On Ethan Van Sciver and #ComicsGate

The two most notorious incidents that surfaced as a result of this mob going after Ethan Van Sciver happened in 2012 and 2015. It’s two opposites in the way they’re structured. One details a disgruntled fan who moved into stalker territory to the point where Ethan had to step in and intervene directly. The other story is of someone Ethan considered to be a friend until a podcast that went wrong turned things sour.

A key fact of either situation worth pointing out is that Ethan maintains two separate Facebook profiles. One of these is his personal one, whereas there’s a separate one for his professional self. Such distinctions matter when it comes to the instances of drama behavior at the center of this mess. If Ethan Van Sciver made a controversial comment or reply of any kind on his professional Facebook, it would, of course, reflect worse as he’s acting as a public figure. But if an incident occurred over on his personal page it changes the context.


On May 29th, 2012, someone by the name of Jeff Hartz made a forum post on IGN detailing a story involving himself and Ethan Van Sciver. The main point Jeff alleges is there was a terrible falling out between the both of them as a result of miscommunication involving a charity project he wanted to do.

In light of recent events causing this part of the past to resurface, Ethan Van Sciver responded to this himself in a video at the end of January. But it’s also important to note that Van Sciver acknowledges his “megaphone status” is a responsibility. He tells the viewer he’s not the type of person to address these sorts of drama rumors head on like this.

The difference between Ethan’s and Jeff’s retelling is striking. Jeff Hartz’s main point was Ethan Van Sciver is an “internet bully” for complaining about Jeff’s actions on his personal Facebook. Whereas Ethan himself tells us that Jeff manipulated his ex-wife into handing over personal information about their family. That Jeff Hartz was nothing more than an obsessive fan overstepping boundaries and harassing both Ethan and his family.


Early on in the video, Ethan explains that this IGN forum post is a copy and paste from another website. Somewhere where the story was originally shared, but Ethan/Gail Simone/DC Comics got in touch with the website hosts and had it taken down. One of the indicators of that (as shown in the picture above) is places of text where pictures appeared to have been.


Ethan’s perspective makes it clear that he was kind and personable to everyone. Jeff invited Ethan to come on and they exchanged email addresses thereafter to set that up. He says the “30 or 45 minutes talking comics” bit was more like Jeff stood around while other people were trying to get their books signed. If anything, the guy might’ve talked to his wife Sharis. Her motivations for being decent in interaction were because she wanted to help drive business to this fledgling firearms range that was starting up in Charlotte.


Ethan never responded to the guy’s emails.  He then says Sharis wasn’t as excited about Jeff ‘s common interests as he’s implying. Sharis “heard” Jeff was going to visit his friends from Jeff himself. He told her. Ethan points out the wording comes off as very buddy-buddy in this guy’s post. What was actually going on according to Ethan was Jeff used the comic book signing as a springboard to try and get close to him. In this case, Van Sciver had like 5000 Facebook friends so the direct approach didn’t work. Sharis was the backup option for this guy. Ethan says the more realistic situation going on was Jeff told Sharis “I’m going to be in North Carolina I wish I could go shooting.” With Sharis saying “yeah alright” in response. Ethan says Sharis giving Jeff her cell phone number was a mistake. He says her intent of inviting Jeff was to promote her job.


Ethan points out the fact that Jeff actually shared that his son was punished and how bizarre that is. Van Sciver says Sharis held a position where she was open to answering questions in a straightforward way. Naively giving a default human level of trust when replying to Jeff’s inquiries. Ethan says Jeff was being nosy and invasive, and Sharis had no understanding of how to set up a personal barrier on how much to share with Jeff.


Same dynamic as the earlier questions applied to the paragraph talking about Ethan’s autograph hobby. Van Sciver points out that Jeff was using this opportunity with Sharis to ask personal questions about Ethan. Later on in the video, Ethan addresses the differences between his hobby compared to what Jeff was trying to do.


Ethan explains that wasn’t what his ex-wife was experiencing. Sharis was experiencing continued contact after she took someone out for what she presumed was a business related trip to her shooting range. It was from that mistake on her part that Jeff led himself to believe Sharis wanted to be friends with him. Instead of “like you would from a friend” it was more of “oh god it’s that guy again maybe if I’m nice he’ll go away.”


Ethan says this is where it began to be clearer that Jeff was interested in getting information on him. “I remember Sharis coming into my office and saying ‘um okay so this guy like wants to know if um he can send over some books because um there’s a ten-year-old boy who’s sick and uh would you sign some comics?’ And I said ‘Yeah where are they?’ And she was like ‘he was gonna send them.’ And I was like ‘ahh we shouldn’t – we don’t do that. We don’t give our mailing address out to fans. We don’t want to start receiving things in the mail. It’s just not what we wanna do.’ And she said ‘yeah but just this once?’ And I said ‘if it’s for you, sure.'”


Ethan states flat-out that Jeff was not business correspondence. He highlights, in particular, the part where Jeff admits he and Sharis were more friends than they were. It raises the question as to why Jeff was so keen on Ethan then. Ethan says Jeff was sending Sharis text messages for years, and that the couple at the time pointed out how odd it was. Ethan says they were being polite to Jeff. The two discussed at length about giving Jeff that information and said: “this isn’t a good idea” at the time.


Ethan points out that the extent of “what [Jeff] could do for this industry” was impose on Van Sciver (using the address obtained by manipulating Ethan’s ex-wife) to send him things to sign. He says he’d have to repack them, go to the post office, and go through the process of sending it all back. On the point of Moose Baumann, Ethan explains that Moose is his personal friend for many years, working as Ethan’s colorist. When Moose and his wife fell on hard times, Ethan went on tour doing a lot of conventions. Part of the cost of getting Van Sciver to come was two plane tickets. One for him, and one for Moose. He came along, staying in Ethan’s hotel room for free, chipping in for Baumann’s meals too. On these outings, Moose was able to sit next to Ethan in artist alley and sell his prints. Further, Ethan sent Moose commissions, paying him out of pocket to color them because Van Sciver preferred Baumann’s talent over his in that regard.


Ethan points out he gets requests all the time and that his general tendency in dealing with that was avoiding being rude (ignoring them over declining). Van Sciver states that Jeff was in no way owed an answer to someone who was habitually texting his ex-wife unwanted. Which in itself went on for as long as it did because Sharis did her best to be polite, despite wondering why Jeff was still contacting them all the time. “What you’re doing is harassing my wife with requests of her to make impositions on me,” Ethan says. He gets upset momentarily when Jeff drags Moose’s “conduct in the past” into this dramatic story.  According to him, if Jeff was really looking to just be a charitable person he could’ve just donated another $100 to Moose on his own. Without all this hassle.


Ethan says he didn’t even read Jeff ‘s post. They saw the guy’s name pop up, knew who they were, and elected to ignore them for it. Van Sciver points out the evidence of Jeff ‘s inflated sense of self-entitlement from that. Ethan did not owe Jeff a moment of his time. He says he gets at least one-hundred of these kinds of request per month. In response to that their blanket statement is he does not want unsolicited mail sent to his house.


Ethan reveals he threw them in the garage. As an unsolicited package, he didn’t appreciate it. He asked Sharis what it was, and she didn’t know either. He refrained from signing it because it would just encourage more, similar behavior like that in the future. Sharis agreed with Ethan’s choice.


Ethan says it was outrageous that Jeff approached them with this idea. The notion that a stranger finds out where he lives, for one. For two, the idea that Jeff was amenable to just giving that private information out to other people. Van Sciver says Jeff was texting all the time. Every time, Sharis would show Ethan their phone and say “your fan is bothering me again.” In reply, he’d tell her “you shouldn’t have given him your number. I don’t know why you did that.” Ethan says this fiasco was a blip on both his and his wife’s radar, as they had their own lives to attend to. Clearly, at this juncture, it was a boiling point.

They were just some random fan that became a customer of Ethan’s wife under what may have been false pretenses. Ethan didn’t know what Jeff looks like or knew who he was in particular, until this long forum post. Ethan points out that Jeff was continuing to text Sharis despite explicitly stating “I’m not happy you’re texting Sharis.”


Ethan says Sharis only gave Jeff their address because he manipulated her into worrying about a sick 10-year-old boy. There was a problem as it created a rift of awkwardness between Ethan and his wife. Van Sciver says Jeff didn’t need mutant powers to understand boundaries. He gives an example of if someone asked George Clooney if they could come over to their house, and Clooney didn’t respond, doesn’t mean anyone can waltz on in that case.


“Finally after over four years you overstepped with Sharis,” Ethan says. Van Sciver takes the time to explain the process of his autograph hobby. He mails them out to fan mail addresses that are publicly available on the internet. Ethan makes it clear that Jeff was not. When Ethan sends his DVD sleeves out to these fan mail addresses, he’s fully aware that they may never even be returned to him. Ethan says he doesn’t go on a tirade and call people hypocrites for not going along with what he desires.


Ethan Van Sciver made a post on his Facebook about the Jeff Hertz situation. In the original post, Jeff listed dozens of comments. Ethan and his wife made some too and they’re thrown into the mix. To make it easy to read, click here for a sorted version (plus a copy of the original chatlogs if you want context for particulars). Ethan says at this point was when he told people on Facebook about what transpired. Given the repeated, unwanted contact that Ethan and his ex-wife received, he’s confident in labeling Jeff a harasser. Specifically pointing out the private means of communication via cell phone being involved. Ethan said he made this call-out post because he feared this person was dangerous and wouldn’t go away. “It didn’t feel good to be on the end of four years from you,” Ethan says about Jeff. “Making personal demands.”


Ethan says he talked to fans and made the decision to make a little P.O. box. He notes that this box didn’t last very long.

“I don’t need to help you give something more. Give something more if that’s what you want.”


A few years go by since that IGN forum post. By mid-2015 Ethan Van Sciver would find himself on the receiving end of a second call-out post. Which piggybacked off the general message, tone, and formatting of its predecessor. What’s different about this case is that the author of it was an actual friend of Ethan Van Sciver’s, for a time. How their friendship came to an end is part of the blog’s story.

Ethan Van Sciver made a video response to this as well on their YouTube channel.

It’s told in four parts.

Part 1 is Alfie’s introduction portion of his situation. He tells us he needs help in what he calls a cyberstalking situation. He names Ethan as the cause of a group of online bullies harassing himself and his loved ones (“my girlfriend, her family, and other friends”). Norris says it started out as “tasteless jokes” that intensified to four men making multiple posts on Alfie’s online pages, daily. He says they set up six accounts impersonating him, posting messages both to Alfie himself and possibly others. The only evidence of past incidents that Alfie can point out in this section is the May 2012 IGN post discussed earlier.

Like the last video, Ethan explains his general attitude towards these things is not responding to them. He ignores them because he doesn’t want to look like he’s punching down. Ethan says he’s aware of this dynamic that whenever he responds to these sorts of things there’s the possibility of fans attacking the disgruntled person in question. He takes the time to remind the viewer to not go after these individuals in any capacity. This is the third time Ethan has had to say as such when it comes to Alfie.

Alfie used to be a high powered lawyer from Alabama, Ethan says. He doesn’t know if that’s current to this day. The skills from that trade allowed him to pull together a narrative from distant and far apart threads.

Ethan had a Facebook page from 2009 to the Trump presidency dedicated to political discussion. Ethan considered that to be limited to just family and friends. There were around 50 regulars that’d drop by daily. The routine was talking about the political articles of that day (going to places like drudge report) and posting a link to it and giving his two cents. The people in the comments would either agree with Ethan or disagree, thus sparking a debate. It was mostly just fun but sometimes it got heated, Ethan made sure to pull things back when that was the case.

“Alfie is no longer my friend,” Ethan says. The two had a falling out around the exact time Alfred’s personal life fell apart. Ethan used to feel pity, but then he learned “dark secrets” about Alfie’s past that made him change his perspective.

Ethan states that he didn’t have the routine of making “multiple posts on” Alfie’s personal and business pages. Ethan says he’s not aware of who the girlfriend and family or friends he was referring to.

Part 2 is where the story really begins.

Alfie tells us he met Van Sciver in 2009 when he liked his Facebook page. He ended up later meeting Ethan in person at an Atlanta convention in 2010. The two had some political back-and-forth banter online, but Alfie notes that all was harmless back then. They became friends. But Alfie notes that Van Sciver allegedly posted insulting messages to his Facebook page as a trolling technique. When Norris and others responded and debated, that’s when he says “his gang of friends would target individuals for harassment.” That meant taking the conversation beyond Ethan’s page and sending messages to people’s accounts, according to Alfie. Alfie names Kevin Oakley, Mikal CG, Kevin Nehring, and Christopher Hugh Varney as the members of this “gang.”

He writes: “They stalked me, as they have others, by searching my internet presence and finding personal and professional information that they used to embarrass and insult for no other reason than they disagreed with me politically.”

Alfie accuses them of targeting Ian Auld, Steven Seitz, and Randy Pare, for the reasoning of “not being conservative enough” as fans of Ethan Van Sciver. To that effect, Alfie posts a private message showing Ethan Van Sciver admitting to “trying to get Ian going” for fun. He then shares a forum post from someone else describing this dynamic going on online. Alfie shares the same IGN post again from earlier, but separately points out the two comments from others who had negative interactions with Ethan Van Sciver. After that, there’s a full paragraph alleging Ethan and his gang attacked women such as Alfie’s ex-wife and girlfriend. But amidst the slew of accusations about negative comments being left in various places, there are no links to proof nor specifics mentioned here. It’s after that Alfie Norris gets into Ethan’s role in particular. He paints Van Sciver as “playing the good guy” whose method was stringing folks along. In one breath, Alfie shows a screenshot of Ethan apologizing to Alfred. In the next, Alfie accuses Ethan of being the “ringleader” behind it all. But later on, Alfie shows a screenshot where Ethan admits that it was Michael Nehring behind things like fake profiles. Alfred assigned Ethan as the person in the role of having to babysit his friends. He says he tried to break things off and that led to Ethan and his group attacking him still (doesn’t provide links to anything to that effect). This back-and-forth climaxed when Nehring barraged Alfie with insults, leading him to demand Ethan to get him to take it down. When that was unsuccessful, Alfred took to his own Facebook page to announce that Ethan and his gang were attacking him. That appeared to have pissed Van Sciver off. “I’m SUPER PISSED. I feel like choking you,” he wrote in a DM to Norris. This leads to a falling out between the two. With Ethan not being sure whether Alfie was a friend or a fan. Alfie elects to just cut off contact with Ethan. A few weeks on, Ethan tried to make amends by refriending him. Alfred declined. Norris then shares a screenshot from November that shows Ethan asking Alfred to leave HIM alone and that Alfred was getting paranoid about Ethan’s involvement in his life. In April and May 2014, it looks like Van Sciver made an effort to work things out with him. Part 2 ends with Alfie circling back around to what looks like that November 2013 conversation a second time, for whatever reason. This time we see more of it. Ethan tells Alfred “nothing happens that I don’t know about” when it comes to his friends. What that amounts to here is Ethan telling Alfred “nothing happens that I don’t know about” when it comes to his friends. What that amounts to here is Ethan telling Alfred that Nehring has four fake accounts messing with Alfred.

That’s the long and short of Alfie’s side of it. He claimed to be a victim of a system of cruelty under Ethan Van Sciver’s leadership. But with that said, Ethan’s response video offers evidence to cast doubts on Alfred Norris and his narrative.

I’ll say this straight so you understand correctly. The same guy who claims Ethan Van Sciver sent a gang of Facebook goons to “harass” him, is someone who had a habit of saying things like they’d “jerk your mom’s prick and choke on the load.

So as you can imagine, Ethan refutes Alfie’s assessment. He says it was more like Ethan posted a mildly partisan political article where he would express his sincere opinion, admitting to over-enthusiasm at times in that respect. Ethan invited folks to come and debate it, maybe “roast” each other too. Alfie joined in on that. While Alfie didn’t provide proof for this, Ethan says he has some. He sets it up by explaining he’d have to step in sometimes if discussion got out of hand. Ethan shows us these comments from Facebook to demonstrate Alfie provoking people, in addition to showing the contrasting reality of how people actually responded to Alfred, rather than what Alfie alleges.

Ethan says Randy Pare was another person who showed up to the board saying provocative, over-the-top things in a similar fashion to Alfie. Steve Seitz was a liberal who posted crazy things. Ian Auld showed up and threatened to kill people. “That’s correct,” Ethan says in reply to the charge that he liked to mess with Ian Auld. Here it meant posting political articles to get Ian cursing Republicans. Ethan points out nobody had to come to his Facebook page. That choice was always left up to everyone else to decide.

Ethan says the four snapshots used to prop up the IGN forum post were from sock accounts used by Jeff to inflate the situation’s impact on the community-at-large. “I don’t know what this is. I don’t know what he’s talking about here,” Ethan answers in response to the section of the blog where Alfie says he attacked women.


Ethan says he never said any of that. That Alfie’s attackers were high-spirited guys. He never “strung” Alfie along. “I condemn your attackers. I acknowledge that you have been on the receiving end of a lot of harassment.” Ethan says the reason for that (in Van Sciver’s assessment of the situation) is when Alfie was on Ethan’s Facebook page he made a lot of enemies with strangers. Van Sciver says he was busy working on assignments while he was doing this sort of thing.

Ethan points out Alfie’s general reputation among the group.


Ethan explains the context behind what Michael Nehring had done to Alfie exactly.

“Basically what had happened here was Michael Nehring, knowing that Alfie was just kind of scanning the internet looking for ways to be cruel to the people who posted on my page regularly. Michael Nehring decided to try a practical joke on him. He created four accounts with different names like Douglas Delta or whatever it was, and he basically pretended to be a school friend of Michael Nehring’s. He private messaged Alfie (this was very immature but this is the reality of what’s happening here to give you context for this and what comes afterwards) and I remember this vividly. He said to Alfie ‘I went to school with Nehring. And basically everyone used to call him Dancing Hippo. Dancing Hippo. And he would cry if you called him Dancing Hippo. And that’s the whole thing. Don’t tell him I told you, but like dude he would like honestly he wanted to kill himself when you call him Dancing Hippo.’ So Alfie received this information and I think he sent me a message about it. And he said ‘is this true? Look at this.’ And I said ‘Alfie, that is Nehring. And that guy is Nehring. And *that* guy is Nehring. And **that** guy is Nehring. And they’re trying to trick you.’ And he said ‘what? What. You guys are all trying to trick me together.’ And i’m like ‘no. They’re trying to trick you to see if you’ll be extremely cruel with information that you received.'”


Ethan says Jimmy Bradbury was the character Nehring was playing. The “seeing if you’d be super cruel” line is in light of the context of Alfred being abusive towards Nehring, and seeing what Alfie would do when given this seemingly sensitive information about Nehring.

So what was the other side of the story behind the “I feel like choking you” bit?


“Somebody posted something mean about Alfie, I found out who it was, I think it was on my Facebook page, and I took it down.” Ethan left it up initially, and so Alfie said “Ethan is responsible for harassing me.” which led Ethan to say the “Take down that message” line. Ethan still viewed Alfie as his friend after that “I feel like choking you” line. He was just on Van Sciver’s “last raw nerve” by this point.

That led to their first falling out in September 2012. The story gets hard to follow here as Alfie is jumping around the timeline throughout.

Here’s the DMs he presents next in his piece, arranged properly for the sake of clarity.

[foogallery id=”21039″]

“Alfie would constantly PM with me with complaints about the way he was being treated on my page. Constantly. Relentlessly. And I would say to him ‘you’re being obnoxious. On my page. Now if you don’t want to get treated like that by people, stop being obnoxious on my page. If you want to just be treated reasonably? Act reasonably towards these people. Argue the way some of the other nicer people who argue on my page do.’ And he would say ‘Ohh I’ll try.’ And then he would go back and say incredibly obnoxious things to people. He’d get out of control. He’d get out of hand, and then he would come back crying to me. He told me I was a father figure to him, which I think was the weirdest moment of my life as a professional. I considered him a friend, and it became clear – he kept saying ‘but you are famous artist Ethan Van Sciver,’ I’m like ‘I’m your friend, Alfie…'” then he goes into the screenshot itself. “Where’s the post before this?” Ethan asks. “This looks like I’m manipulating him.”

Ethan says he came back twice. Six months later, then a year later. Just to ask Alfie if he was still mad. “I did contact him unwantedly twice and I’m sorry,” Ethan admits. Van Sciver says they were both friends and he got the wrong impression.


Alfie posts 11/29 a second time. Ethan points out that Alfie used the screenshot twice and that events were placed out of order. It looked like he contacted Alfie after their falling out. When it comes to “Nothing happens that I don’t know about.” Ethan says he was kidding around. “Those 4 IDs” were all telling him about the Dancing Hippo.

Part 3 is where we get some clarity. Alfie and Ethan made up enough to the point where he went on Ethan’s “VANSCIVERTOWN” podcast.

In his response video to Alfie, Ethan explained what exactly this show was.

“In 2011 I started up a page. A private page that I invited my closest friends to, and family. It was a page that where I needed help because it was becoming clear that I was about to go through a divorce. People who were on that page (my closest friends) all became “VANSCIVERTOWN.” It was kind of like a place where I would go and say you know ‘she said this to me’ and I would whine and complain and ask for advice about my marriage that was falling apart. I got good help from the people that were in there. I invited people in from church, I invited people in from, like, my mom was there, my brothers (a couple), maybe one of my sisters, and some Facebook friends. People that I knew and wanted to get closer to, were all part of this support group called “VANSCIVERTOWN.””

The episode in question took place on May 3rd, 2013. Alfie, Ethan, and the other guys had a civil conversation for the majority of the show. Even back then he was telling people outright “i’m just one of the guys, not a celebrity.” Alfie was quiet for most of the time, telling the gang he had to scoot out at some point to see Iron Man 3. But he stayed anyway and he loosened up some. Even saying it was “going better than [he] thought” at one point.

You take that, add a drunk Michael Nehring, and you throw in a debate about politics? It was a recipe for disaster. Alfie took that back-and-forth banter personally and left suddenly. It was such a spectacle that it made sense for Ethan and the podcast crew to talk about that ordeal for the rest of the show.

The follow-up show happened on May 15th, 2013. Alfie wrote a letter and Ethan read it on-air.

“well I listened to the podcast. Really wasn’t the big deal that I thought it was going to be. You said it was going to be non-political but obviously that wasn’t agreed upon. As expected they couldn’t help but talk a little trash after I left. No big deal, really. Well everyone kinda made a big deal on whether or not I was broken, or “I hope he’s ok.” Like I can’t take a joke, or there’s something wrong with me. Including you. One of my favorite lines was “the real test to whether he’s okay is if he comes back next week.” As if there’s no valid reason to opt out, huh? Interesting. So next week will address me insulting CHV, eh? You guys are making a mountain out of a molehill. If my comment had been race related, y’all might have something there. As it is, not so much. It was pretty funny hearing CHV get all amped up at the start for what he thought was going to be confrontational. Randy Perry seems to think y’all enjoy the thrill of pissing people off and convincing them to come back for more. I don’t know if I buy into all that. I’m just not really seeing the upside of VANSCIVERTOWN yucks. No harm. No fowl. Life can resume as it was, I suppose.”

On the podcast itself, Ethan says he “didn’t have issues with Alfie, Alfie had issues with” him. In regards to the “fags” comment, Ethan says that was a byproduct of growing up with four brothers and a neighborhood full of Italians. They beat each other up and call each other names like that. He notes Alfie was madder at him for not sticking up on his behalf, more than the guys who actually yelled at Alfie in the first place.

Ethan explains in his response video that there was an effort on his part to mediate the heated tensions between Alfie and others in the Facebook group.

Alfie says he didn’t block them because he didn’t want to exacerbate the situation. Again he mentions “daily” “derisive” comments on Facebook (on his own, on his law firm’s, and his girlfriend’s) yet he shows no links to that. Again. The instance he *does* demonstrate screencaps of is from a thread on a post by his friend Lita Rebello. However, we can’t see any comments by Alfie because here he apparently blocked Ethan, contradicting his own earlier statement saying he didn’t block him. If you analyze the contents of the thread itself, Mike Nehring and Ethan (assuming his comments are even there because we can’t see them) are simply carrying on a conversation about the podcast. This bothered Alfie and he goes out of his way to make a dramatic situation out of nothing. Next, he shows three random comments on his girlfriend’s modeling page photo. Alfie had issues with the wording of them and says they were references to other things. There’s no direct attack on Alfred there at all. Where this *is* happens in the next photo. A fake account going by the name of Natasha Knight comments and says “Alfred Norris raped me,” alleging Alfie and Bill Cosby took turns on her. Later we see a photo from Alfred telling Kevin Oakley to stop contacting him, even though we haven’t seen anything insinuating Kevin was in the first place. Alfred shares another message of the same request soon after. But beforehand he sandwiches in a screencap from a *different* Facebook user that DM’ed him confusingly.

Plus, a message from Ethan thrown in. Passed along via a mutual contact after he and Alfie had their falling out. To clarify the confusion this message is real despite the fact it comes off as possible Alfie wrote this on his own accord.

No. I checked with Ethan. It happened.


Alfie was talking about Ethan negatively on his Facebook page, stirring the pot. Ethan heard about it and asked him to stop. The conflict between the two led to the message you see above. The context of the message is Alfie’s job as a cosplay costume maker is illegal (thus the mention of copyright attorneys). DC Comics doesn’t crack down on the process itself with an iron fist. But, with Alfie Norris going to the degree and capacity of which he did make the higher scale of his business apparent.

It turns out reportedly Alfie Norris was taking people’s money and didn’t produce costumes anyway. 


Alfred’s blog is hard to follow. It gets easier when we get into the section about fake accounts. Alfie shares a post demonstrating he asked his friends to help report a fake account. That one was Malfred Malfie Morris. Jalfred Jalfie Jorris made sexual comments on one of his girlfriend’s Facebook posts. So did Lalfred Lalfie Lorris. We see Lalfred went further and commented on Alfie’s own posts, going as far as to mirror posts by Alfred on their own Facebook page. On more than one occasion. On another occasion, there was a Jalfie Borris calling Alfie “Hitler,” “Phaggot,” and a “pretty little cuck princess.” Then there was a Zalfred Zalfie Zorris, an Alfred Alfe NorreesHalfred Halfie Horris, and Salfred Salfie Sorris too.

The last remaining bit involves an Adam Kast. He contacted Alfie pretending to want to mend the fence, but the conversation went elsewhere in what looks a troll effort by Kast to get some kind of legal representation from Alfred.


A majority of part 3 is from people that aren’t Ethan but Alfie alleges Ethan was behind it anyway. Ethan admits Alfie went through a lot in that regard. He does not believe the fake accounts were from him or anyone he knew.

In summation:

“Alfie’s article was a sad and sordid affair of some actual true and ugly harassment. Much of which he probably deserves. From people who have interacted with him, who have dealt with his abuse. His harassment. His language, his vile, coarse treatment of other people. And Alfie has turned that around, and laid that at the feet of me. I was his friend. We had a falling out because I got sick of it. I got sick of it, and this fellow? The type of fellow who gets upset because I take another man out to see Bruce Springsteen, that isn’t him? This fellow wrote an enormous column defaming me, accusing me of things he has no evidence for, and that are currently being circulated by people who are calling me names. Calling me a harasser, calling me an abuser, calling me a bully. For their back-up, he posted a link to Jeff Hartz, who stalked and harassed my family, until we got brave enough to tell him to go away. And he uses that as proof, as evidence, that I am all the things he accuses me of being.”

It was some time after they stopped being friends that Ethan heard about things Alfie was involved in, like the story of Socies Wilson. As someone who has an interest in cosplay and convention stuff, Socies had a run-in with Alfred Alfie Norris. Specifically, Alfred is alleged to have made sexually charged comments towards this girl. Who at the time was underaged. Socies revealed this on August 15th, 2017. Coincidentally around the same time Ethan Van Sciver was facing another wave of social media backlash. Wilson came out of a hiatus she was in to tell this story, along with some encouragement with her friends to motivate her. Socies removes herself emotionally as much as possible. That’s intentional. She says it’s so the public can review the facts and make their own mind up as best as possible.

Below are the screenshots Socies shared of her encounters with Alfie Alfred Norris.

“Im to the point where I’m wondering how hard it would be to get green makeup off from your body off my junk,” Alfred wrote.

Looking into the matter further, I managed to get a copy of another DM exchange Alfie sent someone. This comes from a reliable source that’s close to the situation.

Mr. Norris allegedly wrote:

“Not to be evasive, but I enjoy a wide range. From a bratty teen who teases and seduces and gets blackmailed into playing… to much younger, still learning what all the body bits do. For me it’s about helping a little get to that mindset where she can release and let go.”

It’s unclear whether or not these situations Alfie may have been involved in could be related to the brief loss of his license to practice the law. Past records indicate Alfred Norris was suspended in 2016 in the state of Alabama, with a further recent reprimand taking place this past January 23rd.

The two incidents of 2012 and 2015 were enough to get the public to believe Ethan Van Sciver is a cruel maniac who sends his fans to mob random people. The person who wrote the IGN forum post from 2012 wants you to believe that Ethan and his ex-wife were vindicative enough to put a target on their back for a charity effort. But as you saw Ethan explain, the other side of the story indicates the key details that were painted in a different light to look more favorable for Jeff Hertz. He thought he became friends with Sharis. However as Ethan went over, Sharis didn’t exactly see themselves as Jeff’s friend. That forum post set an example of how to come off as damning, however. Enough so that Alfie Norris was able to adapt that example for his own four-part series. One that Alfred says tells the story of how Ethan (the “ringleader”) led a gang of tormentors to use him as a punching bag. Yet again though there’s another side to it. As Ethan discussed in his video explanation, his friend Alfie Norris wasn’t exactly someone who came off clean in this ordeal. Ethan Van Sciver showed sufficient evidence that demonstrates that Alfie Norris had a “provocateur” reputation on Ethan’s Facebook page. He looked for fights, and the variation between what Alfie says occurred and the reality of it is striking. When Ethan and Alfie had their falling out, it became clear he had more on his plate than he thought. Which in itself Ethan condemned.

But there’s still another angle we need to go over with the Ethan Van Sciver situation. Who is Diversity & Comics? What exactly is ComicsGate? These two elements serve as a backdrop to this online environment that every played out in.

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  1. This article is so great, its exactly why after 25 years being an avid – rabid fan, I decided my money was best apent anywhere else. When they made Magneto, a Holocaust survivor, into a Nazi. I was done. Not to mention that artists anti-Semitism. The stuff in Supwrman Rebirth with his son gave me a glimmer of hope, but Bendis may have squashed it. I get past stuff from the library now, ny city’s library has a good aelection, but moat moat atuff from the past 3 years I sondo bother with. Avatar, Kora, those are great, and diverse comics. All marvel has left is the movies. You’d think it crazy had 10 years ago I’d tell you that Marvel males the biggest most popular movies in the world, but comoc shops are dieing out fast, andno one cares about the books anymore, but thats where we are today. When I buy comocs I buy older stuff, great storoes I never read etc, its sad, it maoes me sad I read comocs my whole life they shaped my life they taught me to read, but the spark is gone for the most part, it was always my dream to retire early some day and open a shop, but I doubt there will be many if any left by then and I feel like it is a hopless dream anymore.

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