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Alex Soros

Even to the untrained eye, there’s a good chance you’ll spot something interesting over on the Alex Soros Instagram page. He knows Bono from U2. Which is inevitable based on their shared interests in philanthropic endeavors. George Clooney and his wife Amal are chums of Alex’s, as their foundation focuses on refugee-related issues. Even that bit about Nelson Mandela calling up Soros and asking for advice on how to protect his country from people like Soros? Probably true, based on the fact that as a child Alex met Mr. Mandela according to an old photograph. Elsewhere you’ll find a smug Richard Branson and a grinning Alex sitting side-by-side at some sort of human rights activist group dinner. With this sort of mixed variety crowd of high-profile figures, by the time you see snapshots of Alex and Alec Baldwin talking climate change at the Ford Foundation or elsewhere, it seems par for the course.

Let’s go deeper. Start asking yourself: “how in the world does Alex Soros have seemingly easy access to people like Edward Snowden on demand?”

(Apparently, Alex likes the guy’s “chutzpah.”)


And the answer to that sort of question is entangled within the web that is the Open Society and George Soros. Thankfully we already went over all that. And luckily for us, Alex is open to sharing things. Stuff that he assumed the public would never be able to make heads or tails of, probably. He likely just thought posting it made him look cool and important.

As explained earlier on here, the Open Society Foundation is the key central network hub that allows George Soros to shape global politics as he desires. In Europe’s case, the European Union is his best hope at getting the open society and borderless countries future he dreams of. In Alex’s own words, the Open Society European Policy Institute works “tirelessly to help hold the European Union together at this critical juncture in its history, where it is at threat of becoming history!” He boasts that the OSF has hundreds of members worldwide. The diversity of which is so vast, the orientation for new members has four separate language options (English/Spanish/Russian/Turkish). The whole diversity shtick for Europe comes into play as well, as we see when Alex talks about things like the Council of Europe establishing a “Roma Institute for Arts and Cultures” to combat negative prejudices. Alex has one eye on keeping these diversity projects straight, and another eye on the “streets” of European nationalism. I’m not kidding. Every so often, Alex shares maps and stuff like that.

Basically, Alex runs around to the different Open Society Foundations offices in places like London and DC and oversees operations. Unlike George, Alex has still got some youth left in him to be up to the task. Whereas George himself is mostly confined to making speeches about how his organizations will live on, even after he finally keels over. The Open Society Foundation is the type of place that has their board meeting dinners right by where the Berlin Wall was, in an effort of symbolism.

We get a peek at some inside stuff like OSF’s state propaganda seminar, including guest speakers like David Brock from Media Matters and a spin doctor that worked for Vladimir Putin. Alex is pretty hands-on in the day to day, including things like having breakfast with new OSF fellowship members. Recipients like Adam Foss work towards larger goals like prosecutor reform, aiming to change that role’s powers and responsibilities. In this case, it was geared ending mass incarceration.

Like an obedient son, Alex globetrots wherever he’s needed. One day he can pop on down over to Brazil, where Alex oversees OSF’s efforts to try and get housing/jobs for drug users that the government typically sees as criminals. He’s like a central link that coordinates the different branches. such as Kyrgystan’s Soros Foundation. While Kyrgyzstan may seem like an obscure small Asian country, it’s actually where George Soros and OSF have the American University of Central Asia set up. Which is basically a counterpart operating in a similar capacity to the Central European University in Hungary.

That’s the heart of what they do at the Open Society. Alex seriously flies out to South Africa so he can have discussions about LGBT rights and marginalized groups. And he manages to keep himself hyped up about it. All the time. If you think I was kidding about the whole symbolism thing, no he does it in South Africa too. Apparently, it’s more meaningful if the Open Society hangs out in an old prison where Nelson Mandela and Gandhi hung out at some point in history. But don’t let that fool you. These ventures give Alex the chance to get face to face with political leaders and have some hands-on time getting to know them. So the flipside is networking.

Alex makes special mention of the OSF’s support of Bryan Steveson’s Equal Justice Initiative. EJI is dedicated to, according to him, fighting “the legacy of slavery and racial injustice” that holds back America from its open society potential.

Let’s follow the yellow brick road and hop around a few Open Society connected groups gives for the Soros clan. Starting with the Gordan Parks Foundation. They support “artistic and educational activities that advance what Gordon described as ‘the common search for a better life and a better world.'” That support includes scholarships for “artistic” students and assistance to researchers. There’s a yearly dinner and auction put on by the important sounding Meserve-Kundhardt family, and Alex is a co-chair. That Bryan Stevenson guy (who is also apparently an Open Society Foundations board member) has a key role in this event. An event in which consists of giving Alex’s friends (like director Ed Zwick and Congressman John Lewis) awards. And ringing the NASDAQ, because why the hell not.

George’s heightened interests in education outreach certainly present itself with his son too.

Another one of the educational efforts put on by Alex is this Ideas Box gimmick. In April 2015 one of the first of these pops up in Jordan. Today they’re dotted throughout the world in economic and politically disadvantaged locations. Anywhere from the Middle East to Detroit is fair game. Officially set up by Libraries Without Borders, it’s in practice very much an Alex Soros backed effort. “This is an important effort to provide hope and access to knowledge in the developing world,” he writes. Working with the United Nations on the ground in places like Jordan to implement his IdeasBox strategy, the project helps the kiddos in refugee camps hear (Soros approved) stories and learn new (SOROS APPROVED) things. Both in electronic format, and hardcover physical books.

As a side note, #LibrariesWithoutBorders founder Patrick Weil is a buddy of Alex’s that can block French legislation he doesn’t like. It’s also through #LibrariesWithoutBorders we discover Alex’s work took him to the Greek islands around the same time the Merkel deal was going to shit.

At the end of the day, Alex managed to capture people’s attention with this IdeasBox concept. With the one, he set up in Doha, Qatar? Michelle Obama showed up to check it out. Did I mention Alex and Barack Obama are pals? They’re pals. Maybe not as close as Alex and Chuck Schumer are (I found the description in this pic just adorable), or Alex and Bill de Blasio, but *almost*.

Almost Joe-Biden-Friendship-Bracelet tier.

The philanthropy comes spiraling back and colliding with cold-hard politics. As I highlighted in the United States section, George Soros dumped a lot of dough into political action committees. His son Alex is one of the leading forces behind a PAC called Bend the Arc.

Here’s an April 2015 Politico blurb from when they started up:

“Bend the Arc PAC will back progressive candidates by making direct contributions to their campaign committees. It will focus on issues such as income inequality, marriage equality, social justice and immigration reform.”

“There’s an opportunity to launch something that actually speaks to what the American Jewish community cares the most about and to show the narrative of what the real American Jewish experience is,” Alex Soros said in an interview.

Alex Soros is enough of an open book about Bend the Arc that we learn he’s a founding chair, and that: Representative Keith Ellison of Minnesota, Al Franken, and Elizabeth Warren are involved with it. People like Bryan Stevenson (Open Society, Gordon Parks Foundation) from earlier pop up again in related festivities.

What I can say for sure is Bend the Arc got super mad at Trump that one time a picture he tweeted included something in a similar shape to the Star of David.

Alex Soros wanted Hillary to win. Really badly. Within weeks after being announced at the DNC, he had breakfast with Tim Kaine and one of his mates set up a Clinton fundraiser event. Clearly-oh-clearly that should have worked!

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  1. Mr Soros is active all over the world. All the pro-immigration organisations seem to have his funding. There is a famous group called GetUp in Australia that is always calling to take more “refugees” that we now know is funded by him.

    Made a lot of money from “Black Wednesday” which suggests the whole thing may have been insider trading from the start.

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