Left-Wing Mobs: An Explainer

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Hi. All I wanted to do was transfer a Twitter thread I made over on to MINDS. Since I was deplatformed from Twitter, I wanted to make sure my work didn’t go to waste. So I did that. Yet, I knew I could flesh things out a bit more. That’s how we got here.





You probably want to know “WHY” though. This is why.


There’s a proven imbalance in reporting left-wing extremism. Christopher Mathias of HuffPost is an openly biased cheerleader for Antifa. He will never cover the Far Left in a negative light. This is my attempt to fix that. I collected as many instances of Antifa attacks and protests throughout the past three years. NOTE: I have SOME international cases added, just enough to establish that the Far Left is an international issue. I’ll be adding more later.

It’s worth noting that modern Antifa groups have their roots in Black Lives Matter protests and the Occupy movement. My point of focus is mostly the reaction from Donald Trump winning the 2016 election, as that’s when everything intensified.

I also want to note if it was up to me, Richard Spencer would get the electric chair. I fully understand the threat of right-wing extremism. I simply take the opinion that we all don’t have a proper understanding of what’s going on without considering Antifa violence.

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