the demonstration by police. He also pointed out how both the police and media gave a generic “counter protester” label to those who inflicted the violence. That being the Muslim Defense League.

“I’ve come to Limeside in Oldham. #TommyRobinson has been chased out of town!! See ya dickhead!!” said one Antifa rioter.

Now a message from Jim McMahon, Labour & Co-operative MP for Oldham West & Royton. “We don’t need people, coming to our town, trying to divide us for their own political agenda. We need to come together and be the best Oldham we can be.”  Such a vague message that can apply to both Tommy Robinson and the Muslim Defense League alike. Interpretations vary towards either political leanings.

People were on edge already. The attack by the MDL was a step-up from the seemingly innocuous “milkshake” craze that had been going on in the weeks prior. This sort of political “dunking” was targeted at both Tommy Robinson and Carl Benjamin alike. There were concerns it was a gateway foreshadowing escalations in Far Left physical rebukes.

The violence waged by the Muslim Defence League was egregious enough that the Greater Manchester Police had to step up in their reassurances they’d “bring those responsible to justice.” Such a direct acknowledgement is certainly rare when it comes to protest clashes. What it means here is that things got too much out of control for the public to ignore, and the cops feel pressure to make arrests so they look like they’re doing something to solve that. It’s worth pointing out that the authorities confirmed that bricks were thrown at the Oldham clash. Amatuer video also shows “small explosions” (likely smoke bombs) going off.

Even though Tommy’s people weren’t the ones throwing eggs and bricks, political talking heads like the Labour mayor of Manchester deflected the blame onto Robinson for inciting “hate and division.” In terms of political leanings it actually played right into what Tommy said his worldview was. The notion that a political leader should prioritize their own people’s welfare was constantly being demonized. Tommy was optimistic about his election chances given how Italy had Matteo Salvini rise to power. Someone lambasted by the media as “anti-Islam” and was accused of targeting refugees was able to win over public favor despite such condemnations. 

Earlier that day, Stand Up to Racism had some sort of seminar gathering all about stopping Tommy Robinson. “NAZI SCUM OFF OUR STREETS” they practiced in their chanting. Labour MP for Stretford & Urmston, Kate Green, commended those who attended. She said they were brave for having the courage to stand up to the fascism boogeyman. Same goes for (now former) MEP Julie Ward, who spoke at this event. Their main talking point was the mere exposure to Tommy Robinson’s ideas needs to be stopped because that’s when people start to “wobble.” Stuff like Tommy shaking hands and talking with his fans from Afghanistan.

So the same day as Tommy’s run-in with the MDL, SUTR were out campaigning in Manchester, Knowsley, Swindon, Preston, Heywood, Crewe, and Oldham itself. You can read all about that in an article on the Socialist Worker. What that piece won’t show you is an ironic moment where a Stand Up to Racism member gets racist in their comments towards a black man.

Stand Up to Racism was in the general vicinity of the far left attacks on Tommy supporters. But to get the group to formally acknowledge and learn from such a debacle would be a challenge. They had no problem following Robinson around all day, though! Even Hope not Hate couldn’t help but keep the ruckus in vague terms. Hard to do that when an eyewitness captured the MDL mob fleeing the area.

After all, here’s what we’re dealing with. “If you’re on a personal mission to spout anti-muslim hatred and attack an entire religion, it’s more than likely that at some point, some of them will eventually fight back. #Oldham #MDL #FuckTommy,” said an UK Antifa group Twitter account.

The Far Left revels in inflicting harm onto their political adversaries, people like James Goddard. To think Tommy Robinson is a “cunt” (as Jessica Swietoniowski learned from the people of Manchester earlier that day) is one thing. Physically going after people is another. Full stop.  (BBC) (Caldron Pool) (CNN) (Daily Mail) (Daily Star) (Evening Standard) (Gateway Pundit) (II) (HuffPost) (II) (Independent) (iNews) (Manchester Evening News) (II) (III) (Mirror) (The Guardian) (II) (III) (The Sun) (Yahoo)

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June 3rd 2019: University of Washington College Republicans held one last meeting for the school year. Emerald City Antifa were outraged the meeting was going to have Operation Cold Front speaking at it. They put out a call to harass them on Facebook. One lone far leftist came through. One witness said he saw a guy in black approach the door but didn’t think “ANTIFA ARE HERE” because there was no protest going on. He tried chaining the door shut but it didn’t work as planned. He just made a lot of noise. “We heard the rattling from inside,” UWCR’s President told local media. “We looked to see through the window and see that someone was messing with the door. And it’s very clearly a chain being attached. So personally I ran up to the door and opened it on him, the chain fell to the ground, and he ran off, which is good because I much prefer not to be chained in a room with 30 other people indefinitely.” No charges were filed. (BPR) (Daily Caller) (Daily Wire) (Gateway Pundit) (Red State) (Washington Examiner)

This is what Antifa did to Andy Ngo.

June 29th 2019: Andy Ngo was brutally beaten by Antifa in Portland while covering one of their battles against the Proud Boys. “Attacked by antifa. Bleeding. They stole my camera equipment. No police until after. waiting for ambulance . If you have evidence Of attack please help,” he tweeted. The 30-second clip of Antifa beating Andy Ngo was captured by Jim Ryan, and has since been viewed over 12 million times. There’s even an alternate version at a different angle. Immediately following the attack, Andy Ngo did a Periscope S.O.S message. His damaged face in full view as police are nowhere in sight. Thank god help arrived eventually.

READ: “A Leftist Mob Attacked Me in Portland” (WSJ)

Andy Ngo got covered in (crowdfunded) milkshake, on top of being punched and kicked. The milkshakes became a thing because of some Far Left political protests over in the UK. They were thrown at Tommy Robinson, Carl Benjamin, and Sargon of Akkad as they ran for office. Somehow this “trend” came over to America with a dangerous new twist. No longer limited to eggs and bottles, Antifa added milkshakes mixed with “quick-drying cement” into their arsenal. “Police have received information that some of the milkshakes thrown today during the demonstration contained quick-drying cement,” tweeted Portland Police.

Just to clarify: Andy Ngo did not get hit with one of these cement milkshakes, this was a separate report.

“I’m here to protest the alt right — the ones that say they aren’t fascists or Nazis, but have proved themselves otherwise. And I like throwing milkshakes at bigots,” Antifa protester Jessyca Jones told ABC. A group called Popular Mobilization made a step-by-step guide for a “Stonewall Shake.” The Far Leftists (e.g. Antifa and DSA) were out in force. They targeted Ngo and any other independent journalist they were suspicious of. Here we have a video of an Antifa attack that ends up with a guy’s face covered in blood. What else can you expect from the Black Bloc mob, marching with their faces covered in motorcycle helmets?

Photo taken by Dave Killen for OregonLive.com

Proud Boys and others suited up for one hell of a fight. In self-defense. I can say that given the fact Robert Evans documented Antifa’s side trying to find Proud Boys on a few occasions. “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” read an Antifa sign. Police had to do the usual “keeping both sides apart” routine. But it obviously didn’t work because there was fighting. Surprisingly, declaring it an unlawful assembly didn’t instantly fix everything. Antifa also blocked traffic. Plus they had some loud dance truck that passed out more milkshakes. A total of eight people (including three cops) were treated for injuries. Three Far Lefties were arrested (watch one for yourself here). None of them immediately linked to the assault on Ngo. There were a few photos of his assailants. Andy was admitted to the hospital with a brain bleed.  Ted Cruz (and others) wanted legal action taken against Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler for allowing this to happen. “To federal law enforcement: investigate & bring legal action against a Mayor who has, for political reasons, ordered his police officers to let citizens be attacked by domestic terrorists,” Cruz announced. Ambassador Richard Grenell requested the Justice Department investigate. Mayor Ted Wheeler previously had a hands-off approach to Antifa’s actions. In one case on the 29th, Portland Police reportedly failed to disarm an Antifa with a baseball bat.

There were some many “checkmarks” who downplayed the violence against Ngo. Twisting the situation in a way to try and argue Andy deserved it. CNN’s Jake Tapper and Brian Stelter managed to avoid being awful people and stood on Andy’s side. “Antifa regularly attacks journalists; it’s reprehensible” Tapper wrote. A solid play-by-play timeline of the day is available on OregonLive. (ABC) (Breitbart) (CBS) (Daily Beast) (Daily Caller) (Daily Mail) (Daily Wire) (Fox News) (Gateway Pundit) (HuffPost) (Human Events) (Mediaite) (NBC) (PJ Media) (Reason) (RT) (The Epoch Times) (Washington Examiner) (Washington Times)

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Portland Police put out an open call for any information leading to the arrest of Ngo’s attackers. Antifa clearly targeted Andy in the days leading up to the event. “I am nervous about tomorrow’s Portland antifa rally. They’re promising “physical confrontation” & have singled me out to be assaulted,” he tweeted. After the fact, Rose City Antifa claimed their attack on Andy Ngo as a “victory.” Portland police Chief Danielle Outlawed floated the idea for an anti-mask law. A push to declare Antifa domestic terrorists began.

Keith Ellison deleted this pro-Antifa tweet after Ngo was attacked.

July 11th 2019: Trump hosted a social media summit at the White House to talk about their political bias. During the President’s speech, the Andy Ngo situation came up and it led to Donald riffing on Antifa. Trump remarked that Andy obviously isn’t the most physically buff person in the world. He pointed out that Antifa tend to pick those kinds of targets. “They don’t go after Bikers for Trump. You ever notice that? They don’t go after our construction workers who loves us, they don’t go after the police.” He went on to mock them as basement dwellers. (Gateway Pundit) (Politico) (Talking Points Memo) (The Blaze) (The Guardian) (Washington Times) (Western Journal)

July 13th 2019: 69-year-old Willem Van Spronsen showed up to Tacoma Northwest Detention Center in Washington. At 4 AM. He laid siege to the ICE facility, managing to light a car on fire. Thankfully he fell short of exploding a massive propane tank attacked to the building. “This could have resulted in the mass murder of staff and detainees housed at the facility,” an ICE agent told the New York Times. “These are the kinds of incidents that keep you up at night.”

Seattle Antifascist Action glorified Van Spronsen’s violence:


He was armed with a rifle and flares, and got into a shoot-out with police. Willem Van Spronsen was a radical Antifa extremist. “i regret that i will miss the rest of the revolution. thank you for the honor of having me in your midst.” Willem wanted to go out with a bang and sent letters in advance to his friends, saying goodbye. He also wrote a manifesto. “i am antifa, i stand with comrades around the world who act from the love of life in every permutation. comrades who understand that freedom means real freedom for all and a life worth living,” he wrote. Willem Von Spronsen was also a member of the Pudget Sound John Brown Gun Club. Something propped up by CNN in a documentary. After Willem’s death, the club was one of the groups memorializing him. The Antifa thing is firmly established by footage from Andy Ngo. He happened to film Von Spronsen at a Seattle protest.

Just hours earlier, Willem was protesting with other Antifa outside that detention center. Tensions were at a boiling point because the Trump administration was ready to start ICE raids across the country.  It wasn’t the only time Van Spronsen got into a fight with authorities. In June 2018, at that same facility, he assaulted a cop who was trying to arrest a 17-year-old protester during a rally. He had a baton and folding knife on him. “Laws are just constructs. They have no value in and of themselves. They often serve to legitimize injustice that people would otherwise take action to oppose,” wrote Antifa site It’s Going Down. (Associated Press) (Big League Politics) (Fox News) (Human Events) (KIRO) (New York Times) (The News Tribune) (The Seattle Times) (Washington Post) (Washington Times)

July 18th 2019: The push to get Antifa declared declared a domestic terrorist organization receives a formal bill proposal. Thanks to Senator Bill Cassidy from Louisiana and Senator Ted Cruz from Texas. Five days later Cruz publishes a detailed letter to the FBI and Department of Justice, urging them to open up an investigation into Antifa activities. He cites the recent examples of the Andy Ngo attack and Willem Van Spronsen’s siege of an ICE facility. Cruz cites the RICO Act as relevant given Antifa’s routine intimidation of their political opponents. Later on, Cruz brings up Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s history of inaction when dealing with the Far Left, asserting it to also be an important matter. Indiana Congressman Jim Banks joined the call to action, requesting the FBI add Antifa to its list of extremist ideologies. “Antifa has redefined fascism to include anyone who disagrees with their opaque political agenda. What that agenda is exactly is imprecise by design—their central aim is to silence any and all moderate and conservative politics or ideologies.”

July 27th 2019Andy Ngo’s lobbying paid off. President Trump took notice on Twitter about the Antifa matter. It was around the same time Antifa announced an escalation of their campaign against ICE. The promotional poster shows them killing ICE agents and setting buildings on fire.


“There have been ZERO Antifa-related murders to date,” tweeted one guy in response to Trump. He was a week too early.

August 4th 2019: A shooting at a bar in Dayton, Ohio was carried out by a Far Left leaning individual named Connor Stephen Betts. It happened in the middle of the night. It was over within 30 seconds thanks to the quick work of Dayton cops. But unfortunately 9 people lost their lives. Authorities scrambled for answers. “We have found very specific violent ideologies that the shooter we know followed and was interested in,” FBI officials announced. We know this to be the case thanks to Connor’s prolific “@iamthespookster” Twitter account. Here’s snapshots from the Twitter account that clearly prove it belonged to Betts. It revealed he followed the likes of Right Wing Watch’s Jared Holt. Like any Antifa, “Spookster” was happy to call people Nazis as if he was in Germany during WWII. The clearest evidence that Connor Betts was radicalized a la Far Left style is the Willem van Spronsen attack on an ICE facility that took place a few weeks prior. “martyr or villain?” Mike Bivins asked Twitter. “Martyr” replied Betts. On top of that, Betts was in a “Pornogrind” metal band. A fellow group in that scene said “I DON’T KNOW IF I WOULD USE THE TERM LEFTIST TO DESIGNATE ONE OF THE DUDES IN MENSTRUAL MUNCHIES. ANTIFASCIST SURE. BUT NOT GREAT WITH WOMEN.”

“ANTIFASCIST” aka Antifa. Someone who votes blueDSA. Someone who is anticopHates the richPro unionBuys into the debunked YouTube radicalization theoryHates Trump. Lurking in an internet echo chamber. Swept by a news cycle pushing fearCan’t stop thinking about the Proud Boys. Someone who counter-protests rallies. Connor Betts showed up armed to a KKK rally. Like most Antifa he scoped out his target beforehand.

— (11:59 AM – 31 Dec 2017) “Remember: always machine-gun fash”

— (8:32 PM – 8 Aug 2018) “Kill every fascist” Betts told BuzzFeed about the August 2018 “Unite the Right” rally anniversary.

— (11:18 PM – 27 Oct 2018) “Hey, if you’re nazi-friendly or adjacent, fucking unfollow me cuz nazis deserve death and nothing else”

— (2:35 PM – 17 Dec 2018) “This is America: Guns on every corner, guns in every house, no freedom but that to kill”

— (11:18 PM – 17 Feb 2019) “Stock up, train, prepare, and practice.”

— (10:30 PM – 10 Mar 2019) “They’re out for blood – our blood. We must prepare ourselves!”

— (10:02 PM – 26 Mar 2019) “Hammer, brick, gun” he said in response to “3 Guilt Free Ways to Kill Fascists.”

— (6:56 PM – 16 Jun 2019) “I want socialism, and i’ll not wait for the idiots to finally come round to understanding”

— (2:55 PM – 4 Jul 2019) “Cut the fences down. Slice ICE tires. Throw bolt cutters over the fences.”

— (9:40 PM – 13 Jul 2019) “Hell fuckin yeah” he said in response to “so this isn’t getting coverage, but there are reports from Tacoma that Willem successfully destroyed several large GEO group transport vehicles.”

I’ll stop short of saying Jared Holt inspired a killing spree. It’s ironic though given that’s his usual shtick when the shoe is on the other foot. No doubt several hours earlier, Holt was grasping at straws to pin blame for the El Paso shooting. Instead I think it’s important to reflect on the dangerous “accelerationist” mindset in common between the two, and the New Zealand shooting earlier in the year. Blaming the shooting on mental illness is often denounced as a “cop out,” yet in Connor’s case there’s enough indication to make that a probable cause. His former girlfriend Lyndsi Doll said Betts talked about hearing voices in his head. Then there’s the fact the bastard actually killed his own sister. (Associated Press) (BuzzFeed) (CNN) (Newsweek) (NY Post) (The Post Millennial) (Washington Post)

With a trio of mass shootings unfolding in the United States within such a short time frame, one can sympathize with Portland. “Don’t come. We don’t want you here,” urged their police chief. I don’t care what side you’re on.”

August 14th 2019: Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler was trying to compensate for Ted Cruz calling him out in his public letter to the Department of Justice and the FBI. The one where he said Wheeler was incompetent in dealing with the Andy Ngo attack. In response, the Portland Mayor did a Fox News interview to let everyone know how super serious he was. That same day, Ted Wheeler held a big public conference ahead of an upcoming rally on the 17th. Problem with it was that it wasn’t just the Portland Mayor speaking. He let a bunch of political ideologues come up to espouse rhetoric.  Not one of them condemned Antifa by name. They all condemned the Far Right, of course. But they were afraid of mentioning Far Left. They only alluded to it. But in some cases, like Eric Ward of the Western States Center, he said “we won’t keep Portland safe with false equivalencies” between the Far Right and Far Left. He was happy to mention: Portland Metro, Poway, New Zealand, and El Paso. Not a peep about Dayton, Ohio though. It went against his narrative. Andy Ngo and Willem Van Spronsen slipped his mind too.  Kayse Jama, the Executive Director of Unite Oregon, did the same thing. He said “moral clarity” was the solution to society’s problems. Rabbi Debra Kolodny spoke on half of Portland United Against Hate. But then she preached hate. Debra stated that rallies like the one happening on the 17th were interconnected with domestic terrorist attacks “committed by white men on communities of color.” She blatantly defended Far Left extremism.  “Antifa must not be scapegoated. We are in truth a city that’s anti-fascist.” She said the police needed to be less “oppressive” against Antifa.

To counter that, I present to you an Antifa chasing someone down the street with a knife. It happened at an Antifa “border resistance” training session.


August 17th 2019: Antifa (“Pop Mob, Rose City Antifa, and the NAACP”) and Proud Boys clash in Portland again. The latter had set up an “End Domestic Terrorism” rally. But at this point does it even matter why? Sure. Proud Boys pulled off having a march. Both sides have done this for so long at this point it becomes routine. “Like a Horror Version of Groundhog Day” is an apt description. Portland Police were so accustomed to it by now they made flyers suggesting other places to go that day. But they were still worried about things getting worse, of course. The cops planned extensively in advance. Joe Biggs organized a demonstration of Proud Boys and right-wingers. Joey Gibson was there too. “We will not allow Portland to be a playground for far-right violence,” a Rose City Antifa spokesman told OregonLive. “We will not shy away from defending the city or ourselves.”

At least President Trump took notice by now“Major consideration is being given to naming ANTIFA an “ORGANIZATION OF TERROR.” Portland is being watched very closely. Hopefully the Mayor will be able to properly do his job!”

The “designate Antifa as domestic terrorists” bill from Senators Bill Cassidy and Ted Cruz loomed on people’s minds. But alongside that, everyone was on edge after a series of shootings by extreme right AND left.  Democratic Rep. for New Mexico Deb Haaland called Antifa “peaceful protesters.” Let’s explore why this ain’t true.

Antifa confronted independent journalists, again. They ousted people from the park they believed to be Nazis. “No Trump! No KKK!” shouts happen when the Far Left sees an American flag. They hate seeing patriotism. Here’s an Antifa ripping a flag out of some old guy’s hand.  Pepper bullets hit protesters. Antifa had a unicorn dance in front of the cops. That’s nice. But remember the Far Left thinks “ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS.” Looks can be deceiving and that includes banana costumes. Antifa hate cops and they tend to be the only ones constantly at odds with them. “Shoot yourselves. Suicide is the only way out!” Antifa told the police. One of the most striking moments had to be when an Antifa mob targeted a young girl. She looks to be 12-years-old, at most. Remember that Antifa mobs like to follow their prey for great distances.

“Meanwhile several hundred black bloc are attempting to cross the bridge to confront the Proud boys who may or may not be there,” tweeted Robert Evans. Yet another example of the Far Left seeking out a fight. When the police weren’t anywhere in sight (they visibly left high-intensity areas) that’s when Antifa got physical on their targets.


At one point the Antifa mob surrounded a random unconscious old man, his lady partner huddled over him for protection. The end of this clip shows what happened: 1.) an Antifa tried egging the lady 2.) the man sees this and goes to confront that particular Antifa person 3.) the mob swoops in. knocking the guy onto the ground a curb stomping him. A follow-up clip showing the aftermath shows blood dripping from the side of the old man’s head.”What’s the other side to this story?” Thanks to Donovan Farley we have one. He says the old man and his lady were calling people “f**gots,” had tape on his wrists, and clearly looking for a fight. Farley alluded to them being a couple of meth addicts.

So the narrative is “Antifa mob beats up some innocent bystanders” vs “Antifa mob beats up a couple of meth junkies.” Either one doesn’t look too good for the Far Left. It’s funny that HuffPost’s Andy Campbell propped up “leaked chat logs” to frame the Proud Boys as violent. But they didn’t go around curb stomping junkies, did they?

“I’m grateful that this was largely a peaceful event,” Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler later said at a news conference. Thankfully at least one photojournalist called this out as a lie. We’re talking about something the police declared a civil disturbance. Here’s an Antifa clearly saying the Far Left “isn’t there to talk” but to fight. How’s that for peaceful? “Ain’t no f—ing white Jesus going to save the black man from the white man’s oppression, uncle Tom,” the shirtless black man shouted. He ended up being arrested. That guy wasn’t the only one taken down by the police.

Then came the Proud Boys bus ambush by Antifa. The Far Left clings to a potentially misspoken aspect of this, where some claimed Antifa used a hammer. “BUT DUH HAMMER CAME FROM DUH BUS,” Far Lefties bark.  Whether or not that’s true, what was this Antifa crowd doing anywhere near this bus, whatsoever? Oh yeah. To throw rocks at it. One clumsy Antifa took a tumble while attacking a departing bus.

13 were arrested. Police estimated a crowd of 1200 people at the height of the day. Six were injured. Portland cops seized the usual assortment of weapons. Proud Boys called it a win since Trump noticed Portland in the first place that day. But Eric Ward and the Far Left Western States Center said the far-right lost, since they had to cut their rally short. It was indeed an optics game. Proud Boys finished up in roughly one hour. It was Antifa that stayed behind to cause a mess and attack folks. Antifa nearly went after some random bystander, a construction worker. Proud Boys on the other hand kept better control of things. Their new President Enrique Tarrio knew what he was doing. Police even cooperated to make sure the PB had a peaceful exit at one point. Whereas Antifa were still at odds against the cops, calling at least one black officer “Uncle Tom” and “race traitor.” There’s another clip where Antifa calls them a “c**n” but I’m not sure if that’s the same black officer or a different one.

But one chick pulls out a QAnon flag and reporters go WILD. Someone spent a day going undercover and writing about it for The Post Millennial. One thing it establishes clearly is that this “Black Bloc” section of Antifa is what disrupts the peace. Regardless, the piece is miles better than the usual piles of polarized media coverage. (Associated Press) (BBC) (BPR) (Breitbart) (CNN) (Daily Caller) (Fox News) (Gateway Pundit) (HuffPost) (KGW) (KOIN) (New York Times) (NY Post) (OregonLive)(Reuters) (RT) (The Epoch Times) (The Guardian) (The Hill) (The Post Millennial) (Town Hall) (USA Today) (VICE) (VOX) (Washington Examiner) (Washington Times)

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September 20th 2019There was a climate strike in Portland. Most of the event was filled with students and the like. But elsewhere there was the DSA and Antifa groups using it as cover. “this man was right next to me and was pepper sprayed for no reason,” said one person. Sure, you can chalk something like that up as the cost of general crowd control. Especially for an event like this. Police tried to explain that today’s Climate Change march wasn’t compatible to something like the August 17th Patriot Prayer/Proud Boys event. People brought brass knuckles to this thing anyway. That’s because a group of 50 to 60 Antifa threw rocks at the Portland ICE facility. At DHS agents. Arrests were made. One video captures a pack of Antifa running away from authorities. (Newsweek)

Videos (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11)

Photos (OregonLive) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) (22) (23) (24) (25) (26) (27) (28) (29) (30) (31) (32) (33) (34) (35)

The harassment of ICE wasn’t just happening Portland. Agents in Seattle openly felt the pressure from Far Left extremist groups. ICE regional director Nathalie Asher expressed concerns about protesters being in “this type of tempo in encouraging violence, resistance while our officers are conducting their enforcement operations.” There were a few recent prominent examples proving Asher’s point. The month before, San Antonio’s ICE buildings had shots fired at them. Investigators said the attackers knew what they were doing and it was deliberate. But there were more direct attacks as well. The DSA, Communists, Students for a Democratic Society, and other various Antifa groups went after Colorado ICE Warden Johnny Choate. At his house. Where his family lived.

September 29th 2019: Dave Rubin tried putting on a event at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario. It was with MP Maxime Bernier, the founder of the right-wing People’s Party of Canada. Evan Balgord of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network wrote an inflammatory op-ed arguing against Mohawk College for renting space to Rubin/Bernier. His thesis being that the mere presence of these two being there would create havoc. But it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Especially when Balgord writes things like this:

Dave Rubin is a far-right YouTube personality and a significant part of a radicalization process ushering people into the neo-Nazi movement, according to a recently published study out of Cornell University which analyzed 79 million comments and over 330,000 videos to track the effect.

It puts a target on people’s backs.

Evan Balgord’s hit-piece sent a Left Wing mob Dave Rubin’s way. One half went after Rubin personally, whereas the other half dogpiled Mohawk College for hosting. There were plans for actual physical Antifa protests too. So, Rubin had to cover security costs that were jacked up ten times their original rate. “I don’t know where these threats came from, nor who the ‘journalist’ who wrote this ridiculous piece of fiction is. I was looking forward to talking to Maxime about freedom and liberty in front of hundreds of good people. I intend to be at the event as expected.” Rubin told The Post Millennial.

Mohawk made it clear that renting space does not equal an endorsement.

Antifa simplified.

Rubin’s show with Max went great. Packed house. Available to watch online in full, thanks to The Blaze. Lauren Chen even got 15 minutes of protest footage capturing the mood from outside the college building. Antifa were the same angry mob they always are. The chanting of “NAZI SCUM OFF OUR STREETS” playing on repeat like a broken record. “CANADIAN VALUES = WHITE SUPREMACY, PATRIACHY, GENOCIDE” read one of their signs. A loudmouth girl shouted at someone, accusing them of being a “fuckin’ Nazi piece o’ shit.” She got tired easily. But they were one of many in a sea of red and black with middle fingers in people’s faces.

“LET HIM GO” comrades shouted as one of their own was arrested. Then another. Then a third. Part of a grand total of four arrests. The Far Left’s mission here was to block people from getting in to the event. Watch. I mean that literally. They ran at Maxime Bernier like a pack of rabid dogs when he first arrived. It doesn’t get any clearer than this. In this clip we have a news station capturing Far Left Antifa violence *mid-interview.” The camera pans away from some guy and towards a shot of the mob pushing someone to the ground and fighting cops. At this event Antifa were confrontational against not just their opposition, but also innocent bystanders.

“Free speech is a cornerstone of our democracy, and can NEVER, and WILL never be denied”

Even the elderly weren’t off limits. “NAZI SCUM OFF OUR STREETS NAZI SCUM OFF OUR STREETS,” a hyperventilating Antifa girl screeched. At a very old lady and her husband. Thankfully the elder had some fire left in her heart. “Free speech is a cornerstone of our democracy, and can NEVER, and WILL never be denied,” she responded. One conspiracy-minded leftist insinuated that the old lady was planted there to provoke Antifa. That somehow it was the old lady’s intentional FAULT that this happened.

Andy Ngo unmasked one of the Antifa who badgered the old lady. A Syrian man named Alaa al-Soufi. In the timeframe after September 29th up until October 23rd, there was a lot of hostility on social media towards the family of Alaa Al Soufi. They briefly closed their restaurant over it. In an interview with The Post Millennial, Soufi’s father says he had no clue his son was caught up in all this Antifa business. It was all around confusing since the four people were arrested on September 29th were free to go afterwards. Alaa Al Souf was NOT one of those four, but they arrested him on October 23rd. Two other guys who had been arrested on the 29th turned themselves in again. This all happened after police reviewed evidence. Alaa Al Soufi was charged with two counts of intimidation, two counts of “disguise with intent,” and one count of causing a disturbance. A little over a month later, a fourth person was arrested over the September 29th incident, meaning the original “four arrests” statement still stands. It was around this time that assault charges were added to Alaa Al Soufi’s list of offenses, as well.

End Sentence. (Breitbart) (CBC) (II) (III) (IV) (City News) (CTV) (Daily Wire) (II) (III) (Global News) (II) (National Post) (II) (Red State) (The Blaze) (The Hamilton Spectator) (II) (III) (IV) (V) (The Post Millennial) (II) (III) (IV) (V) (The Star) (II)

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October 10th 2019: President Trump held a rally in Minneapolis. Specifically, Ilhan Omar’s Minneapolis district. A place with a high Somali population. Depending on which media outlet you look at, there might’ve not been any violence at all. In their eyes. Most of the press skipped over moments like the President inviting members of law enforcement up on stage. In contrast, the leftist protesters outside held up “BLUE LIVES DON’T FUCKING MATTER” signs. Instead, a few outlets reported on how Prince’s Estate did not approve Trump’s usage of Purple Rain. Distractions.

Although, Trump did say things like Joe Biden “was only a good vice president because he understood how to kiss Barack Obama’s ass.” A 102 minute-long speech means tons of material for the press to get outraged at. President Trump criticized Minnesota for dumping Somali refugees into the city with zero consideration towards economic or local social impact. The Mayor responded with a virtue signal reassuring everyone Minneapolis is a beacon of tolerance. This would be the same fella who milked money out of Trump for hosting the rally on his turf. “As mayor, I have a responsibility to protect free speech, even from a president whose rhetoric and policies I find reprehensible. However, it is not my responsibility to subsidize it,” he wrote in a Washington Post piece.

Sure. Trump threw a few people out of his rally. But in contrast the anti-Trump people on the outside were vicious. What better example than the doofus who spit in the face of a Trump supporter, mid-interview with VICE? That poor old man remained calm in the face of that adversity.

The police presence was the heaviest it possibly could be. This happens when the President comes to any town. That night the cops had their hands full. Donald Trump drew a massive crowd of both fans and enemies. 20,000 inside the rally. 25,000 on the outside. “HEY HEY HO HO DONALD TRUMP HAS GOT TO GO” chants, adding to an avalanche of noises and chaos. “NAZI SCUM OFF OUR STREETS!!” Early on outside, there was enough left-wing protesters to stop traffic. The weirdest thing you’d see is cringeworthy interpretive dance. If you were a cop working that night you’d find yourself spraying anti-Trump protesters with chemicals to stop them from ripping down trees. One guy is pictured covering his face in milk to combat being pepper sprayed. What went wrong? When it got dark outside the mob went nuts. Trump finished talking at 9:30 PM but the people outside didn’t really leave until by 11 PM. Elijah Schaffer and his producer were bear maced in the face. “WHOSE STREETS? OUR STREETS. WHOSE STREETS? OUR STREETS.”

What were the protesters protesting outside the Target Center? Everything you can imagine. They see Trump as anti-woman, anti-immigrant, and think he’s the Supreme Nazi Devil ruling the whole world. This was when impeachment over Ukraine was first heating up. It was a night of people feeding into their delusions. The supposedly “tolerant” crowd hurled insults at Trump supporters. Fights broke out and not even the journalists filming were safe from being attacked.

Jeff Wheeler for Star Tribune

Police saddled up on horses to fight the mob back. “Trump is coming to Minnesota today to stoke the flames of hatred and division. That’s not who we are or what we stand for,” tweeted Ilhan Omar. Ironic. Her “side” of anti-Trumpers went after the police that night, throwing insults and items at them.

“There’s a Nazi over here!” a protester yelled, pointing at someone leaving the Trump rally. A tidal wave of protesters chased after him.  People who attended the rally had to physically flee for their lives upon leaving. “Welcome to anarchy!” Wore a Trump hat? Enjoy your beating. “In this riot of anti-trump. I was just trying to get through with my brother, and I’ve never been called a racist so many times let alone ever. I’ve never been shoved for just walking through for thinking I was a trump supporter. I don’t have opinions on trump but this was wack,” tweeted Kali Finch. Many protesters burned the MAGA hats they stole (yes. STOLE.). Others threw piss into the streets. But they really liked burning, since they did that to a Trump flag too. One video shows a radical waving a Chinese flag as far left protesters broke barricades. Signs that read “EAT THE RICH” and “MARX WAS RIGHT” are pretty straightforward. Antifa was there. Waving their flag. Going after people. “Save a life, kill a cop” they told officers who were walking by. One Far Leftie choked a Trump supporter. Another slapped a chick in the face.

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People accused Ilhan Omar of being at the Trump rally. But she easily debunked it with a Morocco alibi. Democrat Minnesota House Rep. Aisha Gomez was there thoughThis speaks for itself.


October 12th 2019:  It all went down near Cedar Riot. 23-year-old Antifa activist Sean Kealiher (alias Armeanio Lewis) dies in Portland after being hit by a car. That vehicle goes on to crash outside the Democratic Party of Oregon headquarters. The car was hit by gunfire of some kind, so it likely fled. Sean’s comrades dragged his body into a car and took him to the hospital. But he was dead. OregonLive interviewed a homeless man who witnessed the chaos. It turned out to be some kind of road rage incident gone bad to worse.

His comrades had fond memories of him. Rose City Antifa said “fascist activity” wasn’t the cause. Yet still there was no talking to the media or cops. Eager to vandalize something, Antifa turned the Democratic Party of Oregon building into a memorial site. With anti-cop rhetoric and the like. The Executive Director for Oregon Dems didn’t want any trouble so he just let all this happen. The Far Left turned Sean’s death into rallying propaganda. “MOURN THE DEAD FIGHT LIKE HELL FOR THE LIVING.” Even though the incident was later confirmed to be caused by a random act of road rage.

The Far Left remembered Sean Kealiher on a softer note. But that doesn’t excuse a history of extremist writing and radical behavior. Something uncovered recently by The Post Millennial“You can craft your own destruction. Be it burning down a school, smashing a banks window … There is so much to destroy, and so much for you to choose” — Sean Kealiher.

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