NeoGAF’s Shadows

NeoGAF is a forum website that has a visible presence within the gaming community. Alongside their gaming branch is a flourishing off-topic section that serves as a catch-all for everything else. Owned and run by Tyler “EviLore” Malka, it reached a milestone of 100,000,000 posts by the end of May 2016.

I recommend watching this documentary GameTrailers did on it, if you want to explore more of the surface level there is to offer for NeoGAF.

What I’m focusing on is the underside of that.

For the gilded age appearance the website maintains to the public eye, there’s an underbelly to it that’s kept in the dark. Within the shadows of NeoGAF we see the bitter and ugly side of it all.

It’s one thing to have a consistent level of displeasure expressed by the public towards the site. But when someone whose gone to NeoGAF for years is saying there’s a problem?


That’s worth a look.

There are five parts to this series. You can skip around if you want, as they’re self-contained enough to still make sense that way. You can DONATE HERE if you enjoyed it.

  1. On JonTron’s Incident
  2. Boogie2988’s War
  3. Gaming the Industry
  4. In Moderation
  5. Finale

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(Credit goes to Truant Pixel, LLC for the Header Image, that artsy NeoGAF starscape is from their PS4 theme.)


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