The Sexodus

My name is Nick Monroe. I’m a freelance journalist who started up their own blog here instead of returning to the chains of management that come with working at a media outlet. This article that turned into a book is dedicated to the topic of Harvey Weinstein and the cases that came to light in the weeks since that news first broke. We as a society have seen a widespread reaction to the horrifying story of Harvey. That reaction is essentially a purge of individuals who engaged in bad behavior and sexual harassment/assault. They’ve been dragged out into the public light and had their sins laid bare for all to see. Given the professions and occupations of these people, more often than not they lose their jobs afterward. Some disappear from the public eye altogether.

I call this phenomenon the Sexodus for that reason. There’s never been anything quite like it before. Given the nature of the internet, this is the first time in our history that we’re able to witness something of such caliber in our society. The point of this book is to make sure we’ve got things in order and recorded, to some degree. I’m not as handsome as Ronan Farrow, or as charming as the ladies over at New York Times. They started the heavy lifting for the media. It spurred me on to want to do my part and help.

Since this is a book, I suppose I should take the time to write a dedication portion of some kind.

  • My patrons on Patreon, of course. Thank you @thenerdcity, John, and an Anonymous Cat for supporting my work.
  • Brittany Pettibone. My best friend and one of the smartest ladies I know. If you wanted to know why I was able to give 120% to my work and go through with this book? It’s her. I consider myself one hell of a lucky person to have them around in my life.
  • The people who cheer me on from Twitter. You guys are the best followers in the world and I couldn’t ask for a better fan club of support for morale.
  • I was a part of a Twitter DM group with some women who work in media, a few months back. During my time talking to them I got a better understanding of where the ladies in the industry are coming from with this issue. I appreciate and thank them for their insights and putting up with little ol’ me.

Here’s a table of contents so you can skip ahead to whatever part you want.

Part I: Pre-Sexodus. Devin Faraci and Harry Knowles.
Part II: Dawn of the Sexodus. Harvey Weinstein’s story and the initial backlash.
Part III: Kevin Spacey.
Part IV: Inside Hollywood.
Part V: Andy Signore.
Part VI: Outside Hollywood.
Part VII: Conclusion/The End

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