The Feud Between ChambersOfHeart and JoySparkleBS

Four days ago I was made aware that JoySparkleBS made allegations against myself, Based_Mama, and ChambersOfHeart. In general the accusations allude to a sort of grand conspiracy where the three of us planned to make Joy look crazy.

I firmly deny such an outrageous claim.

I wanted nothing to do with this mess, but Joy continued to name me in this slander.


Tim Conlon emailed Based Mama, Joy, and Chambers about the drama. Joys videos causing issue did start out as rumors then was made an actual concern by Rose. Tim, didn’t see an issue with them though it’s not clear if he actually watched all of them.

Chambers made a video on May 18th attempting to extend an olive branch to Joy.

Onto the videos themselves.



An Explanation….: Chambers explains she felt guilty about the way things turned out between Joy and herself. Indeed her only intention here was to extend an olive branch and be on civil terms. She goes on to say she waited until the DaddyOFive situation had quieted down enough because it wasn’t her intention to cause an unnecessary distraction to everything that was going on in regards to that. Chambers explains that people have called her “shady,” a “backstabber,” and even the “anti-christ.” This was despite her putting out two fairly clearly worded statements on the 6th and 7th of May about the matter. She says she made the detachment from Joy as she felt it was best given the circumstances of the situation, and that it wasn’t personal. It wasn’t something Chambers wanted to do, having known the terrible feeling of losing relationships with people over the past few years.

When it came to the “Salem Witch Trial of Joy” events (as Chambers nicknamed it), she firmly states she had nothing to do with that. In general what this refers to is people on message boards and Twitter had been tweeting information to Chambers about her past, digging up old skeletons.

After making that first public statement on the 6th, people began to approach Chambers about Joy’s behavior. At work, Chambers got a phone call from Rose that she was not happy with Joy’s videos, and not happy with how loud Joy was being.

“I was advised to detach myself from Joy,” Chambers said. She makes the distinction between that terminology and the word “forced,” denying that to be the case.

This was all fairly stressful for Chambers, and that was reflected in the venting she did during a video making remarks about Phil DeFranco (which she later deleted). But the overall worry within the online community that was tuned into the DaddyOFive situation started to turn to Joy’s perceived intimate involvement with Rose Hall’s case. Thus leading to this separation. Chambers goes on to say that while she was satisfied with how she was able to help Rose, she admitted to her own personal flaws. Expressing an awareness of how connected to the situation she was and how her actions would be seen as a reflection onto Rose, Chambers was capable of respecting that. The only “negative” thing Chambers said about Joy was that she thought her videos could’ve been longer. She didn’t like the reactions and responses Joy had to this, but Chambers assured her she didn’t hold it against her.

Rounding off this video, Chambers talks about how the BBC Network interviewed her after JoySparkleBS and YourselfSuit pointed them in her direction. They both warned Chambers that the BBC was going to push a narrative that the DaddyOFive controversy was somehow YouTube’s fault, and so Chambers recorded the actual conversation between her and BBC for her own sake.

Overall it was a clear attempt at an apology.

Apology with More Info: For the first minute or so, Chambers reviews what she explained in the previous video. Her hands were tied because she needed to be cautious about her behavior for the sake of Rose. They explain they aren’t privy to everything that was going on here, so anything they said was in regards to the perspective only. Which, by the way, was under a lot of stress and anxiety over the events of the past few weeks. Chambers explains that it was possible that the high volume of videos was why Tim Conlon wanted to speak with Joy in the first place. She makes it clear that there was apparent controversy building up around the JoySparkleBS YouTube channel even before the DaddyOFive stuff even began. But when that bubbled over when the DO5 situation was happening, Chambers characterized it as an orchestrated witch-hunt. It began, according to her, because of the revelation Joy had privileged information in regards to the case. Chambers refused to name any names. She said she had no care to learn more about the skeletons that people on the message board were digging up. Chambers says while Joy’s reactions were disagreeable, it seemed understandable to her given the metaphorical internet fire she was in. Chambers sided with the public’s concerns that Joy’s channel was full of clickbait-y titles. When it comes to answers about what Tim told Joy, she referred to her previous Facebook statements in regards to what she knew. Chambers explains that her Twitter and YouTube channel were connected, and that it was an automatic tweet when she “liked” a critical video of Joy.

“He wanted her number because of her videos and because of how loud she was,” Chambers said about Tim Conlon’s desire to get in touch with JoySparkleBS.

She confirms giving me an entire copy of the Skype logs between herself and JoySparkle. Yup. I had tweeted about the fact I could verify Joy told Chambers on Skype that she had inside information in regards to Rose Hall’s court case on May 5th. Chambers said Tim said that the Gag Order prohibits Mike and Heather from speaking to the Press, and it prohibits Rose and Tim from doing so either. It is not known whether Joy’s source is from one of the legal parties underneath the gag order. As a brief aside, this was what primary focus on Joy was about in the first place. Chambers quells concerns about the Protective Order’s extension to 1-year being made public by me.

She’s pretty stressed out about the whole thing, overall. Chambers said she wished it happened another way, and stressed to the public she didn’t want this ugly feud unfolding on her channel.


In response to these videos, Joy publicly attacked Chambers on Twitter and YouNow. On the evening of May 20th (jump to the 15 minute mark of this video and here) Joy said despite her committment to not talk about the case for Rose’s sake, she was done” and fed up with “snakes,” her term for describing ChambersOfHeart. She said if they saw any apology video from anyone (referring to Chambers), it was because they were “bleeding subscribers after being an ass to me.”

I’m just going to transcribe this verbatim.

“I have all the evidence I need to burn every one of these motherfuckers, and I’ve just been sitting. And let me tell you why because unlike everybody else? I give a SHIT about Tim, Rose, and the kids. I sure do, that’s why I kept quiet. But I’m going to continue to keep quiet, but real quick – let’s talk about some snakes. You’re not my friend. You never were my friend, you just wanted the benefit of me and my channel. So I had a really long conversation with somebody recently who “claimed” to be sorry, made a FAKE ASS apology video. Fake. And then – you know what, here’s the thing guys. Let me explain something. When we had our chat? I said – with all the lies, I was told there is a “witch hunt, it was manufactured by us, because WE wanted to make YOU look crazy.” And I already knew. “So we were going to do everything we could to make you look crazy and discredit you.” You guys don’t believe me? Guess who has the recording of it. Guess who recorded it. I don’t trust motherfuckers anymore. So here’s where this is at, and this is where I’m so irritated. Don’t trust a motherfucking snake. I’m going to be way. more. careful. She didn’t do anything wrong? Alright, I can’t wait to pull up my list. The list of receipts. I can’t wait. So if somebody didn’t do anything wrong, why are they gonna turn around and be rude to me? Here’s the thing. We talked about it and I said “the hit that my reputation has taken because you and that group decided to do all of that.” Oh you guys have no idea the damage they did. THE DAMAGE THAT THEY DID IN THIS SITUATION. And IM keepin’ it QUIET. IM KEEPIN IT QUIET. But let me just talk real quick for a second because this shit it’s just so infuriating. I said “you need to apologize and try to repair this when the time is right.” Person agreed. “I said you need to do it when the time is right the person agreed. You know what else I said? I said “wait until everything is over. Wait until the trial is over. Wait until everything is over because it’s not about me and you, it’s not – look, it’d be nice to have y’all clear my name with everything you did, but I don’t give a shit. It’s about Rose, Tim, and those kids. That’s been MY focus even when YOU guys went against HIS advice of legal counsel. That’s my focus. And I said “remember! let’s all be mature. This is about them.” Next day I get a text. Hey, so the others are going to apologize. They’re standing by what they said, they said they’re just gonna walk away. And I’m going to go ahead and do the video. I said “don’t! Don’t, you’re gonna bring shit up again. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. Let’s be mature! Remember, it’s about the kids. But-for-them-it’snot. It’s not. It never has been.”

That’s in the span of three minutes of Joy’s talking she did in the YouNow stream she did on May 20th.

Chambers even went as far as privating both of these videos quietly in order to try and save herself the grief.

The best way to solve this is directly seeing the texts themselves.

ChambersOfHeart gave me a copy of the chat logs between herself and JoySparkleBS. It was a direct “dump” from her phone, so remnants of the decryption process still remain. It’s to my understanding that JoySparkleBS uses a voice-to-text program. So her responses and typos within are likely a reflection of that.

May 2nd 2017 (All times are in GMT-4:00 DST)

Chambers: Hey so you have their info? [11:29:13 AM]
Joy: ??? whose this? [11:29:35 AM]
Chambers: This is Chambers [11:29:38 AM]
Joy: AH i thought so lol [11:29:56 AM]
Joy: just sent it over twitter hold on [11:29:59 AM]
Chambers: Okay [11:30:05 AM]
Joy: (email address to someone at BBC) [11:30:10 AM]
Joy: just wrote her and told her u would be contacting her [11:30:16 AM]
Joy: OMFG IM SO PROUD OF U! [11:30:20 AM]
Chambers: Okay [11:30:24 AM]
Joy: she didn’t know who u were until i told her, i said this is YOUR story [11:30:27 AM]
Joy: to tell [11:30:30 AM]
Joy: she will call u asap from %E2%80%9Cunknown%E2%80%9D [11:30:34 AM]
Joy: just fyi [11:30:37 AM]
Joy: this is HUGE and I’m SOproud of u! [11:30:42 AM]
Chambers: Okay [11:31:07 AM]
Chambers: Well how far did it blow up? [11:31:44 AM]
Joy: google daddyofive [11:32:23 AM]
Joy: EVERYONES picking it up! [11:32:24 AM]
Joy: i wouldn’t be surprised if u get contacted for more stuff [11:32:25 AM]
Joy: if aynone contacts me i will send them your way [11:32:26 AM]
Chambers: Oh okay [11:32:38 AM]
Joy:  as MUCH as i LOVe this stuff, this is my world, its not about me, its about those kids and in my opinion, i am your FRIEND, and this is YOUR story to tell, i [11:32:40 AM] (Joy contradicts herself at 16:21)
Joy: was just another mouth following it, the credit goes to YOU here. [11:32:44 AM]
Chambers: Ok [11:32:52 AM]
Chambers: Rose finally received the first round of money [11:34:14 AM]
Chambers: Huzzah [11:34:19 AM]
Joy: yay! [11:35:44 AM]
Chambers: You have their number? [11:38:26 AM]
Joy: no ma’am, they will call you [11:38:44 AM]
Joy: and it will come up as unknown [11:38:48 AM]
Joy: so just answer if u see an unknown number [11:38:56 AM]
Chambers: Okay [11:38:56 AM]

Chambers: Getting ready [2:32:59 PM]
Joy: godlike, i think they nixed my interview bc they never got back to me. let me know how it goes %3C3 u recording it right?! [2:33:30 PM]
Chambers: Of course [2:33:41 PM]
Chambers: I’m all set up [2:33:47 PM]
Chambers: They’re recording this too [2:35:31 PM]
Chambers: Wrapping up now [3:00:53 PM]
Joy: ok ! how’d it go? let me know when u can 🙂 [3:01:22 PM]
Chambers: It went fine [3:02:30 PM]
Chambers: I will upload the interview on youtube unlisted [3:02:52 PM]
Chambers: And give you the link [3:02:59 PM]
Joy: perfect [3:07:25 PM]
Joy: do u want me uploading it to my channel? happy to so do if u want and credit u [3:07:33 PM]
Joy: i won’t do anything until u tell me to [3:07:37 PM]
Chambers: Not yet. My edited interview with her will be up friday [3:08:09 PM]
Chambers: Suit thinks I should have brought up the biological father of the boys instead of my other point [4:03:44 PM]
Chambers: I can see what he’s saying [4:03:53 PM]
Chambers: I brought it up due to Roses full story is being overlooked [4:04:16 PM]
Joy: i got u [4:04:29 PM]
Joy: if she interviews me ill talk about it np [4:04:33 PM]
Joy: not sure if they are gonna talk to me still [4:05:08 PM]
Chambers: Overall, how’d I do? [4:05:39 PM]

Chambers: So I tried to word the ends as best as I could [5:15:26 PM]
Chambers: I mean we wouldn’t have the lawyer without based mama [5:15:43 PM]
Joy: no i get that,I’m just saying its the media, u know how they are [5:16:07 PM]
Joy: also i though she wanted to be kept private? [5:16:13 PM]
Chambers: Who Rose? [5:16:37 PM]
Joy: no based mama [5:16:47 PM]
Chambers: She didn’t want to be in the spotlight really due to her own problems [5:17:15 PM]
Chambers: I just feel dirty not mentioning her [5:17:27 PM]
Joy: right, thats why I’m saying i hope she’s ok w you shouting her out [5:17:34 PM]
Joy: no u did mention her [5:17:36 PM]
Chambers: It’s been her advice that he kept this thing together and hidden [5:17:50 PM]
Joy: right, I’m saying i heard u name drop her [5:18:07 PM]
Chambers: I’ve done so in my videos already [5:18:08 PM]
Joy: thats where I’m confused [5:18:10 PM]
Chambers: She doesn’t take issue with it really [5:18:19 PM]
Joy: i did hear you drop her name in the bbc interview [5:18:23 PM]
Chambers: What do you mean? [5:18:25 PM]
Chambers: Yes I did and Nicks too [5:18:37 PM]
Joy: ok, lets start from beginning [5:19:07 PM]
Chambers: Alright [5:19:16 PM]
Joy: i thought you said based mama didn’t want her out there that much [5:19:21 PM]
Joy: and in the bbc interview [5:19:27 PM]
Joy: i heard u name dropping her [5:19:29 PM]
Joy: so im confused? [5:19:31 PM]
Chambers: No you’re not [5:19:38 PM]
Chambers: She won’t do interviews I know that [5:19:49 PM]
Chambers: You still there? [5:22:58 PM]
Joy: hey,I’m here sorry, getting stuff done [5:24:33 PM]
Joy: ah ok, she doesn’t want to do interviews but she’s ok w being name [5:24:53 PM]
Joy: dropped? is this where I’m not understanding [5:24:53 PM]
Chambers: Yeah [5:25:03 PM]
Chambers: From what I understand [5:25:11 PM]
Chambers: She hasn’t really made a stink about it really [5:25:28 PM]
Joy: aaah ok [5:25:38 PM]
Chambers: Yeah, sorry I’m trying to find a proper balance here [5:34:12 PM]
Chambers: With all this [5:34:17 PM]
Joy: its ok, just giving u real constructive criticism [5:34:37 PM]
Chambers: I appreciate it [5:35:18 PM]
Chambers: I’m glad o talked to you and suit before the interview and recorded it [5:35:37 PM]
Joy: shit u ok? [5:59:07 PM]
Joy: ah sorry wrong tweet [5:59:08 PM]
Joy: I’m glad we could help [5:59:11 PM]
Joy: 🙂 [5:59:15 PM]

May 3rd 2017 (All times are in GMT-4:00 DST)

Chambers: Suit Yourself got hit for his evidence reel. He can’t upload anymore [4:43:33 AM]
Joy: WHAT?! [10:32:46 AM]
Joy: oh no! [10:32:49 AM]
Chambers: Indeed. I tagged you in a tweet. [10:33:09 AM]
Chambers: Made a video on my channel about it [10:33:36 AM]
Chambers: Hey Joy sent me a photo of the privacy claim on your videos. I already tweeted it out [3:32:29 PM]

May 6th 2017 (All times are in GMT-4:00 DST)

Joy: [12:20:23 AM]
Joy: this is the video they re upset with btw [12:20:26 AM]
Chambers: Okay I’ll look at it [12:20:44 AM]
Joy: this woman has made a LOT of crazy claims about me as well, just to be [12:20:50 AM]
Joy: clear. if ever u want i can talk about it, but its so assenine it [12:20:53 AM]
Joy: doesn’t matter tbh [12:20:57 AM]
Chambers: Yeah this is the video Nick sent me [12:21:36 AM]
Chambers: That’s the one I mentioned it had clipped strung together and out of context [12:22:32 AM]
Joy: hi lady, trying to get ahold of my people. then ill give u a call later. how u doing? u ok? [12:18:33 PM]
Joy: heads up, I’ve done an update video, I’ve not said a WORD about the [12:51:33 PM]
Joy: case, not even gag order, i just told everyone I’m not talking right [12:51:34 PM]
Joy: now, my focus is on rose and the kids, and thats it. just fyi. if u [12:51:38 PM]
Joy: want to see it before i release it I’m happy to wait and show u %3C3 [12:51:41 PM]
Joy: also wanted to run something by you [12:53:16 PM]
Joy: tim has told me rose has a speech impediment, and wanted me to put [12:53:57 PM]
Joy: that out there.i did a video on it a couple days ago, i never released [12:53:59 PM]
Joy: it bc i didn’t know if it would embaress/hurt roses feelings. wanted  [12:54:03 PM]
Joy: to run it by u and see what u think. not gonna do anything till we [12:54:06 PM]
Joy: talk tho, heads up. [12:54:10 PM]

Joy: when was this song made? [8:37:33 PM]
Chambers: Um there should be a date on the site [8:38:02 PM]
Joy: is this about rose???? [8:38:24 PM]
Chambers: Yes, I assume so [8:38:38 PM]
Joy: it says 1 days go? [8:38:49 PM]
Chambers: Or maybe me [8:38:53 PM]
Joy: wanted to make sure i see this right [8:38:57 PM]
Chambers: Hmmmm [8:38:58 PM]
Joy: HOW is this ROSES fault WTF? [8:39:02 PM]
Chambers: Let me look [8:39:06 PM]
Joy: HOW is this YOUR fault [8:39:30 PM]
Joy: listening to the lyrics again [8:39:33 PM]
Chambers: It could be about either me or her [8:40:05 PM]
Chambers: I can’t tell [8:40:18 PM]
Joy: also, id u get the disney tickets? i got some sent to me too. working [8:40:19 PM]
Joy: w some other people on it, but I’m a bit worried bc wanna get%C2%A0%C2%A0those [8:40:24 PM]
Joy: kids back first. ALSO, rose wrote me today, she’s having a hard time [8:40:28 PM]
Chambers: Yeah I got two of them [8:40:49 PM]
Chambers: Hey send me the tickets you have [8:41:09 PM]
Chambers: I don’t know if they’re the same as mine [8:41:19 PM]
Chambers: Or the ones I got [8:41:36 PM]
Chambers: The ones I got are for just a day [8:41:49 PM]
Joy: sure give me a min [8:43:17 PM]
Chambers: “She hurt my family multiple times” [8:43:27 PM]
Chambers: More indication that it’s about Rose [8:43:40 PM]
Joy: HOW did rose hurt HIS family multiple times? [8:51:46 PM]
Joy: are they retareded?! [8:51:50 PM]
Chambers: I have no idea [8:52:08 PM]
Chambers: Like I said, I believe he means rose [8:53:24 PM]
Chambers: But there’s a slight chance that it could be referring to me as well [8:53:44 PM]
Chambers: It’s kind of hard to tell [8:53:51 PM]
Chambers: It was my interview with Rose that made her cry and what Rose said in that interview [8:54:17 PM]
Joy: *sigh* wow [8:54:48 PM]
Joy: just nuts dude [8:54:52 PM]
Joy: i kinda don’t wanna do a video about it tho, bc he is a minor [8:54:56 PM]
Joy: not sure.. [8:55:00 PM]
Chambers: Indeed [8:55:05 PM]
Chambers: Yeah I wouldn’t [8:55:12 PM]
Chambers: I did send it to Tim [8:55:20 PM]
Joy: good to know [8:56:46 PM]
Chambers: Yeah I thought it was a good idea to let tim know [8:57:29 PM]
Chambers: How’s the info coming along? [8:57:46 PM]
Chambers: You still at Starbucks [8:57:55 PM]
Joy: nah, i didn’t end up going, we went on a walk, got some food to go and [8:59:02 PM]
Joy: now I’m back to being sick, fun times [8:59:06 PM]
Joy: so right now, info is not. *sigh* I’m so tired of being sick [8:59:10 PM]
Chambers: Yeah, I had bronchitis for 3 weeks a while back [9:00:08 PM]
Chambers: That sucked [9:00:13 PM]
Chambers: You should get some rest though [9:08:11 PM]

May 7th 2017 (All times are in GMT-4:00 DST)

Chambers: Still nothing in the media. I tried talking with Tim the other day about you. I think I might have confused him a bit, lol [8:09:44 AM]
Joy: I’m confused. [11:46:03 AM]
Joy: confused him about what? [11:48:34 AM]
Chambers: Oh I tried to get a statement of you helping [11:49:12 AM]
Chambers: Still I’m bed will hit you up when I’m up [11:49:31 AM]
Joy: he called me twice this morning [11:49:32 AM]
Joy: so im confused [11:49:35 AM]
Joy: i just woke up to it [11:49:39 AM]
Chambers: Lol [11:50:06 AM]
Chambers: I told you I would try to get a statement [11:50:24 AM]
Chambers: Talk to you when I’m fully awake [11:51:30 AM]
Joy: np [12:15:31 PM]
Joy: hey heads up, i made a video on philip defranco, people are accusing me of being upset w him. i talked a little about you in it. would u like to see the vid [12:43:53 PM]
Joy: before i upload it? [12:43:55 PM]
Joy: i basically said i don’t think your intention was to bash him, but [12:44:10 PM]
Joy: that u were more upset w how the media has handled things in not [12:44:13 PM]
Joy: getting roses story out there [12:44:16 PM]
Chambers: Okay [1:00:46 PM]
Chambers: Is the video [1:00:52 PM]
Chambers: Unlisted? [1:00:58 PM]
Joy: it will be, uploading it now, ill let u see it first, sending it when its done [1:01:25 PM]
Chambers: Ok how long? [1:01:42 PM]
Joy: about 5 mins it looks like [1:05:35 PM]
Joy: it will be ready in a few mins [1:06:12 PM]
Chambers: Ok [1:07:21 PM]
Joy: should be up now [1:38:16 PM]
Joy: also, someone sent me more info where based mama is badmouthing u, just fyi [1:41:00 PM]
Chambers: Okay [1:41:05 PM]
Chambers: Okay send it over skype [1:41:13 PM]
Joy: ok, I’m checking evidence now, give me a min [1:41:39 PM]
Chambers: Ok [1:42:16 PM]
Joy: mad woman is claiming she’s mad at u for associating with me [1:42:19 PM]
Joy: and mad at u for giving tims info to me, HOWEVER what they don’t know [1:42:51 PM]
Joy: is i also called tim office and left my info ONCE as it was. he said [1:42:54 PM]
Joy: he found me as a result of my video where i thanked him [1:42:57 PM]
Joy: and then he got the info from u as well [1:43:00 PM]
Joy: jesus [1:43:03 PM]
Chambers: Yeah I know [1:44:06 PM]
Chambers: I’m putting up my own vid about the defranco thing [1:44:27 PM]
Chambers: Yeah I like the video [1:44:34 PM]
Joy: ok good [1:44:54 PM]
Joy: hold on, gonna send shit over [1:44:58 PM]
Chambers: Skype it [1:45:07 PM]
Joy: it hasn’t worked the last day and a half? [1:46:26 PM]
Joy: it keeps saying its down right now wtf? [1:46:29 PM]
Joy: can i send it via twitter? [1:46:43 PM]
Chambers: What skype? [1:46:44 PM]
Chambers: Sure dm it [1:46:53 PM]
Joy: right, Skype won’t let me sign on [1:47:32 PM]
Chambers: You see my video? [2:11:55 PM]
Chambers: Tim wants to use Jakes rap in the case [2:12:14 PM]
Joy:  not yet,ill look in a sec [2:12:28 PM]
Joy: OH WOW [2:12:29 PM]
Joy: ok [2:12:33 PM]
Joy: hey can u call me later? so we can update and go over stuff [2:12:37 PM]
Joy: also [2:12:40 PM]
Joy: ill send u the info i have if u wanna help organize it [2:12:44 PM]
Joy: I’ve got more to put down [2:12:47 PM]
Joy: i got hit w illness shit again, so I’m slow right now [2:12:55 PM]
Chambers: Ok I have 2 to 8 tonight [2:12:59 PM]
Chambers: You’re fine [2:13:07 PM]
Chambers: I will help tonight [2:13:13 PM]
Chambers: Email me everything you have if you can [2:13:25 PM]
Joy: ok [2:13:31 PM]
Joy: ok will do [2:14:52 PM]
Joy: when this is ALL over [2:14:54 PM]
Joy: u and i will have a big talk and il go over it ALL. right now ill just give u what i can %3C3 [2:14:56 PM]
Chambers: Is the big talk going to be bad? [2:22:37 PM]
Joy: OMG [2:39:17 PM]
Joy: CALL ME CALL ME [2:39:22 PM]
Joy: shit i know u are at work [2:39:25 PM]
Joy: he wrote us on twitter ! [2:39:30 PM]
Chambers: Dm [2:39:59 PM]
Chambers: Screen shot [2:40:05 PM]
Chambers: Status link [2:40:09 PM]
Joy: SHIT nm, just checked, its a fake account [2:40:53 PM]
Joy: jesus [2:40:56 PM]
Joy: I’m sorry i thought it was real, dummy account [2:40:59 PM]
Joy: ill send on twitter anyways hold on [2:41:04 PM]
Joy: [2:41:12 PM]
Chambers: Okay [2:42:53 PM]
Chambers: Um I can’t find it [2:46:11 PM]
Joy: wow [2:49:45 PM]
Joy: nick mon is now coming after me [2:49:48 PM]
Joy: someone sent me his twitter [2:49:52 PM]
Joy: its full of crap about me [2:49:54 PM]
Joy: this is awesome [2:49:58 PM]
Chambers: I found the tweet [2:51:56 PM]
Chambers: Fucking douchebag ! [2:52:04 PM]
Joy: be VERY careful girl [2:52:20 PM]
Joy: honestly if i were u,i would publically distance myself bit [2:52:29 PM] (Yes. Joy told Chambers to distance herself from me.)
Joy: bc LOOK how hard they have turned [2:52:35 PM]
Chambers: Why? [2:52:41 PM]
Joy: nick has stopped talking about the case and now ONLY focuses on me [2:52:43 PM]
Chambers: Who you mean nick [2:52:48 PM]
Chambers: He’s an idiot [2:52:55 PM] (Chambers has since apologized for these remarks)
Joy: good question [2:53:29 PM]
Joy: yep [2:53:32 PM]
Joy: go check nicks twitter [2:53:35 PM]
Joy: have fun [2:53:39 PM]
Joy: he is [2:53:42 PM]
Joy: like, this is embarrassing for him [2:53:46 PM]
Joy: girl btw [2:53:49 PM]
Joy: remove that tweet u just made [2:53:52 PM]
Joy: its a dummy account [2:53:56 PM]
Joy: i think its a false account [2:53:59 PM]
Joy: i looked into it, looks like its fake [2:54:03 PM]
Chambers: What? [2:54:05 PM]
Chambers: Okay hang on [2:54:20 PM]
Chambers: Good [2:54:25 PM]
Joy: the daddyofive account that wrote us [2:54:56 PM]
Joy: look [2:54:59 PM]
Joy: it says daddyofiveI982 [2:55:03 PM]
Joy: that I982, its supposed to be 1982 [2:55:06 PM]
Joy: its fake [2:55:09 PM]
Joy: they swapped the 1 with an L [2:55:12 PM]
Chambers: I just deleted it [2:55:28 PM]
Chambers: Fucking hell [2:55:37 PM]
Joy: be VERY careful right now w everyone dude [2:55:53 PM]
Joy: if u distance yourself i won’t be upset [2:55:57 PM]
Joy: simply bc they are coming after me hard with nothing dude [2:56:04 PM]
Joy: but still [2:56:08 PM]
Joy: THEY could damage the court case w what they are doing bc they are starting attack TIM [2:56:15 PM]
Joy: be SO careful [2:56:42 PM]
Joy: THIS is why I’m also staying quiet, i saw all of this coming, i kept [2:56:42 PM]
Joy: seeing the low key shade from everyone [2:57:04 PM]
Chambers: Yeah I won’t distance myself from you [2:57:23 PM]
Chambers: Yeah [2:57:27 PM]
Joy: ok, but srsly, we have to be extra careful WHAT we say. even on twitter, until these kids are back. [2:58:04 PM]
Joy: i know u know this, I’m just worried about the kids bc what THEY are [2:58:14 PM]
Joy: doing will hurt them [2:58:17 PM]
Joy: bc when u basically proved based mama WRONG, they started attacking YOU & TIM [2:58:25 PM]
Chambers: Indeed [2:58:36 PM]
Chambers: I saw that [2:58:40 PM]
Joy: so I’m gonna be REALLY careful right now, even mores [2:59:50 PM]
Joy: more so [2:59:53 PM]
Joy: jealousy is a bitch [2:59:57 PM]
Chambers: Indeed [3:02:11 PM]

Chambers: Um Joy I got a call from Rose [4:33:08 PM]
Chambers: You got her worried [4:33:31 PM]
Joy: everything ok? [4:33:34 PM]
Joy: ??? what? [4:33:46 PM]
Joy: y? whats going on? [4:34:07 PM]
Chambers:  She said it’s all the videos and people are emailing Tim [4:34:38 PM]
Joy: whats going on? [4:34:56 PM]
Joy: whats all in what video? [4:35:04 PM]
Joy: ??? it was my understanding they were aware of my videos? so I’m  [4:35:27 PM]
Joy: confused? [4:35:30 PM]
Chambers: Tim is getting weird emails that you’re involved in two kids getting strangled or something due to your vids [4:35:34 PM]
Chambers: I know [4:35:40 PM]
Joy: do they need me to take anything down? i had already asked them and [4:35:52 PM]
Joy: been over it w them, so I’m confused. if they need me to do anything [4:35:54 PM]
Joy: ill do it [4:35:57 PM]
Joy: WHAT? ! [4:36:00 PM]
Joy: WTF? !? ! [4:36:04 PM]
Chambers: Don’t look at me [4:36:20 PM]
Chambers: I’m repeating what she said [4:36:32 PM]
Joy: i literally have ZERO idea what u are talking about. and now I’m [4:36:34 PM]
Joy: worried [4:36:37 PM]
Joy: i know u are at work, can u let me know whats going on asap? bc I’m  [4:36:50 PM]
Chambers: Rose is scared that she might go to jail [4:36:51 PM]
Joy: EXCEPTIONALLY confused and now I’m freaking out ! two kids got hurt? ! [4:36:54 PM]
Joy: what? ! [4:36:57 PM]
Chambers: And knows that you know details of the hearing [4:37:08 PM]
Joy: do u know what video%28s) they are talking about? [4:37:14 PM]
Joy: im lost.. [4:37:20 PM]
Chambers: No she was not specific [4:37:26 PM]
Joy: ??????? [4:37:43 PM]
Joy: WHY would she go to jail? [4:37:46 PM]
Joy: I’ve NEVER said a bad word about her [4:37:48 PM]
Joy: so im confused? [4:37:52 PM]
Chambers: She called me about this [4:37:58 PM]
Joy: I’ve kept QUIET about the hearing so i am so confused [4:37:59 PM]
Chambers: Don’t look at me [4:38:10 PM]
Chambers: She asked if I told you anything [4:38:30 PM]
Joy: with? !? !? ! [4:38:50 PM]
Joy: sorry I’m not mad at u [4:38:51 PM]
Joy: I’m just in shock bc i don’t understand whats going on or that [4:38:55 PM]
Joy: children are getting hurt??????? [4:38:58 PM]
Joy: well, she/they can call me if they want, I’m don’t know what to do [4:39:16 PM]
Joy: here [4:39:18 PM]
Joy: told me what? ! I’m so confused [4:39:22 PM]
Joy: i don’t want to bother them, but they are more than open to call me, [4:39:39 PM]
Joy: I’m confused what video? [4:39:43 PM]
Joy: OK,I’m racking my brain, the ONLY thing i can THINK she is referring [4:40:49 PM]
Joy: to.. but it still doesn’t quite make sense [4:40:52 PM]
Joy: my STEP NEPHEWS died recently, a few weeks ago, and i spoke about it [4:41:02 PM]
Joy: in a car crash [4:41:06 PM]
Joy: they weren’t strangled. it had NOTHING to do w me, but i talked about [4:41:21 PM]
Joy: it. Otherwise i have NO idea what she is talking about [4:41:24 PM]
Joy: just fyi,I’m panicked now bc I’m worried bc i don’t understand what is [4:42:41 PM]
Joy: happening. not upset with you or rose at ALL, or any of them, i just [4:42:44 PM]
Joy: legit am scared bc i don’t know what is happening right no. [4:42:48 PM]
Chambers: Neither do i [4:44:23 PM]
Chambers: Hmmmmm [4:44:27 PM]
Chambers: Right now I would go through and private your vids [4:44:56 PM]
Joy: i don’t know if this is a result of philip trying to do things, i have [4:44:59 PM]
Joy: no idea. I’m sorry i don’t mean to stress u at work, but this is [4:45:01 PM]
Joy: really concerning if someone thinks or is slandering me like this [4:45:04 PM]
Joy: i almost want to call rose but if she is worried or uncomfortbale I’m [4:45:13 PM]
Joy: not going to bother her, ill let them come to me. I’m just so confused [4:45:17 PM]
Joy: i am HAPPY to give ANY of you my full info, u can look me up, I’ve got [4:45:41 PM]
Joy: the cleanest background in the world. jesus [4:45:43 PM]
Joy: but heres the problem [4:45:46 PM]
Joy: if i do THAT [4:45:49 PM]
Joy: it will cause more attention [4:45:53 PM]
Joy: i guess relay to them i wont do anything until i hear from them bc i [4:46:14 PM]
Joy: don’t want to make anything potentially worse [4:46:17 PM]
Joy: ok this makes WAY more sense the voicemail i got today [4:47:36 PM]
Joy: heres why i don’t wanna make them private: so many people also [4:50:00 PM]
Joy: download and mirror them, so thats an issue too. unless they request [4:50:02 PM]
Joy: it of me i don’t think its a good idea. bc if i do that, people are [4:50:03 PM]
Joy: going to start thinking something shady is going on. u see where I’m [4:50:05 PM]
Joy: at? if i think it would help I’m 1000% down to do it, but i don’t want [4:50:07 PM]
Joy: to make ANYTHING worse right now. so i feel stuck [4:50:09 PM]
Joy: not sure if i should try calling tim, i just have no idea whats going on [5:06:38 PM]
Joy: called tim, mailbox is full, leaving a text. not sure what else to do from here but wait [5:20:33 PM]

Chambers: Sigh…… [6:24:45 PM]
Chambers: I must do what I must for Rose [6:25:04 PM]
Chambers: I’m sorry my friend [6:25:12 PM]
Chambers: But until this is over, we must part [6:25:30 PM]
Chambers: My sole duty is to Rose [6:25:41 PM]
Chambers: I will not come after you [6:25:51 PM]

This is an important thing to understand when it comes to what ChambersOfHeart actually said to JoySparkleBS.

Joy: Totally understood. Can you at least tell me what’s going on the scaring people? Because now I’m freaked out. [6:26:13 PM]
Chambers: I respect you as my friend, but circumstances have changed things [6:26:27 PM]
Chambers: I’m not entirely sure myself [6:26:38 PM]
Joy: Take care of things with ROSE I have no issue there. But I’m freaked out because I don’t know what’s going on it could affect me. [6:26:38 PM]
Joy: Which I understand. And I’m totally fine with that. I’m asking you can you please let me know what people are saying. [6:26:49 PM]
Chambers: My advice: go silent [6:26:57 PM]
Joy: OK. Take care of you I will always support that. Take care of ROSE. In the meantime, can you please let me know if you find out anything about what’s going on [6:27:13 PM]
Chambers: That you are harming Roses case [6:27:15 PM]
Joy: with people saying things when it comes to me? [6:27:16 PM]
Joy: That’s what I’ve been doing. That’s what I’m going to continue to be like we talked about [6:27:20 PM]
Chambers: That you are encouraging your fans to do horrible things during live streams [6:27:50 PM]
Joy: How? Everything I’ve done I’ve gotten approval from as far as I’m aware. This is why I’m confused. Is there anything I can do at this point to help? Take all [6:28:01 PM]
Joy: the distance you need I’m totally fine with that. I support that. I just don’t understand what it was that I did. [6:28:04 PM]
Joy: I’ve never encourage anybody ! And I can prove that. Regardless of whether or not you talk to me, I can 100% prove that. I will give you every link to every live [6:28:24 PM]
Joy: stream. Just so you can have it. [6:28:27 PM]
Joy: That’s ridiculous I’ve never encourage anybody to do anything horrible ! [6:28:33 PM]
Joy: Thank you for letting me know though. [6:28:38 PM]
Chambers: These are the claims [6:28:54 PM]
Chambers: I must do this for Rose [6:29:02 PM] (This was the last thing that Chambers said to Joy when it came to this initial falling out.)
Joy: I understand that. I’m just telling you it’s 100% false. Is there evidence to back this up? No I understand about ROSE. I am not arguing with you about that. [6:29:39 PM]
Joy: Take care of what you have to for you and Rose. Remember this morning I said if you have to take space that’s fine. But as a friend, I’m asking you to let me [6:29:43 PM]
Joy: know what’s going on with what people are saying and cleaning. That’s all. [6:29:47 PM]
Joy: All I’m asking is if you can let me know what people are saying when it comes to me. Nothing else. [6:30:01 PM]
Joy: With what people are saying about me. Sorry I’m doing voice to text it fucks up [6:30:49 PM]

Joy: hey, just fyi, i saw what u wrote, although i don’t know what is being [8:05:54 PM]
Joy: confirmed as true, i 100000000% stand behind you right now in [8:05:57 PM]
Joy: distancing. I’m going to make a brief statement letting everyone know [8:06:01 PM]
Joy: i support your decision and to remind EVERYONE not to harass anyone. [8:06:04 PM]
Joy: people are asking a ton of questions. continue to do what u need to do [8:06:08 PM]
Joy: for u and rose. not at all upset w any of you, u do what you need to [8:06:12 PM]
Joy: right now. much love miss %3C3 [8:06:16 PM]
Joy: so, people let me know u apologized to matt for defending me, then i [9:36:43 PM]
Joy: read that you wrote accusations against me are true? wtf? take all the [9:36:46 PM]
Joy: distance you need, i support that, have said that from the get go, [9:36:50 PM]
Joy: but i don’t quite understand this, feels really shady to me and I’m [9:36:55 PM]
Joy: not sure what i did to deserve that. thats really not fair at all, [9:36:58 PM]
Joy: unless theres something going on i don’t know about. but then also [9:37:03 PM]
Joy: removing me from Skype? really? [9:37:07 PM]


Above you will see my tweets referring to the outcome of the May 5th court proceedings between Mike “DaddyOFive” Martin and Rose Hall. Everything I shared with the internet that day was capable of being extrapolated from what was available publicly.

Joy, on the other hand, texted Chambers and said the following.

May 8th 2017 (All times are in GMT-4:00 DST)

Joy: CAN YOU PELASE TELL NICK TO STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS CASE??????? He is telling everyone about mike and heather and not seeing the kids for a year ! this is ONE [12:28:50 PM]
Joy: Seriously fuck you and me and everyone else right now, i just don’t  [12:29:19 PM]
Joy: want people knowing these kids are with CPS ! can you PLEASE reach out [12:29:21 PM]
Joy: and ask him to shut the hell up about the case until the kids are with [12:29:24 PM]
Joy: rose? !??~ [12:29:27 PM]
Joy: here everyone is accusing me of damaging the case, when he’s releasing [12:29:56 PM]
Joy: info before he should dude. PLEASE if u still talk to them use your [12:29:57 PM]
Joy: influence, i don’t want anything bad to happen to these kids bc these  [12:30:00 PM]
Joy: jealous assholes need to get into out first [12:30:04 PM]

Rose didn’t lose. In fact she’s free to see them on a routine basis. But what’s important to understand is that this situation is a long process. The publicity and complexity of the case means that the family court is going to be extraordinarily careful in how they handle everything and makes absolutely sure that they don’t screw it up.  Would you want to be a judge who screwed this up? The ongoing proceedings are being handled in the most cautious manner possible.

May 19th 2017 (All times are in GMT-4:00 DST)

Chambers: Hey just letting you know I spoke with Based Mama [6:16:16 PM]
Chambers: No dice, she still stands. U what she did and lays the matter to rest [6:16:38 PM]
Chambers: After my final video on the matter which might come out sooner I feel [6:17:07 PM]
Chambers: I will have no part of what follows [6:17:20 PM]
Chambers: I will be paying my dues and washing my hands of this matter [6:17:41 PM]
Chambers: Hopefully I can repair the damage I did at least [6:17:57 PM]
Joy: OK. Thank you for letting me know. I figured she would not budge, and that’s her choice. Just please don’t let that video come out to you soon. I don’t want to [6:53:57 PM]
Joy: do anything else that could jeopardize ROSE and her court case. We don’t want to do anything that could upset her or Tim. [6:54:01 PM]
Joy: We don’t want to make any more drama surrounding them. And the problem is, based mama and Nick will take this and go nuts with it. I will not be responding to [6:54:54 PM]
Joy: anything until after the court case is closed. I think that still the smartest move to help protect tim and ROSE [6:54:57 PM]
Chambers: Okay after the case then [6:56:07 PM]
Chambers: They both wanted to walk away [6:56:16 PM]
Joy: As much as I would love to get my name cleared, it’s not about me. Or any of the drama. It’s about them [6:56:46 PM]
Joy: Who wanted to walk away? ROSE in town? Or Nick and based? [6:56:56 PM]
Chambers: Nick and based want to walk away from this drama with you [6:57:42 PM]

Yes. Would Joy let us do that?


Joy: And they are more than able to. But I will make sure and speak when the time is right. [6:58:16 PM]
Joy: They don’t get to do all of that damage to me, ROSE, Tim, and everything else, the people that help me with the evidence real, they don’t get to do that and [6:58:55 PM]
Joy: then not have anyone speak about it. They should be apologizing to several people at this point. But that’s their business. That’s their choice. [6:58:59 PM]

Chambers: Indeed [7:01:50 PM]
Chambers: I told them I won’t be budging in mine [7:02:05 PM]
Joy: OK. Thanks for letting me know. Glad we are still on the same page to make sure ROSE and Tim and the kids are protected. I just want to bring them into any more [7:08:40 PM]
Joy: unnecessary stuff. [7:08:43 PM]
Chambers: Indeed [7:10:33 PM]
Chambers: That video will have to come out sooner than expected [9:49:48 PM]
Chambers: It won’t shake anything [9:50:18 PM]
Chambers: Only tell what I observed and did [9:50:30 PM]
Chambers: That’s it [9:50:34 PM GMT-4:00 DST]

There was a second part to that YouNow that I quoted from Joy. She references her conversation with Chambers that very same evening, that you’ll have the chance to read for yourselves.

There’s like a minute of overlap between this second clip and the previous first.

“So. What the situation is – hahahaha i’m so mad. No Mikeinactor is not involved! This is just me and somebody else. I mean there are people involved, but no. Mike is a fucking sweetheart. Mike can do no fucking wrong. So what the situation is – is that I said don’t do anything – and then at midnight. BOOM! Here comes a video. I watched it, and I was appalled. I was like “really? You didn’t touch on much. You really didn’t say much.” And ya went back n’ forth. It’s like “I apologize, but I did nothing wrong. And everybody makes mi-” it was just a lot of back n’forth with almost no details. So you’re gonna stand by the people who did this to me, and they’ve done AWFUL things. You’re gonna stand by THEM and not disassociate. But with ME whose done nothing to you, and ONLY been helpful to YOU and this case, who has tried COUNTLESS TIMES to take the high road. To not talk about it because i’m-focused-on-the-kids when you guys are focused on everything else that could benefit YOU… you’re NOW going to make this video BECAUSE YOU JUST COULDN’T WAIT. It’s just like wh- PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS. YOU CAN’T WAIT?”

May 20th 2017 (All times are in GMT-4:00 DST)

Chambers: Not sure if you saw my latest vid [5:28:15 PM]
Chambers: I’m officially done with all this. That’s nothing to no one [5:28:34 PM]
Joy: I did see her last video. You did not address very much. It’s very back-and-forth. [5:29:10 PM]
Chambers: ? What do you mean? [5:29:46 PM]
Chambers: I only told my side and view of things [5:30:01 PM]
Chambers: I do not know the rest [5:30:13 PM]
Chambers: I don’t want to either [5:30:21 PM]
Chambers: I’m out [5:30:24 PM]
Joy: You left out a ton of stuff while telling your side of it [5:30:27 PM]
Chambers: Like? [5:30:37 PM]
Joy: Left out the majority of the things we talked about on the phone [5:30:37 PM]
Joy: You didn’t going to details about the witch hunt and why people did it. [5:30:51 PM]
Joy: Well you can do whatever you want. I’m just letting you know, that video barely addressed anything. I will be addressing everything when the time is right. So [5:31:13 PM]
Chambers: I was keeping from blasting anyone [5:31:14 PM]
Joy: you guys can do whatever you want. I’m out. [5:31:18 PM]
Chambers: I’m not getting involved in anything else [5:31:41 PM]
Chambers: I just wanted to state my piece and not blast anyone [5:31:57 PM]
Chambers: I’m not going to burn anyone [5:32:12 PM]
Joy: You had no problem blasting me and bring me to the bus when I did nothing, but now you want to protect those two were not really tell what happened? Yet you’re [5:32:15 PM]
Joy: trying to act like you’re being so honest. It comes across very fake and I’m done dealing with fake crap
[5:32:19 PM]
Joy: You had no problem taking there side when it came to me. But now you didn’t do anything wrong and you’re out and want nothing to do with anybody. [5:32:23 PM]
Joy: What do you want us to not get any backlash for what you did. [5:32:43 PM]
Joy: You had no problem burning me. [5:32:47 PM]
Chambers: I never claimed to be innocent [5:32:55 PM]
Chambers: I’ve apologized [5:33:07 PM]
Joy: Do whatever you want. Be out. I don’t care anymore. You’re being manipulative and my Pinyan. But I don’t care do whatever you want. You are not and have never [5:33:31 PM]
Chambers: I did say the witch hunt created to shut you up [5:33:34 PM]
Joy: been a real friend to me if you could do all of that and then do what you’re doing now. You barely addressed anything. [5:33:35 PM]
Joy: You should tell the story of what really happened. Not the watered down version because you’re scared of any backlash are going to get. But do whatever you want [5:34:28 PM]
Joy: I don’t care [5:34:30 PM]
Joy: You didn’t explain that the witchhunt was set to make me look crazy. Who started it. Who did it. Because you’re scared. You had no problem screen me over but [5:34:49 PM]
Joy: for some reason you’re scared of those other people. You scared they’re going to turn on you and do to you what they did to me? Because you know I’m not out to [5:34:53 PM]
Joy: hurt people. [5:34:57 PM] (except for the part where you threaten me and Based_Mama)
Joy: You should tell the story of how you guys almost screwed up the case for ROSE. How are you guys almost made him walk. But then accused me of that. That’s the [5:35:44 PM]
Joy: store you should tell. That video came across a manipulative to me. I’m just telling you how I feel. And believe me, I’m very well aware that you’ll be sending [5:35:46 PM]
Joy: this conversation to everyone you cannot screenshot to get to make me look like an asshole. I don’t care anymore. I’m done dealing with fake people and this [5:35:50 PM]
Joy: feels very fake to me [5:35:54 PM] (remember: Joy recorded a private phone conversation with ChambersOfHeart without her consent.)
Chambers: I’m sorry it wasn’t satisfactory [5:36:44 PM]
Joy: Until you’re ready to really explain what happened, until you’re ready to repair what happened, I don’t wish to talk. I don’t wish you ill will good luck with [5:36:45 PM]
Joy: everything. [5:36:49 PM]
Chambers: Suit yourself joy [5:37:02 PM]
Chambers: I tried I’m done [5:37:09 PM]
Joy:  It’s not about whether not it was satisfactory, it’s about it being honest. [5:37:19 PM]
Chambers: I explained my reasoning [5:37:26 PM]
Joy: Are you really gonna sit here and act like you didn’t leave out lots and lots of information? [5:37:29 PM]
Joy: Suit myself? You did all this crap to me and made a half assed apology video, and you respond with suit yourself? That’s insanely rude. Please don’t talk to me [5:37:43 PM]
Joy: again [5:37:47 PM]
Chambers: As you wish I tried [5:41:41 PM]
Joy: You are manipulating. If this point I’m blocking you from all communication for me because you were not somebody good for me to talk to or be around. You are [5:42:14 PM]
Joy: being extremely rude and the way you’re coming across. I’m tired of you screen me over and then sending me messages about how youre done. [5:42:19 PM]
Joy: You were a part of a group and you agreed to try to destroy my life after you guys almost screwed up the case. And you keep writing me messages about how you [5:44:13 PM]
Chambers: Sigh alright joy [5:44:14 PM]
Joy: were done but then you explain very little because you were scared of the backlash that those people who almost screwed up the case, could do to you. It’s [5:44:18 PM]
Joy: cowardly. You know it is. You made the situation you did this. If this point unless you are willing to be honest please don’t talk to me anymore [5:44:22 PM]
Joy: Sigh? What do you screw me over just way too much for you to handle? Do you have any idea how rude you’re coming across? Do you care? [5:44:54 PM]
Chambers: Ok I won’t [5:44:59 PM]
Chambers: I’m exhausted and worn out [5:45:20 PM]
Joy: About what? You won’t care? All right, when you can stop being rude and come at me and politeness in the respect that you should come at me after everything [5:49:41 PM]
Joy: that’s happened in after how good of a friend I’ve been to you, please don’t talk to me anymore. Like I said, the full story will come out. It’s up to you if [5:49:44 PM]
Joy: you really want to own up and take responsibility. [5:49:48 PM]
Joy: Are you really not gonna disassociate yourself from the people that almost ruined the case? [5:50:35 PM]
Joy: You’re exhausted and worn out because you created this. [5:50:42 PM]
Chambers: Joy don’t pin all this on me [5:54:40 PM]
Chambers: Because everyone had a hand in this you included [5:55:08 PM]
Joy: I’m heading on you what supposed to be on you. But you keep saying manipular statements like this to get out of actually saying the truth. You realize I’m gonna [5:55:28 PM]
Joy: tell the truth about everything when the time is right? [5:55:32 PM]
Joy: Oh really? I had a hand in this? Are you serious? Never talk to me again. I am 100% done with you and your manipulation and your snake Waze. You will never have [5:56:12 PM]
Joy: my support or the support of my channel ever again. You will not in anyway shape or form say that I did anything to any of you. [5:56:16 PM]
Joy: I hope you’re happy with your choice to throw your lot in with the guy who is known for harassing people, light and slandered me, a woman that wished death on [5:56:57 PM]
Joy: me, and says racist and bigoted statements. Good luck with that. But don’t worry, it’s my fault right? I had a hand on you guys being assholes right? [5:57:01 PM]
Joy: I hope you’re happy with almost growing up that case because you guys have no idea what you’re doing or what you were talking about. Don’t ever talk to me [5:57:14 PM]
Joy: again. [5:57:18 PM]
Chambers: Ok [6:00:20 PM]
Chambers: Do what you need to [6:01:43 PM]
Joy: Actually I take it back. I would love to hear how I had a hand in this. Please tell me what I did wrong. This is going to be fun. [6:03:31 PM]
Joy: Unless you’re too worn out from acting like a snake and being manipulative. [6:03:42 PM]
Joy: I want to see and hear the other ways you can try to screw me over and act like something is my fault. [6:03:54 PM]
Chambers: Oh no you had your fun [6:03:55 PM]
Chambers: Go away [6:03:57 PM]
Chambers: You’re not going to listen [6:04:11 PM]
Joy: No I don’t speak fluent snake. That’s why you’re gonna have to get really honest. [6:04:41 PM]
Joy: No make another video how you don’t associate with me and make up some more lies. Go ahead. Try to get more views off me. Have fun ! Don’t worry I’ll go away ! [6:05:44 PM]
Joy: LOL. Seriously that’s disgusting. [6:05:46 PM]
Joy: Go make a video on how I somehow screwed things up even though I’ve done nothing to any of you. Justify your actions and then go to church and pray about it. [6:06:12 PM]
Chambers: I’m not going to do shit [6:06:13 PM]
Joy: I’m done. But at this point what you’re doing is like an artform. It’s fascinating. [6:06:16 PM]
Chambers: I’ve taken my stance. Don’t like it tough. I’ve apologized to you already [6:06:34 PM]
Chambers: Uh huh, whatever you say [6:06:49 PM]
Joy: Oh really? Did you do enough? Did you try to destroy my life make a half assed apology video where he didn’t address anything, and then you tell me to go away [6:06:49 PM]
Joy: and that I was at fault? [6:06:52 PM]
Chambers: Bye [6:07:01 PM]
Joy: I don’t like liars. I don’t like manipulators. That’s what I don’t like. But that’s what you choose to be to me. And you don’t care. Just keep getting defensive [6:07:13 PM]
Joy: after what you’ve done. [6:07:17 PM]

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