My Response to JoySparkleBS

The first time I DM’ed JoySparkleBS was on April 24th. I didn’t realize I had made contact with a real-life drama ghoul.

What is a drama ghoul?

Brian Moyer and his girlfriend were taking his two sons to the St. Patrick’s Day parade. On the way to the festivities, Moyer got into a fender-bender with someone else. After doing the routine exchange of information with the other person, Moyer became worried that he’d go back to prison (as there were apparently warrants out for his arrest). So he jumped back into his car with everyone in tow and drove off. The escape from the scene didn’t last long, as the car ended up hitting a pole of some kind. The kids were not wearing seat belts and got ejected from the car into a nearby yard. The two boys died on the scene.

“It’s really fucking horrific,” said Joy.

The kids that died were her step-nephews. JoySparkleBS decided to make two videos going into the gory details of her family’s tragedy.  They weren’t happy about that.


The March 18th video alone I could understand. It’s normal to react with emotions and shock in the face of a tragedy. But then she took it a step further by making a follow-up on the 19th that delved deeper into the family’s personal history. Imagine dealing with the tragic loss of two of your children, only to find out the black sheep of the family has decided to tell the internet all about your family’s problems and skeletons.

That’s exactly what Joy did. Making it into a PSA of sorts, Joy goes into detail about the family’s history of drug and alcohol problems. She calls everyone in that part of her family toxic. She made the deaths of two family members all about her – going as far as to describe that side of the family as white trash at one point. According to her own words, Joy was ostracized from the home for speaking out against what was going on. Making this big deal about being the “bigger” person she encouraged people to donate anonymously to their YouCaring page.

But couldn’t she have done that without throwing her own family under the bus? Without adding unnecessary drama to the situation? They didn’t deserve this bullshit.


So how could anyone trust JoySparkleBS to handle another family’s problems if she can’t even deal with her own?

Back towards the end of April and through the beginning of May I wrote two articles about the DaddyOFive controversy. Originally spotlighted by Phillip DeFranco, there was a community call to action of sorts. YouTubers and other folks on social media came together to push this story forward as much as they could. ChambersofHeart was the one that gave Rose Hall a platform to tell her side of the story. Based_Mama had past experiences with the legal obstacles involved in custody trials and offered her insight. JoySparkleBS pumped out multiple YouTube videos daily, talking about as many aspects of this situations as humanly possible as this was ongoing. It was widely believed that the end of the matter when Rose Hall appeared in a video with Tim Conlon on May 1st, announcing to the world that she didn’t JUST get a lawyer to help her – but on top of that, Cody and Emma were rescued from the abusive of the DaddyOFive household. That wasn’t the end.

This is the story about what happened after that.

After my work was done with my second article on DaddyOFive – I made it clear I was ready to walk away into the sunset. But JoySparkleBS didn’t have an off switch. She made two videos on May 5th: the first one had her solemnly swear to continue to cover the story (despite being in the hands of authorities), and a second one saying that she had information she was choosing not to share.These trains of thought collided from my point of view. Given my knowledge of the DaddyOFive situation up to that point, I had the responsibility of keeping tabs on wherever it went.

There was a span of three confusing and panic filled days where Chambers and Based_Mama scrambled to understand what Joy was doing here. She claimed to be in close contact with Tim Conlon and helping out the case, and in everyone else’s eyes it raised concerns. Did someone feed Joy information to sabotage Rose’s chances of success? Given her eagerness to report on every possible lead in the DaddyOFive situation, as far as anyone knew she was a ticking time bomb. Joy could’ve been called as a tertiary witness because of the fact she contributed evidence reels that were used in court by the Plantiff. Potentially making her a party that’s privy to the gag order that was in place. A gag order that equally applied to the DaddyOFive couple and the biological mother of Cody and Emma, Rose Hall, who is fighting to win back custody.

Chambers decided it was best to distance herself from Joy. Based_Mama made her stance clear she was worried that Joy’s actions and behavior would hurt the case. I was obligated to look into that.

In response? Joy tossed everything down the drama drain. Making a rant on May 8th/9th: she bound me, Based_Mama, and ChambersOfHeart together in her narrative that we were all somehow out to get her.

But let’s learn more about Joy first.

Phillip Schlicher had been friends with Kati Smith (Joy’s actual name) for a decade, Phil was one of the closest friends in her life. All the way since her Indigo child days and those years Joy spent in France working on music with Taho. As we’d come to understand it – Joy had a tendency to burn many of the bridges she’d have with relationships.

Phillip S. made a three hour video going over these years of experience he had with Joy, and explain what really happened in the various dramas that unfolded.

You can look at his conversations with Joy here. It’s a zip file full of convo screenshots he talks about in the video.

The main idea behind the GoFundMe campaign section of the video was the fact that we see Joy sinking her hooks into Phil. He was having a spot of trouble with finding work, and Joy lent him $305 to help him get through his rough patch. Joy made extra emphasis on the fact that Phil was not obligated to pay her back until he was in a comfortable position to do so. This comes into play at the very end of the video when Joy and Phil are having their argument, as she uses it as leverage against him in order to talk poorly about Phil behind his back.

But one of the most telling incidents that’d occur in this piece was when Joy would help Phil make a resume. As it stood on its own he admitted his resume could’ve been better. Allowing Joy the chance to give it a makeover, Phil was shocked to find that her idea of a better resume was one full of lies. Only two of the positions that were on this faux document were true. Even the references were fictional, albeit apart from Joy’s name she added herself to the top of the list. Her justification to Phil for this false resume was he only needed to “nail the interview” portion of getting a job. Apparently the only important thing was getting one’s foot in the door. If a job was secured Phil would learn to do it by training on the go from this new position. Phil himself was highly uncomfortable with what he considered to be participation in fraud. He explains to the viewer that this instance was a symbolic reflection of who Joy was overall.

He talks about Joys illness in between some of this stuff. Phil points out that Joy has stalled in getting a professional diagnosis for a long time, and this strange mystery illness that Joy claims to have only comes up whenever it’s convenient. Calling it “brain fog” as a result of her fibromyalgia, Joy often has a selective memory.


In the Onision saga we find out that Phil was the one who helped push Joy into a momentum she would take her channel in from then on. Joy would become obsessed with talking about Onision in her videos and assume that everything was revolving around her. It wasn’t. Phil tried to give her advice to approach the situation carefully and Joy seemed to be initially receptive to his suggestions. But after the fact and in the weeks that followed (this essentially went on from January through March 2017), we’d see Joy go two-faced and totally do the exact opposite of whatever Phil suggested. Which pissed him off as it was increasingly clear Joy lied to his face in their conversations on the matter. Joy even made a GoFundMe to get Onision a fax machine. It’s unknown where the money went in this particular outing.


Phil touches on the story of Konstigo. This part is worth going into a bit more directly, so we’ll turn to Konstigo’s own video explaining the drama. What it boils down to is a YouTuber named Konstigo was going to collab with Joy on something, and things came to a head when Konstigo took it upon herself to upload the video since Joy delayed it.

Konstigo found Joy’s videos back when she was first starting out, talking about Onision. Although Konstigo disagreed with Joy, Joy claimed to care about Konstigo’s opinion. Somehow they started messaging each other and she offers to interview Konstigo. In the weeks of setting up this collab, Joy treated Konstigo “like a princess” and was nice to her. When Joy found out Konstigo was on decent terms with Onision, she was only a bit agitated. But when Joy found out Konstigo called her a liar, that ticked her off.


She shares the DM convos Konstigo had with Joy. You can read over them for yourself.

She threatened to legally go after Konstigo.  “Does her mother know she’s doing shit like this online?,” Joy said in a YouNow stream. Konstigo says she has multiple reasons for calling Joy a liar. Referring to a YouNow broadcast where Joy claimed to be debating Onision, Konstigo messaged him and it was revealed he wasnt. Joy inflated the lie saying she got DMs confirming he was going to show. Another reason Konstigo called Joy a liar was because she said she filmed their collaboration video and kept pushing it back over the course of three months (as seen in these DM convos between the two). Konstigo ended up doing it on her own accord. Going into why Joy’s behavior was abusive, she pulls out a chart.

  • Peer Pressure: threatening to expose someone’s weaknesses or spread rumors, telling malicious lies about an individual to a peer group
  • Anger (emotional abuse): putting them down, making them feel bad about themselves, name calling, making them feel like they’re crazy, playing mind games, humiliating one another, making them feel guilty
  • Social Status: this one is self-explanatory joy leveraged 21000 subscribers and sicced her followers on Konstigo’s small channel
  • Intimidation: by making someone afraid by using looks, actions, and gestures.
  • Minimize, Deny, Blame: she blamed her actions of lying on pretending it was just a practical joke, minimizing all the bad stuff that Joy does, maximizes the stuff Konstigo did.
  • Threats: threatened Konstigo with lawsuit, threatened to talk to her family
  • Isolation and Exclusion: controlling what others do, what another person does. Limiting outside involvement using jealousy to justify actions.

Joy eventually made an attempt at an apology but even that didn’t work out so well.

But going back to the original video with Phil. Generally speaking he gives the viewer advice on Joy’s patterns. She’ll claim to have a vast swath of proof for whatever story she spins, but Joy herself is the one always dragging controversy out. An expert at crowd awe. Phil warns us to be careful of anything Joy gives you as she has a tendency to hold that over your head down the road. She thinks that the people she helps would be infinitely worse off without her intervention. But Joy justifies painting people in a bad light by claiming they deserve it.


So this great big ball of drama rolled into the DaddyOFive controversy. If you wanted to learn more about what happened with that, I wrote about that here and there. You’ll get a pretty solid idea of the back and forth between the Martin family and Phil DeFranco from those two pieces.

As far as JoySparkleBS was concerned early on, she did her thing. Joy’s previous series was an 11-part saga talking about the United Airlines incident. Joy made a video about the DaddyOFive invisible ink prank, one about the Keemstar interview, one about Cody not being able to go to Disney World, one about the video the Martins made post-interview, a second specifically about DaddyOFive blaming Phil DeFranco for the situation, one about Keemstar’s reaction to DaddyOFive abuse footage, one about the DaddyOFive Inside Edition interview, one about the DaddyOFive prank where he pulled a gun on the kids, one about the prank where Heather pretended the house was getting robbed, one about where Cody self-harms and Mike makes fun of him for it, one about the DaddyOFive apology video, one about where they convinced Cody he was up for adoption, one about Joy’s personal feelings about the situation, one about the broken tablet prank, one about Heather Martin’s court history, one about the Fallston Group helping the Martins with their apology, and another one, and another one, another one about the tablet destruction prank, one (falsely) accusing Fallston Group of flagging Joy’s YouTube videos, one writing to Governor Larry Hogan, one about the GoFundMe, one about the time Mike convinced Alex to slap Emma, one about the police needing help locating clips, one accusing the Fallston Group of not helping the children, one about Emma being pushed around by the brothers, one about the time Mike used the term “gay” to describe one of the kids, yet another Fallston group one, one claiming DaddyOFive edited audio at a point where Emma allegedly said she wants to go home, one about the Good Morning America interview, two more about the Fallston Group, one responding to the accusation Joy was profiting off of the DaddyOFive situation, one attacking Fallston Group’s other clients, one going over the Fallston Group testimonial page, one talking about MommyOFive having a babysitting job, one about MommyOFive going to court with the Zopp’s (that ended up getting cancelled)….

I bet you skipped reading this list.

That’s fine. Actually that’s the point. At the time, nobody paid attention to what Joy was doing. All it looked like to everyone else? She was just trying to get the word out. Nobody was the wiser.

“Baseless and simply untrue.”

But to get to the part that ticked people off.

These are all the videos Joy did on the situation within the span of a week and a half. Many of these in the list could’ve been combined into larger video topics, while others are completely redundant. The Fallston Group videos are the most egregious case of the bunch. Three of them were just about the apology video DaddyOFive made and the firm’s involvement in making that. She went on to falsely accuse Fallston Group of taking down her videos, accused them of being neglient of the children’s circumstances in the home, and several going into the company itself to excessive lengths. Plus a skit video, because why not. While Joy has the right to do all of that, it would’ve behooved her to not put out misinformation and be more concise about the content she discussed.

Why would that matter? It does when Joy tries to insert herself directly into the story.


It was a momentous occasion on May 1st when lawyer Tim Conlon publicly announced that Rose Hall’s children were safely recovered from the DaddyOFive household. In a video titled “Daddyofive -Youtube Community Saves Emma and Cody,” Conlon went over everything that went on with this process, and had Hall with him on camera to talk about how her kids were doing.

Joy saw opportunity.

While she was as reasonably excited about Rose’s recovery of her kids as everyone else was on this day, that was not the end of her involvement in the case. In-between thanking every possible person Joy could think of, she openly admitted to being obsessed with following it.


This was when it starts to become clear that Joy was taking a single story and chopping it up into pieces. She called it a “series” herself. Two separate videos about Rose’s lawyer came out on that first day alone. In the morning there was a video about MommyOFive being in court that day (a modification hearing for a prior divorce), and by the afternoon there was a separate video that reveals that hearing was cancelled. Heck, why not a YouNow stream on top of all that? Joy wanted to be an update factory with the DaddyOFive situation. You can see even on this day of celebration that Joy was writing off her critics as people who didn’t do research.

What’s most important to understand here is the demonstrated pattern of behavior.

On May 2nd, Joy continued the parade from yesterday. Speaking that morning as if it was her own video, she thanked everyone for half a million views on the Tim Conlon/Rose Hall video from yesterday, and again at night when that number had hit 900,000. Joy made a big deal about “EXCITING news” that involved @ChambersofHeart but kept it in vague terms publicly. As is Joy’s pattern. We’d come to later find out that Saint Joy was kind enough to point BBC in her direction. According to Joy, Joy made that happen. Someone suggested she get a job at CNN, and Joy in response claimed they dropped out of journalism school. But then again, she was dependent on the public as well. Joy requested that people get in contact with her if anyone knew of DaddyOFive’s location. The case was in the hands of the authorities at this point. But the à la carte method of uploading videos would continue on Joy’s channel. Somehow, a video asking where Daddy and MommyOFive were MUST be separate to a video asking the Fallston Group PR company that very same question. Joy made a separate video for DaddyOFive and MommyOFive’s lawyer, on top of the previous two she made for Rose’s.

But I was none the wiser. I even helped her. She made a video using my interview with Mike Martin’s stepbrother from my first DaddyOFive article. Completely unaware that Joy was making these piecemeal videos (that sometimes needed corrections) spreading out the views and ad dollars on the DaddyOFive story, while preaching for better business practices all the meanwhile.

Later on, she’d give that up.


Even she herself would acknowledge the growth of the JoySparkleBS YouTube during this time. She was pretty consistent with replying to drama as well. In the background of events going on that day, Joy quietly stoked the flames of people’s discontent as it began seeping into the DaddyOFive story.

May 3rd is when I started to get concerned about Joy’s methods. She asked the public for tips about “Heather Martin’s sisters connection to CPS” in a tweet. But the fact of the matter was there isn’t any. Triggered by this slight misinformation I stepped in and corrected Joy. Heather’s sister in-law‘s occupation had been briefly brought up in the DaddyOFive Keemstar interview.

Joy dragged out the DaddyOFive controversy even further by refocusing the discussion to YouTube’s demonetization and removal of videos. Suggesting early on in the day that Fallston Group themselves were behind the action and lumped herself with @YourselfSuit’s YouTube problems and people’s tweets to back the narrative up. While Joy blindly slammed the PR company, I went through and actually read the website’s blog post addressing Fallston Group’s involvement with the controversy.

“We reviewed the video link you sent to Fallston Group for comment, and the YouTuber’s accusations are baseless and simply untrue,” Fallston Group would end up telling the Daily Dot later.

She needed one video talking about @YourselfSuit’s channel being deleted (another later that day for its return), one for her own channel’s Community Strike, another to allude to her problems as a conspiracy, another to connect it to the DaddyOFive drama. Don’t worry though, she had time to make another asking the same question from yesterday of if DaddyOFive and his wife were still on the run. All the meanwhile dealing with the pains of her potential channel martyrdom amidst privacy complaints. Everyone needed to hear about it, and the danger was so imminent she recommended everyone download her videos immediately for mirroring. Wait never mind it was all better that same afternoon. Mostly. Joy thought she’d better make another video about it just in case.

The kerfuffle caught the attention of YouTuber MundaneMatt.


While it was purely coincidental, it intrigued me that I wasn’t the only one who had begun questioning Joy. In response to Matt’s worries about her clickbait thumbnails and headlines, Joy made an emotional appeal by saying her passion was because of child abuse at a young age. Many of her responses were either redirecting his concerns and not addressing them, compliment showers (<3 <3 <3 <3), or claiming Matt didn’t actually watch her content or follow the story. Even though Matt’s arguments were receiving more back-up, Joy held fast to the notion nobody else knew any better. Even though Rose’s kids were out of the DaddyOFive house and the authorities were now involved, Joy asserted she’d only stop when the kids were safe. She said she was the victim here whose channel was under attack by the Fallston Group, having a harder time keeping her fan base in check. This was her version of the DaddyOFive story she was running with. Joy relished being a part of it.

For JoySparkleBS – she wants you to be focused on these moment-to-moments instead of the big picture.


“Ever sit on info so sensitive you are shaking? Yep, thats where Im at. Video series TONIGHT, you WONT beleive what I have to tell you!,” Joy tweeted.

Their next impulse was to solicit drama YouTubers for their interest in it. These were things that would stick out the most in my head in the days to come. When her plan to get Scarce’s attention fell through, JoySparkleBS spread out the contents of what should’ve been one video into two installments. Drumming up the crowd hype for what she claimed was new information she got directly from Rose’s lawyer. Joy wants you to know he spoke to her. EXCLUSIVE.

This info that Mike Martin refused to hand over the kid’s medication during their removal from the home wasn’t actually new at all. I had beaten Joy to that way back on May 1st.

“EXCLUSIVE INFO DADDYOFIVE NOW!” her tweet linking to a YouNow stream flashed in all capital letters.

Apparently it was a slam against a YouTuber by the name of FuturisticHub, who made a comment about Joy’s uploading practices.

May 4th is when the drama more openly infected the DaddyOFive situation. Joy began wanting people to notice it. YouTuber Mr. Repzion sided with Matt over the idea that Joy needed to stop her unnecessary separation of DaddyOFive videos. In response she slammed Matt and accused him of shit talk (a complete 180 from wanting to collab with him the day before). It made her politely worded response to Mr. Repzion seem disingenuous in contrast. Overall, Joy painted Joy in a bad light and made it appear her motivations were for ad revenue. That’s what happens when you give blanket responses that (very inaccurately) assume people are just “unfamiliar with your channel”  and insult their worries while simultaneously telling them you’re donating the money you make from ad dollars.  Disrespecting the audience makes Joy’s motivations for being involved in the first place feel more empty. What’s the point of helping people if you’re jerk to others? Goes against the spirit the whole thing. Ironically, that day she uploaded a video accusing news organizations of exploiting the DaddyOFive situation.

People began openly speaking up about the matter to her. Phillip Schlicher suggested to them they look past Joy’s mask of sweet talk and dig deeper. Joy herself would dig deeper in the sense she would get other people to surf the internet and work for her to make DaddyOFive evidence reels. Piggybacking other people’s finds was her bread and butter, giving the promise of credit in return. Not only snagging @YourselfSuit’s work for her own, but this was the day that Joy recruited random followers to join her DaddyOFive research DM group. It passed most people’s attention at first because Joy didn’t say much about it except that “she did her best” at bringing these random people together.

But this group effort turned out to be a key moment of this whole JoySparkleBS controversy.

Up to this point was nothing but build-up.

May 5th. Joy released a video titled “DaddyOFive : Custody Battle Not OVER! WHY I continue to cover this!” on her channel. Talking about the criticism she’s uploaded too many videos, that she made the DaddyOFive videos for ad revenue, and that it’s a dead topic (“she already got custody, leave it alone”). Joy explains Rose only had temporary custody and she was heading back to court that day (May 5th) to have that decided further. “Until she has full custody this is important to me,” Joy says. At this point, Joy reveals she had been in touch with Rose and Tim Conlon. Joy says she released 8 to 10 videos a day because she thought the information was important to be put out on that kind of a basis. Joy made it clear she was donating the money directly back to Rose’s GoFundMe. “I’m not going to rest until I know they’re ok,” Joy says at 5:05. What you need to take away from this is – Joy makes it clear she’s going to continue her habit of putting out DaddyOFive related videos as she had so far. You hear her say that. You as the viewer get that impression.

Also on May 5th, JoySparkleBS released a video called “DaddyOFive : Court Case Update!.” The problem with it that many people had was the fact that there was nothing really noteworthy revealed whatsoever. “I will not be commenting,” Joy said in regards to the accusations being made against her at the time. She says everything she has done up to this point was for the DaddyOFive children. Joy said she was making the personal decision to not say anything until “the time is right” (which is RELATIVE based on whatever Joy BELIEVES to be right). Joy said she didn’t care about the concerns other YouTubers and people involved in helping the DaddyOFive kids. “The things I could say right now. The views I could get off it, the money, the fame. I don’t care,” Joy told everyone at 2:00. She demanded everyone to “trust” her judgement. At 3:30 again she dangles this idea of having information she’s sitting on. Remember what Joy said in that video I just mentioned in the previous paragraph. This alone would be a legitimate cause for concern to anyone.

Imagine these two trains of thought colliding.


In the same video, she advertises a link to a separate piece where she talks about being “exposed” (i.e. personal drama) that she encourages everyone to watch. It’s a clickbait title and description that doesn’t accurately reflect what the video was about. In the actual clip from a YouNow stream, Chambers admits to putting Joy in touch with Tim Conlon. She verifies that the information that Joy had shared up to this point were things that Chambers had known about through Rose and Tim.

“Everything that she has been saying has pretty much been a repeat of what Tim has said to me, but Tim has been telling it to her,” Chambers says at 3:33. She justifies Tim going to Joy instead of the media because the MSM has a habit of making their own narrative, twisting it, and milking a situation.

“Joy is just reporting on the facts,” Chambers says at 3:48.

I took the time to clarify with Chambers if she still had that position.


She describes the circumstances that Tim and Rose were in. Not only were media outlets threatening the both of them (ABC themselves barged into the building to get an interview), but on of that Tim Conlon himself was being followed. Joy confirms to Chambers in this call that Joy has privileged information she’s choosing not to share (as seen in the Skype logs). She calls Chambers “courteous,” “polite,” and “respectful” at this point. “As a friend I want to thank you for being a real bitch,” Joy tells Chambers at 7:40. Joy actually calls my work “awesome” as well. Joy is also kind enough to reveal to everyone that she has indeed known Chambers since her early beginnings on YouTube in January 2017.

You’ve heard and become familiar with JoySparkleBS up to this point. But now it’s time to go over the three people she’d pit herself against.



Prior to the DaddyOFive incident, Based_Mama’s YouTube channel primarily focused on discussing the religion of Islam from the perspective of an ex-Muslim. On the side, she talked politics and social issues from the perspective of being a mother of 6.

Based had been in the initial April 18th livestream that started off as a rant about the DaddyOFive situation, that turned into a more important video when Rose Hall herself came on-air to talk about her role in two of the children’s lives for the first time. Emotionally invested from the get-go, she was certainly in touch with me when it came to helping circulate the information about the DaddyOFive case. The same went for everyone else during this DaddyOFive controversy. Based was in contact with a ton of folks. She understood the damages of emotional abuse.


“Joy Sparkle BS, STFU YOU CRAZY B*TCH!” was published on her channel the same day Joy’s two videos came out.

In the video itself, Based makes it clear she didn’t want to make it in the first place but felt an obligation to, given the presented circumstances. “Calling out” JoySparkleBS directly, Based said “shut the fuck up bitch.” She was confident in the fact that Joy had no idea what she was talking about in regards to the DaddyOFive situation, and that people who were made three or four videos on the subject only when necessary (compared to Joy’s 70+). Based_Mama explained how bizarre the Fallston Group conspiracy Joy was espousing made her look crazy. Initially she was under the impression that Joy was just a fame whore, by the time of recording Based was convinced that Joy was actually insane. Using YouTube like a therapist, Based recommended that Joy graduate to seeking professional help. Towards the tail end of the video, Based expressed concerns herself and others had that Joy would complicate Rose Hall’s case by “running her fucking mouth.”

She had only known who Joy was for about two days (since May 3rd) at that point. Things soured by the evening when Joy’s fans had the video taken down after mass-flagging it. Talk about a bad first impression. From the get-go, Based made it clear her primary concern was Rose having to answer to the court for Joy’s videos and behaviors. According to her, the toxicity of it was “100 times worse” than DaddyOFive fans were. Making the cult of personality distinction between the groups being that DO5’s at least didn’t try and take down criticism of Mike Martin.

Highlighting a comment from Phil (which Based takes the time to properly disclose his apparent connection to Joy), he summarized Based’s concerns about the developing situation.


Based_Mama’s observation was that Joy had used Chambers to get herself close to the lawyer (with a YouTube comment from Chambers backing that belief up), and was under the impression Chambers first Facebook statement about Joy made it look like she had 100% approval all around. Further explaining this dynamic applied to Tim and Rose, Based expressed concerns of the apparent approving Joy’s behaviors in a similar association.

Replying to one of my tweets, Based_Mama said “I hope orange is her color, because she’s going to be wearing a whole lot of it soon,” which one of Joy’s fans assumed was a threat. It was clarified by Based herself that this wasn’t the case, although readily admitting Joy dug her own grave by using the DaddyOFive situation for personal fame (citing Joy’s history of drama leading up to that point as evidence to support that claim). Based is very careful in her wording about jail when replying to this Joy fan. Saying there was potential for jail in the general situation, calling Joy’s actions as having involvement in illegal activity, and rounding it off by stating that the Frederick County Sheriff was made aware of Based’s concerns. Despite what Joy would accuse Based of later, there was no police report filed.

“Oh Joy! (And her sycophantic fans)” came out May 8th on Based_Mama’s channel. Within the description, Based_Mama put a link to Joy’s old tumblr, a blog from her Indigo period, along with links to Lolcow and Kiwifarms threads about her.

Between the last video and this one, Based tells us she’s done more research into Joy’s background. “She believes she talks to angels, and that’s she psychic, and that she’s an indigo child,” is one of the first discoveries Based shares. Affiliations like that made her uncomfortable with Joy’s involvement within Rose’s case. Based tells us she talked to Chambers and as a result disassociated with Joy completely. Based says Chambers defended Joy because they were friends, thought Joy was interested in helping the kids, and that she believed Joy’s main focus was making sure Rose was able to reunite with the children. The thing that made Chambers reconsider was the privileged information of the case that Joy obtained from an inside source within the court room and then shared with Chambers, despite a gag order being put in place. When Based found out about this, she was highly concerned that either Tim Conlon or Rose Hall had talked to Joy about this. Based said it was overall highly illegal to do something like that. She explains that Joy would potentially be held in contempt of court or do jail time if so. Based says the blowback on Rose’s end would be the case getting thrown out and having to start back from square one. Worst case being Rose getting held in contempt of court because of her perceived affiliation with Joy, essentially meaning Joy’s lust for fame and attention causing catastrophic results for the proceedings. Rose learned that Joy had an inside source when Chambers freaked out and she inquired as to how much contact her and Tim had with Joy, it turned out to be neither of them. It’s made very clear by the way Based is addressing this matter that the worst case scenario of Rose losing her kids permanently was bearing down on her. Complicating matters worse at the time was a series of hacks that were done on Rose’s email and social media accounts. “The fact that Joy has been able to illegally obtain privileged information about an ongoing case where there is a gag order in place, means that she’s breaking the law and so is her leak,” Based says. Based_Mama reviewed Joy’s YouTube channel, and it was to her understanding that the exploitative nature of the topics and subject matter covered established a pattern. Based was able to come to the conclusion that Joy is not a mentally well person according to Joy’s own words and writing. She makes the comparison to DaddyOFive’s Mike Martin, to that effect. Joy doesn’t care who she railroads on her attempt at fame, and if she did, it would’ve behooved her to immediately alert authorities to the privileged information she obtained. It was for these reasons as to why Chambers had to distance herself from Joy as much as possible.

Based takes to Twitter to explain that Joy was the reason that this drama started up. This is technically true given the fact that it wouldn’t have been a thing if Joy didn’t make the two videos she did on May 5th that caused concern. At this point many of the parties involved in this DaddyOFive Joy controversy had distanced themselves from her as much as possible. Joy’s connection to Rose was effectively severed, seemingly enraging Joy as she took to making live streams on YouNow to vent repeatedly about the situation she had created for herself and continuing the previously alluded to obsessive behavior.

“Welp. Now it’s time to pop some popcirn [sic] and watch the show! 😂😂 Joy’s “blocking all haters” stream. Mark this moment, people,” Based tweeted on May 9th.



The Chambers of My Heart YouTube channel is Chambers third attempt at giving video making a go. Originally she started off doing poetry stuff (her name came from that time period of her internet life), as things became more fleshed out the channel turned to Christianity discussion afterward. But then that became constricting in terms of directions her content could go as a result. As it is now, Chambers does a hodge-podge of topics: social/political commentary, dabbling in art and animation a bit, and personal vlogging.

ChambersofHeart and JoySparkleBS were friends before the DaddyOFive controversy began. Chambers was kind enough to provide me with a copy of Skype chat logs that detail the conversations had between these two in the months leading up to the current situation. In January 2017 they talked about Onision related matters during the first few days of the month. Joy told Chambers about her various ailments in the midst of their brainstorming sessions. By mid-March, Chambers and Joy talk about the fake cease and desist that Onision apparently sent to her. Week after that they were talking back and forth about some sort of “Faith Kids” topic.

From what it looks like, Joy and Chambers seemed like genuine friends.

When it came to the DaddyOFive scandal – Chambers said she saw Mr. Repzion’s and YourselfSuit’s videos first and made her own video after that. April 17th 2017.

Joy contacted Chambers first.

[4/19/2017 12:01:07 AM] Joy Sparkle BS: hey girl, if they want more coverage, pls have emma and cody mother/family contact me, happy to get the word out more. will do whatever i can <3

They exchanged information. Joy gave Chambers her phone number and in return Joy received Rose’s email address. When it came to the DaddyOFive situation itself, Joy was able to suss out the step-mother immediately because she had two of her own step-parents growing up. Chambers and Joy talked about Heather crying in the DaddyOFive twitter video and explored the “Cody didn’t get to go to Disneyland” aspect of the story. Joy said she was proud of Chambers because of the fact she got the word out at this critical point in the story. The week after that, Chambers showed Joy my first article going over the DaddyOFive controversy. But Joy didn’t have anything to say about it.

As the person in charge of Rose Hall’s GoFundMe campaign, Chambers has had some of the closest personal trust of Rose that’s possible. She was keen on making sure to update the situation whenever necessary. That burden of responsibility was made clear in how she carried herself in the public eye. It definitely was stressful, as far as I can recall.

On May 1st when it came out that Rose Hall was reunited with her two children, Chambers knew about it in advance but kept quiet. Her and Based_Mama. That certainly didn’t stop her from eagerly bugging me the moment the news became public, however. The entire journey of how Chambers helped Rose go from the initial April 18th interview to Tim Conlon’s office was catalogued in this video by her if you want that context. Generally speaking Chambers was hands-on in sharing information, trying to help, and keeping an eye on when there was new developments.

Joy got back in touch with Chambers via Skype around the same time. May 1st.

[5/1/2017 1:17:15 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: can u ask her to contact me? i want to see if she needs help w raising funds for the kids to get counseling
[5/1/2017 1:18:58 PM] Your Humble Host: hang on
[5/1/2017 1:19:17 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: editing a video now, I’ve reached out to her with no response, i want to HELP their transition if she needs help

[5/1/2017 2:48:42 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: pls let rose know I’m happy to help, she never responded to me so i don’t want to bother her if she isn’t interested..
[5/1/2017 2:48:48 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: also want to help promote that laeyer

As you can see, Rose was never in contact with Joy at any point before May 1st. Joy called the lawyer’s office and left a message on the answering machine. Her and Chambers talked about the fundraising efforts ahead in order to help Rose and the kids. Chambers filled Joy in on the fact that Based_Mama helped find Tim Conlon in the first place, and the fact that Tim Conlon was doing everything for free. Joy is persistent in offering to help Rose and Conlon.

“he said let’s wait and see how things unfold,” Chambers told Joy at that point.

On May 2nd was when the BBC got in touch with YourselfSuit and Joy, which they passed on to Chambers instead. As you might expect, Chambers made herself handy where possible by helping identify Mike Martin’s lawyer and digging into that angle. In Skype, it’s confirmed that Joy and YourselfSuit were in charge of setting Chambers up with the BBC. They were concerned that the interviewer would lead Chambers down a particular media narrative, but she thought ahead of that and recorded the raw conversation if that was proven to be the case. Joy thought Chambers came across bad at the end in regards to how the media credited the people who uncovered the story, but shrugged it off at that point. In the evening, Chambers asks Joy if I had looked into Mike Martin’s lawyer.

It needs to be said that Chambers reacts very emotionally when new problems arise, like when @YourselfSuit’s YouTube channel got a strike on May 3rd for their DaddyOFive evidence reels. Naturally, Chambers helped signal boost @YourselfSuit’s situation on the spot. It’s not a crime to be a team player and supportive. The only reason everyone digging into the DaddyOFive controversy knew each other was because of moments like this when Chambers would try and reach out to everybody to spread the word when something happened. That emotional charge was good for jump starting people’s interests.

When the same thing happened to Joy, Chambers charged in without a second thought. Every step of the way, Chambers supported Joy. Look at (a portion of) the volume of tweets she has, solely for the purpose of sharing Joy’s videos. Even the mirrors. Chambers even liked YourselfSuit’s video about #FreeJoy because that’s how much of a supportive person she is.


Through thick and thin. I’m taking the time to emphasize this personally, as Joy would brush over this herself in her angry YouNow streams later on.

When MundaneMatt tweeted his concerns about Joy’s frequent uploading, Chambers jumped in the trenches to defend her friend Joy. Someone named The Geekthulhu‏ caught wind of it, and said he was relieved that he wasn’t the only one who was worried about how JoySparkleBS conducted themselves online. According to them, Joy was asking her followers to harass Fallston Group and DaddyOFive, even willing to specify an example where she allegedly encouraged people to leave bad Yelp reviews. Naturally, Chambers swung back a solid counter-argument on top of asking for evidence and citations.

It turns out Chambers was just replying with what Joy said to.

[5/3/2017 5:02:56 PM] Your Humble Host: hey people are claiming you told everyone to harass the Fallston Grou
[5/3/2017 5:03:00 PM] Your Humble Host: Group
[5/3/2017 5:03:07 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: ????
[5/3/2017 5:03:07 PM] Your Humble Host: and give them bad Yelp reviews
[5/3/2017 5:03:09 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: NOPE
[5/3/2017 5:03:11 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: NEVER DID THAT
[5/3/2017 5:03:15 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: NEVER told people to give them bad reviews
[5/3/2017 5:03:31 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: i did encourage people to tell fallston group what they think, but i NEVER said shit like that
[5/3/2017 5:03:41 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: whoever is saying that, ask them to source it, where di di say that?
[5/3/2017 5:03:43 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: watch them get silent

That evening in Skype, Chambers and Joy not only discussed the Geekthulu tweets at length. The drama vortex was slowly creeping its way in.

Let’s focus on this particular statement.

“This can be used against Rose in her custody hearing, if DO5 wanted to. What you and Mama are doing is good, but Joy is going a bit to [sic] far,” Geekthulhu‏ tweeted.

If Joy herself wanted evidence of how this dispute started in the first place, there it is. All the elements of it are right there. This wasn‘t some sort of “scheme” Based or Chambers cooked up themselves.  Leading up to the 5th – Chambers wasn’t just aware of Joy’s contact with Tim Conlon, she openly helped support it.

[5/3/2017 8:11:09 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: tim just called!
[5/3/2017 8:11:23 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: he filled me in and gave me permission to talk about some stuff
[5/3/2017 8:11:25 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: holy crap!
[5/3/2017 8:12:20 PM] Your Humble Host: GO FOR IT!
[5/3/2017 8:12:27 PM] Your Humble Host: what did he tell you?
[5/3/2017 8:12:39 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: the medication mess, inside edition bullying them, um what else…
[5/3/2017 8:12:43 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: so much shit, trying to organize it all now
[5/3/2017 8:12:50 PM] Your Humble Host: oh he told you that
[5/3/2017 8:12:55 PM] Your Humble Host: yeah
[5/3/2017 8:13:04 PM] Your Humble Host: you’ll be able to spread that a lot better than I can

On the 4th in these Skype logs – ABC showed up at Tim’s office asking for an interview. From the way it’s described, they were very belligerent and overbearing in their request. Chambers and Joy discuss the upcoming court proceedings that were happening the following day.

On the morning of May 5th, Chambers said a prayer for Rose and Tim Conlon’s journey ahead of them that day. People waited to hear word about the results of the trial but it would never come. A gag order was put in place (as confirmed by The Baltimore Sun and double-checked by Chambers), meaning the public wouldn’t know the details of what happened with Rose Hall’s custody battle for a long time.

Except Joy got that info.

[5/5/2017 9:30:02 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: long story short, they won and they los
[5/5/2017 9:30:13 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: mike cant see kids for 1 year, but kids are going to foster care tonight
[5/5/2017 9:30:15 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: thats the long short
[5/5/2017 9:30:17 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: call me when u can
[5/5/2017 9:30:20 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: don’t wanna say too much on here
[5/5/2017 9:30:41 PM] Your Humble Host: Who did you hear that from?
[5/5/2017 9:30:55 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: Sources who were there
[5/5/2017 9:30:58 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: lots of people in the court room
[5/5/2017 9:31:06 PM] Your Humble Host: Like who?
[5/5/2017 9:31:11 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: i cant say
[5/5/2017 9:31:21 PM] Your Humble Host: Why not?
[5/5/2017 9:31:36 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: you will have to call me when you can
[5/5/2017 9:31:39 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: I’m sorry i don’t want to be rude

[5/5/2017 9:36:38 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: yes, I’m going to film now, and talk to u before i put it up
[5/5/2017 9:36:56 PM] Your Humble Host: Film what though?
[5/5/2017 9:37:04 PM] Your Humble Host: The new info you got?
[5/5/2017 9:37:10 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: yes
[5/5/2017 9:37:23 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: waiting till  i talk to u tho
[5/5/2017 9:37:24 PM] Your Humble Host: Joy wait!
[5/5/2017 9:37:26 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: im waiting
[5/5/2017 9:37:30 PM] Your Humble Host: Okay
[5/5/2017 9:37:33 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: filming now, but not gonna put it up till we talk
[5/5/2017 9:37:38 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: sorry text is so stupid
[5/5/2017 9:38:15 PM] Your Humble Host: Okay
[5/5/2017 9:41:07 PM] Your Humble Host: Joy I will speak with you, but for the love of God so not put that video up!
[5/5/2017 9:41:16 PM] Your Humble Host: Please! I’m begging you!
[5/5/2017 9:41:18 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: I’m not doing anything till we talk
[5/5/2017 9:41:19 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: dont worry
[5/5/2017 9:41:32 PM] Your Humble Host: Not even after!

By the end of that night, Chambers turned her attention to JoySparkleBS and made a Facebook statement. In short? She wanted people to stop attacking her.

In long? Verbatim as it was posted on 6 May at 05:17 according to the time of the archive.

#DADDYOFIVE #MOMMYOFIVE #SAVECODY #SAVEEMMAStatement on Joy Sparkle BS:It has come to my attention of a fight brewing among the YouTube community in regards to videos being released by Joy on the DaddyOFive situation. All I’m going to say is: do not bring this drama to my front door. I will remain neutral on this matter. I have seen things for my self and as my judgment stands, I am here for Rose and her kids. I have confirmed what Joy knows in a live stream in regards to the BBC reaching out to Joy, the moving van in front of Mike and Heather’s House, Joy being in direct contact with Tim, and I will confirm it here that Joy has spoken with Rose. Rose has told me this herself that her and Joy talk. Rose has also confirmed that Tim has spoken with Joy a lot more during a conversation I was having with Rose tonight over text messages. I have had one accusation against Joy brought before me already with “evidence” provided to which I went and looked at myself only to discover the accusation wasn’t true nor did it match what was presented.To be clear: I do not have time for this bullshit! I’ve seen another piece of “evidence” brought before me as well. Clips strung together out of context is not proof of anything except perhaps good editing skills. My number one priority is to be there for Rose during this time and in whatever way I’m physically able, I will. For me, this is not about alliances or views or even what friends I can make. I don’t know why this fight has broken out and I will not be apart of it or have any of it on my front door! Period. If there is a legitimate problem with actual evidence then fine, bring it forth! I will say personally, that I take no issue with Joy. I’m not 100 percent for how she’s presented things, but each to their own. I do know that Joy has been in my corner multiple times and has stuck up for me and my chambers.I have no further information to give and have nothing new to report at this time. My stance on this is Neutral. I have made my allies and acquaintances through this struggle with Rose and for that I am grateful. I’ve gotten to know some of you more personally because of it. I will admit that as of late, I have been under a lot of stress and have been somewhat emotional. I refuse to deal with a YouTube war in regards to this. I absolutely refuse! There have been contributions to helping Rose and for that I am grateful as well. I only wish for Rose’s story to be out there and for her kids to be reunited with her allowing the whole family to heal. I’m emotionally invested in this. Rose’s pain is my pain. Her loss, is my loss. I will make room for nothing else outside of her and my own household. I’m here for people if they need me to be, but do not bring your bullshit with you please. I don’t want it. Leave me out of this fight. I’m here for Rose and do not wish to be dragged into an all out celebrity war. I stand by my confirmations and have nothing further to say on the matter. Thank you.

Chambers made it fairly clear what she thought of everything. Loyal to Joy and accepting her words at face value.

Joy tells Chambers that the door is always open if she had some sort of issue with her. She says the way she deals with difficult topics like the DaddyOFive abuse is through making jokes. The tweet where Joy asked people to dig into Heather Martin’s sister is brought up. Joy says she was only trying to find a connection between them and CPS (which I had already debunked that same day). Mentioning Based_Mama’s video and one I had been tweeted at by PandaChu, Joy tells Chambers that the only motivator for this is jealousy. They talk about me. I had kept a fairly solid line of communication with Joy up until that point, but by the 6th of May I had blocked her. Chambers tells Joy “an old friend step forward and begin to whisper in Nick’s ear” when mentioning Phillip S. Chambers shares DMs I sent her concerning Joy’s behavior. Within, I mentioned my belief that Joy was mentally disturbed. Chambers seemed to humor me and take it seriously.

“I have come from an old life where I was a toxic person. I know what that looks like,” I said.

In High School, I had the nickname of Cassandra. Here meaning I was able to forecast disaster before it happens. But, when I try to warn people about the impending doom nobody believes me until it’s too late. As I sit here now writing this, it’s clear I wasn’t wrong in that. I told Chambers to be responsible about it and at least tell Tim Conlon about these complaints.

Joy tells Chambers that she loaned money to Phillip S and that he never paid it back up to that point. But she also reveals her history of drama over the past ten years with him. Chambers tells Joy she told Based_Mama about the privileged information she got from the hearing, freaking out that it would have an impact on the case.

[5/6/2017 12:59:14 AM] Joy Sparkle BS: all of those people have NO idea how invested i am now with the evidence reel and with tim, bc i don’t broadcast it
[5/6/2017 12:59:19 AM] Joy Sparkle BS: bc theres NO point to do so right now

[5/6/2017 1:36:33 AM] Joy Sparkle BS: I’ve been in other situations like this dude, a crowd turns on me, or some, get everyone else to, but u know what I’ve learned? the truth always fucking prevails
[5/6/2017 1:36:50 AM] Joy Sparkle BS: tim has promised me one of the FIRST interviews after rose gets her kids back, and will confirm EVERYTHING thats happened with me,
[5/6/2017 1:36:51 AM] Joy Sparkle BS: and i have MORE
[5/6/2017 1:36:54 AM] Joy Sparkle BS: minot talking about yet

[5/6/2017 1:51:29 AM] Joy Sparkle BS: i don’t reveal all my cards, bc i am working to get the maximum results here

[5/6/2017 1:52:30 AM] Joy Sparkle BS: i cant wait to reveal everything dude
[5/6/2017 1:52:33 AM] Joy Sparkle BS: I’m telling u tho be careful
[5/6/2017 1:52:35 AM] Joy Sparkle BS: bc when its aLL revealed
[5/6/2017 1:52:41 AM] Joy Sparkle BS: some of these people are gonna flip their shit
[5/6/2017 1:52:43 AM] Your Humble Host: I forgot to add the media thing, but I said that in the live stream
[5/6/2017 1:52:48 AM] Your Humble Host: is that still going up tomorrow
[5/6/2017 1:52:50 AM] Joy Sparkle BS: some of the people that were helping, are gonna be PISSED they were left out,just wanting u
[5/6/2017 1:53:08 AM] Joy Sparkle BS: ill give eu all the credit and praise, and from now on, i won’t EVER mention nick, mad woman or based.ill talk about u and suit, and thats about it

Those evidence reels are located here, here, and here

Joy and Chamber talked about myself, Mad Woman Muses, and Based_Mama in more detail. There were concerns that Joy slandered Mike and Heather, but Joy seems confident that she hasn’t stepped over any legal boundaries. Chambers tells Joy that myself, Based_Mama, and her had frequently talked to each other over the past few weeks. Joy interprets it to mean that I was somehow involved in making the videos that Based_mama had uploaded, and sticks by her personal conspiracy theory about the Fallston Group.

Joy expresses her astonishment at how far this DaddyOFive story had gone in this short amount of time. “just glad i can call u a friend, not many real bitches in the world anymore u know?,” she said to Chambers.

Compared to how she addressed Matt a few days prior – on May 6th Chambers was openly hostile. If you disagree with that terminology, it can be at the very least argued they were highly out of character. Name-calling in response and aggressive. She still ran to Joy’s defense: delivering a package of sarcasm when defending Joy’s controversial DaddyOFive video moments, explaining “it’s okay because other people do it,”

“Ignore the guy. He’s just talking out of ass. Seriously, pay him no mind. He’s trying to start shit,” Chambers told someone responding to Matt.

This was the same chick who opened with a prayer at the start of the day before. But now Chambers got down and dirty as Joy’s personal ambassador while Joy herself looked clean in comparison. Bottom line is – Chambers put Joy in touch with Tim Conlon, and it was up to him whether or not he was going to continue contact with JoySparkleBS.

Chambers let loose later that day and fell for a fake Fallston group Twitter account. Later revealed to be started by one of Joy’s followers.

[5/6/2017 1:32:09 AM] Joy Sparkle BS: u know people did similar when i was gonna debate onision, call me crazy everyone doubted me , talked shit, i let them, them BAM, i came out the wood work and owned his ass. and i did it quietly. THIS is how i do shit.. all i will say is we will be patient, and wait till monday

[5/6/2017 2:14:55 PM] Joy Sparkle BS: btw not that it matters at this point what the others say/do, i think at this point its misguided information and jealousy, but just letting u be aware your name is getting thrown into their hate at me. just be cautious, thats all. but until i have proof its just talking

On the morning of May 7th, Chambers uploaded a video that she would later end up deleting.  She opens the video by stating she’s debunking the “Chambers hates DeFranco” rumor.  What Chambers was actually irritated about is how the media didn’t do their research about who actually mentioned DO5 first, and just assumed DeFranco was the one outright. Chambers says she never even followed Phil DeFranco before the DaddyOFive stuff started, rather being a fan of Mr. Repzion and YourselfSuit. While technically someone named KenjiVlogs was the first to talk about DaddyOFive’s controversial content back in February 2017, his attempt to spotlight it got silenced because of his small channel size.  She explains Mr. Repzion ends up being the first one to have talked about DO5 on April 16th, with YourselfSuit following after, then ChambersofHeart did her video. She does complain that the whole story (meaning Rose Hall’s angle, etc.) was seemingly glossed over by both the media and DeFranco’s initial pieces on it.

Five hours later the video was removed. Chambers was cutting ties with Joy. Due to the fact in this deleted video Chambers said was where her idea to make the piece came from (a discussion the two had on a livestream) in the first place. She made a Facebook post about all that too.

By the end of May 7th? Chambers had taken a complete 180 degree turn from her initial stance.


She and Based_Mama were still on speaking terms. As to what that entailed in these critical 48 hours is explained in Based’s section of this piece.

“Now, I overstepped at the defence of a friend. I apologize humbly,” Chambers told MundaneMatt.

And so it was. While Chambers and Joy would have things come to a head later, she was very quiet when it came to responding to Joy’s YouNow streams. There was a remark about dragging skeletons out of closet.

But as we see by the text message chat logs I had dumped between Chambers and Joy a few weeks back, we can fill in the blanks about how the break-up happened.

Early on in the day, Chambers says she tried to talk to Tim about Joy and get a statement. Joy tells Chambers she made a video trying to help clarify what she said about Phil DeFranco, and Chambers says she intended to make one of her own. Joy tries to wedge Based_Mama apart from Chambers by claiming to have evidence she was bad-mouthing her. Joy directs Chambers attention to a Twitter account she at first says is the real DaddyOFive, but it turns out to be a fake. At the same time, Joy tells Chambers to distance herself from me because I had stopped talking about the case and she worried I was going to come after Chambers next (which is completely untrue for the record). Joy tells Chambers that the Twitter account is fake and she should delete her tweets about it (after having directed Chambers attention to it in the first place).

Joy tries to convince Chambers that Based_Mama and myself were attacking Tim and that we would hurt the court case.

Joy: be VERY careful right now w everyone dude [2:55:53 PM]
Joy: if u distance yourself i won’t be upset [2:55:57 PM]
Joy: simply bc they are coming after me hard with nothing dude [2:56:04 PM]

Joy: bc when u basically proved based mama WRONG, they started attacking YOU & TIM [2:58:25 PM]
Chambers: Indeed [2:58:36 PM]
Chambers: I saw that [2:58:40 PM]
Joy: so I’m gonna be REALLY careful right now, even mores [2:59:50 PM]
Joy: more so [2:59:53 PM]
Joy: jealousy is a bitch [2:59:57 PM]

In the mid-afternoon, Chambers gets a call from Rose and tells Joy that she got worried about the videos Joy was making. On top of that, Tim Conlon was getting emails talking about some of Joy’s past dramas. Chambers tells Joy to private her vids as a precaution until things calm down, for the sake of Rose. Joy expresses confidence in her personal background and tells Chambers she’s more than happy to answer any questions anyone has. Chambers texts back a few hours later saying she has to cut herself off from contact with Joy for Rose’s sake. Joy says she understands. While Chambers eventually signs off, Joy is persistent and continues sending messages to Chambers. She denies the allegations against her having any merit, and she gets upset that Chambers apologized to MundaneMatt.

Then came May 8th. The protection order for Rose against Mike Martin became public information, that I was informed to of by a tip from someone in the first place.

Joy didn’t take the news well. More so when Chambers posted about it.


Another piece. Put into place. Chambers and Joy were on good terms, but the overwhelming severity of the DaddyOFive situation meant Chambers had to make some hard choices.


Nick Monroe

If you’ve made it this far, you’re most likely aware of who I am and what I do online. But if you don’t, I can give you a SparkNotes version. I’m a gaming journalist who started off at the Escapist Magazine back in October 2015, and migrated over to Gameranx in March 2016 after there were layoffs. It was during this time that I started investigating more complex stories and situations. This website here was made to act as a portfolio for my work, and I decided to use the blog section of this site as a means of continuing that.

I have a confession to make. At one point in my earlier years, I was a toxic person. There are things that were said online that I am not proud of, but fully accept and owned up to. Whenever the skeletons in my closest came up. All I can say for sure anymore is – it was probably worse than I remember, but definitely not as bad as everyone else claims it was.

I hit rock bottom. But it was at that lowest point I received the tough advice I needed to hear. If I refocused my energy into something useful, I still had the slightest chance of doing good work.

Here I am, nearly three years later. Helping get the DaddyOFive story out to the world. My two articles on the subject helped summarize everything and put it together in one spot for easy analysis and faster public understanding. I barely got any sleep when writing those up.

I was honored to have PhillyD’s support throughout all that.


So what the hell am I doing writing about Joy?

The answer to that is because it’s the right thing to do. I agree with the consensus that this entire JoySparkleBS situation is a drama dumpster fire that would make Jerry Springer guests seem like saints in comparison.  I’ll be hitting the publish button on this knowing full well that it isn’t the most popular topic in the world to do.

But that’s fine.

I can only guess as to the intentions of Chambers and Based_Mama. From their words on record and their actions throughout the past month. You have someone who was a close friend of Joy’s on one hand. On the other, you have someone who made their voice clear from the get-go that they were entirely against what Joy was doing. Foe. Despite this polar opposite magnetism these two had, they share the same view of wanting to the best for Rose Hall and two children. There’s no way either of them were capable of going through with what happened in this situation if their aims were selfish.

In Joy’s tirades on YouNow, she threatens to publish the DM conversations I had with her. In the interest of full transparency, here you go.

The thing that first alerted me about Joy was her spreading misinformation. You can see my efforts to try and steer her away from the conspiracy stuff in our DM convos.

My contact with JoySparkleBS started on April 24th, I shared a tweet I made showing Cody’s bruises. In general, I have a habit of sending DMs to people when it comes to situations happening online. Joy was talking about DaddyOFive, she was on Twitter, and she seemed interested in learning as much as possible about it. She actually didn’t respond to me for a few days, until the 28th. I shared a tweet about Fallston Group blocking me on Twitter, and she seemed interested in the fact I spoke to Mike’s stepbrother. Joy seemed confident that the Martins would never be charged because of the Fallston Group’s CEO having connections to the police. I told her “the biggest thing they despise is persistence,” and let her rant about it a bit. Joy was sure of the fact that the company released a blog specifically because of the videos she made on the subject. I told Joy she was doing a good thing. At the time, it appeared as if she was. I helped where I could, showing her tweets of people’s endorsements of Fallston (taken from an archive of their website), but the page in question was removed after they did an update. Over the next few days I sent Joy more tweets about my research and findings. No response. It wasn’t until May 1st Joy seemed interested in replying back to me again. The minute Rose Hall and Tim Conlon uploaded a video sharing their update to the world, I let her know. I let everyone know. Joy told me she called the lawyer’s office and left a message offering to help. Calling Chambers her friend, Joy said she and her were going to try to help the situation as much as possible. Joy thanked me for keeping her in the loop. She offered to give me shout-outs in her videos. I did not ask. She offered. I told her to link my paypal and Twitter accounts, as those help me share information with the world and pay my bills so I can continue doing that. She asked me about Mike Martin being reluctant to give the kids necessities up, I replied in vague enough terms after she pressed me for more info. I dodged her questions and specified the kids didn’t need to be shoved into the middle. I stressed to her that law enforcement was doing everything in their power to help the situation. I was the one that gave her the idea to make a video about the long road ahead, but I didn’t think she’d devote to following it after the authorities had gotten involved here. When Chambers mentioned in her update video that Mike and Heather were rumored to have skipped town, I pointed that out to her. “holy shit your upload speed is amazing,” I said to Joy. She told me they upgraded internet recently, and said ten videos in one day is too much.

It was at some point after she said that I started to look into Joy more closely.

On May 2nd Joy asked me if it was ok to do a video about the interview with Mike’s step-brother. I gave a thumbs-up. Seemed harmless. After that I spent a decent amount of the day looking into the “skipping town” rumor in more detail, and making the distinction to Joy that we didn’t know for sure if the kids were with the Martins if that was the case. Thankfully I was able to confirm the kids were safe and still attending school. A different source was able to contact the police and get in touch with the boys directly. By that point it seemed the situation had settled down. Nobody was planning on leaving the state. On May 3rd was when Joy asked people to help her “research Heather Martin’s sisters connection to CPS,” on Twitter. That was blantant misinformation (SISTER-IN-LAW is not the same as SISTER). I told her I knew the name of the person but there was no substantial connection to justify revealing that to Joy or anyone. One of the last things I said to Joy was her videos helped “amazingly” and that she was a “powerhouse,” to reassure her that I meant well.

After that I was out.  By May 5th, I had blocked JoySparkleBS because I believed she was a toxic person.

To understand what exactly went down, we’ll turn to this archive of my tweets I put together. In particular, everything from May 5th to 8th. This will essentially fill the last blanks in.

Note: While I was concerned about Joy lying on her resume, a long call to MarketingWerks ended up with me being able to verify Joy worked there at some point.

Joy goes after me, Chambers, and Based_Mama in a YouNow livestream on the evening of May 8th. Generally speaking throughout these YouNows, Joy repeats herself over and over again.

Her grievances with Chambers stemmed from the fact that she told people Joy was privating her videos. Taking that mistake and assuming it was a lie – Joy snowballed her thought process down a path of accusing Chambers of being a manipulator. While initially calling Chambers a friend, as time goes on Joy distanced herself further and further away. Until, when the paranoia peaks, where she accused Chambers of using her name to get views because Chambers was “bleeding subscribers” on her own.

At first – Joy claims nobody was talking to her. But Chambers was. She spelled things out as clearly and responsibly as one could, given the circumstances. It was made clear to Joy that her actions weren’t personal, but with the intent of doing what was believed best for the situation as it was at the time on May 7th. It makes sense that Chambers tried to work things out with Joy. She meant no harm to her in the first place. But given that opportunity, a vindictive Joy lashed back and spat at Chambers for attempting to be amicable. At the end of it Joy tried to drag Chambers into the drama fueled hell that she was trying to avoid in the first place, calling her a “snake” and not holding back remarks and ridicule that attempted to paint Chambers as a villain.

Basically, to reiterate: Chambers was the one who had gotten in touch with Joy on the 7th and said “this is what’s going on.” Joy knew people were going to distance themselves for Rose’s safety. Joy pretends that conversation never happened.

May 8th: It opens with Joy criticizing me for criticizing Joy about retweeting a fake Fallston Group account, while not grilling Chambers for doing the same. The truth to that is I was unaware of Chambers being involved in spreading that hoax, but my response to her would’ve been just the same as it was to Joy. Joy says she had to text and call Chambers to let her know the account was fake and that she should back off from that. This is the first time we see Joy say she’s not going to talk about the case until it’s the right time. She’ll continue to say this as she talks about this gag order drama in many YouNow streams to come. Joy says that myself nor the others “really cared about the children” because of whatever it was we were tweeting or retweeting at that time. Joy accuses us of wanting attention and “glory” for this situation, while in the previous breath she said she would not be talking about what happened in court Friday or today (May 8th). She said all of this on her YouNow stream, to the public. Joy addresses the claim that Based_Mama called her a liar because Joy asserted they were friends. Her reply to that was she grouped myself, Based_Mama, and Mad Woman Muses together as “YouTube Friends,” which by her own definition is different from actual friendships. She alludes to DM coversations I had with her, saying I praised her, then was silent, then blocked her. This is completely true. I had sent Tim Conlon my concerns as to why Joy may not be a trustworthy person with a toxic history, and I backed away from Joy quietly. This is standard YouTube decorum when it comes to these sorts of situations. According to Joy, Chambers and her were “legit real life friends” however. This is why Joy takes a deep offense to Chambers saying Joy made videos private, when in reality she did not. “They will owe me apologies,” Joy said. She claims at this point that myself, Chambers, and Based_Mama were attempting to “get Joy out of the picture” for attention and fame. In an attempt to justify this claim, Joy asks why did Based_Mama go against Tim’s request for everyone to keep quiet by making two videos about Joy continuing to talk about the case. This is where Joy’s justification defeats herself. At [3:31] Joy says she was quiet because “she cares about the kids” but simultaneously she’s trying to “protect herself” as she sees fit. Joy goes against her own words in doing so and making these YouNow streams slamming everyone else in the first place. Going on to answer a question about “a snake” (referring to my Twitter posts that day), Joy says I’m unnecessarily putting the biological Dad’s (of the other three DaddyOFive children) information out there when they requested it not be. The answer to that is I was unaware of that request at the time, and I was only doing my job as a journalist to inform people of the DaddyOFive situation. “why is he continuing to talk about the case right now?” Joy asks, while painting herself as unfairly victimized for being requested to not talk about the case. The answer to that is there’s a difference between a journalist talking about publicly available information, alongside a YouTuber who got privileged information from an inside source within a court room that was under a gag order. Speaking of which, Joy would go on to claim the gag order was only for Tim and Rose. While in reality, the gag order also applied to the Martins side of the proceedings as well. Overall, Joy justifies her public YouNow streams as a response to what she believed were false statements.

Joy says her followers aren’t the “cult” that her critics advertised it to be, and that the people in her chatroom had the capacity to think for themselves. Joy denies claims that she sent anyone after Heather’s job. What ticked Joy off the most from the get-go here was the “lie” that Chambers said Joy privated her videos. She denies her “when I DO speak up” rhetoric should not be interpreted as a threat. But as we’ll see later on, that’s exactly the context she presents it in. “Be prepared to defend any lies you’ve told about me,” Joy says directly into the camera.  Joy admits that this isn’t the first time she’s had to deal with YouTube drama, therefore proving that the concerns that myself and others had in the first place had a level of merit. “I was not going to say anything, this will be the last time I talk until I have advice from council,” Joy says. In doing so she essentially defines her YouNow streams as being something that “talks about the case” in the first place to some capacity.

Later on at one point, Joy encourages people to “go do some digging on the people I’ve mentioned you’ll find it,” when talking about people’s personal pasts. Shortly after that, Joy finds herself forced to clarify that she didn’t necessarily mean that, even though that’s how it appeared. All she did was urged people in her chat to look at our twitter accounts to see the oh-so-horrible things that Chambers, Based_Mama, and myself were apparently saying about her. Joy presents another contradiction at [14:09] when she says she’s legally allowed to talk to even though she’s decided against that, while simultaneously encouraging her followers to question the three of us as to what Joy was doing wrong. Joy essentially forces us into the position where if we fully explain what was going on at the time, we’d be lambasted for not caring about Rose’s kids. But by keeping quiet, Joy is able to position herself as this victim of an imaginary conspiracy to get her out of the picture. Towards the tail end of this circus show, Joy explains that the “DaddyOFive jerks off to his kid’s torture” line was “obvious sarcasm,” and that it was ok because that was her method of coping with controversial situations.


They transitioned to YouTube so they could talk to The Geekthulhu. Someone by the name of Lizz Reptile came on to ask Joy some question.

Here’s video of that on Joy’s channel. Start at 1:03:15.

“do you have information on the case that you are not really ‘supposed to have’ and or was given to you by somebody other than the lawyer or Rose?”

Joy: “hold on im really tired I want to make sure I understand the question right. So the first part of it is – do I have information I’m not supposed to have? That answer is no. I do not have information I am not supposed to have.”

Lizz: “Did you get any information from anybody other than Rose or the lawyer or YouTube itself when it came to the court thing other than public record? Is there somebody else talking to you is what we need to know. Is there somebody else talking to you?”

Joy: “Right. And what I am going to say about that is – I’m not going to comment in the sense like I’ve said. I have not spoken to Rose or spoken to Tim about any of that. But otherwise I am not going to comment on anything else, and whatever I may or may not know I will keep to myself.

May 9th: Opens with Joy reiterating she’s still focused on the DaddyOFive kids. While going over many of the same points that she did in her previous stream, Joy addresses a member of the audience by saying she can say whatever she wants because she defines herself as Press. That being an average person with a camera and no sense of moral or ethical obligations. Again, she mischaracterizes the gag order and says it only applies to Tim and Rose. Joy attacks the commenter and says he needs to “do his research” otherwise he’s just “shit-talking,” in Joy’s eyes. “If what people are saying is right, I actually GAVE MONEY to people,” Joy shouts before breaking into hysterics and laughter. She says by taking questions from the audience directly, her intention in doing so is “showcasing stupidity” when it comes to the drama Joy found herself in. “When everything is done, the DRAGGING I’m going to do,” Joy promises. She says I completely discredit myself by bringing up the possibility she lied on a resume. The truth to that is I actually watched Phil S. three-hour long video piece he did on her, and that was one of the points of interest within. Joy paints her own past with rose-tinted glasses, saying what Phil was alluding to was when she helped him try to get a job. At no point does Joy actually talk about the fact she gave Phil a false career history and advised him to just land a good interview and get his foot in the door. Joy then goes after a YouTuber named LizzReptile who had asked her questions in the previous stream. Joy says she was doing “broadcast journalism and marketing to keep the story alive,” and bluntly paints Lizz against that act. Going back over the ChambersofHeart “lie” that she alleged Joy was privating her videos, we see Joy actually in the act of doing so for the first time with the Geekthulu livestream they had the night before. When regurgitating that, Joy assumes Chambers was totally against her and “shit-talking” and doesn’t account for the possibility of legitimate confusion or ignorance on Chambers part. Calling me a “cackling hen” that “talks shit” and goes with “whatever is trendy,” she reiterates the last DM conversation I had with her being on a positive note. On that basis alone, Joy paints my change of disposition as me being a “liar” now. Going after Based_Mama and myself, Joy says that her sources were Lolcow and Kiwi Farms. While Based_Mama did indeed put such links in her video description, there was more to that than Joy implies. I got DMs from people complaining to me about Joy. People sent me that stuff on their own, along with links to information. One of them was the 3-hour video by Phillip S. while others were about various tidbits about Joy’s past. These were what people’s concerns were. Joy goes after the commenters again, defining the criticism she received from them as “negativity” she needs to “defend herself” from. That’s also what she claimed that myself, Chambers, and Based_Mama were doing, making it clear that Joy’s impulse to publicly defend herself from something has a very low barrier for entry. At 9:56, Joy brings Based_Mama’s own children into this drama discussion. According to a commenter, Based_Mama lost her own children. Later on, she denies bringing her kid into it despite doing so earlier in the stream. Joy says for someone who has a lot to say about the DaddyOFive matter, she accuses Based_Mama of having no evidence or information to back her claims up. Turning her attention to Phil, Joy says Phil is not a stalker in the traditional definition. But to her, she finds his 3 hour video (that she’ll later admit to never having actually watched) and his Twitter account as enough to be counted as creepy. Joy makes a passing remark about her frustration that I didn’t yell at Chambers the same way I criticized her for retweeting a fake Fallston Group account. At 12:38 Joy brings Based_Mama into it again, going on to address the claim that Joy is “using the internet for therapy.” Attacking Based_Mama as a mother, Joy says the video Based made about her wasn’t appropriate being a “mother of six who didn’t have all her kids.” She stands by this attack on Based_Mama by saying she’s setting a bad example for her kids by making it. Joy sounds spiteful when mentioning her observation that Chambers liked the video, and Chambers Twitter account automatically tweeted about it and shared it. When it comes to Mundane Matt, Joy throws Chambers under the bus by saying despite publicly apologizing to him she called Matt a “fucking idiot” in private. Attacking the commenters again, she asks her critics if they have any empathy for the things Joy herself has been through. Reading a message from what Joy claims came from a friend, it says that we were blaming our personal shortcomings on Joy and making her a fall guy. The message characterizes us as malcious by saying we waited until Joy was in a position with privileged information in order to ambush her, and speak against some of her actions on Twitter. Joy takes the time to thank someone for attacking critics on her behalf. Taking a jab at me and calling me overly obessive, Joy paints herself as someone in a moral dilemma (and confesses to sharing that moral dilemma publicly to people). Joy legitimizes people’s concerns by saying she has the freedom of speech to say whatever she wants and that there was nothing stopping her from sharing privileged information with everyone as she saw fit. Joy distances herself from some of “Phillip DeFranco bashing” that was going on at the time.

All the meanwhile, Joy says countless times “I’m not talking about the case,” while in the same instance talking about the case as it applies to her personal drama.

At the 18:00 mark, Joy goes after me for allegedly digging up information about her on Kiwi Farms. But what happens next seems to go directly against the brush Joy is trying to paint me with. She has someone who claimed to be an admin on Lolcow and Kiwi Farms come on and guest with her on YouNow. Joy was baited by the claim from this random person on the internet that I had somehow got in touch with this individual (I didn’t) and that he wanted to spill the beans he had about our alleged conversation.

This is who she had on.

“Nick gets his information from Lolcow!” “Now, let me welcome our guest. An admin from Lolcow.”

After the diversion was over, Joy accuses Based_Mama that she made the videos about Joy for views. Joy parades around the fact she gave her BBC Interview opportunity to Chambers, morally grandstanding that it was “the right to do.” Joy goes on to call herself a saint for passing on the attention potential and fame for sharing what knowledge she had at the time. Turning back to Chambers, she mentions the possibility she was used because “Based_Mama and Mad Woman were talking shit,” and she had evidence of that. While calling Chambers a friend yesterday, Joy does an about-face and says she’s “done” with her altogether. According to Joy, the rest of us had no idea what the gag order was and that we were reactionary in our responses. Regurgitating the claims that myself and others were painting Joy’s viewers as a cult, she goes on to say that the gag order was SPECIFICALLY for Rose and Tim. Going on to laugh to herself that nobody else did their research. Going over the fact she called her May 5th video “Court Case Update!,” Joy actually has a rare moment of acknowledging criticism as legitimate. She justifies her “clickbait” behavior with the reasoning that everyone else does it so it must be fine as well in her specific case. Threatens to release our private DM conversations again. She later accuses Phil of being extreme in his response to Joy’s behavior during their friendship, given the events that happened between them. “You act like a little bitch,” Joy says from her YouNow rant stream. “You’re a pussy. Nick, you’re a pussy. Have some balls Nick.” Joy claims she tried to work it out privately with people at first. She did not. Her first email to me would be on May 11th, and this stream where she verbally berated me took place on the 9th. You can see how off-putting that would be when it came to her eventual “reach-out,” as I took her public meltdown into account.  Joy peppers in an accusation that I tried putting her address out there as well. I firmly deny doing anything of the sort.


Going against her own hints at being willing to work things out earlier, when being made aware ChambersofHeart was in the YouNow chatroom Joy addressed her directly by saying she had “nothing to say” to her. Joy claims she tried to put out an invitation for people to come talk to her privately.  Joy denies calling Mr. Repzion a “psychopath” but reaffirms her belief that what he did was “shitty,” in regards to jumping on what Joy called a bandwagon. At 41:22 we get the biggest hole in logic of all time when Joy says her YouNow streams don’t count as videos made. Over here in reality, yes they do. If there’s a device filming Joy speak or do something, no matter what that is, it’s considered a video.


Let’s go over the rest of my tweets and get that out of the way. I had reacted to the storm of outrage Joy unleashed on the 9th, but something unexpected made the drama change course.

Thankfully there’s a bit of breathing room between May 9th and 16th.

Remember this? I said earlier on that Joy recruited random people to help make an evidence reel on May 4th.


I spoke to one of the members of this group (wishes to remain anonymous).

I’ll let them explain how things went down.

“There has been worse cult like behaviour with the joy group. I don’t know if she really notices. It’s been mainly confined to her you now streams and frankly it’s been getting creepier. I will admit the resent bs she’s been discussing about her car issues have been a charming diversion to her over all cult like mantras of telling the people watching her how other are questioning their mental capacity. I have a feeling it’s going to be another shit storm it the next stream. And on a side not there were two other groups made after you exposed the first. It’s just been getting worse and worse. The only reason I joined this group to start was to help make the evidence reel.

It started out with joy sending out an “s.o.s” tweet asking for people to message her if they wanted to help with a “project”. So I decided to message to see what she needed help with. Next thing I know I’m added to a massive group with people clambering around wondering why we were their and where joy was. About 10 minutes of sitting there, Joy finally messages. She tells us that she can’t tell us why but she needs help editing the daddy05 videos to highlight the abuse. For anyone questioning this she simply says all will be revealed later and that everyone would get recognition for their hard work. In the original room we were all assigned daddy05 videos to go over and edit. After some of us working literally all night the video was done and a portion of us stayed behind.

After that the group yes was used to have fun and such like shae stated but it was often use for joy to spread bs. When someone would find negative things said about joy they would report to her there. honestly I’ve been uncomfortable with how things have been going. When stinky Hillary came around we at first did not know that she was also running the fake fallston group (as well as several other accounts). It was only after shae started talking to her that we found out.”

I’m sorry to the followers of Joy who genuinely believe this narrative being spun. She should not send people to do her bidding on her behalf.

The people in this DM group gave free labor to Joy, and conned them into thinking they didn’t need to be credited for it because “the internet is mean” or something.

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May 16th: By Joy’s good graces, she allowed the rest of us to have a week off from her ranting.  She tells her commenters that she’s going through a lot of drama as usual, and that she enjoyed talking to just a small group of people rather than large audiences at once. Even a week out from her last livestream, Joy is more than happy to make mention of the fact “she knows stuff that other people don’t know” when answering  a comment that asked if anything new in the DaddyOFive situation had happened. Later on, Joy admits she can understand how people could be worried about her behaviors from their outside perspective. What rustles her jimmies is the aspect that nobody reached out and sent her a private message to talk to her about this. Completely ignoring the fact that ChambersofHeart did exactly that on the 7th of May. Addressing Based_Mama’s comment on Twitter, Joy accuses her of “wishing me dead” and takes it out of context.

“wishing (Joy) dead” isn’t what happened here.

Again saying she’s “not going to comment on the situation” Joy goes on to explore Based_Mama further. There wasn’t just ONE video, but TWO. Both of them were put up after Tim Conlon asked people to stop doing stuff like that because it was stressing Rose out. Joy is saying this now, but it’s worth pointing out there’s NINE MORE JOY YOUNOWS to go over after this. Joy claims she wishes everything could get resolved peacefully, but that it seemed impossible to actually have that happen at this point. “This was all stuff that should’ve just been privately handled between two people,” Joy says. It was though. Between Joy and Chambers on the 7th of May. Joy says she still loved and cared about people like Chambers and couldn’t fathom how they could’ve done what they did to her. Now everyone at this point thought Joy was still talking about Chambers, but at 7:32 she’s forced to clarify that at some point her words switched to being about Phil instead. The thing you need to realize in this video is that Joy is conflating whatever her dispute with Phil is, together with her drama in this DaddyOFive situation. At 9:12 she actually addresses these two situations co-existing. “I’m not mad, I’m heartbroken,” Joy claims. For someone who demanded apologies from people who spoke out against her, Joy says her aim is to look at people’s concerns objectively and walk away peacefully. Joy starts to rail against Phil’s 3-hour video again, but at 11:04 she admits she never actually sat down and watched it.

She never even watched it.

Then Joy goes on to misrepresent the contents and intention of Phil’s video in itself. She says she’s not trying to “play sides or be secretive” in her state of willful ignorance. Towards the tail end of the video, Joy admits on her dependency to other people like her roommate. This will come up again later on in subsequent livestreams in more detail. But here, when Joy is saying to a commenter that their video helped Joy get out of bed that morning, that she gets very emotional incredibly easily. Joy can turn on a dime.

May 18th (Part I): Joy attempts to delude her actions in the DaddyOFive drama by mixing it in with other controversies she found herself in. Attempting to play a recording from a video called “JoySparkleBS denies the Gag Order and calls out other YouTubers” which clearly is about the DaddyOFive case. But then she goes on to talk about a separate rumor about her owning something called Special Spaces, which has absolutely no relation to the DaddyOFive case at all except for Joy being at the center of both ordeals. Jumping back and forth between these two things, Joy addresses a comment that claims she changed her story about contacting Rose Hall’s attorney first to saying he contacted her. “When I found out about Rose’s attorney, I called their office and left a message with reception,” Joy clarifies. “If I can help in any way, let me know.” Joy says it was after uploading “Exposing Tim Conlon” was when he got in touch with her. Tim reached out to Chambers for Joy’s information, and that’s how contact was made. She later sounds depressed about the negativity being thrown her way on YouTube, and takes the time to state she’s never been on hard drugs or drunk. Joy blames fibromyalgia for her long-winded videos, and at 11:35 goes on to say that people who are finding fault in her don’t have the same understanding of a subject as she does. This is one of the traits of a narcissist. Joy finally admits outright she uses YouNow livestreams to vent. Another commenter said Joy runs around in circles over and over again to try and justify to herself that she’s right. Joy is dumbstruck at this and can’t think of any examples. She says people are free to think she’s exploiting the situation, because according to her they don’t have all the information. She completely ignores the possibility that even if they had all the information it wouldn’t exactly change their minds regardless. When addressing the assertion that she keeps in close touch with people outside of YouTube, Joy confesses she doesn’t talk to a lot of people, and the people she does keep in close contact with are adults. On the other hand, she keeps YouTube friends at a distance. It was apparently a hard lesson for her to learn. In the beginning of her channel’s establishment, her fans added her to a group chat. Joy says she rarely spoke at all in this group. Eventually when Joy started to open up more, she let too many of these people who wanted to help with her channel into her life. Finally bringing up the group chat she did in regards to the DaddyOFive situation, she says that was different. Despite being pretty much the same thing as she previously described. “There was a group chat for a reason,” Joy says without going into more detail about it. Referring to the initial leaker in particular, Joy inadvertently gives merit to pictures that were circulated. Joy acknowledges the more venting she does, the more ammunition people have to use against her. Joy says she doesn’t care about that anymore and prioritized sharing how she felt instead. Completely disregarding any potential stress Rose might have, as previously mentioned by Joy herself in an earlier YouNow stream. Joy actively chose not to give a hoot. All the meanwhile, Joy sounds disappointed at what she assumes to be happening – in her mind people are automatically not thinking clearly and just running around with “baseless rumors.” It can’t be anything other than that. Joy says when she’s angry, she comes off arrogant, and it frustrates her that she’s not aware of when she’s doing that. Joy mentions that she had the phase where she talked to Angels but never actually addresses the fact she did that for a job in Paris. Her entire focus of addressing that aspect of her past deals exclusively with her beliefs, and not her pursuit of profit in doing so. When addressing the claim that she needs a break, Joy tells everyone that YouTube is the entirety of her life. Someone who is constantly sick and apparently in pain all the time, developing a depression as a result of that. When talking about therapy, we find out that Joy has had two therapists that both said to her – her problems are allegedly only physical. When it comes to job stuff, Joy says she worked in marketing where a lot of it was done remotely. She claims at 29:30 that being ill has robbed her of her life and being on YouTube has given her a life back. In a later YouNow stream she’ll contradict this. Her routine is struggling to get out of bed and shower, and then resorting to spending most of the day browsing the internet. When it comes to illness, Joy says things are in the exploratory phase where they’re trying to nail down what exactly the problem is. The discussion goes into the differences between what other people’s ailments contend with (drug addiction, cancer, etc.) and her particular case. Therapists have told her to channel her pain to other things, and given the limitations to her house (possibly agoraphobic), there’s very little left for Joy to resort to but the internet.  She did take lyrica for a time to deal with fibromyalgia, but it apparently stopped working. On top of that, Joy needs to contend with the stress and pain that come with running a YouTube channel.

May 18th (Part II): Joy goes over the indigo nonsense once again. She says the origin of the indigo children had to do with some guy saying the aura of the children on the planet being indigo, and that the people who were born from 1985 onward were spiritually creative and intend to help the planet. Joy connected with the idea of helping other people and subscribed to the belief for a period of about two years. What eventually turned her off from it was the silly hyperfocus that these indigo folks had on the arbitrary 1985 cutoff point (revealing she was born before 1985 also). She tries to distance herself from it because it was something she did 12 years ago and people’s beliefs change over time. Going over her childhood once again, Joy says she was programmed to believe everything was her fault growing up. “I was taught to be ashamed of existing,” Joy says. She invites people to look her history up, claiming her record is squeaky clean. Admitting to the fact she’s an “odd fuck” who makes mistakes, at 8:50 she says “I’m okay with whatever people want to say even if its a lie.” This casts a shadow of confusion given the fact Joy would continue to harp on myself, Based_Mama, and Chambers in the days to come. At this point Joy is notified Chambers made an apology video of some kind, and Joy tells the audience she reached out to Chambers first to open up a line of dialogue. At 11:29 Joy says “”Im at peace with whatever people wanna do,” making it appear as if her personal DaddyOFive drama wouldn’t come back.

It did.


May 20th: In the first 11 or so minutes of this livestream video, Joy talks about her journey to try and get her Ford Fiesta car fixed. There was a falling out between herself and the car dealership after an arrangement between herself and the manager doesn’t work out because he went on vacation without telling her. Joy has a difficult time explaining herself to the other staff at this dealership and ends up having a bit of breakdown right there on scene. But she ends up getting her recall-laden car back at the end of it, regardless. When Joy actually starts talking about the ChambersofHeart stuff, she tells everyone that no matter what kind of video Chambers releases it’s a “fake” apparently. Joy’s reasoning for that is Chambers is “bleeding subscribers after being an ass to me,” verbatim. “I have all the evidence I need to burn every one of these motherfuckers,” Joy says about the three of us. Whereas on May 8th Joy said Chambers and her were friends, here she says Chambers was never her friend and only wanted the benefits of Joy’s YouTube channel. In a conversation between the two of them, Joy alleges she was told there was a “manufactured witch hunt” with the objective of making Joy look crazy. At 12:40 Joy shoves her face forward into the camera and says she recorded the conversation with Chambers without her consent. Calling her a “snake,” Joy says she has a list of Chambers wrongdoings. “You guys have no idea the damage they did THE DAMAGE THEY DID in this situation,” Joy says while shoving her face into the camera again. Joy claims she urged Chambers to apologize and try to repair this when “the time is right,” according to her. Joy says she urged Chambers to be mature. Next day, Joy says she got a text saying the others aren’t going to apologize. Chambers told Joy she was going to do a video, allegedly against her urging. When the video came out, Joy says she was “appalled” because it didn’t touch on much. Joy sounds offended at the fact that Chambers didn’t name me and Based_Mama in particular, she paints herself as a saint once again trying to say she was nothing but nice to Chambers. Joy goes on to describe the text conversations that I previously published here. “It was nothing but blah blah blah,” Joy alleges. Joy re-emphasizes the “i did nothing wrong i’ve only been helpful to you” lines. “stand by someone who screamed they want me dead,” Joy says about Based_Mama at 16:13. Urging people to look at Based_Mama’s tweets (which actually prove Joy is lying), saying “the person wished me to die in a fire, isn’t that what cody said to people” at 16:37. At no point did Based_Mama make this connection to the DaddyOFive situation that Joy is alleging. Joy implies Chambers bothered her, and that she wanted Chambers to leave her alone. Joy says Chambers said “we all created this mess” and that Joy had a hand in it. Shouting at the camera, Joy says she said nothing but defend herself. Joy directs people to Chambers Twitter and urges them to check things out for themselves. Joy says Chambers apology video wasn’t good enough and demands more out of her in terms of reparations. Again dangling the “oh the things I could say line,” Saint Joy mentions the fact she donated $600 to Rose’s GoFundMe and attacks everyone else’s donation amounts as if it was some sort of contest. Intermittently throughout this rant, Joy rehashes the same things over and over again.

“I don’t want to draw attention away from Rose, Tim, and the kids, but OH when I do talk about what ACTUALLY HAPPENED you guys are going to shit your pants!,” Joy essentially says (I paraphrased, but feel free to listen at the 21:00 mark to check for yourself the accuracy of that).

Chambers and Joy had a big ol’ fight. Before continuing it’s recommend you read this for context.


May 23rd (Part I): Joy opens up by explaining her roommate helped with research and filling paperwork for her medicaid paperwork. Her eligibility results came back and she read the letter on livestream. Joy was rejected because her household income was too low for a premium tax credit. As her household may be below the poverty line and her state didn’t expand individual benefits. Joy proceeds to blame the Trump administration and attacks the critics online who said she couldn’t “get off her ass” to do the paperwork. Joy admits that she has a hard time dealing with her illness and that it might make her videos and reactions more angrier as a result of that. At 2:26 she “prays to go home,” which as far as I’m aware in this context is she’s wishing to die? Anyway, after that Joy jumps onto the Manchester incident. Revealing that she lived in Europe for a time, Joy says that gives her a different perspective on the incident compared to most Americans. Giving some woke thoughts on the US government’s involvement in Iran back in the 70s, Joy says she was shocked at how much things changed when she went back to France for a visit a few years ago. According to her, the old hangouts she frequented are overran by extremists. French people are moving out of the areas populated by refugees, and Joy says it’s now not safe to go out as a woman or after dark. Somehow, this conversation about politics and current events devolves into talking about Lolcow again at 5:47, because Joy has a habit of mixing all her problems together like that. Predictably this video ends up with Joy attacking commenters and people in the chat again.

May 23rd (Part II): In this livestream, Joy focuses on discussing why she made videos about the Manchester incident in the first place. According to her, the intent was to get information out there. Again we have another saga where Joy says she’s fighting back against people who apparently slander her. Much like the DaddyOFive drama, much like the Phil drama, for Joy it always has to be a battle. In this particular vague case, Joy says she knows when people “put her on blast” and makes it clear she’s deciding to show mercy by not counter-attacking them directly. Remember. This is about the Manchester incident and somehow Joy is going on about her online drama once again.  Joy shams someone named PiercedAngel96, accusing her of spamming Lolcow and pretending to be Joy while doing so. She says she was on the phone with somebody else begging Angel to stop, and says a story was “spun” that Joy made Angel post on her behalf. Firmly denying that she watched Angel’s livestream and giving some excuse about being subbed to her and getting thrown into the chat automatically, Joy claims she automatically clicked out as soon as possible. Later on, Joy laments about how there are people out there ready to demonize her at a moment’s notice. She attempts to connect it back to the Manchester tragedy by saying she was legitimately fooled by trolls in her efforts to try and help. While they may be true about Joy in this specific instance, it doesn’t exactly mean she can use that to excuse general patterns of behavior. Again she re-emphasizes the fact that she’ll make mistakes due to being still new to YouTube. At 13:42 Joy brings up the DaddyOFive situation once more.  “all the other people who bitched where were your donations,” Joy remarks while whipping out the $600 dollar donation she made. Joy clarifies that none of the things mentioned are about Chambers specifically, but still manages to barb the poor lass with some bile about shady tactics and behavior. According to Joy, people are going to spin their narratives anyway because they’re “miserable, jealous, and have a vendetta” against her. At 16:42 Joy contradicts herself from an earlier statement where she labels herself as press. Here, she says YouTube and the News are not the same thing. Repeating herself up through the end of the video, Joy says she has every right to be angry about being “screwed over” by people.


These last two YouNow streams show Joy in two very different states of mind.

May 24th: Joy starts off telling a joke tale about her roommate being inside source in the Maryland court. She accuses “they” (myself, Based_Mama, and Chambers) of being caught, so now we’re spinning a new story, allegedly.  Accusing us of being dumber than her, Joy calls Chambers a “fucking manipulative cunt” who went on a livestream with someone who made false and debunked accusations against Joy. Going from friend, to hating her, now Joy says “I don’t know the bitch” when it comes to Rose’s GoFundMe. According to Joy, she has evidence that myself, Based_Mama, and Chambers know better than Tim. “I have two evidences of this,” Joy says. She says it was her job to keep the story alive, and somehow Rose became afraid of her because of the amount of videos she made. Joy says this whole time she’s cared about the kids, and by “our own logic” we have shown that we don’t, somehow. Apparently, Chambers “put her lot in with the wrong people, according to Joy. Regurgitating the same false claim that Based_Mama wished death on her at 4:49, again unnecessarily dragging Cody Martin into it. “Based_Mama talked shit on Tim. HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE?” Joy shouts. At 5:32, Joy claims she stood up for herself against Tim’s advice only at one point. This is an inaccurate estimate. By my count, Joy has dragged the drama into every livestream up until this point. Railing against Based_Mama some more and talking about the two videos she made, Joy throws the “you’re a mother” line at her once again. According to Joy, the three of us only wanted attention and didn’t care about Tim, Rose, and the kids. Joy says we only care about breaking the stories first, and tells the audience to think about all the attention Joy could’ve gotten if she broke the story back on May 5th. At 7:16 Joy falsely asserts that the gag order was lifted as of Monday the 22nd of May. She says that everyone is watching gaslighting happen in “real-time,” by her own definition. Joy says Chambers came crawling back to her out of guilt of what Based_Mama had allegedly done and what I had allegedly done with Lolcow. Joy recounts the request she made on Twitter that day asking her fans to photoshop a Lolcow journalism degree in order to mock me. Joy lambasts me of being a “pussy” for addressing her last night while having her blocked. Joy tells everyone that Chambers requested pictures of Joy’s roommate, and makes the comparison that it’d be the equivalent of Joy saying “hey we need to figure out who Chambers husband is, and get everybody’s family involved.” Joy takes the time to urge people not to attack our families this first time. Joy says the narrative is that we somehow think Joy’s roommate was in Maryland’s court on May 5th, and that he’s Joy’s source. This is absolutely untrue. Joy goes over the process of how much of an excursion that would be to pull off. Joy jokingly tells everyone that she’s going to put up an interview with her roommate in order to prove he’s a real person, and that she and roommate are going to reveal everything about the Maryland court room heist.

Joy then highlights “shit I said on Twitter” as part of this gas-lighting scheme. I stepped back into the DaddyOFive Joy controversy after having my attention directed to the feud going on between Joy and Chambers. She accuses me of devising a “nerd plan” with Chambers where we use what we know and turn it against Joy. She accuses us of being fraudulent, and slanderous in a pursuit to try and ruin Joy’s reputation. According to her, I spread around to everyone that Joy did something illegal back in early May. Joy claims to have talked to 3 different lawyers, and they apparently “all laughed” when Joy told the situation to them. Joy says the court case was open to the public, accusing myself and the others of apparently knowing better than Tim Conlon. According to Joy’s research, if there was a “true gag order” they’d have had the proceedings in closed chambers away from the public. Joy says the gag order was lifted on Monday May 22nd at 10 AM. Joy says her and Rose still talk, smugly saying that the three of us were going to go to Rose urging her to not talk to Joy because “she’s crazy.” Joy claims she’s not threatening anybody (despite promising the “mind-blowing” nature of whatever information she’s sitting on) and accusing the “truth of slapping my ass.” Joy says the gag order is not about what happened in court that day, but that it applies to medical records. According to Joy, the May 5th court proceedings between Rose Hall and Mike Martin were open to the public. At 14:22, Joy falsely tells a concerned member of her audience that she had her roommate following Rose. Joy tells this audience member to take that small moment of her YouNow stream and spread it around as it was fact. Joy urges people to not even trust what she’s saying about this drama, and tells people to do research for themselves. “They know they’re fucked. They know I know have the evidence I’m sitting on,” Joy asserts. Claiming that we’re spinning a new narrative now against her. Joy goes back to my tweets, and mentions the one where I said I stopped talking to Joy because she’s unstable. Joy says I knowingly lied, slandered her, said that she has a cult, and that I put out information that wasn’t good for the kids even though I had the legal right to put it out. According to Joy, by own logic I’ve done something criminal. Joy doesn’t take into account the fact that I didn’t receive this information from a source that was directly inside the courtroom in her rebuttal. Accusing me of doxxing a 16 year old, and saying she wrote me 4 times urging me to stop. Other YouTubers asking me to stop (at 16:34 it was only YourselfSuit in reality) – these things together alongside the fact that I addressed Joy while having her blocked make me a pussy. Joy says unlike myself, Chambers, and Based_Mama, she’s willing to address the things I say directly in a YouNow stream, calling us a bunch of cowards and “fame whores” for not fighting on her terms. When suggesting to invite us as guests, Joy says “hell no” because we aren’t man or woman enough to do so. She says our narrative is going to be accusing her of hiding the stream, then chopping it up and editing it to say “see? she admitted that roommates the source!” or something. She brings up some Purple Mattress controversy, although I’ve never once even talked about that in the first place. Joy says the three of us are incapable of doing anything for ourselves, and that we only make decisions as a group in private. At 18:22 Joy mentions the “bringing each other’s family into it” suggestion a second time. This time, Joy builds on the “we need to find out about Chambers husband” line by saying “we need clear photos of Chambers husband” friends and family. Again, immediately after that she tells people to not actually follow through with anything of that sort. Addressing my tweets about being dragged into a public fight with Joy, Joy denies that there was never a fight between her and the three of us. “YOU DID IT! YOU MANIPULATIVE, COWARDLY, SNIVELING LITTLE PIECE OF DOG SHIT” Joy shouts. Joy calls me a joke and a “Lolcow Journalist” from her pedestal, accusing me of taking one rumor and running with it at face value and not doing my own research. Talking about my “attacking Chambers is a shame tweet,” Joy goes over her accusations against me once again. She properly describes the fact I said she had “illegal information” about the court case, finally. She accuses me of supporting the “don’t trust Tim” narrative. Topping that off, Joy drags the 16 year old in front of her again and accuses me of doxing her. Lastly, Joy accuses me of taking screenshots from her group chat and characterizing what I saw as a cult where everyone does Joy’s bidding. Responding to my “slap fight” tweet, she accuses of trying to bully and beat her up on social media. Bringing the teenager example up again, she says I “laughed” when I said she needs to stop contacting me. Joy says I was in the chat-room with a fake screen name saying shit because “I’m a puss.” Actually I was away at the time and I had someone watching on my behalf at that time. Going over my “I deleted all my previous tweets” tweet, she says I only did that because Chambers allegedly told me Joy knows “everything” and that she’ll come after me when the time is right. Joy accuses Chambers of doing it “half-assed” and says my response to Joy was just walking away from the situation. Which I did. “When you slander me left, right, and center with no evidence you don’t get to just walk away. Sorry, that’s not how it works,” Joy says. Joy says even though I deleted them, she has them archived. So do I. She calls me an idiot for trying to take the high road. Replying to my “it’s up to you how to respond” and “I have no qualms” tweets, she rehashes the same accusations again. And again. Telling her I have the right of reply because her calling me “NickCon” was too far (actually the photoshop was too far), she says “fuck you.” Then Joy goes over my note I wrote about the information she strung along to the public without revealing for several weeks. At 23:16,  Joy inadvertently verifies the facts she told Chambers over the phone on May 5th. When I reiterated the fact we were worried about illegal activity, Joy shouts that nothing illegal was done. At 24:35 Joy responds to someone calling her vindictive. “No, I’m standing for myself against lies and slander when I’ve been quiet for way too long. No, I’m not vindictive. I’m going to shed the truth because of the damage these people have tried to do to me. I’m done. I am dooonnne,” Joy replies. Repeating herself again some more, Joy reflects on the anger she has that this spread all the way to Mr. Repzion. Saying this group of us tried to paint a picture that Joy is crazy, she says it damages her audience as much as it damages her. Responding to the audience’s objections, she tells them that they have “no idea what they are talking about” and that Joy knows better than them. Joy accuses me of not having permission to post the text conversations beforehand, while I certainly did, from Chambers. At 28:19 “Because you know he’s watching this. Come on little coward. Come on! Let your balls drop. Come face me! Come face me,” Joy says in regards to my response to her. “The more you do, the worse it’s going to be because you’re not coming clean, Nick.” At 29:20 Joy tells me to “keep spinning Nick. Come clean! You know what, don’t come clean. I’m gonna have fun with this.” Joy claims she was diplomatic and that the rest of us decided to run a gas-lighting campaign against her.

Joy says we could’ve publicly apologized her this whole time, but somehow we chose to create a “bigger narrative to discredit her” instead. Joy accuses me of going on Lolcow, taking information from there without researching, and putting it up spinning a tale about Joy. At 31:24 Joy brings up going after people’s families for a third time. “Could you imagine the shit storm they’d throw if I said ‘everybody we need to figure out who Chambers husband is and get pictures of him we need a clear picture of Chambers husband?’ Can you guys imagine the shitstorm that would come to me.” Joy again tells people to not do that. After lamenting to the commenters that we’re out trying to disprove that someone had good intentions. At 32:46 she brings up the fact Chambers apparently mentioned Joy’s roommate in a livestream again, demanding myself and Based_Mama to respond to it. “Can you believe she’s trying to bring my roommate into this? What do you have to say about that Nick? Based_Mama? Should we drag your family into it? Because you’d guys know you’d flip your shit if I put out a call to do that. But it’s okay when you guys do it, right?”

This time, Joy did not put out a disclaimer immediately after that suggestion. She falsely lumps Based_Mama and myself into Chambers’ “nerd group” that attempted to drag her roommate into this drama. Outright false.

“Now that you’re aware of what the narrative is, and what they’re trying to spin? We can sit back and laugh because now it’s entertaining,” Joy tells the audience. Responding to later tweets I made, Joy said I specifically told Chambers I was walking away. To her, that’s not the same thing as making peace, and now I’m “freaking out” because she’s going to “expose shit.” Saying my attempt to make peace by deleting the tweets Joy was offended by is “BS and I know it,” according to her. Joy demands I talk to her in private to resolve the matter. Responding to the tweet where I said I only stepped back into the fray to defend Chambers, Joy suggests I was possibly conned too. Joy finally acknowledges the fact I had permission to post about the 16 year old, then thinks she has a “Gotcha” saying that it doesn’t count. Joy accuses me of being “jealous because I’m so far out of the loop with everything,” afterward. Joy thinks my “does not equal tweet” about illegal activity was a “does equal,” misreading it entirely. I force her to clarify that I didn’t post anything on Lolcow, and that her allegation is specific to me getting information from them. Joy says she’s surprised I wasn’t trying to do more “damage control” in my responses than I already was. At 38:43 Joy falsely accuses me of trying to get information on her roommate, when again that allegation came from Chambers. It’s after this she FINALLY adds a disclaimer that people shouldn’t attack any of us in the same way Joy is accusing this group of attacking her.

Joy closes it off by saying she doesn’t control what people do on her behalf, despite telling someone in the audience to take a YouNow moment earlier and spread it around without context.

But we’d get an extra dose of Joy that day. Same day. 24th. Later on.  Andy Warski’s show.

The only thing of substance in this whole piece is that Joy was able to verify her $600 donation to Rose’s GoFundMe. Joy appears completely sane and lucid in this video because Andy Warski asked softball questions. That’s kind of how it works.

But in Warski’s defense he explained he wasn’t familiar with the situation beforehand.

But couldn’t she have done that without throwing everyone trying to help Rose Hall under the bus? Without adding unnecessary drama to the situation? They didn’t deserve this bullshit.

The real measure of someone is by how they handle the hard challenges.

May 26th: We find Joy in the middle of a breakdown about the aftermath of the Andy Warski stream. She assures us she’s not upset at either of the Warski brothers in particular. According to Joy, she felt the Warski brothers came around to understanding her perspective by the end of that livestream. Joy tearfully remarks on the fact that everyone on the stream was trying to give her advice on how to do YouTube in the future. Joy says she’s the first to raise her hand and readily accept responsibility and says she gets walked all over as a result. Joy says she grew up in abuse similar to Cody. Every morning…. Joy’s mom would wake her and her sister up for years screaming bloody murder and for a good half an hour when she got home. Joy says she can’t breathe when talking about this stuff, blowing her nose on occasion. Joy says her experiences with abuse have programmed her brain into adulthood. “I don’t want to hurt anybody. I don’t want to hurt Chambers. I actually thought she was a friend. I don’t want to hurt Based_Mama, I don’t want to hurt Nick. I don’t want to hurt my former friend. I don’t want to hurt anybody.” Joy says. “But then I don’t want to be stepped on and be naive either.” Joy claims her biggest fear is hurting somebody’s feelings or hurting somebody. Joy claims people take advantage of her being nice. In contrast, when she speaks up, those people turn around and say she’s gone crazy. Joy says she doesn’t want to end up like her mother. According to her the public is only getting bits and chunks and doesn’t understand the full extent of what’s happening exactly. When someone gives Joy advice on tuning out the toxicity, Joy’s reply is laying out her situation. She tells everyone she has no family that gives a damn about her being alive or not. Her roommate won’t be around forever, and the handful of friends who want to help Joy are scattered throughout the world. “I can’t have a life outside my home. I can’t leave my home,” Joy tells everyone. The only thing she has accessible to her is a laptop and a camera. Going over her health problems again, Joy says the government has cracked down on fibromyalgia being used for disability, so that’s not an option available for her to pursue. Joy feels hopeless because of the fact that every time she manages to tackle what she thinks is the core cause of her health problems, more issues still remain. Doing something out of character – Joy asks the chatroom to have an ounce of compassion for her circumstances. “Because I’m a human being, maybe I’m not, I don’t know. I don’t feel like one anymore,” Joy weeps. The “cherry-on-top” as Joy phrases it – was going on Andy’s show. Apparently people said Joy “hid” that she was going on and nobody could prepare and ask questions. Joy goes over the process of how her talk with Andy eventually led to him inviting her on his show.  There was a 25 minute period of prep time Joy had to get ready. In Joy’s defense, she talked to them beforehand and made sure they asked safe questions that minimized harm to Tim, Rose, and the kids. She said she was nervous about it beforehand, telling the Warski brothers she would cope with that by talking fast. The advice of the Warski brothers conflicted with the advice of Bearing. Andy and Chris advised Joy exercise more caution, but Bearing urged Joy to do whatever the heck she wanted. Joy recaps the events of that, saying the discussion came down to the public perception that Joy looked like she was capitalizing on tragedy. Bearing stayed the course with “who the fuck cares” as his response. She said Bearing urged Joy to keep her money and that she was a better person than everyone on the show because “they don’t donate shit,” to paraphrase. Later on, Joy concedes to blocking people if they act unstable. She says she has to deal with a lot of rumors and online threats every day, and has to consider her own personal safety. Joy alludes to a video she did on Steve Harvey where she didn’t defend what he had to say, but focused on Harvey’s right to protect himself from the public. Joy says people came at Andy “with lies,” and that Joy says it looked like Andy felt embarrassed for ever working with Joy or promoting her. Additionally, Joy says she didn’t know what to take away from this pep-talk livestream they did with Andy. Given the conflict between Bearing’s words with Andy’s, Joy said she didn’t know what to do. Joy saw an article about the Manchester bombing that showcased a moment of positive action during the dark and horrible tragedy, and Joy felt conflicted about whether to make a video on it or not. Joy’s dilemma was between making too many videos vs the intent of these videos in the first place. Joy tells everyone she has had 15 or 20 video ideas that day, where she faces this dilemma. Joy emphasizes with Andy and people who are nice to her, and realizes her actions have a reflection on the reputations of people who associate with her. When it came to an upcoming series on pedophiles, Joy says her mind goes over what rumors about her would result from uploading the videos. Joy says she feels like her existence alone is punishment enough for some people because of her abusive upbringing. According to her that’s why she was so deeply invested in the DaddyOFive situation. Joy foresees the damages that could happen to the children when they’re older as a result of living in such a tumultuous household. Joy goes back to the people saying she’s hurting the situation worse and “lying about it,” with her regurgitating once at 22:12 that she has evidence that proves contrary. Apparently having already shared it with a handful of people. When someone suggests Joy go outside, she replies that it’s somehow impossible for her to do those things. This somehow limits her to just sitting on the couch all day in an anxiety filled state. Being sick and in one spot (again, by her own choice) makes Joy worry that she’ll actually end up going stir-crazy. Anxiety makes her “frozen” and incapable of doing anything. Detoxing from social media means Joy is left alone with the thoughts of her lack of a future and her family hating her. Beyond that the thoughts of being in constant pain plague her. At one point, Joy shouts at a commenter for a couple of minutes that told her to toughen up. After going over the indigo children thing for the bazillionth time, Joy laments that people are watching her for any tiny minute detail they can call her out from and use as proof against her.

Joy talks about her excessive bodily functions makes her gain weight. Although Joy goes into excessive detail about this (it’s hard to listen to) for a few minutes, to explain it briefly: she’s tried several diets and finally narrowed down her food choices to safe enough options to solidify her shit, and it’s been an ordeal she’s battled for about a year and a half. Calling it a stomach virus that wouldn’t ever go away.

So why in god’s name do I mention it?

Joy transitions from talking about her weight to sharing pictures of herself from her time in France, Europe, and elsewhere.

I actually feel sorry for Joy here.

Not only because of the overbearing sentimentality of the occasion, but her passing remarks like mentioning she wears the same set of clothes all the time because that’s all she can fit into given her ailments. “These pictures are hard to look at because this is when i had a life,” Joy tells us. It’s a rarity to see Joy actually not swept up in a moment. To not be full of emotion and talking at 110% speeds. It’s here you actually have a moment to see Joy react, rather than have Joy tell you how she’s reacting.

“Can’t look at that one that one is hard,” Joy remarks to herself as she’s flipping through photos.

This one genuine moment of authenticity from Joy is enough to make me reconsider everything that has happened in recent weeks, leading up to me writing this.

BUT THEN Joy blew it with this video. All that talk about taking a more conservative approach to YouTube videos went straight down the shitter.


There wasn’t any lying involved between Based_Mama and Warski. All that Based_Mama said to Warski was a recounting of how the drama between her and Joy first started, followed up by her personal belief and perspective of the situation was.



My article is a warning to anyone who comes into contact with JoySparkleBS. You’ve come into contact with a mentally broken individual whose sole purpose is to suck the life and time out of you. By the time she’s finished using you for what you’re worth and moves on? You’ll be nothing but dazed and confused. That’s because she’s a professional manipulator. You are not the first person she’s bamboozled, but maybe getting this information out there can make us the last. There comes a point where these situations Joy finds herself in – these incidents of drama – they cease to be coincidences. At the end of the day the only common factor between all of it is Joy herself. She’s the one who makes the messes she laments about. They’ve got nobody to blame besides themselves either. The reality of it is ugly and sad. I would be compelled to emphasize with her tearful moments, but then I remember the names and faces of the people Joy has steamrolled. Joy will call you her friend even though you’ve never met her. Make you feel good, so you let your guard down. That’s when you become putty in her hands. Soft enough to believe whatever Joy wants you to believe. Stringing the public along time and time again about “receipts” and evidence that somehow vindicates whatever story she’s selling. Whatever buys Joy enough time to suck a situation dry. Until it’s a lifeless and incomprehensible mush.

These are the 9 signs of Narcissistic Personality Disorder:

  1. Exaggerates own importance
  2. Is preoccupied with fantasies of success, power, beauty, intelligence or ideal romance
  3. Believes he or she is special and can only be understood by other special people or institutions
  4. Requires constant attention and admiration from others
  5. Has unreasonable expectations of favorable treatment
  6. Takes advantage of others to reach his or her own goals
  7. Disregards the feelings of others, lacks empathy
  8. Is often envious of others or believes other people are envious of him or her
  9. Shows arrogant behaviors and attitudes

Joy believes she has some sort of unique and special disease that nobody can diagnose. Constantly she said over and over she cared about the kids in an attempt to earn people’s praise and admiration. Joy demands people apologize to her directly any time they speak against her favor. Took advantage of Chambers to get herself involved with Rose Hall’s situation, and didn’t give a damn about how bad she made people look when she went on her tirades. Joy believed people like myself and Based_Mama were jealous of her but that couldn’t be further from the truth. When it comes to arrogance, she confessed to that one herself. She also believes that her every problem is the result of a conspiracy against her by people who couldn’t care less about her.

Myself included.

Joy, you are a toxic individual that needs to get help. YouTube seems to make you miserable, but at the same time you seem to enjoy that.

That’s all I have to say about this.


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  1. Long but well worth the read.

    The sad part is that at some point ALL of her followers will find themselves looking up at the chassis of the bus that she has thrown them under. My only hope is that for their sake they have good people around them to help them put their lives back together post-Joy.

  2. Only came to my attention due to Do5 / DeFranco.

    She’s obnoxious. Her ramblings are barely coherent; her vocabulary limited; she’s ignorant on so many levels; her sexual and foul mouthed utterances are distasteful; rotten on the outside as she is within. She’s simply a vile specimen, I don’t know how else to put it.

    Definitely mental issues there. An unstable lying con artist.

  3. Yes, very long indeed but very informative. It’s so very sad to watch and even sadder to have to console the poor victims she has hurt. She calls Onision a good “case study” when you know darn well she knows she is just like him in many ways and that is why she found him so fascinating. The way she herself picks on people for their past is the way she ask she people to not judge her by her past. Many double standards and many, many warning signs to steer clear of this toxic person.

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